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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that does it for this very special sunday edition of "andrea mitchell reports." hallie jackson is up next. stay with us live from washington university here in st. louis and follow our show on line @mitchellreports. i'm live on campus in front of a killer crowd. they are hyped because we have a big show ahead for you. i want to walk and talk. donald trump on his way to st. louis right now fighting for his political life and just within the last 25 minutes or so, we're getting a new look inside his plane surrounded by party head reince priebus. there's rudy giuliani in there, he's on the phone with mike pence, that picture snapped by his campaign manager. within the last hour, new reaction from one of the republicans calling on trump to drop out of the race after the
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release of the vulgar video from access hollywood in 2005. >> i will not be voting for donald trump. >> should donald trump withdraw from the race? >> i would support that. >> to defend the nominee, it's just rudy giuliani on the sunday show circuit. listen. >> men at times talk like that. it's obvious he's apologized for it. he'll remain in the race. it seems to me we should move on. >> even more bad news for trump, new polls out this morning, look at this, showing him lagging behind hillary clinton in key battleground states. we have so much to get into this hour and we have our team of reporters in front of this rowdy crowd in st. louis here on the campus of washington university but i want to kick it over to new york at trump tower with my colleague katy tur. katy, you've been looking to see who's on the elevator, who's not.
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katy, what's your latest reporting on what's happening inside the campaign? >> there is a parade outside of trump tower right now which i'm currently caught in but there is a growing sense of unease within trump's tower. many don't know what will happen after tonight, will this debate ease concerns within the rnc or exacerbate them? i'm told reince priebus is telling rnc staffers that they are allowed an encouraging them to go with their gut. there's a lot of people who feel like their reputations are being harmed. they do expect that there could be worse out there. what happens if he is president and he's caught on a hot mic
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talking about groping women. in terms of creak, a lot of speculation about what is happening with the campaign manager right now. rumors she could quit. she's supposed to be doing talk shows this morning. we're used to seeing kellyanne conway on the television airways. she canceled those late last night and sent rudy giuliani in her place, reince priebus told the same thing. i'm told by a source and haley, you're speaking to sources as well saying that kellyanne conway is a pretty serious christian and she's struggling with whether or not she wants to stay on board not in a political sense, not for her political future but because she's a mother of daughters and doesn't necessarily agree with these comments, is trying to figure out how she can defend them. no word on whether she will leave the campaign. she has told the "new yorker" she does plan on staying. this is about the debate
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tonight. it looks like everyone keeping their eyes on it to see where donald trump ends up coming to debate hillary clinton. is it the bombastic donald trump? is it the donald trump that's prepared, ready? if he has an outstanding debate performance does that mean the rnc will slow the process to untangle themselves from donald trump? they're trying to figure out how to allocate their finances. will it go to senate or congressional campaigns or will they finance donald trump's campaign? there's not a lot of clarity right now between the rnc and state directors. they're waiting to find out what happens tomorrow. the rnc has pushed back on that reporting saying that as of now nothing has changed. >> katy tur on the phone due to a parade in new york. that's what happens in the city on a sunday. i want to get to our panel with me on set. my fellow road warriors kristen welk welker, andrea mitchell.
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kristen, i don't know if you can put up the photo kellyanne conway tweeted out but that's the tableau of a campaign trying to reassure republicans that everything is okay, that the campaign manager is on the plane, that he's talking with his vice presidential running mate here that, in fact, there's not a break down in communication. the clinton campaign has to be looking at this as she is prepping today in st. louis. what's going through their minds and what do they do if trump goes nuclear? >> to your first point, in terms of her strategy, she hasn't commented on this audiotape from 2005 until tonight. that's by design because she wants her comments tonight to have an impact. one senior advisor telling me she's going to talk about the broader pattern that we see here within these comments. and i think she's going to be tough. and as we are getting indications, that's going to come up very early on in the debate. in terms of how she's bracing for personal attacks against her, i'm being told that she's ready to call out trump on anything he raises that's
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unsubstantiated and then she's going to talk about her record of fighting for women. but remember, hallie, she's got a huge lead when it comes to women voters so even a lot of republicans are saying it's a risky strategy for donald trump to bring up bill clinton and his past and secretary clinton's past because that could wind up alienating more women voters. >> andrea, you spoke with clinton's campaign manager robbie mook on your show and i want to talk about the conversation because when you look at what kristen is talking about and the strategy within the campaign, you are well positioned to discuss whether that is potentially politically advantageous for them to take -- to work on if he bring this is up. can they turn this around and swing voters or could this be a devastating issue for them? >> well, the whole question of how a man questions a woman from the debate has -- we've experienced that before in 2000 when hillary clinton was running for the senate and it ran to her benefit so he has to be careful
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about this they're not behind podium. >> it's a different setting. >> if he does something that's too aggressive or she does something that's too aggressive, will the 40 normal citizen, the undecided voters, will they call one or the other of them out? they are walking on eggshells tonight and by experience she has more experience in this campaign alone in going around and talking to voters, yes mostly supporters but others who have come up in new hampshire and iowa along the way. that said, all of this stuff in the past they think works to their benefit. where she might be vulnerable is on the e-mails that were hacked by john podesta which indicated summaries of those speeches that bernie sanders kept trying to get out of her, of those paid speeches for $250,000 a pop to wall street banks whether she did say in those speeches to get anything done in washington you
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have to have one position in public and another in private. that is a vulnerability potentially. so she is also vulnerable tonight but i'm not so sure vulnerable about her husband's past. >> that's interesting. i want to talk about how this could sway the race. ca kas kasie, you have a real read on these places, we're looking at the new polling coming out from cbs, from nbc news, we show clinton leading in pennsylvania, wisconsin, what's the state of play? >> all the sources i've talked to say a lot of the conversations we've been having about the nitty-gritty of women in the philadelphia suburbs or voters outside of columbus who maybe would have been republicans but aren't necessarily voting trump, those conversations are overtaken by events of the last hours because people feel like this potentially ends -- functionally ends the race for president and people i've talked to have said that on both sides of the aisle.
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many democrats i've talked to said they saw this after the first debate and that this is something that continues a trend and we see this in these new nbc news "wall street journal" poll which is were taken before this tape was released that show clinton up in florida 45% to 42%, clinton up in pennsylvania 49% to 37%. there are other polls showing her up in ohio which is a state where she has trouble and this is why our conversation about women voters is so important at the end of the day donald trump has supporters who will never give up on him but it's not enough people to win the presidential election. he needs independent women, college-educated women and he's not winning them over. >> but his core supporters that some of these vulnerable down-ballot senators on the republican side need to turn out. so i want to play sound from senator mike lee.
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let's play it and talk about it on the other side. >> we cannot win this election without donald trump supporters. but we can't win this election at the top of the ballot and in many cases down ballot without a different presidential candidate and that's why the time to act is really now. >> that's the quandary these guys are in, these men and women. how do they thread the needle, andrea? >> we already analyzed just based on the fec filings at the end of august that there was a 5-1 advantage in ground game, in paid staffers by the democrats over the republicans. and when you look at the disadvantage they already had, a lot of these republicans in the house and senate have to be thinking about themselves. here in missouri you have a senate race with a vulnerable incumbent roy blunt and so you've got ohio where rob portman is way ahead, was way ahead, huge double-digit leads
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running way ahead of donald trump. now he's got -- and as clearly thought object how this could affect him and in other battlegrounds, mcginty could beat pat toomey if this double digit lead we're seeing in the poll and that would not have been predictable because toomey was a stronger candidate. marco rubio could be vulnerable. you saw what john mccain did, the insults against gold star families, against john mccain personally didn't move him. >> 448 days after trump said he wasn't a war hero, mccain decided that's too much. >> and there are some races that are very individualized. ohio is one of them, senator rob portman has run a strong race independently of donald trump. but races in north carolina, pennsylvania, to a lesser extent -- you saw john mccain in arizona, nevada is another example. if the presidential race goes this extra three or four points badly for donald trump it will nationalize the senate races and
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hand democrats control. >> good point. >> and that's why the tone tonight that donald trump takes will be so critical, a lot of republicans want him to be contrite but if he goes nuclear it could cause a lot -- >> you'll see that play out over the next 24 to 48 hours. >> and the house was never in play. the house could be in play if this thing becomes a meltdown. >> andrea, casey, kristen, i wish we could do this the whole show. thank you very much. tonight, our special prime time coverage of the second presidential debate begins with "meet the press daily" and then late night coverage with our post-debate team including the women you saw joining me on set. coming up, more on the mutiny in the gop. >> i'm out. i can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. >> our only option is to formally ask mr. trump to step
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down. >> the list of republicans abandoning donald trump is growing. so up next we'll ask conservative talk show host hugh hewitt if there's anything trump casay tonight to win him back. we are live at washington university in st. louis, home to the second presidential debate. a lot of signs, a lot of energy behind us and the crowd is growing. stick around. we'll be back. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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we are back at washington university in st. louis, a picturesque campus here. we're getting new information into the newsroom, the campus newsroom, a.k.a. my phone. "president barack obama is going to be speaking later on today in about two and a half hours.
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we understand there is a chance he is going to mention the trump hot mic moment." he will focus on the senate race he is back iing. this is the first time you will hear from the president where the audiotape triggered lawmakers publicly abandoning donald trump. >> i have serious doubts now about mr. trump's ability to defeat hillary clinton i don't think he can. >> trump is still defiant just today tweeting "so many self-righteous hypocrites. watch their poll numbers and elections go down." joining me on set, one of the more influential voices in conservative talk radio and an msnbc political analyst hugh hewitt. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you'll talk about wanting donald trump to withdraw. you've said that. what is the alternative. will you vote for snik. >> i will watch things develop
10:18 am
over the next 30 days. i believe mr. trump may withdraw. i think tonight could -- >> what do you base that on? >> on nixon in 1974. as the circle gets closer and people say there's no way you can win and you're embarrassing yourself, you will hurt the family, you will hurt your brand, historians will be kind to you if you exit. if he were to come out and not talk about bill clinton's past but secretary of state's record, if he holds up a picture of her with the red button, which is arguably the worst picture of a secretary of state since world war ii, houma abedin saying about the american israeli political action committee that that crowd is not acceptable for bill clinton to go to or hillary clinton's released goldman sachs tapes. if he goes on issues of substance in this campaign he could exit with grace at the end. but if he engages in
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relitigating the '80s and '90s it will be a disaster. >> we showed the tweet where he said people who are revoking support are self-righteous hypocrites. you look at the new politico online poll showing only 12% of republicans think he should drop out. to me there's a disconnect between what republicans in the base want and voters on the ground. what are the potential implications? >> party leadership leads. john thune is a leader. corey gardner, not on the ballot, tom cotton told himself to throw himself on the mercy. their elections are not going south, they don't have to do anything. so i think that's wrong. moreover kelly ayotte is not a hypocrite, rob portman is not a hypocrite, there's no indication any of them have this problem in their past so i was flabbergasted by that tweet and suggests to me that rudy giuliani, who is a good friend,
10:20 am
did what a good friend could do today, everyone deserves children like donald trump has and friends like that, but friends to say to him "you're killing us." and the 12% -- the leadership will sink in, key demographics are shy about talking about this but i've said on every show mass-attended catholics are going to go south on him even if evangelicals hold steady. >> what's the fallout for mike pence? >> very, very bad for the official if mike pence exits and there is some speculation he might, it depends upon tonight and what happens. if it was a complete car crash he might have to leave. he has a future and a family and a reputation and mostly he's a christian conservative republican as he likes to say in that order. that's heavy on his mind. >> you tweeted more and worse coming for donald trump. what could be worse? >> i don't want to speculate. i've heard rumors. guy benson tweeted out -- tweeted out that one of them is pretty much the
10:21 am
same as what we've seen but one is worse and there are other speculations but it has to be. the clinton campaign is so aggressive and so good and so ruthless, as she has been in campaigns past that they will save the worst for last. >> any chance you'll change your mind depending on his performance? >> i'm not going to go back to having him on the prom or endorsing and urging people, i'll just wait upon events. >> hugh hewitt, thank you for joining me. good to see you. vernor mike pence, as we were talking about, visiting church. will he try to separate himself from his running mate at this stage of the game? plus evangelical voters standing by donald trump despite his lewd comments on that newly released video. we'll ask the chief political correspondent for the christian broadcasting network why many in that community are sticking with trump after the break. you are watching msnbc live from the beautiful campus of washington university in st. louis. that's a pretty good drawing on that sign there. another day feeling like college
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game day. we'll be back.
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donald trump has a lot of support among evangelicals and this is what has carried time through this republican primary and what folks will be looking at tonight at the debate on the campus of washington university in st. louis. some of those leaders in the evangelical community are by and large sticking by their candidate. one exception, a petition signed by more than 75 evangelical leaders on right now co-signed by 17,000 people joining me on set, david brodie, the senior national correspondent for the christian broadcasting network. david, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, hallie. >> talk to me. you talk with your viewers, you talk with people in this community everyday. in the last 48 hours, what has been your sense from these folks about donald trump? >> i think they're going to stick with him. >> why? >> most of them. there will be some dropoff and that may be crucial in battleground states.
10:26 am
they're saying they're going to have to hold their nose much tighter after the trump tapes but the reality is that hillary clinton for them is the worst option so if they're looking at -- in their view if they have two immoral candidates they'll go with the immoral candidate that will advance their public policy positions and that's the deciding factor. >> i want to read what some top evangelical leaders are saying about this. tony perkins, the head of the family research council said this to buzzfeed. "my personal support for donald trump has never been based upon shared values it is based upon shared concern about issues." and go on to name, for example, the supreme court, terror, et cetera. and this is interesting, robert jeffers, the senior pastor at first baptist church of dallas and a member of trump's evangelical advisory board told the "wall street journal" simply "i might not choose this man to be a sunday schoolteacher at my church but that's not what this election is about." that what this is about? separating personality and politics? >> i would say this, when robert
10:27 am
jeffers said this, if donald trump was running for senior pastor at a megachurch, he's not winning that, hallie. and i understand character matters and that's why evangelical are having consternation but here's the thing many evangelicals are saying i understand there's a problem in regards to this specifically and maybe a bit overall on the character issue. the issue for them do we want to see 5-4 supreme court decision, possibly 6-3 supreme court decisions going forward for the next 50 years that will go against what they consider judeo-christian values. >> this is something we talk about in the primaries around iowaened when you look at approval numbers, donald trump never led in that category. look at his approval ratings now. among white evangelicals according to our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll before the first debate his approval was 60%, disapproval 28%, you make a career of knowing this community. does that number on the screen go up or down for donald trump tomorrow? >> well, i think it's going to depend on his debate
10:28 am
performance. they'll want to see contrition and a heart felt apology and i believe -- i've known donald trump for a while now, over six years. i think this has gotten to him. i know some of the tweets that have come out, that's the "new yorker" in him, the street brawler in him but deep down he understand this is has been an embarrassment for his family and you'll see more contrition than people think. >> david brody, christian broadcasting network, thanks for joining us on set. we want to talk about the big night ahead for hillary clinton now that she's armed with the "access hollywood" tape of donald trump making vulgar comments about women. you can see her stepping on to her plane. could she go on the attack against trump or will that do her more harm than good? we'll ask bernie sanders former campaign manager jeff weaver. taking a live look at coverage from the campus of washington university in st. louis. a lot of signs out there. seems like a democratic heavy crowd, at least at the moment. we'll be back after the break.
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it's been more than 36 hours since donald trump's bombshell hot mic public comments -- did go public and in that time hillary clinton has been notably quiet until that is just moments ago when one of her top aides held a gaggle, essentially a conference with reporters on the plane. here's what jennifer palmieri is telling our team. essentially the town hall is a better format potentially for both clinton and trump and on friday the team changed debate prep strategy in terms of how to respond to this 2005 tape but palmieri says it doesn't need to come nate the debate. so new recording in just now. we are now turning to talk about all of this with jeff weaver president of our revolution and former campaign manager for bernie sanders. hi, jeff. >> how are you? >> good.
10:33 am
listen, you heard the comments just made by palmieri on the plane. does hillary clinton needs to -- she says it won't dominate the debate. does hillary clinton need to go on the attack against donald trump about his comments in 2005 or is that a strategy that will backfire? >> i think the comments speak to themselves. i don't think she needs to dwell on them. >> squl l she be the first one to bring it up? >> i think one of the moderators will bring it up or a questioner will bring it up. she has an extensive program to help the country and i think she should focus on that. to the extent she can stay on the positive, let these other things speak for themselves, she'll be way ahead at the end of the debate. >> one of the question marks is if trump is going to go after hillary clinton for her husband's past infidelities and rudy giuliani was doing the sunday show circuit and here is what he had to say on "meet the press." >> i believe he won't bring up bill clinton's personal life. i believe there's a possibility he'll talk about hillary clinton's situation, the things she has said and this have been
10:34 am
reported in various books and magazines and other places about the women bill clinton raped, sexually abused and attacked. >> could that strategy potentially hold water for trump tonight? >> i don't think so. the more that this topic is discussed the more it puts a spotlight on what trump said in these 2005 videos. i can't believe he would want to talk about this for any length of time at all. if he's smart, he'll be contrite, offer a sincere apology and move on. assuming he feels that way. >> andrea mitchell, my colleague, says hillary clinton does have vulnerabilities herself tonight. i'm thinking about the wikileaks e-mails, the issue of the paid speeches, something you are familiar with. how much could that hurt her and what is your response? >> i'm not going to comment on the substance, those speak for themselves as well but hick is in a far different place now than when she was at the beginning of the primary campaign last year. she has endorse sad democratic party platform which is the most
10:35 am
progressive in party history. she's working closely with bernie sanders on a number of initiatives including making public colleges and universities tuition free for people under $125,000 and that's the yardstick by which she'll be measured when she becomes president so for hillary clinton i think she as i said has to stay on positive and let trump do his thing and stay focussed? >> you heard one of clinton's top aides say this town hall could be a better format for both candidates. do you think it could more advantageous for donald trump given the setting and intimacy? >> it's always a difficult situation for politicians when they're not experienced because the questions you get from the audience can be much more diverse thhe questions you would get from a news moderator so it's -- there's much more of an unknown when you're the person answering the questions. >> when you see surrogates like al gore who we know will be heading out of the campaign trail for hillary clinton, your guy bernie sanders getting out, are they doing enough to mobilize college students like
10:36 am
these, millennial voters that hillary needs to win over? >> i think they are. bernie sanders is going around the country, al gore around the country, a number of other surrogates who supported bernie sanders is out. >> hasn't moved the needle much yet, though. >> what's that? >> hasn't moved the needle much yet. >> as we move closer people will get focused on the election and we have one of two candidate, hillary clinton or donald trump, one will be president, which one do you want? >> thanks for being with us. >> glad to be here. coming up, we'll take a live behind-the-scenes spin room at washington university. we have much more from campus just ahead as you peek at what it looks like later tonight. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businessssount on counication, and communication counts ocenturylink. we are back at washington university in st. louis on a
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campus that once hosted five consecutive debates after 1992. this is a town hall format, different than what we've seen so far. it will open up the floor to undecided voters and given the explosive revelations of the last 27 hours, it could be a game changer. i want to bring in chris jansing who is in the spin room where we will work frantically later on tonight, chris. how's it looking over there? >> it's going to get frantic and you know the reason we are why at this critical turning point in this campaign to understate the obvious. here's where the spin will happen for the clinton/kaine campaign, there's trump/pence. but i got off the phone with a series of republicans including a top ranking member of congress and a strategist with close ties to the trump campaign and you start to think about what happens last night. i've told reince priebus has been telling folks w have ideas about what do we do now. hold on, let's see what happens
10:41 am
in the debate and see how this plays out on monday and make rash decisions. having said that, a couple things that i'm hearing about, number one, is it possible that pence could actually walk away from the ticket? i'm told while it's not likely it's not outside the realm of possibility and someone who was close to mike pence told me he's the a man "of strong moral fiber" and he's struggling with this. number one. number two, could you get donald trump to step down? the people i talked to were unanimous on it. they said they don't see it happening, in fact one told me just moments ago "this is a guy who believes he's gotten out of everything, whether it's a marriage, a bankruptcy, his misstatements on the campaign trail. i just don't see it happening." but there have been conversations about whether a group of republican senators could go to him and talk to him, including rob portman but there's a backside to that.
10:42 am
the pushback has been he is somebody who is so against the establishment would that make him dig in even more? but clearly the stakes for this tonight, for the spin, for how this plays out in the public tomorrow couldn't be higher hallie. >> it's interesting, i want to go be to your new reporting because when you talk about the idea that republicans are watching tonight's debate i will tell you i think there is an expectation that we could see more republican members of congress revoking their support of donald trump depending on what happens tonight. do you think that is playing into mike pence's thought process as well? he seemed to hint at it with that statement yesterday. what are you hearing? >> i think he absolutely did. one person i talked to pointed that out but there's another factor to this is that someone i spoke to who is at a big republican event last night said -- and who withdrew his support told me that not a single person, not a single constituent, not a single politician gave him any
10:43 am
pushback. in fact, he said i think it makes us look strong. i think it makes us look as though we have character while the democrats do not as they continue to support, of course, what republicans believe is a very flawed candidate. so if what he's hearing is correct, which is a lot of these republicans who only over the last 24 hours have pulled out and are not getting pushback but a majority of support from their constituents, it's very possible we could see this happen more. how this will play into mike pence i'm not able to hear anything directly from someone who is involved. what i'm told a very tight circle of people he's talking to, which includes reince priebus. >> chris jansing, i'll let you get back on the phone and bring us your reporting later in the show. thanks so much. up next, donald trump defying republican demands he drop out of the race insisting he is not going anywhere before november 8. but is there anyway he can recover after america heard him making those sexually explicit
10:44 am
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>> what i am doing is apologizing to all the people offended by my statements but more importantly to the people who were turned on by them, i hear it's really 50-50. >> that was snell spo"snl" spoo donald trump's apology in what has become the elephant in the room in the presidential debate. i don't know if you can call it the elephant in the room, it's the elephant itself. we're at washington university in st. louis. the big question, how will trump address those controversial remarks to "access hollywood." i'm joined by francesca chambers, white house
10:48 am
correspondent for the daily and the chief correspondent for politico. glen, the politico poll shows that 65% of republicans had a more favorable view of trump after watching his apology. only 12% think he should get out of the race, does that mean he needs to apologize or do you think he has wiggle room with folks who made up his base. >> donald trump has those people, donald trump's problem is he is locked in a range of between 36% and 42% and even when he was doing good at the beginning of the fall he was not able to move that 42% much past 43%. he doesn't have to talk to the people who like him. the problem with this tape is that it takes undecideds about 7% in battleground states like ohio and takes those folks off the table. so he's been preaching to the choir for a very long time. he has to branch out and i don't know that he has the capacity to do that. >> what do you think? does he have the capacity and how does he change the narrative if he can? >> this became very difficult after the audio came out.
10:49 am
prior to that another poll you released had shown he was already struggling with independents because of the alicia machado remarks he made, fat shaming her, calling her miss piggy, the former minute universe, so he had a problem with women, hillary clinton confronted him about whether he was sexist and that's a storyline we'll see carried on the on the. >> it's not as if hillary clinton wouldn't have her own vulnerabilities in this debate. you look at the wikileaks dump, for example, talk about how that has potentially been -- has been overshadowed by this news from donald trump. >> do you know how lucky hillary clinton is that vladimir putin and julian assange can't tell the difference between a general election and a primary in the united states? if this stuff came out and there's a lot of stuff from her goldman sachs speech where she talks about having wall street help write financial regulation, having two sets of messages, one in private, one in public. if that came out during the primary, bernie sanders might be standing on the stage today. >> this is absolutely the thing the bernie sanders people were
10:50 am
worrying was probably in her wall street speeches then we see it coming out but of course that's probably not what will be the big story coming out of tonight, it will be donald trump and how he responds to this new controversy over the lewd comments. even more so whether hillary clinton confronts him
10:51 am
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10:56 am
>> i will not be watching the debate, but he probably will. >> what would you like to see, shawn? >> honesty. >> any form of apology from donald trump? >> well, he came out with the video apology, and he has to answer for, you know, what he said, and we will see what, what happens. >> see what happens. i appreciate you guy, and let you get back to the pumpkin shopping. halle, an extraordinary thing, that people have made up their minds and sounds like at least for them that the taups may not make all that much of a difference. >> and jake, particularly interested to see what donald trump is going to do tonight, and the voters and not just members of the republican establishment are watching that as well. we will say good-bye the wrap it
10:57 am
up as we are this the crowd of washington university. and big night ahead. and one thing that there is no debate on, the battling bears according to the mascot, the best mascot in the country? what do you think? a hyped crowd. we will have more coverage coming up, and for now, we toss it to "meet the press" with chuck todd. valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, univerty partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right enviroent in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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this sunday morning, the this sunday morning the trump tape. >> you can do anything. you can grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> republicans are calling on tr trump to stand down. can he survive this? what does survival look like? ly talk to one of trump's dwindling number of supporters rudy giuliani. and nancy pelosi. and trump says he will never go out of the race. >> and bill clinton has abused women, and hillary clinton has attacked shame and victimized his victims. >> and they are asking if the


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