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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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insurance rates are but dad, you've got... ..state. wiwi accident rgivess they guaraee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. ed. art ki 'sood to bin, go hands. great being with hue on this saturday morning. i'm francis rivera in new york. it is 8:00 in the east. 5:00 out west. here's what's happening. let's get right to our breaking news coverage of the fbi's decision to review thousands of e-mails that appear to be related to hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. and here's what she told reporters during a news conference after her rally in s moines, iowa, last night. >> have now seen director comey's letter to congress.
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we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. voting is already under way in our country. so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails erchs a referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident, whatever they are, will not change the confusion reached in july. therefore, it's imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. so i look forward to moving forward to focus on the important challenges facing the american people, winning on november 8th, and working with all americans to build a better future for our country. you know, i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. i think that's factored in to
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what people think and now they're choosing a president. >> and here's what we know this morning. in a letter to both republican and democratic congressional leaders friday. comey called for more investigative steps in a clinton's private e-mail server. nbc news learned the fresh look stems from fbi acts looking at anthony weiner and whether he sent sexually explicit texts to an underage girl. the fbi says wiener used a laptop his wife long time clinton aide also used on clinton's private server. the latest patch are in the thousands and the fbi says it now must be reviewed as well. and here's donald trump's reaction during his rally in iowa last night. >> the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. as you know i've had words about
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the fbi lately but i give them great credit for having the courage to right this horrible wrong. justice will prevail. >> we have all angles covered. nbc's kristen welker with the clinton campaign, jacob ras cone is covering the trump team. we begin with nbc's pete williams with the latest on the investigation. pete, you just heard from donald trump. do we know if there is something more egregious there? >> well, no, they don't know what's in the e-mails at this point. you went through the main points. let me put a little more flesh on it. comey says in this letter sent to congress yesterday that the newly discovered e-mails were found by agents investigating an unrelated case. now, he didn't say in that letter what the case is. but officials familiar with this development say it's the investigation of former congressman anthony weiner and here's how that comes in. the fbi has been looking at
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whether wiener sent sexually explicit messages and pictures to an underage girl and they say he used a laptop computer to send some of them. then agents discovered and going through that laptop in the weiner case that a long time clinton aide yuma abedin, wei r weinerr's wife used that same computer. in the e-mail case investigators wanted to examine everything that was sent to her private server to see if any of those merrill e-mails included classified information. they said it had to be reviewed, too. so that's why comey in the letter said that these e-mails were pertinent but he also said he didn't understand their significance. and here's why. because ats don't know what's in them. they haven't examined them. it's possible many of them could be duplicates of what the fbi
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have already seen but there's no way the review could be done by election day and no way to say yet whether they have any legal significance or not. >> given that you have people on both sides, republicans, democrat, hillary clinton as we heard from calling for moeb information from the fbi director, is there any obligation for him at all to provide that? you have members of congress saying by the weekend we want more information or you should at least say something by the weekend. does he have any obligation to do that? >> well, as a legal matter there's no legal obligation to do it. the question is whether he should be more forthcoming, i guess. comey sent a note to all the fbi employees saying that it would be misleading to the american people if the fbi didn't, what he said, supplement the record. what he means is he had testified to congress in july that the look at the e-mail server issue was done. now he says if he doesn't be transparent that that would not supplement the record, it would be misleading. but he said given that the fbi doesn't know the significance of
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the newly discovered e-mails he didn't want to create a misleading impression and that he was trying to strike a balance in the brief letter to congress. and he says he knows that in the middle of an election season there's a risk of being misunderstood. it doesn't seem likely at this point that the fbi director himself will say more. at least that seemed to be the conclusion as of late last night. whether they will rethink that and do something more next week, we don't know. >> there's a what next even after the election, pete, when you talk about a newly elected president who this may involve. >> well, yes, we don't know of course who is going to be elected president, but what the fbi says is they will just take it where it goes. i suppose in theory if after looking at this new material they were to conclude that charges should be filed or not, they would undoubtedly be calls for somebody to bring in a special prosecutor and that could always be done to take another look at this material. but that's way down the road. >> yeah, and who knows what
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direction it will take until then. nbc's pete williams, thank you so much. >> you bet. nbc's kristen welker is at the airport where clinton takes off to florida this afternoon. kristen, interesting because you were one of the first reporters who asked hillary clinton when she heard and her response was, hey, when you found out is when she found out as well. how are they coping? >> well, they are in damage control mode. and it is stunning. we were onboard her campaign plane when the firstverything inklings of this came through. one reporter did see the headline so it was only when we landed that we really saw the full enormity of this story. they are trying to turn the page on this october surprise which would upend the entire race. >> that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what their talking about. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to reclaim the narrative after the bombshell news.
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fbi director james comey looking into more e-mails. >> the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. >> reporter: at a hastily arranged press conference in iowa last night, clinton was asked if she thought the news would fuel voters' lack of trust. >> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. >> reporter: donald trump wasting no time capitalizing on the news in new hampshire yesterday. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> reporter: trump who has been lagging in the polls for weeks grappling for his own koefrs seizing the chance to put the focus back on clinton. >> the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. >> reporter: and after calling this system rigged and criticizing the fbi investigation, now sound sag different note. >> i give them great credit for having the courage to right this
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horrible wrong. >> reporter: republicans who were close to giving up on trump now piling on. house speaker paul ryan pushing for the director of national intelligence to suspend all classified briefings for secretary clinton until this matter is fully resolved. the new york post making one of its signature headlines out of the revelation the investigation may be connected to anthony weiner's sexting scandal. the fbi discovered e-mails they say may be peartinent on a devie weiner shared with his ex-wife. the news couldn't come at a worst time for secretary clinton. most polls showed her in the lead, touting their strong early voting turnout the campaign even announcing a trip to a traditionally red state. >> we are really excited to be going to arizona. >> reporter: but moments after that, the news broke mid-flight, a campaign and candidate caught off guard. >> secretary clinton, how did you find out? >> the same way you did.
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>> reporter: now, ve president joe biden was asked about the fact that former congressman anthony weiner is at the center of the probe. he said i probably shouldn't comment. i'm not a big fan. politically speaking, francis, donald trump is still lagging in the polls and we're learning that he is now loaning his campaign $10 million. it's a cash infusion he's hoping can help him come back. francis? >> we'll see what difference that makes all in the next ten days. kristen, thank you. joining me now is nbc news and msnbc senior politicsed for, beth. thanks again for being with me. question mark here, will this up end her campaign, given her lead especially when it comes to the battleground states? will this have an impact if at all? >> well, she had broken up quite a lead in battleground states nationally, anywhere from four to seven points is what the averages have looked like. it's definitely been clinton's to lose. over the course of the last few days the clinton aides have been asked, what's your nightmare
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scenario, complacency, worrying the base doesn't turn out because they think they have it in the bag. this is a nightmare scenario, that this would come back and there would be a conflation about anthony weiner. for this all to come together in this way is a huge shock. october surprise. and we have ten days to figure out how this is going to flesh out. >> for ten days for them to make it right. how do they do that? what do they say? what are all the questions out there, what are the answers? >> what's really confusing for both sides is that nobody really knows what's in any of this e-mail that, as pete was describing. it was left so cryptically in james comey's note to the hill that each side is left to draw its own conclusions and how they're going to -- on the republican side, exploit this issue and on the democratic side, defend it. >> do you think that will help her though, the fact that it is so krimt cryptic and as long as
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don't learn anything more from the fbi it's going to help her? >> what's going to help her is the fact that her campaign is in a much stronger place than the trump campaign. they have a robust program. we haven't seen a whole lot in the frump campaign to match it in that regard. she has far more money. she's right in that sound bite we just heard from her from last night, people have probably mostly made up their minds about the e-mails because it's been around for such a long time, this issue, that's been in her past. people are making a judgment about it. what this does, however, is give republicans a rhetorical tool to hit her with and one could argue it's going to really help republican down ballot candidates. the folks who were bracing for being brought down by trump if he loses in a landslide. suddenly they can pull themselves away, they can point to the things that are going on with clinton and say, do we really want that? it could still kill -- trump could still lose but salvage some of the republicans. >> especially with the money sunk into the campaigns for the
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down ballot races. you've had your own experience over the years with hillary clinton, with yuma abedin, top aide. what is happening behind closed doors between the two of them? what is being said now that this is all coming out? again, her husband, her estranged husband, the focus? >> this has been such a painful chapter for them because yuma is hillary's top aide but like a daughter, hillary said. if i had another daughter, it yub yuma. they've been together for 20 years. it's a family relationship as well as professional relationship. bill clinton performed the wedding ceremony of them. they've been there through thick and thin with yuma and this relationship has seeing it unravel has been very, very painful all the way around. for him to come back around and become the villainous figure ten days before the election is just beyond painful. >> on both sides, profession fa ally and the personal total knowing that really not many of us are aware of, have seen.
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>> and anthony weiner has been a big supporter of hillary clinton, campaigned tirelessly for her throughout the years. it's could now potentially have an impact on how this all fleshes out at the end of the campaign. >> so much to watch in a short amount of time. thank you. >> thanks. asking for more information. the approach hillary clinton is taking with this fbi investigation and what more she might say about it on the campaign trail today. all finied. umm... you wouldn't want your pater touit part way. i think you missed a spot. why put up witjust ppart of a day? aleve, live whole nort.
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wein . we've made it very clear that if they're going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house,
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that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people. and that's what i expect to happen. >> hillary clinton on the offensive last night in reaction to the fbi announcement in des moines, iowa. i want to bring in senior editor for business insider josh barrow and msnbc contributor kate, real clear politics and political analyst, nina turner. all three of you, jump right into this because i can just imagine there's a whole lot to say about it. there have been so many of those i call them the where with you when moments in this election cycle? this is certainly one of them i don't think people will disagree with me. josh, where were you when and your reaction when this news broke yesterday? >> well, i wanted a drink. >> well said. i appreciate the honesty because i guarantee you everybody here probably toasted to that as well. >> no, i mean, i was in the newsroom at "business insider" and obviously this is people talk about october surprises but this is something that certainly
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seems to be up ending the campaign more than i think we expected in the last week and a half. i've been watching the way the financial markets have been reacting to this. oddly the u.s. dollar, mexican peso trade track the election when hillary is more likely to win, the peso goes up. what we saw in the currency markets yesterday was 1% move peso weakening, a move toward donald trump. to give scale, half the size of the move during the first debate when hillary really won the first debate, the peso strengthened by 2%. what that has the market telling me is this makes things better for donald trump, increased the odds he will win but it's not a huge c change. clinton was favored before the first debate, favored after it. that move reflected there was an improvement for her. somewhat of an worsening half the size after the first debate. >> it's interesting to bring in the peso. nina, does this have the potential to upend hillary clinton given her significant
5:21 am
lead in the battlegrounds? >> france cess, breaking news, maybe and maybe not. this is just -- and i agree with josh and i don't even drink but this election cycle has been one for the age, let me tell you. you know what? people who are fiercely and strongly supportive of secretary clinton will vote for her. this is nothing new for them. people who were not inclined to vote for her, this just confirms what they thought and believed all along. it really -- we are really dealing with the independent voters and the people in the middle who still yet have to make a determination. but i will tell you, i am more concerned, i'm very concerned about the tone of this election. as i said once before, we went from hope and change in 2008 to straight to the gutter in 2016. even beyond the election cycle, just think about what is going to be like for either one of these candidates to govern and that lies the real opinion. >> you're looking way ahead of the a whole lot of people because a lot of people are just
5:22 am
thinking of the next ten days. caitlyn, i was thinking about this. with so many calls for james comey to say something or release more information, who is more advantage if he doesn't, if he doesn't come out with any more information or say anything? >> well, this comes at a really critical time for the clinton campaign because they really felt like they had a lot of momentum on their side. as you mentioned, they were leading significantly nationally and in key battleground states talking about expanding their map. yesterday she had announced she was going to arizona next week in the final days of the campaign. emphasizing her outreach to beyond the democratic base but also trying to bring democrats up with her. and i think the main fallout of this, again, there are so many questions left about what's in these e-mails. that's really important to consider, that there are a lot of questions remaining. but the problem i think this poses is for those voters that she wanted to bring in to the fold, those who weren't
5:23 am
supporting trump but weren't sure if they wanted to support her, she is very unpopular as donald trump is, too. still dealing with those trust issues. so when you're looking at the focus, too, on bringing democrats up in the senate, trying to recapture the senate, i think a lot of republicans can take this news and run with it in a way that even though there are a lot of questions out there, promote their own party as a check against the potential clinton administration. >> we were talking about the trustworthiness. that was an issue weeks back, months back, but now this is a whole new turn of events. what is the message now? hows that has this turned around, josh, that we can see from her in the ten days to be able to now have the statement and have the answer that so many people are asking then and now? >> well, i mean, obviously trust is a problem for clinton. you can see this in the polls. her honest and trustworthy numbers are poor. often they're worse than donald trump who has spent a year and a half running around the country lying about almost everything. and so i think that this -- this
5:24 am
feeds into that narrative. it's a much more damaging story for her than it would be for some other candidate. i think the problem is, we would all like to know more about what's in he's e-mails. the fbi hasn't reviewed them yet so they don't know a complete answer to that question. and then both the clinton and trump campaigns are out there asking for more information. i think a lot of people assume that basically, you know, this is a dpurt that huma abedin used. aide to hillary clinton. yeah, some of her e-mails were on the computer. we might find the e-mails are e-mails already disclosed through other channels in the investigation. but we might not find that. so i think a disclosure of more details if the details are not terribly interesting would be good for the clinton campaign. on some level they need to be careful what they ask for because if there is something damaging here that could be worse than the questions just lingering over the candidate. >> nina, i want to ask you this because you are from ohio. you have polls suggesting that he is ahead there. trump needs that state if he has any hopes of winning. what's your sense there? does he have an operation,
5:25 am
especially given this fbi relook, not reopening but relook into these e-mails and how that may come in to play with the trump camp. >> people have not been terribly motivated in my state, frances. it was palpable in 2008. i don't see that same kind of energy and cinergy in 2016. this is going to be a turnout ekz will, just flat out. mr. trump has come here several times. secretary clinton has come here several times. surrogates have come here. when all is said and done, turnout, turnout, turnout. the polls are certainly in the secretary's favor nationally but this will be a state by state race. it will have some impact but none of us can predict what type of impact it will have necessarily on this election. but also i think moving forward is something else that we should be looking to. i know it might be a little too soon but we really have to be concerned about the governing portion of what's going to happen in this country four years from now.
5:26 am
>> especially if this continues if we don't hear from the fbi until after november 9th and where that continues to fall. caitlyn, you didn't say if you were going to go grab a drink when you heard the news or what your reaction was. you didn't throw that in. do you want to put it out there? your reaction, really quickly? >> i'm recovering from a cold so i'm staying away from that, but i am here in north carolina and i was covering the clinton campaign in win stem, salem, thursday. it was a positive mood and the campaign was clearly trying to end this on a more positive note in an election that has been pretty dour. and as we've seen time and time again, you can't predict anything in this news cycle, especially this close to the race. so especially here in north carolina where people are already voting and have been for several days, that's important to consider as well. >> you know, it's certainly right. we were just talking about that, when it comes this this election cycle it's all about one upping. nasty woman is so, what, two weeks ago. went up to each other with the
5:27 am
stories and headlines makes you wonder if this story is going to get one upped in the next ten days to come. thank you all for being with me. thank you. >> thanks. >> thank you. more on hillary clinton's e-mails, we'll ask a former fbi assistant director to assess whether james comey had any choice and could this have been politically motivated? if you have moderate to severeheumatoid arthritis, and yore talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humiraelping to relieve mpain d prect my joint from further damage. th is humira lpinme go further. hura worksor many adults. it targets and helps to of inflammation that contributes ra sympto.ce mira humira can lower your ability toig infectis, incling tubeulis. serious, sometes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, ve happened, as have blood, liver and rvous stem problems, serious allergiceactions,
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welcome back. i'm frances rivera at msnbc headquarters in new york. hillary clinton calling on the fbi to release more information about its review of e-mails that may be related to its investigation into her private e-mail server saying that americans deserve to have as much information as possible before they vote. the nib announced it was reyou viewing newly discovered e-mails to see if they are relevant. the messages were discovered during a federal sexting investigation of anthony weiner, soon to be ex-husband of long time clinton aide huma a a den.
5:31 am
nbc's jacob ras scone is co. what's the reaction from the trump camp? >> donald trump says this is bigger than water date and changes everything even though the fbi says they have not looked yet at the thousands of e-mails. donald trump says there must be something big that would expose hillary clinton and change the outcome of the conclusion they came to last summer that there was no criminal wrong doing. the trump campaign is framing this as a good week that got better. they believe with the affordable care act premium hikes and the wuk i can leaks news that they were having a good news and they had seen some tightening in some national polls but now there is new energy in the campaign. one of the most favorite chants of trump crowds is "lock her up." donald trump himself has talked repeatedly on the trail about the need to investigate the fbi investigation. he says he applauds the fbi and
5:32 am
department of justice for courage to right a wrong. meanwhile, the trump campaign is keeping its schedule. they have a packed schedule in swing states today through monday. back to you, frances. >> nbc's jacob rascon for us, thank you. i want to bring in sean henry, former executive assistant director of the fbi. thanks for being with me here. we heard in just less than 24 hours that this information has been out there from this letter being criticized for being vague, for being cryptic. do you agree with that? >> yeah, i think the director was in a really decision. he previously testified to congress that the investigation had been closed. upon finding these e-mails in this unrelated investigation i think the director felt there was something there and he had an obligation to go forward, to be transparent. that certainly has caused a lot of chaos here. we see different parties seizing on this. one thing i would say is i don't think that this is an issue where the fbi is trying to right
5:33 am
a wrong but rather where the fbi says, here's something that we've got to follow, we've got to pursue it because we need to be thorough. if this is out there and we don't pursue it that in and of itself may be a problem. the fbi is going to have to follow up and uncover this and continue to do their investigation as expeditiously as possible. >> in your words you said to see if there is something there. in that letter james comey said these e-mails appear to be pertinent. knowing your experience and the fbi, when something appears to be pertinent, how do you gauge the degree, the level of significance though when it comes to an investigation like this? >> i worked investigations against public officials for the first ten years of my career. one of the very first foundational issues is you never do anything that might influence or upset the government functions or in this particular case part of the election. i think the language that was
5:34 am
used does tend to cause confusion but there had to have been something there the agents, the investigators believed was related. the problem is, in i think director comey trying to be somewhat nebulous, that's what's caused some of this problem and the nib has got to come out ten days before an election, i think they've got to conclude what this the all about and get that out to the american public so there is no confusion, frances. >> a lot of people are calling for that, members of congress. you have sides of the campaign saying we need to hear more, we want to know more. do you think he should come out by the weekend with even more information and/or a statement by the weekend? should he? >> it is is so unusual for the fbi to be talking publicly about an on going investigation. but in this particular case the circumstances are such the only way to resolve this is for the facts to be gathered, for the agents to work with prosecutors in the event that they've got to present something to the prosecutors. but that that's got to come out publicly. this is such an unusual issue
5:35 am
and unusual occurrence that's the only way for this to really be in the best interest of the american public. >> but if you're talking about facts of the details to come out, tens of thousands of e-mails from the laptop of weiner that he shared with his wife. also i think some devices had been reportedly also looked into. talk about the time frame here. given the fact there's ten days before people go to the booths to vote. >> yeah, i think it's going to require an all hands on deck review and that means working around the clock. if this is purely looking at the data that was collected, the e-mails that are there. if they were related to some type of classified information, it's really unclear who the e-mails were to, what the content was, what the context was, it's going to require a lot of people to take a look as expeditiously as possible. one thing i'll add is this may have required a search warrant because it was uncovered in the course of an unrelated criminal
5:36 am
investigation, if these agents want to look at contact -- content of e-mails unrelated to weiner that are related to his wife they may have to go and get a search warrant. they can get that pretty quickly over the weekend but that's got to be reviewed. i believe in this case in an unusual case, these are unusual circumstances, it's going to require a lot of effort on behalf of the fbi to right this. >> we will see the efforts through the next ten days and even after what the implications we'll see if hillary clinton is elected as president, as well. thank you so much. good to hear from you, shawn henry. >> thank you. we heard donald trump say the system might not be as rigged as he thought after the discovery of new clinton e-mails. but, how will he use this to convince voters to change their minds? i'll ask a senior adviser to trump's campaign about that. lcehi toy we'rgonna be comparing these o truck beds. t's start over here with ts uminum bed. you put your toolbox up here. whoa! that is unbelievable now let's check out the roll formed
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we've pulled ahead nationally in numerous polls and this was all before this recent
5:40 am
disaster for her but justice for the country occurred. we had gaps but we are really moving and i just wanted to say that because i don't know what's going to happen now. >> that was donald trump at a rally in iowa last night on the fbi's decision to review a new patch what of e-mails related to the clinton private server investigation. i want to bring in former georgia congressman jack kingston, senior adviser to the donald trump campaign. appreciate your time on a saturday morning. >> thank you. >> i want to talk about that polling. we'll get to that in a minute but when it comes to e-mails we have to clarify we don't know the continue tents, with we don't know whether they were sent, received by hillary clinton, duplicates of the one already reviewed. you've got donald trump comparing this to watergate. and with so little information, is there a chance here that he could be overplaying his hand in this? >> well, you never know. i think with campaigning you're always going to have rhetoric. i will say this very, very seriously, if you look at the
5:41 am
exchange between congressman brenner and director comey when he testified to congress, after the conclusion of his investigation congressman sense brenner said to him there has been more disturbing evidence. does any of us want to make you reopen the investigation. and director comey said to congressman sense seaid, no, if something does rise to that level we will reopen it and let you know. the point being, frances, the threshold is pretty high. when you think about what is known when that statement was made by him, the destruction of evidence after the subpoena, for example, the fact that hillary clinton said she turned overall the e-mails when she had not, the fact that there were 13 servers instead of 1 server and what james comey say, none of that rises to the level, but now something does -- >> congressman, are you implying this this is withheld? this is information from a separate investigation, from what senior sources are telling
5:42 am
us, was the investigation into anthony weiner having the inappropriate text messages with an underaged girl. and then this is how it came up. again, these e-mails, not necessarily known who sent them, who received them, duplicates, if it's something they already reviewed? is that's what you're implying? >> i would say this is not, oh, we found a bunch of parking tickets and whoa want to make sure this is what they are. i think this is very seriously. >> what makes you think of that, sir? >> because of the testimony under oath given to james comey. >> that testimony had nothing to do with this new e-mail, a totally separate investigation. >> no, actually, frances, it has everything to do with it because he said i would not reopen it unless there was something new that came along. so something new has come along. we don't know what it is. now, i actually do agree with hillary clinton and everybody else. let's go ahead and get this on a fast track. let's work overnight. let's put the evidence out there because we do know that this the going to impact the election.
5:43 am
the fbi did the same thing to te ted stevens when he was running for re-election in 2008. same thing to congressman kirk weld, i can't remember what year that was. very high-profile investigation on the eve of elections that affect the outcome of it. >> who has more to gain with director comey not saying anything, whether it's this weekend or in the following ten days? >> you know what, i think he worded that letter somewhat how he had to but i think it was very damning to hillary clinton because we don't know. but i would say this, that there's no way that this is just, oh, it's no big deal, he's just double-checking it. he would not do that because, you know, frances, inside the fbi we are all hearing these stories about disgruntled agents who say the deck was stacked. >> you're saying disgruntled fbi agents who may be trump supporters? >> no, i don't think it's political but i'm saying it's substantive that respected long-time members of the fbi are
5:44 am
saying, this investigation was not done thoroughly. if you remember james comey -- >> not done thor oughly. if i can move on, congressman. i spoke with pollster patrick earlier and reminded all of us that polls during the summer showed voters had made up their minds about the e-mail investigations. we also know that hillary clinton has that significant lead. when it comes to battlegrounds. how much of this in the words of donald trump is it really a game changer? >> you know what, there's a poll out there for everybody. and if anybody is out there saying that hillary clinton has a decisive lead in battleground states they're just picking and choosing polls that agree with something they've already decided. these polls are absolutely all over the place. but what we are seeing is a voter intensity. to give you an example. in arizona, maricopa county, we have had 35,000 more republican votes cast than democrat cast. that's their biggest county. the biggest county there. in ohio, the counties are --
5:45 am
>> i have to say with arizona you can only put so much confidence there. hillary clinton, talking about traditionally red state of arizona. hillary clinton is thinking this is where she can gain some numbers as well. >> but what we're saying is there's no big lead. let's talk about ohio. franklin, washington, and summit county, big democrat counties, voting numbers are down way below where they were in 2012. we have had voter intensity, like 47,000 new are republicans have asked for absentee ballots, 47,000 more in florida than they have for democrats. we're feeling real good. we are ahead of where romney was in new hampshire, north carolina, and iowa. in iowa the democrats are down. we're up. not huge numbers but all up saying is, frances, i'm not going to dell you we're killing it. what i'm saying is absolutely every one of these battleground
5:46 am
states is a horse race right now. and we already had -- for example in arizona again, they learned this week that their obamacare premiums are going to go up 116%. and in pennsylvania, 53%. >> all right. >> north carolina, 40%. and now you have this new fbi allegation on -- when the trust factor for hillary clinton is already -- >> let me bring this up because i have a short amount of time but i want to get your point. when you have donald trump, your candidate b at one point yesterday praising the fbi as saying this move on their part proves that the system isn't rigged because we know we've heard him talk about how it has been corrupt and now he's saying, oh, they have the courage in doing the right thing. so does that mean he's going to layoff that rhetoric, once again, oh, the fbi was all rigged and now congratulate them? >> it could be because if understood what he said, he says, maybe i was wrong. the fact is, right now james comey and whatever is going on inside the fbi, it's a mystery to everybody. >> yeah.
5:47 am
that we will agree on on both sides of the aisle and across the board. people are saying, okay, what more do we know, what more can we learn? thank you. representative jack kingston, appreciate you being with me. thank you. coming up in the next hour, popular conservative radio hos hugh hewitt on whether the radio scandal is the turning point to help donald trump win the election.
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we are several weeks into eerily voting in some states. many people are voting as we speak. and so at this point it is incumbent on director comey to fill in the blanks and provide more information about what prompted him to send this letter out. >> that was clinton campaign spokesman yesterday and the timing of fbi director james
5:54 am
comey's announcement more clinton e-mails are under review. 17 million votes have already been cast in the presidential election according to the latest data and more than half have come from the crucial battleground states. joining me now is michael mcdonald from the university of florida who specializes in election turnout and the director of the united states election project. thank you for being with me, michael, as we jump into this, especially with news of this investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. will that cause the early voters to stay at home and take this like, what is going to happen next? what is the fbi going to come up with approach? i was crunching numbers this morning. we're closing in on 20 million people who have already voted. and the pace did not appear to slow down yesterday in the two states we looked at so far with the data. so my suspicion is that this information we are already seeing what's happening. people are hunkering down in their partisan bunkers.
5:55 am
there's not a lot of new information here so there's a lot of uncertainty. and so the voters are going to probably just pile this on the other heap of information that we know about clinton's e-mails and just go ahead and make their decisions to go ahead and vote. >> you said you were watching two states. but how soon will we know as far as the other ones if they're being effected by this development and this news? >> we're going to have a slew of data all throughout the day, so i expect us to go above 20 million that we can document of people who have already voted and go even beyond that. we're seeing levels by the way in many states well above, well above their 2012 levels. we're seeing record turnouts of early votes in places like texas. now, you know, texas is sort of moving into a battleground status so you might expect that movement, that people are interested in voting because the election may be close in texas. but we're also seeing record interest in places that aren't even battlegrounds, kansas is up
5:56 am
more than 10% over their 2012 numbers. if you look across the country there are some weakness, soft spots on turnout but moseley what we're sea seeing is a lot of robust voting going on out there. >> we know what kind of election cycle it has been. do you attribute it to that? and these are numbers coming in before this news broke? would you say that is the key reason? >> yeah, look, we've had more information about clinton and more transparency from all numerous sources that i can think of any other modern president. so this is just one more little piece of information that's added on to the heap of information that we know about clinton and her e-mails. so i think people are just going to take this as another grain of salt with everything else that they know about the candidates and -- again, we're seeing people move forward. i doubt that very many, if any, people are really regretting their votes that they've already cast so far. >> interesting to see and hear
5:57 am
that's going to be the case in the next ten days to follow as this story develops. thank you so much, michael mcdonald. appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. breaking news on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy, how this changes campaign strategy for both hillary clinton and donald trump. that's ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident, whatever they are, will not change the conclusion reached in july. >> the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. >> that was reaction from hillary clinton and donald trump to the stunning news of the fbi reviewing more e-mails rel


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