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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's just past 1:00 a.m. in the east, 10:00 a.m. in the west. with nine days before the election, the race is growing uncomfortably close for hillary clinton whose lead has evaporated. just one point nationally. the polls are just as close in the battleground state of florida where clinton garners 45% of the vote, trump 44%. clinton has been working overtime this weekend to widen that gap. hosting a star-studded concert in miami last night. hitting an early voting event there just an hour ago.
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the trump campaign is playing up friday's announcement by the fbi it's reviewing e-mails that could involve clinton. mike pence drove the point home this morning on "meet the press." >> the american people are focusing on the big issues but they have come to the conclusion that hillary clinton is a risky choice to be the next president of the united states. and friday's announcement just reaffirms that. why doesn't she release all the 33,000 e-mails she didn't turn over to the fbi and to the congress initially? the american people have a right to know. >> today is a busy day on the running made. clinton continues to stump in florida. we have all angles covered for you. hallie jackson but we will begin with kasie hunt. she's following hillary clinton in for tt lauderdale.
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good day to you. all morning long, clinton campaign officials have been out. they have been pushing fbi director comey to release more details about the e-mails. what else are they saying? >> reporter: alex, that's right. they have decided to go on offense on this. you will remember back in july when this first came out, they held their fire on fbi director comey. he was viewed as somebody who was an apolitical figure. there was private frustration with some of the things he said in the press conference he held talking about hillary clinton's e-mails and ultimately saying that he wasn't going to recommend she be prosecuted for her use of private e-mail and that private server. but that frustration boiled over after that letter came out on friday. you have had democrats across the board, across the hill and also hillary clinton aides and clinton herself talking about it yesterday on campaign trail in daytona beach. this morning, john podesta, who has had his own issues with
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e-mails of late. he was hacked. his e-mails released through wikileaks. he has been defending clinton and arguing that comey should release more information before the election. look at what he had to say this morning. >> so far, there's no charge of wrongdoing. there's no charge even that hillary and the reporting that backs it up coming from anonymous law enforcement sources indicates it may not be about her server. it may not be about her at all. i think this is something that has been tossed into the middle of the campaign. we would have preferred that that not happen. but now that it has happened, mr. comey needs to come forward and explain why he took this unprecedented step. >> reporter: there, of course, is a lot of unknown here. because this came to light in the context we know from our pete williams of that sexting investigation into anthony wiener who, of course, is married now estranged with huma abedin, the top aide to hillary clinton.
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the question marks around, does the fbi already have these e-mails that are on the laptop that was seized as part of that investigation? we don't know that. that i think is what the clinton campaign wants to see. you also have democrats on capitol hill calling for a briefing on monday with more information about this. of course, now, just nine days left to the election. >> where are you heading to in for the lauderdale right now? what's the next stop for the clinton campaign? >> reporter: we are heading to an early vote rally. if i don't hop, i will have an angry press bus behind me. we're about to head out to get set up for that. this is early voting. millions of americans have voted. this is something that she has put a lot of effort into over the course of the past couple of weeks. >> kasie hunt, off and running. let's bring in hallie jackson covering donald trump for us. we have been hearing from members on the trump campaign earlier today. what are they saying?
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>> reporter: you are hearing them almost uniformly, surrogates, people who work for his campaign, his running mate emphasize they believe the attacks against fbi director james comey by hillary clinton are not quite fair in their view. calling for, for example, as some republicans have, more information. you have heard some republicans do that already. i want to play you a little bit of what mike pence had to say this morning with chuck todd. >> i'm very glad to hear hillary clinton calling for putting all of this out on the table. why doesn't she ask her senior aide to release all these e-mails? why doesn't she go ahead and release all the 33,000 e-mails that she did not turn over to the fbi and to the congress initially? i think the american people have a right to know. >> reporter: you are seeing the trump campaign working immediately as they started doing friday afternoon to begin to capitalize or try to politically on this latest news out of the fbi.
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you saw donald trump come to the stage 20 minutes earlier than expected, right after the news broke in the 1:00 hour. he has continued to hit this all weekend, including weighing in about something kasie was talking about, which is the relationship between abedin and wiener. it's a line that he has been delivering on the campaign trail for a year and change. he is giving it an i told you so now. >> what's the new report you have on melania trump? >> reporter: we learned about this last hour. melania trump will be on thursday delivering a speech in suburban philadelphia. remember, last week trump was asked about melania's potentially increased role. she will be delivering two or three speeches. she looked at him with surprise and went oh. this is the first of those -- that series of speeches. we don't know where it is other than suburban philly. why is that significant? pennsylvania is a place where donald trump clearly trails hillary clinton. the polls are not working in his
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favor, even though the campaign wants to talk about making a play there, clearly for them florida is more important where the see the polls close. ohio more important. that's where trump will spend time this week. deploying melania to pennsylvania is a way to maybe keep the state in play a bit. here is the other reason why it's significant. we rarely see melania trump on the campaign trail. never see her speak by herself. the last speak was clouded in controver controversy. the one she delivered, the rnc in cleveland, parts of which appeared to be plagiarized from michelle obama's speech, something trump made light of. a lot of eyeballs will be on the speech on thursday. >> i think it's been a couple three maybe interviews. it has been a while since we heard from her. thank you, hallie jackson. joining me, bill richardson, former governor of new mexico and an msnbc contributor. good to have you. let's get to it. i will play for you a clip of a
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congressman, adam schiff, giving his support for comey, before the conclusion in the investigation was announced. >> i have a tremendous confidence not only in the attorney general but also in director comey. they are very straight shooters. they have been career prosecutors in law enforcement their entire lives. if they are going to conduct this by the book, that's what's going to happen. >> look at this today. he offered a different opinion of the director. look at that. >> to inject this kind of uncertainty this late in the day was a terrible lapse in judgment. while i can understand why in the extraordinary circumstances of closing out the case in july he felt he needed to explain the reason why, the steps he has taken thereafter in providing interviews in drips and drabs, and the leaks that are coming from the department, i think
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don't reflect well on the director or the bureau. i think are a serious mistake. >> reflecting that of many, many democrats. when the news is good for democrats, comey is a straight shooter, worthy of full confidence. now he is making a big mistake. do you think reaction to this whole thing is political? >> well, i think what is clear -- i'm not going to trash director comey. i felt that -- i think he is not trying to influence the election. but the fact that he has, like anybody else, made a tactical political mistake by injecting this latest information without any details, without putting out whether it even concerns hillary clinton, that there's nothing significant. he said he doesn't know that. doing it 11 days before the election may be against department of justice policy that says that you don't share details of an investigation with the congress, sending it to eight republican chairmen, you
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know, knowing it's going to leak, that means he doesn't have a good political antenna. i don't think he's trying to influence the election. but i think these are political missteps that law enforcement officials like the fbi sometimes make. i think that's what's happening. it's terribly unfair to secretary clinton, because it just puts out a lot of doubts that have no smoke. it's just smoke. it's not else. >> you are saying it was a mistake. it had to be a calculated one, because he was told about the e-mails' existence thursday. he had discussions with the doj. loretta lynch, said, don't put this out there, this is our advice to you. they didn't order him. he had 24 hours to figure it out. puts out the letter. are you suggesting he is naive enough to think this would not have political influence at all in this election? especially this election. >> well, i think the director is concerned about the political attacks he got from republicans
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when he said, basically, no reasonable prosecutor would charge secretary clinton. so he felt i think politically that he had to compensate with this statement by sending that letter to the republican chairmen. the problem is that we're in the midst of an election that is 11 days away when he issued this. so he injected himself at a time that the american people are making their decision on who to vote for. for secretary clinton, i mean, she's been absolved basically. she said it was a mistake all these e-mails. yes, we have all these wikileaks stuff. but it's drib, drib, drib, without details saying there's a potential other investigation. he is not reopening the initial investigation. he has another one that involves huma abedin, who by the way deserves due bro saprocess.
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we don't know what's in there. this is why i think it's incoupinku incumbent upon director comey. don't jeopardize the investigation, but putting out what you did was for the american people and for everybody concerned with this issue and for secretary clinton, it was terribly unfair. >> yeah. i'm looking at the letter he put out. although the fbi cannot assess whether the material may be significant -- it goes on. let's talk about this abc news tracking poll that's out today. it shows clinton's lead has diminished to just one point. it's down 12 points from the results a week ago. does this feel like a turning point in this race? are you beginning to confront the possibility that trump could come out ahead on election day? >> well, before this e-mail issue, trump was sinking like an anchor. he was going down big. it's going to affect the house and senate. this has breathed life into his
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campaign. he is manipulated it outrageously saying this is another watergate and so are other republicans, which are just politically unfair on the eve of this election. yeah, i mean, i don't think it's going to affect the outcome. it may make the race tighter. i think secretary clinton is still ahead in the important battleground states. remember, the election has settled in the electoral college in the battleground states and not necessarily with the popular vote. remember bush against gore. it's going to tighten the race. this is why it's important why director comey, who injected himself in the race, come out and say this is what we're looking at. that's all. i think if he stays silent, the fbi, which is a good institution, is doing a disservice to the american people. >> might this actually help the clinton campaign and energize voters who thought her election is a forgone conclusion?
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>> yeah, i mean, i was detecting a lot of over confidence, people saying, we have it in the bag. i think this will motivate the base, which is important. but i think a lot of millennial voters, a lot of independent voters, disaffected republicans that should be outraged what trump is saying, making up these charges that this is a violation of the law of secretary clinton, which is not. we don't know what's in there. it may not be significant. it may not be relevant at all. yet they're taking advantage of this. i think this will motivate voters that are undecided and it's going to go, i believe, towards secretary clinton and it should. >> okay. bill richardson, as always, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. the new video just released by the clinton campaign aimed at explaining this e-mail story to voters. we will show it to you.
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this was an unprecedented action. it broke with policy of democratic and republican justice departments. it was done over the advice of senior justice department officials. >> why would you break these two protocols? why would you release information that is so incomplete when you haven't even seen the material yourself? why would you take about an ongoing investigation? i have no way of understanding these actions. they're completely unprecedented. that's why i think he owes the american public more information. >> key members of the clinton campaign reacting this morning to an fbi look at a batch of e-mails that could be connected to the clinton e-mail server investigation. pete williams is in washington for us. pete, with a good sunday to you. what is the latest on all this? are we going to get any new
10:20 am
details from fbi director comey? is there a time line on doing that? >> no time line. i guess the answer is it depends. what's happening right now according to officials familiar with the process is that the fbi has the computer anthony wiener's laptop computer. they have had it for a month now. they got it in -- i'm sorry, they have had it for a couple weeks. they got it in i guess early november. the process now is to -- let me try that again. >> october. we got it. >> they have had it for a couple of weeks. the process is to get another search warrant. they got a search warrant to get the computer itself. but that search warrant allowed them to look at the material that they were investigating. whether former congressman wiener used this device to send inappropriate messages to an underage girl. however, in looking at it, they discovered that there were letters from huma abedin that
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appeared to be sent through the clinton e-mail server. the conclusion is that the search warrant they have does not give them the legal authority to look at those e-mails that have nothing to do with the anthony wiener case. my understanding is they're trying to get that additional search warrant now. they may get it today. if they do, they will start looking at these e-mails to see if they're duplicates and what the significance is. it is possible that if they are able to look at them and get a quick read, that they don't have any significance to the clinton e-mail investigation, the question of classified information on the private server, it's possible that we could hear from the fbi about that perhaps sometime next week. but nothing is planned at this point. i think they don't know how long it's going to take to do the analysis of these e-mails. if it turns out they are all about violin lessons and picking up milk at the grocery store, they can be quickly eliminated. if there's a question about whether they contain classified
10:22 am
information, then that slows it way down. they have to go back to the agency that orange natustarted . there was a report that the fbi approached huma abedin to sho short-circuit the process and ask if they could have their permission to do the search, a consensual search. that we're told is not correct. the fbi is going through the more traditional route of trying to get a search warrant. because it's the weekend doesn't mean the judges are unavailable. judges, magistrates, which is what you would need in this case, are sometimes available 24/7 for things that are -- need to be expedited. it's possible they could get that today. if they do, then they can start looking at this stuff. in theory, we could hear from them. it depends how long it takes to sort through it all. >> a few questions. i'm going to fire them all at you. reports out that there are
10:23 am
thousands of e-mails. >> yes. >> they have been described as e-mails from huma to hillary clinton or at least originating from huma. were there reciprocating e-mails? does it matter? when did the fbi investigators know they had something here? we know they told comey thursday. did they know prior to that? >> well, yes, i think they did. i think that there's a sense that they realized that these were there. they are trying to assess the significance, how many of them. the fact that they can say there are thousands means that the folks who have taken a quick sort of -- at the sort of file level, you know, they can tell how many there are. but they haven't looked at them in detail. they have known about them apparently for a couple of days before comey was notified that they could be significant. >> again, if these are just e-mails from huma to the clinton campaign or hillary clinton herself, does that matter if there was reciprocity and return
10:24 am
e-mails? does it matter? >> well, it may or may not. i mean, the whole question is in -- in the hillary clinton e-mail case, is whether classified information was on her server. that was the issue. whether she originated the e-mails or not, whether they were sent to her or whether she originated them. there were both. she forwarded some e-mails. that may or may not matter i guess is the easiest way to say it. >> okay. pete williams, taking all my questions in the weeds. i appreciate that as always from washington. joining me now phillip bump. a welcome to you. phillip you first. first of all, what do you make of the clinton's handling of the campaign? >> of the campaign broadly or the -- >> pardon me. of the e-mail. >> i think their hands are tied to a large extent. no one knows, including the fbi, what the contents are.
10:25 am
there's no indicator that this changes whether to press charges. you have a lot of clinton and e-mail said in the same sentence with nine days left until the election. i think their only choice is to -- it's foolish to spend a week trying to get james comey to give more information. you don't want them to talk about this issue for seven days. but they need to present to their supporters and to republicans who are iffy on donald trump the idea this is not anything new and nothing significant. >> a new op-ed today arguing that fb i director james comey s putting a thumb on the scale of this election. what do you make of this characterization? does comey need to come forward with more details? >> i think it's both the republican and democratic campaigns have been calling for comey to come forward with more details. as pete williams said, it's
10:26 am
unclear that will happen. comey has been described as a straight shooter, somebody trying to follow the letter of the law. as many people have pointed out, he has come under fire both before when he cleared hillary clinton of any legal wrongdoing and right now, it seems he tends to be the man in the center of the attention. it's stunning to see people come forward, including people in the george w. bush administration saying, i think one former george w. bush official has filed some kind of hatch act complaint saying comey is influencing the election. there's a lot of people as we have seen from reports from the justice department who are stunned at this development. comey as well as the clinton campaign was in a bit of a bind. it's very clear, if it had come -- if it leaked out that he had known of the other e-mails or of the existence and he hadn't done anything and it hadn't said anything until after the election, he would have been accused of putting his thumb on the scale. >> do you think there's a sense this will change the trajectory of the election?
10:27 am
>> not really. i think that -- the general sense is -- obviously, everyone's sense has been wrong over past 18 months. the general sense is that people who were giving hillary clinton a pass on the e-mail issue are not going to re-visit their concerns. people who thought hillary clinton had done something completely inappropriate with e-mails are not going to change their mind. the real question is the extent to which people who may have been wavering, people who may have been iffy on hillary clinton but were planning on voting for her, if they will cast the ballot if they're less enthusiastic about her now. >> i want to get your reaction on the latest national poll. there's one here that shows hillary clinton's lead is narrowing to a single point. 46% there, donald trump at 45%. there's new swing state polling showing an increasingly tight race in florida and north carolina. what's your reflection on the numbers? >> it's stunning to see the numbers changing and tighttight, especially such as places such as florida. what's interesting is that some of the polls that come out that
10:28 am
said the number of people that heard about the e-mails and the number of people who have said it would not or would affect how they would vote, i saw some that said 60% said it would not affect or they knew about it and they t would not affect how they would vote for or against hillary clinton. >> phillip, we have had a few october surprises. do you have any expectation for a november surprise? >> it's a great question. the thing about surprises is they're hard to predict. i think that if the clinton camp had been sitting on something big on donald trump, my expectation would be it would be released. you have had 20 million people vote. you want to get all the information to people before they vote. partisans tend to vote early more than people who are iffy voters. the campaigns probably don't have anything huge they are sitting on. with this election cycle, who knows. >> no campaign research? there wasn't be a dump of anything? >> i would be surprised. >> okay. thank you very much. appreciate it.
10:29 am
hesitation about voting for donald trump and hillary clinton. what suburban women in florida are sharing with us about both candidates.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here is what we're monitoring for you. a powerful eith fuful earthquaky this morning. it hit northeast of rome. it was too much for many buildings that had resisted an august tumbler as well as two large aftershocks. back to politics. a tightening race in florida. hillary clinton leading by one point. she's campaigning there this weekend in an effort to edge out a win in a state that could determine the outcome of this election. we are at a polling station in florida south of miami. another good day to you. what are you hearing from the
10:33 am
voters there? >> reporter: alex, believe it or not, over 3 million people have already voted in this state. that's a third of the vote in the sunshine state. it's happening in polling stations like this one. let me take you inside. over 300 polling stations have been working from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. across the state. hold on. my mike got caught on the door. as i was saying, ever since we spoke to you last hour, we have seen more people coming in, families with children as local churches have been letting out. i'm taking you here to the back where the voting is happening just to my right. as this is happening, we are hearing that buss are going to be coming in with the clinton campaign, bringing the souls to the polls. as you mentioned, since those polls are so tight, the clinton camp is taking nothing for granted here in the sunshine state. >> the lines not too great. i know you have been there since
10:34 am
earlier. maybe church goers will head to the polls. you think it will pick up. we are seeing more folks behind you. do you see in general the numbers picking up today? >> reporter: in fact, i mean, they have been decreasing a little. it's been rainy here in south florida today. that might be the cause. also, as you mentioned, churches are letting out. we are expecting more families here. just in this polling station where i am now, they have 13,000 people come and vote in one day alone. that was two days ago. we are hoping to see numbers like that in the next coming days, as early voting is under way here in florida. >> thank you so much. the video just released by the clinton campaign ape eaimed voters confused about the e-mail investigation. ing student? is it a carever deteined to te care of her own?
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friday. let's bring in jeremy peters. a welcome as always to you. just in the last few minutes, the clinton campaign tweeted out a video explaining what exactly is going on with the fbi and the e-mails. let's play for you a clip. >> let's walk through what we know. republicans said at the beginning that the fbi case that was closed in july had been reopened. but that's been debunked. law enforcement sources say the e-mails in question were never withheld by hillary clinton or the clinton campaign. reports say the e-mails were not to or from hillary clinton or even ever on her server. >> campaign manager robby mook there. what do you make of this as a piece of campaign strategy. do you think it's effective? it's brian fallon. i'm sorry. >> it shows how alarmed they are. they should be. in states like florida, which could determine the outcome of the election, the race is being fought on a razor's edge. looking at the early voting data
10:39 am
that's been coming in every day and republicans are slightly ahead of democrats in terms of registered voters who have already cast their ballots. hispanics have been outperforming and turning out at the polls in large numbers. that's good news for hillary clinton. an explosive development this late in the race is something that would alarm any front runner. you can see how rattled they are. >> to that point, today we're seeing new polls coming out that don't look good for hillary clinton. they show her with a single point nationally, a few points up in florida, up by six or so the latest in north carolina. do you attribute that to the fbi announcement? how worried do you think she should be about this dip in the polls? enough to reverse the trajectory that was going her way before friday? >> in the sense that the race is so close in a state like florida, yes, she should be
10:40 am
worried. she doesn't need florida to win. she doesn't need ohio, north carolina to win. you think about that, i think that shows still how narrow donald trump's path is to the presidency. he is out campaigning today in the west in nevada, a state which he has struggled in, a state he was actually doing well in but then started to fall quite far behind hillary clinton in a lot of more recent polls. he is defending himself in arizona, which should not be competitive but it suddenly is. he is going back to colorado where the early vote returns show that democrats are ahead of republicans. the race while it is still very close is still ultimately hers to lose it appears. >> quickly, if clinton is elected, how do these e-mails play out long-term? >> well, i think you have to consider, alex, the specter of future congressional inquiries into her e-mail use, into just
10:41 am
about any part of her past that republicans feel they need to exhume. this is what happened to her husband in the '90s. they faced countless congressional inquiries. you have heard noise from capitol hill republicans saying they plan to do just that if she's elected. >> jeremy peters, good to see you. new questions about the timing of the e-mail announcement. we will talk about that next. chuck todd's interview with mike pence at the top of the hour. ♪ using 6000 points om my cha ink card i bougllhe framework. re... and plants need t tgive my op... a face... le at
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10:45 am
noel nickpore. peter, i will ask you first off here, your reaction, the timing here of this announcement. does this suggest to you some political motivations at work? >> i am not going to judge what people's motivations are. but let me simply point out, because i like to live in the facts, that the letter that comey said that although the fbi cannot yet assess whether this material may be significant. then they pointed out, it was not about content of e-mail evidence but rather a plan to get to it. so given what the tradition is at the department of justice and most importantly what comey himself said in 2007, before a senate and house committees, that the justice department had to be perceived at nonpartisan and non-political to function, i can only suggest that comey is
10:46 am
neither naive nor stupid. so he had to know what he did was going to have an affect on this election. >> peter, to your point, i'm looking at the letter that he sent. in part it says, a degree ti agi should take steps to allow investigators to review these e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to that investigation. reiterating what you just said in your interpretation. as i stick with this fbi story, it just -- how are your colleagues in the gop reacting? do you think there's a sense that james comey overstepped? >> no. i mean, you have to realize that back beforehand when tomorrowy released his opinion that they were very upset and they thought it was a conspiracy and they -- it was damnation to comey. right now, they are pouncing on
10:47 am
this information and using it as a campaign tool to try to sway some of the independent voters on to the republican side. >> can i ask you? pounce on what? what are they pouncing on? >> they're pouncing on the fact that they think that the investigation is going to be reopened because there are damning e-mails, because they feel like in my opinion a lot of my colleagues are thinking that comey would not have done this if there wasn't something there. i think -- >> does comey know what's there? "the washington post" just put out an article minutes ago saying, they don't know what is in the e-mails. they don't know the content. they see a volume of e-mails from huma abedin back to the clinton campaign or to hillary clinton herself. they don't know the content. are people jumping to conclusions? >> that's why i -- both trump and clinton, both camps are begging for more information to be released.
10:48 am
because it is a little bit of a dark cloud for the clinton campaign. they're not really denying it. but the thing that they need to realize is, why did he come out and do this? i don't think it was politically motivated. i think that he felt he had two choices and he picked the choice that he did. going back to the root of this, we couldn't be here to discussing this on a sunday if common sense prevailed. if these tactics weren't done in the first place. i think that if someone had used -- a lot of people had used better judgment, we wouldn't even be sitting here in the first place. >> peter -- >> alex? may i respond to that? i have been hearing this for last 24 hours. when i was 8 or 10, i used to say, mary made me pull her hair or larry made me trip or whatever. the made me do it is unimportant to me in this conversation and about what comey did. i want to stay focused on what
10:49 am
comey did and the facts. the facts is he sent a letter he knew would be leaked 11 days or ten days before the election. he knew the impact it was going to have. if he didn't, then he shouldn't be director of the fbi. he broke with tradition of the department of justice. even went against the recommendation of the attorney general, from what i gather from reporting. and consequently, it's about comey. it's not about whether hillary clinton had e-mail servers or not or anything else. it's simply that as an american, i feel that the electoral process has been breached by the director of the fbi. >> do you think there is more to come in terms of october -- i guess now it would be november surprises? you have been involved with a lot of campaigns. >> i think in this election, we can just count on it. no question about it. probably against trump and probably against clinton. who knows what external forces
10:50 am
may be at work now. frankly, i no longer am worried about the russians. i'm worried about the director of the fbi. >> do you think, to your previous point, and quite frankly, i am not worried about putin or the russian, but i am worried about the drirector of the fbi. >> and do you think that to your previous point that there is awful research on both sides that could be dropped? >> well, i don't know. it is possible. this year is unusual and understatement year obviously, and i have no idea. >> noel, bombshells in the next nine days? >> i think that this is one of the worst elections that i have ever been, and i have been a strategist for a long time. the only people that it is hurting is the american voters. it is the american people and the id people -- people in the middle, and i have heard from democrats and democrats that it is not the best choice for both parties to come up with, and who know knows what we would come up with
10:51 am
and who knew that billy bush would be relevant or the fbi would be relevant and who knew that some of the things coming out would be relevant in the election and that we are talking about and who knows when you wake up tomorrow, we could have a whole new ball game. >> and to that i say, noel ale d jacob, thank you so much. >> and now sh, we will see if donald trump has a path to the electoral votes. coming up, donald trump is going to be speaking in las vegas, and hillary clinton is holding a unity rally in broward county, florida. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crosver. visiyour local infiniti reil tay. infiniti. empower the iv
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10:54 am
>> one point separating hillary clinton and donald trump nationally according to the abc/"washington post" poll, the race is now 46 to 45 with the democrat holdinging a slight
10:55 am
lead. and now, joining us is pollster freg lang and before we get to the daily polls, we want to ask about the path to 270 for donald trump, and effectively, he has to win ohio, north carolina, florida, new hampshire and a maine congressional district, and iowa and nevada and plus, hold on to all of the traditional red states, and this is feeling like having to thread the needle in the dark. any polling to suggest that it could happen? >> well, i guess that the short answer to that is that these are all very closely contested states, alex, both in terms of the public and the private polling, and look, even before, this friday's events with director comey, it was theoretically possible for trump to win all of the seven states and maine guf en the closeness f thele poll, but 7 for 7, and for the world series, you only have to win 4 of 7, and so that is a very, very big lift of donald trump with a week to go. >> and how about one-third of the voters are less likely to is
10:56 am
support clinton after the fbi announcement friday and how likely to see a tie or lead by donald trump? >> well, you know, we are at the stage now where the national polls of course are important because they are showing the broader trends, but some of the other polls that i am seeing both nationally and state-specific polls, alex, suggest that maybe her nationally lead is a little higher than a couple of points, but look, what you are looking for in the polls is not just the margins becomes tu tre margins, but the trends, and this race is closing in the past week, so could donald trump be ahead in this particular poll tomorrow? sure. but other polls will be coming out to show mrs. clinton with two or three or four-point lead. >> and can i ask for a question with the polls this close, and the votes for jill stein or gary
10:57 am
has? >>le with, the polls for clinton goes up and down depending what votes they get. so it matters how many votes the third and the fourth and the other candidates get. >> thank you. join us tomorrow for "morning joe" and meanwhile, it is mike pence on "meet the press." with otezla, 75% clearer in is achievable with otezla, afr just 4 mth th reduc redness, thess, and aliness of . the ezla prescribing informatio ha. don't take otezlaif you are aei to any of its ingrednts. otezla may increas the risk of preson tell your doctorif you hae a history of depron or suicidal thouts, or if these feelings develop. some people king ozla repo weight loss. your dtor ould monitor your weight repo weight loss. and may op tatme. si effec may cldiarea,
10:58 am
repo weight loss. naea, upper respory tract infectn, and headache. tell yr door abo allthe medicie and if youe pregnant orpe asyo dermatt ab ezla to. ezla ow more of you. >> this ayococ
10:59 am
11:00 am
surpri. fbireormes coy this sunday, october surprise. fbi director james comey's announcement of newly discovered e-mails jolts the race. >> the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. >> can donald trump use this latest revelation to reinvigorate his campaign? i will talk to donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence live. plus, hillary clinton fights back. >> and so we have called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table.


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