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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:19pm PDT

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cal, i will start with you. the elements of surprise does not work well with civilians. iraq is a country that's plagued by violence and we are talking mostly sheer iraqis army and zuni town. this is what the american leave lefts ha leaflets have been dropping. that's important and you would like civilians to get out of that city. we got pretty good eyes on that. that's sort of something we pick out. another thing where we pick out is some discussions on syria. take a listen to hillary clinton. >> i think the no fly zone can save lives. i am well aware of the legitimate concerns that you have expressed from the president and the general.
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this would not be done just on the first day. this would take a lot of negotiations. >> the legitimate concern she's speaking about is coming from the pentagon. they are that in the past year, russia has basically created their own no fly zone. we have a map graphic here. that red area is an area of protection. that is a no fly zone that exists right now. it is a russian no fly zone, in order to go in there, to take that out, you have to shoot planes out of the sky and go in on the ground in some military capacity and actually take out these anti-defense missiles. you mean creating our own u.s. no fly zone. >> that's going to war with russia. >> this morning, tim kaine or running mate again -- he said
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that they'll take more of the military commitment. he was willing to make that the obama administration has not been willing to make. the reason obama administration has not been able to make this commitment because it will require troops on the ground. >> al, you cover of business news. i was fixated on donald trump's even more exaggerated goals for where he wants dged growth in this country. >> even conservative economists who looked at your plan saying the numbers don't add up and your idea and you talked about 25 million jobs created. >> i have just left high representatives of india, they are growing at 8%. china is growing at 7% and after them is a catastrophic lilo number. we are growing our last report and it is right around the 1% level and i think it is going
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down. >> it is interesting. you and i of the last conversation that you and i had after donald trump spoken in new york at the new york economic club that says he wants economic growth to be at 4%. this is a bit hard for people to get their heads around because we don't think of gdp in this country, it is at 1%. to get it to 4% is virtually impossible. without a war, it is actually kind of impossible. again, to get it to 5% or 6% like india and china, makes no sense. both of these economy is dtqi qq(p"es ago. b%q they get toc so for people who don't study
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gdp, he says things that sounds fantastic and he's making economy growing four or five times, it is not doable because the president does not make the determination of why the economy grows quickly. it is been the infrastructure in the past. we are seeing that suffering of energy cost. this is not the decision that the president makes. >> glad to have you with us. breaking news out of northern iraq. the u.s. military says an american soldier has been killed from wounds sustaining bombings there. iraqis forces are locking a battle of retaking mosul. lets go to nbc's richard engel, he's on the front line in iraq. what can you tell us about how this is progressing. >> reporter: well, i am not at the flight attendant right now.
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i am back of the city of erbil. we were on the front line earlier today, we were watching iraqis troops who are pushing those front lines right through the edge of mosul. they have been advancing quickly and this operation is just a few days old and already iraqis troops have taken over and pushing out a number of villages and arrived at the doorsteps of mos mosul. the iraqis prime minister today celebrated that this is a success. getting to mosul is one thing and clearing the city which had a million of people in it right now. there were concerns of isis waiting for a last stand. it is going quickly for the last
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few days and we won't know how tough this fight is until they reach mosul. it does look like how they'll reach the edge of mosul and how they'll push into the city relatively soon. >> all right, richard engel following all of that for us. thanks so much. up next if hillary clinton wins on november 8th, who do republicans want representing their party, the answer when we come back.
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the state of this election may be the last time we see hillary clinton and donald trump on the very same stage. joining me now, david fromm. he's senior editor at "the atlantic" and senior editor for george bush. i don't know if you heard me earlier. we were talk to going to a surr for donald trump.
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she's from north carolina. she said in our interview a few minutes ago that john kerry back in 2004 disputed the ohio results and she said he called those results rigged. we've been looking all over the place. we can't find any evidence that kerry ever called the ohio results rigged. there is an article that's been floating around on line that quotes some of his supporters but not john kerry himself. but this goes to the whole question, david, of what the trump campaign is pushing out there right now. they're pushing this notion that things can be rigged and donald trump saying he's not sure he's going to accept the results of this presidential election. your take on what you heard last night. >> think for a moment -- leave out what you think of donald trump as a president. think of this as pure political mechanics. when you want to get people to vo vote, you get them a message of hope. when you look at president obama's last rally in 2012, that's his message.
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your vote matters. make your voice heard. he would stress that again and again and again. you have to get people to believe they are powerful. why should any of us vote? it's one vote out of 100 million. but if everybody thinks that way, nobody votes. when you tell people it's rigged, there's no point, some of them may do something violent. that's a real risk. but there is also a risk that for everyone who does something violent, there are thousands who say, well, there's no point, i'll just stay home, and boom, collapse, there goes your support. >> earlier this week the financial times reported that donald trump's son-in-law had met with investors about the possibility of starting up a new television network. i want to ask you about last night, because a half hour before the debate, donald trump puts up a lirng and says, go here on my facebook page. the title is if you're tired of
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facebook warnings, go to my facebook page. >> glen beck, his blaze venture ran out of steam, but for a long time he made a loft mont of mon of it. there are things on tv that people pay money for. people pay for the station, not just the cable package as you're familiar with, and that can be a very lucrative business. perhaps the trump family has that in mind as a consolation prize. but the idea you would let that information out now at a time when people are deciding, do i vote absentee? do i vote early ballot? do i go there on election day? what if it's raining? it's hard to square with politics as people who want to win practice politics. >> bloomberry is out with some interesting polling, david. when asked who should be the face of the republican party
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nationally if clinton wins, this is who came in first. mike pence, 27%. donald trump 24%. ted cruz and then paul ryan falling behind at 15%. what does that tell you? >> there's no question a name recognition factor there, and no one would have said mike pence three months ago. but it also is a warning to republicans. i think tlhere are a lot of people in washington, in the donor world that say, look, we just have to see this trump man go off to the side, then it's back to normal. cutting taxes and controlling spending. hillary clinton, one of her very first fights as president if she is president, will be over immigration reform, about which she means more immigration, amnesty for those already here. by advancing that, maybe this is even a tactical goal for hillary clinton. she accentuates the tensions
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within the republican party, and she herself may make it impossible for paul ryan to carry on as leader of the house of republicans. >> 51 chose donald trump and only 33% choosing paul ryan. that's to your point as well. >> maybe the most fundamental question among republicans is donald trump campaigned for reducing immigration and protecting medicare. paul ryan believes in accelerating immigration and extending medicare. responsibility aside, commitment and democracy to the constitution aside, on those two issues, i suspect donald trump is closer to what most republicans are than paul ryan. >> always nice to have your perspective. thank you very much. last night's debate wasn't
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actually the last time we'll see hillary clinton and donald trump together on a stage before the election. you can watch them speak live at the 71st annual alfred e. smith memorial dinner. that's tonight, 8:00 eastern, on "all in with chris hayes." we'll be broadcasting it right here on msnbc. speaking of the dinner, tomorrow i'll be joined by a former obama speech writer who wrote that same speech for the dinner back in 2012. you're looking live at the stage in my iami garden, florid where any minute mike pence will be speaking for hillary clinton. be right back. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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kate, thanks for that. good afternoon, everybody.
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i'm steve correspokornacki live new york. 19 days until election day. topping our agenda at this hour. donald trump stirred up plenty of controversy in last night's debate. now he's toying with his critics. >> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the united states, that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win! >> that was just a couple hours ago. trump did go on to say that he will accept, quote, a clear su


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