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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thank you, craig. we'll watch you on "the today show" tomorrow. friday. yes, new poll numbers out just this hour from three key states where the race stands now in georgia, virginia, and ohio. and from awkward to very uncomfortable. the fallout from the edgy and biting jokes that even got donald trump booed in his hometown. "the washington post" says trump gave what could be a campaign eulogy last night at that charity event and developing now, iraqi forces within striking distance of retaking mosul and outrage at a rape
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sentence seen as too lenient. a new online petition calling for this montana judge to step down after sentencing a man convicted of raping his own daughter to 60 days in jail. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from nbc headquarters. 18 days until the election and here's the state of the presidential race right now. a new poll this morning shows a turning point in the key battleground state of ohio. hillary clinton and donald trump now tied, tied at 45% in the poll. trump led by 3 points just last month. and a new poll in virginia shows clinton ahead by 12 points there. donald trump is ahead by 2 points in the traditionally red state of georgia. but that is well within the margin of error. making it a statistical tie in that state where democratic presidential candidate has not
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won since 1992. and just out, a new nbc news survey monkey online poll shows 46% of those surveys think secretary clinton won wednesday night's debate. 37% say it went to trump. both candidates are back out on the trail today after appearing at the al smith charity dinner in new york city last night where tensions of the campaign spilled over into their jokes and jabs. >> just before taking the days, hillary clinton actually bumped into me and she very civilly said, pardon me. this is the first time ever, ever that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. it's true. >> just to be clear, i think the
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cardinal is saying i'm not eligible for sainthood. but getting through these three debates with donald has to count as a miracle. because this is a friendly dinner for such a great cause, donald, if at any time, you don't like what i'm saying, feel free to stand up and shout "wrong" while i'm talking. >> but some of trump's remarks drew boos from that big crowd. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate commission. how corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the watergate commission? pretty corrupt. here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate
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catholics. >> but the candidates did end the night with a handshake and new this morning on "the today show" cardinal tim thi koh lan said he's pictured in the middle of both candidates and it wasn't all tension between clinton and trump. >> mr. trump turned and said, you know, you are one tough and talented woman and said, this has been a good experience in this whole campaign, as tough as it's been in and said, donald, whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards. >> hillary clinton will hold a rally in ohio, cleveland, this afternoon. donald trump has three rallies in battleground states and one in pennsylvania and two in north carolina. jacob rascon with the latest on the trump campaign in fletcher, north carolina. where trump will hold that rally. jacob, there's always news of at least one member of the trump team resigning. what's the story?
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>> reporter: it's a little difficult o heto hear you but hs ahead here in north carolina during the summer. in several polls, but he's now done 4 and 5 points in the latest. that's true across almost every critical swing state and i don't know if you mentioned this report or not but new reporting that says jim murphy, his national political director, is stepping away from the campaign. we have reached out to the campaign to ask and have not confirmed this, but in a statement to politico, he says, that i have not resigned but for personal reasons, step back from the campaign. of course, not a good sign at all. 19 days out from the campaign. other top surrogates as well, like chris christie. >> our respects to this country and the young lady there singing behind you, thank you, jacob.
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peter alexander reporting on the aftermath of last night's al smith dinner. for people who aren't new yorkers. we talk about the white house correspondents dinner. folks know about that. a lot of people don't know about this dinner even though it's heavily covered in the inside media beltway but supposed to be jabs but on a higher note. >> so the ritual this is like levity infused with civility. last night, anything but that. the lines were biting at times and intended to be self-depracating. his best life focused on his wife, and lifting the lines from michelle obama. and you get the sense these two people. they didn't shake hands and finally took the end of the one last night and heard from timothy cardinal dolan and where
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he was complimentary of hillary clinton and trump saying she is both talented and tough. she said to him, no matter who wins this thing, we have to work together. and the headlines that left the line is trump got heckled and booed and jeered. that doesn't just defy tradition, it's unlike anything we have seen before at this night. and even though it was a crowd of elites, a lot of people donald trump knows and said he's been to that dinner in the past, these were also some of donald trump supporters sort of rebelling against. so for them, it may resonate. nonetheless, this is a moment that usually is an opportunity to build a brand for a candidate, often on a trajectory. john mccain and mitt romney. last night, he wasn't holding anything back. >> you have covered politics for a long time. there's always speculation on personal relationships whether it's netanyahu and obama and the body language with those two. i don't know how it would come as a surprise to anyone after
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the guest list alone that donald trump has brought to debates, some of the very pointed criticism that hillary clinton has laid upon him including the $14 million loan that she said he got from his father that anyone would believe it's possible that two people who were at a wedding in the now famous photo could even have a fake friendship. >> what's striking about that wedding photo, i spoke to folks at both campaigns before the first debate and said, they'll be on stage together. when was the last time they shared a moment? can't think of a time. they're talking about each other for months and years and only now, a few interactions. this is the last time they're side by side likely until this thing is over less than three weeks from now but watching, there was one of the handshakes from the cardinal in the background separated on that night but a man of the cloth. it was just a stunning scene and as critical as watching how they were reacting and how the room
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reacted and went viral at one point and one of the guys behind donald trump's eyes bugged out when trump was going after secretary clinton. >> michael bloomberg sitting in front of donald trump, another one of his nemesis. that was equivalent to mark cuban being in the front row. >> became a punch line, hillary clinton, michael bloomberg. so nice, especially because it's always nice to see a billionaire. effectively, going after trump suggesting he's not one. there were all sorts of lines. rudy giuliani didn't enjoy the evening as evidenced by his expressions. >> hopefully, a lot of money. >> $6 billion. worth the smile. thank you very much, peter. hillary clinton about to hit the campaign trail for the first time in a week and will be in ohio. let's get the latest from the campaign trail. kristen is standing by. so absence since thursday but heavy hitter, michelle obama in arizona and filled the gap but now she's back on the trail.
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>> reporter: that's right. she's back on the trail, tamron, and campaign aides say she's going to be very busy in this final sprint to election day. today, the focus on early voting in ohio. as you said, at the top of the show, donald trump was winning ohio but now the polls are all tied up. the latest suffolk university poll shows both candidates getting 45%. so today, she's going to be urging voters to turn out to vote. early voting started in that state last wednesday and right now, it's outpacing where it was back in 2012. this was a critical part of the obama campaign strategy in 2012 and the clinton campaign really taking a page from that play book. early voting starting in a whole host of states including all-important iowa. there's been a lot of focus there as well. in terms of messaging, secretary clinton undoubtedly hitting donald trump for not being prepared to accept the election results and a lot think that was
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a fatal error on the part of donald trump but expect her message to be increasingly positive. she's going to increasingly talk about her policy positions and her goals and tamron, we're seeing that throughout in some of the ads she's been releasing and the reason for that is because they want to try to start to put her and pit her as a candidate going to be unifying once election day is over. they want to give voters to vote something for instead of just something to vote against. a lot of attention on battleground states but also those traditionally red states like arizona where you saw michelle obama yesterday, as you said, tamron, not impossible to perceive seeing secretary clinton there as well. although, the campaign said they haven't made a final decision about whether she'll actually go to arizona, tamron? >> thank you very much. first lady michelle obama hit the campaign trail in arizona yesterday. firing up yet another crowd with her now famous campaign speeches. >> we know every single vote
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matters. if you have any doubt about that, i want you to consider back in 2012, barack lost arizona, the state by 208,000 votes. when you break that number down, the difference between winning and losing the state was only about 63 votes per precinct. yeah. >> yeah. well, the real clear politics polling average has clinton up by 1.5 points in arizona. that's well within the margin of error on these polls but the small lead is notable considering the state has only voted for a democrat in the presidential race one time since world war ii. that was for bill clinton in '96. joined now by democratic congresswomanmeman congressman, thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. >> let's talk about the important voting blocs in your states. and how hillary clinton may pull off what will be certainly a major upset in arizona.
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who is she dpendiepending on in state at this point? >> i think that the court constituency for the democratic party needed to be energized, i think the first lady, bernie and chelsea have done a great job of infusing that energy into the state. core constituency, latinos underperform and need to turn out in arizona. this is a young state and overwhelmingly in support of hillary, they need to turn out. and communities of color, native american communities. working folk, core constituency. what the first lady did in energizing reached beyond the core constituency but talk directly to women, across political lines, to talk directly about the futures in front of us that we're not as a nation on the verge of destruction as trump tries to lay out as his primary scenario
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and talk to republicans and independents. that there is a place that if you want the kind of nation and government that is good for all of us, decent and civil, then this is where you need to come. you need to support hillary. i think all those aspects have not put arizona seriously in contention and more importantly, with momentum. early ballots, mail-ins, all indicating the democrats are outperforming expectations and if that continues, this state is going to go for hillary clinton and the be historic. >> the national says 83% of arizona hispanics are planning to vote in november. in 2012, it was a record 70% of all voters in arizona according to the association that were latino and this, i think, you know, with so much discussion regarding immigration and some
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of donald trump's comments, certainly, that may in the end motivate the hispanic vote in this country. it may be the difference maker here. >> there's no question that the latino presence in key states, battleground and other is going to be a key factor in hillary's victory. arizona has a history. we've been through the worst of immigration with sheriff arpaio and the list goes on. racial profiling. we have been through the worst. and i think not only latinos are energized but people that want to put this dark chapter behind us in arizona are energized and the repaiduatiediation we've be hearing is now our job to make sure the projection is
8:16 am
fulfilled. >> congressman, thank you. political reporter for "the new york times," nick. thank you. the awkward dinner for last night, how would you describe where we are entering this weekend? >> well, at the moment, we're headed towards a hillary clinton blowout, right? c the only major swing state he's closely neck and neck is actually ohio. he's close in florida but we're just looking at a real advantage for her across the board. i mean, he is behind in almost every swing state, i believe, and he has got to figure out a way to change this debate, change this conversation, and he's not going to do it by cracking jokes about how nasty and corrupt she is. he has to focus more on the rest of his message, i think. >> what else does he have in the arsenal at this point? they thought the e-mail server and these wikileaks would work
8:17 am
to his advantage, his campaign thought so. but with each e-mail that's leaked, the clinton campaign can go to russia's influence, the 17 intelligence agencies that have said it's russia and that puts donald trump on the hot seat of whether or not this is election rigging now by russia. >> i think the more he leans on wikileaks, the more is just presses the question of what wikileaks is up to and how involved russia is. i do think in theory there's some platonic ideal of a trump campaign at this point, probably has a lot to do with trade and elites and attacks on wall street's power and washington. his status as an outsider, work as a businessman. if he could hit those points over and over again for a week and a half or two weeks, i think a lot of supporters would probably be relieved and happy but the core of his supporters in the grassroots, the people who love the confrontation, love
8:18 am
the attacks, who love the way he kind of sticks it in the eye of people like us in the media, i think are enjoying that part of it and that's his problem. >> let's talk about the other problem for the party. you retweeted an early from free beacon and the title is crisis for the conservative intellectual. how populism displaced conservati conservatism. and congress is in recess until september, they've been in recess since september 28th here. what are you hearing from your sources? paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. are they counting down the 19 days like the rest of us. >> i think everybody is, tamron, but the real question is the post-trump party. trump is the most popular figure in his party by a long shot. he simply is. if you look at the polls yesterday from bloomberg, he is the towering figure in his party and this is partly a function of
8:19 am
the election and the nominee and well known but i don't think trump just goes away after this election and if he loses by a lot, i think he still doesn't go away. he's famous. he's well known. he's the carrier of these grievances for the base both against the elite and his own party. it's a powerful thing and really hard for him to imagine just walking away from that. >> again, if this race continues in the direction of the poll, you do have to wonder what happens to house republicans and senators who are republican. do they have this huge gap then between this and i bring this up. kelly ayotte is now down in her race fighting for her political life. she was up by 8 points at one point in typime and now down in the race but on the other end, we have the texas congressman brian babon and defended the
8:20 am
infamous lines of nasty woman. this is what he said in defense. >> he called her a nasty woman. >> well. >> is that appropriate? >> you know what? she's saying some nasty things. >> do you think it's appropriate to call her a nasty woman? >> i'm a gentle southerner. >> that means no? >> sometimes lady needs to be told when she's being nasty. >> oh, really? >> i do. >> i don't think anyone probably from his district would be offended by what he is saying there. i imagine hillary clinton is not popular in that particular part of texas. with that said, the larger issue of the kelly ayottes versus some of these members of congress, the house republicans who may still be trump fans if he loses. >> the point kind of made there is that trump drags his entire party that is on paper supporting him into a defense of whatever weird skirmish he gets
8:21 am
into that day. nasty, whatever. it's a waste of their time. i think they're better at separating themselves against donald trump or running against hillary in different ways. bob portman was probably the best example but if her advantage gets up to 8 or 10 points in that kind of a blowout, it's hard to separate when your campaign and nominee is doing that badly. >> thank you so much. we greatly appreciate you coming on. >> you too. how lgbt organizations use north carolina's bathroom bill to get out the vote. a live report from that battleground state where in-person early voting is in day two with long lines for two days and what may be the largest theft of government secrets ever. prosecutors say a former nsa contractor may have taken far more than even edward snowden and now that suspect is set to appear in federal court today.
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as in person early voting enters the second day, the state's so-called bathroom bill is back in the spotlight with advocates on both sides trying to get out the vote. joining me from raleigh is nbc's steve patterson with more what we're hearing on the ground and how this actually may motivate a bloc of voters we have not talked a lot about this election cycle, honestly. >> reporter: in a big way, good morning to you. from "the morning times" just talking to voters, spending time in the community. there was a recent monmouth poll found 70% of people in the state of north carolina found this hb-2, the so-called bathroom
8:26 am
bill, gives north carolina a bad reputation. a lot of people feel that it strips protections from lgbt people and one of the people is state rep chris grow. thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> do you think this issue in particular is going to drive a lot of people to the polls? >> absolutely. this is tarnished the reputation of north carolina and north carolinians are incredibly opposed to hb-2. we're seeing record numbers of lgbt people. it's the motivating factor in north carolina this cycle. >> reporter: what's the ground game look like for down ballot races, the presidential race, the hrc to do work? >> there's an lgbt led effort not just for hillary clinton to win but also to make sure that r roy cooper is in and to break the anti-equality in the general assembly because we have field staff and communicate with members to make sure they get out between now and november
8:27 am
8th. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. we spent the day in raleigh yesterday when early voting started. there were lines around the block. so we talked to education leaders, students, early voters and have much more coming up right here on msnbc. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. iraqi forces now within a few miles of mosul as they fight to retake the city from isis. this after an american soldier is killed first since the battle began. the latest from iraq and the soldier next. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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developing right now, the fight to take back the iraqi city of mosul from isis forces has claimed the life of an american soldier. the first american casualty. the pentagon said it was by an ied and this morning, a local tv crew caught this footage showing kurdish fighters exchanging gunfire with isis militants just
8:31 am
hours ago. security officials tell nbc that isis was with bombers and stormed security buildings and a power plant under construction killing a dozen engineers and construction. foreign correspondent, matt bradley and just within a few miles of mosul, as i understand it from experts, getting close to the city, surprisingly fast but it's what happens once they get inside. >> reporter: well, that's a very big question, tamron. nobody knows exactly because the situation in mosul is going to be so difficult with 1.2 million civilians thought to still be in the city but i want to talk what happened in kerrkuk the situation still live 14 hours after it started. the news we're getting here is there's still some isis militants holed up in some parts of that city. around dawn, 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.,
8:32 am
20 isis militants armed with kalashnikovs or small grenades into several security areas in the city and took over some of the buildings and also holed up in a hotel just ithe middle of town. most of those have been killed or routed out and only a few of them still remain according to security officials there. this, tamron, is a classic isis diversion narr diversionary and diverted the elite countersecurity forces from mosul, the main fight and brought them at least, some of the units down an hour away to kerkuk and shows isis, even though they're under siege in the holdings, in mosul, still able to launch attacks further afield and divert iraq's forces to areas where they shouldn't be. so this is showing how capable isis remains even in the face of massive assault. tamron? >> live for us in erbil, thank you so much for the very latest
8:33 am
there. and a court of voice is against the incest rape case. around the news nation this morning. over 60,000 people are calling for district judge john mck mckennon's impeachment for a man who admitted to raping his 12-year-old daughter. the alleged rapist is expected to spend just 43 days in jail with credit for time served despite a plea deal that could have sthnsentenced him to 25 ye. and an arrest for nsa contractor with one largest thefts of official secrets ever conducted. harold martin unmasked at least 500 million pages of government records an amount that dwarves what edward snowden stole but no evidence of a threat to national security, they say. coming up, president obama and first lady michelle obama have been campaigning in
8:34 am
battleground states as hillary clinton's most powerful surrogates. the first lady made an emotional plea in arizona. the president took a light hearted approach in florida. >> he demeans and humiliates women as if we're objects meant solely for pleasure and entertainment rather than human beings. >> you used to criticize me for even talking to the russians and now suddenly, you're okay with your nominee having a bromance with putin. >> up next, i'll talk about the impact the first couple is having on this race. live, wrote the definitive obama biography. , i do. you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer.
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president obama returns to the campaign trail for hillary clinton on sunday. it was yesterday he and the first lady rallied supporters at separate events. the president in miami, the first lady in phoenix each slamming donald trump for ratcheting up claims that the election will be rigged in
8:38 am
saying he will only accept the results if he wins. >> when you try to sew the seeds of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. then you're doing the work of our adversaries for them. >> you do not keep american democracy in suspense. because look, too many people have marched and protested and fought and died for this democracy. >> joining me is author of "barack obama: the story." thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> you've written the definitive book on barack obama and with the studying and research and everything you put into knowing barack obama, michelle obama, did you see this tag team coming? did you see the makings of what
8:39 am
we're witnessing now in this campaign trail with both of them? >> you know, two years ago, most people would have said no but barack obama has a different sense of time than most people and his time has come around again. it's kind of extraordinary, this tag team. you've got president obama as making the political case and michelle obama really making the moral case which is quite unusual. she's able to draw back, as we just heard, into the civil rights movement, and also draw on the fact for 8 years, she's been a pretty exemplary first lady with no taint or any problems around her so they're making a case not often made by a president and incumbent president and first lady for someone who wants to succeed them. certainly true for al gore and john mccain in 2008. it's really quite a pair that hillary has working with her.
8:40 am
>> the president often jokes that he married michelle obama to increase the gene pool to have brilliant daughters. do you believe he is encouraging her to take on this role or is it the climate, particularly, these conversations that we're having about women and the nature of assault as it has come into this political discourse now? >> i think it's both of those. although, to the first part of her and him encouraging her, i don't think that's the way their marriage works. i don't think he needs to encourage her. i think she grew into the role and feels much more comfortable in the political world. nas not to say she's going to like hillary clinton to move into electoral politics herself but speaks comfortable speaking out on issues and against donald trump. >> on the campaign trail, any way to read the tea leaves in
8:41 am
what this means for the next version of the obama couple? >> well, who knows? i mean, they're going to be very young when they leave the white house. i know that the president will spend the next few years writing his next memoir and also dealing on some issues that mean the most to him. including redistricting and gun control and economic inequality. what michelle does next is, i think, questions that's going to be asked more and more over the next couple of months. as i said, i still am reluctant to think that she's going to go into electoral politics herself. >> david, can't wait to see your next book because it seems like you have a lot to follow up given the climate of what we've seen. >> thank you, tamron. >> thank you, david. up next, a look back at the best moments from yet another wild week in politics. political analyst charlie cook said the gop handed its car keys to donald trump, drove it
8:42 am
off a cliff. now can republicans repair the damage? and the race is not over. now democrats cannot relax even though the polls show hillary clinton with a decent lead. that's next with nbc senior political editor mark murray. fi. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. ♪ theeverything your familyard touches sticks with them.. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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we're back with our daily briefing of politics. yet another wild week of campaign. donald trump's refusal to say whether he accepted a loss making the headline. are you ready? hold on. here's the week that was. >> it's great to be here with a thousand wonderful people or as i call it, a small intimate dinner with some friends. or as hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season. >> people look at the statue of liberty and see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of
8:46 am
immigrants. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. >> there is a tradition in this country, in fact, one of the prides of this country is the peaceful transition of power. are you saying you're not prepared? >> what i'm saying is i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. look, from everything i see, has no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> even though we're doing pretty good in the polls, i don't believe them. believe me, folks, we're doing great. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even, you could even rig america's elections. i invite mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> senior political editor mark murray. a perfect ending there. making the case for the votes.
8:47 am
seems as if donald trump has to come up with a strategy to get on message. hillary clinton has to make sure democrats don't feel so comfortable in the polls that show her leading. how do you see it, mark? >> and tamron, it's all about mobilizing your voters and getting them to go in the key battleground states and it's interesting you have hillary clinton in cleveland today in early vote. ohio's holding early vote right now and donald trump, meanwhile, campaigning in places like north carolina and pennsylvania and smaller areas in those states, almost playing more to his base right now and that's where things are with hillary clinton with the significant lead in the polls including in the battlegrounds, tamron. >> going to charlie cook's column. of course, he's one of the first republicans to take on donald trump and he said that for the, basically, that donald trump is, he's got the keys handed over to him by republicans and going off the cliff. from your sources, from the party, do you believe they've given up? do they not see a way ahead for
8:48 am
donald trump? >> no one has given up. again, we have election day for a reason. we'll count all the votes then and make the calls on the race and go from there but already starting to be some autopsies with donald trump trailing with the republican party and maybe not as good as they were two years ago on what ended up happening and one of the problems charlie cook was alluding to is the republican artery has taken on some issues or also ended up nominating a presidential nominee who, while incredibly popular with republicans, not with the rest country including in the middle and that is the fundamental issue for republicans right now in presidential contest is you have donald trump popular with the republicans but not with anyone else. >> there's some polling out mark with "morning joe" showing if he loses, only 39% of republicans would go along with donald trump. that they were prepared for other leaders to arise or evolve
8:49 am
out of all of this in the republican party. >> tamron, i think that's a great question. if donald trump ends up losing, what happens to the republican party? does the paul ryan wing end up becoming dom naninant or ted cr again, do we see a moderate republican kind of in a john huntsman mold and i think there's different ways in which the republican party can go but we often see there is change. if a party ends up losing three consecutive presidential elections, usually kind of an introspection and change. >> moving closely to the two-week mark. this race is not over and as you pointed out, still about getting out the base and in some cases, reaching beyond that. that's needed. mark, we appreciate it. >> thank you, tamron. we'll be back with more and today's "born in the usa." pretty cool one. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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stories. today, a new restaurant is trying to help americans deal with 2016 election depression. yes, apparently it is a real thing. this presidential race has been going on for 19 months. it's the first major candidate ted cruz declared his candidacy. a new poll finds 80% of likely voters are embarrassed by the race. 70% think it is so bad that it will hurt america's standing in the world. a new restaurant has spokopened new york city called "murica" meant to heal the nation with food. >> thanks for having us. >> at least ten friends have defriended someone on facebook, or no longer speak to people as a result of the election. >> crazy. >> it is. you guys found what i don't
8:54 am
think is the antidote to the pain. >> absolutely. >> it's food? >> it's food, fun, jokes and not taking it so much to heart. we are all still americans at the end of the day. >> it's because of the discussions we were having at my place. zack owns another restaurant on the same block. he used to come to get away for a break. >> talk pop culture, religion. >> what donald trump is trying to initiate. the divisiveness between muslims and christians. then conversation went to religion. then zack has been asking questions. we found we have so much similarity. >> which is interesting. the rule is at dinner you're not supposed to talk religion or politics. >> we break the rules. >> we became friends. then it was okay.
8:55 am
there were so many similarities between us that neither of us, i guess, really realized this before. certainly not zack. then we said -- he came up with theed in. he said, i'm all for it. let's do it. >> the decor of the restaurant in new york's east village. stop by. we have political cartoons, a decommissioned assault rifle. >> we do. >> why? >> because guns are a big part of american culture, such a conversation and sticking point. we thought it would be fun if we had one and planted flowers in it. it's an ode to what our country talks about every day and what we need excited or angry about. any and all of those things. >> all people are welcome here. open dialogue. it's not closed off.
8:56 am
you play fair with the cup cakes. there is a hillary clinton, a donald trump and two obamas. >> those are the miss-ubama. whether you love or hate him, in three months you will miss him. >> you have real american cuisine like burgers. >> yes, absolutely. we have fried chicken, steak, hamburgers. >> do some people go for the hillary clinton or the donald trump cup cake? >> sometimes people eat trump out of hatred and rage. >> oh. it's hard to tell. >> unscientific poll. that's not political commentary, just a cup cake. stand down. as you pointed out this is to bring peace. all are welcome.
8:57 am
>> absolutely. >> having a political conversation doesn't mean there is a food fight. >> of course not. >> congratulations on this. next time bring food. >> of course. >> goodness. we'll be right back after this. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ people would ask me that we traveled,ntries what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. thank you so much for watching this hour of msnbc live. we appreciate you being with us all week long 11:00 eastern. we'll be back on monday. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," bitter roast. 24 hours after the angry debate the vitriol lingering at an annual catholic charity dinner. until now it was known for self-deprecating political humor. >> hillary is so


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