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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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conflict between him over what this means. there should be more information coming out and they are on the same wave length as far as more information from homey coming out. whether it's a reinitiation or a reop reopening. i think it's a parallel thinking. >> "hardball," 7:00 eastern here on msnbc. very busy afternoon. our coverage will continue. mtp daily starts now. >> well, if it's friday, we will find out what the fbi's october surprise means and does not mean for the election. the breaking news puts an exclamation point on the end of a horrible week for clinton and the democrats. >> perhaps finally justice will be done.
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>> from maine to colorado. now north carolina takes us through the looking glass of national politics. this is mtpdaley and it starts now. good evening. i am chuck todd and we have less than 11 days to go until election day. the final stretch with a lifeline for republicans up and down the battle, including donald trump from none other than james comey, the breaking news today of yet another october surprise in a month filled with surprises. new developments in the investigation to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. in a letter sent earlier today to the committee, the director of james comey writes the following. in connection with an unrelated case, the fbi learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent and i agree that
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they should take appropriate steps to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as assess their experience to the investigation. that suddenly is now in prohibit tense, applying that the investigation has been reopened. multiple officials told us that the e-mails were found as part of an ongoing investigation into arn anthony wiener. the federal prosecutors have been investigating him for allegedly sexting with a 15-year-old girl. on the way to an event in cedar rapids, iowa, clinton ignored questions and did not address the issue at all in her rarkts. we are expected to hear from a rally in des moines. a spokesperson at the justice department spoke to my colleague
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last hour. >> it boggles the mind why this step was taken. we are 11 days out from election day and several weeks into early voting. 20 million people have gone to the polls and many people are voting as we speak. at this point it is incumbent to fill in the blanks and provide more information about what prompted him to send this letter. we are confident that how long long it takes, there will be no conclusion that would have changed the out come of the investigation wrapped up in july. >> so now after the trump campaign accused of fbi of playing politics, that's the clinton campaign implying and they wonder is the fbi playing politics. trump himself is casting all of this as a rhetorical victory. >> i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to
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right the horrible mistake they made. this was a grave miscarriage of justice that the american people fully understood. and it is everybody's hope that it is about to be corrected. perhaps finally justice will be done. >> but the real political loser here might be james comey. he has been walking a tight rope on clinton for months and nothing has been normal about this investigation. nothing has been normal about how the fbi conducted itself in the investigation. first the right was limited for not respecting charges be brought against clinton and in his announcement he decided to lay out reasons why maybe he almost would have recommended prosecution and he has been under pressure from the right and he released extra
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information and then ends up angering the left. for someone staying out of politics, he found himself playing an outsized role in this campaign. the fbi was one of the many institutions trump himself was railing against. 24 hours ago, trump was saying the following about the fbi. >> i think the biggest rigging of all is what happened with the fbi and the justice department with respect to hillary clinton. she is so guilty in so many different ways she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. right there the system is rigged. >> it may not be as rigged as i thought. right? i think they will right the ship, folks. i think they will right the ship. and they are going save their great reputation by doing so. >> there you go. 24 hours does make a changed man in donald trump. it's too soon to finish today's development is big or ends up
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being a pin prick. either way we won't find out until after election day. one thing is for certain, it has been a month of surprises and the hittings kept on coming for the clinton campaign. on monday the news that obamacare premiums would go up and wikileaks continued with the stolen e-mails and a banned memo about the clinton foundation. a long time aide give a road map of how both president clinton's personal feenances and the fund-raising are entangled and then this. the exclamation point. it was looking like clinton could lead away sweeping democrats. down down ballot republicans have not guilty this good since august. the clinton foundation story is starting to follow. they can't be directly tied to clinton and the e-mail server is wholly owned by hillary clinton.
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the justice correspondent has been working the phones all day. are we going to hear more from the fbi before election day? >> as a formal matter, no. here's what we are told. this was discovered when the fbi began to investigate allegations that anthony wiener was sending inappropriate text messages and pictures to an underage girl. wiener was married to a clinton adviser. what they discovered in looking at anthony wiener's laptop, one that he used to communicate with the young girl, huma also used the laptop and on that were e-mails between huma and hillary clinton. now they have to look at the e-mails and decide whether there
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is classified information in them and if so, whether that changes the conclusion about whether a crime was committed here in using a private e-mail server to transmit the information. that's the sum and substance of it. no conclusion about whether any of the e-mails contained classification information. that is all to be determined. this is at the early stage here. thousands of e-mails on the computer to examine. now they have to get court process to get the right to look at the e-mails. the investigation of wiener was focused solely on the particulars he sent to an underage girl and now they have to get legal process to take a wider look at the e-mails and go through the process. this probably won't be wrapped up before election day. scratch probably. >> you gave all this information. why wases that no the in comey's letter to the judiciary? >> the fbi never publicly
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acknowledged that they are investigating wiener's texting and sexting. the fbi never disclosed that. in essence, they were following the rules of how they don't discuss pending investigations and that's i think the reason. >> is he aware of how he may be having an outsized role in the out come? >> of course they are. they obviously thought about that, but whenever something like this happens before an election, in any of these cases over the years, it's always damned if you do, damned if you don't is their view. having told congress it was over and there was nothing else to look at and all that was left to do was wrap it up. comey felt if he didn't tell congress now, people would say
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why didn't you tell us before the election? you waited to tell us. on the other hand he writes the letter before the election and he felt there was no good way and he should be transparent. >> he definitely figured out how to make everybody mad at this point and partisans on both side. let me ask you this question. there appear to be e-mails between huma and hillary. huma had a security clearance. what could they find on here? they chose not to recommend prosecution in part because they determined everybody that was communicating on this insecure server had a security clearance. what would change here? what could they find that would change things because i believe huma had a security clearance, correct? >> if all that's found, assuming there are any e-mails between huma and hillary that contain
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classified information that went through clinton's private server, assuming that is the case, if all they do is find some more e-mails that contain classified information, my guess is legally it won't change anything because of the conclusion that all the factors that were looked at and the intent factor that of the communicating and they had classified clearances. if it's just a member of them, the sheer number might make a difference and if it's adding more and if it was x before and x plus something else, it won't make a difference. >> talk about the october surprises. >> and the drama that is 2016. this is quite the plot twist. >> the spokesperson forever the cruz campaign. editor beth. you covered the clinton campaign for a long time. this feels awfully familiar.
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it's always something when it looks like they will have success and something knocks them down and this feels that way. how do you handle this? >> this has to be the ultimate nightmare if hillary clinton could damage the campaign, this had to be it. the conflation of the e-mail story and the anthony wiener sexting story, i listen to pete describe how this came about and the fact that anthony wiener using a laptop to communicate with an underage girl sexting that also contains potentially classified information from hillary clinton, nobody could write this screen play and make it sound worse. >> house of cars would have been thrown out. the political impact feels like if you are a senate republican, a member of the intelligence committee. he is in a tough reelection. you have a closing argument to say hey, maybe this doesn't
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change it, but it could have a real impact. >> the question is if you are a republican, can my opponent go forth trusting hillary clinton 100%. that's a fair question to ask, but i don't think that if you are talking about the presidential race, a lot of people made the sdichltdecision. there not that many undecided people yet. many have already voted. hillary clinton is here and maybe has professional scandals or inappropriate behavior, but you have donald trump who is completely unfit for the presidency. when people look at what is actually on the ballot, i don't think this will paskt it that much. >> if you are james comey, you just created your own political nightmare. hillary clinton did this to herself. this is hard stuff. nothing the fbi has done that -- he tried to be a political and
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everything he has done made him look political which was not his intend. >> one thing was the plane that hillary clinton was on didn't have wi-fi. they had no idea. that adds to it. the technical incompetence. i know the feeling. the plane lands and your phone blows up. they are reopening the investigation. what? two, trump had amazingly unrealistic expectations and said the fbi will fix this and it's a real problem. the fbi and everything they have done is extraordinary. they didn't empanel the grand jury and they are giving several clinton senior advisers immunity and dismissing the case in the oh, my god i hope this doesn't come back to bite me. >> don't forget the 302s that seem odd as well.
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>> nothing about it is normal. >> the congressional chairs and the minority leaders, of course they will be leaked. the fbi doesn't want to investigate anything that will impact the election so close to knowa election day. that's the policy. two, they almost never discuss the ongoing election anyway. that's why they never acknowledged the wiener investigation at all. now he is in the middle of this as a political matter. i have to say i think the impact is going to be marginal. >> here's the thing. one more thing. it seems to be the only thing that brought both sides together saying we need to know more. >> john said why is this coming out 11 days before? his outrage was -- >> why is he saying that? >> comey needs to answer that. some republicans are wondering
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did you wait too late? why did do you this? >>. >> exactly. i have to pause here. if i don't go to break, they are blowing up in my ear. reaction to the breaking news from the trump campaign and we will hear from a clinton supporter from ohio. that's all coming up on a very busy "mtp daily" stay tuned. me. ♪ troducing the first-everor infiniti qx30 crossove infiti. empower the dre. visit yourocal infiniti tailer tod.
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. breaking campaign news. donald trump said the candidate he is going to be wiring $10 million of his own money into his campaign and that wiring happened today and came after final finance reports show trump was facing a cash deficit in the final days. he has $16 million on hand compared to clinton's $62 million on hand. when you add in the other fund-raising committee, the
2:19 pm
discrepancy narrowed a bit. team trust as 67.6 and clinton has 153. add that 10 in there, it is cutting it a little bit. the filings show before the infusion, trump had only given $30,000 and trump has given about $66 million to his campaign and most of it during the primary when he was funding and far short of $100 million. we are back with 60 seconds with a look at the last minute moves and what the trump campaign thinks that today's news will do to their chances to get to 270. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the rld forward.
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we heard from donald trump and welcome to the show. just dive right in there. we heard from donald trump. yesterday he thought the whole thing was rigged and today he feels better about it, but are you concerned that your candidate is overselling what the investigation might be? why isn't he sticking to what has been reported. >> we're felt good for the last few days and they have been driving the message on repealing obamacare and cutting taxes and seeing the movement in the polls and today's development was a shock to everybody and it goes to what mr. trump has been saying all along. there is a private and a public hillary clinton. it doesn't want to you see all the stuff that is going on behind the scenes. the fbi investigation is a remarkable thing this late in the game for them to reopen an investigation. >> how do you feel about this?
2:22 pm
it's interesting. we have seen reactions from democrats and republicans all going what are you doing 11 days before with cryptic? either tell us everything or tell us nothing. >> clearly they found something. >> do you think it's fair to the voter to leave it out here like this or the fbi needs to tell us everything before election? >> we definitely need to know what's going on before the election day. people have a right to know who their representatives are and who is leading them in government. clearly something big happened. this was not a small thing and the fact with huma and anthony wiener and secretary clinton. something stinks. >> 15 million people voted. do you think this is fair to them? >> we need to get the information out and the fbi took the step and it's good for them to go and they should have brought charges the first time. >> how do you know this?
2:23 pm
why do you assume that? >> you had five people take the fifth? this investigation. you don't take the fifth unless there is criminality. >> that's not what the fifth means. you are leaping. is that fair? you are leaping to a conclusion. to take the fifth is wrong? it doesn't look good, but are you not leaping to a conclusion? >> the american people deserve answers and need to know what's going on. this is the tip of the iceberg. the news yesterday with the $66 million they put towards clinton inc. they are selling the office for personal gain. it's terrible. we can't have this. >> donald trump put in $10 million. there has been concern with people who support trump that not enough republican money is helping donald trump and it's helping down the ballot and that
2:24 pm
money is being used to say negative things about your candidate. a new nrcc, a republican ad paid for on behalf of a republican congressional candidate in illinois. >> bob dold is an independent voice who stood up to donald trump months ago. >> i think donald trump disqualified himself. >> a proven independent leader for illinois. >> the national republican party is paying for an ad for republican that trashes the republican nominee. >> donald trump never has been the candidate of washington and will never be the candidate who will fight for washington. he is fighting for the people. >> do you think that hurts you? do you come up short? >> no. >> republicans running against trump. do you feel like republican candidates running against you hurts your ability to take
2:25 pm
maximum advantage of what's going on? >> that's where i think you are wrong. we have republicans coming together and had not been on board with mr. trump. >> we said he didn't endorse and support, but he votes. you count that as an endorsement? >> he knows what's on the line. republicans even republican who is voted other candidates in the primary realize what will happen if hillary clinton is in charge of supreme court picks and increasing regulations and taxes and making our country less safe. this is a time of choosing. that's why you see republicans coming together and the state numbers are looking good. we are talking about florida and we are up four points in florida. >> it is interesting and i'm curious on one hand you look at arizona. if you are in arizona, they say what's wrong with the republicans? the clinton campaign is nervous
2:26 pm
about state that is normally in a winning ticket you win. both arizona is in play and democrats are concerned about pennsylvania. is this a different map? >> it gives me the opportunity to talk about the states where you are on offense. not only on pennsylvania where we see the clinton campaign and new mexico is in play and michigan is in play. we are going to win iowa. >> you are not on the air in michigan and iowa. >> there is real movement in the states. >> we will see trump and the campaign activate? >> we have it on the books for michigan. we haven't made a formal announcement yet and where we are on offense and the fact that new hampshire and maine too. mr. trump is in maine and new hampshire and iowa. the clinton campaign is playing defense on blue and purple states. we are on offense in blue and purple states. >> did you think this race was almost over a week ago?
2:27 pm
it feels like we are in a different place than a week ago. did you think that? >> i want to tell you where you are wrong. hillary clinton had the ceiling in the battle ground states where she bumps up 42, 43, 44% and can't seem to break it. >> your guy struggles to break 40. >> hillary clinton spend money attacking mr. trump. everybody knows. >> undecideds will go to your guy? >> we look at the make up and they spew more heavily republican. the folks are watching this and things like today's news can't give them a shot at confidence. >> speaking of today's news, do they write more than a $10 million check if needed? >> i will leave that to mr. trump. >> thanks, chuck. >> breaking news out of the supreme court. justices will hear a case about
2:28 pm
transgender bathroom access. the court will decide whether schools must follow federal guidance allowing students to choose a bathroom. they are expected to come up in the next term. the decision could impact the hb 2 bathroom law in north carolina. how many supreme court justices will hear the case? eight or nine? a look at how all this is playing out including the most important of all. north carolina. stay tuned. anyone with type 2 diabes
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>> welcome back for more on the breaking news that the fbi will be reviewing new evidence related to the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. joining me is a hillary clinton supporter. >> how are you, sir? >> good, chuck. >> i want to get your initial reaction into what the fbi said today and whether you think it was an appropriate action they took. >> i think there was not a lot of explanation. it was like dropping a grenade in the middle of the room without a reason why or explanation why. that's where i think the concern comes in. give us a little more detail and now we are finding out it had something to do with anthony wiener which i don't know what the connection is there.
2:33 pm
i'm thinking if nothing was found that you probably won't found something. let me give you that information. it has to do with a laptop that belonged to anthony wiener that huma, his estranged wife used to cent hillary clinton an e-mail. >> i'm just -- my own analysis is this is a thorough investigation in which secretary clinton was completely vetted on this. and no charges were brought. and the timing on this. are you satisfied with how the fbi handled this? >> that's not for me to judge. we are 11 days out. our job now is to continue to do what we have been doing when it comes to the campaign.
2:34 pm
but obviously i thought when comey made a decision and both sides of mad, you have to respect what he has done. even if you may not like it or may not like some aspects of it, you have to respect what he has done. this is part of the judicial process, if you will. while it's inconvenient, you have to respect it. it's not going to change anything in this election. trump is going to run and tweet and tell supporters about this and the hillary supporters will continue to support her and most people will roll their eyes and it will be another story about e-mails and they will stop paying attention. >> for has been a rough week of headlines. if you are a democrat running down the ballot, the obamacare premium news and more on the wikileaks including a detailed memo about how former president clinton earned his money on the clinton foundation and now this. do you think this hurt
2:35 pm
democrats's chances to make inroads in the senate? >> i don't think so. i'm considered myself a news junkie. you obviously are as well. most people are not paying as close of attention to this as we are. they are working and kids are playing flag football and they have lives they are paying attention to. they are coming to make their decision on whether or not they think donald trump is stable enough to be the president of the united states versus hillary clinton with all of her experience and education and all of her life's work. that's ultimately how they make the decision. it's coming down to that. do you want donald trump to have his finger on the button. the answer ultimately is going to be no. we have to do the ground work in ohio and get our people out to vote. >> it is flag football playoff weekend in arlington, virginia. i can tell you that.
2:36 pm
my son's team is a little bit of an underdog. donald trump is doing perhaps better than mitt romney in parts of ohio. there are obama-trump voters. how do you explain it? >> initially trump touched upon a couple of issues that resonated woo people on trade and income inequality and what happened and why you have seen hillary move four or five pointepoints in the last week or so. the friendings and labor and the progressive groups have talked about what trump's business dealings have been like. while there was a flirtation with trump, you are seeing the numbers move because they are realizing that he outsources and ships from china and he will
2:37 pm
help us with. he has not paid building workers and there will be a thousand trade union member there is. their equivalents never got paid by donald trump. that is starting to get out. there was an initial flirtation with trump, this message is get being out and hillary clinton's numbers have moved significantly in ohio. >> i'm curious with all the stuff that came out via wikileaks, has it given you a pause that she is not as set in stone for instance against prtp as she said? >> not at all. i am not the least bit correspond. hillary clinton is as progressive as the structure meaning house and senate will
2:38 pm
allow her to be. she will push it as far as she can. we have to create a new trade model. we have seen what happened in northern ohio and down the river and down the great lake states and in the south as well. tennessee and alabama and other places. we need a new model and someone like hillary clinton who is progressive in her life's work as dictated to create the new model and sbhon can sit down and go through the details and has an attention span longer than 30 seconds. that will be important when we are trying to write the new trade deals with labor and environment and the other standards. i am not the least bit concerned over the question of my commitment to hillary clinton or her commitment to the progressive values. >> that's crazy that you think there should be nuance discussions on policy when you
2:39 pm
think there is writing. >> congressman, appreciate you coming on. >> thanks. >> we will be watching. >> there is more on the e-mail story. if it's suspected, it's "meet the press." we will check in with the trump campaign and efforts to turn the presidential race around f they can and if there is time. stay tuned.
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every cycle there is one super battle ground state, in 2016, that state is north carolina, the epicenter of the culture wars. north carolina is essential for almost any path for donald trump. the eight stops since sunday. the senate race can determine which party controls the chamber. this one is highly dependent on the presidential race. they hit the campaign to trump in the last month. at a rally, they said there is
2:43 pm
no separation between me and donald trump. there is that gubernatorial race that surprisingly is widely insulated from the campaign. the republican incumbent is in trouble there. the bathroom bill signed in march, taking fire between them and the north carolina business in the state for the law. they got an image rehabilitation during the clean up after hurricane matthew. joining me now on the state of the campaign, political reporter for the charlotte observer and probably the best authority these days. welcome back to the show. let's start quickly. before i get into the governor's race, there was so much early voting and here's this gigantic headline. we don't know how much detail
2:44 pm
behind it there is with the fbi. is there enough vote that has not voted in north carolina where it could change the out come of where things are headed? >> it could, but i'm not sure it will. over a million people already voted. that should be a quarter of all people who are going to vote. just today the number of early voting sites nearly doubled. over 400 and what the democrats are saying is we haven't seen the democratic performance since a lot of them opened. they will be open this weekend. so far democrats have been under performing based on the registration and republicans have been overperforming. i would expect that to change. >> interesting on that. democratses have the advantage when you combine early voting and absentee ballots.
2:45 pm
>> democrats will win the early voting race. they have for the last few cycles. republicans do better on election day and democrats have to run up the numbers. i have seen this morning and they said democrats were below. >> interesting. >> what is driving the political landscape in north carolina more? hb 2 or trump-clinton? are. >> both are factors and a lot of people are focused on the presidential race. you talked about the hb 2 and the supreme court. they brought it back for a lot of people. in charlotte there was a company that would have employed 700 people that decided to move to richmond instead of charlotte because of hb 2. in raleigh, there is a republican legislator who said he would repeal hb 2 who broke
2:46 pm
the ranks and is in a district there. >> the last question before i have to go. they were speaking of e-mails. and they observe her together. it turns out that the govern nor was against hb 2 and went ahead and signed it. that was the words of the governor's council. does that help or hurt governor mckroery? >> that would hurt him with people who wanted hb 2 and defended it because he showed he was not in favor of it even though he did sign it. the council said that the governor fought it with the republican legislators unsuccessfully. >> he won't get a benefit from those who want it repealed? >> i don't think so. >> i have to leave it there. it has been a busy day and north
2:47 pm
carolina is in the epicenter. we have been following it closely. we will have much more on the e-mail news and how voters are reacting.
2:48 pm
>> donald trump has been trolling anthony wiener about e-mails for sometime. we will explain after the break. we'll be right back. real you shi ne through? introducinotezlaapremilast). ne through?
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we have to finds out what's going on.
2:51 pm
it's alarming because with these two candidates we've never had anything like this before with in much dirt being slung both ways so i'm very interested to find out what the department of justice has to say with this investigation. >> time for "the lid." that was a hillary clinton supporter in florida today basically hitting the pause button on early voting, wanting more information. rick tyler, jamal smith are back joined by hallie jackson, my colleague who covers the trump campaign. i'll let you fire in. we've heard from jason miller. we know they believe this is the best thing to happen to them. >> the greatest thing ever. >> ever at this point. you know, it is interesting to me, trump -- maybe you stumble into good luck. trump has been trolling anthony weiner for a year on this issue. >> right, right. >> take a listen to what he said last july. >> why are they giving hillary clinton briefings? because it's going to get revealed.
2:52 pm
i mean her number-one person, hou houma abedin is married to anthony weiner who's a sleaze ball and a pervert. and i'm not saying that -- that's recorded history. right? i don't like houma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? >> well, that suspect what happened. we know it's a laptop that belongs to anthony weiner that she used to e-mail with hillary clinton. >> but you remember the first time he said this, chuck? i do because i think it was there, it was a backyard event in the primaries in new hampshire or massachusetts a year ago. and he was talking about houma abedin and he pro nuannounced i and reporters were looking at each other like "wow, this is a different campaign." i think his campaign -- it feels validating and you saw that in
2:53 pm
comment he is made in new hampshire earlier this afternoon when he said maybe the system isn't that rigged. >> it may be more of the same and you throw anthony weiner and people think "why do they surround themselves with these guys." is she going to get judged by the people she keeps company with? >> you have trump calling him a sleaze ball and pervert. he should know, frankly. you have a guy that republicans have nominated that is alleged to have done a lot of the same things -- maybe not necessarily sexting with a 15-year-old girl. >> there's a reason. that is a horrendous thing. >> but some so the allegations that have been thrown at donald
2:54 pm
trump should have him silent. maybe they can exploit that you can't trust hillary clinton, but to get into the details and the muck is not good for him. >> this is what you wonder, does trump overplay a hand? >> he already has. >> you think he already had? >> that's typical. look it's the greatest thing that ever happened to their campaign and the clintons have had a terrible week, they've had a horrible week and it's one thing after another but somehow he defeats the week. so if you're a trump supporter and you're excited let's hope he can stick to the message. it reinforces clinton's vulnerability. >> the only thing that makes me we is sometimes it's how enthusiastic one side is to grab on to a headline is a tell of how much they were -- there's something about how basically
2:55 pm
the entire republican party jumped on this. it's like they need a lifeline and maybe they got it but they were looking for one badly. >> and think think this is one. within an hour of this news breaking we heard from almost every republican leader. >> paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. >> when donald trump says something controversial those guys are cricket. >> he went on 20 minutes early. he went on at 1:40 to capitalize this. >> by the way, barack obama is late. >> it's about the down ballot races. this is good messaging that if hillary clinton is elected we'll need something to counterbalance hillary clinton and that is -- >> final board? >> i say whey, this is a preview of how a donald trump administration would handle news like this. we don't know all the facts, we don't know the details and yet they've made their own conclusions. >> but he's going to pivot. >> right. 11 days, right? >> we don't say the "p" word. >> i think the "p" word should
2:56 pm
be ostracized? >> banned forever. >> three of you, appreciate. rick, jamil, hallie, go back to work. after the break, what they're doing for halloween at the white house. come on, we have to have a light moment here, right. keep it right here.
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
. last thing tonight in case you missed it, the white house is doubling as a haunted house for hall bean. teddy roosevelt is spooking folks in the grand foyer while abigail adams with her arms outstretched eternally hangs
3:00 pm
laundry apparently in the east room. of course today's white house tours are getting entertained by actors but over the decades visitors, staff members and sitting presidents from tooft reagan have reported strange noises, unexplained phenomenon and ghost sightings. president abraham lincoln is the most common apparition. of course most recently i think abe lincoln was killing vampires, i think, on belaugh of moviegoers as a former president. enjoy halloween, we will see you on halloween but first with all due respect starts right now. i'm john hielman. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to james comey, really? once again it's friday and once again, as if on cue, this presidential race has been rocked, by another head scratching


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