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  Citizen Trump With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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republican nominee saying hours ago he'll never withdraw from the race even as members from his own party calling increasingly for him to do that. also, south carolina feeling the effects of hurricane matthew. residents along the coast of florida and georgia beginning to assess damage. also updates on the storm and its aftermath throughout the hour, but we begin with donald trump's campaign in what is clearly its worst crisis ever. donald trump himself defiant, vowing on twitter he will stay in the race but calls going all over the place from top republicans saying he should step aside. this is essentially unprecedented territory. the audio, of course, leaked. you probably heard by now, of deeply offensive comments trump made about women and potential assault back in 2005, on a hot mike during a recording for "access hollywood." a show we show note owned by nbc universal, the parent company of msnbc.
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>> in case start kissing her. you know? i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet i don't know. and when you're a star thet he you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you wantants grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> a fluid story with a range of eresponsibles rolling in. new one from trump's wife melania saying, "basically the words my used are unacceptable and fnszive to me. this does not represent the man that i know." also donald trump's running mate mike pence doesn't condone trump on this one. apologized somewhat on a video. last night, he put it up late in the evening on facebook. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret. and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am.
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i said it. i was wrong, and i apologize. >> another sign this is not a normal day, well, you're looking at it right here. trump was supposed to be in that video we're showing you, in wisconsin with speaker paul ryan, at a gop rally. something of a unity rally, but ryan disinvited him late yesterday. here's how the speaker addressed the controversy. this is just in the last hour. >> lem start off by saying, there is a bit of an elephant in the room. and it is a troubling situation. i'm serious. it is. i put out a statement about this last night. i meant what i said, and it's still how i feel, but that is not what we are here to talk about today. >> nbc's jacob rascon live at that event in alcorn, wisconsin. jacob, it would seem to the national audience that is all people would be talking about. paul ryan tryi ining to threade needs, while he disinvited donald trump from the event, he hasn't disinvited him from being
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his endorsee in this race. what is the latest where you are? >> no, he hasn't unendorsed him yet like many others have. this is an annual event where it just worked out that trump was going to be invited here. the trump campaign had asked paul ryan if they could figure out some event to appear together, and this was it. this was the one. the unity i vent f y event, fir together on the stage. of course, that didn't work out's we saw today, 700, 800 people that showed up, and most of them seemed to applaud paul ryan when he took the stage and when he left. he got a standing ovation, but there were pockets of trump supporters, so interesting to see the divide here an all-republican crowd. this event focused on down ballot issues. those who came to see trump or pence shouted his name throughout the event. several speakers, all of them is avoided mentioning trump's name,
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period, either said top of the ticket or didn't talk about anything of the sort and trump supporters noted. yelling, "what about trump? mention trump. you uninvited trump." largely the speakers ignored them, including ryan. here's what one said to me. >> i don't have much to say about walker and ryan at this point. specifically ryan. >> reporter: why is that? what do you think -- >> he's worried about his own skin versus what's good for the country and for the party. he's worried about running in four years and the best thing he can do now, distance himself from these sickening comments trump made. his words. >> reporter: what do you think of the comments? >> i've made similar comments and am not proud of them. >> reporter: one of the trump supporters very upset with ryan. what we saw today. a split republican party here in wisconsin. ari? >> and interrupt and go right to trump tower where ali vitaly has breaking developments. go ahead, ali.
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>> reporter: so we're not really sure what happened here, ari. all of a sudden the pro trump protest happening out here the past few hours erupted in cheers because donald trump actually came outside of trump tower behind me where i'm standing, waved to the crowd. triumphant fist in the air, a fume thumbs up, the crowd went crazy. none of us close enough. standing outside trump tower penned in by bike racks and none of us able to get close to ask questions or see much of anything. definitely out here looking triumphant. trying to say hello to a few dozen fans out here. i asked one of the nypd officers, was this planned? how did this come to fruation? the officer said, he just came outside. donald trump has been inside with top advisers figuring out what his next steps are after these 2005 comments. something we've been here monitoring all day. definitely the first sign of life we've seen of trump since
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those comments and since that video statement last night, ari. >> yes. certainly unusual. it doesn't tell us much about what he's planning to do, but for viewers who may have just joined us, basically in a situation where he's cancelled events. mike pence cancelled appearances. he's hunkered down in trump tower, joined reportedly by chris christie and rudy giuliani, and you're saying moments ago comes 0 ut to greet people and goes back in, that's it? that was the whole thing? >> reporter: that seems to be it. i wasn't in the lobby, obviously, when he went back inside. typically the move is, come outside, go right back in, up in those elevators. what we saw here was just a really excited group of trump supporters out here for a few hours. i wonder if that was part of the calculation. knowing he'd get friendly reception out here. because, of course, the other reception he's getting is from lawmakers and other establishment folks in the republican party saying these comments are not something i want to align myself with and i actually just heard from a
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source with knowledge of the campaign state operation saying that some of the states are actually really feeling this controversial in a different way than they felt other ones. one of the staffers telling me, seeing a differences in the way the volunteers are reacting. of course, this is a very close time frame we're talking about. it's only been 24 hours or so. that's something that these staffers are saying is different, and another thing they said is different is that the guidance coming out of trump tower to them, unlike past controversies, where they've seen memos and talking points being pushed out. this person specifically pointed me to the khan controversy, getting guidance on that. this time told, refer to mr. trump's statements. tell reporters, refer to mr. trump's statements, really letting him speak for himself on this when he's getting a lot of pushback already. >> ali at trump tower, trump made a first appearance, unplanned appearance at that. check back. more news in the newsroom. senator john mccain, had endorsed donald trump after a previous disagreements as as of
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5:05 p.m. east coast time withdrawn his endorsement. fresh into the newsroom. reading from part of his statement. no excuses for donald trump offense ish and demarining commenno won should be victimized by inappropriate behavior. john mccain withdrawing his endorsement moments ago goes on to say i have wanted to support the candidate our party nominated but trump's behavior this wyche concluding with the disclosure of defaming comments wb women and boasts about sexual assaults make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy. john mccain going on to say, cindy, with her strong background in human rights and respect for women fully agrees with me and i am joined fittingly by nbc's katy tur who covers the trump campaign and seen many a day on the donald trump campaign, highs and lows. this would seem to be a low. john mccain is not just anybody and this withdrawal of
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endorsement, katy, first comment on the fact he refers to it specifically in the context of victimization and assault. this is a strong rebuke. >> reporter: what a lot of people are saying. not just donald trump doing locker room gossip with his guy pals or bragging about his sexual prowess. this is a man who is bragging about sexual assault. saying that he is allowed to grab a woman wherever he wants, because he is a celebrity. that they let him do it. there are a lot of folks out there who think that is just absolutely abhorrent and there are those in the republican party who believe that as well. you've seen pretty strong statements come out from republicans on the record on this behind the scenes, when you talk to them, you ask them, what specifically about that audiotape was a bridge too far? what is different from the other controversies that donald trump has gotten into? they said it was him saying that
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he could do whatever he wants. >> and to echo your point, katy, john mccain obviously has given this some thought. we are over 24 hours away from the disclosure. the language used again, reading from senator mccain having just withdrawn his endorsement moments ago, will not abide by donald trump's "boasts about sexual assaults." >> absolutely. i would note this -- john mccain and donald trump have a long history. a long history that has not been a positive history. donald trump came out swinging against john mccain early on in this campaign. i believe it was july of 2015, when he said that john mccain was not a war hero, because he was captured. john mccain didn't withdraw his support until today. that's more than a year later. >> wow. make such an important point in terms of what they're willing to take. john mccain, if i understand your argument, was willing to take on personal attacks on him. >> and attacks on p.o.w.s in general.
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>> p.o.w.s that he obviously has said he devotes his career to and yet this is too much? >> john mccain has done nothing for veterans he said attacked his war service, hero status, time as a prisoner of war, but attacked other prisoners are wars. attacked john mccain's service in the united states senate. so this is -- this is remarkable that it's, some could say, taken john mccain this long to do this. >> that it's a question, bring in mark murray. stay with us, katy tur. a question a lot of people are asking. mark murray, you tend to track a lot of endorsements for us here in nbc's political unit. are you tracking unendorsements? katy, thank you for joining us. what's going on with people like john mccain dropping out? your thoughts? >> yeah, ari. we are reaching a point where the floodgates are starting to open right now. all of a sudden earlier in the day there were endangered
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rubbens like kelly ayotte, republican senator from new hampshire who said i just can't end up voting for donald trump anymore. also you saw the situation play out for joe heck. he's running for nevada's open senate seat. another republican who said he couldn't support donald trump. now hearing it from john mccain. all three of these people have in common? running in competitive senate contests this year. ari, we are seeing a situation now where it is almost every republican for himself or herself, and that's usually not a very good situation for a political party with an election, just 31 or 30 days away, normally you want to be united. this republican party has been divided over trump from the outset. now those wounds are more than we've ever seen before. ari, there has been an interesting dynamic playing out. i mentioned kelly ayotte and john mccain. people who weren't always onboard with donald trump. you know, they either were luke warm. kind of endorsed. knew they couldn't alienate a lot of donald trump supporters
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but never fully 100% onboard. then seen people outside ali vitaly reported on. the donald trump enthusiasts. diehard folks that remain behind him. a tough situation behind the republican party. distance yourself from donald trump but his supporters might not like that. an untenable situation a month before election day. >> well, and mark, i mean, you raise that point. do we have any indication as we look at the footage here outside trump tower, where we've seen a lot of what seems to be impromptu. this is donald trump airing the first time on our air what our cameras caught. him coming out flanked by some nypd doing security. his fist in -- there he is. his fist in the yeah welcoming what was an impromptu show of support from some of the people identified at trump supporters. secret service with him as well. that just happened, mark. do we have any view over whether, like, a traditional campaign they are working phones trying to shore up support?
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you can hear the cheers, but do you wonder, mark, did john mccain hear from anybody in the trump land over the last day as he edged towards withdrawing his endorsement which is what we call in politics a big deal? >> yeah. ari, again, this has been a campaign over of the last year and a half that has really winged it. sometimes with success and very controversial statements and you and i covered them throughout over the past year and a half or so. and every time that donald trump is, like -- found himself in controversy, he was able to always win, or at least come out surviving. this is a very different situation. and you know, i'm out here in st. louis before tomorrow night's presidential debate and the fact you're going to have hillary clinton on stage with donald trump dnjohn trump litig this issue and hillary clinton being the person trying to be the first female presidential president in american history, that's going to be a big moment, and it's one that i think she and her campaign certainly want to litigate, and how donald
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trump ends up responding to all of it and how republicans, those who are still on the fence or who are supporting donald trump right now, how they respond is going to be so important to watch over the next 30 days. >> you raise important points, mark and i know you're a close observer and student of this. this is unlike anything we've seen swirls around a nominee in the modern era. ali vitaly, you were out there while we were watching footage. viewers seeing for the first time what you witnessed in person. what else can you tell us about that? did anyone get questions, get near trump and what is the scene now after these come and gone? >> reporter: so, the scene now, people are really starting to clear out. when he came out here, it was really just a mass of nypd and secret service and the pro-trump supporters we have out here. he did come up close to a media pen over here where we have a barrier between us and the is a potters rallying here. but when he went back inside the lobby, some unin there told me
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that a lot of reporters just asked, are you going to get out of the race? or stay in the race? he said 100% staying in the race. so a continued reiteration of that bullish attitude even after a rough 24 hours. going back over pictures i took standing up here watching trump out here in this crowd. you see a fist just above a large group of people. >> sure. >> that fist was trump's, and it just shows he's feeling triumphant even though he's in the middle of all the this hay made over these it terrible comments that some people are calling lewd, but others, most recently vice president biden saying it's not lewd. it's sexual assault, and these comments taking in the larger context, culture about sexual assault we often talk about are troubling looking at them that way. not in the context of trump's continuous problems with women and narratives coming out about that. >> you mentioned vice president biden making a rare foray directly into handicapping something trump said. the tweet up on the screen.
2:17 pm
the vice president is one of many public officials who says he will not be dragged into commenting on everything donald trump ever said but today aff m affirmatively wanted to put it in the context's criminal section wal assault. one of the allegations and issue aed raised by this kind of conduct and commentary that was caught on tape. ali, checking back with you. mark, one more thought from you before we go. it's something that here in the msnbc legal unit we've reported on today as you know. where the law and the politics meet. 20% of american voters have the option of voting this week around the country. that's how many states offer some form of early voting. so i sometimes look at this on the state law. you look at this on the election. you and i both know it is very, very late to pull off any kind of change at the top of the ticket, although ali vitaly saying people are asking trump that. he's tweeting not out of strength but out of weak inside responding to something he must say, no, i'm not going anywhere. walk us through a little of why that's so hard. >> yeah.
2:18 pm
ari, it's so hard, because there are already votes being cast right now. we have early voting in some states that have already been taking place. one of the key battlegrounds that's already had early vote, iowa. people walking to polls casting ballots for either hillary clinton, donald trump or someone else. that's all right going on. ballots that are already written, ben ginsburg, republican lawyer you and i know very well ended's saying today, if republicans want the to dump trump do it in the convention in july. once trump became the republican nominee they were going to pretty much be stuck with him. that is the situation a month before election day, ari. it's really hard. i don't buy this talk of, well, boy, let's just have mike pence. vote for mike pence. let's dump donald trump. it just isn't going to work that way. one final point, ari, out of all this is that before this entire news story erupted friday, donald trump was trailing, and trailing not by a huge margin but by enough where hillary clinton is the favorite. this just doesn't help at all.
2:19 pm
where we are now going, where before friday this was going to be a make or break debate performance for donald trump and the republican party. it's much more the situation in how tomorrow night plays out it's going to end up i think deciding so much what ends up happening over the next 30 days. >> and mark you raise the political context for a lot of people pressing republicans saying, you didn't know this? what did you learn about donald trump from this tape that you didn't know about the way he speaks about his vulgarities, about the history, the way he addresses women, maybe not always a confession as seems to appear on the tape, but not a lot of brand new information that completely changes who he is, and the other missing piece, maybe, what you just elucidated as an objective political matter, losing badly and people finding moral objections when he's no longer at all worth hanging around with. as always, appreciate your insights. mark murray from nbc news. thank you so much. >> thanks. next we go out to evan
2:20 pm
mcmillan in utah, an independent candidate for president, and at the risk of introducing you in a potentially offensive way, evan, you are to many viewers somewhat about secure. i suppose the question is, when things happen like this, and things that are happening, a re-assessment and the completely by many republicans of donald trump's candidacy, do you think that affects you and whether more people are going to learn about evan mcmullen? >> well, i think so. it is happening. in fact, we're seeing more and more engagement online. it's just been a wonderful opportunity for us, frankly, to get our message out. look, donald trump is exactly the guy we've been saying he was all the time. so as we see this unfold, we sort of sit back and say, well, you know, this is the message we've been trying to convey to the american people, and to conservatives. but i think people are getting it now, because they're hearing donald trump's own words in such an egregious, with these egregious comments, these vile comments, and they're looking
2:21 pm
for other options now. we are the only conservative ticket in this race. mindy finn and i, and we hope to pull more of donald trump support away from him especially in light of this revelation. >> you say his comments are vile. do you look at them as simply objectionable speech or something that relates to criminal conduct, battery, unwanted sexual assault or creates an environment where that is somehow encouraged? is this just speech to you or is it something worse than that? >> it's worse than that. it's all of the above. i mean, but most importantly, it's about action. he was describing the way he has assaulted women. the way he makes a habit of it, because he's famous. he can grab them in certain places and they'll just let him do it, as he says. look, this is absolutely unacceptable. we simply cannot have a leader, a president of this great nation who takes that kind of approach, who's guilty by his own admission of those kinds of crimes. so, look. we need a new generation of
2:22 pm
leadership in this country. this is what i've been saying the last couple of months. it's time for a new conservative movement. the republican party isn't getting it done for conservatives anymore and we need something new. that's what mindy finn and i are building, and we're getting great traction across the country. we've only been in the race for, you know, under two months, and have built something that's becoming a movement, candidly, and we have millions of supporters across the country already. these are people who could never support trump. these are people who are just salt of the earth sorts of men and women who -- who love this country and to accept the fact that we were all created equal, all men and all women and that we have, we're entitled to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. >> lem read yt me read you this statement. 5:05, john mccain's withdrawal of support for donald trump which is no small thing. it's now 5:22. but he is not yet edging towards
2:23 pm
you. end of his statement, referring to his wife. cindy and i will not vote for donald trump. never voted for a democratic candidate and will not vote for hillary clinton. we will write in the name of some good conservative republican whose qualified to be president. are you going to call john mccain? are these some of the people you think you have a shot at winning over? >> well, certainly, and we're a write-in candidate in arizona. in fact, john mccain's daughter has voiced support for my candidacy, too, and i hope to talk to the senator about it as well. now that he's moved away from trump. but, look, there will be many representatives and senators who i think will come out and oppose trump, but really the true test of leadership is who they say they're for. >> right. >> it's easy to say you're against something. but this country at this -- at this stage in our history, whether you're on the right or the left, i think we all agree that we need real leadership, and real leadership in times like this is saying what you're for. not only what you're against. and so i hope that some will
2:24 pm
come onboard in that way, but we're building what we're building for the people of this great country, and for what is right. and whether they come onboard or not, won't stop that. >> all right. independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen on day where a lot of folks are talking what the choice tos are in this race. thank you for joining us. a live look. former president bill clinton speaking in milwaukee, on the trail. this is, of course, on a day when donald trump bolted on all of this scheduled appearances, and we're going to see if bill clinton says anything at all about all of this controversy. we'll bring it to you immediately if he does. that is on a lot of people's minds in that room. also more on how the clinton campaign is dealing with what many of calling the largest implosion of donald trump's candidacy ever. that's straight ahead after we take a quick break. m going make as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back.
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you're looking at video from moments ago. donald trump made a brief and surprise appearance outside of trump tower in midtown manhattan, met with cheer ys supporter whose gathered there. meanwhile, the clinton campaign has a new video not wasting anytime to hit trump hard for this comments about women. >> pregnancy is the wonderful thing for the husband, essential an inconvenience for a business. >> look, obviously it matters. you wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful. >> i like a [ bleep ]. couldn't get there and she was married. >> totally changed her look. >> mr. trump, women are going to be the reason you're not elected to be president. >> that sound from the newly leaked video in the middle from
2:29 pm
trump. kasie hunt joins us. covering the campaign. an unusual stretch in the campaign. that ad clearly answers the question of, well, how is hillary clinton going to deal with an opponent who is imploding all by himself and the answer is, apparently, she's going to get involved? >> reporter: yes. although i think what you saw there with that ad is exactly what the clinton campaign has been doing with donald trump all the way along. which is, using his own words and images of women in some cases young girls. they have that ad out called "mirrors," young women looking in the mirror as they listen to some of the things donald trump has said about women. you'll notice that that ad did not, the clip you played, that ad, did not inwhat has become the center of this controversy, where, you know, donald trump uses vulgar language to essentially talk about groping a woman, and so i think that, you know, their strategy here is to
2:30 pm
basically let donald trump do the talking for himself. we have not seen hillary clinton herself out here in public. we are not going to see her in public until that debate tomorrow night. then, of course, that has all the focus now on these remarks trump made. his tank was hard enough already. i mean, he already had a lot to prove. he had fallen in the polls. he did not really show very many signs he was preparing differently for this debate. >> certainly. but let me ask you, kasie, when you look at the clinton team's preparation, donald trump apartment the end of that unusual video posted on face boo facebook, i'll really sorry but gives us a chance to drill into bill clinton's conduct. is that part of sunday night? >> reporter: preparing for it to be part of sunday night. preparing to deal with questions about that from the very beginning. they've been running against donald trump. a favorite topic of his from the
2:31 pm
beginning. not something he really shied away from. remember in the spring talking about it. his first set of advisers was trying to get him not to but he did it anyway. succeeded keeping him from doing in in the debate came out in the spin room, look how restrained, didn't mention these things. i think the clinton campaign had spent time preparing to deal with questions about bill clinton's past for that debate. they'll do it again more so for this one. i think the question is, can they pivot away from that and to the policy questions she says she wants to talk about. >> and will anyone be listening? because the nature of this and just the volume of it makes it feel like the only thing happening in the campaign, saturday. see how that feels sunday night, upwards of 50 million plus watching. kasie hunt, thank you. >> thanks. back to some other stories going on in the world today. up ahead, hurricane matthew continuing to bring wind, rain to south carolina. that, up next. .
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. political strategist calling it a nightmare snare ye calming for donald trump to withdraw from the presidential race.
2:35 pm
a message moments ago, i will nerve every drop out, trump tweeted. msnbc political analyst mike murphy, a longtime republican strategist here to break it down. good day to you. >> hello, ari. >> if things stay on this course, is this over? >> well, i think it's about as bad of a problem as a campaign could have and i think, yeah, by mid-week there could be no more trump campaign. we'll have to see. i think it's been interesting if we kind of step back and look at it. now repudiateed by both of the last two republican nomineesable both of the last two republican presidents. every wing of the party from grass roots conservatives like mike lee, the people like senator john thune and congresswoman barbara comstock, close to the leadership, there's almost no faction of the party now that's not calling on this guy to, well, basically not saying they can't support him and many saying time for him to get out. so he may be, you know, making
2:36 pm
these defiant statements. the reality, his campaign and candidacy have completely imploded. >> you said, "no more trump campaign." what does that look like in a world where presidential campaigns are typically a highly coordinated national efforts between a candidate, his people, the party, its spending, national fund-raising, field operations? are you proposing there may be a candidate atop a very rickety personal structure with none of the other things that make them competitive? >> yeah. i think that's been the situation even before this. trump did not build a classic campaign. it was more an advance operation, a traveling road show. the rnc had stepped in to provide a lot of support, but i think increasingly, there was going to be tremendous pressure on the rnc to focus on the senate and house and gubernatorial races, because trump's chance of winning before this was extremely remote, and
2:37 pm
now, look, unless miracles happen at the debate tomorrow night and that's kind of the last moment for trump to communicate, let alone whatever new, you know, horribles come out into the public, whatever campaign trump had before, which was minimal, doesn't really exist anymore and i think you will see the party focusing more an more down ballot, unless trump gets out of the race. the rnc meets. its problematical. could have an electable nominee that could change everything. we're in a real flux now. >> reporting on that today. the party under rule nine can do what you just said. but as i mentioned earlier in the broadcast. 20% of the nation is already, has the option of voting. the ballots are printed. 2 would be a thicket of state law to actually engineer all of that in a way that would give maximum ballot exposure. the other question i have for you is, you've been critical of trump for some time and also worked for other republicans who are marking a big about-face including john mccain this hour.
2:38 pm
what do you think of the question that will be posed to many of these republican elected officials who are now, suddenly, withdrawing support, because, what? donald trump says sexist things? because he engages in speech and conduct that seems to support or encourage criminal activity or violence? i submit to you, none of that is new. what about the question these republicans, of what exactly was new here that made them change their minds? >> well, there's been a pattern of trump problems, no doubt. why i've been anti-trump from the beginning, but i will say most of these republicans have issued statements in the past, very critical. many of the things trump did and now hit a breaking pointed with horrible revelations. >> why is this the breaking point? >> well, because it's -- it's like a whole new level of trump horribleness. which is saying something. >> is it, though? it is horrible. >> yes. >> it is horrible, but is it more horrible than advocating a national policy of religious discrimination? something no modern nominee has
2:39 pm
advocated in the modern era? more horrible than when he said to people at his rally, beat someone up, i'll pay your legal bills. called for an affirmative call for violence? why is this is more horrible in your view? >> well, i'm not saying that. i'm saying this was a flashpoint. i won't give you a horrible scorecard system here. the fact is trump is being repudiated by his naert a way no nominee ever has 30 days before the election. that's the story, that's the news. the dam is broken because of the things trump has done. people have just had enough and you can argue, you know, democrat partisans argue a year ago, there was enough. some republicans argues that then. what counts is now, and will the guy still be the nominee next week. what should mike pence do now? >> i think resign and we should reset the whole thing. my personal view. trump is untenable from a political reality point of view from ever winning a political election and moral point of view carrying the banner of our party.
2:40 pm
phones and e-mails ringing at the top levels of the party. big things are afoot here and the net 48 hours very interesting. >> mike murphy, spoken like man who knows. appreciate you join us on this busy news day. >> thank you. >> absolutely. a live update from south carolina i mentioned elderer from hurricane matthew. bring that to you straight ahead, after the break. switch. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprinsaves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your pne b wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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762,000 customers now without power in south carolina. governor nikki haley warning of a possible cyber hack as well in the wake of this hurricane. she says that people should not click on an e-mail link about power outages, because it could let hackers into their computers. nbc's blake mckay joins us with more on hurricane matthew's impact from south carolina straight from myrtle beach. what are you seeing today. >> reporter: ari, good afternoon. since we last spoke winds
2:44 pm
shifted directions. we're on the back side. the eye passed us and moving into north carolina. we are not out of the woods. look at the trees blowing. seeing pretty big gusts still so we are not out ofhe woods yet and the governor and local law enforcement are telling people to stay indoors. just because the main hurricane passed us doesn't mean we won't see significant winds, because -- on the back side of this hurricane. i do want to show you a bit of good news, though. if you walk over here with me. we've talked a lot about the storm surge and here expecting anywhere from a five to seven-foot storm surge. look at that. you can actually see beach again. earlier today, the water was right up into these bushes here. so it had risen significantly. we don't have a gauge to measure just how much that was, but a significant storm surge, and that is why the governor in south carolina earlier this week was urging people in low-lying areas to evacuate. about 350,000 people did heed those calls to evacuate.
2:45 pm
6,000 people are in shelters tonight. right now the biggest concern, now that the storm has passed, is power outages. as you mentioned, over 700,000 customers in south carolina without power right now. as i was driving down the street, all of the stop lights are out and significant wind damage. a lot of awnings have fallen off buildings signs toppled over. so that is the big concern right now is getting all of that cleaned up and restoring power. remarkably with this wind blowing, though, as you see it right now, i was able to see power trucks out there restoring power. so they are working hard to do that for the customers here in south carolina. ari? >> all right. nbc's blake mccoy, thank you, stay safe. after the break, moor re on the fallout from donald trump's controversy. and next hour, hearing something rare today directly from the trump campaign. a senior add veviser speaking a what the campaign is doing at this hour given you a the drama and endorsements retractions by republican leaders. that's also straight ahead.
2:46 pm
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2:49 pm
the trump campaign continuing to scramble after fallout from private comments an sex wam assault in 20095. the next move and how are republicans reacting? a big panel to get through it. democratic strategist, and former deputy campaign for carly fiore and with me in stthe stud. still vote for donald trump? >> i will vote for the republican nominee, because -- >> he is the republican nominee. >> and assuming that he remains the nominee, i think -- look, i'm going to hold my, my thoughts until i see how mr.
2:50 pm
trump does in the next month. i think -- that's all i can do at this point. >> sure. anything can make people change their minds again. but you endorsed you endorsed donald trump. you publicly backed him as a republican. does anything you've seen on this video give you pause? >> it makes me angry that this is the kind of language that he used of course a number of years ago. i think the way he phrased the portion of his apology that said he has learned as he as grown was the right way to approach it. >> but you don't see this language coupled with other things in the public record about donald trump, don't see it as disqualifying? >> i think we have two major party candidates, both of whom have conducted their lives and their activities in ways that those of us who want to see a particular platform go forward would consider to be far less
2:51 pm
than perfect. >> let me bring in sarah, as another republican on the panel. what do you think? >> well, unfortunately i don't think donald trump can win at this upon, which is why so many republicans are coming forward and asking him to step aside so the republican party can bring in that somebody can win against hillary clinton. donald trump has shown he can no longer accomplish that. at this point i think he has to be goal oriented and the goal has to be winning. donald trump cannot win at this point. >> are you suggesting that the outcry is not because they're personally morally offended but they think he's losing? >> no, it's because of this video, it is offensive. because of this video, he cannot win against hillary clinton. we need to have someone in this
2:52 pm
place that can. >> there was also the view that he was behind going into this, a lot of folks were trying to figure out in the republican party what do they do the day after the election if he loses badly and for some of them it might be in their political interests to get ahead of that now. >> it's political cowardness. this is not new. donald trump has been saying things like this for years, he's been saying things like this during the campaign, accused of sexual assault, accused of pousal rape. this is not new. everyone claiming they want to distance themselves from him now, they're only doing it because they think he's going to lose. i think this is a problem at the moral center of the republican party. donald trump represents the majority of the prime rich votevot -- primary voters. he has every right to be the nominee. you have to look at your moral values that a man who -- so many
2:53 pm
people were able to overlook his racism, his bigotry and only think he has a problem now because they think he's going to lose. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret and the word released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. anyone who knows he knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> fernand? >> i think trump is the most irrelevant person in this conversation now. for those republicans who are come being out today with this mock outrage, oh, my god, we got to drop donald trump, pardon my cynicism but if you were up 10 points in the polls and not deteriorating as he has been after that first debate, i think they'd be singing a different
2:54 pm
tune. the question is why now for these republican leaders who see what these men have been saying and doing and thinking? why now? they can't answer and won't answer it because they don't want to be branded with the scarlet letter t.r., which is trump republicans. some decisions in life are disqualifying. and republicans who evaluated donald trump who said he has my support and endorsement before last night and he's fit to be president should be disqualified from serving the american public. >> okay, now nan, you're shaking your head. >> when mr. trump was running, he was articulating the discontent and distress of millions and millions of americans who have been left behind by the economy over the past eight years of really ill advised, unwise fiscal policy, taxes that are too high, regulations that are crushing
2:55 pm
businesses. that's the reason they voted for him because he represented some sort of economic hope for them. they weren't thinking about these other issues. >> you're putting forward a theory as if it's a fact. there is a theory he tapped into economic anxiety, which is a big issue. there is also a theory that he tapped into racial resentment that, he tapped into opinions of women that are retrograde. there's a lot of different principles that one could test that drove donald trump's victory in a plurality of the republican primary. >> exactly. if you wanted someone to speak for working class voters, you could have voted for john kasich, for rick santorum, other candidates who spoke to the economic difficulties americans, experiencing but not one of the other republicans made such explicit and tacit overtures to terrorist organizations like the klan, for offering policies to build walls. >> that's not the --
2:56 pm
>> that is the -- >> no, that's not the reason. >> that was part of his popularity. >> let me bring in sarah on the politics of this. politico is reporting what people are speculating on about the rnc pulling the plug is already happening in dribs and drabs. rnc has an e-mail from one of the surrenders they work with to print trump campaign material today and the report says the e-mail from rnc leadership says "hold on all projects, put a hold on e-mail for trump." >> we have to focus on the ground game, focus on the house, there are a lot of great members running. i do think this is some faux outrage from liberals on this
2:57 pm
panel. they would be saying this if it was mitt romney running against hillary clinton for sure. this idea that hillary clinton has somehow put donald trump away up to this point she hadn't because she couldn't because so few people trust hillary clinton moving forward. the democrats have a huge problem in their base. the media holds a lot of responsibility for creating k donald trump, the $2 billion that he got. >> we're out of time. fernand, a brief response. >> we'll have four years to look inwardly after hillary clinton is elected president on november 8th. >> the voters will have the last word. thank you very much for joining me on a hot topic. more live coverage here on nmsnc after this break.
2:58 pm
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