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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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evacuation plans are now in the works ahead of matthew which could have a major impact on florida's east coast. >> regardless if there's a direct hit or not, the impacts will be devastating. i cannot emphasize enough that everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit. be prepared for a direct hit. don't trust that the storm path is correct. >> let's start with closely watching the track of this powerful hurricane. we also have reporters blake mccoy, mariana following the preparations. what can we expect here in the united states, where's this thing headed? >> all right, we have about 24 to 36 hours in relative calm and then the storm will be at its closest impact to florida. cuba interrupted the flow of it and look, the eye becoming well defined. thunderstorms wrapping around the center once again. that means this thing starting
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to reintensify after being weakened over the mountains. it may get bumped up as we go throughout the day today. not going to spend a lot of time on this cone because at the end of this hour we will be getting that new path in from the hurricane center and we'll see if this red center line shifts closer to the coast. as far as -- we have short-term models we get in about every three hours. and this shows us at 3:00 p.m. thursday the eye of the storm in eeport in the bahamas, that rcenteright there, that's the eye, this is a simulated radar what it would look like. as we go through tomorrow night around 9:00 p.m., notice this is the eye of the storm, only 20 miles off the coast, tropical storm gusts. so the first strong gust tomorrow late in the afternoon. then through the overneat hours, this is when it's a very close call. this western eye wall is going to be very near indian river, vero beach, melbourne area, palm
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bay, up through the space coast. that's during the night thursday. if we get this close to the coast, we will see power outages from the winds on the back side. even though the strongest winds are here in the northeast and northeast quadrant. through time, until about 8:00 a.m. friday morning, we're still close to the daytona beach, flagler county line, to palm springs, new smyrna beach area. this is where the strongest winds would be, just off shore. if we get any shift of this towards the coast, a devastating storm. right now, it would be a moderate destructive storm. this is such a tough forecast because it parallels the coastline here. this is the simulated winds. the hurricane force winds are shown in white. notice thursday night how close those hurricane winds are just to the coastline. this gives you a general idea. we're playing this safe. that's why they're going to call for all these evacuations. literally, a shut ift of 20 to miles. this storm is still about 500
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miles away. a 20-mile shift is nothing. that's why they're telling everyone to get out of harm's way. >> what about our friends in the carolinas? >> fast forward here, show our computer models. this will tell the story well. we have pretty good agreement we're going to come close to the west palm beach area up to melbourne and the space coast. what changed overnight from our friends, is all of a sudden the models are doing the bend, taking the storm further out to sea. another does come almost over the top of charleston. it's not out of the question that we still can get a storm affecting a high impact in the carolinas. but the trend, 1, 2, 3 of them are bending it more off the coast with just a glancing blow for the carolinas. that's still one of the questions we have to answer. that's more of a friday night event. we have a little more time to prepare. >> all right, bill karins for us. we'll come back to you later. let's get to blake mccoy. blake is in miami with more on
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the emergency plan and behind you a familiar scene ahead of storms like this down there. >> here in south florida, a lot of people have storm shutters so we're not seeing a huge run on lumber. but look at what's missing right here, all the pallets of water at home depot are gone. where i'm standing now, there were generators lining this section. all of the generators are gone as well as a lot of the major batteries. people are starting to take this storm seriously now that it looks like it will brush up here against the florida coast. we were in miami so the biggest impact here is expected to be storm surges and power outages. those power outages cobra longed because those bucket trucks can't fix power lines while the storm is under way. governor scott held a press conference this morning. he is recommending voluntary
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evacuations on florida's gold coast between miami and orlando. take a listen. >> go now. we'll do everything to alleviate the traffic. but there's going to be traffic and a mandatory evacuation. there always is. no one should take any risk. >> and back out here you can see a lot of the bigger batteries are gone. people using them for their flashlights and radios. we were told that home depot has deployed their emergency plan which means emergency shipments are on the way to home depots across florida to make sure they can restock these generators. this store here in miami's expecting at least four of those trucks today. >> all right, craig mccoy there in miami. thank you. let's get to the low country in south carolina. to charleston we go. more on emergency preparations there. we heard from governor nikki haley a short time ago. ways t what's the big concern right now
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in the palmetto state? >> the big concern is the charleston area is still under evacuation. she aske folks to evacuate throughout the morning and at 3:00 p.m. today, those lane reversals are still going to happen. other counties she said will be updated tomorrow morning. for the folks in the charleston area, they're really pondering whether or not to leave. i have scott here with me. you gassed up, scott. are you leaving, are you staying? >> as of now with the current track, i think we're going to stay. that could change. it just depends upon what the storm does. >> folks like scott, craig, on the fence, and that leaves authorities in this state in really a tough situation. because, you know, they want people to be prepared. they want to be proactive. they asked people, you know, to move 100 miles away from coast but that's a two-hour drive for many people here who were just expecting to have a regular wednesday. some of the older folks in the community like don here, don, a lot of people when we were at
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the walmart yesterday, they were talking about hugo, you know, this storm that, you know, really affected folks here. you rode it out. tell me what it was like. >> one of those once in a lifetime experiences you remember like 9/11, you know, kennedy asass nation, landing on the moon. >> that was hugo here. >> 1989, yes. >> you lived through hugo. are you living, are you staying for matthew this time around? >> we're staying, yes. it's -- not to minimize danger but it seems to be lessening all the time. >> thank you, don, stay safe. just like don, scott, behind me, the majority of the folks here deciding to stay. >> all right, maria or tenso there for us in charleston. my younger brother lives in columbia. said he had traffic trying to get back. we saw the highways so it looks like traffic still backed up as folks try to get out of the low country. a live look there courtesy of
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one of the department of transportation traffic cameras there in south carolina. it looks like that is i-20. 20 runs east to west there. the palmetto state. three-lane highway. you can see the traffic to get out of the charleston area crawling along there. we'll keep a close eye of course on the hurricane down south. let's turn to politics and the running mate rumble. number twos finally getting their turn to talk. and at times, talking over each other. >> the campaign of hillary clinton and tim kaine has been -- >> -- rapists and criminals -- >> donald trump and i would never support legislation that punished women who mailed the heartbreaking choice -- >> why did donald trump say that -- >> we just never -- >> why did he say that? >> governor pence said vladimir putin is a better leader than president -- >> that is absolutely inaccurate -- >> six times tonight i have said
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to governor pence, i can't imagine how you can defend -- >> this is the topic that has come up -- >> donald trump -- >> all six cases, he's refused to -- >> no, no, don't put words -- >> he is asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend. >> tim kaine and mike pence on the issues, the insults and we'll also talk about those interruptions as well. kaine bringing up some of donald trump's most controversial comments a lot. pence trying sort of trying to defend his running mate. and speaking of that running mate, exclusive new reporting this morning that donald trump, none too happy with mike pence after last night. the bigquestion, why. our team is here. we start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander in our washington bureau. pence getting some stylistic points perhaps this morning, coming off more polished. coming off as having a more calmer presence than tim kaine. how did he do when he was
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pressed, when asked about donald trump's statements? >> this is kind of the donald trump frankly that trump's own advisers and republicans who have been reluctant to come on board with the trump campaign were hoping to see from the principal, the guy at the top of the ticket. last night, pence repeatedly trying to go after tim kaine, in effect, prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. he was also forced to defend a lot about what donald trump and he have said over the course of this campaign. sometimes he deflected. other tyimes, he denied. >> donald trump laid out a series of priorities that doesn't end with border security, it begins with border security, and after we secure the border, not only build a wall, but beneath the ground and in the air, we do internal enforcement -- >> let's make sure we're putting the safety and security of the american people first instead of hillary clinton expanding -- >> instead of you violating the
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constitution -- >> but they -- >> -- by blocking people based on their national origin then whether they're dangerous. >> that's absolutely false. >> pence said inarguably vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama. >> that is inaccurate. >> i just think a guy -- >> i said he's been stronger on the world stage. >> no, you said leader. >> you just -- >> and if -- >> there was tim kaine repeatedly trying to press mike pence to defend things both pence and more specifically donald trump have said on the issue of taxes, on the muslim ban and also on the sort of cozying up by trump and, frankly, at times, pence, to vladimir putin. >> we've managed to dig up precisely what mike pence said roughly a month ago. here it is, cnn, in september. >> i think it's inarguably that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country. than barack obama has been in this country.
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>> have they explained the discrepancy? >> well, there's the moment. i think the takeaway at the end of the day and speaking to strategists about this, mike pence did mike pence a lot of good last night. he certainly shored up support in the more evangelical conservative wing of the republican party where people have been reluctant to come on board. whether he helped donald trump, that going to be in the hands of the voters right now. he didn't necessarily push back as forcefully as some within the trump camp would like to have seen. more broadly going forward what people are hoping is that trump may have been watching the way this went down last night and that he may have learned some stuff. i think the interrupts while the trump campaign is trying to capitalize, donald trump himself tweeting about it, that may be water under the bridge. at the end of the day, people are voting for either hillary clinton or donald trump and what last night said about either one of them i think will be what resonates most. >> peter alexander for us in d.c., thanks. nbc's kristen welker is in
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chappaqua, new york, near hillary clinton's home. kristen, tim kaine came into that thing a bit amped up last night. a lot of headlines saying he looked impatient, he looked a little smug at times, may even a tad overrehearsed. folked who know tim kaine said this may not necessarily be the same guy we know. what's the campaign saying about his performance? >> well, look, the campaign and democrats are acknowledging he was aggressive particularly in the first part of that campaign, the first part of the debate. but the campaign's sprain today craig is that he effectively did what he needed to do, remind voters of controversial comments donald trump has made and to try to make mike pence defend them. as peter was just pointing out, he often struggled to do that. take a listen to some of tim kaine's sharpest lines of attacks. >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend the insult-driven selfish me first
7:14 am
style of donald trump. i am interested in hearing what he'll defend his running mates not releasing taxes. i cannot believe that governor pence will defense the insult driven campaign that donald trump has run. i cannot believe that governor pence would sit here and defense his running mate's claim that we should create a deportation force so that they'll all be gone. >> so the campaign essentially saying while kaine may not have won on style, he did win on substance. the fact he's getting criticism still puts pressure on clinton to perform in the second debate which is coming up on sunday. her colleagues telling me she is going to prepare vigorously just as she did for the first debate. she hasn't had any mock debates yet but she undoubtedly will. her former top aide at the state department will be the stand-in. he has no problem throwing a sharp punch. that is something he is known for in his regular everyday
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life. so he certainly did that, we are told, in preparing clinton for the first debate. >> while i have you here really quickly, this other story the clinton campaign dealing with, bill clinton, monday, talking about the affordable care act. let's remind folks what he said. >> the people who are getting killed in this deal are small businesspeople and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies. you've got this crazy system where 25 million more people have health care and then the people who out there busting it at sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> here's the thing, he's trying to walk back those comments. but you know that the clarification not going to be in the sound bite we see in ads. how are they going to clone up that? >> absolutely right. the clinton campaign trying to say there's broad agreement from president obama to secretary clinton that the affordable care
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act does need improvements. one of the top aepds telling me he did shorthand those comments a little bit and he was essentially trying to underscore the need to lower premiums. deal with the fact that some insurers are pulling out of the health care system. that's how they're trying to clean this up. i had the chance to ask secretary clinton about this very thing yesterday. and she essentially underscored that if she were to be elected president, she would work on improving obamacare, lowering costs for average americans. and then when i pressed her and said do you wish that president obama had used different words, she said, i think he made it clear what he meant. essentially saying he is responsible for cleaning this up. which is what bill clinton has been trying to do now. yesterday out on the campaign trail. and i anticipate he might get some tough questions again today. this is not what the clinton campaign wants to be talking about. they don't want to talk about controversial comments made by clinton. they want to stay on message particularly as they head into
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the second debate. >> kristen welker, thank you. bringing in our analyst, former rnc chairman michael steele. i would imagine there were times last night you were watching that debate and you were thinking to yourself, gosh, i wish that was the guy at the top of the ticket. >> i think a lot of folks were saying that from time to time. the sort of steady calmness pence brought to the conversation particularly in contrast to the yipping by tim kaine. the one thing you learn when you're in these debate situations is you play to your opponent. so you have to match the steadiness of your opponent to the extent that pence was methodical and thoughtful and sort of laid out an argument, whether you agreed or disagreed with it wasn't the point. to then come back and say yes but in a calm manner as opposed to interrupting i think gets people's attention. you talk about, oh, he made his point to the public. i can asure you that most people
7:18 am
were turned off by the constant interruption and really weren't listening after a certain point to what tim kaine was saying because they were so annoyed by the way he was saying it. >> the reality is, donald trump interrupted literally more than twice as often as tim kaine did -- >> again, doesn't change the say argument. it wasn't effective for trump either. and so i think -- i think in those settings, in the closeness those debates, when it's one on one, you don't get away with that level of engagement, that type of engagement, as you would with a stage with 15 other people. >> some new reporting. we'll talk about it more in just a bit. john harwood at cnbc saying sources inside the trump campaign have said the boss wasn't thrilled with pence's performance. are you hearing that? and if so, what would he have to be upset about? that he was overshadowed? >> i think he wanted a more vigorous defense of his prior acts and prior words -- >> how would he have done that?
7:19 am
>> that's into the mike pence. mike pence is not going to do that. i think if nothing else, mr. trump should pay attention to what he saw his friend do on that stage last night and take it as a lesson how he needs to approach this upcoming debate. there is a value to preparation. there's a value to being steady and thoughtful in your response. there's a value to understanding the mood of the moment and income that ment in a way that you come out better on the other end. regardless of what people think of your answer. >> yeah. >> you know, i think that given the outcome of the last debate, there's a lot of good lessons from mike pence in this one. mike pence helped himself today. and he helped himself tomorrow. and tomorrow -- >> did he help himself in 2020? >> that's what i mean by tomorrow, he helped himself down the road. he is i think in a firm space as a very forceful positive conservative voice. and they'll be others that will
7:20 am
rise and fall, but right now he's got the post position and he used it well. >> as you heard mike pence repeatedly either ignore or just refuse to answer the questions about some of the things that donald trump has said in the past, what did you think? >> smart tactically. why engage? that's a rabbit hole. look, if i have -- if i'm in a position where i'm going to be put on the defense for everything you've said and done, and even though a part of your ticket -- it's part of the job of being number two. you know when to deflect. you know when to engage. if you know something has -- this leads to another question that takes you further into a darker space of conversation, you just don't go there. so it is a debate tactic. it is nothing unusual. i don't know why people are acting so surprised by it. you know, get over it. we've seen it 1,000 times. from "there you go again to, you know, you're no jack kennedy. they are effects that are used in that type of situation and they can be effective. >> always good to see you in person, thank you. how did mike pence do with
7:21 am
the boss? that exclusive new reporting on how donald trump thinks his number two did. with john harwood next. also bill clinton walking back that scathing criticism of obamacare. what was that really about? we decided to talk to one of the guys that help write the affordable care act. we'll do that coming up. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was aays controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicli) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantireduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chtix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these,
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more now on that exclusive reporting from cnbc's john harwood on some dissension within the ranks of the trump campaign after his running mate mike pence refused to defend trump against some of the many attacks from tim kaine. john, good morning to you, always good to see you. tell us a little bit more about what you're hearing. >> well, like everybody else, i
7:25 am
watched pence, thought he was solid, gave them a breather. as always, i reach out to people in both parties after the debate to get their reviews. from democrats, you hear, well, maybe kaine lost on style points but he laid down some tracks on donald trump and put some things out there. when i asked a senior trump adviser, the response was immediate. pence won overall but he lost with trump. and my question was, well, is that because he didn't defend donald trump and it was partly that, but it was also partly because mike pence is getting head hines after the debate saying donald trump did badly but mike pence did really well. maybe he should have been at the top of the ticket. and what the adviser said was, you know that donald trump does not like to be upstaged. and that's sort of what happened last night and what's happening today. now, is that going to be a big deal? i kind of doubt it. but you know if trump decides to make some diminishing remarks about pence at his next rally,
7:26 am
then it will be interesting. obviously, the real thing is going to be how donald trump himself does on sunday night. >> it sounds like your source essentially said that pence may have done a little too well. >> exactly. and, you know, the more people talk about mike pence in 2020 rather than donald trump in 2016 and compare him unfavorably to his vice presidential running made, that's not the kind of recipe for making a person like donald trump happy. >> cnbc's john harwood with some new reporting this morning, thank you. we have some reaction from the trump campaign next. still ahead also, deadly a extremely dangerous. hurricane matthew on a path of destruction headed straight for the entire florida coastline. we'll tell you how long residents along the coast have to evacuate before a possible hit. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day?
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shawn: yes, sir. today, shawn's got a aring, we'll see how it goes. good lk! they're the same thing and drivitosts around $10,000. so not worth it. cnbc's john harwood reporting before the break on
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some dissension in the ranks after mike pence refused to defend him after some of those attacks from tim kaine last night at the debate. a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council. always good to see you, thanks for being with me. let's start with your reaction. >> patently, i think that report is just absurd. it's ridiculous on its face. mike pence, you know, it's baseball season right now. mike pence stood up to the plate last night and he hit a 400 foot home run. our number one hitter on the team happens to be donald trump. if you're telling me because you're on deck, he's mad that pence hit that home run, that is ridiculous. he's happy for the team. it's not about donald trump. it's not even about trump and pe pence, it's about america. i've heard these kinds of reports about the purported dissension and turmoil and sometime also i scratch my head because i say, are they talking
7:31 am
about our campaign? because it's not remotely what i see on the inside -- >> steve, to be fair -- >> i know that he's ecstatic about the performance last night. >> okay, it's difficult to object to the fact -- you're on your third campaign manager, so one would assume that if you're on your third campaign manager, perhaps there have been some problems within the ranks, no? >> sure. sure. i believe trump being an outsider, i think of that mostly as an attribute. the idea that he's a maverick that's going to break up the rigged political class. at times, that leads to some mistakes. i think we corrected those mistakes and have a team that's strong and ready to take us into the finish line. >> clinton campaign has released a web ad. this is sort of pointing out tim kaine pointing out that pence didn't take every opportunity to defend the boss last night, take
7:32 am
a listen. >> laets start with not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he's a great leader. and donald trump -- >> no, we haven't -- >> putin's been a very strong leader for russia. >> vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been. >> well, first of all, why wouldn't the governor try to defend more of what some may call donald trump's more outrageous statement? that's the first question. >> well, craig, he did defend, particularly the big ones. defended him on taxes, his business acumen. i think he was smart to say we don't have to respond to every single criticism, particularly when they are unimportant. we want to talk about big issues of growth and security. tim kaine and hillary clinton, because they're status quo candida candidates, what do they do, show up with a big laundry list of tings trump said, many of which were taken out of context. >> i'm glad you said that
7:33 am
because i heard that late night as well. give me one or two examples of things that have been taken out of context. >> sure. >> because the biggest one by far i think is calling mexicans rapists and murderers -- >> we all sat through the news conference, we were all -- >> right. >> just as surprised i think as you were to hear it, so how is that taken out of context? >> as someone who wishes he hadn't used those terms, okay, so i would concede that point, i think it was a mistake in tone. if you look carefully, he was not in anyway. >> he said they're not sending their best. >> well, what he's talking about, illegal immigrants. that's a very key distinction. we love legal immigration. the legal immigrant community from mexico and their offspring and from latin america in general, people like me, we think that is a treasure to america. illegal immigration is a very different story -- >> there was a -- >> -- economic and security problem and, by the way, he was
7:34 am
correct that there are, among that illegal population, there's a pretty high incident of criminality and we have to start rounding up those people and deporting them on day one, not 11 million undocumented -- >> really quickly, you raised an interesting point, the latino voters, not a lot of talk last night. i didn't hear mike pence spend a great deal of time talking about latino voters. has the campaign given up on trying to court black and brown voters? >> no, we certainly have not. we are absolutely still pursuing and trying to persuade people of color the democratic party has taken them for granted for decades, hasn't made their lives better, cares more about their votes than the reality of their existence in terms of schools and economic opportunity and empowerment and illegal immigration. we are going to continue to push hard on that front. certainly one of the biggest reasons i'm excited about donald trump as candidate. >> steven cortez, surrogate for the trump campaign, steven, thank you. >> thanks, craig. hurricane matthew now posed
7:35 am
to become the first major hurricane to make landfall in more than a decade. president obama heading to fema headquarters as we speak for a briefing in the next half hour. stay tuned for the latest on this breaking story. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determed to take care of her own? or is it a lifete of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more
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breaking news on hurricane matthew now. the governors of florida and south carolina have ordered mandatory evacuations along parts of the atlantic coast as matthew rumbles towards the united states now. a live look. this is i-26 west. this is 26 west. heading out of charleston. folks in south florida started preparations in vulnerable areas in advance of the governor's warning there who says the impact in the sunshine state could be devastating. it is now a cat 3 storm. it's been downgraded. nonetheless, it's left a path of destruction in the caribbean. the island nation of haiti was hit especially hard. the storm has been blamed for at least 11 deaths so far.
7:39 am
let's get right back to nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, has anything changed significantly over the last 30 minutes? i know 30 minutes from now, we'll get another update. >> now we're only about 20 minutes away from the 11:00 update from the hurricane center. there will probably be some minor subtle shifts. i don't think they'll be anything too dramatic as far as the intensity or the path. when we talk about this fe a forecast where 20 miles makes the difference between historic and minor, it's a big deal. the hurricane center's watching things in they get from different computer models. right now some of the major ones, there's 1, 2, 6 on this map. two have the storm over freeport and then off the coast by about 50 miles. these two models would just be a minor blow to florida. it wouldn't be than bad at all. it would be a lot beach erosion. but there are four now, that are right along the coast. this center red line is the previous forecast from 5:00 a.m. this morning.
7:40 am
you notice this may have to shift a little bit closer to the space coast especially because it jets out here. melbourne area, indian, vero beach, those are the areas that look like they're at the most risk. 2:00 a.m. saturday morning, the winds further off the coast remain further off the coast. they may have to inch closer to jacksonville. since some of these models are trending in that direction. little fine details in this forecast, craig, are going to make the difference. as we go throughout the next 48 hours. >> all right, we'll come back to you. thanks so much. interruptions, insults. did the debate move the needle at all? we heard from the trump campaign. we'll talk to a rep from the clinton campaign. ♪ what?
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what. a. sweetheart. attaboy. wait, todd what are you doin how totally selfish and un-toddlike of you. me on, todd, come on, man. the reality is, when she was secretary of state, senator,
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come on, she had a clinton foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments and foreign donors -- >> let me talk about senator -- >> senator, i think i'm still on my time -- >> well, isn't this a discussion -- >> this is an open discussion -- >> let me interrupt you and finish my sentence if i can. >> so in a nutshell, that was the tenor of last night's debate as the two nominees sparred. hillary clinton last night e-mailed tim kaine to congratulate him on his debate performance. did not call. i want to bring in james rubin, senior media adviser for national security affairs for the clinton campaign. it's a new title. his first interview under that new title. he served as the secretary secreta of state, assistant secretary of state under president bill clinton. did tim kaine help or hurt last night? >> i think it was extremely
7:45 am
important and helped a lot. he demonstrated to the viewers, to the world, that the trump campaign much be panic stricken about the question of donald trump's business relationships with russia. and i say that because i followed foreign affairs for 25 years. i've never seen a presidential campaign at the highest levels do a complete 180 degree turn on an issue of central importance. russia. under the trump version, number one on the ticket, vladimir putin was a good leader, he'll look at lifting sanctions, cry mere if crimea might be allowed to join russia, we don't want to arm the ukrainians to fight the russians. that's the trump version. suddenly we saw the trump/pence campaign do a complete 180. suddenly something completely different. pence saying russia is dangerous. russia is aggressive. he even went all the way back to the bush administration when he said that russia invaded
7:46 am
georgia, remember that happened under president bush. so this idea of being tough on russia, which is what pence put forward, is a 180-degree turn from the donald trump we saw in the debate stage over the -- a week ago. >> there has been talk about tim kaine's demeanor last night. help w he was a bit more aggressive than we're used to seeing tim kaine. how much of that style last night was driven by the clinton campaign staff? >> look, i wasn't in the debate prep for tim kaine but what tim kaine did was exactly what needed to be done. he made sure that, today, we're talking about the fact that pence and trump seemed to have different russia policies. pence and trump have different syria policies. so trump/pence campaign really has to answer the question, is it donald trump's version of russia policy that will guide the country if he's elected president? this isn't a small point.
7:47 am
this isn't a subtle question of interrupting or not interrupting. this is the central issue of american foreign policy. will it be the soft russia version that donald trump put forward or will be it the hard on russia version that mike pence put forward right? the american people deserve to know which one it is. trump gave one version. pence gave another. it's tim kaine would got up to do that. >> the same argument could be made for immigration. we've heard plans from pence that don't necessarily line up from what we've heard from donald trump. i guess it will be interesting to see come sunday what the russia plan looks like. >> on immigration, we're just talking about a subtlety. whether the extent to which there is a roundup, okay, it's important, it's not subtle to the people being rounded up, but it's the same -- >> you could call it a round up -- >> right, but it's the same policy. what i'm talking about is black and white. one policy that says russia's our friend, we're going to work with them, we're going to sit
7:48 am
down on the table with them. i respect you, i like you, i can make a deal with you. and no mention of the russian invasion of ukraine. no mention of the possibility of worrying about crimea. then you have a week go by and mike pence takes the exact opposite foreign policy position. that's not a nuance. that's not a subtlety. that is a 180-degree turn. like something i've just never seen in watching these things for 25 years. >> we'll have to leave it there. newly named clinton campaign surrogate. we'll be seeing lots more of you over the next few weeks, thank you. bill clinton, your forme ss, back on the campaign trail again today in ohio. after slamming president obama's signature health care plan. or did he slam it? donald trump taking the opportunity to take a shot at the former president. one of the doctors who actually helped make obamacare a reality will join me next. >> i'll bet he went through hell last night. boy, we'rehipping a ton of ese goofy glass.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
$1 trillion in tax increases. more regulation. more of the same war on coal. even former president bill clinton calls obamacare a crazy plan. hillary clinton and tim kaine want to build on obamacare. >> so pence there was referring to these remarks made on the campaign trail about clinton. >> so you've got this crazy system where 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> dr. zeke emmanuel, one of the architects of president obama's affordable care act, also adviser to the hillary clinton campaign. thank you for joining us.
7:53 am
you heard what president clinton said there, when you heard him say it, that it was a crazy thing, what did you think? >> we are clearly having some audio issues there with dr. emmanuel. we're going to get those problems fixed. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? americ express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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clean. i'm ready r the rinle! announcer:ook. fire in the le! announce and cll chipmunk: we chmus arnotoriously tidy. announcer: chek ur steps-- the roadchip to food safety startst chipmunk: whoo! is is awesome! need to apologize, dr. emmanuel, one of the architects of obamacare. we were going to have that conversation about what's really going on, but not going to be able to have that because of technical difficulties. we'll work on having that conversation very soon. meanwhile, let's check back in with nbc meteorologist bill .karins top of the hour, we're getting another update -- >> actually, i have it. i haven't been able to digest it completely so i'll do a little bit of that with you as we go through the graphics.
7:57 am
we know it increased 5 miles per hour. up to 120-mile-per-hour winds. it goes up ten more miles per hour. it will be a cat 4. it's showing more signs of organization over the warm waters as we feared. it does look like this is regenerating itself in the next 24 hours. it's move to the northwest at 12. a little quicker as we expected. here's the brand-new path from the hurricane center and for the people in nassau, it's look like this is going to be a direct hit. almost impossible this one missed you. as it goes right by you, that would be early tomorrow morning. so think about early tomorrow morning, the sun comes up, you could be in the eye wall itself. as we go through thursday evening, freeport should be in the eastern eye wall, the strongest portion of the winds. so that island's going to be hit hard. in the cone does not include miami anymore. from about ft. lauderdale south, it looks like less like you'll have a direct impact. 8:00 a.m., did inch it closer to
7:58 am
the space coast. it would be right here, between the ft. pierce yeah northward, indian river, vero beach. if anyone's taken a cruise out of port canaveral, that location, south of the space coast. throughout the day friday morning, we're going to wake up and this thing should be howling. brevard county coastline, new smyrna beach up to daytona beach. you're going to be staring at this category still 4 to category 3 hurricane, staring right at you from the south. you'll be waiting for that turn. that's why they're telling everyone to get out of those regions. if it turns later, all of a sudden, it's right on your doorstep. thames the bend right here. going to be watching as we go throughout friday. then, a lot of our hurricane cane models have been putting the storm a little further out to sea, making a better forecast for north carolina. that trend continues. europe not completely safe yet. but you look better, myrtle
7:59 am
beach looks better. charleston, savannah, will be nervous watching that storm. some models loop this around, possibly heading to the bahamas, florida, middle of next week. it will be a week if it did that. the concern right now is the east coast of florida. >> all right, bill karin, with that new update. thank you so much. that is going to do it for this hour. t tamron hall picks up our coverage right now. >> as mentioned, we'll continue to follow this breaking news. bill karins pointed out we just received this new update on hurricane matthew. a dangerous and deadly storm set to strike the u.s. the governor of florida is warning people to prepare for a direct hit. mandatory evacuations begin in just hours. as the hurricane is expected to strengthen today. also ahead, will the vp debate impact the presidential race, or will it even have an impact on the next showdown between clint and trump on sunday. and what's being said about the report from insiders that pence
8:00 am
won the debate overall, but lost with donald trump. plus, we'll fact-check train cl made during the debate. good morning, i'm tamron hall. let's begin with the breaking news. hurricane matthew updated forecast shows a dangerous category 3 storm moving northwest, causing a mad dash along the coast of florida up to the cart loin carolinas. president obama is at fema headquarters for a briefing. we expect to hear from him after that. south carolina governor nikki haley announcing a new evacuation plan. look at this, the bumper to bumper traffic filling up i-26 highway. we'll have more on that. all of this as the hurricane warning is now in effect for a 150 mile stretch north of miami, florida. governor rick scott is speaking with the natnahu


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