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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  October 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you this sunday morning as women keep accusing donald trump of sexual miskconduct. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressive aggressively. >> trump keeps denyinging the charges, all of them. >> the stories are total fiction. >> this morning, my interview with vice president joe biden. >> what he said is a textbook definition of sexual assault. >> and with the republican nominee for the republican nominee, mike pence. and now that trump says that the shackles are off, how damaging has this episode been? the latest numbers from the brand-new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. and the great american divide. we go to one county that is all
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in for trump. >> hillary has so much stuff against her, i don't know how anybody can vote for her. >> and another where everybody is for clinton. >> i don't understand how people are voting for him. >> and just how divided are we? joining me e for insight and analysis are hugh hewitt from the salem radio network, joy reid of msnbc, chris is a lizza of the washington post and kristen welk of nbc news. welcome the sunday. it's "meet the press." >> from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> and every week we say it is true, and there has never been a week like this in american politics and there were times that we weren't able to come up with the women coming forward saying that women had been groped or harassed by donald trump. and there was some trouble that
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that as the trump campaign began to uk bl under the new allegations, republicans feared that trump's troubles would me tas ta size and take out the ballot republicans threatening the party's hold on the senate and perhaps even the house. but we have a new indication of just how dire things have become for trump. in our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll out right now, hillary clinton leads donald trump in a four-way race by ten points among registered voters 47/37 and if you are limit it to the just likely votersk check this out, clinton's lead actually grows to 48/37 before likely voter models would actually help trump, not in this case. but there is a sill ver lining for republicans in this poll that it may have be a
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congress where democratic lead has snapped back to just two points, 46/44. a week ago it ha had just opened up to seven. these numbers come before a head-shaking week when trump was under constant assault and seemed to be at war with just about everyone. >> in the face of more accusations of sexual assault, trump is lashing out. nine women have come forward. jessica leeds says she sat next to trump on a plane in 1979. >> when he started by putting his hand up my skirt that was it. that was it. >> kristen anderson says that she was saulted at a club in new york in the 1990s. >> the person to my right un unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump put their hand up my skirt. >> "people" magazine writer natasha stoynoff was interviewing the trumps at 2005
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at mar-a-lago, and she says quote, i turned around within seconds he was pushing me up the wall with forcing his tongue down my throat. summer zervos a former contestant on the apprentice alleges trump forced himself on her in 2007. >> i pushed his chest to put space between and he said come on man, get real. he peted my words back to me. get real as he was thrusting his genitals. >> nbc has not independent ly confirmed the allegations and trump has firmly denied them. instead attacking his accuserers >> they have no witnesses, and there's nobody around, and they just come out, some of are doing it for probably a little fame. >> even suggesting that they should not be believed because
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they were not attractive enough for him to assault. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice. they can tell you. >> and he blamed the media, blamed the clintons and he has even blamed a mexican billionaire. the trump campaign has pushed back on all of the allegations, offering a british man who says it is was jessica leeds who was being flirtatious on that flight. two years ago the same witness anthony gilberthorpe made headlines after claiming he'd supplied underage boys for sex parties the attended by british cabinet ministers. and trump released a statement on summer zervos, writing i nef met her at a hotel or greet ed her inappropriately a decade ago. in fact, she continued to contact me for me help. all of the these allegations led to a passionate speech by first lady michelle oobama who rarely
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weighs in to partisan politics this deeply. >> i can't stop thinking about th this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i could not have predicted. >> on thursday i sat down with vice president joe biden as a union hall in las vegas where he was campaigning in an attempt to help. >> clark: lock down the it is the of nevada. i began by having the vice president about those accusations of sexual assault against donald trump. >> why didn't he get the benefit of the doubt from these accusers? >> well, in his own words, i don't, i don't have to go to the accusers. when a man says that he said is a textbook definition of sexual assault. i mean, it's a textbook definition, and the thing is that, it makes it so believable that he engaged in that kind of activity is just not that he said it, and but his sort of -- instinctive abuse of power.
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he acts in the private sector, and he acts in the way that he treats employees. and it, you know, in that, you know, i live in the penthouse, i'm a billionaire. i'm a star. ki do whatever i want. and that's the most disturbing piece, you know. my fa h ther used to say the greatest abu is the power of power, economic power, political power, physical power. and this is not a guy that should be be representing the united states in any way. >> do you think it is not disqualifying for even more voters yet? >> i don't know how deeply it's sunk into the consciousness. i don't know that you know we think that something gets this once, twice, ten times, a thousands time over. most people are just trying to figure out how the put bread and butter on the table. i, i i don't know. i think it's sunk in though pretty deeply. and it's the dynamic around the
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country in a pretty substantial way so far. >> we have a coarse culture that is given this a permission slip? >>. >> this is a new level. and i was helping my daughter with, my granddaughter, my, she's a senior in high school. and with a paper last night. and she started asking me questions. she's a bright, bright young woman. i was embarrassed. i was embarrassed to even i have four granddaughters and i mean, i was embarrass ed that this is and this is even being discussed -- >> what's the lesson for men? i've heard a lot of people say as the father of two daughters or three e daughters or, what's the message to young men or young boys? >> i did this virtual town hall meeting with thousands of students. and i ask them to go to the a website and tell us, and how would you do to better protect them?
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you know, that was overwheming answer was? get men involved. and the vast majority of men don't share the view of donald trump. i played, it was a pretty good athlete in high school, college. i don't ever remember that kind of locker room talk, never. and you might have a guy say, boy, look at that, or maybe make some comments like that. and but the idea that she let mes do anything because i'm a cel celebrity is just stick s. and what's, what's wrong is, we have to change the whole culture here, and that no man has the right to touch a woman, to raise a hand to a woman, to abuse a woman for any reason. we actually had case, and i got federal law passed, judge asking a woman, well, you were in the bar. did you, were you wearing underwear? how short was your skirt? what the he will, l difference does that make. no man has the right to touch a woman. >> the last time we really impacted our politics was
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clarence thomas and an knee ta hill. >> yeah. >> and anita hill did an interview earlier this year, she express ad little disappointment in you. >> yeah, she -- >> and -- >>. >> she did. >> and what was your reaction to that? >> my reaction was that i thought it was unfair. i vote ed fd for clarence thoma. i believed her. the question was whether or not that she would be to initially, she be able to just make hr complaint without identifying herself. and you can't run a star chamber, you got to do that. it was a very, very tough -- >> anything you'd do different ly? >> no, no. >> you know that donald trump is bringing up everything from bill clinton right now. should that matter? >> no, it shouldn't matter. look, i can't mach any excuse for the bill clinton's conduct.
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and i wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. but he is paid a price for it. he paid a price. he was impeached. and he was -- e expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did. this guy, as i said, has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator. and he's acknowledged that he's abuses his power, and that i said that is a textbook definition of what constitutes sexual assault. >> and let's talk to the working class white voter issue and that democrats seem to have. sort of, the people that you have the speak to, biden votes,s and we look, you just look to pennsylvania right now, the 15 counties that make up the northeast pennsylvania, you and the president won it by three points. right now she trails by eight point points. it's clear that there is something, a lack of connectivity there or something with trump, what's your diagnosis? >> you were a friend of my
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beau's, my son -- >> yes. >> and he was a great admirer of yours. and you know, you and i started talking about him on the air and i might find myself choke up. everybody looks at me and says, well, he's a good father, and well, well, what a decent guy. she chokes up and says, something, you know, for whatever reasons, and she's p y playing the woman card, man. and this is the way that, this is different. you know, this is a different number one. number two, the truth is. i don't think that i'm a broken record of the democratic party on this. i don't think we speak enough to the plight of the family, the husband and the wife making $80, 90, $100,000 a year, two kids that are struggling. you know what they say. i talk to these voters, they sit there and they say, you know what? obama and biden. they worry about the minority group.
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they worry about the minority group. they worry about these voters over here. they worry about this state. what about h me? >> they don't talk to me. >> that's what i hear. i hear it nor aub when i'm in a water lou, iowa, scranton, pennsylvania. >> and by the way i do, too. and what happens is that they spend so much time dragging the car out of the ditch, and worry aring about going over the cliff, dealing with the people who didn't have enough to eat, but makings sure that people who were able to just hang on, and that's it's not only the that we have got the economy back and wages are starting to raise, rise, and that we begin to focus on what is a large portion in of the h middle-class who's felt like they've been left behind
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and we don't talk to their needs. >> and you know, if you have lost your home and you are not back in the home, you don't benefit, and if the market and you lost your invest hmt in the market in the 401(k) and it is 18,000, and the guys who made the big money, and not a ka bal ball, and they look around and say, hey, wait a minute. >> i want to go to syria here sh, and i know that you guys are doing a big session next week about what to do. why is there not a no-fly zone over aleppo? is this a -- >> simple proposition. the first first things first. we must defeat isil. we must take out raqqah, and we must take out mosulel. we must eliminate the caliphate. it's the direct immediate threat to the american people.
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number one. d. d.o.d. has told us from the beginning that the assets we need to be able to do would not have to be edie vert ed. we could not do both. could not do both. that's number one. number two, we in order to do what needs to be done, remember, we tried to get the authority to use force before, and all republicans talked about how tough they were. i spoke to 156 members of the house and the senate for minimum of an hour. groups of two to 25 in the situation room. no support. no support. so i'd asking, okay, they'd say, what happens we send the planes over there, and they got shot down. we have to go in and get them. well, yeah, we have to go in and get them. >> well, let me ask you this. how does syria not become the rwanda of this administration? that you guy loog back and
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wonder what if? what if? what? >> rwanda was soluble. rwanda was soluble. and this is complicated and we have to deal with the central and the west and the eastern iraq to clear isil. that will fundamentally change. >> so once -- >> the dynamic. >> and mosul is taken care of, you think that the focus can be back on syria and trying to solve this? >> raqqah, too. raqqah is the central -- >> okay. >> -- place where we know plotting is taking place against the homeland. >> uh-huh. >> and in those areas, secondly, russia is in real trouble. they're getting themselves into a real quagmire. and they have serious economic
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probl problems at home. they're finding themselves dragged into this. the combinationf isille gone, russia is in a totally different place to create a whole lot of additional opportunities. >> so we're not going to regret not going into aleppo? >> no the answer is that we get whenever anyone dies. i regret that we're not doing something about it. and you know, genital mutilation in africa. i regret that there's, there's still a real problems in afghanistan. but there has to be a sense of the humility about what is able to be done at the time. and what we'd doing for the right thing. generating a consensus among the arab countries as to what we should be doing in the region. and at that same time, going after isille to destroy it. >> all right. final question when i talked with ambassador, former
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ambassador mike mcfaul. >> yes. >> and we talked about the idea that once, you got to respond when you, when they're hacking. you got to do something. he's it in as a high hard one. maybe just -- sort of like in baseball. owe throw a high hard one, and you send a message. why haven't we sent a message to putin? >> we're sending a message. and we have capacity to do it. a and the message? >> he'll know it. >> he'll know it. and it will be the time of our choosing under the circumstances and have the greatest impact. that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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welcome >> welcome back. one republican whose are reputation has not suffered is his running mate mike pence. his total positive rating was 8 points, and just 28% negative which put him way a head o paul ryan and the republican party as a whole and donald trump. and governor pence joins me now from tampa, florida. governor, welcome back to the program, sir. >> good morning, chuck. good to be with you. >> and let me start by getting your reaction to michelle obama's speech from earlier in the week. let me play a clip and get you on the other side. >> so while i'd love nothing more than to pretend like this is happening and to come out here to do my normal campaign speech, it would be dishonest and disingenuous for me to just move on to the next thing like this is all just a bad dream. this is not something that we can ignore. it is not something that we can
11:22 am
sweep under the rug as another disturbing footnote in the sad e election season. >> as you know, governor, the first lady was talking about the comments of donald trump caught on the 2000 "access hollywood" individu video, and do you agree with her that comments should not be swept under the rug? >> let me say, chuck, they have tremendous respect for the first lady and her efforts on behalf of the american people for the last 7 1/2 years, but the simple fact is that donald trump made comments in an open mic 11 years ago that he has expressed deep regret about. he is embarrassed about it, and he apologize nod the american peop -- apologize nod american people, and made it clear that it is just talk and he has apologize nod the family and i do believe that this election is of such a enormous magnitude to the american people, it is important to move beyond this issue, and is important that we focus on the need for a stronger america at home, and abroad, and
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as i traveled across florida this week, and across the country, the people that i am en koucount erring are focused on those issues about really restoring this country, and reviving the economy and that is where we will continue to be focused. >> as you know, donald trump does not want to move off of this issue, and in fact, he said that he has been getting advice say saying that, but instead, he has been responding to every single accusation, and here is what he has said about a couple of the different accusers. >> she is right. she is a liar. she is a liar, and she is writing a story -- check out her facebook page and you will understand. i was sitting with him on an airplane and he went after me on the plane. yeah, i'm going to go after her. believe me, she would not be my first choice. they can tell you. man. you don't know. that is not going to be my first choice. >> and that is friday, governor
11:24 am
pence. you just dismissed it as talk, and we have nine accusers coming out since it is just talk, and do you believe it is just talk? >> i do, chuck. what we have this week is a series of unsubstantiated allegations and -- >> they are not unstabs yated and let me stop you there, because they are not unstance yated. >> and -- >> you have first-hand accounts and not proven, but not unsubstantiated and we have a firsthand account, and somebody who disagrees, but they are substantiated, are they not? >> no, they are not substantiated accounts. these are people who have brought back allegations going back decades and donald trump has made it clear that he categorically denies that these things ever took place. but i will have to tell you that it is astonishing to most americans as the unsubstantiated allegations are treated on this network and others that
11:25 am
revelations coming out of secretary clinton's years in the state department and the clinton foundation are virtually ignored by the national media and we discovered this week that the state department officials actually directed contracts for the haitian recovery after the earthquake to friends of the clintons. and literally, that got almost no media attention, while, those that step forward with these unsubstantiated claims that donald trump has denied were treated with headline news and continuous coverage. it is one tof the reasons that o many, many americans feel like this election is being rigged by a national media that is constantly trying to change the subject away from and practice willful ignorance towards the corruption, and the misdeeds and the pay for politics deeds of the clintons. >> you really believe that women who believe they were victimized bisexual assault and they come out and they should be ignored,
11:26 am
and isn't that the problem of routing out sexual assault in your country is that they are not believed? >> no, i would not disparage any woman who believes that she has had an experience like this, but donald trump has said that the allegations are more categorically false and now more evidence out to challenge those versions of the fact. and the ignoring and the ignorance that is going on here, chuck s the way that the national media is ignoring the avalanche of real hard evidence of corruption during the years of the clinton administration. "the new york times" a few minutes ago post ad story about four in exchange for five minutes with bill clinton the government of qatar was going to give $1 million to the clinton foundation. we know that more than half of hillary clinton's meetings while she was secretary of state were given to major contributors to the clinton foundation, and the haitian government thing, and the speeches about open borders
11:27 am
and socialized medicine, and it is getting virtually getting no attention. >> you cited "the new york times." >> and repeatedly denials of donald trump gets all of the attention attention, and the american people soo right through it. >> and the new york times and not a small organization and we have been reporting on this, and the front page of, and we will be reporting ob it through the show, but your running mate is the one under fire. and now, for the long time, you used to refer to donald trump as this good man, and you have not done that this week. any reason for the change? >> well, sure i have. sure i have, chuck. the donald trump who i have come to know is a man who loves his family. loves his country, and made a connection to millions of americans, because he has given voice to the frustrations and aspirations of the american people. when you have the president of france over this weekend say that it was because of barack obama's and hillary clinton's foreign policy of moving redlines in syria thatboldened e
11:28 am
and take a larger role in syria, that is saying something. the american people know that america has been weakened at home and abroad because of the po policies is of barack obama and hillary clinton and there has to be change. >> and you brought up rush sharks and i know trushsha, do you believe the american intelligence that i is as that russia is behind all of the hacks into the former white house e chief of staff john podesta and the dnc and do you believe the american intelligence community about this? >> well, there is more and more evidence that implicates russia and there should be serious implications about invading the privacy of the american people. >> why doesn't your running mate belief that? >> why doesn't your running mate? >> and this is something that
11:29 am
has been spoken on the foreign stage like moving the boundary lines and the resetting of russ russia, and my evidence is that if the evidence is flowing to russia, there are in fact serious consequence and there should be -- >> and gov no, governor, govern governor, you are not answering this question. why doesn't your running mate believe what you believe about a foreign government in russia trying to hack into the american democracy? >> well, donald trump and i believe that we should follow the facts. and america should stand strong and we should stand up for scybr security. he had an entire presentation about his call for a new cyber security task force bringing together some of the best minds in the country to protect america's privacy both our el intellectual and defense infrastructu infrastructure. and look, it is all of the information that is not just flowing out of the wikileaks, and it was abc news, the freedom of information request that uncovered the fact that while she was secretary of state hillary clinton's staff was
11:30 am
actu actually directing cop tracts for the haitian recovery effort to friends of the clintons and with all due respect, chuck, the national media is preoccupied with unsubstantiated claims and ignoring a ave lalanche of hard evidence against the clintons. >> well, it is not unsubstantiated, but maybe unproven, but let me ask you a final question on this, and if bill kristol today, and earlier in the week tweeted at what point are you going to feel uncomfortable defending donald trump given that he is now utterly humiliated by the campaign, does mike pence have respect to resign from the ticket? how do you respond to bill kr s kristol? >> well, i accepted this appointment by donald trump because i feel that america is in trouble, and despite the obvious bias in the national
11:31 am
media and the ave lalanche of dy attacks against donald trump, i will have to tell you that even this week, the crowds in florida and the crowds in new hampshire and maine yesterday all athe test to the fact that the american people want change. and for me, and my little family, we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with this man and fight all of the way through election day and deliver a great victory for america and make america great again. >> will you accept the results of the election? >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election. look, the american people will speak in an election that is going to culminate on november 8th, but the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that is where the sense of a rigged election comes in, and the more that the media comes in with an avalanche of attacks against my running mate instead of focusing on the real hard evidence coming out about corruption and pay to play and the clinton foundation years is why people are frustrated, but
11:32 am
we will find a way to get through november 8th and accept the will of the people, yes. >> and you keep saying, g governor, rigged elections, are you concerned that the more you say it you are undermining the democracy? >> look, one of the great, great parts of democracy is a peaceful transfer of power. and i expect that things are going to be as rough as they are going right into november 8th, because the stakes are so high in this election, but as donald trump said in the first debate, we will accept the will of the people, but from now to election day, we will work our hearts out against all odds and most of you in the national media and we will lay out a story for a more stronger and prosperous america. >> i understand why you want to continue to attack us, but i believe it is misguided. and mike pence, i appreciate your coming on the program. thank you, sir. >> thank you, chuck. >> and now, later in the broadcast, what will the struggles of donald trump have
11:33 am
on other races? could the democrats take the house and the senate. as we are going to break, a few clips from "saturday night live." ♪ lau [ laughter ] its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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welcome back. a lot to digest and the panel is here, and hugh hewitt, and joy reid and white house correspondent kristen welker covering the clinton campaign and chris cillizza from the washington post and wow, donald trump has been tweeting all morn morning and we have a lot the digest quickly and one of them, the polls are close, but can you believe i lost large numb e brs of women's voters based on the made-up of events that never happened. media rigging election. hugh, you have backed away from trump, and how did mike pence defend him this morning?
11:37 am
>> i thought that mike pence did a very good job, and i'm a "game of thrones" there, and that is really worthy of davos defending the bad days of his opponent. >> and moreen o'dowd also made a reference to that. >> and it is so news worthy what he said about the department of defense not doing mosul and aleppo at the same time, and it leads to, here we have the worst election in modern times when the greatest crises of the post soviet era are growing and it is a disconnect that is beyond me. >> and the irony is that donald trump, the last thing that he wants to do is to talk about syria. >> and my take away was the end of the interview with mike pence when you asked him if he would accept the election results, and he said, yes, with will. and donald trump is sending out the complete opposite message and trying to lay the groundwork for the idea that the election is rigged.
11:38 am
yesterday, the clinton campaign and paul ryan coming out in strong terms saying that the we will respect the results of the elections and the republicans are increasingly concerned that they need to be louder about that so that whatever happens on election day is respected. >> but i think that you also see the struggle within mike pence, because he is trying to, you know, yield to what are clearly the talking points that the candidate wants which is that the election is rigged, because he said that to you and then of course, we will accept it b but he has to sell the idea, and jeff sessions is selling the idea, and for the republican party as an institution, there has to be a righting of the ship, because the integrity of the united states election is so bigger than the candidate. >> and i know he is such a party regulars reject that paul ryan is the north star, but for the average republican voter in the election, he is such a big figure that, and it is so hard for me to imagine that what he says and tweets over the last
11:39 am
week, somehow three weeks from now, he is going to say, and i just want to say, i have announced that i have place ad ca -- place d a call to congratulate her, and i have struggled to wrap my mind around it, and it is against his factions, and all those suggest is that he not concede, and the idea ideas that reince priebus and paul ryan say that they concede. >> well, pence may concede -- >> and secretary clinton if she wins may get a call from governor pence. and the tweet that will matter the most when the worst accounts are written is dr. rice, and secretary rice saying enough. and i have enormous admiration for her and she grew up in bombi bombingham and if you want to have an account of an extraordinary american hero, and she tweeted out "enough" and that is resignation no the
11:40 am
results in the air. >> and the part of the calculation of the clinton campaign is that they don't want to win, but they want a big win so that the results can't be questioned. they are sending out the e-mails to supporters saying that the it is imperative to come out in big numbers, because we need it to be decisive. >> it is important to note that we tend to say that the clinton campaign and the trump campaign, but what he is running now is not a campaign in any traditional sense and it is sort of the either revenging of avenging against people who he believe has wronged him, media, clinton clintons, republican, or sort of the grievance, and a airing of the grievances. a campaign has a message that you stick to that you have figured out, resonates with the american people and that you believe. he had 19 mes sasages in five minutes over the weekend when he was disassembling the tell prompter and those are eight words that i did not think that i would utter in public and it
11:41 am
is not a campaign in any sense. >> so move from the presidential to down the ballot, and the results may be known, and the size of it, but what will the republicans do down the ballot, and right now, the democrats want to go to after trump heavily and they want to distance and this is a new montage of the ads this week. >> i have every intention of supporting the republican nominee. >> portman stood by trump even after bragging about sexual assault. >> would you point to him as a role model? >> absolutely. >> i have a lot of disagreements with donald trump and i have been clear about that, but what is important for pennsylvanians is having a senator who will stand up to any president's bad ideas. >> i have daughters. i have friends. >> for me, it was the final straw. >> and hooug, obviously, every republican tom cole said, it is a bar fight and trying to save
11:42 am
every republican no matter what, and some have to distance from trump and some can't damage down the ballot and what you sewing? >> my analyst hat and not the advocate, but the house is very, very secure, and paul ryan is doing a fine job to redirect the resources, but the senate is very close and coming down to nevada on the night of the election as to whether or not. and i believe that toomey is going to -- i'm an outlier. and he works very hard and a wonner can dful guy. >> the problem is that there is a threshold of which the margin of hillary clinton's victory becomes fatal down ballot and like a state of florida, and if she wins of two or three, you can see marco rubio surviving. and you can see more tickets in the polling but at a certain point, the tsunami takes down all of the other candidates, and i don't believe that wisconsin is baked in, and portman is the strongest, but ohio is the least associated with trump, the governor of ohio is not with him. >> and in some the least and most odd ways which i will show
11:43 am
you in a moment. >> and the divided america. the part of america that cannot imagine america who could vote for hillary clinton and the other part who does not understand why anybody would vote for donald trump. we will show you that next.
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11:45 am
welcome back. do you have any welcome back. do you have friends who will vote differently than you are for president? the country is divided by race and culture and people who think exact lu like we do, and we are divided. so we decided to visit two counties to talk to people who cant not imagine that anybody could vote for the other. and one county is to think of starbucks central and this is hillary clinton country. >> i can't understand females that will continue to support him with all of the sexual predatory behavior. >> and the other place was
11:46 am
monroe kocounty, ohio, rural, a economically struggling and lots of people who didn't get the opportunity to go to college. this is a place where the people gather for coffee at a mcdonald's, and in other words, this is trump country. >> i don't see how anybody can vote for her. >> and we have a lot more on the visit to both of the counties, and you can see the full report on the website "meet the press" and, and have more tomorrow. and we will be back with the preview of the third and final debate this week in las vegas. >> and so i would like to the know what you like about him? >> i like the fact that he is so generous, and just this last friday, he handed me the election. we thought fibers that help you stay regular
11:47 am
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back now with the panel, and believe it or not, there is a third and final debate. [ laughter ] i want to throw a couple of things out here that we have not gotten to, and one is from the nbc wall street poll to show you the racial divide in the country. among all of the white voters this week, and this is donald trump's worst week yet and look at this, hillary clinton has a higher negative rating, among all white voters than donald trump after this week. i think that tells you that there is a structural, and there is a structure here and there is a floor that donald trump cannot fall through. >> it is literally almost structurally impossible for that to happen, because of the pol polarization of the country, and the feelings about hillary clinton, and whether you think they are justified or not, and they have existed for a long
11:50 am
time. and he has a hard floor, and the problem, if you believe the polling is that he has a hard creeling that is about 42%. and the floor and the ceiling are very close to each other, and the floor is 39, and the ceiling at the moment is 42. >> i want to bring up kristen, how the campaign is handling the podesta hack, and the wuk ki le -- wikileaks the conduit here, and we have speeches. if you take them all in totality, she is a calculating politician, and everything that bernie sanders was telling the democrats that she was, and this reinforced what he was saying and thought. >> could vit changed the primary? >> well, it could have, but what is coming out right now is awkward and the campaign is having to answer some thorny question questions. but in terms of dealing with the
11:51 am
str strategy, they are pivoting and not acknowledging them. this is the russians trying to mettle in our election and started yesterday that this is like watergate and this is the way of trying to change the conversation, but the problem though with the leaks is that as of yet, there is not a major bombshell, and could there be? >> well, let me stop you, because, joy, i think that the leaks are going to be haunting her with the progressive movement, and they will use these leaks to beat her up when they don't like what she is doing. >> well, i'm in the camp that says that there is nothing rev la toir, and she is a politician, and no kidding and because a lot of them are around the figures that most americans don't know who john poe ddesta sidney blumenthal r and so sort of having a catty conversation around that is how campaigns work. and could they bring up the core centrism, and hurt her? well, maybe, but in the end, she
11:52 am
got the support from overwhelming support of african-americans and it would have happened if they came out now or earlier. >> and so i did have a clinton suppo supporter admit to me, and they said that they won the primary, but they lost the campaign. >> and they did lose the campaign, and the russian shack very troubling. and if in fact the russians drop her private e-mails, the race could turn again, and what governor pence said about the haitian leak is criminal wrongdoing, and it is not from the russians, but a foia, and if they directed aid to friends of bill, that is going to haunt her into the term. and you cannot rule out donald trump, and if the russians drop her private e-mails, she is compromised as a national security leader, wait and see. >> and the one thing that i return is the way that you started earlier in the show, chuck, which is talking about
11:53 am
trump's tweets. he continues to be by far, and he, and the case that you heard hugh hewitt make, and have you heard donald trump make a case that concise and to the point? and why? because he is constantly inflicting self-wounds and tweeting about things, and tweeting about the random cultural events, and tweeting that he cannot make this story about her. the more it is about her, and the case over and over again, the e-mails or the clinton foundation or the other state department and the more it is about her, the worse she does, and the more it is about him, the worse he does. >> but you can't get away from the fact that when you are talking about the russians and the russian leaks, this is a narrative that the trump campaign has not dealt with which is the after ffinity betw himself and the camp and the russians in this and the fact that they are blatantly attempting with not so spectacular results to help him to become president of the united states, and that is the looming issue, and the dog that has not barked in the campaign, because it is unprecedented and
11:54 am
troubling for americans. >> and mike pence's position is totally different than donald trump, and remember him in the debait, and putin says nice things about me and i say nice things about him, and that is not what mike pence outlined today. >> and chris to, the point, this week, journalists have said, what would this news cycle look like if we didn't have the 2005 tape of donald trump, and if these allegations had not come forward from all of the women, and we would be solely focused on the wikileaks and yet donald trump continues to make the unforced errors. >> and yes are, the whole, and this whole obsession of the media's role in this, and everybody is hyping it up too much. we have candidates's words and candidate's speeches here, and that should be the focus. and what donald trump said about drug testing potential president shall candidates. >> coming up, the press end game and boeing, building one sentry at a time.
11:55 am
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"meet the press" end game is brought to you by boeing, building the future one century at a tim "meet the press" end gim is brought to you by boeing, building the future one at a time. >> and sometimes trump says stuff that you have no idea what it means including this line on drug testing. i believe it was yesterday. >> and like athletes, and so athletes, they are making it more and more, and the athletes, they make them take a drug test, right? i think that we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do. >> and hugh, of all of the head scratchers this is one and i have to say that he did it in new hampshire where the opioid epidemic is real, and to just sort of throw that out there. >> and that is the comprehensive recovery and act is why rob portman is running. and if you want to do that, i am wearing the cleveland indians yahoo red, white and blue here.
11:58 am
>> and it is more to the stamina issue. >> and this is the point that is not the point. this is a campaign. he is performing for the audience and he feeds off of and gets the emotional sort of the support, and he has feeding a need in himself. this is not about trying to become president of the united states, but it is about whatever he plans to do on november 9th. >> and it is firing a warning shot before the debate, no hold's barred and it is hard to believe it is no more no holds barred before of the second. >> and she pull ad punch, and i felt like she pulled a pun inch the second. >> she let him do his thing that she knew would not be -- and he is going to continue to engage in flights of fancy as he appears to be doing at this point. this feels to me, chuck, like, we see it in other campaigns and rarely at the presidential level, and you do you end, which is, okay. like his, all of the strategists and all of those people are just essentially going, all right, you are going to do what you want to do anyway, and so why
11:59 am
don't you go to do it this the last month, and that is a disastrous strategy are if you are a down ballot republican, but it will give him somet gratification. >> i know what you want him to do, but what do you expect him to do? >> i expect him to gof a her on haiti and haiti is going to be the bingo word of the night. >> and i dont n't know, but can stick to the message? >> a quick programming note. and there is going to be a presidential debate warmup on your local station. and next week, will it be another unprecedented weeks? because if it is sunday, it is "meet the press." >> you can see more end game in post game, sponsored by boeing on the "meet the press" web page.
12:00 pm
a good day to you. we are coming to you from new york, and welcome to "pulse of america" where your voice can be heard in realtime. these are the stories that we want your pulse on today. first up, of course, trump firing back and says that the women accusinging him of sexual misconduct are part of the conspiracy led by the media to deny him the presidency. that as a ninth woman coming forward to say that she was kissed against her will from trump almost 20 years ago. and a new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows. >> clark: widening the


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