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  Citizen Trump With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i am in new york, this is
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our continuous live coverage of campaign crisis tonight in donald trump's campaign. "access hollywood" video of recording trump saying things that was not used in the hack access hollywood show when it was repocorded. >> the weigh post obtained that video and he released i. it shows that donald trump saying things about women and his own vinvolvement from women. things that we never heard donald trump say before on tape or video. >> here is some of that video. >> the thing is -- she's still very beautiful. >> i moved on her and i fell. i admit. i did try to [ bleep ] her, she was married. >> i moved on her very heavily, i took her out furniture shopping.
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she wanted to get furniture and i will show you where there is nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i could not get there and she was married. all of a sudden, i see her and she's got the big phony and she changed your look. >> she's your girl's hottie in the purple. >> whoa! oh my man. you got to look. >> lets check this out >> you give me the thumb? >> you are a [ bleep ]. okay, you got to give the thumbs up. maybe it is the different one. >> no, it is her. >> yeah, with with the gold. i got to use some tic-tac just in case i start kissing them. >> i am quite attracted to
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beautiful women, and when you are a star, you can do anything, you can grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. those leg is. >> yeah, it looks good. >> come on, shorty. oh, nice legs, huh? >> get out of the way, huh? >> go ahead. as long as you don't fallout the bus like gerald ford, remember? >> down below. >> hello, how are you? >> mr. trump, how are you? >> you know billy bush. >> how are you, nice to see you? >> are you ready to be a soap star? >> how about a little hug for donald. >> would you like a little hug, donald? >> the trump campaign first reaction of releasing the video that it was locker room banter
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and then there was a written apology for donald trump and he apologized if anyone was offended. that apology was not accepted by anyone in the republican politics anywhere in the country. donald trump realized at some point today that he and the trump campaign staffs are going to have to work to release a recorded video apology. that took the trump campaign hours to produce and finally, minutes after midnight, they released this recorded video. >> i have never said i am a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that i am not. i have said and done things i regret. the words released today on this is more than a decade old video are one of them. this do not reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. i traveled the country talking about change to america.
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my travel have changed me. i spent time with mothers who lost their children and laid off workers whose jobs gone to other country and people who just want a better future. i gotten to know the great people of our country and i have been humbled by the faith they placed in me. >> i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. lets be honest, we are living in the real world. this is nothing more from the distraction from the important issues we are facing today. with e a we are losing your job and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have brought our countries into the ground. i have said some foolish things but there is a big difference between the words and actions of other people. >> bill clinton has actually abused people and hillary clinton has bullbullied, attack and shamed and intimidated his
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victims. we'll discuss this more. see you at the debate on sunday. >> we are joined by the host of "hardball," chris mathews. >> you mentioned living in utah. you said to watch utah, republicans are now in open revolt against donald trump. the governor has come out against him. mike lee, senator from utah also is now against him and we have jas jason chaveltz and what's next? >> well, that's a start. >> that reflects the community out there which is this is not our guy. long before this tape, donald trump is a bragger and he's a big shot and he throws his weight around.
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to find out this is him behind the scenes. this is how he behaves when the cameras are not on thim ahim. this tape is going to survive all kinds of conversations and will be around for years and will be around to explain the results of this campaign and be non degradable. as a society, women are supposed to act differently, perhaps, you may say. imagine if hillary clinton had been the one on that bus. it is unimaginable that she would talk as she was presenting yourself like he said to billy bush, lets walk out together. he's couhoreographing this whol thing. he's thinking big picture and how he presents himself. >> there he is talking about how he would grab someone. imagine if hillary clinton says yeah, when ever i want to, i can grab someone that way. >> it is absurd to think about
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that. >> that puts us the perspective of what's really beyond the pail. >> he somehow maintains his judgment and covering donald trump for months now. >> robert, thank you for joining us. i do respect you are reporting in. i was going back with lawrence. she's looking at the ap report tonight, it is so objective and it is the situation that mr. trump find themselves. >> after being caught on tapes, making crude comments about a married woman, he tried to seduce donald trump. >> donald trump demanded ahmad night video. i was wrong and i apologize, yet! in other words, we are wrong to be talking about it. >> the leadership and republican party are wrong to be distracted by this.
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this is an important and then argued his words were not nearly. as bill clinton's affairs back in the 90s. >> he's watching this and you kn you -- my god, this is a bomb shell. >> chris, great to join you tonight. >> it is not just about what donald trump is going through tonight, it is what the republican can party is going through and these are two different room circles that's been linked for the last six to twelve months and they are at odds tonight behind the scenes. >> trump had been reluctant to apologize. it took some hours. >> the speaker pie i don't know and rnc chairman, -- jason, the
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chairman in the house, you have senator mike lee now calling on donald trump to step aside. >> his favorite conservatives in utah and you got -- utah of the mormon group, they're reflecting a lot of the community. i sect tomorrow morning because you will see more elected officials i don't think utah and ask trump whether you step aside. >> what do you think the chances are? >> is there any chance that trump will do what he did back in 72. >> it will throw it back to the national community to p pick someone else? >> i have heard tonight from several republicans, they are thinking about it. >> i spoke to spen sor's who's the top fundraiser for the speaker and he's at long time
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from mit romney >> they're on the phone, they're thinking through what are the options. what happens if ten could get the ticket. >> in trump power, it is a different theme, you have to remember that. trump tower on fifth avenue tonight of donald trump in a combat activity move. he's not in the move to step aside. >> well, thank you very much, robert costa. >> lauren, back to you, sir, chris. >> this is a 245 words aplolg. >> six of those words were aplolg. >> he said i was wrong and i will apologize. >> we are joined by brian williams. i know you have been talking to some sources out there on the republican side of the world about where things stand tonight and what are you hear sng.
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>> we maybe indeed making the phone call to the same people >> we are two constituents and there is a force inside trump power and cha we used to call the republican party. >> i think a lot of republicans have gotten on board with alling this the party of donald trump.. very powerful. it is included but not limited to the speaker of the house. everyone in his camp. it includes rhee -- scott walker
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is never far from all political things. >> wallace swisconsin pointed ot utah. kind of unique. the reason why -- anyone who is around ten minutes saw this discomfort as they are trying to get the candidate separately tonight. we although how mike pence has run in this race, the continue consequences are parent to him. the community he came out of. >> this is a i've tot weekend we are coming into. it is booked by a triumph time
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audience may well exceed the first debate. a town hall format, one female and male moderator that traditional lyfe vors the empatc and it favors the retail politicians. >> and finally laura, in plain english, the guy at the top often does not know if and when it is time to go. >> 1974, huge scott of pennsylvania and barry goldwater in arizona. made a long walk down the white house and then they were the three who told rirch charrchard time was up. >> i am drawing no parallel here. except to say the guy is often the last guy to know.
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this is a real weekend of taking temperatures and looking for defections. will we see and we have been talking about the storms for two days. will we see the reformation of an eye wall within a reconstituted of what used to be republican party, where there be a power structure enough to see if they want to make a go with it some other way and absolutely pivotal weekend in politics. >> ryan, your point about that nixon moment is so important and not necessarily for the specific issues but getting donald trump to behave and conduct himself in the way that the republican leadership wants him to. >> even if that were ultimately to include step down. one of the problems in that scenario is as trouble as nixon
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was at that time, he was a far more sensible politician on his worse day than donald trump seems to be on his best day. richard nixon understood who those people were who with r going to see him. >> we heard donald trump not to understand the powers of the speaker of the house. we heard donald trump at different times, paul ryan as if he's not someone that could completely control the legislative outcome work. >> in that incredibly vivid -- that scene, richard nixon is fully respected and will come see this. >> is there anyone that we have seen in this campaign that could have that kind of moment with donald trump? >> wow, that's a great question. >> all those things you just
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listed and all those office holders and the names. >> some of them or if not all of that has been just fine with donald trump's core base of support around this country. they have been loyal and the outsider appeal, people like you and like me talk about the layer. you don't pick a commercial airline pilot by going up to somebody in the airport and say are you an outside err. this has been the appeal because of a system of politics widely seen as broken and two parties in washington widely seen as not doing the people's business anymore. if there is a wisen type, a gray beer in the gop. >> there are something -- there
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are plenty of men and women who are still around and wearing the republican labels. i don't know who that sole is or subcommittee would be that would make a visit to try to stabilize and try to talk some sense to them. >> i just don't know. >> brian williams, thank you very much tonight. >> thank you.
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the fact is we have been asked to settle time and time again with our government. we have been asked to settle on ma maa matters. it is time for us not to settle. with all due respect, sir, you are the distraction. your conduct is the distraction. it is the distraction from the very principles that will help
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us win in november. you stated repeatedly that the old and objective is to defeat hillary clinton in november. i could not agree more. for that reason, mr. trump, that i ask you with all due respect to step aside. >> you sir are the distraction, that was mike lee from utah joined by chris matthews who told us to watch utah if they will revolt it. they'll begin. chris matthewmatthews, it is un. >> it is also a state that has been rejecting the establishment. that gentleman we saw there. he knocked off a long-term senator to win that seat. it was the senator of wallace bennett. of course, he had to fight for it very hard. anybody that looked like
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establishment. it is not just a religious base out there. it is a tea party man there, mike lee, and much associated with the political and politics with mike pennsylvania pennsylvania and ted cruz. >> that party which mike pennsylvania had been out this week trying form up and keeping when trump -- >> he's going right there. he's getting killed. he's suffering like 36% margins. he's fighting is the conservative wing of the party. you see these people who are appalled by this behavior. they don't see this secular but this ronchi. i think we all do. >> right now, we'll see the republican party coming from the right and i think you will see a shrinking of his based dramatically over the weekend
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and any polling and nose grouping by investigators by reporters is going to show it. >> he last his believlead in oh. >> he lost his lead in florida. he's already in the process of losing north carolina. he cannot win the presidency as it looks right now. >> beginning to think that his elector electoral can da electoral candidate is rather low. >> oning up paul revere here. >> i will tell you, it is not going to happen. he was already on the cliff. it will take him over. that tape of him without
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is going to show us a guy that he does not want to show in this campaign. >> chris, let me under line what you just said. you think this video is fatal for r the trump campaign? >> yes, thinks apologies was not enough because it was not an apology. it would have taken a jimmy moment that i would say. >> it is something that he had said by accident. he talked about trying to seduce a married woman when he was just married and talking about women in the physical sense in the way he's able to used celebrities with him. >> not abusive but a criminal matter. if you get in the suspect of sexual. i don't see how he can out live this video right now. i am always up for the future.
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sunday night is the great moment for american's political history, not necessarily the good. i think his character is on display. >> it is how he deals with it now and the way he's dealing it now is not sufficient. >> halie jackson, mild manner, mild manner describes many people in utah. >> mike lee was angry in that facebook. you can see him getting angry as he was hearing himself say. >> i spent some time at the primaries where, never endorsing donald trump. test he is cruise's senate. the character story here is fascinating. mike lee is a guy who never
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backed donald trump. >> it is one of the hold out. he was put on the list. the supreme court list of picks that donald trump put out two weeks ago like an olive ranch, ted cruz endorsement and i must be looking at this. why did i wait two more weeks. this whole thing and you got the utah factor of what we are seeing from the governor. you got the wallaisconsin -- >> now, not donald trump because of this. there is some reporting out there that ryan personally called trump tonight to disinvite him. i have been told that's no t the case. the two did not speak tonight. >> this is a significant moment. it is not over stating it. i gotten text from folks saying it is over and he's dead and
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this is it, 100%. i gten calls that says, have we seen like this this what it is done to the gop. i agree with chris. man, you thought two weeks ago was a big deal? >> it is -- those difficult thing to imagine right now or predict right now is what happens sunday night? >> anybody who thinks they had a sonja gantt giants no longer does. we are working on a quick break, we'll be right back.
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we are back with your live breaking news of the crisis in the trump campaign tonight. we are joined by jonathan allen, our political journalist and bog fer bio. >> we are sitting here and hillary clinton gets to watch this news and watch more angry statements by republicans on saturday and about donald trump. >> she goes into that debate on sunday night, what would you expect from hillary clinton on that stage sunday night? >> lauren, nirps, i also got to watch "saturday night live" on nbc. >> that's 22 hours from now. >> i guess everybody is up and watching that. >> terms of the debate itself. i think her team has been preparing for donald trump to throw any possible attacks.
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>> that's been tossed and during debate prep. i don't think he's ready for that. my guess is she's trying to pivot it back to go back to the policy. >> i think they know what they are doing. we saw her handled donald trump firmly in the first debate. >> i don't anticipate kim doing that in the educational background s debate. >> would linton goes in there and relying on the moderator to ring this up. and let donald trump. >> sink himself in his answer that she zus not need to tum p on this w jump on this. >> if you let your source talks long number, they'll hung themselves. i think we saw that in the first
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debate >> her strategy is let the mott raider, bring it up. if trump want to fire kplipt blunt, he will have one. >> thank you very much for reminding us about what kind of panic going on in this building right now when our "saturday night live" staffs trying to come up something for tomorrow. >> we are live in the snl writing room. thanks very much. i really appreciate it. we'll take a break here, we'll be right back.
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we are back in our live breaking news coverage in the crisis of the trump presidential campaign. we are just talking to jonathan allen about how does hillary clinton handled this and she worked in democratic campaign. does it just go out there in the debate stage and watch it happen. >> yes, i do think that is. i love john and he's brilliant. he's a hillary clinton's expert. what i disagree with him is this. if donald trump goes to the direction of raising hillary clinton's past, infidelities, hillary clinton will use it as a moment to show her humanity and vulnerability and the personal pain that it kauscaused her. >> she's not the only person in
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america that have gone through that. >> some of your best moments have been when she let down her guards that shown she's a vulnerable person. i think she will take a different tactic there >> what we are seeing, ellis of the primary debate is that the clinton debate prep system works and who ever she has working on that with her as well as her own idea about what to do because as you know, you can do all the debate prep in the world. you are never going to anticipate the exact sequence of language that lands on your candidate. your and date on her feet. i guess sitting down in the town hall forum. it has to make the decision of how to respond as to what tone and what facts do i use here. >> they have been great about
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this. >> they have plenty of time and they got all days saturday and all day sunday to map out exactly what they wanted to do with this. >> what they have done with with the bases of the work because she had been so consistently well prepared that the beauty going in the second debate, if you did it right in the first debate, it is easier. over the past two weeks, it has not been what it was for her going in the first debate. >> donald trump never did that leg work, period. >> what i heard from a lot of undecided voters is his lack of seriousness really hurt him. >> if he could just come in with a little bit of knowledge, it would have been enough to help him in an ex potential way. >> she's there and he shas her play book. >> halie, lets talk about what he know, thanks to donald trump.
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and during all the storm coverage, they were doing a little town hall sort of thing in new hampshire. >> the radio talk show host is the biggest fan voice in donald trump in new england. >> he was the moderator and he was helping out donald and offering him lines and things. >> when you watched it. donald trump could not keep his concentration in that no pressure forum. >> so that was an interesting obstac obtical moment. >> that was for donald trump to develop some musscle memory. >> he's never done it. >> so kind of getting back in the swing a little bit. >> there was a two-minute timing lock. >> the audience was told not to
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clap. >> you talk about the -- he's doing prep. the prep is different and it has changed dins the first debate >> both men are reported indicates that were with him when this story wroek at 4:00 in the afternoon. everybody is very aware of what the stakes were. >> what is the word? >> the other trump. >> there is also a question mark. what i think is very clear, what donald trump and himself came out and said at 12:01 was i am going after bill clinton clinton. >> we don't need to guess. >>. >> he's going to go in and take hooims out and try to take herself out and it is not pretty. >> if 9/11 the town hall and you
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are supposed to be interacting with people and putting yourselves in your shoes. again, you got distracted but somehow brought it back and an dote fwabt themselves. they have been building up expectations that this would be a great format for him. is that i do not have a -- >> all right, we'll squeeze in another break right here, we'll be right back. blood pressure unlike ordinary diapers, pampers stay up to three times drier,
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so babpampers.sleep undly all night.
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. i am moved on her, she was at palm beach, i moved on heifer, i fell. >> i did try to [ bleep ]. she was married. >> nancy -- i moved on her heavily. i took her out for furniture shopping and i shoulder hi tooke it. i moved on her in a [ bleep ]. >> back live here.
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>> chris matthew, we have now repeatedly showing that video because this is the video that has changed the course of this campaign, we show different pieces of different times and sometimes we run the whole thing. >> america maybe less than 24 hours away from being able to quote, passers from this video of words for words in ways that people cannot forget. the durability of this vehicle for information is going to be far graeater anybody who writes about it and apologizes for it. it is captivating. you were catching private conversation. i imagine they'll call up and it will be a bus and you will be hearing voices from inside a pous. >> they'll be obviously, and beyond this. it does not have to be much beyond this. >> well, chris, let me stop you
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there for a second. on saturday night live, broadcast by nbc, they cannot say the words that donald trump said. >> that's rue. >> that's how astounding that is. >> i think we ought to talk about this. he called it locker room conversation. first of all, i am not sure what that means in the 201st century. >> i am not saying i have not heard these words before. i will tell you, men don't talk like this generally. >> generally, the guys i hang out with love their lives and respect them. this is real. they don't talk about them in this sort of physical negative way. >> they just don't. it is just not the eydie gorme nall conversation. i think well -- they talked about him with respect and it is their spouse for life. >> i think people ought to know that. >> this is unusual and unble
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sonja gantt to hear baa because he's talking about his physical behavior towards mary women and other women and trying to pick up, if you will. . if a way that's unbelievable. i don't think it is going to go away. >> i know you are trying to pin me before. that's what we do around here, trying to pin each other. i will tell you, if this stands and it looks like -- it is a killer and i candy. i don't have the damage nation of what could happen sunday night. >> we have been saying and at least on my program, i have to say a week. >> the sheriff is making defensive in the second. he had to do something superior.
12:47 am
now, he has to get out of this fer fo performance. >> that's marching down the field. this is very tough. there are not many downs. this is all mapping really fast thousand. >> the newspaper coming out and everybody will read it tomorrow. it will be the huge story on sunday morning. well, there is no debate, there will be in interim accountants on this. >> and they're going to be asking pete the press on where you stand now. they are going to have to say are they with this guy or against him. >> i don't think they want to say they're with him right now. looks like tahey're taking frenh lever. >> that's the first big sign. i don't think it is scott yet coming see the president as brian talked about.
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i don't think he could hide. tla they're coming for him. >> chris matthew, you live inside the republican party, and what are you hearing? >> i think everyone is over estimating a little bit how much impact this is going to have. i think people are pulling away but they have not been -- >> you mean impact on republicans. >> well, yes. i don't see that many people unendorsing. i think there will be some. i think people are in tough race is. i think people are going to really try to keep the status quo and keep everything calm. >> what if it gets worst on sunday night. >> i thought that he does smig that's so much ors on sunday night. it will be another performance. if he gets nasty with linton,
12:49 am
and and if he had the kind of perp fom man slaughter on the republican primary stage. i think the timing would be poo. another thing that could happen is church in the morning. i am curious of how churches in his strongest bases of support where going to graceful with this. being the headline for the day and how they speak to their children about it >> we'll have to take a quick break right now. we'll be right back.
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we are back, we are joined by chris mathews in washington and halie jackson is here in new york. halie, you have been out there talking to trump's supporters all years of different stripes. where do you expect to be any creaks of trump supporters. >> you are nodding your head before i finish my question.
12:52 am
>> throughout these moments, i think it is funny because we talked about october surprises. it was a week ago of the -- that feels like a thousand years ago. >> in swing states we met on the trail, you want to check on them regularly. when the tax issue happens, they did not care. >> they defended him. >> that's something that folks missed in new york because you can get inside a little bet of a bubble wh bubble. when you go out of the country, these are people who truly hate hillary clinton and they want donald trump. it is not because they love donald trump, some do with a passion that's intense as we have discovered out in the campaign show. a lot is driven by how much they dislike hillary clinton. >> you know and he was sort of -- this person was concerned
12:53 am
of the strategies that the trump campaign is employing. don't get me wrong, i don't like hillary clinton at all. i am on team trump. i don't expect that trump's supporters. it is 1:53 in the morning, i have not talked to him yet. i grew up in bucs county, pennsylvania. >> liz, does this move the undecided off defense. >> i think it has a good chance to. look, i agree a lot o f what chris said. we are going to be seeing this video for a very long time and this video will be replayed much more than the apology video. it does not get better the more you see it. it gets worse. it could have that effect. >> if you want to play the apology video, it is only six words. the other 242 words, you can
12:54 am
ignore. >> i think halie made an important point talking about the issues that we as media have been obsessed over and there are hu huge stories that's happening of trump's losses were equivalent of 2% of our reported losses in one year. it does not matter -- women do care about these. >> yes. >> the last word tonight goes to chris mathews. >> yes, i know whether i am right or wrong. >> women who run for office, you got run for women. we need women and women run and make the case. >> how does women run for election or how does kelly ayiad holding onto her receipt. >> what is that? wu are a woman and you are a republican. you are expected to be loyal at
12:55 am
the top of the ticket. you are running as a republican as a woman. they are going to stand out and skip the other one. i really do believe and this is what i felt when i heard the story when it was breaking. my first reaction may surprise people. oh, this was a private matter, this is going to kill somebody politically. why are we dragging it out? >> everybody around me said this is going to come out. my opposition was to bring it out and it was not long. it was something already out there. the poster is going to run it and it is a fact. the implications i thought were going to be huge. my only question was is it fair and it is the old argument of what's private or public. >> i guess in the tools we live by, our microphones and anything that's set in our hot mic is public. that's the facts and we are going to learn it once again. good night to everybody, it is late. >> thank you, chris mathews.
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>> thank you halie jackson and liz and elis jordan and everyone else, we appreciate live coverage of our msnbc, live coverage on msnbc continues after this.
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and we are awaiting the release, the possible release, we should say, of