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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you can only keep one thing in your head at a time i guess. >> jeffrey dahmer's stay in akron may have been brief, but his effect on the city may last for sometime to come. as one spectator put it, it may be gruesome, but it's history s gruesome, but it's history. this morning an investigation continues after a passenger bus slammed into the back of a big rig near palm springs over the weekend with at least 13 people dead. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. plus, an 11th woman comes forward accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct as the republican nominee threatens to take legal action once his campaign is over. and hillary clinton tag teams with her running mate tim kaine to take on donald trump, branding him a sore loser over the weekend.
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good morning to you on this monday, october 24th. thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen alongside alex witt and louis burgdorf. 13 people are dead and 31 injured following a massive accident in california. that bus was heading to los angeles when it slammed into the back of a truck, which was traveling about five miles per hour due to traffic. police say the bus was launched 15 feet into the truck's trailer. morgan radford has more. >> reporter: mangled metal, bus seats strewn along the side of the highway, bodies covered in plastic. investigators scouring the twisted wreckage after this passenger tour bus slammed into the back of a big rig. firefighters pulling victims from the wreckage. >> are the victims expected to recover? >> we're not going to make any predictions, but everyone is stable at this time. >> reporter: it happened just after 5:00 a.m. when the tour bus left the red earth casino in salton sea beach and rear ended
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a semi truck on interstate 10 in palm springs. authorities were able to pry apart the bus and the back of this big rig, where they are cutting out pieces of the truck, the cargo inside smashed and shredded. the cause still unknown. >> in almost 35 years i've never been to a crash where there's been 13 confirmed fatalities, so it's tough for all of us. >> they may not be able to determine the exactause of the accident, because the driver was among those killed. the driver of the tractor trailer suffered only minor injuries. an 11th woman came forward over the weekend to accuse donald trump of inappropriate sexual behavior. jessica drake claimed trump kissed her and other women at his hotel room ten years ago. after she left, she alleges that trump called and asked her how much to return to his hotel suite. jake is represented by gloria
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allred, a long-time clinton supporter. trump strongly denied the allegations, as well as other accusations, and promised to take action. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened, never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> less than two weeks ago attorneys for trump threatened legal action against "the new york times" for publishing allegations from women, but no lawsuit has been filed. yesterday on "meet the press," trump's campaign manager expl n explained why he's waiting to sue his accusers. >> why not sue now? >> we're busy winning the presidency. we're a little bit busy doing
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that. he's just putting people on notice they can't falsely accuse him. >> this is a new poll shows voters are concerned about trump's reaction and rhetoric. voters overwhelmingly disapprove of trump's response to questions about trump's treatment of women 69% to 24%. that includes 71% of women, 67% of men, 70% of independents, and 41% of republicans. meanwhile, hillary clinton sought to contrast her focus in the final two weeks with that of trump's. >> we're making our closing argument. we're talking about what's at stake in the election, we're drawing contrast, but we're giving people something to vote for, not just against, and i saw where our opponent, donald trump, went to gettysburg, one of the most extraordinary places in american history, and basically said if he's president
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he'll spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behavior. >> and president obama didn't hold back against donald trump and the republicans when have now walked back their support of their party's candidate. during an event in las vegas last night for hillary clinton, the president told an enthusiastic crowd that trump's rhetoric and insistence the election is rigged shows he's losing. >> donald trump is already talking about how the game's rigged. i got to say, that means he's losing. you know, if you start making -- if you've ever played a basketball game, and, like, halfway in the middle of the game suddenly someone starts saying the refs are making me lose and i'm going to walk off the court, that means you're losing.
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and, by the way, it means you don't have what it takes to do this job, because there are a bunch of times where it gets tough. there are a lot of times where things don't go your way. now when suddenly it's not working and people are saying, wow, this guy's kind of out of line, all of a sudden these republican politicians, who were okay with all this crazy stuff up to a point, suddenly they are all walking away. oh, this is too much. so, you know, when you finally get him on tape bragging about actions that qualify as sexual assault and his poll numbers go down, suddenly that's a deal breaker. well, what took you so long? what the heck? >> hillary clinton spent her sunday campaigning in north carolina, where polls continue to show a tight race with donald trump. yesterday morning she spoke at a
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baptist church in durham, joined by five mothers who lost children to gun violence and during her speech clinton discussed racial divide. >> there are those, as you know, fanning the flames of resentment and division, who want to exploit people's fears, even if it means tearing our nation further apart. they say that all of our problems will be solved by more law and order, as if systemic racism didn't exist. we've got to do the hard and maybe most important work of healing, healing our country. >> with election day approaching, clinton is focusing on battleground states. this week she's hitting the trail in new hampshire, florida, and iowa. clinton will be back in north carolina on thursday, where she'll be joined by first lady michelle obama. it will be the first time the two have campaigned together. a number of celebrity are also hitting the campaign trail for clinton. katy perry visited students in
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las vegas and singer miley cyrus went door to door at the dorms of george mason university on saturday. tim kaine says the campaign is taking nothing for granted. >> it's been a season of surprises. we like what we see now. we like the early voting activity and the absentee ballot requests coming in other states, but we are not taking anything for granted and we're going to hammer to do everything we can before the polls close november 8th. both hillary clinton and tim kaine used the same language to criticize donald trump's refusal for refusing to accept the results of the presidential election during the last debate. >> to say you won't respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy. the peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes america america. it is not a joke. some people are sore losers, you
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know, we just got to keep going. >> another great moment was -- not great, but shocking, in the last debate, was donald trump saying that he didn't know whether he would abide by the results of the election. i mean -- there's a word for that, it's called sore loser. sore loser. >> vice president joe biden was in classic biden mode during a rally in pennsylvania, unloading on trump over the "access hollywood" tapes saying what trump said is, quote, textbook definition of sexual assault. >> he said, because i'm famous, because i'm a star, because i'm a billionaire, i can do things other people can't. what a disgusting assertion for anyone to make.
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the press always ask me, don't i wish i were debating him. no, i wish we were in high school, i could take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> well, a new national poll shows donald trump entering the last two weeks of the campaign with a steep deficit. the abc news election tracking poll shows hillary clinton with a 12-point lead, up three points in the week to 50%. trump has dropped five points to 38%. gary johnson with 5%, jill stein with 2%. clinton is ahead among men in a four-way race, 44% to trump's 41%. the lead among women is 20 points. clinton is also ahead among those with no college degree, 45% to 42%, though trump has a 19 point lead among white noncollege graduates. among all likely voters with a college degree, 57% to 32%.
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split by race, trump has a four-point lead among white voters, 43% for clinton, 47% for him. among nonwhite voters clinton is up. 59% say trump is making excuses the election might be rigged through voter fraud. 39% say it's a legitimate concern. 65% of likely voters disapprove of trump's refusal to accept the election if he loses, including 34% of republicans. yesterday, trump's campaign manager acknowledged there is ground to be made up. >> where do you see this race right now, do you acknowledge that you're biehind? >> we are behind. she has advantages, $66 million in ad buys in september, thereby doubling her ad buys from august. most are negative against donald trump. she has tremendous advantages. she has a former president, happens to be her husband
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campaigning for her, current president, first lady, all campaigning for her, all more popular than she can hope to be. we're behind one, two, three, four points in some states, our advantage is donald trump is going to continue to take the case directly to the people. still ahead, advancing on isis. iraqi and kurdish forces have launched a new offensive aimed at retaking mosul from the terror group. plus, bob dylan still hasn't acknowledged winning the nobel prize for literature. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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government-backed fighters are closing in on mosul and the isis militants that have ruled the city with an iron fist since 2014. coalition forces are five miles
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from the last remaining stronghold in iraq. kurdish forces have been clearing surrounding villages, but isis is fighting back. they are also hitting targets far from the front lines, hoping it would force baghdad to redirect resources away from the battle. officials are prepping to pore over a potential treasure-trove of intelligence housed in mosul, including cell phones, documents, and computer drives. at&t is putting up big, actually scratch that, huge money in the race to control entertainment content. the communication giant is poised to buy time warner for a cool $85.4 billion. and that would give them access to cable networks hbo, cnn, warner bros. film and tv shows as big media companies look to the not only distribute content,
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but produce it. that comes as many consumers cut the cord with traditional bundles and instead turn to online outfits like netflix and youtube. federal regulators and members of congress may have other ideas. on the campaign trail donald trump opposed the deal, saying it gives too much power to just a few people. a spokesman for hillary clinton, meanwhile, says there needs to be a lot more scrutiny before deciding if the deal goes through. betty? it's not that bob dylan is rejecting his nobel prize. that would mean he acknowledged it exists. instead, radio silent, leaving one member of the swedish academy to call his reaction impolite and arrogant, but he's hardly the first, just last night bill murray received the mark twain prize formerican humor. he'd been previously quoted saying if i didn't answer the
2:18 am
phone for a while, maybe they'd move on for someone else. instead having a nigative amerin actress draw attention. a no-show for the emmys, but did join the joke with host jimmy kimmel who said the statue could be claimed at the lost and found. let's get a check on the weather now. those late summer days of last week seemed long gone. >> i hope you enjoyed it, it was so nice, but too warm for some folks. this week, complete opposite. cool front moving northeast here this morning. you're sieeing a few showers frm providence to cape cod. not a big deal, the showers for the next hour or two. what is a big deal is this cool canadian air later today and tonight into tomorrow morning. look at this reality check.
2:19 am
last week 80s, try on 40s for size here by tuesday and wednesday in boston, the last time you escaped the 40s was back on may 5th. coolest in months in many locations. slow warmup throughout the rest of the week, temperatures slowly climbing into the mid to upper 50s, so we will rebound, but the rest of the week is chilly. temperatures in the 80s across the midsection of the country. another big pacific storm system will slam portions of the west here for this week. it does look like areas of california, up through washington state, will be under the gun for some rain, so we'll be tracking that and have more on that here in the next half hour. >> okay, thank you, steve. still ahead, a look at the two teams heading to the world series, plus all the highlights from sunday night football, including the cardinalsnd seahawks settling for an unlikely tie in overtime. sports next with louis. ♪
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2:23 am
his first of the year, breaking one tackle after another. and he's got some blockers ahead like jenkins and he's inside the 5 and into the end zone. >> first and ten from the tennessee 37. luck has time. going end zone. it is caught. >> going deep. dalton to the end zone. down the field. and it is deflected. and good! touchdown! a.j. green! >> stafford completes to the end zone, touchdown! >> looking to throw. to the near side of the field. makes the catch! into the open field! touchdown, dolphins! >> down the middle, there's gronkowski and there's the end zone. >> 10-0, they scored on a touchdown.
2:24 am
catch and run. he's gone, touchdown, jets. >> the jets actually won. welcome back, those were some of the biggest plays from around the nfl yesterday. for the cardinals hosting the seahawks in an nfc west showdown on sunday night football. to glendale, the cardinals dominated on the stats sheet outpassing by nearly 100 yards and converting twice as many first down. neither team was able to muster more than a field goal in regulation. after trading field goals in overtime, teams could no longer rely on their kickers. cardinals get a chance to put this one away, but the 24-yard kick is off the left upright, no good. the seahawks get the ball and march down to position for the 28-yard attempt. also off the mark, this game ends in a 6-6 tie, the nfl's first since 2014. we showed you a highlight from the dolphins 28-25 win over the bills yesterday. behind 214 rushing yards from
2:25 am
ajayi following up last week's 204-yard performance. ajayi joins o.j. simpson, earl campbell, and ricky williams. if you missed it, three days after the cleveland indians wrapped up the alcs, the cubs won the national league pennant, booking their first trip to the world series since 1945. cleveland will start cory kluber on the mound on tuesday night. the cubs are seeking their first world series championship in 108 years, as the indians look to end a 67-year title drought of their own. it is going to be incredible. i can't wait to watch. >> it's going to be good. >> tickets are expensive, alex. >> we'll have the details. it will blow your mind. . not even going to go there. can we just rerun all the nfl highlights again? that was the best part of the monday. thank you, louis. still ahead for all of you,
2:26 am
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redrawing the map. with two weeks to go, why is there a clinton campaign bus in tucson, arizona? the campaign goes where few modern democrats have gone before. >> and a jarring new report about a top clinton supporter and donation to candidate whose husband was involved in a clinton server investigation. later, a live report from
2:30 am
iraq as forces try to free mosul from the grips of the islamic state, but are they getting the help they need? hey there, good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 24th, i'm alex witt alongside betty nguyen and louis burgdorf. a major election forecaster added another state to the toss-ups category and it's an especially shocking one for the gop. the latest cbs/yougov poll gives donald trump a three-point edge in the state of texas, 46% to hillary clinton's 43% in a four-way race. this and other surveys have led real clear politics to reclassify texas as a toss-up, giving trump a mere 4.8-point average lead there. mitt romney won by 16 points in
2:31 am
2012. meanwhile a new poll in florida shows clinton 46% to trump's 43%. a look at the partisan breakdown shows trump's struggle among florida likely voters, clinton is garnering 91% of democrats support, while trump is taking 82% of republicans, a problem he's having around the country. the associated press finds if clinton gets victories in states she's currently leading comfortably, that alone would give her two more electoral votes than needed to win. the electoral college map has karl rove saying he no longer thinks a trump victory is possible. >> well, if he plays an inside strength he can get it, but i doubt he's going to be able to play it. he has 186 electoral votes he either leads outside of the margin or has thought comfortably put away. that's compares to romney's 206. he would have to not only win
2:32 am
two states where he is only slightly ahead or behind by four, but he would have to pick up states where he is behind at or above the national average. i don't see it happening. >> the clinton campaign is looking down ballot trying to turn the senate and house in their favor as they begin to look ahead. clinton was in ohio, pennsylvania, and north carolina over the weekend, critical swing states for her and pivotal senate races, as well. while there she devoted real estate in her speeches to the democrats trying to unseat income wentinku incumbent republicans. >> i want to thank governor ted strickland, o candidate for the united states senate. elect roy cooper your next governor, send debra ross to the united states senate. send katie mcginty on behalf of pennsylvania to the united states senate. she's running against someone who refuses to stand up to
2:33 am
donald trump. >> pat toomey heard donald trump insult a grieving gold star family, who lost their son in iraq. he heard donald trump insult african-americans, pows. how much does he have to hear or to see? >> "the washington post" sends out field staff and her campaign is spend $1 million in indiana and missouri on the home stretch not for herself, but democrat seats, as well. she's not the only one. just two years ago, senate democrats up for re-election said things like this about president obama. >> he wants to come up there and learn about alaska, bring it on. i'll drag him around, show him whatever he wants to see, but i want to convince him and show him. >> distance between you and the
2:34 am
president now between you and alaska, i have to say. >> politico reports this year the president will back about 150 candidates across 20 states for state level races, including robo calls, social media posts, mailers, and photos of obama with the candidates. and he's been aggressive on the trail. at a fundraiser last night he slammed darrell issa, who's locked in a tight re-election battle. the president said, "i think somebody called darrell issa trump before trump." here he is campaigning with katherine cortez masto yesterday in nevada, targeting her opponent. >> you can make her the first-ever latina to serve in the united states senate. just a few weeks ago her opponent was supporting donald trump. who was bragging about actions that qualify as sexual assault. katherine's been a national leader against the fight against
2:35 am
sex trafficking of teenaged girls and violence against women and past laws to make sure the penalties are tougher for predators, expanded sex offender registries, gave victims the right to sue their captors, and the other guy's supporting donald trump. what the heck? what the heck? heck no! heck no! heck no! now, i understand joe heck now wishes he'd never said those things about donald trump, but they are on tape. they are on the record. and now that trump's poll numbers are cratering, suddenly he says, no, i don't want to -- i'm not supporting him. too late. >> former presidential candidate mike huckabee took to twitter yesterday to give his opinion. "if gop loses senate, it's not
2:36 am
because candidates ran with donald trump, but because they ran from them. no time for wimps and wusses." many ohio voters have seen their economic fortunes falter and others who simply dislike the options when they vote just days from now. >> sandra cole, mother of four with one on the way has managed republican campaigns. you're sitting in this interview rooting for your party's nominee to lose. >> is that bad? it's bad, right? >> you tell me. >> yeah. the very first time that i very sincerely said i will not vote for that man was when he mocked the reporter with special needs. >> i don't know what i said. oh, i don't remember. >> i had a really hard time with that, because as a mother of a child with special needs, i know how hard we work every day for her to do things others take for granted. >> you might vote for hillary clinton. >> may. >> for hillary clinton or against donald trump? >> that's where i have a big
2:37 am
problem. i want to vote for somebody. >> but you're listening. >> i'm listening. i'm trying. i'm really trying. >> you're trying to get to the place where you can vote for the democratic candidate. >> yes. >> and you can't believe you're saying that. >> i cannot believe i'm saying that. >> are you enthusiastic about hillary clinton or voting against donald trump? >> i don't know if i'm very enthusiastic about her. i do think she's qualified looking at her resume. she is qualified. >> but you'd really like to have another option. >> if there was another option. i believe she could do the job. >> when african-americans vote in large numbers in ohio, ohio votes democratic. >> yes. >> and when they don't come to the polls, ohio votes republican. >> yes. >> what's going to happen? >> i'm going to pray that they come to the polls. i'm going to -- >> but you're not feeling that ground swell? >> i'm not hearing it. >> voting this time we're going to have to pick one or the other
2:38 am
and it's kind of like picking a seat on the titanic. i'd rather have other choices. >> these men and lisa tolbert should have hillary clinton in common. this is the united steelworkers local 1104 and the only picture of the president on the wall is fdr's. at the door, the leadership backs clinton, but a sign doesn't paper over jobs lost to trade. terry mcauliffe is said to give nearly half a million to the campaign of an official at the fbi who helped oversea the investigation over hillary clinton's e-mail use. mccaauliffe has tied to bill an hillary clinton. the pac donated more than $467,000 to the 2015 state senate campaign of jill mccade. mccade's husband is the current deputy director of the fbi. in addition, the virginia
2:39 am
democratic party donated an additional $207,000 worth of supports for the mccabe campaign. a spokesman for the governor said he supported jill mccabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. this is a customary practice for virginia governors. any insinuation his support was tied to anything other is ridiculous. the fbi said in a statement that during his wife's campaign andrew mccabe played, "played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising of any kind." months after the completion of her campaign, he was promoted to deputy where he sure sued for the first time a role in the investigation of the hillary clinton's e-mails." documents part of the latest data dump over the weekend allegedly hacked from john podesta, they have not been
2:40 am
independently authenticated by nbc news, but the clinton campaign and u.s. intelligence officials have blamed russia for hacking the e-mails. some of the e-mails show clinton aides considering placing jokes about her private e-mail server into speeches. clinton quipped about the social media app snapchat, which deletes posts automatically. i love it, those messages disappear all by themselves. in a separate exchange, the clinton team seems to celebrate her first news conference on the e-mails. podesta was sent an e-mail with the subject "seemed to go well today," adding, i don't know how the story advances, so that's good. podesta responded that takes us back to the server, which goes back to benghazi, which is good for us. one of former president bill clinton's top aides allegedly criticized former president on his comments comparing president obama's win in south carolina to
2:41 am
jesse jackson, calling it really stupid. he reportedly said they are not staffing him right, john, he's out there saying whatever pops into his head as ever he needs more scripting, she needs less. tim kaine is brushing off the most recent threats against him by wikileaks. shortly after kaine discussed the group's data dumps yesterday, the group tweeted it had a surprise in store for the senator. he said the releases are part of a russian propaganda effort. >> these are connected to a russian government propaganda effort to destabilize the election, to affect the outcome of the election. >> does that change what's in the e-mails? >> the motive for them is very, very important for americans to understand, because this is near historic, and then the one that's referred to me was flat out completely incorrect. so i don't know whether it was doctored or whether the person sending it didn't know what they were talking about. still ahead, deal book, we
2:42 am
will look at mega mergers on the way. you probably heard of at&t and time warner, but there are talks of a major one in the financial sector, as well. we'll get a live report from lond london. cubbys take their first pennant since 1945, but good luck getting tickets. we'll talk about sticker shock on them in just a bit. prge! a nuct. so we that's why y dug this out for you. and held have want you to it's your dhave it.hmer it meant a loto him...
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usg invokana® with sulfonylurea or iulin may causlow blood sugar. it's time tourn things around. lower your bod sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only o invokana®. ur docabout it ne. imagine loving your numbers. welcome back, everyone. let's turn now to business and that mega merger between at&t and time warner. joining us live from london, good morning to you, caroline. this is a massive deal. it could literally change the landscape of the industry. >> it is a huge deal. around about $85 billion, and the biggest deal, the biggest global deal so far in 2016. guys, it really is a marriage of content and distribution in the face of more cord cutting and the rise of video and mobile. the two companies, they want to have this finished by the end of 2017, but until then, it really
2:46 am
is an uphill battle when it comes to the regulatory front. now, donald trump has already said he's going to block this deal because he says, "it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few." and hillary clinton has also vowed to crack down on these mega mergers. then there's still scrutiny coming from the department of justice and the fcc, the telecoms regulator, so in case the fcc is asking for some spinoffs from time warner, at&t might have to go along with that. in other news, i want to talk about what's happening in the brokerage industry. according to a number of reports, td ameritrade and td bank are close to buying scottrade financial. that deal could be announced as early as this morning. and last but not least, let's come back and talk about earnings season. we're now in the thick of it. this week we're going to get a third of the s&p companies'
2:47 am
reporting number and a heavy focus this week on tech companies like apple, alphabet, and amazon. i want to spend time on apple, which reports numbers tomorrow. apple is expected to report the iphone's first annual decline in sales volumes, but analysts are actually a lot more optimistic when it comes to the christmas quarter. back over to you guys. >> thanks so much, live for us in london. betty? speaking of money and lots of it, it's been 108 years since the chicago cubs won the world series and the cleveland indians haven't won since 1948, so if you want to snag a seat this year, you better have been saving that whole time. according to website ticket iq, the average price for a seat at wrigley field is, get this, tracking over $6,600. can you believe it? well, in cleveland it's slightly, but only slightly, more reasonable at $3,500. get out the checkbooks. all right, let's get a check on the weather outside. this is free today for us
2:48 am
viewers. good morning. >> yeah, you're not going to pay for this kind of weather in the northeast today. check this out, temperatures are worth showing again. this is a dramatic drop from last week. if you haven't broken out your fall jacket, this will challenge you. down into the lower 40s by the middle of this week in burlington, even boston itself, we won't be able to crack 50 degrees by tomorrow and chillier on wednesday. it's a tale of two seasons, though, because we have warmer weather across the central part of the country. in fact, we are checking out summer-like temperatures, so short sleeves and shorts. it's a tale of two seasons where we hav temperatures in the lower 80s here from oklahoma city down to dallas and it will only get warmer throughout the course of the week. tomorrow, temperatures in the 80s. enjoy that sunshine, that warmth. no changes here, mid to upper 70s, atlanta, 80s across the midwest. check out the desert southwest, heat back in phoenix, almost triple digits. we're getting into the second half of october now, so big changes out there.
2:49 am
we have stormy weather to talk about across the west, and this is a good thing for the water tables, especially in california. seeing rain moving onshore, heavier rain east of san francisco. this is the next big storm system in the pipeline of storms here for this week, so we'll be able to replenish water supplies out there. check out these rainfall totals. this is through friday, so three to four inches and i would surmise some of these higher elevations closer to five to six inches of rain as we head through the rest of the week. much needed rain there and we need it, because as we go into a la nina winter, things will dry out. chilly across the northern parts of the country, mid 50s in minneapolis, 56 in chicago. the nice weather along the gulf coast for today, so no travel problems today unless you're along the west coast or northeast, where we may see some gusty winds and chilly weather there. so airport delays possible, but overall, much of the country for this week coming up, alex, looking pretty good. before we go to break, let's
2:50 am
look at some of the stories we're not covering today. in new york, the city is sending in feral cats to decrease the city's famed rat problem. volunteers are trapping and training the cats to scare off rodents across the city. new york's famous pizza rat could not be reached for comment, so we're not covering that one. stop us if you heard this before, an emu walks into a bar. strolled around the pub, we're not going to cover that today. according to a bystander, he did offer to put everyone's drinks on his bill. who's writing this stuff? finally this, pantsuits for hillary flash mob. we're not covering any of these stories today. instead, when we come back, a live report from iraq. back after this.
2:51 am
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sectary ash carter made a surprise visit to iraq this weekend. he says although he's encouraged by the progress of the operation, the international community must prepare for a post-isis mosul that will have a, quote, desperate need for stabilization and reconstruction. this comes as a top u.s. general tells nbc news that isis is attempting to establish a caliphate in afghanistan. joining us now live from irbil, iraq, matt bradley. matt, there are reports that isis has launched a new attack on the iraqi town of rutbah. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: thanks, betty.
2:54 am
the rutbah attack is meant to distract the front line fighting in mosul and drag some of the major forces away from that massive fight that's coming right upon the second largest city in iraq. this is classic islamic state diversionary tactics. they did this in kirkuk, which is about an hour and a half south of where i'm standing right now here in irbil and others. you can describe them as kind of almost medieval crazy attacks. they set fire to a sulfur factory, have done things also in the valley, signals the islamic state is coming under pressure and they are lashing out erratically in order to distract and use new and novel methods to really kind of push back against the iraqi security forces, whose forces are all coming around mosul just in the last week. but the front line fighting has really kind of slowed down since the battle started last monday. what we've seen is some of the shaping operations that have been going around to the north
2:55 am
and east have reached an impasse and that's not necessarily because of islamic state fighters themselves, but because of the defensive ramparts they've built in these towns, which are mostly deserted. talking mostly about ieds causing so many problems for peshmerga fighters and special forces, iraqi special forces who are moving in, and have still yet to pierce the outer defenses of the city of mosul. betty? >> we'll watch closely, thank you. back with a look at the stories that will be making news in the day ahead right after this. how out we pump reinto pmo? ♪ nah. what se? what if we he ses reps? ♪ nah. what else? what iigitize the whole pp ? so people cacuomize their bike before ey buy it. that worked better an expte i'll diaitack. yeah, dialt .ed better an expte just a little. live busins,owered by sap. when you run live, you simple.
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2:58 am
i'm chris wallace and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. let's talk immigration. mr. trump, why are your immigration policies better than secretary clinton's? >> because she wants open borders and that is crazy. i mean, people are just pouring into this country from mexico and a lot of them are very bad hombres. >> oh, bingo, bingo. i got bingo. i've been playing all year, and i got it. i have bad hombres, rapists,
2:59 am
miss piggy, they are all living in hell, and if she wasn't my daughter. >> i don't care what anyone says, those guys are genius. absolutely genius. so good. before we toss it to "morning joe," more on the stories in the day ahead, proceedings in the bridgegate trial are set to enter the final stages today. bridget kelly is expected to retake the stand. closing arguments expected to begin on wednesday. a judge is sentencing kathleen kane today, found guilty in august of leaking grand jury documents in an attempt to embarrass a political rival and lying about it under oath. on the campaign trail today, donald trump holds two events in florida, while hillary clinton will hold a rally with senator elizabeth warren in new hampshire. tim kaine will hold two events in florida. governor mike pence has two stops in north carolina. meanwhile joe biden will make a
3:00 am
pair of stops in ohio today. that's going to do it for us on this monday. i'm betty nguyen alongside alex witt, louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. secretary clinton, now, to ongoing issue for your campaign. wikileaks has been releasing your campaign e-mails. many of which raise some serious questions. >> thank you for bringing up my e-mails, chris. i'm very happy to clarify what was in some of them. i'm sorry, what, carol? i thought i heard my friend, carol. back to your question about the way donald treats women and that is how you pivot. >> so you're just never going to answer a question about your e-mails? >> no. but it was very cute to watch you try. >> mr. trump, in the last week 11 women accuse you of


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