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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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on the bible january 20th. >> thanks to you both. >> that is "all in" for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. >> have a good weekend. thanks at home for joining us this hour. happy friday to you as well. nice to have you here. one of the things that happens this time of year in the great state of michigan is something called art prize. this is the eighth year they've done art prize. it gets bigger and bigger every year. last year 400,000 people went to it. it's just become this huge phenomenon in that part of the country. basically what it is, as you can tell from the name, is an art contest. anybody can enter. they call it a radically open art contest. over the years thousands have entered it. they've got a panel of expert art judges that give out one big prize for the best work of art, and it's a big prize. $200,000 for the juried best artwork in the fair.
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but the reason so many members of the public go, the reason it attracts these giant public crowds, it's apparently the most attended public art event on the planet year after year. the reason so many regular folks go because in addition to the expert jury selected prize, they also just let the regular schmos vote. for free, you can show up, go look at hundreds of pieces of interesting art. and you can vote for whatever you like. whoever is the most popular choi choice, the people's choice, that artist also wins $200,000. so it's really high stakes. it's neat. you can be part of it. it's a big deal. the art prize. the pride of michigan this time of year. because it brings hundreds of thousands to the grand rapids area every year it's obviously a big deal for the local media. today all the local news outlets in grand rapids including a local station called wzzm, they
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were all set up at art prize in grand rapids. they were at the gerald ford presidential museum in grand rapids. that's where it was hosted today. much to their surprise, donald trump walked in. i say much to their surprise because this was an unannounced, unexpected visit. people were there to see art prize. they were not there to see him. they didn't know he was coming. if you're a local reporter, if you're like the co-host of the noon news update show on grand rapids channel 13 and you see donald trump unexpectedly walk into the room while you're doing your live news hit from the art fair, what do you do? well, if you are a spunky, quick on your feet, unafraid local reporter like jennifer pascua is at wzzm, you start yelling across the room at the art fair. hey, donald, hey donald, come talk to me! that's what she did. that's how she got her
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presidential candidate interview today. hey, donald, come over here! watch this. >> our presidential candidate for the republican party has just arrived here. he's just right outside our 13 news desk. hey, donald! mr. trump, will you come talk to us? so we have just snagged republican candidate donald trump. how is it going? i am great. why don't you come over here? can you come over here towards me. >> i'll come over here. >> welcome to grand rapids. >> are we on already? >> we are on. let's see. you've got a mike on. talk to me. why are you here at the ford? >> we have a lot of respect for gerald ford, always have. they invited us. the museum the beautiful. look at all these people. >> everybody is here for art prize. this is an internationally acclaimed art competition. so that's why people are here. >> oh, wow. >> oh, wow. that's why all these people -- he has no idea why all those people are there at the museum.
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he's thinking, like, wow, the gerald ford museum is really popular. he has no idea why he's there. but this great local reporter who had no idea he was coming, thinks on her feet. she just yelling out to him, hey, donald! she gets somebody to run over to him, snab a microphone on his tie. she doesn't know if there's a camera that can get him in the shot. she pulls out her phone in case that's the only way she can broadcast it. they do swing a camera around. she tells him why she's there and why these people are there. a great, great moment. she gets this interview with donald trump. he brings up gerald ford. so she asked him a question about gerald ford. this is the gerald ford museum. she had no idea trump was going to be there. she's not prepared to have a presidential interview. watch where it goes. she asks him this next question you'll see about gerald ford and then watch what she asks him
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next. and just put yourself in her shoes. think about whether you would have had the stones in that moment to ask the same thing on the fly face-to-face with donald trump unexpectedly off the top of her head having no time to prep, having no idea that you're going to be talking to a presidential candidate live on tfb that day. would you have thought to do this? and would you have been brave enough to do? >> he was known for bringing parties together. what does that mean in your presidency? >> he did. people liked him. they respected him. he brought people together. that's true. >> yeah. >> if you think of it, people have different opinions of gerald ford, but everybody has a good opinion. it's very unusual. >> you know what's also unusual, also unusual, mr. trump, is the fact that "usa today," they're our partners are right now, they have come out to actually first time in 34 years of existence to come out to say whether or not they support a certain candidate in which they are saying that you are unfit for the presidency. your reaction to that? >> she just puts that right to his face. so nice to meet you, i have no
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idea i was going to get to talk to you. what do you think about this idea that your manifestly unfit for the presidency? she just puts it right to him right there. >> they are saying that you are unfit for the presidency. your reaction to that? >> i don't read "usa today." it's not much of a newspaper as far as i'm concerned. and you know, i really don't know. nobody called me. all i know is we're leading in the polls. we're doing well. >> donald trump today at the gerald ford museum. i think not expecting to be doing that interview, not expecting to be confronted like that on the fly by a reporter who had no idea she was going to be talking to him because this was an unannounced trip. she wrangled him from across the room. jennifer pascua, god bless her. "usa today" has never before taken a side in a presidential election. they're not taking hurricane
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hk's sih hillary clinton's side in this election. they took this unprecedented and aggressive step to write an editorial they say reflects the consensus of their editorial board that americans must go vote in this election but they must vote against donald trump. now, you saw there in that difficult impromptu interview donald trump's defense to that was that nobody called him about it. so he doesn't know about it. he also says he doesn't think "usa today" is much of a paper. but then he said, all i know is we're leading in the polls, we're doing well i don't know what he was referring to. but he's not leading in the polls in michigan. that has donald trump trailing hillary clinton by about seven points in michigan overall. one of the most remarkable aspects of that poll today, they also broke down responses by region within the state of
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michigan. and in michigan's biggest population center, and its largest city by far, detroit, donald trump is actually polling at zero percent in detroit. this new michigan poll has him trailing hillary clinton 46-39 in the state overall but has him trailing hillary clinton in detroit 90-0. and the polling in general beyond michigan, beyond detroit but beyond michigan, the polling in general is not great for donald trump. he's not overall leading in the polls. things were tightening up substantially until the first presidential debate, but the first burst of polling that's come out, the first scientific polling to reflect changes in the electorate, all the polls that have come out in the last couple of days show clinton pulling out ahead in crucial states like michigan but in the national polls. the latest is out from fox news.
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head-to-head matchup between clinton and trump two weeks ago fox had trump leading in a head-to-head, 46-45, leading by one. now as of tonight fox has clinton leading by 5 in a head-to-head matchup. her leading him 49-44. that same fox news poll just out tonight also asks voters nationwide who won this week's debate. in the fox news poll, the answer is overwhelming. hillary clinton won it by a 40-point margin. 61-21. and that's basically the theme of the week in nationwide scientific polling on who won the debate. the gallup poll has come out about who won the debate. that found clinton winning and that follows a handful of other polls that come out all of which show clinton leading by substantial double digit margins in terms of whether or not voters perceive her to have beaten donald trump in the debate. now, donald trump does not want
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his staffers to admit that. it was reporting today in "the new york times" that he is displeased with his own campaign staffers for admitting in interviews that donald trump lost the debate. he doesn't want his campaign admitting it. he also does not appear to believe it himself if you watch his twitter feed where he keeps saying he won. during this trip at the ford museum donald trump also believes he is leading in the polls right now, which is not. not even the state he was standing in when he said it. there's something going on in terms of perception of reality. but there seems to be something a little haywire going on in the trump campaign. you know, it's not like his is the only campaign that's had a hard moment, right? all campaigns have hard moments, have low moments. we were talking about gerald ford having his disastrous debate in 1976 when he said there was no soviet domination of eastern europe. maybe donald trump was reflecting on that today when he paid his respects to the late
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president and toured his museum. toured his model oval office and all the rest of it. campaigns all have down moments. every presidential candidate from time to time does something that he or she should not do. that said, in the history of presidential screw-ups and bad moments. i'm not sure anything has really happened like what happened today. spe specifically this morning. just to set the scene in terms of how i learned this news, this morning i got up and out a little earlier than i usually do because i wanted to go fishing before i came to work. that's the one thing that can make me get up early. i was looking at the news at a time when i'm not usually looking at the news. the news note that we set for our staff, to set the news for the day, it was not out yet. i didn't have time to scroll through the headlines. i want a quick check in what happened overnight. i went over to nbc news first read to see what they were saying in terms of the political
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headlines of the day. and i read something there that i think will stick with me forever. i'm not going to get it tattooed on myself. but i don't think i need to. because i don't think i will ever forget it. i'm going to quote directly from first read this morning. this is how i learned this, before my first cup of coffee today. ready. quote, guys, it's not every day when a presidential nominee tells you to watch a sex tape especially at the same time the sitting president is eulogizing shimon peres. fair enough. but that really is what happened today. while president obama and former president clinton were in jerusalem attending the funeral of legendary israeli statesman shimon peres, president obama is giving this incredibly moving eulogy for the late israeli prime minister. at that moment on the other side of the world donald trump, republican presidential nominee was in the middle of a twitter outburst which included, again unprompted, him continuing to
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attack a former winner of his miss universe pageant who is now a hillary clinton supporter. in mr. trump's tweet early this morning in the predawn hours he called the former miss universe disgusting and directed the american public that we should, quote, check out the sex tape. it's friday night now. there's still six weeks to go until the election, anything can happen in those six weeks. it is hard to believe that this week we have just been through won't end up feeling like it was a turning point in this election. at the start of the week monday night that did go poorly for donald trump. the american public seems to have found him to have lost that debate even in a country that's roughly divided on who to vote for. the country perceives boldly for him to have lost that by a 20 point to a 40-point margin. he behaved in a way that i think
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people didn't expect even from him. since the night of that debate on monday night, since that evening, mr. trump and his campaign surrogates have decided that they're going to start a new political tack. they're going to try to create a political liability for hillary clinton out of the fact that her husband is known to have cheated on her. that new point of political focus from the trump campaign started as soon as the debate was over. it has been led by mr. trump himself as well as two of his most recognizable surrogates. former new york city mayor rudolph juligiuliani and house speaker newt gingrich. and i don't have any individual interest in any of these men's personal history, but if you were going to make a deliberate decision as to who should try to make a presidential political issue out of men cheating on their wives, who would design a political strategy where the spokesmen for that attack are donald trump, rudy giuliani and
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newt gingrich? between them they have nine wives. that's wives with a w, not lives like a cat. nine wives between the three of them. they're all famous, each of them, for having cheated on their wif their wives and getting caught for it. it has been three days now, four days now where they've been trying on that line of political attack. on the issue of the former miss universe who donald trump was calling disgusting in the predawn hours this morning, he and his campaign have continued to press personal attacks against her all week long. with mr. trump himself and mr. gingrich in particular taking the lead on attacking the former miss universe specifically for her weight. again, i've had no issue in the weight of donald trump or newt gingri gingrich, but design a political strategy in which donald trump and newt gingrich are the spokesmen for political attacks that are based on body mass index.
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glass houses do not begin to cover it. this is like glass outhouses. which i'm sorry to say extending even to republican presidential nominee donald trump telling the country this morning that what we should look up about the former miss universe, if we want to learn more about why donald trump thinks she's disgusting and why he's taking time to spend five days attacking her in the middle of his presidential campaign, unfortunately, the glass houses concept here extending even to the specific issue he raised today of a sex tape. i have a lot of respect for andrew kaczynski and his colleague ks at buzzfeed news. they do great work. they're masters of hidden archives. they turn up stuff that nobody else finds. that said, i do not envy their workplace today. i do not envy the task they had today of scrolling through this video playboy video centerfold, playmate 2000 starring twins.
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thanks to the hard working, under compensated staff at buzzfeed news, we can tell you a little bit about this film. i'm just going to quote buzzfeed here, i should also tell you if you're watching with your kids or just not into hearing this, you may just want to go la, la, la, la and cover your ears. it will just take a second. i'm going to read buzzfeed's description here. they did the reporting to figure this out. they should be honored for it. quote, scenes from the film feature fully nude women posing in sexual positions, dancing naked, touching themselves while naked, touching each other sensually, rubbing honey on themselves, taking a bath, and dressing in costumes. well, the costumes part might be family friendly. i don't know. it might just be a halloween-themed thing. but the reason we have to know that description of what's in the playboy video playmate 2000,
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the reason we have to know that, is if you're a presidential candidate who will stay up all night then news organizations will turn up ratty old vhs copies of the soft porn videos in which you apparently donald trump apparently had a cameo role. according to buzzfeed, on a bus tour hunt for the 200 playmate of the year around the country, the playmates traveled to different cities including new york, las vegas, chicago, nashville, san diego, donald trump welcomes the playmates in new york and pops a bottle of champagne to kick off the new york stop. trump then pours the champagne over the playboy bunny logo. here's the clip of that cameo appearance followed by that champagne pour and then presumably thereafter is when the playboy bunnies, you know, start pouring the honey on other thins. and in a normal year -- can i even say that anymore? can you even say in a normal
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year in who knows what is normal in 2016? in what used to pass for a normal year, i don't know that america would care that the esidential nominee is someone who had a cameo in a soft porn video. but when that candidate is telling the public that what we should do is seek out alleged and apparently apocryphal sex tapes showing how disgusting these women are, then it did become the press corps' job to go through the bins of stores to find out what videos he's been in. because he apparently was in that one. so things are not going great for the trump campaign. donald trump still has a grand total of zero daily newspaper endorsements for the general election. we believe that is a modern american record for a major party presidential nominee. "usa today" did make this remarkable decision to anti-endorse him yesterday. the first time they've ever
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taken sides in a presidential race. two more papers today broke with longstanding tradition to overtly not endorse the republican nominee for the first time in a dog's age. the san diego tribune, they've been a paper for 148 years. they've not endorsed a democrat for president, but today they endorsed hillary clinton. tonight "the washington post" took the wholesale unanimous unendorsement of donald trump that they've already made a step further. "the washington post" has already made clear that they're against donald trump in this election but as of tonight they say they're kicking off what will be a series of editorials just an extraordinary editorial volley from one of the top newspapers in the country, the first one, which is out tonight, is called the clear and present danger of donald trump. it's the first in a series of editorials they'll lay out over the course of next week showing why americans have a responsibility to vote against trump. they're contending that there's no chance that he would be
6:21 pm
harmless as president, that he would not be constrained by the other elements of our political system, contrary to popular belief. they say in this first editorial, that he could, quote, unilaterally, meaning on his own, unilaterally change in country to its core. so this has been a bad week for donald trump. today he started raising the prospect that he may not participate in the second presidential debate. i don't know if that will happen yet or not. but after this very, very bad week for donald trump, looking ahead, especially toward that "washington post" context for next week, my guess is that next week might be even worse unless somebody sort of gets hold of him and stops him from texting about sex tapes at 3:00 in the morning. there are unconfirmed reports to nbc news, single-source reports that trump may right now be looking for a fourth campaign manager at this juncture. but at a certain point i think
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it has to sink in that it's not necessarily the campaign, right? it's the guy. i have no idea what's going to happen here next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at sethey said a bottlef points cawas just a bottle.ness. that no one would ever notice me. but i knew i could be more. that one day, i would make people smile. [woman speaking indistinct]
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so we've got a lot in this show tonight. we've got some good news to bring you exclusively about the decorated afghanistan veteran, that incredibly well spoken accomplished young marine who we had on the show last night. we have had good news about him and the campaign he's running in conjunction with this year's election, that news is coming up in just a moment. we've got a spooky post script to the big scoop that was published by "newsweek" magazine yesterday morning, that story about donald trump's company allegedly violating the cuba embargo, something that appears to have happened as a consequence of that story which is a little spooky. i told you, it's a big night. stay with us. ♪
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. add this to the list of things you never expected to be happening in a presidential campaign. earlier this evening the website buzzfeed had the headline donald trump appeared in a playboy soft core porn. obtained the footage from the online only buffalo, noorew yor based store cinema cornucopia. the trump campaign has not responded. but the clinton campaign has. there's been a lot of talk about sex tapes today. in a strange turn of events only one adult film has emerged today and it stars donald j. trump.
6:27 pm
you know what's awkward? having to report that just before i get to say welcome to senator our democratic senator from minnesota. she's a support of secretary clinton. senator, i'm sorry. >> that's fine. it was a great segue. >> through no fault of your own, you join us on the night that we're talking about what happened in that playboy video. >> the world of donald trump. >> i mean, let me -- i have a few things to ask you about what's going on right now. what does it mean that we're talking about a republican -- a presidential candidate's cameo in a soft core porn video which he has made newsworthy because he's citing sex tapes as part of his politic attacks? >> that's right. he's brought us here. he's had bad weeks before going after the well respected hispanic judge, going after our gold star mom who appeared at the democratic convention. he's said that there's nothing
6:28 pm
that compares to this. really topping it off early in the morning where i thought to myself only in hawaii do they appreciate that six hours ahead of time. and maybe he got a few insomniac votes, but it really was something. he's led us down this path with the kind of vulgarities and the things that he's been focusing on and how he keeps obsessing about women and talking about how people look. and it just keeps going. he doubles down every time one of these things happen. and i thought maybe hillary clinton said it best today when she talked about how this also goes to do you really want somebody with their finger on the nuclear code, you want someone that hangs on to this anger and shows this kind of a demeanor? i don't think you do. >> there's a strategic question, just as a matter of political tactics, as to how hillary clinton responds, whether she continues to basically get him to sort of show his true colors on issues like this because it hurts him, i think, when he does
6:29 pm
show who he really is on things like this. there's a strategic calculation there and we'll see how the clinton campaign handles it. there's a bigger question which is what's our politics like after this? >> i think that's very good. that has a lot to do with what the american people do on election night. what kind of results do we have? right now it's clear that they did not like how he performed in the debate. you just showed those polls and it change the trajectory i believe of this election. so i think that will matter. >> you think if he loses his sort of violations of these norms of decency and accepted politics, they'll be re-established because the rezwrekz of him will include -- >> and if people got to vote which really means everybody, but the immigrants and people of color and women and everyone that he's been attacking, if they go out and vote and husbands go out and vote and say, i don't want people talking about my wife this way, then i think it's going to matter. that's what will bring us back. the other thing that will bring us back is the economic need
6:30 pm
whether it's income inequality, the work we need to do on immigration reform. hillary clinton will be steadfast in focusing on those issues, just today in florida on national service and yesterday or the day before with bernie sanders in nebraska talking about student loans. she's been keeping on focus. maybe not everyone is talking about that, but that does matter to people. >> one of the other things i wanted to talk to you about tonight is this issue of the cuba embargo. because you've been so involved in that as a lgter. we'll talk about something spooky that happened to "newsweek" magazine after they said something about donald trump's company violated the cuba embargo in the '90s, spent money in cuba when it was illegal to do so. you've been involved in trying to rescind the embargo. what do you make about the politics around that issue. you want the embarg enot to exist? >> i do. it's a bill i'm leading with
6:31 pm
senator jeff flake. he wants to close down our embassy. the cubans are interested, americans are interested. yet the hypocrisy. he's not only been bad on the policy. if he wants to work with us on it, fine. but he's showed no sign of that. what he's talking about now is the fact that behind people's backs he's telling the cubans in florida, oh, yeah, i'm on your side, then it turns out he's trying to do business. he's at the best skirting the law, at the worst, it was illegal. are you enjoying -- i know you are a political animal and you like politics. are you more spooked out or more excited? having fun yet? >> that moment after she did such an incredible job for 90 minutes, then he said she didn't have the stamina and every woman in america screamed at the tv, that was the moment of we're going. we're going to win this.
6:32 pm
>> i collapsed at that point. i was having my gatorade and getting a massage i was so exhausted. >> i am going to new hampshire tomorrow to get my sweater, go out there and to help her out. i think there's a lot of good stuff going on. >> senator, good to see you. sorry about the playboy thing. >> that's okay. >> i'll never do that to you again. >> thanks. >> lots to come tonight. stay with us. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. gives you a reason to slow down and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and roast it until it's just right.
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you know, when i was in afghanistan, taxes paid for pi
6:36 pm
body armor. taxes paid for my weapons and my ammunition. taxes paid for the emergency lifeflight that my buddies got flown out on when they lost their legs. taxes pay for gold star families for the 14 children that i know today without fathers. and more than that, you know, they support cops and firefighters, you know, every public service that this nation offers. and where i come from, leaders are meant to lead by example. and you inspire those to follow you. and i think that if trump's free riding on the political process and the system, then i think that sets a dangerous precedent as a leader. >> on this show last night we talked with a decorated u.s. marine corvette ran named peter kiernan. he served in afghanistan. he's now back home stateside, about to get his college degree. he's started up this kind of genius political project. he says he's bothered by the prospect that we might get a new commander in chief without knowing anything about his financial ties and his history of paying taxes or not.
6:37 pm
and so he's decided to try to exert an unusual kind of pressure on donald trump to release his taxes. he's using crowdpack to crowdsource donations that would go to ten different veterans charities if and only if donald trump releases his tax returns. people pledge to donate, but they don't have to actually make the donation until trump puts out his taxes any day before the day of the third and final debate, october 19th. the billionaire co-founder of linkedin pledged that he would match everybody else's donations 5-1 up to $5 million. that means if afghan war vet peter kiernan can crowdsource a million bucks in donations this tech billionaire will add $5 million more to the pot for a total of $6 million that would go veterans charities if and only if donald trump would release his tax returns. we had peter kiernan here to
6:38 pm
talk about it. overnight they eadded another half million dollars in total pledges. they were going from 400,000 up to 938,000. they're aiming at a million bucks. they're close to that. at the current rate they'll likely eclipse that mark soon. that will mean $6 million is on the table ready to go to ten different vets charities. all donald trump has to do to make that happen is release his taxes, just like every other presidential candidate in modern history has ever done. 6 million bucks would do a lots of good for america's veterans, mr. trump. you don't get the money, the veterans do. is that okay? the presideot might get even bi. if they do hit a million bucks which will instantly become $6 million for veterans, if they do that, they're going to try to keep it going. they'll set a new goal of $10 million for veterans. maybe that will be enough to
6:39 pm
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we're going to win ohio. we're going to win the white house. >> who can win a general election? who can win ohio? >> turn out for me. we'll win ohio. we'll win this election. >> campaigns here in must-win ohio tonight. >> mitt romney doesn't win ohio, it is very unlikely that he'll hold on to the presidency. >> she can win ohio. >> ohio, ohio, ohio. since 1960, since jfk won ohio in '60, no candidate has ever become president without the great state of ohio for over 50 years ohio has been the must-win state. that's why campaign events in ohio tend to look like rock concerts. john kerry, bruce springsteen in cleveland, then columbus, 2004, president obama's 2012 re-election kickoff in ohio.
6:43 pm
hillary clinton kicked off her general election campaign in cleveland this summer. so the common wisdom has been if you want to win the presidency, go to ohio and preferably stay in ohio. but you know what? something is only considered common wisdom until it's not. former secretary of state hillary clinton has not led in the polls in ohio since august. she also has not campaigned in ohio since labor day. she is heading back to ohio for the first time next week after being away for a month. "the new york times" has a story that secretary clinton may be thinking of stepping back to ohio and not making a big push to winning this state that we think is so essential to winning the white house. there's an argument to be made that stepping back from ohio would be a good idea for democratic candidate. in ohio, the population is growing older, whiter, and it is less educated than the rest of the country. that's part of the argument for
6:44 pm
the clinton campaign to at least dial back on trying to win ohio, to find a path that doesn't go through ohio. here's the think, though. if it is, in fact, smart for secretary clinton to get out of ohio, much as that scrambles our long-held political expectations, where shod she try instead? there's an increasingly loud argument that she should maybe refocus her resources and her efforts in a place like georgia. ohio has 18 electoral votes, georgia has 16 electoral votes. so they're close to equal in electoral college world. georgia has also typically been a red state, but its changing demographics are moving that state in a purple direction. the white population in georgia has dropped nine points since the year 2000, the asian population is set to double, the latino and african-american population has also seen significant growth. a lot has to do with growth in
6:45 pm
urban centers in big cities like atlanta. he said he met with the campaign last week to plead his case for his state and for his city, but specifically for his state to play a much bigger role in the election. if democrats could make a real play there, georgia could be part of the path. he's arguing that if the clinton campaign spent the same amount of resources in georgia and in north carolina, he thinks georgia would be the more winnable of the two states. very provocative concept. kasim reed said he's lobbying the democratic party to shift more resources to georgia. we've asked him today if his office has heard back from the clinton campaign after making its case. they haven't heard back yet. but they make decisions like this on a rolling basis. we know this has been a weird and record breaking and expectations busting election, but is this a weird enough leaked th election that a state like ohio might not be necessary to
6:46 pm
winning the white house. should a campaign drop ohio and go for a state like georgia instead in joining suss the great joy reid. always great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> first of all, is it -- i mean, there's no connection between ohio and georgia. the reason i paired them up here is i give the same weight to the argument for getting out of ohio and into georgia. >> it is just a game of math. you just shave two electoral points off and georgia is a valuable state. campaigns have resources. you have to make hard decisions about not only where to play but where you might have room to force the other team to play. that's what's happened in pennsylvania. the trump team seems to be playing there, you will see the democrats playing hard there even though pennsylvania is reliability in the democratic column. ohio is a weird state. my team and i were in lorain,
6:47 pm
ohio, talking to democrats union men who weren't high on hillary clinton, worried about trade. they started sounding like staten island democrats. these are people who voted for bill clinton, voted for barack obama, very disillusioned. a lot about ohio that makes it a trump state. on the other hand, pulling money out of ohio for a state like georgia highways been out theth ether as the white whale for democrats may not be the smart thing. in ohio there's such a concerted voter suppression effort taking place. the secretary of state is in court constantly with the aclu and others over ways to invalidate ballots, making it harder for people to vote. you have a motivation in places like cuyahoga county so you can imagine there's a spike in turnout of african americans for that reason.
6:48 pm
whether you keep the dcc down or keep the resources in place, hillary is going back there, they had the west wing cast last week, they had bill clinton in this. >> to be clear, she's going back and they have been sending other very high level surrogates and folks there. but there are these rumblings. i have to wonder if strickland, the democrat was any closer to knocking off rob portman there, the calculus would be different for democrats that they'd want to stay in there to give strickland a chance of knocking off rob portman. >> that also makes a reason for the dscc getting in there. that said, i will tell you ta campaign sources i spoke with today were saying that the spending at the clinton team is going to stay in for now at the same level. as you said, there's no sign that they're really yanking resources. it's risky to throw money at large into georgia when you really do need to hold your base. but democrats can win the white house without ohio.
6:49 pm
trump could win ohio and florida and nevada and still lose. >> i see the crazed look in your eye. not because i know you're an insane person. you've been walking around the office playing that thing. you're playing the electoral map game like it's space invaders. >> i'm giving trump all these states. but it's so much fun, rachel. >> i know we all do this as research. you're actually now doing it for fun? >> i have been doing it since i knew i was booked on this show. as long as hillary clinton holds virginia and colorado donald trump could run the table on much of what's open out there. he could even get new hampshire with ohio, with florida, with nevada and still come up short. he's at about 268 with all those states. >> before you leave this state, i want to make you play ninja. forget it. it's an intervention. joy reid, host of a.m. joy
6:50 pm
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mentioned earlier in the show that something potentially creepy has happened in response to news week's article yesterday about donald trump. this report alleging that the republican nominee violated the u.s. embargo against doing business in cuba if the late 1990s. at the same time, he was telling cuban american voters that he was a big supporter of the embargo, kurt eichenwald also posted a document that appears to show mr. trump's company paying, being invoiced for, later paying for a consulting trip to cuba which appeared to prove mr. aiken walled's point. somebody appears to be taking it quite seriously, though. because look at what happened after "newsweek" posted that.
6:53 pm
their site crashed. it first looked like maybe it had overwhelmed, but "newsweek" says that wasn't it. their site was taken down by hackers. their website was hit with a massive ddos attack, a hacker attack that jams the site with bogus traffic from lots of different locations until the servers can't keep up. the editor in chief, quote, as with any ddos attack, there were numerousp addresses involved, but these ones were mainly russian. our i.t. team tcontinues to investigate. there are multiple times when i say to myself, it's not going to get any weirder. and then the story breaks about donald trump breaking the
6:54 pm
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the senate in the last few years basically doesn't do anything. we don't even vote. the first thing i need to do is to get the senate back to normal. and that means working more. that means occasionally burning the midnight oil. i don't think we've got any votes on friday in anybody's memory. we're going to function. we are. >> we are. we're going to function again. we're going to work fridays. that was the promise from the republicans when they first got control of the senate. and then the very first week they were in control they broke that promise. literally the first week the republicans got control they cast a vote on a thursday afternoon, and then they booked it. they ditched even their very first friday. this congress has not exactly been working their hearts out. this summer on july 14th, congress adjourned for their summer break and took seven and a half weeks off, 53 days. they return the first week in september, worked 15 days over
7:00 pm
the course of this month, and now, as of today, they are gone again. they had 53 days off. came back and worked 15 days over the course of a month, and now they're gone again for 46 more days. as of today, members of congress have packed their hobags and go home for a 46-day weekend. they are expected to work 114 days for a year. that's the fewest days worked since 1955. i do hope you enjoy your weekend. if you dream of being a senator, the good news about that is that your weekend would go on for an extra 44 more days after the rest of us have to come back to work on monday. that does it for us. we'll see you again on monday. let me explain to you why the senate schedule is so grueling. >> mm. >> i got nothing on that. no, it used to be hard some years,


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