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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  October 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election
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if i win. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." if he wins. that's the theme of the trump campaign these days and in about an hour donald trump will give a speech in the historic gettysburg, pennsylvania, the site of abraham lincoln's address. it will be a serious policy speech outlining trump's plan for his first 100 days as president if he wins. the speech comes after trump promised to keep us in suspense about whether he'll accept the results of the election. trump surrogates then spent the next two days trying to rationalize his f hiremarks. >> you were asking directly. you said, yes, of course, we'll respect the outcome of the debate. why does that change after the debate? >> it doesn't change for me. what i said, willie, absent evidence of widespread voter
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fraud or irregularities or malfeasance, that's the conditions i'm giving. that's what mr. trump is saying. he has to take a look and see. >> trump's comments about a rigged election have been sharply criticized by some republicans and lots of democrats including president obama. >> this is more than just the usual standard lie. that is dangerous. because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. then you're doing the work of our adversaries for them. >> but trump's voters agree with him. a new "huffington post" u-dub survey finds th57% say. according to a surveymonkey poll
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survey, 45% republicans say they might not accept the election results if their candidate loses compared to 16% democrats. and, steve, i'm going to go to you because you have the disadvantage of not only being with us but being the only dude on the panel. we're going to marginalize and make you answer for donald trump. it's always nice to see you, my friend. >> thank you. >> let's start with the debate when chris wallace asked trump directly if he'd accept the election results. take a listen. >> sir, this is a tradition in this country is the peaceful transition of power and that no matter how hard fought a campaign is, that at the end of the campaign, the loser concedes to the winner.
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not necessarily saying you're going to be the loser or the winner but that the loser concedes to the winner and that the country comes together in part for the good of the country. are you saying you're not prepared now? >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> steve, why is your candidate doing that? why is he throwing doubt as to the results of the election? >> joy, listen. i'll be the first to concede. i didn't like the answer. i did like how he clarified the next day. saying i'll keep you in suspense makes it a game and it's not game at all. i didn't like the answer. if there was a prize for it, i would concede he won the 12 rounds. having said that he clarified the very next day. i think it's unfair. a lot of shows do it. you just did. you play a clip from ohio where he was being funny.
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he then went on and gave a searsous quote. he said as always i will follow and abide all the rules and traditions of the many candidates who have come before me always, so he gave a very serious answer that, of course, if we lose clearly, but i don't expect that. we're hopeful and confident we're going to win. if we lose, of course, we will accept that decision. i don't think there's a story. >> crystal ball, everybody's face -- >> i would be gracious if she won at least one round. >> is that what you're hearing? we all love steve here. not sure if everyone believes this. this is just after the debate in the spin room because this is what she said. she went in a different
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direction. >> do you remember bill gore in 2000? nobody says ahead of time that they're going to contest the election. al gore did. he conceded the election to george w. bush and then he retracted his concession and went all the way to the supreme court. >> it was, you know, the d question of whether tore stop and recount. it sounds to me like what kellyanne conway is setting up as opposed to what steve said is the possibility of contesting the election in court. >> yeah. i think she was trying to figure out some way to dig out of the massive hole that trump dug for himself. what was really incredible about the debate and the things he has been saying in his rallies over and over again, chris wallace gave him a second shot at that answer, basically, do you really want to go there? is that what you really want to say? trump said, yeah, i'm going to keep you in suspense. what's so dangerous here, when
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you look at the polling, donald trump has a lot of power with his base. they want to believe him. whether he completely changes the republican party on trade or convinces evangelicals that suddenly they don't care about your moral character but your supreme court, he has a lot of power. you see a lot of republicans saying they don't know if they're going to accept the election results. that's a scary thing. he's already planted that and the damage is done in many ways. >> not only do we have these ideas of the voters. people saying things like we want revolution and pitch forks in the streets if trump doesn't whip, you also have trump allies, not only roger saying people should watch certain communities and the polls but even russia who we understand to be amenable to a trump prez den circumstance claiming they want to send monitors to watch the elections. three states have denied it, of
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the russians coming to watch our elections. how dangerous is thissome. >> it's incredibly dangerous. let's not forget, he's talking about inner cities. the inner cities are going to steal the election. >> what's that? >> that's some dog whistle coded language. it makes it incredibly dangerous because when you tell people -- look. he said this at the rally most recently, but the last ten days, two weeks, he's been very clear about the election. >> everything's rigged. >> everything's rig. so when you're telling your voters, hey, this election is rigged, you're seth a hard kor base. they listen to him. he kind of does what he says. >> when you listen carefully, he's not talking about polling place irregularities. of course, we should all watch. >> he specifically said that. >> we should all watch polling
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places. both sides shouchltd that's why we have election judges. of course there is chicanery at the polling places. i live in chicago where sadly that's the tradition. make no mistake, i'm not saying that at all. when he's talking about a rigged election he's talking about a rigged system in washington, d.c., a crony system that exists for its own benefit to the benefit of the media. >> why is he specifically telling reporters to go to certain communities and watch polls? >> polls should be watched everywhere. >> not by the republican party. they're under a consent decree because they've been caught in acts of voter intimidation. i'll read a little bit about this. a lawsuit brought by democrats, the rnc curbed the efforts to monitor and challenge the eligibility especially in the districts where the electorate could be a factor in the outcome. rnc council ryder has talked
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about the restrigsstrictiorestr. i want to get jay in here. >> this is a way to drive the base out, get him to the bolls when he doesn't have the benefit of a huge voter organization like hillary clinton does. it gets them excited. everyone will say when you look atz the election, enthusiasm numbers are the key demographic that you look at going into the actual voting day, right? how many are going to show up at the polls? how many are going to drive grandma to the polls or take care of the kids as you go to vote. that enthusiasm number is key here. there's a reuters poll that came out yesterday that shows this poll is resonating with his base, it's getting them enthused, riled up, and it will get them out to the polls come election day. my theory, this is his way of getting people to the polls. >> that's an interesting point. at the same time getting people to the polls, no doubt about it.
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you're seeing a lot, krystal, of the language trump is using. you have speaker paul ryan who came out with a statement that interestingly enough didn't come from ryan itself. it came from his spokesperson, ashley strong, who said our democracy relies on confidence in election results. and john mccain said the follow. i didn't like the outcome of the election in 2011. did so but not without reluctance. it's not just graciousness but an act of -- you have rchs really running way from this language. >> a couple of them. a few. not a lot. that's the thing to me. okay, you stood by him when he was denigrating the minorities and disabled and veterans and women and now you're going to stand by him when he denigrates democracy. i've been amazed.
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i thought for sure after the debate there would be another flood of republicans coming out to say, this is not my view. the problem is they can't do that. they set up this argument, this idea that we've got to have voter i.d. and restrict the vote because there's problems here and we have to add voter integrity. so when trump goes to the next step which he does and says outright the thing is rigged, of course, voters say he's speaking truth to power. that's exactly what the republican party set their base up to believe. >> this is sort of just a continuation. you could argue the republican party has been a successful campaign for 50 years to denigrate the government. it used to be working for the man in the 1950s was considered something great, good, something to be proud of. republicans say, no, working for the man is bad, equals excess and horrible things and this is just another way of undermining the system, that the system is wrong, broken, throw the whole
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thing out and move on, and that's what get -- >> by the way, on that score -- on that score, i'll say guilty as charged. the system is wrong. we have a crony capitalist system in washington, d.c. four of the five wealthiest counties in america are in the d.c. area. what does that tell you?ital is acting like the capital in "the hunger games.." >> who controls it? congress. and who controls congress? republicans. >> that's right. >> a lot of republicans are complicit in this. you mentioned prominent republicans who have said very critical things of mr. trump during that campaign. i think i've spent more time arguing with prominent republicans than democrats. that's because we're the outsiders in this race. >> republicans are not the outsiders in the race. they control the house and the united states senate and about
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26 governorships. how can republicans simultaneously argue as other states attorney general have that they can simultaneously argue there's widespread voter fraud so we need to clamp down and make it harder for people to vote and the system is rigged but you should also trust the system if we win. >> when recalling i.d., i think that's a red herring. >> i think it's demeaning to make it hard to vote. >> are you telling me if i -- >> a lot of people do not have the i.d. that's needed to vote and it's been made difficult for them. in some place in north carolina, they put the place where you get i.d. far away which makes it difficult. >> if you can't buy beer without i.d., you shouldn't be able to vote. >> we'll have you back. coming up, donald trump's bromance with vladimir putin and
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well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet. >> no pub ppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> the candidates may disagree about exactly who was more muppetational, but as hillary clinton pointed out during the debate it's pretty clear who's been pulling the strings when it comes to wikileaks release of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. they have hacked american websites, american accounts of private people, of institutions.
7:19 am
then they have given that information to wikileaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet. this has come from the highest levels of the russian government, clearly from putin himself, in an effort as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed to influence our election. >> jay newton-small is with me as is steve cortes and malcolm. malcolm, i want to start with you. >> good morning. >> good morning. i just want to work out with you my own personal anxiety about these wikileaks documents. i'm uncomfortable with them partly because of what you said many weeks ago on this show. there's no way for us to know once a document comes that comes through the fsb, how much is authentic, how much of it is edited, weird, fachlkt since we don't really know, how much
7:20 am
confidence can we have in the content? >> well, you can have zero confidence. actually it was july 27th that we made the pronunciation that when you hack information from your opponent, let's say your russian intelligence, what you want to do is get a stream of real information, but within that stream you're going have selectively edited or selectively timed releases of data which will make your opponent look bad. some of that is real but within that stream of real there's always false documents. we've already seen false documents edited by the fsb and trump supporters. >> you know, i want to play -- marco rubio, of course no fan of hillary clinton and he's only a new fan of donald trump, he talked a little bit about wikileaks and his own discomfort with it. let's take a listen to marco rubio. >> i personally will not be
7:21 am
talking about any revelations that come about solely as a result of wikileaks. our intelligence officials who are not partisan people have told us this is the work of the foreign intelligence agency. what i would say to some of my colleagues, today it's them. tomorrow it could be us. >> steve, do you share that discomfort? right now it's obvious that julian assange and russia desires to see donald trump as president. it's pretty clear. all of the hacks were of the democratic organizations or entities. there's nothing that comes out that's negative to donald trump. that's pretty clear. as marco rubio correctly pointed out, maybe julian assange won't get whatever he thinks he would get out of a trump administration and then he turns on your dream. are you comfortable with being in bed with these particular leakers? >> no, osk, i'm never
7:22 am
comfortable being in bed with hackers. they're criminals. one of the main reasons she's unfit is the fact she had a private e-mail server that tens of thousands of e-mails have permanently disappeared by her deliberate actions and that tells me by the way of her susceptibility of being hacked that she put herself and by extension our national security at enormous risk. so i don't think i need to go down the packet of the content of wikileaks. we know how reckless she was and this hacking risk is very real as we can see. >> you know what's interesting about what you just said, steve? hillary clinton's e-mails weren't hacked. we know they were hacked. it seems that hillary carolina tonight's private e-mail server were safer than the government servers broken into. so it's interesting to say -- >> we don't know. >> the fbi spent a year and a half investigating hillary clinton and they said very
7:23 am
explicitly. i don't think jam comey is a democratic party. he's a republican. they could find no evidence that her servers were hacked. let me go to you on that, malcolm. it seems the only server that had any question in relation to the government was hillary clinton's private e-mail server. right. and you can see the outlines of how russian intelligence agencies, their version of nsa, russian military intelligence of the kgb -- fsb as we call them now, how they didn't get into the server or allow targeting at the time to penetrate the serve. what they've done is a circle of intercepts around her by people who would have access to the key information she would have communicated with. so they went to softer faster easier targets. that's how we would do it if we were focusing on an individual like trying to get putin's input on things. we would go to people who use e-mail. so for the most part.
7:24 am
hillary doesn't have to actually be -- you know, actually have to get into her server to get information related to her as we're seeing on these hacks. but then again this is a russian intelligence agency, targeting the united states in an active cyber warfare operation. and if you side with that. if you side with wikileaks. that's what you're asking for. >> on the journalism front, we are in an awkward position. it's stolen documents, fruits of a theft. a foreign government. adversary of the united states and yet the media is eagerly plowing through. we're eagerly reading through hillary clinton's trash ultimately. >> it's sort of a -- it's a very tough situation because on the one hand there's a long tradition of whistle blowing in the united states. i've received documents from people on the hill and i know where the providence comes from. for example, donald trump's
7:25 am
taxes were sent in a blarng envelope to "the new york times," but we also make efforts to validate those documents before we run with them. that's the danger here. i never ran with a document i never beforehand validated because i wanted to make sure what i leaked was correct and the danger with running with incorrect documents, you saw with cbs, for example, dan rather, he went with faked documents and the story turned out to be completely false and we're talking with a government that has an agenda in this election, so you know there's incentive to doctor those documents and it's actually dangerous. >> it's had impact on the real life just as some of the edward sno snowden leaks about our allies and countries we have do business with in the world. you've now had political reporting this week that hillary clinton's relationship with some organizations on the left are being damaged by these
7:26 am
revelations. that's just a product of leaks, as you said. watergate, everything else, we rely on the leaks, but are they having a consequence on hillary clinton politically? >> absolutely. it's to drive her polling numbers down and drive a wedge in her party. they're having the intended effect. some liberal groups are very upset about this. >> forget about leaks. what she has said publicly, i find it fascinating. it's almost like the cold war has been flipped on its head. we have no illusions in the trump camp thrussia that russia dear friend. she's plunging head first into war with russia, talking about a no-fly zone. i believe if she becomes president, we're going to be in an armed conflict with russia. >> when has she said she wants
7:27 am
to be in an armed conflict with russia? >> she wants a no-fly zone in russia? >> in russia? >> syria. >> let me ask you this. what do you make of what steve just said. >> well, certainly, you know, i don't believe hillary clinton wants go to war with russia. that talk right there, that talk and nato and allowing troush have free rein in eastern europe and syria, that shows the talk of the kremlin. it would have been a traditional conservative campaign and turned it into a mouthpiece for foundation. all of that warhawk talk, sputnik, organization very close to the campaign, utterly amazing how you've said the democratic
7:28 am
party has become a party of the nationalism and the trump campaign have become active sur gates. >> sean hannity suddenly defending wikileaks, somebody he wanted jailed ten years ago in julian asaunsangeassange. you have republicans defending julian assange. >> we won't even get into that. thank you very much. coming up, donald trump says the accusations of groping and unwanted sexual contact by him have been debunked. have they really? stay with us. way to get your fiber.le try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. they get their ten minutes of fame, but it was all fiction. it was lies and it was fiction. again on wednesday donald trump attacked the women who publicly accused him of sexual
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misconduct. trump has denied all the allegations levied against him, allegations like these. >> all of a sudden his hands were all over me. when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. that was it. >> he pushed me up against the wall and had his hands all over me and tried to get up my dress again. >> the person on my right, who unbeknownst to me at this time was donald trump, put their hands up my skirt. >> trump and his team have been litigating each allegation in the court of public opinions since the first accuser came forward about two week week s a. >> they say the accusers came from the hillary clinton machine and he said one wasn't attractive enough to warrant his
7:33 am
attention. the ruling of all of the women's stories have, in fact, been debunked. >> first of all those stories have been largely debunked. >> fake story to be debunked a few days later. >> they're false stories. i didn't apologize to my wife because i didn't do anything. >> jessica, a passenger on the plane, debunked. >> challenged is a more fair characterization. debunked means proven wrong. >> generally debunked means indisputably false which has not happened. so what's the donald's proof that they're lying. >> no one has more respect for women than i do. nobody. >> please, everybody. >> now, after the break, i will talk with the attorney gloria allred about her client's new
7:34 am
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mr. trump, perhaps you do not remember me or what you did to me so many years ago. but i can assure you i remember what you did to me like it was yesterday. >> later today an 11th woman will hold a press conference over inappropriate sexual conduct two days after the tenth woman came forward on thursday. during thursday's debate donald trump categorically denied that any of the sexual allegations against him are true cat gore
7:38 am
iegz them as debunked. the yoga instructor said he grabbed her by the arm and touched her breast while she waited by the car at the 1998 u.s. open. >> i was in shock. i flinched. don't you know who i am. don't you know who i am. that's what he said to me. i felt intimidated and i felt powerless. >> in a statement the trump campaign dismissed the allegation and virginia's lawyer gloria allred as, quote, a discredited political operative. our standard requires us to tell you gloria is a lock-time clinton supporter and did serve
7:39 am
at the democratic convention. gloria, what can you tell us about this 11th allegation, this next woman, your new client, and what she will allege that trump did to her today. >> well, joy, i will allow her to say that -- and tell what she alleges mr. trump did to her, what the interaction was a little bit later today, but i would like to say that i think that the -- that everyone knows that i have in the past 40 years as a woman's rights attorney criticized both democrats and republicans, so i'm not just singling out donald trump because i have pubically criticized mayor bob dillner who was the mayor of san diego and he had to resign in the mediation of our lauchlt 19 women came forward to make
7:40 am
allegations against him. i also criticized democrat anthony weiner when he was a congressman for the sexting that he did. i have criticized many republicans as well. i'm not an operative. i've had no contact with the clinton campaign in reference to the women who have come forward. they don't tell me what to do. i don't tell them what to do. no contact whatsoever. but i believe these women are entitled to have a voice, to speak out. and i commend them for their courage in doing so. >> i think that's an important point to make because that is the allegation that the trump camp is making about you. when you look at the accusers, ten so far -- these are a lot of wom
7:41 am
women. could -- >> they don't want to be accountable for what the women allege they have done to them. you could roll out that line before any women speak or in anticipation of women speaking. the same question posed on the accusers of bill cosby and the accusers of many other men. how many women is it going to take before women are believed over the denial of one man, or is one man going to be believed over the accusations of 11 women or more? we'll have to wait and see. >> have you ever had a case in all of the years -- and you've been doing this for quite a long time, gloria -- have you ever had a case where the man in
7:42 am
question, where it's filner or cosby or any other man, where you had the man on the tape describing the way he gropes women as the way that it's described in the 2005 tape from acce "access hollywood"? >> no. but he admitted under oath giving quaaludes to women to have sex, although he didn't say whether or notice it was with their consent. here instead of having the deposition testimony, we have the "access hollywood" tape which was released, and now what the women are saying all of these accusers is completely consistent, joy, with what mr. trump said on that "access hollywood" tape, except now he is alleging that he didn't act on what he said and he has complete respect for women. how is it reaffect for women if, in fact, the women are alleged
7:43 am
that he grabbed their breasts, that he grabbed their vagina, that he kissed them without their consent, tried to get them into the bedroom? that's not respect for women. it's utter and complete disrespect if it's true. >> i want to play one other sound bite on what she did expect to happen once she came forward and told her story. take a listen. >> i have been advised that mr. trump will probably call me a liar just as he called all the other women liars who have made accusations against him or perhaps he will label me as just another nasty woman. >> and that last bit there could be a reference to what donald trump said about hillary clinton, called her a nasty woman during the debate. but in terms of these women who have come forward, the trump campaign claims they're seeking
7:44 am
publicity. has karena virginia received any kind of publicity for coming forward? >> that's an important point, joy. no. she's not seeking fame. she's not giving any interviews. she made her statement at the press conference and that's it. in addition, that was also the case with another who came forward, the former candidate on "the apprentice" of whom mr. trump says he has a vague recollection. no, she hasn't done any interviews since then. these women didn't sell their story. they didn't do it. they didn't do it for money. they they didn't do it for fame. why is mr. trump running for president anyway? is he doing it for fame? to increase and monetize his brand after the election? one might ask the same question about him. but this is not true of the women who have come forward, at
7:45 am
least come forward with me. again, as they say in certain parts of the country, that dog won't hunt. >> gloria allred, we will all be watching for your press conference later on today. thank you very much for being here and we'll wait to hear what your client has to say later on. >> thank you. all right. in our next hour. the great lawrence o'donnell will be here to preview donald trump's gettysburg address -- i hay to say address. gettysburg speech. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf
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the conversation does not end, here folks. join me on all social media platforms and thanks for all the tweets who helped us trend nationally for seven consecutive weeks. follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram and snapchat and up next, amy goodman, host of "democracy now" was arrested for committing
7:49 am
journalism. she joins me live next. stay with us.
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the judge's decision to reject the states attorney erickson's attempt to prosecute a journalist, in this case, me, is a great vindication of the first amendment and of our right to report. >> supporters of a free press got a victory this week when a judge refused to authorize riot charges against journalist amy goodman. they continue to fight a pipeline that they say destroys tribal land and threatens their drinking water. it stems from an incident when a private security for a pipeline company responded to protesters with dogs and pepper spray.
7:53 am
goodman's syndicated show "democracy now" exposed a clash that went video and made headlines across the globe. amy goodman joining me now. >> it's so great to be back with you, joy. >> it's good to see you. talk about this. i don't think i've ever heard of a prosecutor or sheriff's department or police department going after a journalist and tried to prosecute them for reporting a story. >> let's go back to labor day weekend. you were one of the first ones to report when came back. we go to this area of north dakota, the standing rocks sioux triechblt they challenge this $3.8 billion dakota access pipeline. on saturday, labor day weekend, we were following native americans. we went up and saw the whole area was being excavated of their sacred sites and they were telling the bulldozers operating
7:54 am
with full gear, they never expected this to happen on labor day weekend, to stop. it was at that point security guards unleashed dogs and pepper spray on them. you saw a dog on "democracy now" whose mouth and nose were dripping with blood. they were bietsing the proterses and guards were pushing them back into the crowd. we showed you that video, went back to new york. five days later the prosecutor issues an arrest warrant for me and charges me with criminal trespass. a month later this past week i go back to answer this charge. as i land in bismarck, north dakota, i learn the prosecutor dropped the charge says all along there's no evidence. then the judge threw it out. a huge vindication of the first amendment. and most importantly the public's right to know in this case about this ethic struggle of native americans and non-nato-
7:55 am
non-nato-allies takes on climate change. >> you have a video. dakota access pipeline is a private company. >> yes. >> you essentially have the sheriff and the prosecutor -- are they acting in your view in defense of it? >> the native americans were constantly schajing. mind you it was challenged and bismarcked. they also didn't want their water pollute. they say if it goes in the missouri river and something happens to the longest river in north america, you're talk 10g million people affected. >> north dakota, south dakota, iowa, illinois. >> and they are constantly saying when they come up against the police, a very militarized police force. they're saying who are you protecting? we deserve protection, too, they say. >> wanltd to play another piece of video from "democracy now," you played on monday.
7:56 am
co-day hall described being strip search and held for three days without bail or bond in the county jail. take a listen. >> i was met with the stace police and of course the marin county people are there to book people and from there started the process of the booking and again, you know, went into a private room where they ask you to get naked, you know, they had my arms kind of like a -- they extend your arms out. >> so this is still happening. >> i mean what's amazing here, we interviewed david archambault, shailene woodley, the famous actress, all of them arrested. we're talking lowest level. here's the chair of the tribe brought into the prison and strip searched. another was charged with
7:57 am
disorderly conduct. she was strip searched. shailene woodley, we know who she is, strip searched. we're talking about the humiliation of the people standing around here about an issue we're dealing with all over the country. how do we move forward on this practice. this practice of strip searching particularly the native americans, it's a total humiliation of a group of people who are simply demanding the same as people in bismarck and other places. >> and for you personally there could still be more charges. >> what's astounding is after the judge ruling and rejected the charges for a second time, as we flew out of business marx we heard that the sheriff, sheriff kirk meyer, the state's attorney, erickson, they say they're looking into other charges. they're not stopping. they're attempting to intimidate the press. their message -- this goes way beyond me -- is to reporters do, not come to north dakota.
7:58 am
this is an epic battle that all the media should be flocking to north dakota to cover. >> absolutely. i think when the messages do not come to north dakota, i think the media should hear go to north dakota. we would to love have you back. still to come, lawrence o'donnell will bring the last word to "am joy." and we're awaiting a live conference from donald trump. unwanted gas. finally. switch to mirafiber. from the makers of miralax. for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you ... at the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ...
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8:01 am
honest abe. honest abe, he never lied. that's a good thing. that's a big difference between abraham lincoln and you. that's a big, big difference. that's some difference. >> welcome back to "am joy." we'll be hearing donald trump talk about the big, big difference. he'll deliver his own version of
8:02 am
an address at gettysburg at noon today. with the election two weeks from today he'll make an 11th hour appeal in what he calls his closing pitch to the sloeters. the trump speech in gettysburg will lay out the plan for the first 100 days in office should he win and we can expect to hear material we haven't heard from him before. while trump hopes that they'll hear shades of abraham lincoln, what many people will always hear when they think of donald trump will be the infamous tape that surfaced two score and one day ago. >> leakike a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> i'm joined by lawrence o'donnell. i'm disturbed every time i hear that tape, it's so off-putting and weird. since that tape came out, donald
8:03 am
trump has tried various methods of resetting his image in the american mind but that tape is so omnipresent in the thoughts of people when they think of donald trump. >> i don't want people to forget that tape especially as the conversation continues about his allegations of sexual assault by him. you had gloria allred on earlier. the allegations are going to continue again today. she has someone else. so this is -- i have this fear about the public mind and its ability to retain things over time. and it's so -- you know, 90 days ago in news now is ancient history. people forget so much. we do have to, at least a couple of times day, at least in my show, replay that tape. this is what we're talk about. he admitted to this. it's not just admitted. it's not like, oh, they dragged it out of him and the cops worked him for hours and he finally cracked and he said this
8:04 am
thing. it's no, no. he boasted about it. >> right. >> and that is what criminals do backstage in their lives. they boast about the stuff that they do. and so it should never be forgotten. he would be impeached if he was the president caught on tape saying that. bob packwood was expelled from the united states senate. he resigned days before he was to be expelled for less than that. he was never on tape saying that. he was accused of not grabbing people that way but trying to kiss women against their will and bob packwood's defense was not that they're all liars. his defense was i was having a lot of trouble with alcohol at the time and i don't really remember. he didn't attack the women. according to him he's never been
8:05 am
drunk. >> you know, i wonder also -- you are a lawyer, i'm not. >> you know what? my father was a boston cop, went to law school nights. my brothers are lawyers. my little sister's a lawyer. i'm the only one. >> you're the only one. >> i'm the only one who's not. >> well, we consider you one. >> i'm barely a college graduate. >> if he were to defy the incredible odds that which are 90% against him and win the white house and somebody were to file a sexual harassment soon against him per the paula jones president, he could be a sitting president. so these are not just frivolous questions. these are questions that could come up if he were to become president. >> yeah. and according to republican standards for impeachment,
8:06 am
donald trump already meets them. so, yeah, it looks like we're going to be spared is this ordeal. and, in fact, you know, during the period where chris christie was supposed to be working on the transition and picking himself for attorney general, and, of course, could never be confirmed, instead donald trump will be testifying in his fraud trial about trump university. that's going to be right after thanksgiving. that's the next stage of the trump show for america. >> and the thing is, what's ironic about that, if you had chris christie at the republican convention giving the guilty, guilty, guilty salem witch trial speech, but to return to this idea of gettysburg, donald trump going to gettysburg, all of the ironies there, i have a copy, thank you very much for bringing it. >> i bring it with me. it's one page. it's easy to carry with you. i think trump's is going to be
8:07 am
longer. >> lincoln wasn't even the keynote speaker at the gettysburg address. he gave a brief speechlt there are phrases from it we remember to this day, talking about the country's living up to its founding creed. the idea of somebody who is largely supported by people in the deep south who probably detest abraham lincoln to this day is running quite a divisive campaign whereas lincoln's whole purpose was getting country back together. the ironies for you. >> this is where the trump campaign proves every day it's being run by high school boys, and i mean that as kind of label to include everyone including the women working there because it has that high school boy mentality of juvenile and delinquent in its way. and so if adults were doing it and trump had been this
8:08 am
disruptive to our process, including disruptive enough to say i don't know if i'll accept the results of the election, go to that level of outrage and you say, hey, the one place we shouldn't do it is gettysburg because there are going to be comparisons to that guy who spoke there if the exact opposite spirit of donald trump and so why don't we go someplace where we're not going to draw that comparison. >> even from a campaign tactile point of view, donald trump is losing pennsylvania in epic fashion, right? all polls show him being destroyed in that state. >> but it's a short flight, okay? >> he could be back at trump tower. >> he's 70 years old. he's known to be a lazy man who prefers a life in pajamas with ice cream. so it's gettysburg. why fly all the way to arizona and try to do a struggle where michelle obama has just been out there. believe me, i think the rest of
8:09 am
the campaign, judge this by how long did it take to get there and that's going to be the explainer of why he's there. it's not going to be electoral college, battleground statement ice going to be how much does this jet fuel expend to get us there? >> being that you had the speech at the alfred smith dinner -- >> it's because the high school boys have no idea what the al smith dinner is. they do not understand catholicism or the cardinal's role in life in new york city. i'm sure some of that stuff was trump's idea. so they went in with the, you know, wise guy speech in the room where that doesn't work. >> but given that and that they probably don't understand the gettysburg speech that much better, what do you expect him
8:10 am
to say. >> can there be any doubt? can there be any doubt about which side of the civil war the trump campaign would have been on? there's just -- there's no doubt about that. >> there's polling that actually shows that a plurality of trump voters actually say -- >> donald trump is winning in the confederate states, okay? >> yep. except north carolina. >> but as a group, you know, he's going to win the confederate states as a group. >> my question then -- because we're going to listen to the speech, at least some of it. >> you have the speech. >> here's the thing. it's supposed to release the 100 days' agenda. you have to wait till today. >> that's right. >> unless you are on the trump campaign e-mail list soliciting funds which they desperately do every day. so i was sitting at my desk last night and my friend who's on that list because he bought a trump hat or something as a joke, he sends me all the trump
8:11 am
fund-raising e-mails. so here it was released last night to the poor people who are being begged for money every day. people being begged for money every day by the billionaire who cannot afford to pay for it. what he states can't be done in 100 days. you can't negotiate a movie star's contract. change immigration rules and cancel numerous regulations to provide more high-paying jobs. open up the regulations to jump start our economy. that means to build the pipeline. great hero, amy goodman, an honor to follow her. i was at the reservation the same day amy was shooting that video that ultimately got her charged with that crime. we were a mile apart. it was impossible to tell what was going on over there. by the way, i'm trying to do the
8:12 am
trump style, which is 100-day plan will not be -- repeal the obama karidis aster. here's what's not on there. calling mexico and telling them they have to pay for the wall, banning muslims. apparently no wall and just muslims pouring into the country for the first 100 days of donald trump. >> what happened? that is an interesting point. because the wall is still a fixture of his speech or rallies but it's not in his policies. >> the real isn't so much in his speeches. the way the wall gets into the rallies now is the poor desperate audience has to yell it in there. someone has to shout, build the wall and he'll go oh, yeah, yeah, we're going do that. >> and mexico has to pay. >> but it's not actually in his teleprompter. they even kind of moved that out. but that's it. in fact, they're trying to say
8:13 am
it's going to be stuff you haven't heard before. it's like one-tenth of what you've heard before according to the list right now, and most of the extremely crazy trump stuff is not in there. >> i want to on an exit question for you, we have this odd odd thing we're calling a campaign, but on a serious note, there's a lot of violence, implied violence. actually violence that swirls around the trump campaign. and going to gettysburg where abraham lincoln was felled by the greatest possible violence against our political system, without ever having acknowledged that that violence has ever happened or really repudiating it, what do you make of campaign that seems to be stoking more by telling his supporters and the angriest ones at that, don't believe the elections if she wins. >> i think what you're watching is a desperate losing campaign.
8:14 am
there's nothing america hates more than a loser, and donald trump is going to feel that. i have every confidence that the trump supporters, the trump brigades, the day after the election, are going to do exactly what they were going to do, no matter who won the election. they're going go to work, take their kids to school, do their homework and their college classes. life is going to go on. remember, trump voters have been on the losing side of the last two presidential elections, and they didn't take to the streets. they didn't grab their guns. they didn't go to work. they're not going to go to war. they know donald trump is a liar. the way they know it is they get this e-mail every day asking them for money. the guy who said, i will never need your money begs them for money and most ignore the e-mail and don't give the money. they're not going to go to war. they're going to feel the way they've felt at the end of every
8:15 am
other election they've lost, they're going to go, the liar that i vote for last time lost also. i fear nothing about the next day. i hope donald trump never concedes. i want him to take that unique position of hatred and poison in our political history. i want it to be extremely clear to historians who this guy was. i don't want him to fake it and try to be gracious about hillary clinton being elected president. i want him to be hateful until the very last minute that his microphone is on so historians will have absolutely no doubt what kind of poison entered our system and what kind of poison was expelled. the transition of power is from barack obama to whoever wins the electoral college, and apparently donald trump is going to have nothing to do with that, and what he has to say about it is no more important than what rush limbaugh has to say about it. rush limbaugh is not going to be
8:16 am
gracious if hillary clinton i wents. donald trump is the same character. >> the last question i will ask you is about the republican party. >> they're so lucky that the republican party was invented just in time in honor of abraham lincoln. >> just in time. but you do see sort of a preview of an attend to get away from donald trump, to kick away from him, while i find it hard to imagine house republicans for instance walking away from donald trumpism. they're still going to have trump voters in their mane. can the republican party cut the cord on november 9th and pretend donald trump beemd in from another planet and doesn't exist anymore? >> no. because a lot of trumpism was put on the table by tea party members of the house of representatives who have always been the speaker's biggest problem. whether it's speaker boehner or speaker ryan. and they know that.
8:17 am
but i think it's helpful. it's helpful to speaker ryan and helper to reasonable republicans to see donald trump personally defeated by as big a margin as possible because you then get to say to your crazies, well, you know, he did lose. right? you get that, that he lost. and it's 50 states. so paul ryan's not hoping donald trump loses in the squeaker. paul ryan says he's the enemy. he's the enemy of donald trump. paul ryan has helped make him the enemy. but he's not the enemy of republicanism or conservatism and for him to be able to do the job that he generally never wanted by the way. the speaker job -- what guys
8:18 am
forget, he didn't want this job. you know, it wouldn't be hard to get him to leave his job and go back to being the chairman of the ways and means committee which he enjoyed a lot more. and so yeah. this is going to be a decisive election for republicans in losing more than it will be decisive for howl the democratic party negotiates its future. >> we will enjoy negotiating. i think most of us who have covered the election cannot wait to cover the lame duck. that's going to be a lot more fun. >> you know what? i think the hours are going to be a lot more reasonable. >> so much better. lawrence o'donnell. i would say you have gotten the last word, which is the right thing to say, but thank you so much. this is the best. thank you. after the break, donald trump wants to run america like he's running his businesses. we'll show you why that would be a terrible idea next. [alarm beeping]
8:19 am
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8:22 am
i started with a $1 million loan. i agree with that. i built a phenomenal company. and if we could run our country the way i even run my company, we would have a country that you would be so proud of, you would even be proud of it. >> huh. how much of his business is a myth? a people's history of donald trump's businesses -- business busts and countless victims. in it he writes trump has repeatedly left bitterness and
8:23 am
ruin in his wake. struck by recklessness, arroganceness and has affected business investment partners, even members of his family. that's pretty epic, but the case you pack is one hillary clinton made in quite a debate. we have an architect who designed one of your clubhouses or golf courses. it's a beautiful facility. it was immediately put to use. and you wouldn't pay what the man needed to be paid what he was charging. >> maybe he didn't do a good job and i was unsatisfied with his work, which our country should do too. >> that's the argument that donald trump makes about one of the arguments you make against him in your history of donald
8:24 am
trump that he gets work done and doesn't pay for it. is there anything to it to the idea that donald trump was somewhat bilked by his contractors and therefore didn't pay them? >> no. donald trump -- the whole element of this story is that, you know, it's not just the contractoring. donald trump doesn't pay. and donald trump leaves horrific wreckage because he's a terrible business man. i mean if he talked about, you know, running america the way he's run his business, i mean the united states would be gone in about 60 days. >> but the perception of donald trump -- and it's interesting how his persona has changed dramatically over the last 20-something years. it used to be his name was synonymous with wealth and success and now it's synonymous with the frog meme. how did he gain that reputation?
8:25 am
>> a large part of it is people not understanding business. i mean when you slap your name on everything, well, he must be successful, right? but, you know, the reality is that so much of what he's put his name on because he's been fantastic at markets his name, that i'll give him, it does have this branding element that it must be good, it's just the machblt man. when he sells this story which people buy into, there was the whole element of "the apprentice" that, oh, my career was devastated and then i built myself back. well, the way he did it was by basically draining the cash out of a public company where they
8:26 am
tried to salvage his casinos one more time and he basically ripped off millions of small shareholders, the very kind of people who are donald trump supporters. they got wiped out in buying into that public company while donald trump was pulling something like $0 $80 million, million. >> when it comes to casinos, which is a sticking point with donald trump, supporters say all of the casino businesses in atlantic city went down, it wasn't just him. is there any truth to that? >> there is a level of truth to it. there's been a lot of trouble in atlantic city. donald trump was the only one who was stupid enough to build casinos where his own casinos were competing with others. and it's also -- you have to take a big step back. people forget about all the other failures. the u.s. football league would exist today if it wasn't for
8:27 am
donald trump. donald trump who made it another sacrifice on the altar to his ego took a very smart spring football business plan and it was, no, i have to have an nfl team. so they stopped playing. trump went to court to sue the n n nfl, won, and they got a dollar in damages, you know. it had to be trevled, because it was an anti-trust case, so it was $3. that was the end of the usnfl. trump destroyed it. his own casinos were competing with each other. why? because he wanted the biggest casino in atlantic city and his first two were smaller. so he built this giant one. it sucked business from his other businesses. and he went bankrupt. you had the trump shuttle. he -- you know, he lost it. it was destroyed.
8:28 am
you had trump hotels and resorts. it went bankrupt. all the investors in it lost everything. you know, in the end you stand back and say what did this guy do. he built some buildings. he came from a family that was very wealthy. i actually went through and traced. here's how much money he had. this thing about a million-dollar loan is an absolute lie. he had $200 million at one point in 1982, and if trump had done nothing but stick the money in a stock index fund and mow the lawn until today, he would be worth almost $15 billion. his lie about him being worth $10 billion is based on pretending he has no bank depth. he's worth about $3 billion. what that means is donald trump's business genius lost him somewhere in the realm of $12
8:29 am
billion. >> wow. >> you know, and in the process for him to lose $12 billion, he left millions of victims, millions. >> yeah, yeah. >> and destruction everywhere. >> yeah. it certainly definitely puts a new spin on the idea that if we ran the country the way he runs his businesses, i have no idea where we'd be. curt icannwald, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage in getszysburg. and in nevada they're working on electing their first latino senator and marco rubio is there. don't go away. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe,
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and donald trump who i disagree with on so many things and hillary clinton who i disagree with on everyone. it was this day i changed my mind. you need to have a u.s. senator taking on the bad ideas of the next president. >> florida's senator marco rubio who was once a shoo-in finds himself in a close race. he's in a close race with democrat patrick murphy. he's continuing his support for former rival donald trump has become rallying cry for democrats including president obama. >> i don't give a lot of credit to folks who are just now trying
8:37 am
to walk way from trump, although, i will say i'm even more confused by republican politicians who still support donald trump. marco rubio is one of those people. how does that work? how can you call him a con artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says and then say, but i'm still going to vote for him? come on, man. >> democratic strategist krystal ball is back with me and joining me now is florida pollster, senior writer mark caputo and nevada-bas nevada-based. i'm going to go to you first. nobody embodies the angst of
8:38 am
someone like marco rubio who has clung to him like a safety blanket all the way through to the end. how much trouble is marco rubio in and is it because he's with donald trump or because he hasn't been vigorously enough with donald trump. >> well, joy, let's dispel with the notion that there's been any consistent we when consistent when it comes to marco rubio's position when it comes to donald trump. donald trump is not fit to have the nuclear codes but i prefer him as commander in chief than hillary clinton. this is the type of thing he's fighting right now and really where you look at it, the polls in florida show the following. how does one win statewide in florida? you've got do well with the hispanic voters. i think if patrick murphy can increase those numbers, this could be a possible loss for him, joy. but remember right now it's a
8:39 am
curious decision. the dcsc just the other day pulled their advertising on behalf of patrick murphy, so it leads a lot of us to the conclusion that patrick murphy can't beat marco rubio but hillary clinton can. the magic number, joy, is five. if she carries it by five points or more, marco rubio is in trouble. >> that's an excellent point. looking at the quinnipiac poll which tends to skew a little bit, it's showing the magic number that fernand puts out is at 48%. what's the likelihood without additional spending from the dncc and barring the super pac coming in that that number can get to the magic number where marco rubio goes down. >> well, whoever said rubio was a shoo-in earlier on is wrong. you really need to take a look
8:40 am
at history. it's true that marco rubio has all of these embedded advantages but i believe if he gets to five, it signifies a democratic wave year. i thit was "mother jones" or daily coast had written comparisons to todd akin. if that's the case, then, yeah, hillary clinton might get up to a five-point advantage on election day, which would be a stunner, a shocker in florida, a blowout, but if you're marco rubio's team, you're really nervous. ful you would have watched the debate on monday night, marco rubio went at patrick murphy left, right, and center, every way possible. he pulled out a photo of patrick groping his old girlfriend and trying to compare that to donald trump. that's not something you try to do when you're far ahead.
8:41 am
>> desperation. let's go to nevada really quick, jon ralston. the nevada race is interesting. it's one where you have a hispanic senator, catherine cortez masto. she's two points up over joe heck. why is catherine cortez masto underperforming hillary clinton? >> it's a good question. let me say i've heard of florida, i'm glad you're talking about an important state. she was out of office for a couple of years announcing essentially on the same day that harry reid retired anointing her
8:42 am
as his successor. she e had to reintroduce herself to voters, build bridges with constituency groups and hispanic groups that really didn't know her before. so she's lagged behind. the question is early voting is starting right as we speak here. is the democratic machine really going to get people out to pull hillary clinton to victory and the thereforecatheri catherine cort masto. three recent polls show hillary clinton up six, six, and seven points. masto has work to do in the final weeks to consolidate the baits. >> and, krystal, jon start
8:43 am
talking about early voting. early vote is going to be really important. you can look right there at florida with 884,000 ballots already turned in. that's absolutely absentee. but states like michigan, georgia, ohio, arizona, swing state iowa, wisconsin, virginia, pennsylvania, you can see that vote coming in. let's go over to our second piece of data here. this is interesting. 20 days out, the early vote margins trending the democrat way. the democrats ahead less than in 2012 or not ahead. what does that mean to you? >> i think it means the democrats have, a, a much better ground game, and b, there's an article to this effect, women have been very motivated to go out and vote early. they know where they're going, they're done with this election and ready to move forward. and, c, i think the idea of the trump campaign is positive. they don't really reflect what's going on.
8:44 am
there's this shy trump voter not telling you they're going to vote but they would vote. we would see some evidence of that and we're just not. a lot of the early voting, you can't know who these people are voting for but you can make good guesses based on their party and demographic data. it's a positive sign. one of the things in terms of how the polls will fall, not only will you have the todd akin effect where they're crashing so quickly they're not picking it up, you also have a historic disparity in terms of the ground game. so where the clinton campaign and democrats ballot benl fit from the ground advantage. folks on the republican side of the ledger don't have the same advantages. >> let dees a quick lightning round. i want you guys to tell me, do you think it's going to be trump and the republican that wins a
8:45 am
split ticket or hillary and the democrat. let's start with fernand in florida. >> boy, oh, boy. >> you put me on the spot there. hillary absolutely carries forward. i'm going to tell you why i think she bears this out. the other day we came out with a poll that shows ym dade county is tied but that's an increase for patrick murphy. i'm going to say hillary clinton and patrick murphy in florida. >> absolutely. i'm going to go to jon ralston. if you had to predict in nevada. >> i guess i would say i'm pretty sure hillary clinton is going to win the states. while there are some hillary/heck voters out there, it's going thwart catherine cortez masto. like all pundits, i reserve the right to change my opinion. >> let's go to -- hillary clinton, pat toomey, what do you
8:46 am
think? >> i don't think there are enough split voters for pat to win. hillary clinton is going to win and katie mcginty comes along forthe ride. >> and if donald trump decides he wants to give a concession speech, will he do it in florida? do we see the mar-a-lago being the place? >> palm beach would be the place. if i were winning or losing, i would choose that. >> paid for by the palm beach tourism bourd. >> i throw a softball to marc caputo to my former state of florida. thank you, guys, very much for sticking around. all right, guys. thank you. talk to you later. coming up at noon, confessions of a donald trump fact checker. we'll hear from the writer who spent a month examining claims
8:47 am
made be the republican nominee. more "am joy" after the break.
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through internet essentials, comcast has connected over 3 million people in need to low-cost internet at home. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. in just a few moments, donald trump will take the stage at a conference center in gettysburg, pennsylvania, to give what his campaign says is a closing pitch to voters that will outline his hypothetical first 100 days in office. with me are crystal ball, adean observe della. what's the point of doing a speech in a state you're losing by double digits in gettysburg, no guess. >> i think you're right. the confederacy. let's not -- let's do --
8:54 am
>> no beating around the bush. >> the confederacy -- say we're getting the band back together and join the campaign. i think, look, he's got to run a campaign. kellyanne conway has to do something to keep him off twitter. i think she caused the outage yesterday to keep him off twitter. >> that's the only way to take his phone, keep him off twitter. >> this is brexit times five, like he's saying. go out there, do your best and you know it resonates at some event. to change the trajectory. if not, he's going to lose in dramatic style. >> crystal, the interesting thing, you have a republican nominee who doesn't see to fundamentally have the interest of the republican party at heart. if he were losing anyway and he was a proper republican, would say i'm going to help pat toomey win or try to help -- right? wisconsin johnson survive. >> he does not care about the republican party. he does not care about the senate. he does not care about the
8:55 am
house. he cares about jump and that is it. this speech accomplishes two things. number one, everyone can see the writing on the wall. it's hard to deny what the outcome is going to be. election day, of course, you never know what could happen. but it doesn't look good. >> yeah. >> so the one thing is saying here's my 100-day agenda. it's a way of saying we still think we can win. and the second thing being in pennsylvania, sending a message in the state. if he can't win pennsylvania and he's down by a lot, it's hard to make the numbers work so that's what's conveyed here. i'm still in this, still in the game, guys. >> we just saw his opening act for rudy guiliani. >> so unhappy the other day. >> you shouldn't be sitting on the dais. >> you know -- if the idea is to
8:56 am
give the enthusiasm, at least make people feel better. give one last hurrah at the end. is that rudy guiliani? >> he's cut from the same cloth at this point when talking about the hard-core base. so we saw him at the convention, the red meat with the fiery speech and it was insane, crazy mayor guiliani. i think it doesn't matter, at least outside of his base, right? because he's -- he's basically run a fueled campaign that has been all encompassed with hatred and dangerous rhetoric. voters are not stupid. it's pretty much baked. >> last words, be dean. when the epitaph of this campaign is written, will it be -- that ad that's out now is devastating. >> one of the most i've ever seen. i challenge people to watch it and not cry. it's historic.
8:57 am
this is the first time i can remember a muslim family as human beings and it's moving and powerful. i hope it makes a difference. and the khan family, the difference in this campaign, as a muslim-american, i couldn't be more proud. >> the most moving campaign. that's what you call a closing argument. crystal ball, john pierre, thank you for being here. thank you for being here. >> i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. for another two hours. next, chanel jones. more news at the top of the hour. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar
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