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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wah stains disappear right bere yr eyes remo times more stai than dergent alo. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters nine days until election day and new polls out just now suggest tightening in one battleground state, but a wider lead for one candidate in another key state. details ahead. >> in fact, it is not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. >> hillary clinton not talking about the whole of this campaign season, just the latest wrinkle from the fbi on e-mails. there is new information this morning. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> donald trump trying to seize the moment, but in the waning
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days of the campaign, he can make up lost ground? and battle in the sunshine state, florida could determine the next president again. you'll hear from voters still weighing options in a live report as we enter the homestretch right here on msnbc, the place for politics. the race for the white house is heating up in two key swing states today. new nbc polling shows hillary clinton pulling ahead by six points in north carolina. but locked in a dead heat with donald trump in florida. clinton's work overtime to break that tie, spending much of saturday in the sunshine state, and even enlisting the help of celebs like jennifer lopez. but the democratic nominee also took a minute to address the fbi's renewed investigation into her e-mails. >> of course, donald trump is already making up lies about this. he is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people.
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i think it is time for donald trump to stop fearmongering, to stop disgracing himself, to stop attacking our democracy. we can't let him get away with this, can we? >> meanwhile, donald trump went on the attack in arizona, a usually reliable red state, where he's now trailing clinton by as many as five points. >> hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct from public disclosure and exposure. she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk, and put the safety and security of your children and your families at risk. but she didn't care. >> and one more poll to note, to
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the abc news washington post poll out moments ago shows the candidates in a dead heat nationally with just a point separating them. it is the first nationwide survey conducted since the clinton e-mail news broke on friday. clinton continues her swing through florida today, while trump holds rallies in three separate states out west. we have all the angles covered for you. casey hunt is with the clinton campaign as it travels through florida. mariana atenzio talking to voters in that state as well. let's start with hallie jackson. good sunday morning to you. lots of new headlines from the surprise comey letter. what is the latest? >> hey there, alex. good morning. we're learning more about this decision-making process and more about the fbi director apparently defying the recommendation of the justice department to notify congress about this new info according to sources. he is now under fire as the
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clinton campaign tries to get off defense by going on attack. the newest assaults against the hillary clinton campaign, from james comey. >> it is not just strange, it is unprecedented and deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts. >> clinton pushing back hard against the letter from comey about the fbi's review of new e-mails relating to the inquiry into clinton's private server. e-mails, sources say, that come from the laptop of anthony weiner, the estranged husband of top clinton aide uma abedin and under investigation for allegedlyexting a teen. now it is known that comey sent that letter against advice from the justice department.
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sources say comey himself decided telling congress was better than waiting and hoping news of the discovery wouldn't leak. >> very, very serious things must be happening and must have been found. >> but it is still not clear what exactly has been found. with both sides calling on the fbi to share more. four top senate democrats now demanding the fbi give them answers by tomorrow, pointing out the e-mails may be duplicates of what the fbi already has with clinton's campaign chair calling the letter light on facts, heavy on innuendo. >> there is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, no indication that this is even about hillary. >> on the campaign trail, backup from bill clinton. >> sometimes there say big difference to the way things look and the way they are. >> the controversies put a new spotlight on abedin and her estranged husband, with trump again taking aim at weiner as
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he's done on the trail before. >> i don't like uma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? >> i had no idea i was going to be that accurate. >> team clinton standing behind abedin as they hope to show what some consider a political bombshell is actually fizzling o out. >> and clinton's aides, alex, don't believe that any of this news is going to actually hurt them in the electoral landscape. but i'll tell you what, trump's team is working to capitalize. i'm told by an adviser they're going on offense big time. don't be surprised to hear trump talk about this later today when he heads over to battleground nevada. >> let's face it, there say lot of bipartisan criticism here. not just coming from the democrats. >> and that's evidence by a new op-ed out in the washington post just this morning arguing that james comey, i'll read you the headline, is, quote, damaging our democracy and that is from two former doj staffers, one republican, one democratic, who have now come out publicly to
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criticize comey. he continues to be under fire from both sides. >> hallie jackson in front of trump tower, thank you for that. >> now to casey hunt in miami following the clinton campaign with a good morning to you. this attack on the fbi director comey, what is the calculation? >> well, alex, it is very clear that the clinton team wanted to meet this in an offensive position. and not a defensive one. we have seen hillary clinton struggle sometimes to talk about this e-mail issue she has come across as defensive. i think everything you've seen from them so far in the wake of this letter from the fbi director shows them in a different kind of posture. you saw that in the press conference on friday. you saw it on the campaign trail yesterday, daytona beach, florida. look at what hillary clinton had to say. >> voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we have called on
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director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> so we can expect to hear a little bit more along these lines, potentially from the clinton campaign, and hillary clinton herself, today, top aides held a conference call yesterday with a similarly pushing hard against comey. you'll recall this is a little bit different than how they handled this back in july, when comey came out publicly said there is not enough evidence here, we don't think, to recommend that hillary clinton be prosecuted for this. but comey, you'll remember, had tough words for her about how she handled her e-mail. at the time, clinton aides grumbled behind the scenes about some of the things that comey said publicly, how that made their lives more difficult, but at the end of the day, they held their tongues because he had cleared her. that calculus has clearly changed pretty dramatically here in the final nine days of this. >> i want to ask about huma abedin. has she been seen on the
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campaign trail? has she put out a statement? have you seen her? >> i have not seen her since she was on the trail on friday with james comey. she was not on the plane yesterday coming down here to florida. she is not necessarily on every flight, but she's on most of them. she's usually right next to hillary clinton's side, she's somebody who likes to be in the mix, who likes to be out on the campaign trail. so it will be interesting to see if she does reappear or if they think she should stay behind the scenes a little bit for the next week. >> play a lower profile perhaps, we'll see. thank you very much. appreciate that. joining me now, steven cortez, a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council and frequent guest here. glad to see you again. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about from a strictly electoral perspective here, do you deem this comey move as being fair coming just ten days before the election? >> i do deem it fair. i wish i bet he wishes he didn't have to do this, he didn't have
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to insert himself essentially or the fbi into electoral politics. but point is, the onus is not on director comey, not on our campaign, it is on hillary clinton. she is the one who -- along with her husband, i might add, they're the ones who want to occupy our highest public office, yet they want to have it both i was aways and continue t operate in the shadows. whether it is a secret server, collecting speaking fees from corporations and horrible governments, all over the world, or whether it is the iran deal which they have essentially approved of. so i think that the american people are seeing here are people who want to have the cake and eat it too. they want to go back into the white house, yet unwilling to act in a manner that is worthy of that commander in chief. comey did what he had to do, his job, and say we have to investigate this, and i have to correct my earlier testimony. we're not done. >> okay. the way this was presented. i want to get your reaction to it, even the fbi director
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himself said look, this e-mail may not be significant. but that seems to have been lost in translation. >> right. well, that's possible. i highly doubt it because it doesn't make logical sense. why would he then insert himself, why wouldn't they do this very quietly? it tells me that they suspect there is something very material here. look, none of us know that, but it just doesn't make logical sense otherwise. >> could it also be he thought, look, this is going to get out. i need to control the release of this as best i can. wouldn't it have been more damming had this leaked out, saying, i don't know, monday? >> you know, look, that's possible. but, again, i just don't think that passes the smell test. the director is not an illogical man, logic would dictate for him to take this kind of extremely public step at this late stage in the election tells me there is some there, something here that is potentially very significant and, look, don't take my word for it as a trump partisan, carl bernstein of watergate fame, no fan of donald trump's, he said after this news
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came out, he said this is, quote, a bombshell. and for exactly that reason. there is no justification for the director doing this unless there is something significant at least potentially. >> you bring up carl bernstein, so i want to play what trump said last night, commenting on these developments. you know where we're going with this. take a listen. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. and it is everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> any chance that's a bit hyperbollic comparing it to watergate and does that undercut any argument that trump may have on this issue? >> at this stage it is hyperbollic. we don't know yet. we don't know. it could be. the fact that huma abedin, if nothing else, this shows that hillary clinton, a known known is that hillary clinton exercises awful judgment, her secret server was awful
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judgment. i think having huma abedin was awful judgment, huma terrible judgment allowing access of this information to her pervert husband. there is a trail of mistakes we know about. what do we not know about? i'm not sure. when i quoted bernstein, i was talking to him about this release, he did say this isn't watergate and i wouldn't say it is yet, but the point is we just don't know and the cloud of suspicion just continues to hang over the clintons, but it is not because of something unfair, something we're doing, it is, again, because of their secretive shadowy tactics, they want it both ways and that doesn't work for americans. >> you mentioned huma abedin and her estranged husband. >> by looking at anthony weiner, a major, major, major sleaze, they found what may be some of the 33,000 missing and deleted
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e-mails. i wonder is she going to keep huma? huma has been a problem. do we agree? i wonder if she's going to stay there. and i hope they haven't given huma immunity. >> can you advise your candidate to pronounce her name correctly? it is huma. a lot of fun has been made about uma. it is huma. >> he's got a problem with hs, right? >> you have a point actually, yeah. as a matter of campaigning, your candidate, he may want to bring up the fbi letter, why make it a personal attack? doesn't that take whatever advantage this new headline might offer and turn it into a disadvantage, there he goes again, another personal attack. >> in this case, at times i've been re clear on your network i don't like some of the personal attacks he's engaged in.
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in this case, this isn't just about something salacious, this is about the national security of the united states. these are all leaked out. we don't know this officially from the fbi. but if what is leaked is true is that 10,000 of her e-mails, many of which relate to state department business are on his anthony weiner's shared computer with her, that's a massive breach of security to have anyone have access to them, much less her husband who we know to be just a public pariah. so in this case, i think that it is a valid criticism. there is -- can you imagine, here what i would say, the american people, would you be comfortable if hillary clinton were to win? would you be comfortable with huma abedin, her right-hand assistant, alter ego, comfortable with her in the oval office, when phone calls are going on with putin? would you be happy with her in a situation room when we have terrorist acts somewhere in the world or god forbid here at home. that would make me uncomfortable and my guess is would other americans. >> consider yourself booked for next sunday. we'll talk to you then if not
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it is unprecedented and it is deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we have called on director comey to explain everything right away. >> hillary clinton in florida yesterday, calling on fbi director james comey to offer more information as a follow-up to a letter he sent to congress saying the bureau was reviewing new e-mails possibly linked to secretary clinton's private
6:20 am
e-mail server. joining me now, betsy woodruff and amy parnes. good morning to you both. amy, i'll begin with you first here. give me the conventional wisdom now in washington, should this comey release have never happened or did he have no choice? >> i think, you know, republicans think obviously they had to -- he had to say something and democrats are kind of saying why, why didn't the -- they -- the clinton campaign ever hear about this, why wasn't anyone notified? so you're basically hearing them basically take the stance that republicans took earlier where they're criticizing the fbi and director comey for doing this. and everyone is still very unclear about what is happening and what is in these e-mails and i think that is at the epicenter of this fight right now. >> you look at the strategy now initially from the clinton camp and the campaign and that's to attack fbi director comey.
6:21 am
what do you think the thinking is behind that? >> they seek to distract people from the nature of the letter this comey sent and they have to go on offense. it makes sense they're trying to shift the focus, shift the conversation away from the investigation and away from any head tla headlines that include hillary clinton, fbi, anthony weiner and instead focus on going after comey. the major risk here is that every second on the stump that hillary clinton is criticizing james comey is a second she's not going after donald trump t sucks up time and energy on her campaign's part that they have to spend so much time going after a bureaucrat, the vast majority of americans have never heard of, even if they manage to undermine comey it doesn't undermine trump at all. >> couple of headlines from the washington post, abedin unsure how clinton e-mails wound up on weiner's computer. then your website, the daily beast, abedin swore under oath she gave up all devices
6:22 am
containing state department e-mails. how do you read this? >> it looks like there is a discrepancy here, right? abedin said earlier this summer she was under sworn deposition she thought she handed over all of the devices that had communications, but -- >> there were two laptops, one blackberry and a bunch of documents she did hand over. >> right. exactly. she handed over a lot of information. and if we give her the benefit of the doubt here, the most charitable explanation is she forgot or didn't realize or she wasn't thinking in terms of her husband's hardware, computer hardware as well as her known. there is an explanation that is feasible that doesn't involve huma doing anything insidious or deceptive, but even the most charitable explanation is a problem. when you work in government you have to keep track of these things, especially when it is state department communications. >> so, amy, look, you co-authored the book hrc. you have some insight into the huma and hillary relationship. the new york times has written it is a scandal too far, the
6:23 am
clinton camp defending huma. what is your sense of it? >> i think a lot of people that i've spoken to are annoyed they have to keep talking about this and keep bringing up e-mail. i wrote a story quoting a number of people very close to the campaign who said, you know, this is ridiculous. all these -- all these things are unforced errors, why are we having to talk about this 11 days out on friday? and they were really annoyed and they think why, you know, why haven't people on the campaign dotted their is and crossed their ts. we're at fault now because this hasn't happened. so i think while huma has been a very close aide and trusted, i think it raised a lot of eyebrows in terps of sloppiness, in terms of -- it happened from the top down, but why aren't these people taking more precautions knowing even if there was a chance that she was running for president, why didn't this happen? and all of this is kind of hitting a boiling point now. >> to both of you quickly, will
6:24 am
he or should he to both of you, does comey come out with more information on the e-mails to you first, amy in. >> he needs to for both sides. >> will he? >> i don't know if he will is the thing. i would guess he doesn't. maybe he'll clarify a little more because both sides are kind of asking for more information at this point, particularly in the clinton side. >> betsy? will he? should he? >> as a reporter, i think he should. in reality, i don't think he will. james comb why i is his own man. he runs the shop over there. and if he doesn't want to release more info, he's not going to. >> thank you so much. we have this breaking news out of italy, another dangerous earthquake in the central part of that country. what is known about the injuries and a look at the damage next.
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[ creaki ] [ sis [ rumbling ] [ creaki ] [ sis the first poll that looks at the impact of the renewed look by the fbi of e-mails possibly connected to the clinton e-mail server after a break. chans toakthgs right.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt. at the half hour, here is what we're monitoring for you. a powerful earthquake that struck central italy this morning. the preliminary magnitude 6.6 quake had an epicenter around 80 miles or so northeast of rome. there are some reports of injuries but no deaths as of yet and that quake brought down several buildings including a famed 14th century cathedral. we're going back to politics. and the tight race and battleground florida, a state that could determine the presidential election again. hillary clinton is campaigning there today as she presses for more support among hispanic voters. mariana atenzio is in miami. good sunday morning to you. hillary clinton turned to entertainment world to help rally support there. what are you hearing from voters there? >> that's right. i'm in bay front park this is
6:32 am
where hillary had a j. lo and marc anthony concert here. i'm in the best seat in the house, but evidently a little late. that's why i have crystal cole, a florida voter, she went to the concert last night, crystal, tell us all about last nagt. >> it was absolutely amazing. so much great energy, it was awesome for me personally to see so many of my friends sitting on either side of me at the concert. >> crystals with a jeb bush supporter. you haven't voted. i know that. who are you leaning towards this time around? >> so honestly i decided that i'm going bite the bullet and vote for hillary this election. i'm with her. i feel that as an african-american woman, a single mom, immigrant, donald trump is just not the right candidate for me. i don't think he's going to take this country where it needs to go and i support her. >> thank you so much, crystal. clinton, as you mentioned, is is
6:33 am
campaigning in miami today. she was on that theater last night, she really urged concertgoers to head to the nearest polling location. there is one a couple of minutes from where i am now. and it is a strategy we have seen in most of her events, really holding them close to polling stations. and urging people to vote early. and the battle for the white house, just may come down to the sunshine state, this is a must win for donald trump. >> it is. may i ask you to ask crystal a question for me, because she may not be able to hear me. that is, she said she was glad to see republicans and democrats, everybody there at the concert. does she have a sense that all of her friends are going to vote and get out to the polls on tuesday? >> crystal, we have a question from our anchor alex witt. she said, you mentioned you were seated next to your republican friends and democrat friends, do you think that millennials here no matter their party affiliation will head out to the polls next tuesday? >> i definitely think they are. i think my friends specifically
6:34 am
care about the future of this country, at this point. we're all taking the stance of it is country over party. i expect to see a lot of my millennial friends at the polls next week. >> thank you. backing up your report that it is about getting out the vote. thank you so much. the clinton campaign is on defensive today, fighting back against the fbi's surprise announcement that it is reviewing a newly discovered batch of e-mails. in a phone call saturday with reporters, campaign chairman john podesta had harsh words for james comey. >> director comey was the one who wrote a letter that was light on facts, heavy on innuendo, knowing full well that republicans in congress would do with it. it is now up to him who owes the public answers to the questions that are now on the table. and we're calling on him to come forward and give those answers to the american public. >> let's bring in charlie sykes,
6:35 am
and jonathan altar, msnbc political analyst and author of the center holds, obama and his enemies. always good to have you here. especially the two of you together. charlie, here is the question there. what john podesta was saying there. is he right? >> happy halloween. this is the most 2016 halloween ever. >> scary. >> he's got a point. the original sin here is the recklessness of hillary condition and using the e-mail. having said that, comey's letter on friday was also reckless. he seems to have confused cya with his larger responsibility. there is a reason why we have the standards and the traditions and the protocols that say to the fbi and the justice department, you know, don't do this kind of thing right before an election. and what he's done is placed this black box filled with innuendo and conspiracy theories and almost no new evidence in the middle of this political
6:36 am
campaign. yes, absolutely. how do voters make up their minds at this point about whether this is serious or not? we have reports now that direct comey had no idea what was in the e-mails. we have no idea whether there is a single new piece of evidence here and i would suggest that to republicans, who are cheering this, that if this were the other way around and you put out a letter about an investigation with no evidence about donald trump or any other republican, heads would be exploding from one end of the country to another. and legitimately so. >> but, charlie, is this sort of the lesser of two evils, were this to get out and be leaked to the press, say it happened tomorrow morning. >> yeah. i don't though. i mean, this is one of those elections where you constantly choose between really, really bad choices, but on the other hand, to put out that letter without the clarification, and i do think there should be tremendous pressure on director comey, to at least clarify what
6:37 am
we have so the voters can make up their minds. there is a bipartisan consensus for me. tell us what we're actually talking about. we are, what, we're nine days out from a presidential election. at least let us know what is on the table. >> well, information is power, certainly. we don't have enough in this regard. jonathan, clinton has been very quick to criticize comey here. think that's an effective play for her, a smart one. >> i think she has to do that for at least a couple of news cycles. i agree with charlie, he's more conservative. i'm more liberal. this is a question about what kind of country do we live in? james comey has now joined other republicans in being what you might call banana republicans, acting like they're in a banana republic. this is what happens in other countries. you throw up vague accusations that your political opponents are under investigation, just before a big election. that's not the way we do it in this country. he broke guidelines that the
6:38 am
department of justice has. he should be held accountable, he should be under fire for breaking the guidelines and the story should be about james comey, not about hillary clinton. and if it is about hillary clinton in the next few days, you know, i think it will not cost her the presidency, but it will break her momentum some and might cost some down ballot democrats their chances to get re-elected. >> there is that. jonathan, big picture here, though, isn't hillary clinton partly to blame for this story coming back again and again? is there any way she could have handled this differently from the beginning? >> of course, at the beginning, look, she showed bad judgment and allowing this private server to be set up. huma abedin, who should be gone, showed bad judgment in the way she handled this. but this is a -- a pimple compared to what donald trump does every day in terms of being a matter of huge public significance. and when you get this close to
6:39 am
election day, you have to keep perspective and what happens is when you throw out that word e-mail now, people are in the paying close attention, it just becomes another brick in the edifice of -- that is facing hillary clinton, the brick wall. and, you know, she should not be having to deal with this now. prosecutors are supposed to say, we're indicting or we're not indicting and then keep their mouth shut. and that's the way it has worked for a long time in this country, comey violated that last summer and, again, in the last few days. they're not supposed to talk about these cases. it is not fair to put that cloud over other people. not going to indict -- not enough evidence to indict, even if she showed bad judgment, that should be the end of it. >> another part of this, charlie. it could simply be that these e-mails are duplicates of the ones that the fbi has already reviewed that seems to be getting lost in the
6:40 am
conversation. >> yeah. that's part of the problem. if there is a bombshell here, let's know what the bombshell is. if it turns out they're duplicates this is the most absurd moment of this entire absurd election year. i do want to put this in context, and, to my conservative friends, prosecutorial misconduct is something we ought to be concerned about on both sides of aisle. we reached a point in american society where all that matters is the tribal -- the tribal loyalties and who benefit and who hurts, we have all this hypocri hypocrisy, but there is something deeply disturbing about the possibility of prosecutors throwing something out without any actual evidence before an election. and trust me, those of us here in wisconsin who went through the big john doe investigations ought to be sensitive to the possibility of that kind of abuse, yes. >> so, jonathan, several outlets are reporting that comey leased his statement against the wishes of lohr lretta lynch. do you see any political motivation in it?
6:41 am
>> well, i don't want to speculate about his motivations. there have been some interesting accounts that reflect what you said a few moments ago, alex, he was perhaps worried that this would leak and he wanted to have control over it. but you can't operate that way. and, if it had leaked, he should have then denounced those leaks. so, he has handled this in a very ham handed fashion and you just -- starting last summer, when he made these comments, after having decided that no reasonable prosecutor would move forward, we now have a situation where, again, no reasonable prosecutor would indict hillary clinton over this. i think he needs to say that. he needs to say that it is highly unlikely that there is anything in these e-mails that would lead a reasonable prosecutor to indict hillary clinton. remember this is huma abedin's
6:42 am
e-mails, not hillary clinton's e-mails. so where would the indictable offense be? it is not logical. >> so very quickly, scale of one to ten, charlie, ten being very much, how much does this affect the trump campaign? >> well, obviously it is going to fire up their base and changes the momentum of the race. in the end, i don't know. i'm guessing there might be a boomerang effect, it is going to fire up hillary clinton's base. but, again, we have to wait. what is the next news cycle going to -- what is the next shoe to drop because we have seen one surprise after another, but it fires up their base and it motivates their base and it changes the narrative. >> all right, i got to give it a wrap. tell me in my ear in a second. thank you, guys. >> okay. >> concerns of a rigged election, donald trump headed over and over again and we look at one computer and a city wide system that makes it impossible. and coming up next on am joy, republican women, a key block of voters donald trump must win. joy reed talks to four of them. anows how it feelsbe
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with just nine days until election day, donald trump's rigged election claims have some concerned, especially in swing states like pennsylvania. jacob silveroff headed to the state to see how possible that really is. what did you find? >> this say serious concern to have one of the main presidential candidates from the two major parties saying that the election results could be rigged. he said during the debate we all remember may not accept the results of the election. hedged on that. we did a reality check. what is the likelihood of a rigged election happening in the united states of america? this is what we found. >> jersey isn't a swing state if you're looking to find out if our elections are secure, no better place to start than at here at princeton where professors are poke and prodded the machine of democracy to find out. what is this thing? >> this is a sutouch screen votg march. if you open item, it has the
6:47 am
instructions for how to cast your vet on the machine. >> reach out the vote, touch, may change, write in, continue. standard voting language. >> this one has been programmed to play pac-man. >> come on. >> it is just a computer. >> so you -- somebody hacked this voting machine. >> yeah. >> so should we be very concerned about the integrity of the american voting system since i'm playing pac-man on a voting machine? >> in ten states that use a lot of touch screen machines, it is still possible. >> oh, gosh. oh! >> you died. >> voting machines like this are known as dre, direct recording electronic. they were put into widespread use after the hanging chad debacle of 2000. but now most local jurisdictions reversed course because of security concerns, moving away from paperless touch screens to var if iab verifiable paper ballots. in philadelphia, in pennsylvania, donald trump is warning of voter fraud. part of what he calls a rigged election.
6:48 am
so this is an electronic voting machine. >> that's right. >> the kind of machine you use in philadelphia? >> in every precinct in philadelphia we use this exact same machine. it isn't connected to the internet, can't be hacked into. >> al smit is up wione of three election commissioners in philadelphia. what about a voter empersonating somebody they're not? what would it take for the election to be rigged and affect the outcome in philadelphia? >> it would involve conspiracy of hundreds of people, somehow stealing thousands of votes, to change the outcome of a presidential election, and no one finding out about it, which would be truly extraordinary. >> what is the likelihood of that happening in philadelphia in. >> none at all. zero. >> you would have to get by poll workers at 1,686 different election divisions in the city. i dropped in on one of the training sessions to see if they were worried. >> we try to give every section of the city an opportunity to
6:49 am
come out. >> who has been an election worker before in philadelphia? almost everybody. is the idea of an rigged election something you're worried about? you're the front line of defense. >> no. >> nobody? >> absolutely not. >> donald trump seems to disagree. on twitter, he warned of exactly this type of rigging. large scale, in person voter fraud. his campaign signing up supporters to monitor polling places and fight against it. in philly, the man in charge is local gop chairman jodie feliz. >> we need all the help we can get. 7-1 democrat to republican. >> do you believe the election could be rigged in such a way to tip the scales from donald trump to hillary clinton in philadelphia? >> we have to determine after election day. >> you don't think that republicans worried about a rigged election are going to keep people out of a polling place like this by intimidating them in some way? >> i don't -- you will not see one instance. >> confident? >> 100%.
6:50 am
>> can voter fraud happen? sure. individual incidents do happen. nobody is saying they don't. are they going to happen on a wi wide scale, what is the likelihood of that happening? i like to surf. when i'm in the ocean i'm more likely to get eaten by a shark than it is likely for a rigged election to happen in the united states of america. >> i hope donald trump saw your package. it was really good. illuminating. thank you very much. >> could the reopening of the investigation into hillary clinton's server hurt down ballot candidates on the democrat side? in a next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
hillary clinton and her campaign team are criticizing fbi director james comey's letter to congressional leaders renewing an investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. joining me now is new mexico congresswoman, a clinton supporter and representative, glad to have you here. let's talk first of all about your reaction when you first heard about comey's letter on friday? >> well, alex, thank you for
6:54 am
having me this morning. i was frankly shocked. this is to provide this kind of a communication, this is what it is, it's a communication using the official guise of the fbi creating then an innuendo about a potential investigation that is so far as we know not even occurring. it's irresponsible and highly prejudicial, so i was really shocked about it. >> an innuendo that may be a cause and effect because if you look at an abc news tracking poll out this morning it looked registered voters whether the fbi's renewed look into the investigation is going to affect their likeness to vote for clinton? look at the number there, 34% reported they are less likely to vote for her as a result. how much does this concern you? >> well, it's very concerning because it appears that the only reason we have this communication is to create an effect in a national election. it is very concerning, highly partisan and i really appreciate
6:55 am
many of those, including those in congress, who have now called on comey to provide additional information so that we can do our job and provide facts to american voters which now becomes a relevant issue, and it certainly didn't need to be. this is not how an impartial independent body of the department of justice behaves, and now we've got legal scholars calling into question the ethics of comey, and i couldn't agree with them more. >> i want to talk about something else that may have an effect on the election and that is the "new york times" reporting that the increase in premiums for health insurance offered under the affordable care act could affect the vote in the battleground state of arizona, your neighbor there. are you concerned about a ripple effect into new coax? >> you know, i'm not concerned about a ripple effect into new mexico, but i hope it creates an opportunity for remaining voters to have a policy conversation about the affordable care act. the clinton campaign has been
6:56 am
incredibly strong about reiterating that 85% of folks who are seeing an increase in premiums are going to have the same effect in an increase in their subsidies and as someone who is interested in the affordable care act part 2 i'm really excited about working with secretary clinton on dealing with cost, additional insurance transparency and dealing with pharmaceutical costs and these are the kind of secondary protections that we need for americans. nothing that the trump campaign is either talking about or interested in providing to beneficiaries and patients in this country. >> can i ask you about your re-election bid this year. i know that you're up here. are you concerned that this renewed attention on the fbi investigation will hurt down ballot candidates? >> well, i think that that's part of the attention by providing this information, this communication by director comey is it certainly asks -- i become very suspicious about the senate
6:57 am
races, down ballot races because what it does in effect is people have questions and we may suppress the remaining voters in the nine remaining days. and so i think it's then inherent for all of us to work diligently to get as many facts to voters, and i really appreciate, again, that this is -- this is a story about comey. it's not a story about clinton. it's not a story about the e-mail server. this is not an investigation and the more we can get that information out to the voting public the better we'll do down ballot because if we remind voters that trump doesn't have the temperament or character or any of the policy initiatives if we want to move this country better together we've got to the have secretary clinton in the white house. >> congress won, best of electric with your re-election bid. >> thank you, alex. >> that's it. coming up next on "a.m. joy" the continuing fallout over the
6:58 am
hillary clinton e-mail scandal and investigation and the clashes on north dakota prairie land over the construction of an oil pipeline. "a.m. joy" next. acng means making tough choice
6:59 am
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