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  MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 12:16pm-12:42pm PDT

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we are going to fix it. it is common sense. our country is going to be put back on the right track and very, very quickly. you will be proud of your country and you will be happy. [ applause ] deliver real change that once again puts america first. change has to come from the outside. or, we are never going to understand it and i will tell you. i have been on the inside the day i announce of june 16th of last year, i became the person on the outside. we have to fix our country.
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the fact that washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime. it is terrible. there is never been a movement of this in the history of our country. even though that dislike me or you or anybody, they'll admit and they do admit they have never seen anything like this before and wait until you see the results start to come in. results are starting and we are way ahead in ohio and high iowa. we are doing great in north carolina. [ applause ] >> because -- people of this
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country are fed up with stupid n stupidity and we cannot beat isis and all the problems we got going. you know what else? they are fed up to losing their jobs to other countries. t our system is rigged is the fact that hillary clinton despite her many crimes was allowed to run for president in the first place. true. [ applause ] [ cheers ]
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hillary clinton deleted 33,000 e-mails, lied to congress under oath and made 13 telephones disappears and some with a hammer and told the fbi she could not remember 39 different times. the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice, let clinton off the hook for her crimes against our nation is one of the saddest moments in the history of our country. [ applause ] we have to investigate the investigation, folks. just today, there are shocking new revelations which you have
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seen. from page of the wall street journal about how the clinton campaign has corrupted our government. it was just learned that one of the closest people to hillary clinton with long standing ties to her husband and herself, gave more, this just came out -- gave more than $675,000 to the campaign of the spouse, the wife, of the top fbi officials who helped oversees the investigation into mrs. clinton's illegal e-mail server. [ crowds booing ]
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[ applause ] so the man that was investigating her from the fbi, his wife runs for office and they gave her more money than $675,000 to run. and it just came out, they just figured it out. we never had a thing like this in the history of our country. >> this represented a large portion of the money. fbi official spouse had for the entire campaign of a big percentage. it is disgraceful and terrible.
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now, at least we have a pretty good idea. general cartwright, think of this -- a four star general, highly respected, just at the end of last week struck a deal, he lied one time to the fbi and he said he did that for national security reasons. highly respected man, we are talking about a four-star general and he's going to go to jail for as much as five years. that's a tiny fraction. that's a tiny fraction of what hillary clinton did. so the fact that she's allowed
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to run means our system is rigged she nev rigged, she never had a chance to be convicted, hillary clinton knew this money is being paid and she has to be held accountable for this. yet another crime, one of many. she has to be held accountable because she knew, that money, 675,000 plus was being paid. >> so how is she allowed to continue to run for president? how is she allowed? >> she gets the subpoena from the united states congress asking for her e-mails and other records. and she bleaches them and deletes them. bleaching nobody ever heard.
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the reason why it is so expensive to do. not only did they delete them, they bleached them. now, two weeks ago, they found out two boxes of e-mails are missing. you don't read about it in the new york times. you don't read about it in the newspapers because the system is corru corrupted and broken. [ cheers ] [ applause ] i have been saying for a long time that the system is rigged. wikileaks also shows how john podesta rigged the polls by over samplining democrats. that's what's happening to me all the time. when the polls are even, when
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they leave them alone doing properly, i am bleeding. when you see these polls, when they are polling democrats, how is trump doing? oh, he's down. they're polling democrats. the system is corrupted and is rigged and broken. we are going to change it. [ cheers ] [ applause ] podesta says he wants over samples in our polling in order to maximize what we get out of our media polling. it is called voter's suppression. well, folks, we are winning, we are winning. [ cheers ]
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they are crooked and they maybe more crooked than hillary. without the media, she would be nothing. without the media, clinton would be nothing. they're disgraceful. here is how all of this affects you. when the people who control the political power in society can rig investigations like her investigation was rigged, can
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rig polls. you see these phony polls and rigged the media. they can wheel absolute power over your life and economy and your country and benefit big time by it. they control of what you hear and what you don't hear. how it is covered or even if it is covered at all. sometimes i have great events and it won't be covered. there is glitches of front page news all over the world. they can shift your jobs all over the world and let drugs pour into and look at the drugs that's poured into the area and all over. let drugs pour over the community and let congress write loopholes to benefit a select few. you always hear hillary clinton, she's going to fight isis. well, she's been there for a
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long typime. she and obama and their incompetence. this guy only does campaigns. all he does is campaigns. >> we have an incompetent president, we have a president that does not know what he's doing. again, take a look at mosul. they announced four months ago or three months ago, we are going into mosul. we are going to get the leader of isis because they're living in mosul. 12 minutes later, the leader, they left, they're not stupid and left. >> whatever happens, remember the great general who's called the elements of surprise. now, we are bomb out in mosul and enemies had a lot of time to get ready. they're using human shields all
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over the place. it is a horrible, horrible situation that's going on. why did we have to tell them we are going in. why did we go in and tell the public a week later, congratulations, we just got the leadership. we did not lose many people. i am telling you, folks, our leadership, i went to an ivy league school but there are some words you cannot describe. these are stupid people. so bad. [ applause ] these are stupid people and they are leading us right down the tubes. their corrupt syste system -- something that would never happened under trump's administration, how about that
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one? these people, we want your money back that we gave you years ago. this can only happen with incompetent people we have running and people with no common sense. they are incompetent. they have no common sense. while the politicians celebrated in washington dc. >> they are aens gegainst all o. like hillary clinton, they look down to the hardworking people of the country. that's what happened. the media is entitled condesc d condescending and con testimote
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the people who don't share their money. i see you and hear you. i am your voice, remembe rememberemember -- [ cheers [ cheers ] remember i was on the other side of the equation for a long time. it was very comfortable and it was a good sign. then i decided that, you know, i will tell you the bottom line, i love our country. we were going bad. [ cheers ] i will never let you be the
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forgotten people again. we are the forgotten people. i will never let you down, i promise. i will never ever let you down. when we win, your voice will booms through the halls of washington and will be heard all across the world. this is bigger than brexit of what's going on. this is bigger than brexit. [ applause ] leave here and vote or we have wasted a lot of time and energy. in my case, a lot of money. i am not a politician and i never wanted to be a politician. believe me. i ran because this country has been good to me. i love america. i could not standby and watch what was happening to our great
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country. i did not want to do it. [ applause ] it is time to clean up our nation's capitol. it is a set of promises for what i will do in my first 100 days. it includes getting rid of immediately obamacare. which is a disaster. [ applause ] bill clinton admitted that obamacare is the craziest thing in the world. "craziest thing in the world" where people whine up with
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double premiums. she wants to double down and she wants to make it bigger and it is going to destroy the american family and destroying american businesses and small businesses. you know what else? it is not working and no good. it is terrible healthcare. you know your numbers are so crazy that you cannot use it. your deductibles are so high that you will never get to use it. it is one more reason why we have to win on november 8th. my content. with the american voters, begins with a plan to end the rapid government corruption and put the special interest out of business. we are going to do it. i understand it. i understand it. i understand it very well. i want everyone in washington to
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hear and to heed the words that we all say together. if we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp in washington dc. we are draining the swamp. [ cheers ] [ applause [ applause ] >> under my contract, first, a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. [ applause ]
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that does not include the military, believe me. third, a requirement that for every new federal regulations, two existing regulations must be eliminated. regulations are putting us out of business. fourth, a five year ban on white house and congressional fictions becoming lobbyists after they leave government service. they're making a fortune. they're controlling government. and fifth, a lifetime ban on white house officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. how simple? a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for american elections. [ applause ] i will take the following actions to protect our american workers. our jobs are being stolen.
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in some cases it is not just lack of intelligence or stupidity. first, i will announce -- >> i love you, too. >> my intentions to re-negotiate nafta. we'll start something that's going to be much better. i will announce our withdraw from the trans pacific partnership, a disaster. third, i will direct my
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secretary of the treasury to label china a currency manipulator. i have a great relationship with china, they know, they told me. that's how they do it. it is a single greatest tool they have. currency manipulation and grand masters, they do a great job. i congratulate them. i am angry of our country for allowing them to do it. i am not angry at china. fourth, i will direct the secretary of commerce to use every tool under american and international laws to end foreign trade abuses that hurt the american workers of which there are many things. [ applause ] fifth, i will lift the restriction is on the production of share, oil, natural gas and clean oil. [ applause ] >> we will also put our miners
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back to work and we'll develop clean coal. [ applause ] clean coal. six, infrastructure project like the keystone pipeline. a lot of jobs and good things. seven, cast of billions and billio billions to u.n. climb change. we paid billions and use the money to fix america's water and environmental infrastructure and not throw it out the window. >> and on the first day, i will take the following five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law and i just met with your great sher f sheriffs and your great law enforcement people and
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firefighters. [ applause ] first responders, these are great people. these are great people. cancel every every unconstitutional actions or executive orders, memorandum issued by president obama. [ applause ] where are they campaigning today? would you rather see them like in that white house figuring out how to knock the hell out of isis? would you rather have them in the white house like working hard so that mexico stops stealing our companies and therefore, our jobs. would i be great? >> would it be great if they can come up with a great healthcare program instead of one way where your numbers are 70s or 80s or
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90% more than they were recently. you have increases in obamacare that are going through the roof and out of control. it is a dead program. it is unaffordable. hillary clinton wants to throw more money to keep it going. it is an end program and it is putting our businesses out. i love to see him in the white house working instead of campaigning for crooked hillary clinton. i will be honest. remember what he said, donald trump will never win the republican primary. sorry. [ applause ] well, they did it and sorry, what happens? we got the most votes in the history of the republican primary system over 14 million
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votes. [ applause ] 42 states and begin the process of selecting a replacement for justi justi justi justice scalia, great man. you have been listening to donald trump in saint augustine, florida. talking about a victory the