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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 1, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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tuesday. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." tamron hall picks things up now. several new allegations about trump's ties to russia. sources telling nbc news the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry of former campaign manager paul manafort's reported business ties to a pair of russian oligarchs and james comey did not want to publicly disclose it was behind hacks behind it's close to election day but accused of a blatant double standard. showing hillary clinton appearing to be weathering the turbulence from comey's surprise but what does this mean for down ballot races and we'll have live team coverage from the battleground states of arizona and florida to hear what voters
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there are saying this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york where this time next week, millions of americans will be headed to the polls to cast their vote for the next president of the country. speaking of millions, here are some new numbers to digest today. more than 26 million votes have already now been cast. that's nationwide. and our new nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll shows hillary clinton with a 6 point lead over donald trump nationally. now, our poll finds clinton's 6 point lead at exactly the same time as comey's on friday but according to republicans, may be related to the investigation of secretary clinton's private server. a new iposos poll showing with a
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lead, little change from the same poll last thursday but a new "washington post" abc news tracking poll out this morning shows donald trump with a 1 point lead nationally. a reverse in the 1 point lead secretary clinton had in the same tracking poll the past two days and a whopping 13 point swing for trump in a week. mark murray would come up with more to explain about this range of numbers and why our polls show a different analysis than "the washington post" poll and the campaign trail, secretary clinton holding three events in the battle ground state of florida where the average of the latest poll shows donald trump with a slim lead right now. vice president biden, senator bernie sanders will also be campaigning for secretary clinton today. right now, a joint appearance by donald trump and his running mate governor mike pence. they are expected to speak soon at an event in philadelphia in the suburbs, prussia and hillary
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clinton with an 11 point lead. trump will then hold a rally tonight in wisconsin with the latest polling showing secretary clinton with a 5 point lead there. here's a look at the trump campaign headlines this morning. house speaker paul ryan who's had his ups and downs with donald trump announcing he voted for his party's nominee in early voting last week. however, he says nothing has changed about his policy to not campaign with trump and he won't be at trump's rally tonight in wisconsin. paul ryan claims he's worked to replace the affordable care act also known as obamacare and donald trump, mike pence set out to lay their policy any minute now in pennsylvania. nbc's peter alexander in there. what an interesting relationship, paul ryan, he says, you know, went out early voted for donald trump but this race in wisconsin, a 5 point race, he still won't be seen with the guy and somehow, in the middle of all of this, they
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worked on a possible replacement for the the affordable health care. >> reporter: there's a lot of questions about the replacement, if there is one. we're hearing now from republican senator from wyoming, john vorasma on stage with a series who all oppose obamacare. donald trump called for repealing it and replacing it into what's been unclear but today, trump wants to hit on it. going on offense driving what he calls disastrous obamacare. the indiana governor running mate mike pence who notably bought into obamacare by expanding medicaid but did it with conservative strings attached to require individual beneficiaries in the game to basically pay to benefit from what obamacare, specifically, medicaid offered them. >> all right. since we can't really hear you and the event is going on, we'll
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let you go and talk more about the campaign a little bit later. thank you, peter. meanwhile, nbc news learned they're looking into law enforcement and intelligence sources conducting a preliminary inquiry into paul manafort's business ties overseas. joining me, senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden. since you reported on this last night, one of the stories trending and trying to understand what's going on here. >> it's great to be with you, tamron. in the midst of the revelation that the fbi is looking into e-mails that might be relevant in the clinton e-mail investigation come charges that the fbi director is playing politics in what information he is providing to congress. law enforcement and intelligence sources tell nbc news the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry of donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort. and his foreign business connections. when nbc news asked the fbi to
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comment on the inquiry, the fbi did not respond. >> americans have every right to be concerned about what they see in terms of trump advisors and their closeness with the kremlin, trump's policies with russia, trump's potential financial interest in russia. >> reporter: paul manafort reportedly paid $12.7 million in crash by pro russian politicians in the ukraine and nbc news can also report what some call disturbing ties to two oligarchs, one ukrainian and one russian. both billionaires and both ties to the russian mafia. >> i think it does raise serious concerns about the policies that trump would pursue if he were president. >> reporter: while an inquiry is a preliminary look and falls short of a criminal investigation, in this highly charged atmosphere, it has some arguing that comey is using a double standard. >> here what the director has
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discussed involving one candidate, it opens the director up to claims of bias if he doesn't discuss other potential investigations. >> we reached out to paul manafort who told us none is true and said, i have no business ties overseas and haven't since the campaign several years ago. there are no investigations going on with the fbi that i am aware of. now, as for donald trump, his spokesperson told us last night, mr. trump severed ties with mr. manafort many months ago. mr. trump has no knowledge of any of his past or present activities. >> the key point is any investigation he knows of that's manafort and this is an inquiry, not an investigation but taking a look. this is preliminary, just to put it in context but still, the fbi is taking a look. >> incredible report. thank you very much, cynthia. according to a report from cnbc,
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a former federal official with detailed knowledge of the matter says fbi james comey argued against publicly disclosing the u.s. intelligence community's conclusion that russia was behind the hacks into the u.s. political institutions because it was too close to election day. now, senior fbi official however disputes that telling nbc news that comey raised concerns about the potential impact on any related investigation, not the election. joining me now, the reporter who broke the story, eamon javers. what's at the core here and what you are hearing from your sources? >> i talked to the former fbi official who laid out the timeline and said there was a long conversation inside the obama administration on whether or not they were going to name russia publicly as behind these hacks. it's gotten so much attention this year. pros and cons on both sides of
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doing that. the former fbi official said comey ea comey's position closer and closer and later in the conversation said u.s. government should not do that and his position was that way because of concerns getting too close to the u.s. election and might impact the election. that's what the official told me, the official also saying that in his view, it wasn't necessarily that comey was making a partisan decision here. but just that comey has two different approaches to the story about the e-mails and the other story about the russians and the hacking. comey has become very personally attached to this e-mail story. that's the interpretation of the fbi official i spoke to yesterday. >> the clinton campaign called it a double standard. your source, how did they describe it? it's the fbi director that did not see it as a political move. how did he justify the different approaches? >> my source says that folks are perplexed why comey would decide one way and another way on the
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other issue. particularly when you get so close to the election in relation to the e-mail story and said it was ultimately not helpful for comey to disclose the clinton e-mail issue. this is somebody who feels comey made a significant mistake here in putting this information out so close to the election. >> especially when you look at the fact that there have been a number of u.s. intelligence agencies who have said that the russians are behind the hacks. this is not a secret, not something brought up on the debate stage many, many times. there's been a back and forth between the candidates on this so it's not shrouded in secrecy. >> right. so the question is whether or not disclosing that and officially naming them by the united states would damage the investigation that the fbi and u.s. intelligence was working on and remember that the fbi has a different perspective than intelligence agencies. the fbi sort of built around the premise of gathering information that could be used in a legal proceeding, u.s. intelligence is gathered around stealing information from foreign sources
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and gathering that for u.s. policy makers to make decisions on. two different approaches to the world and that's part of what you see here. >> thank you, eamon javers. because of the cnbc report you just heard, robby mook is accusing comey of, quote, blatant double standard. director comey has not commented on what sources tell nbc is a preliminary inquiry into paul manafort's possible ties to russian influences but he has commented about the renewed investigation into clinton's e-mail server. all this as clinton sources tell nbc news that huma abedin is mystified by the presence of her e-mails on her estranged husband's laptop saying it belongs solely to him. abedin's attorney adding in a statement overnight that abedin had not been contacted by the fbi but vowing she remains forthcoming and cooperative. and vice president biden, and
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senator sanders on the campaign trail. clinton in florida. one of the closest battleground races so far. the first of her three stops, dade city. 3:00 p.m. msnbc's kasie hunt is already there. obviously, they see the polls, at least right now, it appears that this comey revelation has not had an impact. maybe people have decided where they stand. so is it back to try to expand the battle ground map or is she just trying to hold down the fort? >> reporter: well, tamron, i think that they're trying to push on this comey matter as aggressively as possible especially in light of the news from eamon javers at cnbc and you mentioned that call that they had calling this a double standard. they felt like they had no choice but to go after director comey in this at this point but the source that i'm talking to so far and the polling data that we've seen so far don't indicate necessarily a huge swing out of
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this. obviously, we still have to watch and see how the numbers unfold over the course of the rest of this week. i think the number one question being enthusiasm among democrats. i do think you've seen on the one hand the clinton campaign proceeding with the skechedule d go out to arizona. usually votes for republicans and as had been planned before this came out. but they are also going back to some of those core messages against donald trump which is a little bit of a shift from the positive notes that they wanted to end on here in this campaign. they were talking yesterday about donald trump having the nuclear codes, arguing he was unfit to be president. today, the focus is going to be on his remarks about women over the the course of the years. they've got a new one minute ad out and introduced today here in dade city by alicia machado. who said donald trump called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping and highlighted in the first debate so they try to change the
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subject back to that. we'll see if they're able to do that. i think it partly depends on what new information we get out of the fbi. here in florida, the key metrics of everyone i talk to we're looking at is the early vote. right now, the republicans have a slight edge. the sources i'm talking to are more nervous today than they were last week about the trends they're seeing in those numbers. bill clinton is also here for three days. of course, hillary clinton can win this election without winning florida. donald trump not so much. so i think that's part of their calculation and i think after this, she'll head out to pennsylvania, ohio, other critical battle ground states but she has spent more time here than any other state since the convention. >> going to the strategy. bringing in alicia machado and again, it seems like they had a new ad buy with the ads showing some of the things that donald trump had said about the reporter with disability, hitting home these messages to parents' mothers watching this.
8:15 am
will we see michelle obama a lot more in these last weeks on the campaign trail? >> reporter: well, tamron, this is part of the ad buy they've already placed on the air. it's a new ad going into rotation and i think you'll see a full-court press across her surrogates in the coming week. the president will be in north carolina. bernie sanders is hitting close to a dozen states in the final days of this campaign keeping up the kind of schedule we saw from him in the primary. so i think this is the last ditch effort here on the part of democrats. >> the spread is in. thank you, kasie. a new report. mother jones said a veteran spy gave the fbi information alleging a russian operation to support and assist donald trump. they claim this goes back at least five years but has the fbi investigated this alleged
8:16 am
material? i'll talk live with patrick murphy trying to unseat republican senator marco rubio but after democratic officials redirected millions of dollars from florida to other battleground states, some top democrats say the party should be doing a lot more to take down rubio. we'll be right back. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. a new report from mother jones claims a russian operation has been working for years to cultivate and assist donald trump. the story says that a former senior intelligence officer claims he gave the fbi evidence that, quote, there was an established exchange of information between the trump campaign and the kremlin of neutral benefit. the former spy also reportedly said the fbi responded to the
8:20 am
evidence with, quote, shock and horror and the spy believes an fbi investigation is under way. msnbc has reached out to the trump campaign for comment. we have not received one. and joining me, mother jones washington bureau chief david corn who wrote the article and susan faricio. david, in the letter to director comey, he said explosive information about russian ties with the trump campaign. is this the explosive information that senator reid was referring to? >> we can't tell because senator reid, while he's made the comment and others similar to that, he's been very good about not revealing in public the classified briefings. he's had more than one on the subject from the u.s. intelligence community so he can't say, yeah, that's what i was talking about unless he wants to take that step of very
8:21 am
classified information. so i don't know. a lot of what was speculating with that was and while that was happening, i met this former senior intelligence officer who's really an expert and specialist in russian counterintelligence for an intelligence service that we all would respect. and learn he had been sending very detailed memos to the fbi throughout much of the summer based on his own work that he did with russian sources that was indicating there was a russian operation for a couple of years ago to cultivate donald trump. and he believes in terms of the fbi, they got more information and he provided it, that this was a subject matter that they were, of course, keenly interested in. >> was he able to reveal to you what information he provided. >> i saw some of the memos he sent. the memos, he doesn't identify
8:22 am
the sourcing by name though he describes it and i'm sure to the fbi, would give the actual names but something like a foreign minister official, a former russian intelligence officer or somebody at the hotel when this meeting happened says this, that, the other thing. so that's sort of the level of detail that he would get into and my story,, highlights a few of the bullet points he gave to the fbi. he didn't want to get into the details because i couldn't corroborate them myself. >> susan, in david's article, he said this is something of huge significance above party politics. i think trump's own party should be aware of this stuff as well. some of the allegations is that the russian intelligence compromised trump during his visit to moscow, and could, quote, blackmail him. did you hear members of congress, republicans, perhaps concerned about some of the stories whether it's the paul manafort allegations now and
8:23 am
this? >> i think republicans are a little bit more concerned about the current e-mail investigation with hillary clinton and what that would portend for her if she became president. i think the accusations against trump, they're unsourced and vague and harry reid has a reputation for throwing out information whether it's true or not to try to himself influence the election. he admitted as much after the 2012 election so you can't fully trust what you're hearing here. i don't know this source. is he somebody that can't stand trump or would like to get this information out here? what we do know as fact is the fbi has said they've found no direct link whatsoever after they've done an investigation assuming they're taking into account what david corn is talking about. no direct link between the trump campaign and the russian government. in fact, what they think is at
8:24 am
play here is the russian government wants to upset our very democracy and don't care who wins the election but show they can pull this off. >> and i realize. >> in a sense though. >> let me ask susan this and you can follow up with your report. the point is also, how mysteriously over the past two years of campaigning, there's been no leak regarding donald trump other than the taxes that, the tax form that was sent to the "washington post," all of these leaks have centered around democrats and nothing related to donald trump or his campaign. you have this ledger that appeared out of the ukraine that had paul manafort's name written on it. he disappeared after that from the campaign trail and may be the focus of an inquiry which we've confirmed and donald trump repeatedly has said flattering things about vladimir putin and called for putin and russia to leak and hack e-mails. is that a concern for some
8:25 am
republicans? >> i guess i assume there's stuff for them to leak of interest to us. i think there may be a lot more material for the russian government to work with when it comes to clinton who was secretary of state and her very entrenched and powerful campaign team who maybe had better material to work with and don't have a lot on donald trump. >> that's hard to believe given the number of associates with trump who have done business in russia and whose words might b , interesting. i have to say, the source of my veteran spy, he has no beef with trump or helping hillary clinton. he's a foreigner. he's been an intelligence professional for decades for another service. you know, it's pretty clear to me. >> you're very trusting, david. your sources. we all get that way in journalism, but the fact is at this point in the campaign, everybody is fighting a political game here. all these sources on both sides have their own agendas. >> you know, you don't know this
8:26 am
person. you're casting aspersions and want to do that theoretically but don't tell me you know anything because you obviously don't and if republicans want to say and if you want to say that it's just a coincidence that the russians are hacking hillary clinton and the democrats and they have no dog in this fight and that donald trump has been responsible in his response to these actions but we have tremendous evidence of a russian campaign. >> that's not what the fbi says. i trust them more. >> the the russian campaign through hacking to influence this election. >> they said it wasn't connected to donald trump but rather the election itself. >> if you think it's happening to help the guy. >> it's not me. the fbi. it's rather detailed. anybody can read it. >> it seems like you can't handle the truth here.
8:27 am
if you want to say it's a coinciden coincidence. >> i guess it's the fbi that can't handle the truth. >> that's a candidate very helpful to putin. >> eamon javers reported, this is a single source story as well though. fbi director comey did not want to release information blaming russia for these hackings so close to the election that there was a worry that the clinton campaign called it a double standard. is it a double standard to release the information friday and not release this information that the fbi has about this investigation of possible motives by russia? >> i think it's comparing apples to oranges, although i see the point democrats are making, it's still not the same issue because of the ongoing investigation into clinton and what people believe was comey's requirement to let congress know.
8:28 am
nobody's happy with that and the way it got leaked out. you can debate whether that was proper or not. whether he should have sent it over in a classified manner to be less likely to be leaked out. but i think people, they understand he really had no choice and he had to let congress know about these e-mails and so it's a little bit of an apples to oranges consideration. >> it's more like apples to raisins because it could be these e-mails have absolutely no pertinence or relevance whatsoever and he might have taken a day or two to see if that's the case here. there's no new investigation. they're looking to see if this should prompt a new investigation and while on the russian stuff, a lot of questions out there from the hacking perspective and other perspectives that he's decided the public doesn't have the right to know. >> david, susan, thank you both for your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you. the latest average polls out. in arizona, show donald trump and hillary clinton with a virtual tie up next. live with voters in the new battleground state to hear what they're saying one week before the election.
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arizona has become an important battleground state in this election even though the state has not voted for a democrat in a general election since 1996. polling averages show hillary clinton and donald trump essentially tied by the numbers in front of you. as part of our battleground america series, chris jansing is in phoenix just a few miles from where both clinton and pence will be campaigning tomorrow. chris, a week out. are most people at a point where they made their minds up or still weighing the options?
8:33 am
that you've spoken to. >> reporter: yeah. i'm finding undecided voters which i know to a lot of people sounds crazy, but look. it's not just the undecided voters. it's getting your voters out. when you're this late in the game, that's what you have to do. follow the money. the money hillary clinton is putting in here, $2 million late this ads. 180 staffers on the ground. never seen anything like it and the offices, but can people get people to the polls? on the front news, voter registration up for republicans, 4.6% but democrats up 7%. but take a look. we've got a graphic for you on that early voting. republicans are ahead so the question for the clinton camp is, how to turn some of the republican voters? have they won over the independent voters? chris is a voter here in arizona. you told me you're voting for hillary clinton. why? >> i think she's going to do what's best for the country and at this point in time, i think that's what we really need.
8:34 am
>> reporter: are you surprised how much attention arizona has been getting and what's the talk? are people excited among your circle of prenfriends? >> i think they're really happy to be a part of this and a part of history and it's something to help change our country for the better. >> reporter: thanks so much. what's the target? here in arizona in maricopa county, by far, the largest population. latinos and young people. a couple in the back is voting for hillary but she said she's doing it reluctantly. she likes donald trump less. her boyfriend is not going to vote at all. this is the first time she heard that. shocked but she guesses as many as half of her friends will not vote, because, tamron, they feel as she did. conflicted. they don't like either of the candidates. those are the voters, the people who tend towards hillary that those 160 staffers on the ground here working to get out over the next week. >> thank you very much, chris. and polls also show a dead heat
8:35 am
in the battleground state of florida. up next, we'll go live to a popular talk radio station in south florida and talk to the host who's been flooded with calls about hillary clinton and the fbi. what are those callers asking? we'll let you know after the break.
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8:38 am
hillary clinton sweeps through the sunshine state, one group will probably be on her mind. florida's undecided voters, many of whom are millennials. a new rock the vote poll shows the democratic candidate has a strong support among the group but a 6 point drop wfrom earlie in october. mariana atencio is live at the radio station, i see. >> reporter: you referenced
8:39 am
calling this radio station today and live with you on msnbc. we're also live. our radio host, fernand, and you have a segment where an undecided voter calls in. i believe we have the caller, we can take undecided. >> we do, mariana. may be the most important voter in the country because everybody wants that guy. you're on with mariana atencio from msnbc and tamron hall. >> caller: how you guys doing? >> go ahead, dave. >> why are you still undecided? >> caller: it's just so much coming at me and so little of it
8:40 am
is established as fact and i hear so much rhetoric and i guess i've been waiting until the last second or minute to try to see if somebody finally comes through with a deciding argument one way or another but i have a hard time with what to believe out of each side. that's really been the crux of my problem. how much can i believe? so much vitriol is spit on both sides and it's tough to know what is exactly true and what's not. >> reporter: you're on live msnbc with tamron hall. this is mariana atencio talking to you now. as a florida voter, what's the issue most important to you when making this decision? >> honestly, one of the celebrities trying to convince me earlier mentioned the orlando shooting. safety and gun control. i feel like the person on the side of trump kind of missed the mark and i felt like gun control was more of the issue of the orlando shooting rather than controlling our border and
8:41 am
again, it got deflected in the area where i wasn't comfortable with. >> reporter: thank you so much, dave. i was actually in orlando last weekend and when you go to the site of the pulse nightclub shooting, you realize just how painful it was for that community and orlando is smack in the middle of that i-4 corridor that usually determines which way florida swings. >> no doubt about it, mariana. the worst mass shooting in american history and where a lot of hispanic voters and by the way, early voters showing hispanic voters overperforming. african-americans underperforming. that should be a little bit of a concern for the clinton campaign because they need overwhelming african-american and hispanic support if they want to carry the sunshine state. >> reporter: thank you so much for hosting us today and tamron just seven days out and hillary clinton is holding three events in florida today. but the state is a must-win for donald trump if he is to get to the coveted 270 electoral votes.
8:42 am
>> thank you. we'll look into the latest battleground polls out this morning. mark murray will explain why there's a wide gap and various polls out there. it's coming up on the daily briefing. stick around. that's next. oud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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we are back at our daily briefing on politics where polling is playing an important role with exactly one week before election day. donald trump is revved up after a new abc "washington post" poll with 1 point lead now over hillary clinton but according to our latest nbc survey monkey poll has trump 6 points behind the democratic candidate. joining me live now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. it is wherever i go, the most common question. we had it in 2008, 2012. i'm sure every election. so many different polling sources now. people just don't know what to believe or process.
8:46 am
>> and one of the big reasons why, it's not every poll is created equally. so let me go into the numbers that we have. our nbc survey monkey poll ends up having hillary clinton with the 47% to 41% point lead. that 6 point lead was before the news about james comey and also after. but then you end up looking where the abc news, "washington post" poll and it has donald trump ahead by 1 point. 46% to 45%. and then it's important to note this poll moved in a very significant way. even before the comey news. hillary clinton had a 12 point lead in that poll about a week ago and then it went down to a 1 point lead yesterday and now donald trump has a 1 point lead and when i've actually looked at polls, tamron, the ones that are very stable and move a point or two, particularly when there's not a big news event or the ones i pay more attention to, the ones that kind of go all over the place. >> what about those that have 11
8:47 am
point swings? we've seen some of that. are those the same people being re-asked the question? does the 11 point swing represent two people? how does some of the data get acquired? >> a lot has to go with the likely voter model and how you decide that is the person incredibly enthusiastic or know if they go to the polls or have a good idea? every different poll has a different secret sauce on how they try to determine who the likely voter is going to the polls and i think that's one of the big reasons why you often have differentiation and our nbc survey monkey poll, an online poll with 40,000 interviews among likely voters. the abc "washington post" is a live caller with cell phones. >> just quickly, new hampshire, what are we seeing there? >> tamron, let's go into the other battleground states. in new hampshire, we have hillary clinton with a 7 point lead. 46% to 39%.
8:48 am
that has been a firewall for her in something of a place she's been doing really well and tamron, just to go into one more state for you, hillary clinton has an 11 point lead in pennsylvania according to a frankly marshall poll conducted before and after the comey news from friday and tamron, kind o f a good rule of thumb, if you have a double digit lead in pennsylvania, chances are you probably have a national lead too. these state polls are very important, particularly the battleground states for a reason. you usually suggest where the middle of the country is. >> thank you very much. i know you are busy digesting all of this information and can you believe this time next week, people will be going in, millions of people voting. >> i'll be glad it's over, tamron. >> thank you. some top democrats say the party should be doing a lot more to unseat florida senator republican marco rubio. after democratic officials redirected millions of dollars
8:49 am
from florida to other battleground states. up next, talking live. florida congressman patrick murphy. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance but the best place to start is in the forest. kubo: i spy something beginning with..."s"
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welcome back. these are live pictures of governor mike pence in pennsylvania in king of prussia, a suburb of philadelphia. this is supposed to focus on policy. this is about obamacare. we'll bring you the latest when donald trump takes the stage. let's go to florida again. we have new numbers showing 3.7 million people have voted already in the election about that. there is a shift in the breakdown of voters. the numbers show an equal number of democrats and republicans casting ballots in florida. until today more republicans were voting early. that could be good news for
8:53 am
hillary clinton and for the democratic congressman patrick murphy trying to unseat senator marco rubio. now marco rubio is averaging a six-point lead over murphy. an article in politico argues the gap could be over come with strong democratic turnout and potentially weak gop support in the race. congressman murphy joins us now. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> how would you characterize your race now? >> well, the last two polls have showed us in a dead heat tied 46-46. we are feeling good about the momentum we have. the president and vice president will be with secretary clinton later today. a few hours ago i was with congressman john lewis in daytona beach with a get out the vote rally making sure the students show up, some of the younger folks are getting out to vote. you could feel the enthusiasm. people excited about the
8:54 am
election. >> given how beaten up senator marco rubio was in the gop primary, his back and forth over whether he supports donald trump saying he didn't know if he could look at his own daughters but eventually going on to support donald trump. politico pointed out there was help from the party. spent more than $15 million on advertising. democratic groups have largely left murphy to fend for himself, leaving him almost wholly dependent on the possibility of a large clinton win to get him across the finish line. the polls don't indicate a large clinton lead. were you left hanging by the party? >> look. when i first got into this i ran against alan west. we were outspent almost 4 to 1 in this race. that's the same margin marco rubio and the koch brothers and
8:55 am
others are outspending us now. despite the money, the lies and negativity we are tied in the polls. i feel optimistic not only about the momentum but the numbers. we are seeing record numbers of folks showing up early to vote. i vote d yesterday. it was over an hour wait to vote. feeling good about the turn out this early for democrats. talking to people every day, whether they are republican, democrat or independent they tell me we want a senator that will show up. they know marco rubio abandoned them to run for president. he still barely commits to serving the job. he has one foot out the door. i'm proud of my 97% voting record. i want to get things done for the people of florida. >> congressman patrick murphy, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too!
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welcome back. we are keeping an eye on this event in pennsylvania. a suburb of philadelphia, king
8:59 am
of prussia. mike pence speaking now. he will be joined on stage shortly by donald trump. they are said to be unveiling what they see as the future for the affordable health care act of their view or what is needed to replace obamacare. we are waiting to hear from donald trump who is there as well. we'll keep an eye on this event. we know the importance of pennsylvania. hillary clinton and some of the polling averages showing a five-point lead. there's been heavy focus on philadelphia in particular hoping to get more city democrats to turn out. we'll keep an eye on it. we'll turn it over to "andrea mitchell reports." >> -- state lines like you can on your car insurance and life insurance. we'll create a transition period for those receiving subsidies to ensure americans don't face disruption or hardship in coverage. while we pull this albatross off
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