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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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keep up with us here on msnbc. for now, i'll toss it to my colleague, thomas roberts. if i could have gotten in a batmobile, i would have brought you with me. stephanie. >> no you won't. >> it's not thomas. it's steph. even better. >> maybe you and i can go joy riding later, but for now a little bit more news. we have a packed hour here on msnbc. i'm stephanie, and we're talking florida, florida, florida. the candidates descend on the sunshine state. hillary clinton taking the stage there in coconut creek minutes from now. we know she's already on site. in one hour, donald trump holding a rally in sanford. donald trump is well aware it is make or break it time with just two weeks to go. >> nobody's ever seen that, especially for early voting. i don't know what this means, but they're all wearing trump hats and trump buttons and trump shirts. i think that's generally good news but you never know. i believe florida say must win and i think we're winning it big. >> winning it big.
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newly revealed tapes from trump's past paint a picture of the man concerned with his image as much as his success. "the new york times" released audio from interviews done with a biographer done in 2014 where donald trump slams actor arsenio hall. why does he go after arsenio with what trump considers the greatest sin of all -- failure. >> arsenio hall is dead. he is dead as dog meat. i tweeted about it. you haven't been reading my tweets, which is a good thing. arsenio hall was thrown off television. thrown off. >> of all the people in the world to go after and tweet about, to hate on, arsenio hall. amazing. gets what. we have our reporters with the campaigns this hour, breaking it down. joining me, hallie jackson is back. you thought you were getting rid of me. she's in tallahassee, jacob in sanford, and with me right here in new york city, msnbc host and
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political correspondent steve kornacki. hallie, we'll start with you. donald trump has said, florida is a must win. what is happening inside that campaign? i feel like he's living in florida at this point. >>. >> he kind of it. he's been here the last 48 hours. he's been overnighting in south florida, spending a ton of time here because, yes, there is an acknowledgment close to the campaign that florida is so, so important for him, along with north carolina, of course ohio, i place where he'll also be spending time. you'll see him spend a ton of his limited resources in this state. i had a chance to speak with senator marco rubio who is up for re-election who said if donald trump does not win florida, he will not go on to win the presidency. a lot riding on this state. you see him hoeding his rally, touting huge numbers, big crowds.
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when you go to these rallies, the crowds are energized, excited to be there. they're buying into his message of a rigged system, a rigged media. it is something that fires them up. the question, the problem is that for the trump campaign, that has not translated into polling. while there are republican operatives saying that's within the margin of error, what can he do over the next couple of weeks to change that? here's what i'm hearing. if he can stay focused on a message of hitting the affordable care act, going after hillary clinton, staying on that message, not getting off track on rigged system, rigged media, then there is maybe a possibility he can close the gap with clinton and some important battle ground states. >> you're saying there's a chance. how about you, ji cob, 61% of voters pold by cnn don't believe donald trump will concede if he loses. does that mirror what you're hearing? you're at trump central right now. >> reporter: his supporters seem actually excited at the possibility that they could shock the world and shock the
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media. we talk about the polls with all of them. we talk about how he's down, how the polls have been pretty accurate during the primaries and leading up to now. they say, i cannot wait to prove you wrong, to show you that there's an undercurrent or sleeper trump supporter or shadow trump supporters. they have all sorts of names for them, they believe will show up on november 8th but who don't show up in the polls. as hallie said, they're energized. these are big crowds. they all say, we haven't met a single person who supports hillary clinton. there's no way she could possibly be up. this is a majority, i would say, of supporters we talked to. they're expecting a shocker on november 8th. >> it would be hard to meet a hillary clinton supporter if you are attending a donald trump rally. that would pose as a challenge. kasie, we have to talk about obamacare. premiums going up 22%. obviously, donald trump went after it hard today. mike pence was able to use bill clinton's own words going after it. take a look.
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>> when you've got former president bill clinton saying, premiums are going up, coverage is going down, it's the craziest thing in the world, i mean, even with the clintons, sometimes truth happens. >> kasie, those are bill clinton's words. hillary is going to hit the stage in a few moments. what is he had going to do here? >> reporter: that was a tricky one for the clinton campaign to clean up. it took a little work and bill clinton has been out there praising the president's efforts and pointing out that there are many, many millions more people who are covered now under the affordable care act than were before it was passed. the reality is this is a tough thing for democrats, these price hikes. this is what republicans were warning would happen. now, the stalemate in washington is problematic for democrats who do want to go in and make changes to the law. democrats will acknowledge there are some flaws in it. of course, the problem, and they
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will blame republicans for this, is that republicans want to repeal the law wholesale and so no one is willing to go back into it to make tweaks that even both sides agree need to be made because of that. that's going to be a challenge for whoever is elected president at this point. it's looking more likely to be hillary clinton. i think her camp is skeptical that even if donald trump spent the next two weeks talking about affordable care act, obamacare, it would fundamentally change the nature of this race. we're already seeing people vote by the tens of thousands and millions ahead of this election. the clinton campaign has been pretty confident they could even potentially put if in the bag before election day if they did a good enough job in early voting, absentee vote, et cetera. the communications director talked about this on the plane with reporters as hillary clinton was heading to this event. take a look. >> some of these moments during
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the campaign have seemed absurd, even comical. it's an unprecedented and disturbing attack on our democracy. that's how he's choosing to close out the campaign and that's what she will address in florida today. >> reporter: now, the early vote here in florida is looking promising for democrats. there are at this point from what we can tell, our analysts say there are more registered republicans who voted than registered democrats but the margin is much smaller than it was in 2012. mitt romney lost florida in 2012 to barack obama, just barely. reality, though, for donald trump, if he doesn't win here, there is no path to 270 electoral college votes. >> i know mike pence is in ashland, ohio, taking the stage in just a moment. steve, i want to stick on polling. donald trump loved to point to polls had they were working for him. they seem to be working against him these days. but when you say, well, you do the math, help me understand. where exactly are we?
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>> he's behind right now. if you take all the polls that are out there, seems like every day we got a new national poll, one has clinton up by 12. trump says no way. if you average them together nationally, it's about a six-point lead for hillary clinton, about 5.8%. i think that sounds about right. about a six-point advantage. it's fair to say donald trump is behind. when you look at the actual path to 270 in those states, there's a couple of showstopper states. states that if hillary clinton wins them, you can basically say the election indz on the spot. florida, as kasie hunt was saying, is one of them. >> always a showstopper. >> donald trump is within a couple of points. he needs to make gains but he's behind. north carolina is another example. you flashed the new poll. that's the biggest margin, the new poll has clinton up by seven. most polls show a closer race. most polls out of north carolina have shown a slight lead for clinton. trump needs to make some gains.
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>> who are these hidden voters the trump campaign says aren't being polled and they'll come out on the 8th. >> the campaign that's -- i remember this from mitt romney four years ago. one thing that happens is you're out there every day, you go to these rallies and you see giant crowds at the rallies and feel the enthusiasm. the trump crowds have been much bigger than it is clinton koudz. >> like bernie sanders crowds. >> and it shows the crowds don't necessarily correlate to what's going to happen. it's easy to believe, democrat or republican, it's easy to look at the crowd like that and say, there is something bigger happening out there. i think sometimes it can be a bit of wishful thinking. i don't think there's much evidence of a hidden trump vote. there wasn't in the primary. we didn't have results where donald trump was lagging behind in new hampshire and then suddenly won the primary. he had been ahead in new hampshire. we weren't seeing a hidden vote in the primary. i'm skeptical that's going to turn out to be the case on election day. i'm open to the possibility
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where we're missing it. >> hidden vote back to the hidden tape. what did you learn from the audio "new york times" released? >> reporter: it was such an interesting story. these were a couple years ago from a biographer writing about trump, did a series of interviews. this biographer does not now support donald trump for president. i want to play you a little bit and let's talk about it on the other side. >> i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it, but i was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways. >> in eighth grade. >> i love to fight. i always love to fight. >> physical fights? >> yeah, all kind of fights. >> arguments? >> all types of fights. i loved it, including physical. >> so, there's donald trump, steph, talking about he's a fighter. when you look at the tapes overall, as "the new york times" framed it, you can see a trump who doesn't like failure,
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doesn't like embarrassment. we did reach out to the trump campaign for comment on this. donald trump sent a response to nbc news saying this is old and boring stuff. hope people enjoy it. he instead pointed to the rallies in florida as more interesting. what you hear on the tapes, when we have talked about trump tapes in the past, it has been because of explosive comments. in these tapes there's no real bombshells but it is a look, a look at a candidate being introspective. a series of a period of hours is talking about his life, telling stories. it's illuminating in that regard. no major headliner news necessarily in the sense that we've seen from other trump audio but it is a deeper look at a person now running for the highest office in the land and who throughout this presented himself to the american public in a way we haven't seen in the past.
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>> something we hear everyday, and i turn to you, kasie hunt, trip drip, drip, drip, the sound of the wikileaks dumps continuing. what have you heard recently? >> reporter: as alwaysings we should note these e-mails have not been authenticated by nbc news and the u.s. government says they are the result of hacking by the russian government. that said, we are purportededly learning these behind the scenes e-mails from john podesta's e-mail account. one of the new ones we're looking at today is getting some attention on conservative blogs among conservative media, talking about the president essentially coming out and saying he learned along with everybody else that hillary clinton. a private server that clinton's aides are going back and forth and essentially saying, hey, we need to clean this up because, in fact, the president had been on the receiving end of some private e-mails from hillary clinton. some e-mails that did not come
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from a account. in a briefing afterwards, josh earnest, press secretary, told reporters that the president didn't know hillary clinton only used private e-mail. he assumed she had a address and he was also unaware previously of the fact she had a private server as being distinct from having an e-mail address that was a personal one. something to keep an eye on. we're also getti information from the clinton foundation. chelsea clinton having some complaints to hillary clinton's presidential advisers that potentially could catch on in the next couple of days. >> those leaks continue to carry on. kasie hunt, thanks so. another one of hillary clinton's big-time surrogates, her husband bill clinton is in north carolina. we're seeing him take the podium right now. he'll be there giving a speech for his wife, the important battleground state of north carolina. you have bill clinton out there,
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hillary is out there, donald trump is out there. why? because there are only 14 days left. we are in the final countdown. up next, the rnc's communications director sean spicer talks about donald trump being down in the polls. we have a busy night here ahead on msnbc, starting at 7:00 p.m. when vice president joe biden joins chris matthews on "hardboil" -- no, "hardball." and tim kaine joins rachel maddow and at 11:00, take a nap, don't miss this, republican vp candidate mike pence. you saw him a few minutes ago. he'll be joining brian williams for the 11th hour. all of that takes place tonight right here on msnbc. as we head to break, i want to share vice president joe biden's powerful words he shared earlier today. >> the whole world is wondering, what are we doing? no, no, no. by the way, this is -- he's
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well, i guess, you know, i must be doing something right. i'm number one in the polls. the polls are coming out and killing everybody. i'm even surprised. even though we're doing pretty good in the polls, i don't believe the polls anymore. i don't believe them. i don't believe them. >> these just came out. remember, whenever we won, i like toll talk about polls. if we're doing badly, i don't know about polls. >> wikileaks also shows how john
11:19 am
podesta rigged the polls by oversampling democrats. when the polls are even, when they leave them alone and do them properly, i'm leading. >> i don't have the ability to hit rewind but donald trump during the primary saying, when we're up in the polls i like to read them the next day. when i'm down in the polls, i don't like to talk about them. just that, the love affair donald trump once had with the polls are over. these days he's calling them rigged. it is a message he's been sharing with his supporters for weeks. he's likely to continue that rhetoric today. i want you to check it out. the magic all four events. why? because wes we have two weeks left. mike pence speaking in ohio, former president and husband of secretary clinton, bill clinton in north carolina. hillary clinton herself and donald trump both set to rally voters at separate events down in the very important state of florida. sean spicer is the
11:20 am
communications director for republican national committee and joins me now. donald trump has been slamming the media, the polls, saying they're rigged, rigged, rigged. you do your own polls, i'll say some are better than ours. >> the polls are a snapshot in time. they tell you where things stand at any moment. they tell you what voters are thinking. what ultimately matters -- >> hold on. where do they stand? >> what matters right now is we've entered this period of early voting and absentee voting where voters are actually voting. you take florida, for example. the republicans are ahead in absentee ballots, requested and returned, where 850,000 voters ahead of where we were in 2012 in terms of people who have requested a ballot. in iowa the last five days we've led early vote. democrats are down. nevada, they're down 3,000 votes from where they were, we're up. north carolina the dems are down, we're up first five days
11:21 am
of early voting. the point being, if you're a guy like trump, you're frustrated with the facts the polls don't necessarily show where the actual votes are going as we enter this period of early and absentee ballot votinging. those are actual voters voting for votes that count. polls are done where you take 400 or 500 samples in a state and get the idea of margin of error, four or five, to get it. they're important. they give you a snapshot whereof a race is, where it's going, the insights to people. when you start to actually look at this phase of a race, where voters are going, we see a momentum with us, a depression of the vote for them, vis-a-vis 2012. >> you don't disagree with where the polls are. >> you look at a national poll and including states like texas, when is solidly republican and california and new york. you can't look at a national poll and say, this is where we are when you have 11 or 12 states battleground states that determine electoral votes to get to 270. have you to start looking at the data right now. it's sort of like doing a poll for a company and saying, this
11:22 am
is where we are. you look at sales and say, sales are up. our competitors are down. that's at the end of the day. what you really care about. >> when you think about not just the polls, early voting, north carolina, ohio, arizona, she is in the lead. when we look at our experts, they're saying if if you look at all the people registered to vote, if you look at hillary clinton's ground game, donald trump hasn't had a strong ground game. >> that isn't true. >> he lost his political director last week. >> so what? at the end of the day what matters is voter contact and votes. let's go back to where people are voting. our voter contact numbers are better than before. >> we've seen donald trump surrogates sit here with us and say north carolina, obama cheated the first time around. that's how he won in north carolina. why isn't donald trump using the narrative you are. instead he's saying rigged, rigged, rigged. some of his supporters are saying, it's so rigged, i'm not going to vote. >> he's connecting with a voter a way no other politician can. i'm not going to tell him how to speak or connect. it's worked for him in the
11:23 am
primary. we have a tight race going down. i'm going to break down where we are. we're in a great place heading into the final 14 days. >> if the polls continue to look where they are today or if they get worse, is there a point where you turn the spigot off and say -- >> what i'm going to continue to look at is data and votes and voters. >> polls are data. >> no, they aren't. they're a snapshot or a sample -- >> data is a snapshot. >> votes count. when you look at who's returning an early vote or an absentee ballot, who's requested one and returned one, that's what matters. on election day, you can ask al gore how this worked. >> good point. there is no president gore because at the end of the day, george bush got 270-plus electoral votes. that's what counts. you can tell me all along how the polls are. i would love to be up, don't get me wrong. at the end of the day, i would rather have more votes than less votes, especially in these battleground states and that's where we're headed. >> you've been a republican a lot longer than donald trump
11:24 am
has. you will still be after november 8th. when you logon to face book at at 6:30 and see this new trump media wing, talks of his son-in-law talking to media bankers, do you not think donald trump is paving the way to create this trump tv network? >> he's using facebook live to communicate to an audience. that's awesome. predebate he was having this ultimately having this conversation, seen by 9 million people. if it's twitter, snapchat, facebook, we embrace these tools. two years ago the republican party was lagging behind on social nemedia. we do these highly successful events on twitter and facebook, they say, look what you're doing with them? they're reaching an audience not going through mainstream media. i think it's great. >> when you look at his numbers, he's more popular than paul ryan. if he doesn't win this election, what does the republican party look like mid-november,
11:25 am
especially because in the world of donald trump, you've got millions of people who adore him, who like him more than -- >> first, we'll win in november so they'll get a chance to see a republican president and republican congress, speaker ryan and leader mcconnell put together an agenda of change. >> you do think you can win this election? >> absolutely. i wouldn't be here if i didn't think so. >> do you think you're winning? >> i think it's a tight race. i think in a lot of states we're up within the margin of error. what's most important, when you get to the final phase of campaign, you want the momentum, the wind at your back. hillary clinton has been around for 30 years. if they're with her, they're with her. they're looking for change. he we need to close the sale in the final phase. >> sean spicer, communications director of the rnc. just moments ago we received a new statements from the clinton campaign responding to the obamacare headlines today. those headlines that came out regarding spiked premiums, some up 22%. i nt to share a direct excerpt from this statement.
11:26 am
there is a clear choice in this election, either we're going to help american families and tackle health care cost issues or we're going to throw 20 million people off their existing coverage and let the insurance companies write the rules again. hillary clinton wants to build on the progress we have made and fix what's broken. while donald trump would rip up the aca, reverse the progress we have made to start this fight all over again. this statement just out from jesse ferguson, press secretary from the clinton campaign. hillary clinton is something to be getting on the stage moments from now in florida at a rally. i wanted to share that with you as we just received it. this is the first official statement from the clinton campaign since we've seen these obamacare premium hikes earlier today. we know donald trump has been out talking about them and now we have a statement from hillary clinton. now it's time for you to get involved. it's the microsoft pulse question. on the same subject, earlier
11:27 am
today it was announced that obamacare premiums, some will be increased by around it 25% in 2017. here's a question. will this obamacare news, will it boost trump's campaign? is it going to help donald trump in the polls? this is a pocketbook issue. please, weigh in now. we want to know what you think. we'll share your thoughts later this hour. the tide appears to be changing in the state of utah. could voters there ultimately be deciding independent? narrat: e can fou anywhere
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we knew what a problem he was from day one. i'm not looking for validation from them. they can help this effort. we're trying to win some states in the mountain west. they could help us. >> that, of course, was utah
11:31 am
native and independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen on his strategy to push forward without the help of republicans earlier on msnbc. the third-party candidate is a serious contender in his home state. while we wait for hillary clinton and donald trump to speak at dueling rallies down in florida, i want to take you back to utah where some have considered it a toss-up. it's extraordinary, you think about the history of utah and where it has been traditionally, it's amazing we're starting to see an independent, esche mcmullin make up serious ground. we'll take you to salt lake city where chris jansing stands by. it's amazing, the last ten presidential elections have gone red. what are republicans going to do to keep it that way? >> i'm sorry, i lost connection with it is extraordinary when you consider what's going on here, a battleground state. number two, mike pence, the
11:32 am
republican vice presidential candidate here who is going to be here tomorrow in a state that has been reliably deeply red. we're already seeing a big influx of votes from democrat, unusual in the early voting the reason i've come to the state capitol is because part of the problem we're seeing for donald trump is that so many established republicans have left him. not congressman rob bishop who joins me now. thank you for being here. nobody expects this state to be a battleground state. what's going on with donald trump in your home? >> well, there's some people who put a high price on character and some things mr. trump has said, i cannot condone. like most elections, it's much more complex than that. it's not necessarily about the individual, it's not about his past, it's our future and which candidate can actually make a change in the status quo. i think if clinton were more viable, she may have a shot here, but let's face it, in '92
11:33 am
bill clinton finished third, independent finished second, republican finished first. it may be a republic will ka of that same election. >> reporter: you can acknowledge this is a campaign like no other, it has been across the country. when you have someone who was heard on tape essentially talking about sexual abuse, when you have people who i assume you respect, the governor, your colleague in congress, jason chaffetz, nia love, those leaving him after they heard that 2005 tape, why are you still with donald trump? >> once again, there's no way i can condone what was said on the tape about women or the institution of marriage, but -- >> reporter: why not evan mcmullin. >> i want a viable change of the status quo. mr. mcmullin is not viable in the change of the status quo. i've tried to deal with this administration. i cannot deal with another four years of that's happening. that's what clinton would give me. my only other option is trump. the only change in status quo
11:34 am
would be a republican candidate. >> reporter: others in your party have withdrawn their endorsement. do you stay with donald trump? >> i don't know the difference in the word of endorsement or voting, i don't know how you play that game, i'm going to -- >> reporter: you'll vote for him but you won't endorim? >> i don't -- >> reporter: would you suggest others should vote for donald trump? >> i would never suggest to anybody how they should vote. if they can't make up their mind at this stage of the game, they have some problems. >> reporter:? you'll vote for him? >> you're playing a semantics game i don't know has much difference. >> reporter: thank you for taking the time to talk to us. back to you. >> thank you. chris jansing joining us from salt lake city new next, wikileaks. will the whistle bl-blowing webe show more before election day? a. go get it. .coa gilman us his cash rewardsredit card from ban america ear1% cash back erywhere, every ti.
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plaguing the clinton campaign. so far wikileaks has released 20,000 e-mails, allegedly from a clinton adviser. none of the revelations have lived up to being game-changing bombshells that were promised, but game-changing obama shells may come, don't forget, this election isn't over. i'm joined by david brock, a supporter of hillary clinton and the founder of correct the record. david, nbc has reported you were actually the subject of at least one wikileaks e-mail. trusting david brock probably doesn't make a lot of sense. i hope we'll get he's kind of a nut bar. first of all, i just want to say, i'm not even familiar with nut bar. nut ball, i know, but nut bar is a new one for me. what's your reaction? >> look, i think that, you know, that's rather tame if you consider it by the standard of talk in campaigns. campaigns are tough, tense,
11:39 am
things get heat. they're not con againalty contests. >> you're not offended? >> no in leaked koerns there was a string of e-mails between you and john podesta talking about bernie sanders, his health and whether the clinton campaign should make it an issue. how damaging do you think a leak like that is? >> i don't think any of these leaks are particularly damaging. it's october 25th. we've been promised an october surprise all month. there's been no scandal. there's been no bombshell out of these e-mails. we're through more than half of them. and i think they've ended up being a dud overall. i think the big question is still to be answered and that is on the trump side of thins, not on the clinton side of things. we know russia is behind this, our intelligence services say that. the questions are -- there have been suggestions that people close to the trump campaign have
11:40 am
colluded with julian assange. we don't know why trump is so slavish to putin's line. maybe something hidden in his tax return, his financial relationship? that could be the potential october surprise here. i don't think anything out of the ordinary on the clinton side. >> do these e-mail leaks show that the democratic party is more fractured than we realized? we've known for quite some time the rifts that exist in the republican party, but i think back to the dnc over the summer, sort of the lineup of democrat all-stars and this united we stand front, yet when you look into these e-mails, there's quite a bit of smack-talking in there. >> sure. as i said, these e-mails are interesting to see how the -- to see political advisers giving political advice, what they're paid to do and to catch up on beltway gossip. look, there was a tough primary on both sides this year, and i think anything you saw in the e-mails related to that is totally to be expected.
11:41 am
this is totally normal stuff. i think senator sanders said it best. he said, if these were e-mails divulged from his campaign, they would be about the same thing. >> i want to talk bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. trump supporters would say they like donald because donald talks turkey. he doesn't make deals pep says it like it is and he's not afraid to make enemies. hillary clinton has some big-name progressives like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren campaigning for her. seeing they're in her campaign so hard fighting for her right now, what will hillary clinton have to do when and if she's elected to satisfy them? >> ufrlgs are i think she's doing it. she's already done it. first of all, you have the most progressive democratic platform you've had in modern times. on all the issues, i think senator warren, senator sanders and secretary clinton, their values are in sync and on the specifics of how to create more
11:42 am
jobs with clean energy, infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, raising social security, making child care affordable, debt-free college, so they're in sick. >> are they? this week along when this at&t/time warner possible merger came out, critics say hillary clinton cozies up to corporations. hillary clinton said they're going to ask more questions. tim kaine said they're going to look into it. no doubt, elizabeth warren hates the idea of a mega merger. how are they exactly in sync, specifically this week? >> i've named many issues when they're in sync. when hillary clinton was in the senate she voted the same as senator sanders 93% of the time. they're not to say -- in every coalition there will be some difference, some strengths. we should be so lik lucky to win the presidency and have a democratic congress to put forward this agenda and you'll need all three clinton, warren and sanders to get it through.
11:43 am
>> david, thanks for joining me today. >> thank you. david brock, founder of correct the record. we are waiting for donald trump and hillary clinton, both in the state of florida, waiting to take the stage, dueling rallies. this is a make it or break it state for donald trump and very important one for hillary clinton. when we come back, we'll talk about obamacare. it's our pulse question. do you think the obamacare news, premiums going up 22%, is that going to help donald trump's campaign? m hall omer jerry west anmyife basketball. from leavi me atat higr but tharisk of stroke. that'd be devastatg. i took warfarin fo over 1years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latestenation ood thinner. then i madthe switch. xarelt® signifily lowers e risk of stroke in pe a latestenation ood thinner. th afitas similseffectivene. art valvprlem. then i madthe switch. xawarfarin iferes lowers e risk with v ke in pe a latestenation ood thinner. at l sixod cltingactors.
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11:45 am
o so we drowned the fire... yep. tirred drowned it again... mm-hmm. yeah. cool. [camera shutter icks] [whist au] key just gave me a bear hug. i kn. already posted it.
11:46 am
here's the quote, he said, quote, when one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone and it has a few bugs, what do they do? they fix it. they upgrade it. unless it catches fire, then they pull it off the market. well, what a coincidence, mr. president, because that's exactly what we're going to do
11:47 am
with obamacare. we're going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets. >> mike pence moments ago in ohio, talking obamacare. premiums for the affordable care act are on track to rise 22% on average by 2017. that is going to affect people's pocketbooks nep care and so does donald trump. he is seizing on this news, making it a focus on the trail. >> i called it when it first came out, it's only getting worse. one in five americans trapped in obamacare will only have a single insurer to choose from and, boy, are those insurers going to have a good time with you. >> and moments ago he tweeted this, quote, obamacare is a disaster and i've been saying it from the beginning. time to repeal and replace. so, is this october surprise what the gop has been waiting
11:48 am
for and waiting for? i do want to point out that earlier today donald trump said, steve rattner has shared this via twitter, all of my employees are having tremendous problem with obamacare. a few minutes later he said, we don't use obamacare. that is what it is. i'm joined by one of the architects of the affordable care act, chairman of the medical ethics at the university of pennsylvania. dr. emanuel, good afternoon. donald trump blasting this, saying it is proof that boemcare is a disaster and should be repealed. listen, there are a lot of americans out there that across the board want change. they're not in a great position financially. when we see a headline like this, why should americans have faith in the affordable care act? >> let me raise two points. first of all, for those people who are getting insured on the exchanges, that 22% price rise is for the premium. but 83% of them get subsidies. for those people who are getting
11:49 am
subsidies, the vast majority of people, there will be no real change in their premiums because they get subsidies and the subsidies are linked to the premium increases. >> doctor, that's so confusing. >> it's not a big increase. >> let me make a second point, which is that for the vast majority of americans, since 2010 and passage of the aca, health insurance premiums increase have moderated substantially such that compared to what they were under bush, they're actually saving money. if we had continued the bush increases. that's hard for people to feel because it's compared to what would have happened if. but the fact of the matter is, prices on health care are actually down at historic lows for most people. when you actually unpack the data. and that is really good news. i would also say one other thing, this are 12 states having increases of 10% or less, california,
11:50 am
jersey. so, a lot of people are actually not seeing the 22%. they're actually seeing a much lower number increase. >> without a doubt. actually, hillary clinton is just taking the stage in florida. we'll take you there in a moment, i'm quite confident she'll be speaking about the affordable care act. to your point, doctor, you've got states like arizona, where it can go up 116%. and in ohio only 2%. for anyone out there -- >> that's the -- >> -- like me who find it confusing, why does it have to be this complicated? subsidies, different percentages every month. people just want to take care of their families and they want to be able to afford it. >> i totally agree with you. again, remember, 77% of the people buying on the exchanges actually can find a health insurance plan for $100 a month or less. that is a pretty great deal if you ask me. that's not that complicated deal. most people, again, compared to
11:51 am
before, who are shopping individually, they actually can shop much faster on the exchanges than ever before. >> shop with less -- >> you compare a number of different products. the average person on the exchanges has 30 different plans to choose from in the bronze and in the silver programs. there are 24 plans for the average person. again, it's a lot easier to shop now under the exchanges. people forget how bad it was six years ago before the aca. and they're come plaining about this problem. it's not perfect, believe me. i'm probably the number one person with suggestions about how to change it, but it's certainly much better than it was before. >> even though three big insurers have dropped out, giving less optionalty? >> again, let's be very careful. they didn't drop out. they cut back what they were doing. and several of those were never really enthusiastic about the exchanges. and i believe that they're going to come back in because the
11:52 am
pricing is going to stabilize and they'll see the market is actually going to be worth it there. there are things the administration could do and they would need -- for some of them, they need congressional action that could stabilize the situation and improve it. it's going to be important getting more young people in and using better social media marketing to get them to buy insurance. because they see these headlines. 22% price increase. even though the actual increase they pay is zero. i think those are important psych logical and marketing elements we need to get out there. >> important elements because we know headlines hurt. that is why both candidates and their sure gates are out there campaigning with just 14 days left. doctor, i need to take us now down to florida where hillary clinton is at the podium right now. she's not actually speaking about her race. she's talking about patrick murphy in the down-ballot races.
11:53 am
let's take you there. >> as opposed to someone, who everyone time he's asked says, well, i'm not a scientist. and i always wonder, why don't you talk to a scientist? like, start here at broward college, you can talk to scientists. and you deserve a senator who would never say that social security and medicare have, and this is a quote, weakened up as a people. his solution, patrick's opponent's solution, is to privatize medicare. that is exactly the right response, but don't boo, vote, right? and you deserve a senator who would never support cutting $360 million from florida schools because patrick knows every
11:54 am
child in florida deserves a world class education. so, my friends, patrick murphy is a smart, tough-minded legislator and an independent voice. that's what we need more of in washington. people like patrick who are going to get up every day and go to work for you. a better life four and your families. instead of blocking progress at every turn. listening to the sci interests and powerful forces that really are not interested in what it's going to take for every one of you to get ahead and stay ahead. please, when you get out and vote, please remember, you can send patrick murphy to the united states senate and you will be glad you did. now, i know there's an overflow crowd outside and i'm so sorry they can't be in, but i'm told they can hear us and maybe even
11:55 am
see us. i want to thank them for coming as well. i've got to ask you, did anybody see the last debate? well, the good news, the good news was, it was the last debate. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, well, thank you. >> thank you! you're right. that last debate was like an early birthday present, right? but here's what i wanted you to remember. i stood next to donald trump for
11:56 am
4 1/2 proving, once again, i have the stamina to be president and command are in chief. i tried as much as i could to talk about the issues on your mind that i believe we can work together to improve and, in fact, my wonderful running mate and i wrote a book "stronger together" and we put all of our policies together because i want you to know what we're going to try to do if we're so fortunate to be the next president and vice president. and i think it's important because i want you to have confidence that we're going to work every day to implement the plans we have put forth. and i tried in the debate to draw the contrast with donald trump, who doesn't really have very many plans.
11:57 am
i've tried to run a campaign based on issues. he's run a campaign based on insults. so, in the debate, we didn't have a lot to talk about. other than he continued, true to form, to throw out his insults. but in that last debate, he said something that i found horrifying. well, he said a lot of things, but one thing in particular that i wanted to point out because no presidential candidate, republican or democrat, has ever said this. he refused to say that he would respect the outcome of this election. now, i guess we shouldn't be too surprised this is theame guy who said he thought the emmys were rigged against him. but this is serious you know, on january 20th, the first thing a president does is to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. and i have serious doubts about whether donald trump even
11:58 am
understands what that means in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense about whether we will respect the outcome of an election. we have free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power that. that is one thing that makes america great. it makes america who we are. and we don't impose religious tests at our border because we are a country founded on religious liberty. we don't punish newspapers or journalists that try to cover the news or are critical of politicians or threaten to restrict the first amendment because our democracy depends on a free press. and we don't incite violence and turn people against each other. we respect the open exchange of ideas that a democracy depends
11:59 am
on. i bet somef you or maybe your parents, your grandparents, came from places where none of that was true, right? there is a reason why america is the greatest and longest lasting democracy the world has ever known. because we believe that no matter what you look like or where your parents were born or who you love, you have the right to be treated equally and fairly in the united states. and donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years. now, after spending his entire campaign attacking one group of americans after another, immigrants, african-americans, latinos, women, p.o.w.s, muslims, people with disabilities, now his final
12:00 pm
target is democracy itself 37. so, here's what i want you to know. in the next four years, we are going to change some things in america. right? i do want to get the economy working for everyone. not just those at the top. and we're going to do that along with other positive changes, but we are not going to change the fundamental values that made america the greatest nation in the history of the world. you know, i think it all started -- i think this all started when george washington refused to become a king, right? now, donald trump probably would have called him a loser. instead, that was one of the most important decisions any president has ever made. eight years, it's time to move on. we fought a revolution so that we would not


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