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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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legal -- these are war crimes. >> blatant war crimes. the thing that worries people most about trump's critics is this obsession with retaliation very often skirts beyond normal sense of the law or constitutional elements. >> you talk to the supporters and you go, you know he's not going to build a wall? i know. you know he can't do the muslim ban? yeah. you know what he's talking about is a war crime? but he's trying to make a bigger point. >> some people totally believe he's going to to that. other people tell me it's a negotiating stance. trying to aim high. >> aim high or very low, right? >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. happy halloween. hi, there. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, we have breaking news. the search is on. fbi now combing through the hundreds of thousands of e-mails on the computer of hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin, shared with her husband, after
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receiving a late night war nlt, how long will it take? massive fallout, from the fbi director's letter to congress about the search, the clinton campaign is ripping into the decision. >> the fbi director took an unprecedented action. >> this is unprecedented. >> it's not just strange. it's unprecedented. and it is deeply troubling. >> the trump campaign praising it. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> break overnight, senate minority leader harry reid says james comey broke the law, as 100 former justice department officials, both democrat and republican, sign a letter criticizing him, amid new calls for him to resign. and closing the gap. we're talking polls eight days until the election, florida now in a dead heat. >> we're leading in florida. leading in florida, big. we're leading big in florida.
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we're leading in many, many states. >> and one major daily tracking poll shows the race is now down to just one single point nationally. you know what we're going to begin today with, of course. the fbi revelations that have rocked this election with just eight days to the finish line. it started on friday afternoon, when director james comey sent an official letter to congress that said the feds needed to look more closely at thousands of e-mails that might be linked to hillary clinton and may contain classified information. but those e-mails were not found on hillary's server. they were found on a laptop belonging to disgraced former congressman anthony weiner, who of course, is the estranged husband of top clinton aide huma abedin. the laptop came to light in a federal investigation into allegations that wiener was sexting an underaged girl. well, we have a great team looking into all of these angles this morning. including former attorney general alberto gonzalez.
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i want to start with nbc's justice department correspondent, pete williams. pete, give us the latest. >> well, they're looking at these e-mails now. this is a complicated process. they say it could take weeks. but they say there is some chance it might be over quickly. a federal judge has given the fbi to approval to go through the e-mails that were written by houm huma abedin. they'll narrow them down. they have the total universe of e-mails she wrote on that computer. the first thing they'll narrow down is those that were written when hik lllary clinton was secretary of state. were government classified secrets put on her server? then they'll try to figure out how many of those are diuplicats with those they have already seen. the supposition is a substantial number will be. once they're done with the duplicates, they'll start -- this is pretty much an automated process up to this point. then they'll start to look at the individual e-mails. they'll rule those out that are strictly personal business, you know, who picks in the laundry.
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and then those that appear that might have classified information, those will have to be run down. if it turns out that the number of classified documents is small and can easily be run down, then if it goes quickly, nothing is classified. the fbi could say what the results were within the next few days. it all depends on how many are duplicates and how many are new to investigators. >> we're going to turn to hillary clinton's team. obviously furious about this turn of events, demanding that the fbi release all of the information that they've got immediately. nbc's kasie hunt is live in miami. kasie, we know that the clinton team is not happy. but how are they dealing with this? they can't seem to turn the page. >> well, steph, look. i think they made a very clear decision as soon as this happened. they had a couple hours to process it. they were going to go at james comey. and that is what they have been doing for the last 72 hours or
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however long we have known about this notification to congress from james comey. they have essentially been saying, and they're on the same with some republicans here in calling for them to release this information, more information, about what exactly is there, and what the american public should expect from this. i think, you know, you have them saying, look, this isn't fair. it's 11 days before an election. this was released. now we're eight days out from the election. tell us a little more about this. you had clinton herself yesterday did not say anything about this issue, but the day before, she did. and she talks about it on the stump in daytona and had her aides out saying this over and over again. i think the question for them is, is this going to be a short-term problem for them? or not. and the emerging consensus seems to be that, no, there's a lot about this race that is status quo, that they feel like they're still on a path to win this election. but there are some questions about the long-term implications
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here. what does this mean for huma abedin's future as a potential white house aide. and her relationship with hillary clinton. what does this mean for hillary clinton's potential or potential president hillary clinton's relationship with capitol hill. it's potentially very toxic in the long term, and this is a lot of potential material for them to work with, depending on what is there. and also, what happens for down ballot races? democrats were starting to be pretty confident they were going to be able to take back the senate. if anything, this gives republicans something to work with as they try to hang on to that chamber. steph. >> thanks, kasie. donald trump managed to stay on message all weekend. why? because he loves this message. hammering the fbi announcement at every single stop. >> her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. this is the single biggest scandal since watergate. you, the american people, are the victims of this corrupt
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system. this is what we mean when we say the system is rigged. it's rigged. >> nbc's hallie jackson has been covering the trump campaign and joins me now for more in michigan. unlike your philadelphia eagles this weekend, donald trump would say this was a winning weekend. do they think this is turning point for their campaign? >> i'm going to ignore your dig, steph. i'm going to instead talk about your question on politics. >> you knew it was coming. >> i know. not like the redskins did much better. is it a turning point? they feel as they spoke with a senior adviser about a half hour ago, the sense was there are more pathways to 270 now than there were last week. they see in their view an expandexpand ed battleground map that includes places like michigan where we are now, just outside detroit. he'll make two stops here today. he's headed to wisconsin tomorrow. these are not traditional places where you might see necessarily a republican nominee for
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president heading. you would expect them in florida, north carolina, ohio. there is a sense the trump campaign wants to go on offense here. that is what you're seeing from trump as he attacks hillary clinton, as you just played, on not just the rigged system but on the e-mail issue and on obamacare. i'm told the premium hike that some consumers will see will be a part of his remarks in michigan today, along with focus on trade and the economy, as he tried to keep a policy focus in the last eight days. the big issue, polling has not borne out that any of this is moving the needle with voters. it looks largely stable from the polling we're seeing kuthed after friday's news broke. >> is this why we're getting a scheduling scramble? some have said stephen bannon is working overtime to move donald trump around to get him to the blue states. >> the idea is to take it to hillary clinton's territory or turf, if you will to, to get on offense and get her backoon her heels. i said, do you need to play
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defense here? the campaign has not locked down florida. the campaign has not locked down north carolina by any means. the response was, hey, listen, the media is going to deliver the narrative it wants to. the campaign was feeling like it was getting hit for going to traditionally red states. they feel like they can lean into this a little bit. the big question i think for republicans outside the campaign, can donald trump actually competekaptdalize. can he essentially allow the clinton story to dominate headlines without stepping on top of it with some kind of comment. >> thanks, hallie. i would say a tie score, which is what the redskins had, is better than a loss. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> i want to bring in alberto gonzalez, former u.s. attorney general under president george w. bush. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start at the beginning. did director comey make a mistake? >> well, you know, it's certainly unusual. i think we have all heard the term unprecedented used. an unprecedented number of times, quite honestly.
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typically, you don't talk about an investigation and where you are in an investigation. of course, that protocol was breached this summer when director comey gave his press conference. and granted, these are very unusual circumstances we're talking about, a presidential nominee. candidate, but again, the fact that you talk about an investigation raises additional complexities here because now, of course, the clinton campaign is saying, well, you need to divulge more information ability what this letter is all about. of course, divulging more information may in fact compromise the investigation. so that's the box that the director finds himself in this morning. >> unusual, but was it wrong? >> i don't know whether it was wrong because i don't know all the facts. we don't know all the facts. you know, again, the fbi is engaged in an investigation. and the question is whether or not this disclosure, does it compromise the investigation? does dish closing additional information compromise the investigation? i don't know. i'm assuming the investigation
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will go on. and at some point, we'll know more about that investigation. but you know, without more information, i don't know if i can say that it was wrong. it was probably inconsistent with the protocol, so in that sense, you have to question the decision. the protocols are put in place for a reason. it insures more consistent decision making. it insures you take politics out of the decision making. in that sense, you would have to question this decision. >> harry reid said he broke the hatch act, which is specifically designed to keep politics out. your timing was intended for the success or failure of a partisan candidate. do you think comey violated the hatch act? >> i don't believe so based on what i know. the hatch act was intended primarily to prohibit employees from campaigning for a campaign, to prevent them from spending resources on behalf of a candidate.
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that would be a stretch to say that in fact this was intended by the fbi director to influence this election. i'm not sure that the evidence is there to support that allegation. >> we keep saying unusual. we hear the word unprecedented. it's unprecedented on all sides, you know, many are asking where is loretta lynch in all of this? has she sort of disqualified herself from weighing in because take us back to her 45-minute meeting on a plane privately with bill clinton. it's one of the more puzzling aspects of this entire episode because the fbi director is supposed to gather the evidence and present it to the prosecutors and the attorney general is historically and by authority supposed to make the decision as to whether or not to move forward with the prosecution. now, i'm told that mrs. lynch, the attorney general, recused herself. i'm not sure there was an official recusal or not. if there was an official recusal, quite frankly, she should not have any conversations with the fbi director about this
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investigation. if she did officially recuse herself, i have to question whether is she? because typically, when you talk about an investigation, you have the fbi director standing shoulder to shoulder with the attorney general, talking ability the evidence and at the conclusion of the decision by the department of justice, talking about the evidence and having the attorney general say based upon this information, we have made the determination that there's not enough evidence to support moving forward with the prosecution. her absence in all of this is very, very unusual in my judgment. >> would you have sent a letter like this, based on what it appears director comey's goal was, to be more transparent. given the vagueness of the letter, we kind of got the opposite. would you put a letter like this out? >> of course, it's always easy in hindsight to second guess someone. bit certainly in hindsight, it appears that did not help the situation at all. quite frankly, it muddled the situation.
6:14 am
obviously, it puts at risk this election. some people -- some voters will be making a decision on election day and in early voting about which way they're going to go based upon this very incomplete letter that really doesn't say anything other than there is a continuing investigation that may implicate secretary clinton. >> before we go, very little time left. there is some speculation out there this could be anthony weiner trying to deal for himself. trying to potentially plead things down. he's under an investigation for a completely separate issue. and could this be anthony weiner saying, you know, you guys think you have me. maybe i have something for you. could this be anthony weiner led? >> i suppose anything is possible in this political season. obviously, there have been extraordinary turns of events in connection with this investigation. so again, without knowing all the facts here, i suppose that's possible. i wouldn't rule anything out. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, director comey is under fire.
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developments in this newly discovered e-mails involving hillary clinton's private server. the fbi has obtained a search warrant to go through the e-mails discovered on ex-congressman anthony weiner's laptop. law enforcement sources tell nbc news some of the e-mails are linked to wiener's estranged wife who is also a top clinton aide. i want to bring in former senior adviser to paul ryan, dan senor. you know wiener, clinton, trump,
6:19 am
director comey. what do you make of this? >> i cannot believe, the last week before the election, it all comes back to anthony weiner. i mean, that is just an amazing notion in terms of how shakespearean this all is. i think, i don't know the facts, just like attorney general gonzalez just said. but based on what we do know, it's hard to imagine that director comey had good options here. right? i mean, he's basically being accused or has been accused by both candidates at different times, accused of rigging the election. so if he withheld the information and not made this unpresidented move, republicans would have excoriated him after the election. by doing what he did now, the democrats are excoriating him. i don't know what he's supposed to do. i do know this about him. he's got a lot of critics in washington, d.c., but one thing he's wide lly regarded as is beg pretty independent. he worked in the bush administration. he was controversial in the bush administration. he threatened to resign from the bush administration over the bush administration surveillance policies.
6:20 am
he was very at odds with vice president cheney and his office. the same time he was appointed by barack obama to serve in his current position. this accusation has he has partisan agenda here is ludicrous. i think at most he's just an fbi director with a series of really bad options. >> if he would have held this back. if we found this out two weeks from now, then what would have happened? >> i think the right -- if trump loses, i think the right would say that comey suppressed this information that would have had a material impact on the outcome of the election, an election that is tightening. no question it's tightening. this information could have tipped it. he withheld the information because he's an obama appointee. you can imagine the narrative. obama wanted hillary to win, and obama and loretta lynch made sure he suppressed the information. that would be the theirative. you would have quasi-ins
6:21 am
quasi-insurrection in the streets from trump supporters saying the system is rigged. >> everybody has different motives here. do you think anthony weiner has a motive here? >> this is speculation, obviously, but some of the folks i have spoken to believe there is a theory that anthony weiner is in some sort of plea negotiation with the fbi over his own case. there's some 650,000 e-mails that the fbi has to go through over the next week. there's enly one person who knows the map of those e-mails better than any fbi agent and can actually be a guide for them in the next week or two weeks or however long it's going to take. it's anthony weiner. if he's trying to improve his legal situation, there could be currency in his negotiations. >> do you think it changes the outcome of the election? >> i don't think so. i think it's procedure now about a three, four-point race. the race has tightened. but keep in mind, 20-plus million people have already voted and they voted in a time during the debate, period of debates where trump was doing poorly, during the hot mike
6:22 am
period. coming out of a bad environment where a lot was going on, the demographic challenges trump has and the advantages the clinton campaign has till remains the same. it could have two effects. those republicans holding back on trump, it may move some of them into his column. it could flip some undecideds into trump's column. at the same time, it could motivate democrats. there has been some democratic complacency because trump is performing so badly. they think, oh, hillary has it in the bag. suddenly, she's under legal pressure. it could motivate democrats to turn out. it's hard to say. i think the presidential doesn't change much. i think down ballot does. i think republican senate candidates who looked to be in big trouble are less so today. i think the notion that the house majority is going to get seriously damaged, republican house majority, i think it's not going to happen. it improves the environment for down ballot republicans in a significant way. by the way, one of the strongest
6:23 am
arguments house republicans and house senate kapd dts can make right now is see what we're in for after november? we're in for a hillary clinton that's going to be under enormous legal pressure. let us be the check on the system. you need house and senate republicans there to keep this administration in check. >> dan, we're out of time. yes or no, are we going to get hit with opposition research from hillary clinton's team, maybe something they were holding back on, now that she's under pressure? like a big trump whopper? >> if there's a trump whopper relative -- that could out whopper his other whoppers, i would be shocked. i don't think there's much more at this point. at this point, it's all organization. her turning out her voters. >> there's no double whopper to be served. dan, thank you so much for joining me this morning. we have to take a break. coming up, fbi director james comey under fire. one congressman is calling for him to resign. congressman steve cohen joins me next. one of millions of orders on
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welcome back.
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time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin with the fbi's latest move into its probe into hillary clinton's e-mail server. investigators obtained a warrant to go through thousands of top clinton aide huma abedin's e-mails found on the computer she shared with her estranged husband anthony weiner. >> a double murder suspect in the state of oklahoma was killed last noipg in a violent shootout after a week-long manhunt. police say michael vanls was wanting for the killing o twof relatives, the shooting of two police officers and multiple car jackings. >> and a 6.6 magnitude quake believed to be the most powerful in decades, struck central italy yesterday. so far, there are no immediate reports of death. >> and iraqi-led campaign inches closer to retaking mosul, surrounding a key suburb of the isis-held city. this comes as coalition forces conducted 16 air strikes against isis forces over the weekend.
6:28 am
>> in good news for the cubs, they stayed alive with a tense low-scoring 3-2 victory over the indians in game five of the world series. game six will now move to cleveland tomorrow. way to go, cubs. >> and some of hillary clinton's -- excuse me. so much to talk about the cubs, i was excited there. many of hillary clinton's supporters are dramatically escalating their attacks against fbi director james comey as partf the damage control effort following comey's disclosure that more e-mails possibly relating to clinton have emerged. democratic congressman steve cohen of the state of tennessee is the first congressman to call on comey to resign immediately, and he joins me now. good morning, congressman. why exactly do you think james comey should resign? >> what he's done has put the fbi in a position that it's never been in. the fbi director is supposed to investigate and keep his judgments quiet and not get involved in elections.
6:29 am
what the director did by making this statement at this last moment, really kind of a shocker, which has been used by the trump campaign, makes us look more like eastern europe than america. this election has been very unusual. fbi director comey should not have taken this position. he should not have made statements because he knew they would be seen as inflammatory based on the sensationalism of them coming out of an anthony weiner account. based on the way trump uses information, and based on the whole mias ma of this election and this e-mail controversy. so while director comey is somebody i have respected over the years and stood up for and spoken out for, for his actions in the ashcroft -- well, really, the gonzalez influence in ailing u.s. attorney general ashcroft, and while he made the right decision, even thehe went too far this summer in not indicting the secretary, what he did here was just wrong.
6:30 am
something the fbi director needs to exert extreme control over themselves not to get involved. he just made a mistake and i think he should resign because he's damaged the fbi's reputation. >> many democrats supported even praised director comey when he announced there wouldn't be an indictment of hillary clinton. now many of those democrats including you are obliterating him. couldn't you say, well, you liked him when he wasn't going after hillary and now you hate him when he's not? >> i don't hate him. i like jim comey. i think jim comey is a good person. but i think that he went too far, and i think that in the position of fbi director, with a ten-year term. we give a ten-year term to the director so they can do their job and not be involved in politics and not feel pressured, he went too far. justice told him not to get involved. it violated department of justice procedures. everything he knows as a lawyer, a courtroom is a place where you have to take extraordinary care to make sure there's a fair
6:31 am
trial. an election process, the same thing. fbi directors do not make these statements. this summer, yeah, i thought he made the right call. but i thought he went too far in his sidebar conversations about secretary clinton. and when he went to the extent of saying she was excessively careless, well, that wasn't his position to do that. that is something that was not the fbi director's job. in fact, he's been excessively careless now. i gave him the benefit of the doubt, i guess based on the result. but i didn't like the way he got to the process, the process in which he got to his decision. this time, he's gotten himselves involved in an election that could have terrible effects on the world's political situation. >> congressman, in terms of excessively careless, paul ryan said it. if you take us back, hillary clinton has no one to blame but herself, is what paul ryan said. she's the one who sort of created this original sin, whether it be the commingling between the clinton foundation and the state department, the
6:32 am
e-mail server to begin with. hillary clinton did put herself in this position. >> and she said it was wrong and she wouldn't have done it if she had it to do over. that doesn't absolve director comey for getting involved in -- he knew his statement would have been on the political stage with donald trump and this unusual election and the way -- i mean, donald trump takes anything, takes an ounce and makes it into a grand canyon. and when you have the mix of anthony weiner in it, it's got all the sensationalism, and director comey should have known and was cautioned not to get involved and he shouldn't have gotten involved. it takes restraint and a great person with great judgment to exercise restraint. he failed the test. having failed the test, i think heneeds to resign for the good of the fbi, the reputation of the fbi, and the good of justice. he made a serious mistake. >> there is an argument to be made that director comey was between a rock and a hard place.
6:33 am
had he come out two weeks from now, we would see a similar outcry. >> the fbi director is always put between a rock and a hard place. he failed. >> thank you for sharing your candid thoughts this morning. >> you're welcome. up next, a wild roller coaster ride over the weekend. you have been watching the polls. florida now a toss-up. one respected poll has things much, much closer nationally. we're going to take a closer look at it. t a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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watry...duo fusiong heartburn relief? duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat, with just about one week to go before election. the big question, how will clinton's latest e-mail probe affect voters? joining me is mark murray, senior political director for nbc news. mark, help me. we have one poll shows a dead heat, but a week ago, clinton had a major lead, 12 points in that poll. help us understand. >> yeah, well, stephanie, first, that poll you're referring to,
6:37 am
the "washington post"/nbc tracking poll has been volatile. it had ichillary clinton with a four point lead, then 12 points, 9 points, 2 points, now one point. most of that happened before the comey announcement on friday. i would chalk it up to that one poll being volatile. i think what we have seen is tightening, a natural tightening in the race where a lot of republicans who might have been despondent after donald trump's debate performances as well as all the sexual allegations are finally coming back home and making this race a little bit tighter. but to your bigger point of like whether the comey news has moved anything, this abc/"washington post" poll shows it really hasn't. there's also a new morning consult/politico poll that shows the race hasn't moved yet. it's important to know it's very early, but we're not necessarily seeing a lot of movement post this news we ended up seeing on
6:38 am
friday. >> popularity news and enthusiasm matters, but what matters most is battleground states. let's look at the polls there. >> now, stephanie, it's important to note that our polls, the nbc/"wall street journal"/marist polls of florida and north carolina were conducted before this big comey news but they showed hillary clinton with a six-point lead in north carolina. that's significant because those 15 electoral votes, stephanie, could make it very difficult for donald trump to be able to get to 270 if he ends up losing north carolina. and then our florida poll shows a dead heat, very close. hillary clinton at 45%. you end up having donald trump at 44%. hillary clinton had a three-point lead earlier this month. so the tightening there, as you and i were describing, but those are the battlegrounds to watch, particularly north carolina. donald trump has to win north carolina, florida, pennsylvania, and hi. there's a competitive race in florida, as we're seeing. >> coming up, huma abedin has become front and center in this latest investigation. but who is huma, and how did she
6:39 am
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i wonder, is she going to keep huma? huma has been a problem, do we agree? i hope they haven't given huma immunity because she knows the real story. she knows what's going on. >> donald trump asking the questions many people are wondering. will the latest scandal force hillary clinton to dump her aide, huma abedin. nina, you have reported extensively on huma abedin can how long she has been with hillary clinton. speak about the loyalty between these two women. >> well, huma arrived in the white house when the monica lewinsky scandal was erupting. all of the women around the first lady at that time were crouched, defensively, around her. and huma was this young college
6:43 am
girl, really, and she proved herself to be extremely helpful. she would do, you know, she carried the bags, she was the body woman, and she was completely reliable. very conservative in her personal life. winer notwithstanding. she didn't drink. she doesn't go out at night. so she was somebody that hillary could really rely on and trust and she was her body woman, which means she carried her clothes and got her hair done and so on. then she climbed the ladder within the system slowly becoming more and more a part of the clinton world system. and by the time hillary clinton was secretary of state, huma abedin was her filter. she was the one through whom all of the people who wanted to get to the secretary of state had to go. she was the gatekeeper. so that's why you have e-mails from huma that are important. but i do want to add something
6:44 am
that i have been thinking about since i have been watching your show this morning. we have spent more time in this election talking about e-mails than we have immigration, domestic policy, foreign policy, and climate change. not to mention reproductive rights. these issues have completely overshadowed the election. the word e-mails, i mean, you and i -- are we not tired of saying the word e-mails? my point is, we have come to a situation where, yes, anthony weiner has 650,000 e-mails somehow on his laptop. some of them belong to huma abedin. it's like we're in this access of penile. we have clinton and trump and wiener and all we talk about is their sex lives. >> many americans would say before you give someone the power to be president of the united states where they would influence climate change,
6:45 am
policy, education, immigration, you need to trust them. and hillary clinton around e-mail has a trustworthiness issue. when you look at what's happened over the weekend, we haven't heard from huma abedin. hillary clinton her -- >> you won't hear from huma abedin. she's a woman of mystery. she avoids the limelight. and it's a very strange situation for somebody to be in who is avoiding the limelight, like her boss, they're both people who don't like to be -- they try to be private. and so that's how this whole thing started. they were trying to keep some of her private e-mails private. and of course, there were forces on all sides trying to open up and crack open and find out whether there was classified information on these e-mails. and that's what this is all about. but we have gone through it over and over and over again. and i just think we have come to a point where, you know, eight days down, yes, people should make their decisions based on something other than e-mails. one of the stories i finished writing recently is how the bush administration lost 22 million
6:46 am
e-mails relating to the iraq war. and those e-mails did not reappear. >> and you see -- >> and they didn't answer subpoenas to congress. they were in contempt to congress. those are ac [ cheers and applause ] problems. >> thank you for reporting on this. coming up, between the comey letter and reports of a possible investigation into the clinton foundation, it wasn't a good weekend for clinton supporters. one of hillary clinton's biggest donors and fund-raisers is joining me next. , son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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6:49 am
hillary clinton trying to stay the course, telling supporters they can under be distracted by developments surrounding the fbi and her e-mails. marc lasry is one of her most reliable fund-raisers, a friend of the family and a hedge fund manager. he know s dt, too. first, what was your reaction when you saw the news on friday? >> i was surprised.
6:50 am
i was surprised that the fbi director would actually end up doing something a week it two weeks before the election. >> hillary clinton did put herself in this position. this e-mail issue has been swirling around for two years. and she never shuts it down. one argument could be made that donald trump supporters like him so much because he's black and white. he chooses a course and he goes, this is what i'm doing. why hasn't hillary shut this down? >> she has. what would you like her to do? i mean, in all seriousness, what else could chshe have done? the fbi said there's no issue. she's the only presidential candidate who's, every one of her e-mails are shown and we have no idea on donald trump's e-mails. there is a bit of a double standard here. donald trump will not disclose or release anything and anytime you ask him, he says, it's none of your business. with hillary, we end up looking at all her e-mails, all
6:51 am
disclosed, what more would you like her to do? >> many people would like her to shut down the foundation. you also know the foundation well. you know doug band and teneo. were people paying for access to the clinton power set? >> no, i think, look, at the end of the day, people are donating to the foundation. people wanted to end up doing good and i think the problem ends up being everybody tries to make these appearances. that there's a conflict. that there's something there. at the end of the day, focus on what the foundation has done. so much information. proven or shown that there hasn't been a tit for tat at all. what they've done is actually good and yet all everybody wants to focus is on sort of accusations that are out there. >> there's a lot of accusations that hillary clinton is in the pocket of wall street.
6:52 am
you're a big wall street guy. in the wikileaks e-mails, we saw she gave flattering complimentary speeches at goldman sachs. do you believe hillary clinton has very special ties to wall street? she's going to hook you guys up? she is going to raise your taxes. >> if you think about it, it would be far better for people on wall street to support donald trump, right? because your taxes would go down. there would be less regulation. i mean, if you look at everybody sort of what they want to do with the campaign, what they want to do after the election, i think at the end of the day, the reason people on wall street support her, my taxes will go up. i think a lot of it is social issues. it's because people are actually believing in what's good for the united states and that's, you know. >> mark, you're going to be, it will be hard to convince us that america, wall street, public enemy maybe not number one but maybe number two because they want for the good of america. >> you may believe it or not but why would somebody whose taxes
6:53 am
are going to go up at the end of the day, why would somebody who's involved in wall street, i'll pay more in taxes, more regulation, i'm doing that because i believe it's good for the vast majority of people. that's the reason i'm doing it. if i was looking out for my own selfish interests, i'd vote for donald trump. i'd end up saying, i want lower taxes, less regulation. the vast majority of people on wall street do believe in a greater good, whether you like it or not or people want to believe it or not, that ends up being a fact. >> you raised a lot of money for hillary clinton. donald trump has said, i'm not a wall street guy. was donald trump's campaign trying to raise money from fellow wall streeters because when i look at his economic advisory counsel, he does have guys like tom barrek and anthony sk skarmuchi. is he on the side of wall street? >> absolutely. look at hillary's advisory council, name me a few people on
6:54 am
there, there aren't any wall street people. i don't even know hillary's advisory council. on his, the vast majority are from wall street. what he says and does are two different things. >> why can't hillary, like, let's be honest, tell a better story? if she is this very qualified candidate and being overly scrutinized, millions of people would say, they don't trust her. they look at huma abedin and say, she worked for the state department, got paid from the foundation, worked from teneo. the waters seem muddy. why is it that way? >> i don't know. i think hillary has tried at the end of the day to get that message. the problem is, you know, some people don't want to listen to it and they've tuned out but she has said what she's going to try to do and there are millions of people who are supporting her. so it seems like with hillary there is a bit of a double standard and people are constantly trying to attack her
6:55 am
but she is saying what she's trying to do. she's not the one who had the issues with people that donald trump has. she's disclosed everything and yet people want her to disclose more. >> why can't she tell a better story? >> she is telling that story. but for whatever reason, it's not coming across. >> maybe it will in 8 days. we'll see. thank you so much for joining me. we've got to take a quick break. early voting in texas. we'll go live to talk to two of the most prominent democrats. julian and joaquin castro. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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but the best place to start is in the forest. kubo: i spy something beginning with..."s" beetle: snow. kubo: no. beetle: snow covered trees. monkey: nothing to do with snow. narrator: head outside to discover incredible animals and beautiful plants that come together to create an unforgettable adventure. kubo: wow! narrator: so grab your loved ones monkey: don't even. narrator: and explore a world of possibilities. kubo: come on, this way. narrator: visit to find the closest forest or park to you. this is for me. it's halloween. my second favorite holiday after fourth of july and no surprise this year, we are seeing many, many hillary clintons. pop star katy perry went through a dramatic transformation to be what i'm calling a convincing version. although she calls her idol. you should see her doing a high kick.
6:59 am
it was amazing and now a donald trump costume. all hair in this one. this 10-year-old got creative wearing a golf umbrella filled with straw and an orange tee to mimic donald trump's famous tan. i would say that is a very creative costume and finally, to yours truly, the five costumes i've worn over the last few days. i'm going to have a sixth tonight. i'm going to say, it will be my best. and then i'll go to bed because tomorrow, back with you at 9:00 a.m. and a lot more for us to cover but only the seven days left. but that wraps us up for today, october 31st, halloween, but you can find me anytime on twitter at @sruhle. the news didn't change the outcome of the election, maybe an insight that will. coming up, more news with kristen welker in dc. >> reporter: hey, stephanie. happy halloween. >> thank you. >> reporter: we're live in battleground ohio on the campus of kent state university where hillary clinton will kick off the final week of campaigning later on today.
7:00 am
the final stump for votes overshadowed by friday's bombshell. the fbi investigating e-mails, possibly relevant to the e-mail case. now a fire storm by fbi director james comey decided to release this information now and whether he violated u.s. law. so will it shake up the race? two new national polls out this morning. one shows a dead heat. the other shows very little movement at all. this fbi news isn't coming before the election but actually during the election. early voting under way in 33 states and the district of columbia. over 20 million votes have already been cast. more than 10 million in crucial swing states. clinton and trump both using the fbi news to energize supporters to get out the votes. >> hillary has nobody to blame but herself for her mounting legal troubles. >> we won't be distracted, no matter what our opponents throw at us. we're not going to be knocked off


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