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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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donald trump has maintained that the election is rig ged and called the polls phone yi. trump finally admitting he's losing. >> i guess i'm somewhat behind in the polls, but not by much. i think we have a much greater enthusiasm than she has. >> that didn't last long. last hour trump telling a crowd that he expects to have a, quote, tremendous victory. but his campaign and republicans do e see a new opening this morning. news from any premiums under the affordable care act will jump next year. also this morning, guirl power. in an effort to boost fellow democrats especially women. >> get this, donald. nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. >> hillary is going to need your help, my help, everyone's help
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after we win. >> regardless of how frustrated you may feel about the political process, do not give your power away. go ahead and vote. a and. >> the best political team is spread awe cross the country. let's start with jacob rascon. trump may not say it on a regular basiseses i but he and his staff have to know he's behind. other than holding rallies, what are they doing on the ground across the country to try to get out the vote among their supporters. >> reporter: this is a sore spot even for supporters. we have had people come up to us and say i want to volunteer and help knock doors. i have u called the number on the website. i have gone to what is said is a campaign office, but nobody is there. i u mean, there's a realization among many people who want to volunteer that there's just such a lack of a ground game in many
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areas. trump's campaign manager revealing a little bit of their plans in the next couple weeks. they are on a different play in field, you might say. their battleground map looks a lot different than other maps, uncolluding ours. they have st 12 tossup states. and then other states that we show as toss ups like utah and arizona, they have solidly in their corner. so asked about what kind of plans they have that are different than those big rallies, here's what she said on msnbc. >> when you look at the electoral. map, watch and see where we deploy our major assets. we have surrogates keeping them on schedule. that's our road map. i share it privately here. whatever you see that's shared publicly may be different for lots of reasons.
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but we have a couple different paths to get to 270. we're pursuing them. >> bottom line, donald trump won during the primaries without anything other than his big rallies. that seems to almost carry on here. not much of a big change, craig. >> jacob rascon in sanford, florida. thank you. hillary clinton also in florida today trying to keep the sunshine state blue. kasie hunt, about 200 miles south of jacob in coconut creek, florida, where hillary clinton will be this afternoon. we have seen surrogates out in full force. here we are two weeks out. how does the campaign view the role of hillary clinton herself? r. >> reporter: well, look, the most important person in any campaign is the candidate. her time at this stage in the race is the most valuable commodity available. you can follow her travel schedule to figure that out.
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yes, she has the benefit of having all of these surrogates. i'm a little unclear who trump's soup r surrogates are. when you compare the poem on the campaign trail like mike pence, jeff sessions to the long list of democrats that have been out campaigning in full force for hillary clinton, it really doesn't stack up. president obama, michelle obama, elizabeth warren, joe biden, kind of all out on any given day. she's campaigning with michelle obama later this week. i think they feel that's a real strength. i will say the fact that she's in florida, she's going to stay overnight here in florida tonight. that's because she has a fundraiser. it also underscores how important this state is. she usually stays at home in westchester. if they can pull off a win here, there's really next to nowhere for donald trump to go to get to those 270 electoral college votes. >> kasie hunt in florida, thank you. we take you to the great state
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of utah. a reliably red state that has not swung blue since 1964. and yet with two weeks to go before election day, the beehive state is now a potential battleground, a toss up on our battleground map. according to the salt lake tribune, one-third more democrats than expected have cast ballots by mail so far. kchris jansing is in salt lake city this morning. that's where early voting starts today. what's happening there in utah? >> reporter: they are finishing up the machines here. they are ready for poem to come in. already 90,000 have isn't in those mail-in ballots. this is something we have never seen before in modern history. you mention how long it's been since a democrat has won here. take a look at the polls right now. it's not a two-way race between hillary clinton and donald
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trump. evan mcmulllin who went to byu, got an ivy league business degree, worked for the cia, he's making a real play here and talk to any three of these campaigns and they think any three of these people could win. in fact, there's an opening that democrats haven't seen in deck caused. they have never had offices here. hillary clinton just brought in five additional people over the weekend bringing her total staff in utah up to 6. and larry pres ler, a three-time u.s. senator from south dakota, who is mormon, has been meeting with folks here pressing something he thought he'd never do for a democrat for president. i just talked to him. here's a bit of what he told me. >> i met with a a large group of mormons last night, republicans mostly. they are really struggling with this. they are going to vote for hillary. especially on immigration. >> you really believe that? >> i believe they will. she only needs about 35% in my judgment to win this state.
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>> reporter: so that's the crazy part. somebody could win here with 35% of the vote. talking to the clinton people this morning, they said e we could come in first, we could come in third, if even will vote for the independent that really is the wild card. traditionally, we have seen people move away because they are afraid their independent vote won't matter. for a lot of mormons, they believe this is a vote of conscience. >> chris jansing for us in utah, thank you. chris mentioned the undependent conservative candidate running strongly there in the mountain west. imagine this. mcmullin wins utah. that would kick the election into the house of representatives where republicans are expected to maintain control. then uncomfortable with donald trump, those gop lawmakers side with mcmullin putting him into
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the white house. improbable, absolutely. impossible, not so much. with me now is evan mcmull, in former policy director and independent presidential candidate. thung for your time this morning, sir. >> great to be with you, craig. >> mitt romney, 740,000 votes in utah. let's assume you get the same amount. under that path to vikt that we just laid out, how comfortable do you think that the american public would be with a president that received about 740,000 votes out of what's expected to be 100 million votes cast? >> well, we're competing in other state ace cross the ko country as well. by the toim we get to election day, we will be on the ballot or registered as a write-in in 45 states. the the vast majority of americans will be able to cast a vote for me on that day if they choose. so we'll see what the totals are. but the reality is that hillary clinton and donald trump are two
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of the most unpopular, if not the most unpopular nominees in modern times. since we started recording those kinds of sentiments among voters. so i think we'll have a case to make if it should get that far. we'll have a case to make. then we'll be on equal footing in terms of the media attention we get and the race to a certain degree will reset. i think we have a good chance of winning if it gets that far. it depends on the race being very close twoen donald trump and hillary clinton. this is a very volatile race. anything is possible. donald trump is losing badly. >> why didn't you get in sooner? you think yao the best conservative. you think you can beat donald trump and hillary clinton. why didn't you get into the race a few months before? >> the simple reality is that i didn't have national name i.d. like so many others, i. hoped somebody who ran for president for or a sitting senator or representative or
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wealthy well known business leader would have gotten in to do this. i tried to find people to do it. unfortunate unfortunately, no one would step up. so ultimately at the last minute, i knew if i didn't do it, no one would, so i did. >> the supreme court in this election has become a major topic, as you know. i want to play something that you said on wbur public radio in boston last week. take a listen. >> on roe v. wade, i would like to see that overturned. i believe that how we treat life in this country is a a true test of our humanity. i understand that's it's a very polarizing issue and other people have different opinions. on gay marriage, that's one where the courts made its decision and i would appoint original lists who would handle that decision hopefully consistently with the constitution. >> would that mean overturning it to you? >> not necessarily. not necessarily.
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>> so it sounds like what you're saying there is one is settled law. the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage is settled law, but roe v. wade is not settled law. explain the difference. >> first of all, they are very different issues. one case we're talking about life. i know people disagree with that, but in my opinion, it's about life. but the court's decision on gay marriage is to many about equal protection. that's it the difference. >> there are prominent republicans not supporting trump. the bushes, john mccain, paul ryan, are you vying for their endorsement as well? why haven't any of them so far to say mcmullin is our guy? >> you'll have to ask them. i have invited openly and publicly all republican leaders and democratic leaders to support our candidacy. i have also had private conversations with a number of them and made that invitation as
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well. we're not waiting for them, though. i'm not seeking for validation from people frankly who allow donald trump to advance within the primaries and who haven't spoken out against him until recently even though we knew what a problem he was from day one. i'm not looking for validation for them. they can help this effort. we're trying to win some states in the mountain west. they could help us. i heard your earlier piece. utah is either going to go to donald trump or to me. so they could help us win utah. or they would allow it to be a close race. either way, we're moving forward. we have the support of so many americans that are hearing about our message and our campaign and our call for a new generation of leadership, our call for a new conservative movement. and that's the kind of support we're looking for. >> before i let you go, according to your last report here you have about 4300 cash on
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hand. how do you compete? how are you viable with that kind of money in the bank? >> the reality is that there was a hard time for us in the middle of our brief campaign. the last few week, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from regular voters across the country. we have the support we need. . we we welcome more, of course. >> i bet you do. evan, thank you. good luck, sir. >> thank you. two weeks and beyond, both candidates plan for a white house transition and progressive pressure mounting on hillary clinton. by her side on the stump for now, but will bernie sanders and elizabeth warren be the liberal thorns in her sides if she wins. jennifer granholm on the other side of this break. >> on november 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. i s woing in the yard, cst started hting
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strong support for hillary clinton coming from the progressive wing of the democratic party, elizabeth warren. along with that support, some harsh criticism of donald trump. >> he thinks because he's a celebrity that he can rate women's bodies from 1 to 10. because he has a mouth full of tick takes he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. i've got news for you, donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. >> let's bring in jennifer
7:18 am
granholm, a hillary clinton campaign surrogate and co-chair of the clinton transition team. elizabeth warren, her influence in the party is growing. she says she's going to continue to push for a progressive agenda regardless of who wins the election. bernie sanders also endorsed clinton saying, quote, he's going to pressure clinton to appoint liberals to e key c cabinet positions. he would not stay sigh elect if she normminated wall street guy to regulatory positions. how is a clinton administration going to manage the pressure from progressives in the party. >> she's a huge ally in this fight. both of them are with her -- she's counting on them in the senate, when, hopefully, democrats take back the senate
7:19 am
to push the things through. elizabeth warren is able to refinance their student loans. that's part of her platform. bernie sanders wants to make sure we have a progressive tax code that's part of her platform. all of the things they have been pushing for are things she supports. >> a lot of folks, a lot of progressives hear you say that hillary clinton is one of them. and they roll their eyes. they think back to how they had to pressure her to change her mind on tpp or college affordability and not something she was talking about as much until bernie sanders started talking about it. how real is the worry that six months from now there is going to be perhaps a civil war of sorts inside your party? >> there is not going to be a civil war. we are totally united. she's campaigning on the promises that are in her platform. she is going to make them a reality. she is a doer. so the stuff that's in her,
7:20 am
she's got these fantastic policies she's laid out. the last thing she wants to do is leave them behind. she wants to make them reality and she needs bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and the rest of the democrats and republicans who care about making sure there's affordable health care to be on her side. >> republicans no surprise here blasting the white house over the obamacare rate hike announcement that was announced yesterday. donald trump saying he would repeal it saying hillary clinton would make it more expensive. what do we know about what a president clinton would do about obamacare? >> first of all, let's be clear about this. 84% of the people who are enrolled in the affordable care act will not feel the impact of this. because their premiums, if they go up, so does the subsidy to support them, so they won't feel it. 77% of people who are enrolled will still be able to find before the fixes, today a health
7:21 am
care plan for less than $100 a month. and there's disparity. in ohio it's going up 2% per month. so there's real disparity. she has a plan to address this. shements to make sure there's more competition in the market. part of that means shees wants to have people have the opportunity to buy into medicare. to keep competition robust. she wants to continue to work on reducing the costs of prescription drugs. and by the way, she's also going to call upon those republicans in the 19 states that have not expanded medicaid to be able to do that so everybody has access to affordable health care in the country. those 19 states, their citizens have been carved out. so republicans have a lot of nerve calling upon saying this doesn't work when they are the ones that would repeal it. what she wants to do is continue to work on making it better. >> e we should note for our viewers, we're going to do some
7:22 am
fact and fiction with regards to obamacare in just a few minutes. those e-mails released by wikileaks. we have not verified the authenticity of the e-mails. but in one of them it's revealed that you wanted to be considered for the imagery secretary post back in '08. was that e-mail accurate and would you be open to becoming energy secretary this time around? or open to another post in a clinton administration? >> i totally do not want to talk about anything beyond the election. that's what i would say. we have to have everybody focused on getting her elected. i don't want to comment on speculation. i would say this. those wikileaks e e-mails are part of the effort, i think, to divide democrats, a lot of what's in there is democrat after democrat and i think it's all part of the effort by wikileaks and the russians to disrupt this election.
7:23 am
>> i would also note that you did did not deny wanting to be energy secretary back in 2008 either. all right. governor granholm, thank you so much. always enjoy having you. >> great to be on. it's vp night on msnbc. don't miss joe biden playing "hardball" with chris matthews. that should be entertaining. tim kaine joini ining rachel ma. and then mike pence spending some time with brian williams on the 11th hour. when we come back, the truth about those polls that donald trump says are phoney. we have the reality check. plus our msnbc poll of the day. a brand new battleground state where hillary clinton has opened a 7-point lead.
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donald trump says the
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numbers we're about to show you are rigged. our new survey monkey poll showing hillary clinton with a 5-point lead over donald trump. we're joined by mark murray. also joined by larry saab toe, who is editor in chief of the famous crystal ball. mark, let's start with you. . this reality check when it comes to donald trump's poll numbers. what do we know? >> the polls have been incredibly consistent and stable for donald trump over the past year that we have been looking at this presidential contest. that should break things down. in january of 2016, so before the ballots were cast in iowa and new hampshire during the primary season, you had 68% of women having an unfavorable view of donald trump. that percentage now the most recent poll is 62%. in january, 69% of latinos had an unfavorable view of donald trump. that's now 80%.
7:28 am
in january, 81% of african-americans had an unfavorable view. now that's 87%. and among the youngest voters, 72% in january had an unfavorable view of donald trump. and 70% now. here is the tough reality for donald trump. when 6 in 10 women, 8 in 10 latinos, 9 in 10 african-americans and 7 in 10 young voters have an unfavorable view of you, it's very difficult to win a presidential election even when you're going toe to toe with an unfavorable opponent in hillary clinton. so those are some tough numbers for donald trump. and very consistent numbers. >> we also have some new battleground reporting this morning out of nevada, out of north carolina as well. what can you show us? >> so here are the poll numbers. you mentioned nevada. and right now there's a las vegas review journal that has hillary clinton up 7 points in the silver state. about a month ago before the debate season began, the polling
7:29 am
was pretty much even in nevada. and now hillary clinton not only in this poll but in others has a lead in the mid-to high single digits. there's also another poll i wanted to show you in north carolina. this came out yesterday. mam moth has hillary clinton with a 1-point load in north carolina. and this is just one of several polls that we have seen in north carolina where clinton is up. >> poll of the day, good, sir. >> let's stick with what we're seeing in north carolina. mammoth had hillary clinton up be 1 point. in this "new york times" poll, hillary clinton has a 7-point lead in north carolina. and why this is significant, north carolina is a must-win state for donald trump. you also have competitive senate and gubernatorial races in north carolina. and this poll is a big siren to republicans. >> mark at the map, thank you so much. larry, are you surprised at all
7:30 am
about the tar heel state? >> not really. i know in our shop we have had north carolina leaning to clinton for some time. obviously, we're close to north carolina. i go down there frequently. i that's a state that's on the same path that virginia has trod. and virginia was a strongly red state for decades that now starting with president obama in 2008 has shifted to the democrats. and essentially we're not even competitive this year. north carolina is competitive, but the demographic changes are also transforming north carolina. >> especially when you look at the major areas there in north carolina. raleigh and charlotte, a couple hours ago the political report projected senate democrats poised to pick up somewhere between five and seven seats. . is that what you're seeing as well? >> that's what we projected some time ago. the democrats would take control
7:31 am
of the senate. we believe the odds are that democrats will get only a margin of a seat or two, but nonetheless, when you have a presidential candidate doing as well as hillary clinton is doing in a lot of these swing states, inevitably she's going to provide a boost to the democratic candidates for senate. candidates like in pennsylvania, maggie hasten in new hampshire, katherine cortez in nevada and on and on. when you put them together, not all of them are going to win, but enough of them will win, i think, so that democrats will get at a minimum a tie and will probably do better than that. >> what about the lower chamber? what about the house? just wishful thinking by democrats who insist they have a shot? >> probably. you have to wait and see what the margin is on election day, but everything i have seen in terms of both models and seat by
7:32 am
seat counts indicates that democrats will perhaps cut the 30-seat republican margin in about half. you can argue it's 10 or 20, it's very difficult to get it up to 30. which is what democrats would need to take over the house. >> larry at the university of virginia, mark murray at the map as well, gentlemen, thanks to both of you. always enjoy the insight. >> thank you. two brothers, two parties, one unprecedented election. can a political family from a battleground state meet in the middle? you don't even look happy. he's smiling now. we'll talk to the brothers next. that's w she roasts teer white meat cen to perfection anmixes freshly-made pasta e made-from-scratch th parmesan, romano and real cream. use e callenr kns thhe mosmforting thing about mfort food,
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when itomes t painelievers whpuup witjust rtf day? aleve, livwholnot . painter: you wt this coloverhe e rtf day? highlight some deep divides among the american people. sometimes those divides a also seen within families like my next two guests. two brothers on the opposite side of the political spectrum.
7:36 am
gentlemen, good to see both of you. you were with us last week. we wanted to have you back. a lot has happened in your state in the past zen days since you were last year. the new poll showing a widening lead in north carolina. clinton now up by 7. >> i don't have a lot of confidence in that particular poll. the mammoth poll is probably closer. >> all three of our major races are within the margin of error. we're going to have three very close elections for governor, senate and the president. and what i tell people is you should decide for yourself who is going to win. don't let "the washington post" or msnbc tell you how the votes are going or what the polls are.
7:37 am
everybody has a right to exercise their voice and that's what they should do. >> it sounds like your brother is saying ignore the polls. all of them. >> i'm sure he would like to ignore the polls. in 2012 president obama didn't even contest north carolina. >> he had a convention year. >> if that's not contested, he got beat. >> give me a second. he didn't go to north carolina. he didn't advertise in north carolina. after that convention no one thought north carolina would be a play in 2016. what you have is you have a governor -- >> do you just make this up? >> you have a governor of north carolina who discriminates against people based on gender. you have someone at the top of the ticket that discriminates everybody. >> that's a bunch of lies. >> you have a senate candidate who stands with that
7:38 am
presidential candidate. >> when you left north carolina did you stop learning how to tell the truth? you need to have your mouthwashed out with soap. obama lived in north carolina in 2012. we beat him again anywhere. we're going to beat hillary clinton. >> this is how it is when my younger brother and i get together. again, last week when you were here, you dismissed donald trump's refusal to accept the results of the election. do you think that might be part of the reason that he has slipped in polls over the past week? especially among early voter there is in your state? >> i think what i said was flippantly si didn't know we could pick ask choose our election results. i don't think donald trump is doing that. reasonable people can sit there and look at certain election results and determine whether they think there was monkey business going on. democrats cry a bunch of crocodile tears here.
7:39 am
no election has ever been contested or questioned the voting mechanism. >> not usually before the votes are cast. >> they have never accepted the 1824 election. so there's going to be a winner. there's going to be a loser. our democracy is strong. it can take scrutiny. i'm not like my brother and democrats that believe in question if it's going to collapse. i believe in our democracy. >> craig, i think the issue here is that donald trump doesn't seem to believe in our democracy. he's undermined and said the system is rigged. it is editorial after editorial after newspaper article and people saying this is dangerous for our democracy. the only way our system of government works is if people belie believe. >> you should let your brother finish his thought. >> the only way our system of
7:40 am
government works is if people believe in the system and donald trump is lying about that system for his own ends and he's hurting our democracy. i can't believe my brother would say that. >> let craig speak. >> how do two brothers that grew up in the same house with the same parents end up son such opposite sides of the fence? how did that happen? >> he went to washington, d.c. and when a democrat goes to d . d.c., nothing good happens. >> when i came to washington, d.c. as a democrat, i was a democrat in north carolina. i was a proud democrat. >> nothing good happens when a democrat goes to d.c. >> we're going to leave it there. >> i stayed here with the common sense folks. >> we're going to have to leave it there and your mother called. she's very disappointed in both
7:41 am
of you. >> disappointed in brad for telling untruths. >> thank you both this morning. president obama just 88 days left in the oval office. and until then he doesn't appear to be passing on a single mike drop moment including the chance to read a few mean tweets with jimmy kimmel. >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states! @realdonaldtrump. well, at least i will go down as a president. you're close to the ople you love, es pso ever t in the way of a touing mont? if you hmorae psors, you're close to the ople you love, can embrace e ch ofomplelclcle psors, sk wittaltz. you're close to the ople you love, ltz z prove ge you chce alyar skin.
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7:44 am
donald trump has spent a fair amount of time tweeting specifically about obamacare. also notice the affordable care act. i think we have his page to show
7:45 am
you a few tweets. plans set to rise by an average of 25% in the 39 states served by ali is here to break down the numbers and separate fact from fiction, if you will. >> you're going to hear a lot of specific numbers so i want to give you a narrative. in 2017 they are expecting the 13.8 million americans in total will be enrolled. this is not the number in short, because many people are insured through work. this is through obamacare. the silver plan, which is the benchmark plan they use. it's going to be up an average of 22%. with a number you use 25%. that's across 39 states. this will be the whole average.
7:46 am
about 22%. that will bring the premiums up to about $3552. >> that doesn't include subsidies. >> that's correct. this level is where the congressional budget office, which is nonpartisan said that the rates would likely be around 2017. if the issue is the first two years, they felt the premiums had been set too low. so we're not actually -- it's a big jump, but it's where we're supposed to be. these are the forecasts. the issue is that's an average for a silver plan. it doesn't represent the whole story, including the subsidies. >> is there a state that's going to be hit harder than the others? >> arizona strangely is going to be the hardest hit state. let me show you the examples of the states that are going to get the worst. arizona is up 116%. where you're going to see big increases are in states where they have lost insurers. there are a number of states that won't have enough insurers.
7:47 am
many are seeing small increases. indiana is going down about 3%. so it's a mixed bag. but it is going up on average. >> new member of the team, we continue to get our money's worth out of you. thank you. november 8th just two weeks away. but for hundreds of thousands of students, the election is already history. the mock vote they have been holding for 24 years has been right 100% of the time. the results of that mock election, next. s your news? i got a b! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, atazzies. i'll be programming at ge. (friends gp) the app where you put fruit ha on animal i'i lo tt!ogramming at ge. (friends gp) guys, i'll be writing de that helps machines commate. g(interruing) writing de i (pne vibrates) i cado ds,gle) tersguinea pigs... you na it. m going to transrm the way the world rks. (pudly) tersguinea pigs... i prhat and i n casaba .i' be helpini i put a rbon a cat enohndhh) i can pils r more efficiently. issn't apetiti!
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wo weeks away from the election day, but the results are in from the mock election conducted by channel one news. 300,000 students from around the country in grades 4 through 12 cast their vote ace head of the presidential election. it was part of channel 1's campaign. they have done this since 1992. we should also point out the students have gotten it right in
7:51 am
all five past elections. here to breng us the results is the executive producer at channel 1 news. also joined by a student contributor to channel 1 news. ki is the editor in chief of his newspaper. i want to start with you. who won? what were the surprises? >> in an electoral landslide, it was hillary clinton. 365 electoral votes to donald trump's 173. >> 365, wow. >> big surprises. texas went blue for clinton. big surprise for us. missouri also. and she won every swing state. >> ohio, florida, north carolina? >> all of them. >> utah you mentioned also there was a surprise. >> utah did go red for trump, but it was so close within a percentage point between clinton, trump and other candidate.
7:52 am
we did not have them on the ballot, but looking at the polls right now that's who that third party candidate was. >> who did you vote? you can say i'm not answering that question. >> i voted for hillary clinton. she's the most responsible. and she's the most thoughtful. two issues that were important to e me were climate change and gun control. and while climate change could have been talked about more, i think hillary clinton really embodies those issues. . >> what are other students saying about this election in general? >>. >> they are saying a lot of things. it's very day side provided. people are very left leaning and very right leaning. it's been not difficult, but it's been an entertaining few months to talk with my peers about the election and who they want to vote for and why.
7:53 am
>> how challenging has it been to cover this considering some of the r rated material? challenging for you guys and challenging for teachers as well. >> we have really tried to focus a lot on policy and issues. we have had to cover some of the big scandals. and certainly we tried to do that in a sensitive way being seen in the classroom. but when it comes to our mock election, one thing we noticed is initially schools were a little reluctant to get involved because they have all these anti-bullying rules in schools now and they are concerned that rhetoric is going to come into the schools and cause problems. what ended up happening is we dhad great participation becaus a lot of the students pushed for it. they said, no, we want to do this mock election. e we really want our voices to be heard. we think it's important. >> the fact that you have gotten it right every time since 1992, why do you think that's the case? why do you think students have been such an accurate predictor of the end result? >> that's a really good question. i think it comes down to
7:54 am
parental preference. i think kids tend to vote for what their parents vote for. while i'm trying to maintain my independence, it's tough to do so. >> thank you so much. thank you as well. fascinating results. we hope you continue to do it. i should note i applied many years ago when i was in high school to channel 1 and i was rejected. no hard feelings. >> i wasn't in charge then. i would have hired you. >> thank god. vindication, indeed. when we come back, what america needs more than anything. >> the one constant through all the years, ray, has been baseball. america is ruled by an army of steam rollers. it's been e erased like a black board, rebuilt and erased again. but baseball has marked the time. ns ns itway into your day,
7:55 am
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before i let you go, perhaps you have heard tonight is the night. no, fear not, there wasn't a last-minute scramble to add another one of those retched debates. a live look at progressive field in cleveland, ohio, where eight hours from now two teams notorious losers for generations take the field in game one of the world series. chicago cubs haven't won a world series in 107 years, 1908. cleveland indians have been just slightly better hoisting a trophy in 1948. chicago's famously patient fans finally on the verge of breaking that curse brought on by a goat, a cat and that poor guy back in 2003 whose fandom got the better of him. then there's cleveland. before this summer, that city had not won a championship in any sport since 1964.
7:59 am
its sports teams emblematic of the city itself, its pomlation dwindled and fire on the river and the rust belt economy on the brink of ruin. tonight just yards away from the field, lebron's cavs hanging their championship banner inside the arena. cleveland's moment continues. but tonight isn't just about baseball. america's favorite past time has come when we needed it most. for so many for more than a year now our politics have defined and divided us. the insults, the lies, so many holding their noses to cast a vote. but now cubs and indians, sports always gives a break from reality. but it's been awhile since we have needed a distraction so desperately. go indians, go cub byes. thankfully something else to talk about. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc live.
8:00 am
tamron hall joins me now. >> that was emotional. i'm going for the cubs. lest get to the news. right now on msnbc, florida, florida, florida. both hillary clinton and donald trump on the campaign trail there. and fighting for that must-win battleground state. we're going to get you caught up with live new numbers there. and with just two weeks, we are at the 14-day mark until election day. clinton is up in our new weekly poll. is there any chance for trump? we're going to look at the battleground map that his team has unveiled. >> it's called voter suppression. well, we're winning. we're winning. >> game one of the world series is tonight. two of the countries mos


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