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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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roberts, don't go anywhere, my colleague kate snow is picking things up. >> don't go anywhere, we have two campaigns and two speeches of have different stories following the allegations of donald trump groped or kissing them inappropriately. donald trump slammed those accusations at a rally in florida and trump's campaign threatened a lawsuit. we'll break down this and including the "times" report on that. michelle obama gave one of the most powerful speech of this campaign season. we'll play a lot of that speech in just a moment. vice president, joe biden, is out on the trail at this hour. we'll bring that to you live. we'll start at this hour of michelle obama. her name was at top trending this afternoon. last time i checked was the number one trending today.
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kasie hunt. we'll replay that speech of michelle obama in full coming up. set it up for us, what did she say and why was it so effective in catching so much attention? >> reporter: democrats i am talking to are calling this a potential seminole moment for this campaign. michelle obama deciding herself that this was something she felt like she needed to do and all the way along, the clinton's campaign viewed michelle obama as someone without fear. she's one of the strongest and people that can be out there selling hillary clinton's candidacy. she does not mention donald trump's name when she's on the cal pain trail. today, she went beyond the standard speech that she's been given where she talks about her daughters and the importance of her view in electing hillary
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clinton to make a deeply personal and passionate case against donald trump's treatments and language towards women. take a look at a little bit of it. >> last week we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexually assaulting women and i cannot believe i am saying that, a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. and i have to tell you that -- i cannot stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i could not predict it. so while i love nothing more to pretend this is not happening, and come out here and do my normal campaign speech, dishonest and disingenuous for me to move onto the next thing that this is all a bad dream. >> reporter: she went on talking about how she felt donald
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trump's words and actions set a bad examples for boys and men. she said that explaining this way as a "locker room talk" is a disservice of many men in this country do not talk the way donald trump does that was caught in that tape after "access hollywood." this is as they view it as a real gift. this is not how hillary clinton herself has talked about these issues. she of course, has talked about it and her campaign widely condemned it. you remember on the debate stage when this tape came to light and donald trump talked about it, hillary clinton took it on in a very sober, careful manner and her tone was deliberate. at the time her came papaign, d not come across rattled in the press conference of those women accusing bill clinton of various sexual aggression coming out of
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the public's eye unexpectedly before the debate. she talked about women and broaden it out and how donald trump approached minorities and muslims and african-americans and other groups of people that her campaign believed insulted over the course of this campaign. michelle obama made this personal and her experience of being a woman and what it is like to be groped and keep it to yourself. these are thing that is hillary clinton has not talked about in a personal way on the trail. michelle obama, you know, really offered that testimony today. kate. >> yeah, that's for sure. kasie hunt following it all and thank you very much. we'll have more of the first lady's speech if you have not heard it yet. you will want to stick around and hear that. as we mentioned, donald trump wrapping up an event in west palm beach where he slams the accusations against him.
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>> these vicious slains about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. [ cheers ] and the clintons know it and they know it very well. these claims are all fabricated. the they're pure fictions and out right lies. these events never ever happened. >> lets turn to nbc jacob ras n rascon, he's covering the trump campaign and he was there in west palm beach florida. jacob, talk about the atmospheric in that room and the speech we just heard. it was something else, it was quite different than what he's been saying of late. >> it really was. we can call it donald trump unshackled. while michelle obama was speaking he was in a meeting with some businessmen right
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before he spoke and with that, if he had ever kissed and groped anybody. he sides off the question and people in the room heckled the reporters and trump called the reporter a sleaze ball. he took the stage and denied everything. he went story by story and attacked his accusers and he asked them to look into their stories and called them horrible liars. he said it was orchestrated by the clinton's machine and called the press -- they're a political interest and they'll slander you and destroy your career and family. he also said the remarks and the false attack that he called them hurtful and painful and he said that they had, the trump's campaign substantial evidence to dispute these attacks which would be revealing of the appropriate time and very soon.
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in the room, i can tell you the crowds of thousands just ate this up. i talked to a few of his supporters before he took the stage about the attacks in general or about the accusers in general, generally, the people that i talked to did not seem to care. either number one, there is no way that these could be true and they are orchestrated. it was all part of a smear campaign to kwofcover up wikile. even though it is true, these accusers showing that these could not be lying.
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i have to say, i don't know if i have seen him as define aant ane anger that was there. >> one thing i noticed that the reoccurring use of the clinton's machine. he kept on saying "they" the clinton machine are after us in our movement. >> reporter: as i said before, he called them a "criminal enterprise" when a lot of chants erupted in the crowd, as they always do. honestly, she should have been locked up. everything that was talked about, she did and much more and the director knows it. he said. there was so much in the speech. there is not time to cover. just bottom line as we said before, this seems to be unshackled donald trump at war at the press and clinton and
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anybody who's against him and almost like we have never seen before. >> jacob rascon who was there. we'll be playing more pieces of that speech throughout the hour as well. i want to bring in katy tur for us. she's on the phone with us in philadelphia where ivanka trump held an event today. what are your sources telling you of the internal working of the trump's campaign given all that jacob has laid out for us. what are they doing and what's the strategy? the trump campaign is ready to fight and they want to win and read dy to do whatever they nee to do. that means siding with the media and democrats, they're going to do it and they prepared to fight against this system as a whole. donald trump is trying to be torn down by these accusers and
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reporters and hillary clinton. he's the person that's going to change washington. nobody wants washington to change. that's why nobody wants donald trump in office. that's what they are trying to get at. what's interesting to know that he was supposed to be on fox news tonight , he cancelled tha appearan appearance. it is notable that he did not bring them up. and instead, he's talking about the clinton, apparatus as a whole and not necessarily bill clinton, the accuser. that's a change from the strategy that you have seen from the campaign just in the past couple of days. we are getting more of "making
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bill clinton looking like bill cosby" and bringing more of his accusers and questioning him with his relationships with women and basically trying to taint him as somebody that'll make a sexual abuse. they seem to be taken or pulled back from that approach and saying it is a system in general around that bill clinton is much worse than me. i will say this though. donald trump is facing a smaller inner circle than he had just a few weeks ago. we saw newt gingrich criticizing him on multiple tv outlets today. we have not seen chris christie on the trail much. he's completely disappeared. he still does lead the transaction effort. where is kris christie on all of this and he has not been seen. trump is avoiding reporters and only talking to fox news. at one point, he criticized clinton from hiding.
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for 78 days, donald trump has been facing reporters. the last time he did that was during the democratic national convention. he has not done so since. the campaign is becoming smaller and is circling the wagon and is ready to latch out any way that it can to secure his win. >> one question to follow up on what jacob has mentioned. he said there is evidence, he used the word "evidence" that the allegations being made are false. do we have any idea of what the evidence is? >> with do not have any idea and we don't know if it is going to be followed through against the "new york times." and he said he will release it at appropriate times. katy tur out on the trail, thank you very much. we appreciate it. donald trump threatening to sue
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as we mentioned, multiple women coming forward accusing donald trump of inappropriate touching or groping. jessica leeds said after the flight took off, he began to groping her. >> if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- it might not
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have gotten that upset but when he started to put his hand up my skirt, that was it. i was out of there. >> another woman rachel crooks told the time when he introduced donald trump in 2005, he kissed herself in the lips. the trump campaign released the statement "this entire article is fiction and for the new york times to launch a complete false coordination character of mr. trump, it sends a new low of where the media is will to go." trump's lawyer sent a lawsuit threatening this action. ari melber is here with us. ari, he's talking about this
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today, he's working on filing a suit. can he do that? >> he can. this is part of the push back appeari. the standard for public figure to win this kind of case as you know and viewers may have heard about this comes from a 1964 case against the "new york times," that not only you have to prove the allegations are false. tough prove that the "new york times" paper or publisher knew they are false at the time. we can put it up on the screen so people would know it is very hard for donald trump to put on this suit. it will raise a whole slew of problems that you cover extensively in our reporting on sexually assaults and viewers may remember in the bill cosby situation where it was a civil suit that people filed and he filed which of a real claim
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otherwise it would have never been in court. >> and there is a bunch of suit around boill cosby as well. >> i feel like i have been asking you of this issue. have we been here before? >> we have seen this back and forth with presidents, some of the case long comes from president nixon and case that he ultimately loss. we have not seen candidates resorting to the idea of this. we can say in our unit that we looked at this and he made this threat on a obituary bases. most of the time when he has publicly threaten to sue the media organization, he does not ultimately do it. the questions around these charges is yes, it is reasonable for people to take. >> that's important and that's due process. having said that. why is this coming out now?
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>> critics would be right to point out, it is not solel solely -- these are allegations may and response to a video where he appeared to brag about or concede the behavior. it does not make it true but it does add to the context. it is true and up to the voters how they are viewing it. >> new york times is responding and we'll put up the quote and read that if we have it. mr. trump has bragged about his bragging on women. that's a portion of what the "new york times" have said. that's trying to get into what does it mean to be donald trump and is it liable and insulting to donald trump's brand if the times is reporting information
12:21 pm
that seems they would argue consistent with part of his brand or private in his own words. it goes to the other question here. does donald trump really want to go to court and put all those kinds of claims in an under oath proceeding where multiple people and including some of these women. again, i want to be fair. it is possible that that proceeding would clear h his name and possible to find information of accusers of other motives and there is a lot going on in campaigns and financial motivation potentially. that is the kind of thing that you get into and the time is signaling in the letter and they view this as what they are comfortable with. they are willing to litigat litigate -- they standby as good report. >> ari melber thank you for being here. >> senate silvers, 5:38 blogged and tweeted this election match.
12:22 pm
it was separated by gender. one of them titled "if only men voted," showing a landslide victory. repealing of the 19th hashtag popped up. some people are serious about it and others mocking the idea using the hashtag ironically. here is one of the women describing herself as a trump's supporter. #repe #repealthe 19th. >> there were some people who were saying hashtag repeal the 19th. a lot more people started using this as a way to get their message out whether it is a way people are not supporting trump
12:23 pm
or even people who have nothing to do with the message just using it because it was trending across the country and attracting so much attention. >> it erupted in an internet mean, right? lets show a few of them and people putting up their own maps. here is what the electoral map looks like if -- what would the map looked like if it wore pants? >> it is kind of funny. aside from the jokes here, trump does need women to win this election. >> right. >> that's kind of the whole point, is it? >> absolutely. look at the backup and everything you have been talking about for the past half hour of these allegations of him groping and kissing women without their consent. this is at a time where he desperately need suburban women, people like my mother, in the
12:24 pm
suburbs of philadelphia. people are deeply uncertain of him because of some of the things that he had said about women. i would love to see some polling over this past 72 hours. >> adopt worry, it is coming. political reporter at the los angeles times, thank you very much for being with us. when we come back, much more of michelle obama's speech to voters on the campaign trail talking about what she tells her own children. the men that you and i know don't treat women this way. lets be very clear, strong men, strong men, men who are truly role models don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. a jet engine. well, ge is digital and industrial. like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah. nachos and karate.
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assume that they're not going to say anything. that's the ultimate abuse of power. i don't understand how anyone can remotely justify that. now, i can understand an and -- now, i cannot understand actually. >> that was vice president joe biden weighing on the controversies of donald trump of the tape that came out last week. clinton is expected any minute now in vegas and bill clinton and president obama and chelsea clinton and all are campaigning while hillary clinton is fund raising in california. michelle obama is the one that's trending on twitter. here is a key chunk of what she had to say. >> this is something that we can ignore or sweep under the rug just another footnote in a sad election season. this was not just a lewd
12:29 pm
conversation, this was not just a locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexual predatorily behavior of bragging and kissing and groping women, using language that many of us are worried of our children hearing it when we turn on the tv. it makes matters worse, announcing it, this is not a nice incident. it is count less examples of how he treated women in his whole life. i have to tell you that i listened to all of this and i feel it so personally, i am sure that many of you do, too, particularly the women of the shameful comments about our bodies. the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect and the believes that you can do anything you want to a woman? it is cruel. it is frightening.
12:30 pm
and the truth is, it hurts. it hurts. it is like that sickle ce sinni feeling that you get while you are walking down the streets mining your own business and some guys yelling out vulgar words at your body or some guy staring a little too close and stai stares a little too long that makes you feel uncomfortable. it is that feel of terror or someone has grabbed them and forced themselves on them but they said no and he did not listened. something we know that happens on college campuses and count less various places every single day. it remiends us of stories of ou mothers and grandmothers back in
12:31 pm
their days of the boss can do anything in their offices even though they worked so hard and jumping hurdles and proving themselves, that was never enough. we thought all of that was ancient history, didn't we? here we are in 2016 and we are hearing these exact same things everyday on the campaign trail, we are drowning in it. and all of us in doing what women have always done, we are trying to keep our heads above water. just trying to get through it. trying to pretend that this does not really bother us. maybe because we think that admitting how much it hurts, makes us as women look weak. maybe we are afraid to be that vulnerable. maybe we have grown accustomed
12:32 pm
to swallowing this moment and staying quiet because we see that people will not take our words over his or maybe we don't want to believe that there are still people out there who thinks so little of us as women. too many are treating this as just another day's headline. as if our outrage is over blown or unwarranted. as if this is normal. just politics as usual. but, new hampshire, yeah, be clear, this is not normal. [ cheers ] this is not politics as usual. [ applause ] [ cheers ] this is disgraceful and intolerable and it does not matter what party you belong to. democrat or republican or
12:33 pm
independent, no women deserve to be treated this way and none of us deserved to be treated in this kind of abuse. [ applause ] [ cheers ] and i know it is a campaig campaign -- but, this is not about politics. it is about basic human decency. [ cheers ] >> it is about right and wrong. we simply cannot endure this or expose to our children any longer, not for another minute and let alone for four years. now us the time for all of us to say, enough is enough, this has got to stop right now. michelle obama told kasie hunt that she wrote this herself. time mas magazine.
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we are counting down the days left. president obama has only 100 days left in office, can you believe it? stay with us, you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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times magazine ran a story of this illustration of donald trump on this cover with the caption "melt down." the now caption is "total melt down" focusing on trump and to republican party members withdrawing their support. time magazine washington's
12:38 pm
chief, michael, is joining me right now. i want to play a key moment of donald trump. >> their agenda is to elect crooked hillary clinton at my cause or price, no matter how many lives they destroyed. for them it is a war and for them nothing at all is out of balance. >> this is a struggle for the survi survival of our nation. this will be our last chance to save it on november 8th, remember that. >> it felt like us verses them through that entire speech, sort of playing the clinton team as them that's out to get all of us on team trump. is that a good read? >> yeah, it is a grand unified conspiracy theory which the
12:39 pm
global leads -- most of the governments, the presidential debate commission and many of the leaders and the republican party are conspireing together against the movement he has started to try to quash it with lies. that's the theory he's putting forth his rally right now. >> you are working with evangelicals advisory board, they found a bible used in scoundrels. jesus had befriended tax collectors and sinners. the panel overwhelmingly stuck with the sinner. that's the quote from your article. how difficult was it for your reporting for evangelicals continue to embrace donald
12:40 pm
trump. >> evangelicals are divided from the leadership right now. while they have not committed to vote for him, they committed to pray for him and be supported of him. they were not formally endorsing. they were mosley to find a reason to backing. this man is a good man or not a good man is what the larger purpose is. and that antidote illustrates the degree that trump is forcing a lot of people to twist and turn and bend themselves in uncomfortable way to continue to support him with the republican party and the religious community and the evangelicals. effect of this is likely to past november 8th. if he wins it is one thing and if he loses, there will be a lot of fight in the republican party
12:41 pm
and the religious rights community about whether they play this right. >> you also write barring a last-minute surprise, trump is on track to lose his race. >> what we have seen last week, there seems to be a separation how his polling are going which is good news for the republican party. the house is relatively safe. the margin by which they control that body is likely to narrow consistent significantly and a challenge for paul ryan. the last polling came out has continued to be bad for trump. trump is leading in the direction that continue to put in more pressure in swing states for the senate. you can see those senate polls. >> michael scherer, thank you
12:42 pm
very much for being with us, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> what do students make of this historic presidential election wondering of the tone, it has taken an unpleasant term in the last week. you are looking live in a podium in vegas. that's where vice president joe biden will take the stage campaigning for hillary clinton. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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i'm guessing smokey liked that idea.
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12:46 pm
speaking with students about the allegations against trump and bill clinton and the whole tone of this election, right, chris? >> reporter: yeah, who says you cannot go home again. first of all, this is a beautiful campus. look we know and we talked about this over the months. millenials are tree to the democratic coalition. i talked to the head of the democratic party here in ohio just a couple of hours ago where this has been a tight race. he said we just have to hold the obama coalition which means young students, first time voters like i talked to this morning in a class appropriately that they had every four year of the election, this year of the election of 2016. even though they are going to the polls, they had plenty to say. >> decades ago, i was in this very building taking classes as a student with a major in journalism and a minor in
12:47 pm
political science. now, i am going to go into the classroom talking to students today about life as a journal lic ism and politics and see how it goes. hi. >> i know it is early, we can wake up now. >> did everybody watched the debates or most of you watched the debates? what did we think? how many of you think that overall the two debates, hillary clinton had the better debates? >> oh, majority. how many of you, donald trump? zero. how many call it a wash? a couple. any athletes in the room? oh yeah, we got some folks. what do you think about the whole concept of what donald trump said and the idea that it is locker room talk. >> it angers me as a young woman and the fact that he said that and called it locker room talk, it is like he does not respect
12:48 pm
women in general. >> i have a younger sister and she's 13-year-old, and had access to hear those things. she does not have the access to decide who she can pick. >> the number of men and colleagues happen to be at the second debate, the number of men who came up to me and said, chris, just so you know, men don't talk like that. >> the class discussion we had yesterday and it was just eye opening to talk about men in that way, kind of saying that oh, boys will be boys. >> i think it is absurd that donald trump can say and don't pay attention to what i said 11 years ago but he brings up things that not what hillary clinton did 20 years ago but her husband. >> did you have problems of the e-mails and she had to apologize many, many times about the private server. does that raise questions for
12:49 pm
you about openness and honesty. we need to be critical of those who we support. i think the e-mail situation is something that she needs to continually say i am sorry and i made a mistake and it is going to not happen again. >> look, i am not going to defend any statements by donald trump or any actions but it did happen a while ago and i just want to look at the issues so i would consider voting for donald trump. wow. is that -- because when i was here, i would not say it was a liberal campus by any stretch of the imagination. >> i would say donald trump does not represent my republican party. i look forward in a candidate someone who has experience, skills, a plan, and integrity and he has none of that. >> who have we not heard from that wants to talk about the mood on campus and getting people, yes? >> it is really shocking and
12:50 pm
disappointing when i hear like a large amount of students saying we are not voting. >> they tell you why? >> this e llection is a joke. >> reporter: and that's one of the concerns for hillary clinton of rebuilding that obama coalition is that if lot of the home, and talking to these students, a lot of them are active which is why they took this kind of class, but they say they're not having a lot of luck in pushing 18, 19 and 20-year-olds to get out and vote. one more point. i talked to not only the democratic chair but also the republican chair. they still believe this race is really, really close. hard to gauge right now. the revelations over the last 24 hours or so. it's going to be fascinating, kate, from so many angles to see how that new ohio poll looks when steve unveils it in the next half hour. >> yeah, going to be fascinating. that was such an interesting discussion, chris. thank you for bringing that to us. we'll take a break and be right
12:51 pm
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as we mentioned earlier, hours after delivering a blistering speech of what we call blank talk, she weighed in on how the comments affect not only women but men as well. sfw >> these men are worried about the impact this election is having on boys who are looking for role models on what it means to be a man. in fact, someone recently told me a story about their six-year-old son who one day was watching the news. they were watching the news together, and the little boy out of the blue said, i think hillary clinton will be president. and his mom said, well, why do
12:55 pm
you say that? and this little six-year-old said, because the other guy called someone a piggie. you cannot be president if you call someone a piggie. so even a six-year-old knows better. a six-year-old knows that this is not how adults behave, this is not how decent human beings behave, and this is certainly not how someone who wants to be president of the united states behaves. because let's be very clear, strong men -- strong men -- men who are truly role models don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. people who are truly strong lift others up. people who are truly powerful bring others together. and that is what we need in our next president. we need someone who is a uniting force in this country. we need someone who will heal
12:56 pm
the wounds that divide us. someone who truly cares about us and our children. someone with strength and compassion to lead this country forward, and let me tell you, i am here today because i believe with all of my heart that hillary clinton will be that president. >> and let's go straight from one surrogate for hillary clinton to another, vice president joe biden speaking right now to the culinary workers union in las vegas. he's been talking about donald trump. let's listen in. >> well, i'm tired of new politicians who want to go to washington to demean women. i really mean it. i mean this sincerely. i know you all know. no one ever doubts me when i say the problem as i sometimes say all that i mean. but here's the deal, guys. this is totally consistent.
12:57 pm
his admission is not inconsistent with the way he's abused power all along. remember when hillary said in the debate you stiffed all those workers. he said, maybe i didn't like the quality of their work. this is a guy who sits up -- it's not just to elicit cheers or booze. think of how fundamental this is. he never moved out of that penthouse which is a palace looking over devastated areas of new york who are devastated. this is a guy who said he ruined it for the collapse of the housing market because that was good business, he could make money. and think about this one thing. i'm not joking. can you imagine any other president in all of american
12:58 pm
history who would say things like that? i really mean it. republican or democrat. can you imagine anyone saying that? so, folks, there is a whole lot at stake here. and what we need is it's not just trump. there's a number of people who share trump's views and they work in the united states congress. they're there, they're in the senate, many of them. and they support this notion of abuse of power. the more powerful you are, the more leeway you're supposed to have. ladies and gentlemen, the thing i love about katherine and my son bo and others is that the only reason they're in it is to deal with the abuse of power. look what she did when the banks caused such devastation in nevada, as much as any state in the nation. how many people do you know among you who never missed a mortgage payment but all of a
12:59 pm
sudden found they were out of their home? they lost every single solitary bit of savings they had. the money they were going to use to send their child to college to borrow against, the money they were going to use to take care of their mom or dad when the other one passed away. the money they counted on for their retirement so that they would never have to ask their children to sacrifice for them. think of what happened to all those people. what did this woman do and my son bo and the attorney general from new york when we settled with them when we shouldn't have the way we did? they said, not on your life. she went out and sued these banks. she brought in $1.9 billion back to give relief to people. abuse of power. all these damn -- i won't -- all
1:00 pm
these folks out there who prey on our children and young girls and traffic them in sex trafficking. what did she do? she changed her law so now they go to jail when they are nailed. think of what she's done with everything about her that's totally different than these other guys. ladies and gentlemen, look. you have a situation here where -- did you ever ask yourself the question why? why would the trump brothers pour $30 million in this state to defeat this woman? the koch brothers. what would i say? >> joe biden there speaking in las vegas. he was joined on that stage by


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