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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a disciplined policy-driven message. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. we are in a rigged system. we are in a broken and corrupt system. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. what a waste of time if we don't pull this off. >> hillary clinton seeming to put trump in the rear view mirror, so she claims. today she is headed to new hampshire just her third visit since saturday to a swing state that has a competitive senate race. the democratic nominee helping the party try to take back control of congress. and with her lead in the polls growing nbc news is confirming that she and tim kaine are beefing up their staff for what the campaign believes will be clinton's transition into the white house. our political team is here with all of this covered on a monday morning. we get right to two of our road
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warriors. hallie jackson is in florida with donald trump. kristin welker covering hillary clinton. kelly ann conway had striking comments on sunday. take a listen to what she said. >> we are behind. she has tremendous advantages. she is a former president campaigning for her, current president, first lady much more popular than she can hope to be. >> the bottom line is they acknowledge they are behind. we have seen the numbers that way for quite a while now. what do you think is so significant about the acknowledgment. the language has almost become an acknowledgment that there may not be a post election trump administration. >> i think there are two interesting points. one is the comment which they are acknowledging the reality. remember who is not
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acknowledging that is the candidate himself. that makes this so striking or significant. we do see where we are in the polls. we are behind. trump refused to say the same. he tweeted about what he called phony polls, the idea that democrats are rigging the system to make up the numbers that show him trailing. that is something you hear reflected in supporter after supporter. many don't believe the polls are real. ones that don't meet the standards. the other interesting point is laying the groundwork for a loss. ever since he began ramping up arguments about a rigged system there was talk that maybe that is what he was doing was setting the stage, the idea that if he does lose what happens on november 9 when he wakes up that morning and is able to say this is why i lost pointing to not because of his campaign and not
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because of mismanagement or failing as a candidate, because the system as a whole is rigged. you hear the church bells probably here behind me. >> that is one of the most gorging spots there. i want toask you if i can, hillary clinton in new hampshire today helping campaign for herself but also for the popular governor there, the democrat who is challenging. talk about the challenge for the clinton campaign. on the one hand it is look at us we are doing great. on the other hand we need you to vote or this doesn't matter. >> one big concern within the clinton campaign is that their supporters are going to be complacent, that they are not going to turn out on election day because they are looking at poll numbers. the abc poll shows secretary clinton has 12-point lead. you have secretary clinton out over the weekend in north carolina, pennsylvania touting the down ballot races and democratic candidates and trying
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to say you got to get out there and vote. this race isn't over yet. no doubt they are feeling confidence. she has started to make her closing argument. you talk about trump veering off message. her message is i'm going to be the candidate for everyone. it is an attempt to reach out to independents and very undecided voters. >> you talk to aides every day. you get a sense in their tone with the way they are feeling. just looking for your impressions. what impressions do you get? >> there is a subtle shift going on within the campaign. you get the sense that they are feeling more confident. they seem to feel good about where things stand tlmpt is no doubt about that. you get a sense that they are a bit more relaxed than a few weeks ago. again, you have top aides who say their biggest concern right now because election day is still several days out is that democrats say this race is over.
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when they look at early voting numbers they are encouraged because we are seeing robust turnout. but it's not over until it is over. secretary clinton out in the states where early voting has begun and trying to have the closing message. she is still hitting donald trump pretty hard particularly when it comes to the rigged system idea. she had sharpest language yet. they think that is a rallying cry for democrats. >> we should note on early voting the latest numbers say more than 6.3 million americans have voted. 1.1 million in florida alone. this idea of closing argument. several weeks ago when i talked to trump advisers they say we want to put this in the hands of voters and be specific about how they will benefit. now they are struggling to find that message again with so much focus on a rigged system and the idea of draining the swamp. where do you think they stand in terms of a closing argument and is there time to make a closing
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argument at this point given all the vulnerabilities he sees. >> a couple of points on there. so i think that draining the swamp is part of his closing argument. you heard him lay out what he would do in his first 100 days and senior aides were telling us that is the message he will be delivering, the idea that he will get rid of washington corruption and go out in the first three months or so in office and get rid of the corruption that he believes exists in government and inside the beltway. that message is part of closing argument. to your second question, is there time? there are 15 days. when you speak with smart republican folks outside the campaign they say he is within the margin of error in some key swing states, florida, north carolina. they think he still can maybe close the gap if he were to be able to do something different than what he has been doing and that is the big if that i think
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a lot of people are skeptical of. carl rove saying he believes it is out of trump's hands. his closing argument speech on saturday was illumeinative of where his campaign has been. you heard him deliver 45 minutes of policy and then threw in the one line about threatening to sue the 11 women and that one sentence became the headline driving the day. >> and for good reason. a president threatening a suit especially female accusers, that is news worthy. hallie jackson in florida. hillary clinton not the only democrat urging voters to punish other republicans. president obama now upping his voice to the cause. >> now when suddenly it's not working and people are saying
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this guy is kind of out of line, all of a sudden these republican politicians who were okay with all of this crazy stuff up to a point suddenly are walking away. what took you so long? what the heck? >> he said what the heck, heck no rallying cries. let me get to ed okey from the washington post. good to see you. nbc has identified about five states where incumbents that are republicans are in trouble. illinois, missouri. illinois most notably, missouri, new hampshire, north carolina and pennsylvania. are these races all specific to their state and local issues or is there a common thread that ties these vulnerable senate republicans together? >> i think most of them have been localized or regionalized
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to some extent. democrats are certainly pushing every day to tie the republican incumbent or republican candidate to donald trump and they are getting to do that with some success. i think it is working in new hampshire. you didn't mention wisconsin where democrats think they are going to win. missouri would be a really notable pickup, as well, for democrats. they have been prosecuting this. the clinton campaign has some extra cash, able to insert a few lines into her speeches and that is what they are starting to do because congressional democrats say if you are going to win and you think you will be able to expand the map in the process please help us out, as well. you have the senate that likely will flip democratic control if clinton keeps this up. we have to get as close to 30 seats picked up for democrats. so help us do that. that is what you starting to see them do. she is spending a million
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dollars to help gubernatorial candidates, spending much more money in other places and think they will see gains. >> they can afford to with such a big money advantage. kevin, with congressional republicans you look at the national polls. a lot of folks are saying so if donald trump is going to lose this thing you need me to stick around. marco rubio saying that specifically. how well is that argument working for these folk whose are fighting local races as a check on the top of the ticket? >> what they say is they would like to see this presidential race a little bit closer particularly to have donald trump within that five percentage point striking range because they think there are republicans in congressional races people like senator pat toomey that they would be able to surge again in the polls. but the bottom line is this. yesterday we learned florida with the trump campaign, there
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were marco rubio flyers there. i think that this is just a larger illustration that this party is not fully unified no matter which way you spin it. just the other day the trump campaign denouncing the head of the ohio state republican party. >> i want to ask you specifically about donald trump. this weekend this was supposed to be laying out the first 100 days. this was as discipline goes this should be a free opportunity. the teleprompter is up and hit home runs on key points that resonate with your voters and a wider audience. he goes off message threatening to sue these female accusers. i think the number is up to 11. there was a conference call with advisers the night before. what do you make of the moment? what does it say about donald trump's campaign? >> i think it shows that right now donald trump is struggling to win over independent and
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suburban voters and those are the voters outside of the core constituency. these voters i have spoken to that are looking at choices for president. they look at hillary clinton. >> does he talk to them? >> when he make as line about the accusers or goes off message the message resonating isn't able to fully translate. >> let me ask you the new abc news wall street journal poll has hillary clinton leading with every key group, women, men, voters with and without a college education. that is as striking as any. that was donald trump's sweet spot. independents favoring her by eight points. the only group where she is down is white voters about four points. what has caused this change particularly among men from trump to clinton, that is the thing people are trying to wrap their heads around. what do you think is the biggest definer, the biggest reason for
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that real change? >> probably the way he has behaved the last few weeks since the access hollywood tape surfaced. i think the idea instead of being apologetic he keeps bringing it back to it in one way or the other whether over the weekend when he threatened to sue the women or in the debate where instead of apologizing he took it up and tried to equate what he did to what has been done by bill clinton. >> is that what voters tell us? is that what they experience is? >> did you see that moment where the guy stopped mike pence on the street and said can you tell trump to get back to the issues? >> the crap, if we use his language. >> that there incapsulates the frustration that republicans have. they say if he can't do it by now. he had three big wins in debates. he had the opportunity to
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respond. he hasn't changed the subject. why should i vote for him? >> gentlemen, nice to see both of you. thank you. up next the battle to drive isis out of mosul. we are live in iraq next. still ahead millions of votes cast in the election. we will have a report from two of those key battle ground states where early voting is already well underway. had so my thoughts once i lt the hospit after dvt blood clot. i was given rfarin in e for me?l, t wonder,was this thet iquieats d and p s blood clots eliqs. andus the risk of them pping again. not only does eliquiuit and pe b clots. t eliqs also h signicantly less major bleeding than ...turned around thinkg. the andard .
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when i work in oakland, i feel like i'm home, because i grew up here in oakland, my family still lives here. every time i go to the customer's house, i treat them like they're my family. if they smell gas, or they don't have hot water, i'm there to ensure that by the time that i leave, they feel safe and they can go back to their day to day life. to learn more about gas safety in your home, visit together, we're building a better california. back now live on msnbc, iraqi special forces began shelling isis positions near mosul. iraqi and kurdish troops along with support from american forces have taken back 78 towns
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and villages from isis. nbc's matt bradley on the ground. good to visit with you again. we are glad you are safe. give us a sense of what you know. we are hearing iraqi security forces are closing in on the city northeast of mosul today. what more do we know? >> thanks peter. the city is very close to mosul. this is a good sign in the fight against islamic state. what it means is that we are starting to see operations moving around the entire city and the 70 villages and towns, many were void of civilians. this means a lot of security forces were able to move in, not rapidly but were able to close in and take them with some degree of haste. their only major barrier were islamic state suicide car bombers. the defensive tunnel works and
7:19 am
booby trapped houses. the staffers, the people who have to diffuse the improvised explosive devices, it takes a lot of time to go house to house, block to block and make sure troops can proceed safely. we are seeing this pattern developed throughout the entire country especially in the south earlier this year. they did the same thing. it took a pain staking effort to try to diffuse bombs. peter, i want to go back to what you were saying about the town to the northeast of mosul. taking this town is so much about the conflict could be engendering further conflict. there is a military base that houses 500 to 700 turkish troops near the town. the turks said they are already participating. they are training sunni and kurdish troops in order to fight islamic state and firing artillerary from their position.
7:20 am
they said according to the the associated press that they have killed 17 isis militants this week. that sounds like a help but the iraqi government in baghdad is furious at this. they say this is inkurgz on sovereignty and these troops need to leave immediately or will be forced out. >> on the ground there with the latest there. thank you very much. we hope you continue to stay safe. coming up here on msnbc, battleground shocker. could one of the country's most reliably red states be on the cusp of turning blue. our poll of the day, plus early ballots being cast from coast to coast today. we will take you to florida and nevada where one county's voters are split right down the middle. . gureorki on some pretty bistuff ovhere, right? like a newangugue for cry, some pretty bistuff worlchging machis.
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coup for segment. we are winning and the press is refusing to report it. don't let them fool you. get out the votes. showed donald trump. notable as we bring you our senior political partner. you deserve to be right now very quickly donald trump is saying we are his own campaign manager concedes they are not up in the. break down the numbers. >> peter, it is not only that hillary clinton is leading in the polls. she is up in double digits. we are in the poll in the double digit race almost every poll. single digits.
7:25 am
the people at home think we are -- they say roughly 16%. definitely a widening margin. it's still a big gap. people in the polling profession the wall street journal poll the best polls out there. on this abc pool you lead among almost every group. here is a group among men. hillary clinton up by three percentage points. white men are where donald trump's strength. hillary clinton in this poll is ahead. it's just not men. look at all of this. >> so striking. >> look at all other groups. hillary clinton up 20 points among women. people with college degrees and 25, no college hillary clinton is ahead. >> donald trump sweet spot for so much in the campaign. when you are down 12. that is a significant turn. >> when you have a double digit
7:26 am
lead there are few subgroups you are trailing with. walk us through battle grounds we have been focussing on that a lot right now. a lot of early vote taking place. let's go florida first. >> let's go into florida. one of the most important battle ground states. hillary clinton has a three-point lead in the sunshine state. that is consistent with other polling where she has a lead in the small single digits. it's notable that there hasn't been a poll to show donald trump ahead. >> our poll of the day, a state that you have some familiarity with. you're proud home state of texas. great state of texas. and donald trump is ahead by just three points. this isn't the first poll we have seen. there have been other polls that happens to be a single digit race. i think that donald trump is going to be the favorite in the lone star state. the fact that it is this close shows you how hillary clinton has the big advantage in this race. >> places like georgia and arizona are just up in the air right now.
7:27 am
>> texas a three point race hillary clinton probably has the advantage. >> nice to see you. thank you. >> rare to talk about your home state. millions of votes in the presidential election have already been cast as early voting is underway in more than 30 states right now. we have two reports from key battle ground states, chris jansing where i think the sun is out for you. voting began there over the weekend. gabe is in miami where early voting begins today. chris, you have moved indoors. tell us what you know about the early vote inside the polling places. >> it's a record in the county where i am standing. it is a record in clark county. two heavy population centers. we expect to get returns for more rural areas which are more republican. the early indications are not good for republicans even as they are getting set up here inside this polling place at the
7:28 am
municipal building here in reno and the doors open in about half an hour but here is what we know so far. remember these things can change a little bit. for the democrats they are performing about 11% above registration. the republicans are down a percent in clark county. the democrats up 10% while the republicans are even. early indications for them are good. chris is the first chair of democratic party here. you have to be encouraged by this. are you taking a breath in saying let's not get ahead of our selve snz. >> early voting is important for us. when we doint have good early voting statistics it could signal a problem. we couldn't be more thrilled. people are enthusiastic particularly women are very enthusiastic. >> what is making a difference because we have this tight race that hillary clinton is leading by 5%.
7:29 am
a lot of people are focussing on is your u.s. senate race where now we see the democrat moving ahead. what's it going to take for the democrats on election day. >> it's been a combination of things. we have a very good candidate and secondly joe hack, the republican running against her has made a number of missteps not the least of which he took. he might have -- he did it for political reasons. and she represents what is good about nevada. joe hack has been painted into a corner as a politician. >> thank you so much. katherine cortez was introducing barack obama last night. it was notable that the president spent as much time going after joe heck as he did talking about hillary clinton and donald trump. they really are focussing on the
7:30 am
fact that he first endorsed donald trump. this is something that has took him from both sides. people on the republican side who are upset that he has left donald trump and other folks who say he should never have endorsed him. we are seeing the volatility. this is one of six to ten races the democrats are focusing on as they look to see whether or not they return the senate. >> the first latina senator to washington. another reason barack obama is proud to be campaigning. thank you. as we said gabe is in miami. polls open today. gabe, they have been open there for a few hours. what are you seeing this morning that is worth noting even though polls just opened early voting has taken place already. more than a million votes have been cast. >> more than a million votes in florida and slight majority have been republicans.
7:31 am
turnout inputal election is between 67 and 72%. election officials here are bracing for much tighter turnout although hoping to keep lines to a minimum. you can see that the line right now at this polling location is pretty much nonexistent. election supervisors, the ballot is shorter so trying to keep those lines down. we spoke with a few voters earlier today and here is what they had to say. they seem very eager to cast the ballots. >> we happen to get the voting nice and early and get the right person into office. >> voting early is important. stood here in line for four hours. so very important to me. >> so right now not just the presidential election as you guys have been talking about the down ballot races also very much
7:32 am
the focus here in florida. back to you. >> let me ask you about that, marco rubio facing off against patrick murphy his democratic challenger. look at the numbers. this from one of the latest polls shows within the managen of error 44 points for marco rubio. 42 for patrick murphy. what are party officials saying about that senate race? one of the most closely watched races in the country especially given so much hope for marco rubio several months ago as the party's nominee? >> that's right. this is the only county that marco rubio won in florida. donald trump almost running a clean sweep of florida. that is one of the key races and it being watched here in florida. it is not just a race between marco rubio and his challenger patrick murphy. representative carlos is also
7:33 am
locked in a tight race with joe garcia and someone who never faced much of the challenge here in state representative gill yn. many are calling this the trump effect. gop officials watching the races closely here in florida and some are worried it will be tougher for them as donald trump seems to be sinking in the polls nationally. >> both of you, thanks very much. a quick update. matt is the chair of the gop in ohio. we were talking about him. he has been critical of donald trump and trump more specifically has been critical of the state's party in ohio saying they are not getting help that they want. the gop chair now tells the cincinnati inquirer i am voting for donald trump. coming up, the truth about trump. we will ask the next guest who wrote the book about claims of phony polls, rigged elections and a new threat to sue his accusers after the election.
7:34 am
also what trump just said about women in the tv interview moments ago. first a quick look at campaign spending by those. two dozen billionaires for a total of $88 million in the 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton superpack has been the biggest beneficiary. that is nearly four times the 18 million bucks that donald trump's superpack received from four billionaires. owers e digital wod.communicati keep thr glob cam 'k connected. and y a pro ot tea e us to deli and y a ading car brandmore ancoun on o keep eidealer netwo streamlined and nimble. neesountn communicationdmunication and counts ocenturylink. re ancoun on o keep
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back now in the place for politics. donald trump on the stumpf this weekend saying the election system is rife with fraud. >> folks, it's a rigged system. and it's a rigged election,
7:38 am
believe me. according to the highly respected pugh there are 24 million voter registrations in the united states that are either invalid or significantly inaccurate. >> let's bring in michael dantonio. he gets pushback from all corners including the republican party. does this surprise you? you know his story as well as anybody. >> it's not surprising at all. the great thing about donald is as he said of hillary he never gives up. if he has a story that he is selling he is a supersalesman. he is going to stick with that pitch and so we all know that all these voter registrations
7:39 am
that might be invalid are people who have died and are not going to show up to the polls or people who have moved. there is so little fraud in the system that we can all be confident in it. but it's like a kid who says the game is not fair as he starts to lose. i think he feels it is unfair and feels that it is rigged. but he is probably the only one who thinks that now. >> to be clear the biggest issues with the voting system are these inefficiencies and voter rolls that have a lot of names that should have been taken off years ago. there is far less evidence, almost no evidence of voter fraud taking place certainly not in wide numbers. we talk about this process with donald trump as sort of sticking with what he is selling. i'm curious if you think this is a brand-building exercise or what you think the calculus is for donald trump at this point. >> well, he is really a freelance creative kind of guy.
7:40 am
so when he first declared i think he had two or three possible goals in mind and one of them might have been to get the nomination. one of them might have been to become president. he sure was intent on building the trump brand. he got roughly $2 billion worth of free publicitity before the republican convention. so the brand building worked. and now that he is pretty clearly going to lose i'm sure he understands that and he is doing his pivot. >> you say the brand building certainly worked. i'm curious about the brand, does this benefit the brand or does it sort of like fractionalize the brand which is to say some people are all in on donald trump. the national audience isn't as motivated to support a man so associated with so many positions that a lot of people are not comfortable with. >> well, it's important to
7:41 am
remember the market that he is thinking about. we are a country of 330 million people. so he has a third of that country still devoted to him and enjoying what he does. that's still a pretty sizable market. and his goal may be this ghetto of alt right media. who it really will hurt is his heirs. the children of donald trump are far better executives than he will ever be. they have in their minds a much more broadly marketed brand. so if i were them i will be thinking my prospects for the future are being cut back considerably by what dad is up to now. >> on that point eric trump's wife laura lee trump, a north carolinaen, she campaigned in support of her father in law said today to fox news, she said it is hard to watch your family
7:42 am
get bludgeoned by the press. at least it brought us closer together. a lot of people will be watching what the trump family does going forward if he does lose. if he doesn't win the election what does trump do next? >> he's not going away. he may wind up doing a concert tour style speaking tour where he is in big stadiums continuing to rally his folks. we'll see a trump network. i wouldn't be surprised if he is thinking about donald jr.'s political prospects in the next cycle. >> nice to see you. thanks for your insights. 15 days to go. hillary clinton, president obama and donald trump are turning their attention down ballot. we have details on six critical senate races including our down ballot race of the day. a tight contest in missouri.
7:43 am
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boosted by the latest polling hillary clinton and president obama are flexing their muscles in those down ballot races offering their support for candidates in battle ground states that they hope can flip the senate and possibly the house back into democratic control. >> katie mcghenty on behalf of pennsylvania to the united states senate. she is running against someone who refuses to stand up to donald trump. >> you can make her the first ever latina to serve in the united states senate. just a few weeks ago her opponent was supporting donald trump. take a look at the head rine from politico that caught our
7:47 am
eye. down ballot blood bath. some headlines the "boston globe," gop threats over down-ballot impact. fraumtd "new york times" victory in sight clinton seeks to leverage lead. joining us now is kelly odonled. she has been focussed heavily on down ballot contests. good to see you. i know you were focussing on this. you have been digging into this. on the senate races right now it is obvious that this is going to be as big a focus as any given the chasm right now. talk about what you hear from the campaigns about the need to try to overperform on the top of the ticket who is really well behind. >> it is an unusual place. now that there is separation between clinton and trump that opened up our attention and operatives. on the clinton side they are pushing money to try to not only help the democratic brand but if hillary clinton were to win a democratic senate makes all the difference in trying to get
7:48 am
things done. on the republican side there has been a sober sense about how the numbers do not favor them. of the 34 states on the map they have 24 seats where they are trying to defend. we are down to six seats that really matter. republicans were always at a greater chance to lose control but the circumstances, the environment has made it tougher. give you a couple of examples. in pennsylvania where it is pat toomey against katie mcghenty the spending in the next two weeks is scheduled to be monstrously different. 12 million bucks going in to help katie mcghenty. seven for pat toomey. the democratic message will be pounded into voters. in other states we are seeing the disparity. there is a bit of alarm bell for republicans to try to level the money. >> one is the one we hear from florida where donald trump is campaigning again today. he was in naples just yesterday. trying to make a pitch on the
7:49 am
down ballot idea. take a listen. >> you have to get out and vote and that includes helping me re-elect republicans all over the place. i hope they help me, too. with the republican house and senate we will immediately repeal and replace the disaster known as obama care. it is a disaster. >> as noticeable as anything he didn't mention marco rubio's name which i'm guessing rubio people would be fine with right now. it is striking the difference you think you want to be forcing your candidate into those states where there is competitive senate races. now you don't know if you want the guy helping you. >> none of the candidates have appeared with trump. that was the most lack luster endorsement compared to what we heard clinton do where the candidates on the stage where she tells their story. the one thing that republicans will say is that these are federal offices with state-based races. so they localized the races.
7:50 am
the individual republican candidates or incumbents have a relationship with voters over time so you see strength there that you wouldn't have expected. rob portman comes to mind in ohio. battle ground ohio way ahead against former democratic governor. >> he just had such a -- >> run your own race and do it early. there are other states where there is an expectation that things can flip. >> let me ask you where things can flip, the state of missouri. our first team makes it this down ballot race of the day. the new ad that is compelling that is for the democratic challenger jason candor. >> standout evidence. >> take a listen. >> senator blunt has been attacking me on guns. well, in the army i learned how to use and respect my rifle. i believe in background checks so that terrorists can't get their hands on one of these. i approve this message because i would like to see senator blunt do this.
7:51 am
>> that's a wow moment. >> i got goose bumps watching that. he is a military veteran. he is a democratic and saying i'm not against your guns. i just want common sense background checks. this is a race that could be indicative of a wave election if we see -- >> he is described as the best recruit democrats have had in the entire cycle. he is 35 years old, secretary of state in missouri. it is not unusual to have statewide democrats elected. roy blunt establishment republican, not anyone who anyone expected to have trouble and now this is quite a race. missouri may be the tale of this on election night. >> whatever your politics that was a compelling piece of television. nice to see you. at&t's proposed $80 billion merger with time warner would create the nation's largest entertainment colossus. what does it mean for the rest of us?
7:52 am
that is coming up next.
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$85 billion mega merger plan between at&t and time warner. looking into the blockbuster deal that needs regulatory approval. the senate will be take ag close look. give us a sense of what some key concerns are and what it would mean for the media landscape and for folks at home. >> both campaigns talked about overconcentration in the media industry and how donald trump said it won't happen if i get elected. they are concentrating on the wrong thing. let me show you what $85 billion gets you in this deal. it gets you all the media properties of time warner. you have cartoon network. hbo, tnt, hln, warner brothers, dc comics. it's a big deal. ultimately what you need to be thinking about today is that if you are an at&t consumer you are going to get a lot more of this content on your phone. if you are a verizon consumer or
7:56 am
sprint consumer will you either get that same content slower or will you pay more money for it? that is net neutrality. that is what the concern should be. at&t and time warner are completely different companies. think about it as mcdonald's buying time warner. it is not the same industry so it is not media concentration issue. it might come down the road in other deals. this is what the concern should be will at&t give time warner content on its phones or over the air. >> appreciate it very much. we will be right back. you are watching msnbc.
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here we go. hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren together again and campaigning in new hampshire within the next hour. this as donald trump denies a slip in the polls as his campaign manager makes a striking admission. >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. she has former president who happens to be her husband campaigning for her. current president, first lady all much more popular than she can hope to be. she is seen as the incumbent. >> kelly ann conway implying that donald trump has no bench to back him up. we have the on trump's seeming lae ly go it alone strategy. and hackers, tens of millions of homes disrupted in wave after wave of cybering attacks. i'm t


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