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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning. stephanie ruhle will be picking up the coverage right here on msnbc right now. >> hi there. happy monday. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, we have closing arguments. both sides enter the final sprint, but donald trump steps on his message by attacking his accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> hillary clinton now with a double digit lead over trump in the polls, prompting this admission from the trump campaign. >> we are behind. >> fight for the senate. democrats feeling good and shifting focus to what exactly? >> the united states senate. >> the united states senate. >> more members in the senate. >> united states senate. >> the united states senate. >> the united states senate. >> senate, senate, senate. will they take it? and messing with texas. a new poll shows a close race in the deep red southern state. will the lone star state go rogue? we are just 15 days until
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election day. the finish line finally in sight, or is it? >> i, the best ever, donald trump -- >> promise to accept. >> promise to accept. >> the results of this election. >> the results of this election if i win. got you, loser. >> i thought chris wallace nailed it. tom hanks certainly did. we're going to begin today with just over two weeks to go before election day. the momentum is squarely with hillary clinton. the latest poll this morning shows clinton up by a total of 12 points in a four-way race and puts her at 50% for only the third time all year. well, we have our team of reporters and analysts breaking down where we stand. let's start with nbc's hallie jackson in st. augustine, florida, with donald trump is holding a rally this afternoon. morning, hallie. it seems like there's some sense, at least a hint, of resignation setting in. both for members of the trump campaign and some of the republicans. take a listen. >> where do you see this race right now? do you acknowledge that you're
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behind? >> we are behind. >> what is trump's path to victory now, or doesn't he have one? >> well, if he plays it inside straight, he could get it, but i doubt he's going to be able to play it. >> hallie, i know the race is not over, but it's starting to sound like the fat lady is singing. >> reporter: you know, it's funny. i heard that phrase from like three or four different republicans in the last few days. maybe not that she's singing but she's warming up her vocal chords. in the case, i don't think there's a sense of defeatism. there is an acknowledge of reality. when you look at the numbers, that is best shown in the sound bite you showed of kellyanne conway, acknowledging her candidate is behind. which may see obvious when you look at the polling but it's one that donald trump himself has refused to see. what you see instead are he and his supporter s citing crowd sie
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for the reason why he believes he's doing better that the polls show. just tweeting about the phony polls democrats are making up. trump getting online, trying to push this message. they're citing the polls that aren't quite up to the scientific methods we would use, for example, but there's a real sense inside the campaign that, hey, we're within the margin of error in some of the battleground states even if we're trailing a little bit, and there is a quote/unquote hidden trump vote, even though many analysts are skeptical of that. >> back to a confusing message at least. over the weekend when he was trying to make his closing argument in gettysburg, he seemed at one point to be on point with messaging, which would go straight to conservative republicans and then he took a turn and went off script, claim heeg would sue his female accusers. that kind of seems like he's stepping on his own message when he just doesn't need to. >> he kind of did, stephanie. and that's the thing. when we were talking about the
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call with campaign sources or talking about the speech in gettysburg, the message that the campaign was pushing was, listen, this is going to be the start of this closing argument. this is going to be his first 100 days. change happening very quickly, getting in there, shaking up the status quo, focusing on the economy, on job creation, focusing on national security, and rolling out some new policies on that. that's what they wanted the focus to be 12 hours before the speech was delivered. and what happened four hours after the speech was delivered? the evening broadcasts where the headline was trump threatens to sue the women who accused him. you saw the campaign acknowledge this as well, his campaign manager saying that was one sentence in a 45-minute speech. it was a sents that in many ways overshadowed what trump was trying to say. that's a source of real frustration for republican operatives saying to trump, if you can stay on message for the next couple weeks, maybe you have a shot of turning this around, maybe, but that's if he can stay focused. >> let's go to another sentence in the speech, talking again
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about the wall along the southern border. this time, he didn't say mexico would be paying for it up front. he said the united states would, congress would, and mexico would reimburse. this is a new line, yeah? >> pretty new for him. and it goes to the heart of what he's been talking about since literally day one, this border wall with mexico. something his supporters love to hear him talk about. so we're see aglittle bit of a shift, perhaps an accepting of what reality could potentially be or would be or what he would want it to be if he were to end up as president. >> thanks. we're going to turn to hillary clinton's campaign. she's trying to expand her base, bring in independents and republicans. >> some of you know people who are going to vote for trump or considering voting for trump. and look, i want them to know, just like i want you to know, i want to be the president for every american. >> nbc's kristen welker is following the clinton campaign
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from washington, d.c. kristen, is this essentially hillary's closing argument? >> it's exactly her closing argument, steph. you're absolutely right. she is starting to lay the groundwork for what happens after november 8th. and that message that she will be a unifying president, the clinton campaign thinks is critical because this is such a deeply divided country right now. i have also been talking to her top aides who say, look, her goal right now is to give voters something to vote for instead of giving them something to vote against. i think it's important in terms of messaging. also strategy because you do have donald trump saying that he might not accept these election results. and she's trying to essentially create a counter message to that, a counterbalance to that. that is not to say, steph, that she didn't have some very sharp barbs against donald trump over the weekend. really hitting him for that rigged message. the democrats think that's a way to energize their base and also, by the way, to reach out to independents and still undecided voters and she hit him on the
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recent controversies he had with women. they think that's a way to rally women voters, particularly those suburban women voters who are going to be so critical in states like pennsylvania. so you're really seeing a two-pronged message here rolled out from secretary clinton. then, as you have been talking about, she's also been really touting those senate races, the senate candidates, those down ballot democrats who she thinks ultimately have a shot at taking back the senate and maybe gaining a lot of ground in the house as well. >> kristen, those independents and undecided voters you mentioned, they do care about these wikileaks, which continue to be released, and the clinton campaign did comment on it on sunday. take a look. >> these e-mails we have no idea whether they are authentic or tampered with. i know i have seen things that aren't authentic, that we know aren't authentic, and it's not surprising. >> are they really saying all of these e-mails are fake? are they just trying to run out the clock because we only have
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15 days to go? >> i think they're trying to run out the clock a little bit. what is also true is when you talk to experts in this arena, they say it is likely that some of thee e-mails were doctored to some extent. it doesn't mean they're all fake. theclipten campaign strategy is to pivot, pivot, pivot. you heard joel benenson there talking about the fact that some of the e-mails might be doctored. the other, of course, big talking point is that u.s. intelligence officials believe that russia is behind these hacks. so when you talk about wikileaks, the clinton campaign goes right to that direction. and again, they think this is a way to really counter with donald trump who of course has had high praise for vladimir putin. and they think it allows secretary clinton to pivot back to a ground that she's comfortable on, but steph, you hit at a really important point. this is not what the clinton campaign wants to be talking about when we're just a little bit more than two weeks out from election day. they want to focus on the issues and instead, every day they have to answer very thorny questions raised by these hacks. >> wikileaks is an issue for a
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lot of voters out there. thanks, kristen. i want to take you back to donald trump and share a little bit of his speech this weekend where he laid out his vision for his first 100 days if he were president. a comprehensive list of dozens of policy proposals he wants to put in place to spur growth, enhance security, and cut down on corruption. >> what follows is my 100-day action plan to make america great again. a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. i will announce my intention to totally renegotiate nafta. public/private partnerships and private incestments through tax incentives to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment. this is my pledge to you. >> anthony is a trump surrogate and part of a small business advisory council. he's a member in an investment
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firm that specialized in hedge funds and author of a new book "hopping over the rabbit hole." when i heard donald trump give those remarks, i could har in my mind conservatives, i could hear ken langone saying bravo at term limits. in the same speech, he then takes a turn and goes after the accusers. from your perspective, why is he doing this? >> okay, so i didn't come on to defend him. he is donald trump. and that is his original content, he's been doing that for the last 17 months. what people have to recognize about him, the reason why he does have a very strong base of popularity is he's an authentic person and not necessarily a politician. a politician probably wouldn't have done that, stephanie, but that's not donald trump. his message to people is he's a disruptive force that can descend into washington as a nonpolitician and try to change some of the morass that happens in washington. >> but you're a risk manager. you're not part of who his core base is. and he just tweeted out, a major
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story that dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the trump. we're going to win. as a risk manager, do you believe he's going to win? >> i'm a risk manager, but i'm also a risk taker. you have to take calculated risks in life. i'm taking a calculated risk on him that we're going to be right and he will be the eventual winner and there's a ton of stuff we can do to help the economy and help the american people, and the aspirational working class of the american people, but specifically to what you're saying, if we go to the wikileaks stuff, you can see the democrats are trying to skew some of these polls. in one poll, there was a 9% poll of more democratic voters versus republicans. there were more democratic registered voters. but what we both know and see in our data is there's millions and millions of registered voters that did not vote in the 2012 election that could in fact show up for mr. trump. when you see these crowds and you're looking and saying wow,
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did that guy vote in 2012? if he didn't, if he's waiting online for eight hours in the freezing rain to see mr. trump, my guess is he's going to show up on november 8th to vote for him. >> that was working class voters who support change, who support donald trump, i think about his plans for trade. the tariffs he wants to put up, what i don't understand is what america really wants. you're an investor. when you look at a company like amazon, one of the reasons that amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world is because we want to buy cheap stuff. if donald trump were to change trade laws, we couldn't buy the cheap stuff or in our wall marts, they would cost a whole lot more. how does that work? >> that actually is not his message. his message is that he wants to even up the trading system, since 1946 to today, the state department and treasury and they did it for good intentions, the uneven the system of trade. they embargoed our goods shipped to the emerging markets and allowed their goods to ship freely to us.
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if you look at nafta, that's facti effectively what happened. they wanted to raise the living standards for the rest of the world so we didn't fight as much. today, the message is that we have to help the middle class and the aspirational worker in the united states. that's all he said. >> how does that not create a trade war. >> how could it create a trade war? >> if you is a trade deficit and a budget deficit, it's two different things. >> nafta, 24 years, it's never once been reviewed. mr. trump meets with the mexican people and says we have to review it. we haven't reviewed it in 24 years. it's uneven to the united states. we have to make it fairer, certainly we want free trade. but we just want the trade to be fairer to the american worker. how is that a bad message? secretary clinton is actually championing that message now by renouncing tpp. prior to that, she said it was the gold standard. >> she said it was the gold standard until she saw the final
6:14 am
draft. >> what is she taking issue with? the unevenness of the trades. i understand why the report in place like that. all mr. trump is saying is we have to make it fairer to the american people. it's free trade and fair trade. the tariffs would only come into play if the other side didn't want to do that. and what is unfair about fair trade? i can't find anything. just need to do a better job communicating that over the next 15 days, and i promise you we will. >> in terms of -- well, not a lot of time left. in terms of communicating, you have said donald trump is a great leader. when i look at his comments over the week on mosul saying we're failing there in what we're doing, he's saying that while we've got young men and women fighting for their lives. u.s. troops there. is that a good message? >> a good message, it's not against the young men and women. he loves the military, and most of the military supports mr. trump. the message has to do with the strategy and the tractics that we're deploying that are putting those troops in harm's way.
6:15 am
he's basically saying that we need more surprise. we need more elements of surprise to protect our troops. those messages that he's putting out on twitter, again, are the messages of an authentic human being and not necessarily a politician. >> i know we're out of time, but to that point, the fact that he keeps needing to be qualified by people like you. >> i'm not qualifying. >> what he meant in his tweet. if you're a -- >> i didn't qualify it. exactly what he wrote in that tweet, i guarantee you, is what he meant. here's the problem for the mainstream media and here's the problem for most of the people as joe scarborough would say, the coastal elites. here's the major problem. they don't like the ad hoc originality of mr. trump. i get that, i understand that, but the american people do. we'll have a referendum on november 8th and see if the polls are accurate or if what mr. trump is saying is accurate, that he's going to win. my money is still on him. >> anthony has a lot of money to bet. good luck on your new book.
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>> we'll be back in just a few. polls show a bleak outlook for donald trump, but are they accurate? should the rnc be shifting focus to try to keep a hold of the legislative branch? first, after the third debate, you knew "snl" would have plenty of material to work with. they took the opportunity to dive into donald trump's plan for the middle east. >> aleppo is a disaster and iran and iraq, and with mosul is isis. >> mr. trump, mr. trump, we have to move on. >> oh, thank god. i don't know if you could tell, but i was really spinning out of control. >> is humira. this ihumira hng to relieve my pain and pthis is humirats fhelping me go further. humira worksor many adults. it targetsnd helpso block a specific source of ilammation at coributes toa symptoms. humira has been clinically stududd for over 18 years.
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presidency. both democrats and republicans are also focusing on down ballot races including the presidential
6:20 am
nominees. >> you have to get out and vote, and that includes helping me re-elect republicans all over the place. >> i want to thank governor ted strickland, our candidate for the united states senate. elect roy cooper your next governor. >> let me bring in msnbc political analyst and conservative radio talk show host hugh hewitt. hugh, polls have hillary clinton with a sizable lead, and it seems like democrats are really focusing on the down ballot. i mean, she's got 15 days to go, and she's turning her attention to the senate race. can donald trump recover from here? >> well, let's talk about turning our attention to the senate race. you just played a clip of secretary clinton trying to resurrect ted strickland's campaign in ohio where he's down close to 20 points to rob portman. that's actually not a real effort by hillary clinton. that's not turning her attention down ballot. donald trump is 5.6 points behind in the real clear politics average.
6:21 am
that seems formidable. people like karl rove say they don't see a way forward in the electoral map. a lot of trump supporters on my show this morning called in and talked about the polls being off and oversampling. i do believe it looks pretty bleak for mr. trump. on the other hand, i think it looks good for the republicans on the senate side. whether it's kelly ayotte in new hampshire who has drawn even. pat toomey who is ahead in pennsylvania. burr in north carolina, blunt in missouri, joe heck in nevada. even ron johnson in wisconsin is catching up to russ feingold because of one thing. obamacare and its collapse. and i believe that that will drive the last two weeks in a very personal way, stephanie, when people get those premium hike notices in the mail, they see their deductibles going up from $6,000 to $14,000. i believe they're not going to send hillary clinton to do more damage in washington, d.c. without a republican congress to keep a check on her. >> then help me understand, if you're saying republicans are doing well and donald trump's --
6:22 am
donald trump presidency looks bleak, why wouldn't leading gop members start to leave him in a bigger way? >> well, it's all complicated. you're todd young in indiana, mike pence is on the ticket. mike pence is helping todd young catch and surpass evan bayh who has kind of collapsed under charges of cronyism and being absent out of the state. todd is a veteran of the iraq war. so todd young's individual calculation in indiana is not to say anything about donald trump but to stay focused on evan bayh and a disastrous kantd dt. if you're joe heck, you want to run against harry reid and talk about the fact if hillary clinton wins and the media helps elect her, she has to have a republican majority to check her. otherwise, obamacare will get worse than the dumpster fire it has already become. it all comes down to the individual candidates making individual choices. there are some republicans running close with donald trump.
6:23 am
you can't get an inch of daylight between them because of their districts, because of the makeup of the demographics of their districts. but overall, i see it as a case by case, district by district, state by state examination of what works and what doesn't. >> back to those trump supporters calling into your show this morning and the fact there is a shift to the down ballot races. for some of those really big hillary clinton surrogates, is the clinton campaign running a victory lap too soon? this race ain't over. >> the race is not over. and i don't really think they're running a victory lap, what they're trying to do is get the elite media to ignore the story like today's story in the "wall street journal" about the deputy director of the fbi, a very fine american, a great agent, 20 years, number two in the fbi. his wife was recruited by virginia governor terry mcauliffe to run for the state senate in virginia, stephanie, and terry mcauliffe, one of the clintons' closest advisers and friends gave dr. mccabe $600,000
6:24 am
in campaign support. the clinton campaign does not want anyone to read the "wall street journal" today because they're going to say how can andrew mccabe have supervised the server investigation when his wife was a close political ally of terry mcauliffe? instead, they develop a narrative of a victory lap. we talk about that instead of the issues of corruption and obamacare. i believe those issues are what republicans are focused on and have to stay focused on like a laser. speaking of victory laps. in florida, marco rubio has run away with this. patrick murphy wouldn't even do the univision debate down there. i think the clinton narrative that they're pushing out is that it's over, it's over. down ballot, when in fact they're running very hard in places like ohio, where they still fear donald trump very, very much. >> all right, then hugh, if you're saying we should be paying attention to the "wall street journal" story, about this fbi story and clinton and corruption, what are you going to do? how are you going to vote? there's 15 days left? >> i am waiting on events.
6:25 am
i want to see every bit of data before i make my decision. i have an absentee from california as i'm in virginia and dg right now and i'll make my mind up before i vote as i did in the california primary in june. my vote isn't what matters so much is what i hear from the audience, and trump supporters are staying with trump overwhelmingly. hillary supporters are staying with hillary. the only undecided voters, to quote chuck todd, are a few republicans who are not yet decided if they're going to come home to donald trump. those republicans are going to turn out, they're going to definitely read the stories about hillary clinton's likelihood of winning and vote republican up and down the ballot if they're mr. trump's most absolute supporters because if you look at the terrible disaster that is obamacare, they realize hillary clinton can't fix that. they have to send republicans to d.c. to keep her from governing unilaterally. >> hugh, thank you so much for joining me. >> my pleasure. go indians. >> there you go. cleveland indians. coming up, new polls show
6:26 am
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welcome back. it is time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. we start with the presidential candidates battleground blitz. donald trump is in the must-win state of florida where early voting begins today. while hillary clinton campaigns with senator elizabeth warren in new hampshire. at&t's $85 billion buy-out of time warner is drawing a lot of skepticism and concern. top senate leaders plan to probe the deal for potential anti-trust issues. >> and the battle for mosul entered its second week with 25,000 ground forces still advanceling on the outskirts of the isis-held city. >> an investigation is under way into sunday's violent california bus crash that killed at least 13 people and injured dozens more. the bus driver was killed in the
6:30 am
crash. the california highway patrol tells nbc news that fatigue may have been a factor. and this is a weird one, i would say, in sports. last night's seahawks/cardinals game ended in a bizarre, get this right, 6-6. that was the score. 6-6 tie, after both teams failed to convert short field goals in overtime. this was the first tie in an nfl game since 2014. >> and in a sign of just how extraordinary this race has become, it appears that even the so solid red state of texas may be in play. hillary clinton is now within three points of donald trump. remember, this is a state that has not voted democrat for president in 40 years. over the last five presidential cycles, the republican candidate has won the state by an average of 15 points. so let's bring in wendy davis, a former democratic texas state senator and a clinton surrogate. wendy, take your democrat hat off and put your analyst hat on.
6:31 am
texas may be less of a red state than it used to be, but let's be honest. is it really in play for democrats? >> you know, i think what this particular race shows, stephanie, is the vulnerability of a candidate like donald trump. it demonstrates that these elections are about addition, not subtraction, and donald trump has been at the game of subtraction throughout this particular general election contest. he has subtracted what should be his support with women voters. he subtracted what ought to be the percentage of luteatino vot he would have in the race. meanwhile, hillary clinton has been hard at work on the addition. she has gained on him in women voters, in anglo voters, in latino voters. and as a consequence of that, that's why you're seeing the numbers you're seeing here in our state. >> do you think you're going to see more numbers in terms of dollars? do you think campaign dollars from the clinton camp maybe hillary herself, big-name
6:32 am
surrogates could make their way down there in the next 15 days? >> i know for sure they're going to. in fact, it was bizarre this weekend, i was watching football at home like many texans do on a saturday afternoon, and there were ads, and it's surprising because we never see ads in presidential elections here in our state. we have always been written off, and i'm glad to see it because i think it helps us over the long term. when we're investing in making sure that voters believe they have the power to actually affect the outcome of a race here, we are investing, not just in this particular presidential contest, but the opportunity for democratic voters to see that if they do step up, if they do vote in the numbers with which they are represented here in the state, then we do have an opportunity to do great things going forward beyond the 2016 presidential election cycle. >> this has been a divisive race to say the least, and we have seen donald trump maintain his base. hillary clinton maintain hers.
6:33 am
but it's about the undecideds. i want to talk about the "wall street journal" story out this morning where terry mcauliffe, very good friend of the clintons, maybe bill clinton's best friend, his political group gave quite a bit of money to a woman running for senate in the state of virginia. this woman's husband was the number two guy at the fbi who was in charge of reviewing hillary clinton's e-mails. how do we get undecided voters comfortable with this? >> you know, i think people have moved to the point where they're looking at the differences between these candidates and the one that they believe is going to best reflect not only the values that they and their families hold but also the president who's going to pull this country back together. >> but it can't just be -- >> hillary is making a great point on that on the campaign trail right now, really closing the deal and helping people to understand what it is that she hopes to achieve as president and the fact that she's incredibly well equipped to do that. >> but it can't just be that
6:34 am
donald trump is worse or that people don't like him. back to this virginia story, this speaks to directly the issue, people aren't comfortable with, with hillary clinton. >> well, i don't necessarily agree with that at all. in fact, i think that hillary has done a particularly good job and particularly in the last debate, making sure that she is distinguishing herself as the person who offers something for this country and whose values, whether we're talking about reproductive rights or support for affordable education and access to higher education, whether we're talking about lifting the minimum wage or talking about what's going to happen at the tax rate for those who are not paying their fair share right now. those line up with what people want to hear, and with what people believe this next president ought to be fighting for. >> what people don't seem to want to hear is more things that would make them not trust the candidates. i do want to ask you about these wikileaks revelations, and
6:35 am
again, these e-mails have not been confirmed, but one is about morocco. i want to share what donald trump -- and we know donald trump's position here, but i want to share what he said about it. >> even if she was preparing to run for president, wikileaks e-mails show hillary was trying to get $12 million from the king of morocco in yet another pay-for-play scheme. >> how hard is it to get her out from under this constant drip, drip, drip pay for play accusation. >> this is mng the campaign doesn't want to be dealing with in the final days, but the fact of the matter is he cannot make a connection for any pay for play allegation that he's trying to make. there is simply no connection between contributions to the clinton foundation and any actions that were taken by hillary clinton as secretary of
6:36 am
the state. that's been proven with a great deal of effort and information that has demonstrated clearly otherwise. and as hillary clinton said the night of her debate, the last debate, she stands behind the work of the clinton foundation and the incredible efforts that the clinton foundation has gone to to fighting aids around this country or around the world, and of course, they have taken donations to further that work. and i don't think that they shy away from making sure that they're proud of talking about that. >> all right, senator davis, thank you so much for joining me and sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. all right, coming up, president obama pounds the pavement, trying to rally voters for the down ballot races. how many stops will the campaigner in chief actually make before november 8th? the goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting alkinds of new ctomers. know. can you believe we're getting ordersrom canada, ireland... this one's goio w zealand. new zealand?
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the political forecasting site 538 gives democrats a 68% chance of taking control of the senate, and the focus is on ten key states. to flip the chamber, democrats need to pick up five seats or four seats blus the white house. one of the states is nevada. chris jansing joins us live from reno. chris, president obama rallied voters in vegas just last night. what is he saying about the senate race there? >> yeah, he was all fired up for catherine cortez masta, who introduced him. she had been losing pretty much throughout the course of this race to joe heck. but donald trump, you're seeing this down ballot impact of the comments that he made, and there are an awful lot of republicans who when he sort of disendorsed him a couple weeks ago, they got angry with him. there are a group of people who are already not happy with him because he was supporting trump. so now you're seeing this shift in the race, and you saw a really pumped up president obama
6:41 am
on the stump for that senate candidate yesterday in las vegas at a local high school. take a listen. >> catherine's been a national leader in the fight against sex trafficking of teenage girls and violence against women. the other guy is supporting donald trump. what the heck? >> chris, how unprecedented is it for a sitting president who's got a job to do at the white house, is going this deep in state senate races? >> well, i mean, look. the u.s. senate is obviously very important for his legacy, right? and for hillary clinton and for her mandate. having said that, he's going to be endorsing 120 different legislator candidates. 20 different states. that is something that is extraordinary. and he's going to be doing things like robocalls and he may even do some radio ads. there will be lots of social media. it's because there's been a lot
6:42 am
of criticism, the democrats have lost a lot of state houses. in fact, right now, of the 99 separate legislative houses that there are around the country, the republicans hold 68 of them. the governorships as well in the majority. this is a place where he thinks he can have some impact. i have to tell you, stephanie, as i look at these races and how much he's putting in, and we know he's been upset by some things he's seen from these legislatures and governors, right? the transgender bathroom law in north carolina, some abortion cases that have happened in states across the country. when i started covering this about a year and a half, and i was talking to white house folks, how much is he going to be out? i have to tell you, even the campaigns are surprised at how involved he has gotten and the first lady as well. you can bet over the course of the next couple weeks they're not going anywhere except out on the campaign trail. >> thanks. chris jansing joining us from reno. coming up, at&t agrees to purchase time warner for an
6:43 am
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ust numb docr red duolax constited? e dulcolax table for gentl overnight relief ppitories for relief in minuteses e dand stool softens gentl for comfortablreeff hard stoolaxdeedorelief idependable relief
6:46 am
at&t is buying time warner and thus cnn. a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. >> donald trump says he would nix the proposed $85 billion mega merger announced between at&t and time warner. if it is approved how would this marriage affect you and me, the consumers, also the voters? joining me now, host of cnbc's squawk box and "new york times" columnist, andrew ross sorkin. welcome. >> very exciting to be on tv with you together. we have never done this. >> never done it. here we are.
6:47 am
this is already a political hot button issue. donald trump, mr. deregulation, says he's against it. help me understand. >> well, if he's against it, and given the comments that you have seen hillary clinton make about regulation, the chances that this deal goes through i think are no better than 50/50 if you look at the way the stock market is treating it today. there's not a view that this is in the bag. this is going to take a year, a year-long process. we're going to be talking about this for day after day after day because there is a big issue about the concentration and what it means. historically, the government has looked askance at what are called horizontal mergers. cable company buys another cable company. comcast, parent company of this network, tried to buy time warner cable. that ultimately didn't happen, in part because of the government. the question is this is different. they're buying content. this is what is called a vertical deal. usually this is allowed to happen but we might be living in a new waurld. >> why? i'm guessing elizabeth warren sees the number $85 billion and
6:48 am
says forget about it, but she's currently campaigning with hillary clinton. so i don't understand who doesn't like the deal and why. >> okay, so the argument would be, and we'll see what the regulators say, but normally, the regulators would say, normally, you think a t sknrx t buys time warner and they want to keep hbo, cnn, all these channels and put them exclusively on at&t's network. that's not what they say they want to, do but regulators would say you can't do that. >> a la al franken. >> that would be the problem and that's why people would be upset. if they don't do and whether the government can effectively control them from doing that, once you get a deal like this, there's a consent decree that allows you to do some things and not other things. it's hard to enforce that year upon year. ifio go to washington and ask them about the comcast/nbc deal, a lot of them in retrospect would say i'm not sure we like
6:49 am
that to begin with, either. there's a lot of things going on in terms of what this concentration looks like. we're entering sort of a new world. >> i have a cable bill, bad cable service i'm stuck with. what does this mean for me? >> the good news, long term, if it were to happen, it is very possible that at&t is going to create a next generation network. you will get your cable bill and get cable everywhere. meaning you won't necessarily need cable or verizon, you'll get it all wirelessly, not just on your phone but in your home. it will bypass everything. and there's an argument to be made that this will accelerate at&t's investment in the next generation service. that would be the benefit. the bad side might be that prices will go up, but prices are probably going to go up anyway. >> does it mean anyone is going to answer the phone when i call time warner? that's really my question. when i call time warner, is anyone going to answer? >> time warner cable is different than time warner so we're clear. time warner cable is now owned
6:50 am
by charter. time warner, we're talking strictly the content stuff. >> then maybe john malone will take my call. probably not. >> he might. >> probably not. andrew -- >> great to see you. >> such a treat. >> andrew ross sorkin visiting me today. coming up, it is election day, one of the most important stakes. we are live in florida where early voting has just begun. we will take you there next. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (strange gd mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's lost couple in t men's depart. o) there's areat un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. lo what makes a subaru, a baru.
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6:53 am
early voting has begun in the critical battle ground state of florida. this is a new cbs poll showing hillary clinton with a slim lead 46% to donald trump's 43% in a four-way race. live in miami. are they expecting good turnout for early voting? >> reporter: they are bracing
6:54 am
for a huge turnout. they are preparing for the massive turnout. early voting started here at 7:00 a.m. they keep me about 100 feet back so i can show you the lines. not a huge line that they are seeing right now. we see a steady stream of voters throughout the day. the ballot is shorter and election supervisors added staff and hours throughout much of the state of florida. take a look at numbers. here in florida 41.7% so far have been republican. back then 15 days before the election. so republican and about 39.4%
6:55 am
democrat back in 2012. certainly a lot of attention not just inputal election in florida but those down ballot races, as well. >> thanks for joining us. coming up, welcome to the pants party. i said pants. it's a new kind, a pants party. hundreds of women protesting after a published letter called yoga pants the worst thing ever to happen to fashion. clearly the man who wrote this forgot about the 1980 and my mom in those crunch suits. that's next. tol, virgini w...i' tennessee. on thiside of the road isirginia... and on this side it's tneee. no matter which state inhe country u live in, u could saveuneds car insurance by swihing to geo. look, i'm in virginia... bi'inennessee.geo. virginia... teessee... and now i'm in virginessee. e how much you couldav on c insurance. or am i in tnania?
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and better than th diabetes pill i used to take to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stoma, thliver, and the pancreas. and ile it isn't for weht loss, victa m hp you lose some weight noinsun vict® comes in a peand isennce a day. (announcer vo) vioza is norecommended as first medication treat diabebes, and is not for ppl th te 1 abet or diabetic ketoacos. ofedullary thyro cancer, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingrednt orf you delop any allergic symptoms includi itching, sh, difficulty breathing. serious side eects m hpen, includg ncreatitis
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sost taking vioza® and call youy sh, difficulty breathing. ifou he sereain oustomac. te your doctor your medal histo. taking victo® with a sulfonylur oinsulin may causlow blood sugar. diarea, and vomiting. side effects n lead to dehydratn, ich may cause kidney problems. now's thtimefor a bett moment o. ask yo doctor about ctoza®. before we go, this one is just for me. a rhode island man says he was just joking when he wrote a scathing op-ed in his local paper that women over 20 years old should not be wearing yoga pants in public. not everyone was in on the joke. women of all ages marched in protest in rhode island.
6:59 am
the yoga pants parade went past the letter writers' house. he put his address on the letter. organizers say they just wanted to celebrate women's bodies and they ended their parade with a yoga session giving new meaning to the sisterhood of the traveling pants. so to you i say namaste. that wraps us up this hour. more news with peter alexander. we are in the final week of october. the end finally in sight. hillary clinton and donald trump barn storming critical battle ground states just 15 days to go. trump holding a pair of rallies in florida today after campaigning throughout the weekend. his campaign staff finally acknowledging what the polls have been saying for weeks, that they are behind. the candidate himself not doing himself favors still struggling to stay on what was intended as
7:00 am
a disciplined policy-driven message. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. we are in a rigged system. we are in a broken and corrupt system. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. what a waste of time if we don't pull this off. >> hillary clinton seeming to put trump in the rear view mirror, so she claims. today she is headed to new hampshire just her third visit since saturday to a swing state that has a competitive senate race. the democratic nominee helping the party try to take back control of congress. and with her lead in the polls growing nbc news is confirming that she and tim kaine are beefing up their staff for what the campaign believes will be clinton's transition into the white house. our political team is here with all of this covered on a monday morning. we get right towo


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