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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  October 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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first time. right now on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" from the campus of wake forest, winston-salem, north carolina, michelle obama, appearing for the first time with hillary clinton today with obama's trademark takedown of donald trump. >> when they go low, we go -- >> high! >> yes, we do. >> are you all with me? you ready to roll up your sleeves? >> bill clinton, inc., is threatening to overshadow today's big event. an e-mail leaked by wikileaks. >> reporter: this is an optics problem for the clinton campaign, for the clinton foundation. it feeds into this narrative there's something untrustworthy about south korea clinton about how she's handled her campaign. 12-day forecast. only a dozens days to go. trump and clinton playing the
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expectations game. >> we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. now, donald trump says he can still win, and he's right. >> so far i haven't. don't talk about, it okay? >> you know, i don't pay attention to polls when they're good and i don't pay attention to them when they're bad. >> here's one when she makes a speech for 15 minutes. she goes home and goes to bed. she has less energy than jeb bush. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in north carolina, where a pivotal moment in the closing days of hillary clinton's campaign is now competing for attention with screaming headlines today about millions of dollars in consulting contracts and paid speeches to bill clinton, from corporate donors to the clinton foundation. aggressively sought by those then running the clinton charity.
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michelle obama's big appearance here at wake forest today will, indeed, be a welcome distraction for democrats from those stolen e-mails that have been overshadows hillary clinton's campaign for weeks and weeks. they're hacked e-mails released by wikileaks, messages which have not been authenticated by nbc news, including now a 12-page 2011 memo from long-time clinton aide doug bann, detailing his efforts. joining me now is nbc news national correspondent peter alexander in ohio ahead of a trump rally next hour and msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt in washington and "new york times" nick joining us from washington as well. first to you, "the new york times" lead headline today in the print edition of "the
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washington post," "wall street journal," all of this coming from doug bann's memo and the context is chelsea clinton had voiced concerns that her father was entangled with some of these profitiers, people were trying to take advantage of the clintons. she wanted to clean it up before her mother's potential run for the presidency. asked for laurd to interview and doug band wrote an explicit, 11, 12-page memo to john podesta, which was then captured in the hack, the alleged hack released now by wikileaks. that's the backdrop. what do we learn from all of this? >> we see that the clinton people internally were as afraid of the things that reporters are writing about at the time externally. there were these weird blurred lines between the money-making part of clinton inc. and the philanthropic part. we see doug band explaining part of his business at the consulting company was to help raise money from his clients for
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the clinton foundation, and he's trying to fend off efforts to restrict his business activities by arguing he essentially is the money-making and fund-raising wing of their philanthropic efforts, which raises questions about potential conflicts with his clients and former secretary of state and president. >> and mike pence, vice presidential running mate, of course, has leaped on this today. let me play a little bit of that for you. >> the top clinton aides, a memo came out that a top aide to the clintons would raise money for the clinton foundation from top corporations and then press those same doerns to hire and give personal income to former president bill clinton. literally, some of the media are calling it bill clinton, incorporated. let me tell you something, the american people are sick and tired of the pay to play, and it
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will come to a crashing end when donald trump becomes president. united states. >> so, peter alexander, isn't this exactly what all of the clinton opponents have been saying for quite some time? >> reporter: to be very clear, it wasn't the media calling this bill clinton, inc., it's from that 2011 memo that refers to this as bill clinton, inc. right now you have all the republicans on one page on this issue. donald trump has been talking about it, he tweeted about it, about this intersection of charity and personal income, kelly ann con way, his campaign manager says the clinton foundation has done good work but seemed to save its best work for bill clinton with dollar signs following that. the rnc coming out with a statement a matter of minutes ago that they refer to this memo as the, quote, smoking gun, demonstrating that intersection, that conflict with the clintons becoming rich.
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this is a topic that resonates with donald trump supporters. i was speaking to some of them in this crowd an hour out before mr. trump takes a stage. they say this are some concerns about donald trump's lack of foreign policy experience, the fact he's never been in government before. they say they are terrified about the idea of hillary clinton. they say these new wikileak eam e-mails demonstrate their suspicions. >> if we go to the experts from this memo from doug band and the context, as i say, was that he was under fire and ended up being pushed out of the clinton foundation by chelsea clinton and a colleague of hers from mckenzie who came in and were trying to clean up possible double-dealing. band writes this memorandum sets to show how i endeavored to serve the clinton foundation and president clinton personally. we have dedicated ourselves to
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helping the president secure and engage in for-profit activities, including speeches, books and advisory service engagements. this is from his perspective but ease trying to grandize or explain his own role. he's againing what he has done for the clintons against what chelsea clinton is voicing. another excerpt from this trove that has been leaked by wikileaks. these are alleged hacks from the podesta file that, of course, the clinton team has said all along and intelligence services came from hackers sponsored by russia at the highest level. that is, again, the context here. from chelsea clinton voicing concern in november of 2011, an e-mail to sheryl mills, long-time aide and chief of staff at the state department before that until 2012, my father was told today of explicit examples at cgi of doug
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taneo, it was his firm, pushing for and receiving free memberships and of multiple examples of tene hustling business at cgi. she's expressing a number of concerns to podesta and to cheryl mills about possible profiteering who she considered hangers-on taking advantage of her parents. kasie hunt, how does the clinton team respond to all of this? >> at this point they are responding the same way we've seen them talk about any of these hacked e-mails, which is to say they're still not confirming the authenticity of it. it seems t"the washington post" reported teneo seemed to confirm the authenticity of this memo. i'm interested to see if they end up handling this a little different. the challenge here -- we've seen this come out in some of the other e-mails that have been released as part of this hack, that it really paints a picture of a hillary clinton brain trust
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and chelsea clinton as part of this, trying to defend their candidate from what was going on with her husband. clearly expressing serious concern. you'll remember also we saw hillary clinton try and push back against her campaign staffers were trying to get bill clinton to cancel a speech to a bank which was happening right as she was announcing her run for president. i think the challenge here, and one thing where the clinton campaign has said over and over again, and i think we're still grappling with this, is that the u.s. intelligence community has said that this is the work of the russian government trying to interfere in the u.s. election. and i think that the impact of these e-mails, whether it's this doug band memo, some of the other things, particularly this memo because you already have jason chaffetz saying he wants to do a potential administrative hearing into a clinton
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administration. we're in new territory if that were something to play out over the course of the next few years. is this undermining the election and the presidency itself? i think there are a lot of bigger questions at work here aside from what we're seeing in the content of these e-mails. >> nick, this is the second time where a major event with one of the obamas was about to take place and overshadowed by these kind of problems. the first is when president obama was endorsing hillary clinton in north carolina, and on that very day you had the james comey/fbi news conference only an hour earlier. now you've got the centerpiece of their closing argument, michelle obama first joint appearance with hillary clinton. their key is to appeal to african-american voters, to appeal to women in particular, go after donald trump on the gender issue. all the headlines today, in the run-up to this big joint
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appearance, is all about bill clinton, potential profiteering, a memo that certainly looks very bad for them. and all of this going back to hacked e-mails. this isn't the clinton e-mails. this is the hacked e-mails into john podesta's private account. >> it's the point, obviously, of these dumps is to wreak havoc on hillary clinton's campaign, it happens every day and some are newsworthy. we see some relationships and money-making for personal favors, perhaps, access to bill clinton. what we haven't seen is new conclusive proof of some official act being done in exchange for the money changing hands or donated to the foundation. that's an important digs tikz. bill clinton was a private citizen. it's kind of his business. i expect to see the clinton people try to turn the page and focus back on hillary clinton.
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>> and we should point out there was never any link as "the new york times" points out in its lead story, never any proof that secretary of state hillary clinton did anything to profit or to help the donors to the clinton foundation. there was never a quid pro quo established, not even in these leaked e-mails. a lot of these speeches, the big bucks -- high-dollar speeches he were making, was joint appearances with former president george w. bush. it's something former presidents do. that said, the timing ain't great. thanks very much, nick, kasie hunt, peter alexander in ohio. coming up, no reservations. donald trump trying to sell mark halperin on that d.c. hotel and a trump victory november 8th. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. live today from the campus of wake forest university. (vo) maybe it was here,
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you've redefined how candidates talk about polls. some you're wins, some you're winning. we have a new poll you're up in florida. what's your general sense of where are you in the battleground states, florida, iowa -- >> winning. i think we're winning iowa, i think we're winning ohio, so do you. i think we're wifing florida. >> reporter: you're going to get 270-something electoral votes? >> we're going to win. we're going to win. i would say we will try to win. >> try to win. >> there's a big difference. we will try. >> donald trump with our friend mark halperin, managing editor of bloomberg politics and co-host of "with all due respect" airing 6:00 every night on msnbc, 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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speaking after that ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new luxury trump hotel in washington, d.c., and being shot for the "circus" airing on showtime. you have a lot of jobs and you do them so well. tell me about his confidence, a reality check with donald trump. yes, he could win florida. that's certainly battleground and we see the polling back and forth. and ohio and iowa. what's the rest of his path to 270? >> well, there's a path to 265, which is still quite something. he'd need on to speep what i call the big five, must win florida, north carolina, ohio, and nevada, iowa. if he gets those five, he's at 265. winning those five, particularly north carolina and the silver state are both tough. but if you look at the public polling, you talk to people with access to private polling, winning those five is not an improbability. the challenge is getting the last five. if you talk to people in trump
9:18 am
world, they'll offer various states -- a pair of states, new hampshire or the one district in maine, or other states, but no evidence he's in striking distance or within striking distance in those. >> you know, it's remarkable, wouldn't it be amazing if this were to tighten up, elections tighten up, if it comes down to that one district in maine or the one district in omaha, in nebraska, that warren buffett has pledged to win for hillary clinton in a republican state. josh green, your colleague at bloomberg has written about voter suppression being one of the chief strategis now inside the trump campaign. rachel maddow was reporting in depth last night about the republican national committee's consent decree that goes back 35 years not to do any poll watching or voter suppression, especially in minority communities. they have only one year before they get out from under that federal mandate and they have to
9:19 am
be very, very careful now. the democrats have filed suit against the republicans -- the republican national committee precisely because of some of the things donald trump has said at rallies about go watch them, go watch them in philadelphia, go watch them in chicago. how much is this a part of the inside strategy? >> it's a very stunning and unfortunate thing to have trump aides tell josh green they're trying to suppress the vote. they made a lot of mistakes in this campaign. i consider this one in terms of both a tactical error and a moral outrage, one of the worst things the staff have done. donald trump has had a couple decent news days. i thought the speech yesterday was good, although a lot of media covered his going to washington, d.c. between his praising newt gingrich and his staff being quoted by josh green in "business week" saying they're going to try to suppress the vote to win, i think it is symbolic and representative of
9:20 am
the fact this operation is untraditional in ways that has helped donald trump and that has just caused a world of problems for him as well. >> well, one of the things that happened that was not scripted was his going off message yesterday at that ribbon-cutting. first of all, he's cutting a ribbon, grand opening for a hotel that actually opened on september 12th. there's a lot of talk he was more wored about the brand and yesterday detouring to washington, d.c., certainly not in play in any fashion for a republican candidate. and then he does a shout out to newt gingrich for his takedown or what trump viewed in his exchange with megyn kelly which only raises the issue of the gender wars. first i want to play the newt gingrich exchange with megyn kelly on fox and then what donald trump said at the ribbon-cutting yesterday. >> trump is a sexual predator that is -- >> he's not a sexual predator. you can't say --
9:21 am
>> that's your opinion. >> people like you using language that's inflammatory, that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker -- >> dond -- >> you have no idea whether it's true or not. what we do -- >> neither do you. >> that's right. i'm not taking a position on it, unlike you. >> when you used the words, you took a position. very unfair of you to do that. i think that is exactly the bias people are upset by. want me to go back to tapes of your show. you're fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> that was an amazing interview. that was an amazing -- we don't play games, newt, right? we don't play games. >> as an astute political observer, was that a smart move for donald trump yesterday, to give a shout out to newt gingrich? >> no. i mean, it doesn't seem like it would play well with elites. i don't think voters f they heard about it, would
9:22 am
particularly like it. i don't like the upside. that speech yesterday without that remark was one of the better ones he's given. it connected his biographer as he's going to present it to what he mike like to do as president. that was a mistake, i think without question. it shows once again that they've got a theory as the "business week" piece suggests of this being a purely business-based election. if you see why trump is blocked from 260 electoral votes, a lot has to do with his lack of appeal to women voters. and i think if he thinks attacking megyn kelly or cheering on newt gingrich for attacking megyn kelly is a way to get women voters, he has a different view of the electorate than i do. >> poll yesterday showed a 25-point gender gap against donald trump with women voters in that what is now a nine-point race. finally, you did a detour to
9:23 am
london, trying to track down july julian assange. how big do you think the doug band, weeky leaks memos are on a campaign, especially when we're here to cover michelle obama? >> you'll see front page stories, washington post, "wall street journal," "new york times," speaks to this. essenti certainly giving donald trump a better news day than he has had. i don't think hillary clinton is directly involved in these documents that will make her have to respond. it's worth watching and it certainly adds the mood music trump would like to have playing in people's ears but i don't think where we are right now is some event that changes the trajectory we're on, but keep watching it.
9:24 am
>> mark halperin on all things, thank you so much from bloomberg. we'll be watching "with all due respect" and "the circus". flipping florida, you just heard donald trump say to mark that he thinks he's going to win florida. how about the sunshine state, is it back in the republican column? we get a reality check from a prominent democrat, former florida governor senator bob graham. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc, the place for politics live from wake forest in north carolina. ♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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while hillary clinton and michelle obama campaign in north carolina today, president obama heads to florida tomorrow. of course, one of the key states is where we were for the last two days with hillary clinton. donald trump has to win florida if he's going to win the white house. joining me now is someone who has spent his whole life in
9:28 am
florida politics, former democratic senator and governor from florida, bob graham, whose new book is "america: the owners' manual. giving everyday americans a how-to playbook." we can talk about gridlock and everything threatened against whoever wins here. let's talk about florida first. let's try to take off your democratic hat. from what you're seeing, the early voting and all the other indicators and the polls are all over the place, it's all within very easy margin of two to three points, what do you think is happening in florida this close to the election? >> andrea, thank you for the opportunity to talk about florida and politics 2016. what we do know, it's going to be very close. ever since 2000, the presidential elections in florida have been one or two points. it will be that way again this year. i'm a democrat, but i also think that the wind is blowing at
9:29 am
hillary's back in florida. big turnout in the early voting. probably a third of floridans have already voted, and the statistics indicate that has been benefiting democrats. i think that she will win in a very close election, and florida will be florida. >> and what about the prospects, whoever wins, clinton said to us on the plane last night that she would cooperate with all of the republicans but she was specifically asked about donald trump and didn't mention his name. donald trump said today on "good morning america" that he will not cooperate with her. let me see if i have the quote here. if she wins, will you work with her? trump says, i want to make that decision at a later date. i'm not saying i'm not or i am. i hopefully won't make that decision. i really believe we're going to win. no commitment to work with her.
9:30 am
republicans in the house are threatening investigation after investigation if hillary clinton wins it is white house. we going to face the kind of gridlock that you speak out against, you write about in your book? >> i hope not. that's not the american tradition. the american tradition is that we accept the legitimacy of a democratic election and then people come together and try to do what's good for the country. this has been an unusual period in which we're in. it's the kind of thing that has sparked the writing of this book about how can citizens fill the void that politicians have traditionally had in terms of change in the united states. i think the republicans will be making a big mistake to do so. one of the things that americans are looking for is a government that functions and sdeelz with the problems that they have. if one party gets identified as being the party of no, i think
9:31 am
that's a sign that that party is on the decline. >> finally, what are your concerns your former long-time chair in the senate, and here we have the entire intelligence community, 17 agencies led by the director of national intelligence, saying that these wikileaks stem from hacks from russia at the highest level, which means none other than vladimir putin and his circle. how do we come back from that? >> i don't think we've had an election that's been so oe letter by intruded into by a foreign government than what we're experiencing in 2016. and i think that that is yet another dangerous sign. i think the united states has to have a strong response. vice president biden has assured us there is going to be such a strong response. no foreign government is going to take away from the american people their right to decide who
9:32 am
will be the leader of our country. >> senator graham, thank you so much for being with us. thank you and thank you for the book. we look forward to it. >> thank you. coming up -- woman power. the power players. hillary clinton and michelle obama ready to hit the wake forest campus here and fire up the big demon deacon crowd. we'll talk about the impact on the race nationally and here in north carolina. coming up on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc, the place for politics. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work fore!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got ititn the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on train...on "trains"! you're not gna devep stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
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trust number one doctor recommended duolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependableelief at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains to a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stns disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. welcome back to wake forest here in north carolina. while we are here doing the show, my colleague, nbc's kristen welker is flying down with hillary clinton on the campaign plane. >> reporter: andrea, good afternoon. in just moments secretary clinton will leave for north carolina, where she'll hold her very first campaign event with michelle obama. clinton campaign officials call the first lady a rock star.
9:36 am
they're not so secret weapon. they say she is better than almost anyone at taking on donald trump and also energizing the all-important obama coalition. of course, north carolina is a critical battleground state where early voting is already under way, so expect a lot of talk about that. now, of course, the relationship between these two women wasn't always rosy. that goes back to 2008 when then-senator clinton was running against then-senator obama. tensions boiled over at some moments. michelle obama even getting personal at some moments on the campaign trail. all of that has gone away now. the two women joined by their common goal of defeating donald trump. one campaign official telling me that he's been surprised by just how excited and energized michelle obama has been about getting out onto the campaign trail, leaving the door open for the possibility that this might not be the last time these two women appear together before election day. andrea?
9:37 am
>> for more on michelle obama's impact on this campaign trail, joining me now are "new york times" reporter and april ryan, white house correspondent and washington bureau chief for american urban radio networks. thank you so much. april, you've watched the white house -- covered the white house for so many years and watched the relationship between these two women evolve. it was a frosty relationship. now, i have never seen michelle obama more passionate about anything than the way she spoke in philadelphia, the way she spoke in new hampshire and i'm betting the way she will speak here today. >> you know, one thing, it was frosty at the beginning. they were competitors. but they became a family of sorts in the obama administration. it was a team of rivals that came together. and mrs. obama clearly understands that if hillary clinton were to be president, she would carry on her husband's legacy. mrs. obama is very concerned about america. she's very concerned about how
9:38 am
her husband is perceived and all the efforts he's tried to bring forth and things he's tried to do. so, she also understands the other side as well. if this goes to someone else, someone who talks against women, minorities, who wants to shut out certain groups of this country for fear of terror or what have you, she understands what that could mean for this country. turning the clock back. she is a woman who is deeply centered in her feminism, deeply centered as a wife, deeply centered as a mother, and deeply centered as an american citizen who understands her history as an african-american woman. >> and, in fact, it was the birther movement that was so painful for her, for her children, for her husband. delegitimatizing of president obama that certainly sealed her view of donald trump. donald trump and melania trump were on george stephanopoulos. i want to play a segment of
9:39 am
that. hillary clinton has all of these surrogates, bill clinton, joe biden, obviously her running mate tim kaine, and this is what we saw today from the trumps. >> i join him. we will see. >> she is actually going to make two or three speeches, i will tell you. >> there it is. >> it is. she's amazing. >> i don't think melania trump was on the same page there, but apparently they are going to be using her in a couple of speeches, according to donald trump today. but to compete against what michelle obama brings to the table in terms of trying to attracted the women's vote and support here in north carolina, that's a tall order. >> it's a tall order, mainly because i think michelle obama is someone who in some ways can go past politics. she's someone who has very high favorable numbers. she's someone appealing to women and mothers saying, apart from all the politics, is this
9:40 am
someone you want your children to look up to? is donald trump someone you want to turn on the television every day and see as your president? i should say, while of course her and hillary clinton had their issues going into the white house and over the last couple of years, the idea is donald trump represents someone who is really trying to take down her husband's legacy and trying to question whether or not he was allowed to even be president. this idea she really -- this feels personal for her when it comes to donald trump, because if he is a person who succeeds president obama, not only will he undo a lot of policies he put into place, but really for the rest of his life and for the rest of history we'll see president obama was the person who came after him was donald trump. i don't think michelle obama wants that to happen. as a result, she's really going as hard as she can to get hillary clinton elected here. >> thank you both so very much for joining us from washington. coming up, from washington to wake forest, bloomberg views al hunt who made the trip here to his alma mater.
9:41 am
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i so much wanted trump, so much wanted a nonpolitician, but i don't trust him. and he -- i'm afraid of him. >> and i'm afraid of him because? >> because i just don't think he knows when to shut up. if he would just say, i'm a businessman, i'm not a politician, i'm going to make the -- make america great again and stop right there. then i would vote for him. >> i feel like she's too well prepared and too well spoken, that it -- i can't see her as a human being. she just -- she's prepared and says what she plans to say. and i don't see her as relatable. >> does she have compassion, empathy? >> i don't think so. >> undecided and late deciding
9:45 am
voters in charlotte, north carolina, this week expressing their dissatisfaction with both candidates. they were speaking out at a focus group moderated by peter hart, conducted on behalf of the annenberg policy of pennsylvania, peter hart part of the half team that does our "wall street journal"/nbc news polling. you were at the focus group, al, as well. why do you think people, and here the women voters, target voters of both campaigns, why are these voters having such a hard time relating to both of these candidates? >> first of all, a number of these -- these are republican-leaning voters, many of them. they wanted to be for trump and he made it impossible. they say he's an embarrassment now. they're really so turned off by him. as that one woman, they just don't find clinton relatable. and they're not mean high spirited people.
9:46 am
this group in charlotte, north carolina, they were looking for something and they weren't getting it. with one exception. there was one person they thought was off the charts, michelle obama. and that's what makes -- here at wake forest, that's what makes today's event here so interesting. >> michelle obama is universally admired -- first ladies tend to be more popular than their spouses. hillary clinton became more popular during the whole impeachment scandal. now that michelle obama giving this big speech -- i can tell you from being on the plane last night, they are so excited about this event today. it's potentially overshadowed by screaming headlines in all the newspapers about the clinton foundation, these wikileaks, and this is a doug band memo, 11 or 12 pages of this memo, bragging about what he's managed to do in terms of enriching bill clinton in connection with meetings of
9:47 am
the clinton foundation. republicans are calling it dish republican national committee is calling it a smoking gun memo. they haven't proved hillary clinton as secretary of state did anything, no quid pro quo. that said, it looks bad. a couple things. number one, i think they should have disassociated themselves from the clinton foundation the minute she became secretary of state. i don't think there's any smoking gun, no evidence of pay to play. head, chelsea clinton has to disassociate -- the clinton foundation has to be turned over to someone else. the carter foundation wouldn't be a bad idea, for instance. if they have any association with it when she's president, it will tarnish her presidency from day one. they should have done it sooner. i will say this, whatever its failings, which are clearly there, compared to the trump foundation, this is a gold standard. >> they do good works -- >> supposed to buy portraits of a chief fishgs yeah. >> at this point in a campaign, 12 days out, in a battleground state, you've got a star
9:48 am
performer, the top flying democrat, michelle obama across all sorts of lines, women vote is so important, the african-american vote is so important. how do you see this clinton/wikileaks mess affecting the outkochlt raccome of the ra? >> i don't think much. i think it's already been discounted. the electoral market already discounts this. and i don't think popularity is very transferable. but i think michelle obama will give a certain lift to hillary clinton down here today. peter hart, the aforementioned pollster, said she's the rock star beyond rock stars. this is not just a first lady that's popular. that convention speech really was a compelling seminal moment, and i think she'll make people feel better. i think a bunch of students will turn out, and it's important to get those young people and after american vo -- african-american voting. >> when you look at florida and other key paths he has to
9:49 am
victory, what do you see happening in there happening? there's a lot of variation in the polling where we were with hillary clinton, where the president is going tomorrow? >> first 6 all, he can't win unless he wins north carolina. i can't see a path. i actually look at national polls more than state polls. state polls only matter fitz a one or two-point race. if you look at the national polls, nbc and bloomberg are the two gold standards, i think, they both show hillary clinton up by eight points. maybe it's not quite that. maybe it's five to seven. that's an awfully difficult leap to make up. it really is at this point, particularly when trump's negatives remain in the 60s, which is almost unprecedented. >> hillary clinton is expected to go back to ohio, according to our reporting, on monday. you've got donald trump there today. donald trump is going to new hampshire where our new poll shows a nine-point lead for hillary clinton. and on monday we expect the president will be going to nevada. we'll basically see them
9:50 am
hop-scotching around the country. >> rhode island is not going to get a lot of attention -- >> mike pence was in utah. >> that's because evan mcmullin could win utah. i love the map. i look at nate silver every day on the map. he says there's a 68%, ard koing to silver, that clinton carries north carolina. if it's a three, four, five-point race the map is interesting. the map, when you do look at it, it's so hard for him. >> well, al hunt, the ameritist trustee here at wake forest. >> my alma mater. >> the two of them appearing here today, you never would have imagined that. >> back then we were just giving african-americans the right to vote. we've come a long way, baby.
9:51 am
>> love you, al. >> love you, too. >> thank you so much. coming up, the not so secret weapon -- hillary clinton and michelle obama, her best surrogate, sharing the stage for this first time this afternoon. a preview coming up right here on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us, only on msnbc, the place for politics, live from wake forest university. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable,professi. would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if ty're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp. work with the highest standard. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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and now for the main event today, michelle obama, campaigning for the first time with hillary clinton on the same stage, on the other side of this campus. let's go to nbc's chris jansing inside the crowd at the coliseum in winston-salem on the wake forest campus. chris? >> reporter: hey, andree, yeah you've been in this situation before. we have a warm-up act going. i'm back in what you well know is the media pen. huge numbers of media out here, obviously for the first time we're seeing hillary clinton and michelle obama together on the campaign trail. you can look into the stands and see just how many people have turned out.
9:55 am
the line went on forever. the first person got in line at 10:00 last night. among the people here, lauren and kevin, who are volunteering for hillary clinton. why? >> i feel like it's really important for me to be politically involved because it helps with the campaign. >> you were a bernie sanders supporter. >> i was. i was on the fence between the two of them. i just felt like bernie, the way he represented people of color was something i hadn't seen before. but i was definitely -- hillary -- i stand by a lot of things she supports. >> does it matter to you that she's a woman? >> i don't think that's why i chose to support her, but it definitely is very cool that she could possibly be the first female president. >> reporter: you're nodding. >> yes. for me it doesn't matter if she's a man or woman. the fact she's the best person for the job right now. she's the most pragmatic. a lot of people view that as a lack of conviction. i view that as a positive. over her career she's shown a willingness to work with the
9:56 am
other side while holding true to her progressive values. that's something i very much admire in her. >> reporter: anything bring you here about michelle obama? >> of course, she's awesome. she doesn't go out on the campaign trail much, whether at the convention speech, whenever she does, she's phenomenal. >> reporter: thank you, both. there's a reason why they chose north carolina, because this is the first state expanding early voting. you have three races, president, senate and governor. for a minute i lost my train of thought with the noise. all of them too close to call. andrea? >> and the debora ross race against richard burr, that senate race you refer to is a big deal, especially for hillary clinton. if she wins, she wants to bring some of those women along with her. thank you, chris jansing. more ahead coming up on "andrea mitchell reports." kraft has, you learn a loabout what people want. honey, do we have like a sup creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese!
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reports," follow us online, on facebook and on twitter @mitchellreports. hallie jackson is up next right here on msnbc. hallie? >> hey there, andrea. a little less windy where we are nestled by the fire at lake geneva in ohio, where trump is speaking later tonight. but he's going to be speaking in springfield. polls show a tie. a top aide says trump will go after hillary clinton hard on the wikileak e-mail releases. next hour, he had is expected to have her first rally with michelle obama in north carolina. team clinton dealing with damage from the latest release of those hacked e-mails. russians believed to be responsible for them, but republicans argue the latest batch goes right to the charge of pay-to-play. a reminder trump is coming up at the half hour. hillary clinton


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