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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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surrogates are spread out florida to michigan, arizona to wisconsin. we are expecting to see mike pence in arizona trying to hold off a push by hillary clinton who trailed by five in the new cnn poll. donald trump, by the way, still on stage in the first of three rallies in florida today hammering hillary clinton. >> the work of government would grind to a halt if she were elected. she will be in court for her entire tenure. she'll be convicted. >> we have a team of reporters covering every single angle of the race. check out the graphic from nevada to new york. we start with my fellow road warriors katy tur and jacob rascon. katy, donald trump still speaking. he's in florida where he's trailing clinton. tell us what the strategy is in this make or break state for him.
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>> listen. he has three rallies today. putting an intense focus on florida. we see at the rallies more than in the past. a number of people in the neon green shirt. they asked me how to vote. there is an effort to get people to know where the polling place is. also to send in early ballots. it is unclear how much is working so far in terms of early ballots. more than four and a half million people sent in early and absentee ballots in florida. a quarter of the republicans who have done it voted for hillary clinton. now we are hearing donald trump here in florida in wisconsin. he said you can recall the ballot to change your mind. we hope people may have voted early before this fbi revival of the investigation news broke last friday. they may have changed their mind. the thing about early voters is
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they are pretty determined. they know who they want to vote for. it is unlikely they will change their mind. also we should note that democrats generally vote more on early ballots than republicans do. other than that donald trump is trying to blanket the state with the message. he'll be on the air here as well. he believes and knows this is a must win state for him. it's something that could potentially get him on a path to 270. it looks like it will be difficult. the campaign is hopeful. >> i want to go to jacob rascon in florida. let's talk about pennsylvania. this is one of three states i'm told by the trump campaign they are focused on. michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. trump could have a shot though a lot of earlier numbers seem to indicate otherwise.
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>> the trump campaign knew they were doing well leading into the first debate in pennsylvania. back from a double digit deficit. they were back by nine or ten points. this shows the lead shrinking from ten points a month ago to four now. this is a former democrat. thanks for taking the time. how do you think he's doing in florida? it's razor thin here. >> i think he'll win. the way the obama administration needs a change in this country and going to bring the change we need now. >> all right. thank you. i think that's all we have time for. pennsylvania, buying ads there. we have a new poll showing them doing better. still, four points behind is four points behind.
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he has a lot to make up there. >> jacob in windy orlando. we have a day, an afternoon of poll a palooza. a lot of folks aring looing at the newel poing showing interestingly nevada. trump doing kind of surprisingly well. i was texting with john ralston in nevada who called it crazy. he doesn't buy it. what do you think the clinton campaign is doing when you look at the numbers showing clinton up -- trump over clinton. >> well, i think ralston has been out publically with information along these lines. in his view this shows. i don't want to short change other places. that's where the race will be
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won or lost. the democrats i'm talking to just don't believe this is where the race is. they are confident of that because of the way the early vote is playing out in nevada. sources say nevada is a place with a lot of working class white voters. noncollege whites in polling. more than a place co. they have tended to break for trump. there was concern on the part of chem.s that it was a close race and it was one that might break for trump in the end. that changed when early votes s became confident they are seeing the turn out they need to win here. i have yet to talk to a democrat who feels that this assessment has changed over the course of the last week in a dramatic way. don't under estimate the influence of harry reid, top democrat in the senate who frankly won the nevada caucus
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for hillary clinton with efforts behind the scenes in a lot of casinos. a lot of the voters are the same ones they have to get to show up this time around. democrats are confident. >> you have your finger on the pulse of the battlegrounds. what is the campaign looking to of the polling we expect this afternoon from wisconsin, pennsylvania. places where donald trump is trying to get her on her heels. what is the clinton campaign concerned about or looking to with the poll numbers. >> let me run through the early voting data here at nbc that points to those things. first in north carolina and this could be a point of concern for the clinton campaign. a week out the african-american vote now, a share of it is lower than in 2012. i hope we can put the numbers up on screen. so in north carolina one week
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out in 2016 african-americans make up about 23% of the electorate. in 2012 it was 31%. a little bit higher. a certain amount of that is to be expected. i don't think the clinton campaign said we'll turn out as many african-american voters as the first african-american president did in historic electi elections. that said they need id to be good. in north carolina the race comes down to67aw÷ african-american t out and for democrats and college educated white voters. this potentially bodes well for the clinton campaign. the early vote in florida. sources i'm talking to were seeing early vote numbers backing it up. many people believe there is a legitimate measurable surge in the hispanic latino vote. now it's about 13%.
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that's an up tick. question marks about whether latino republicans in miami are voting for donald trump and marco rubio, voting for hillary clinton and marco rubio. >> right. >> we are getting word donald trump, jr., is in michigan talking about polling. presumably not the newel poing. he said he called some of the polling ridiculous. we have seen trump himself be but he points to the polls he likes. if we have katy tur, in florida donald trump was introduced by reince priebus who was out on the campaign trail today as trump was making a big push for florida. trying to scale the blue wall as we look at the polling in michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin.
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he wants a path to victory. now pennsylvania is looking iffy in the polling. he's going to turn a state like wisconsin or potentially michigan. we'll have new polling from marquette in michigan to show where he stands in that state. it's been a traditionally blue state. that said, yesterday he had reince priebus out. here in florida. there was also scott walker in eau claire and ron johnson all on the trail stumping for donald trump.
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they have an obligation to voter if donald trump because hillary clinton is just somebody who isn't fit for office. we heard scott walker say hillary clinton wasn't fit for office. he said he disagreed with president obama on a number of issues. almost all issues. then he felt hillary clinton frankly wasn't fit for the office. it's fear tactics they are trying to use with those in their own party. trump doesn't enjoy the same support people like mitt romney had in the past. in order to win he's got to solidify the party behind him and bring in more votes. we'll see how it's working in wisconsin in a few hours. it is notable that paul ryan wasn't there with him. he said he didn't know about the rally until that afternoon which is surprising when the potential republican nominee comes here
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and you don't know he's there. that says a lot. still a ways to go to bridge the gulf in the republican party now. >> katy tur with the back street boys in the mic. kasie hunt in brooklyn. as we talk about nevada we are getting in new information. we talked about joe heck who is in a close race there. he took heat for seeming to flip flop on the position for donald trump calling trump qualified. we are getting a statement in from heck's office apparently clarifying saying in fact, heck hasn't changed his stance on trump nor the race saying my position on the race has not changed. i was asked a specific question about the role of commander in chief which i answered as a member of the armed forces. that's something to watch. heck with what some called a flip flop now flipped potentially. i want to talk about it here.
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former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina and maria theresa cumar of vote latino and an msnbc contributor. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, hallie. >> we have a lot to talk about. where do we begin? what we are seeing in the polling numbers is the race tightening up in places like pennsylvania. we are looking ahead to the new wisconsin poll. a lot of people are watching closely. why is it so close six days out for hillary clinton? this is not where she wants to be or where she was a week ago. what's the problem do you think? the fbi announcement? the comey e-mail issue? >> part of it could be the fbi announcement and comey didn't help. but she was flooded with campaign donations shortly after also says people are doubling down on her. i think the people that are the independents undecided. i want to look at the fact that the person running right now to fill the senate seat in nevada
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is saying i'm not with donald trump after donald trump said nevada was in play. it speaks to the idea that all the states are as close as they are. in florida they are seeing republicans get an early vote. cast their vote for hillary clinton in florida. i would be curious to find out if they are cubans that are voting for hillary clinton but down ballot. if we can better understand that we can understand and forecast how things are voting when it comes to pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> you talked about the 25% or 28% according to the target smart data in florida. republicans are basically splitting the ticket here. there are question marks about whether it's really one in five. if you are the trump campaign, how concerned are you that people are maybe splitting their tickets, voting for hillary
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clinton at the top, somebody like marco rubio down ballot. >> we are seeing voters have been incredibly uncomfortable with hillary clinton. as the democrat nominee. the comey thing reminded voters of that more than with new information. if you are the trump campaign you can't ask for much more. this is a test of whether the trump campaign can do what they said they can do. when the opponent is under investigation again by the fbi for national security risk because her top aide -- >> well -- we should clarify that. >> it was close. that was the announcement in july. in the early vote numbers, democrats have been leading early votes in 2012. republicans are leaving in florida now. the campaign should be concerned. the way we we know is scheduling in the last six days of an
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election is everything. you have hillary clinton going to michigan on friday is incredible to me. it's really stunning the amount of time and effort both the clinton and trump campaigns are putting into wisconsin and michigan, states that should have been solid blue. neither campaign thinks they are. that tells me the clinton campaign may say one thing but their actions speak volumes in the other direction. >> just to clarify, pete williams reported his sources are saying the investigation was never technically closed. when you talk about wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, does trump have a shot here? he's spending time there. but he has not locked down florida. he certainly hasn't locked down north carolina. is it a misuse of his time, the most precious resource he has left to be in a place like wisconsin or pennsylvania? >> it is. i wouldn't have trusted that the trump campaign was making the
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best use of her time. the clinton polling numbers many michigan and wisconsin are closer than we think they are. >> to michigan there is a committee there that people never talk to. you have seen a surge in the online mobilization. i wouldn't be surprised to see if they come out to vote for her. they had voted for bernie sanders during the primary. i wouldn't be surprised at trying to galvanize the vote most people never talk about. >> before we wrap it up, another barometer might be the idea of impeachment talks. rudy giuliani told the crowd in iowa, i guarantee in a year hillary clinton will be impeached. ron johnson also said she could be impeached. is this what you want six days before the election? >> the trump surrogates aren't the most helpful when it comes
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to messaging. the latest batch of hillary clinton's continues. they have never answered the questions well. the story is evolving every time there is new evidence. i made a mistake. i turned over everything. well, i didn't know about this part. even if she were elected another shoe drops. for a lot of voters that's why her disfavorables are going up. the question is, is it changing in voters' minds? the polls are telling us that. >> we have to leave it there. thank you both for being with us today. we are asking you this microsoft pulse question. new polls show the race for the white house is getting tighter and it's trump and clinton making last minute multi-million dollar ad buys in key states. is it too late or is the cake already baked? the pulse is open.
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go to pulse. coming up, new polling about to be released in wisconsin. we are breaking down the numbers for you when we get them ahead. wisconsin is a blue leaning battleground where trump is making a push. later in the show, we are looking at the other issues at stake. voters in nine states will decide whether or not to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana. harry smith takes it to california for the vote on recreational pot use sparking a big debate. .. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain.
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and he'll hate it. six days before election day. donald trump is making closing arguments to republicans to
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unite against the political establishment in a new campaign ad. >> there is a movement building in america. everyday people stand united ready to replace decades to broken politics with a new leader who is not part of the system. donald trump. >> the question is, will it be effective after what we have seen over the last 16, 17 months. joining me now chairman of the american conservative union and a trump surrogate. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for asking. >> a new poll out today shows trump would have to flip wisconsin, michigan or pennsylvania in order to get to 270 even if he wins everything else. what do you think? >> pennsylvania and wisconsin of the three have the best shot in. there was a new battleground poll in virginia that shows clinton with a good sized lead. there were other polls in virginia that show that shrinking. i put virginia in those four
10:23 am
state states. clinton has a comfortable lead in michigan. we are looking at the new poll out. couldn't you argue that these are hail marys at best? >> i was on the presidential campaign for george w. bush in 2000. i had wisconsin. we ended up losing that night in a very narrow margin. people were focused on florida as they should have been. i was focused on wisconsin and the fact that it was tight. so is iowa tight that year as well. scott walker had great success in wisconsin and wisconsin has elected other republicans to state-wide offices like ron johnson who is up this time. wisconsin gives us a shot. michigan gives us a shot as well. michigan had great displacement in the auto industry, manufacturing. they have had this terrible controversy with the water supply in flint.
10:24 am
i think a lot of people in michigan are discurrentlied with the way politics played out in their lives. donald trump was smart to end the campaign talking about the fact that he wants to upset washington. states have a lot of economic dislocation problems. i am going to pull up the pulse here. we are seeing a tweet from marquette, the marquette law poll out of wisconsin showing clinton leading trump among likely voters in wisconsin 46% to 40%. she has a fairly healthy six-point lead. we'll bring in a couple of folks to talk about it. give me your initial reaction. does that surprise you? >> it's a problem. she wants to get to the 50% mark. that's a critical juncture, something you would consider a purple or blue state.
10:25 am
>> that's right. you want to look at the trend. you want to get beyond the ballot measure. in the key demographics. my estimation would be and i want to look at this tweet like you are. my estimation is that this demonstrates again why hillary clinton would spend money in wisconsin. she would probably spend time there herself or with surrogates in wooi wisconsin. it's awful fly important for the victory. >> i'm not sure this is what the trump campaign wanted to see. the sebastian was that michigan and pennsylvania was where they had a better shot at a place like wisconsin. the polling confirms that. this is pennsylvania and michigan. we look at other battlegrounds. let me tell you, clinton led trump back in october by seven. according to a new poll out today she now holds a six-point
10:26 am
lead. the gold standard poll prior to election day. let me tick through the numbers for you. gary johnson at 4%. jill stein at 3%. marquette knows johnson support is down a little bit as the election gets closer. when you look at a poll like this showing him down six that's a fairly significant percentage. bob spent in time in wisconsin. looking at the blue leaning battleground trump wants to play in. at this point do you say forget wisconsin and goeng to eau claire like yesterday. we'll focus on michigan and the other must win states like florida, iowa and north carolina and ohio. >> it was the right thing by michigan and wisconsin. the poll in pennsylvania shows you ought to spend time in pennsylvania as well. the campaign is on the right trajectory. arizona being competitive in texas. no longer talking like that.
10:27 am
she has to get states which were a foregone conclusion. you like getting a presidential election, competing in states you didn't necessarily have as part of the equation in the beginning. that shows a positive momentum side. that's positive for donald trump. >> all right. matt, thank you very much. we'll note in some of the other key battlegrounds trump trailing clinton in places like florida. >> and in others. >> i want to talk about wisconsin more though. a poll here with bob costa. msnbc political analyst. bob, you are in wisconsin now. you spent time there looking at the new presidential poll showing clinton up six over trump. i want to tell you because we are getting the results of the senate race. this is the poll from wisconsin and marquette on the screen. a presidential poll. in the senate race, the marquette goal finds 45%. we'll talk about that looking at
10:28 am
the down ballot leader. does this fit with the energy and the sense you have with the boots on the ground in wisconsin? >> i'm here in milwaukee stopping by different phone banks. republican and democrat. this is the poll mirrors what we are seeing on the ground in milwaukee. the urban area and surrounding suburbs. six points for secretary clinton. that's a lead that's similar to the polling average we have seen in wisconsin in recent months. similar to the margin that president obama. republicans haven't won here since 1984 with reagan. difficult state. >> so we have been talking about the trump camp strategy. you know it well. should they give up on wisconsin? is this a sign to the trump brass that they need to pivot to other states? >> intriguing strategy by the trump campaign.
10:29 am
when states like north carolina, ohio and florida they remain tight instead of trying to rev upturn out in the key states. trying to egs pand the map. the strength the trump campaign believes they have. it's milwaukee suburban republicans. they add to that count the numbers in the rural areas of wisconsin and working class voters. maybe trump could put together a coalition. the stretch because this is a traditionally democratic state. >> hang tight for a second. i want to give color. here's the deal. as the poll is coming out from marquette law polling they are doing this in a live stream. there is a crowd assembled like a live audience. when the senate race numbers came out showing a one-point difference between fine gold and
10:30 am
johnson there was an audible gasp. not to play up the drama. this is something a lot of folks will be looking to. now we have the results. put it on screen in the race. what does this tell you about the state of play. are they breathing a sigh of relief. >> the polling reflects what i have been hearing from the clinton campaign and democrats outside the campaign who feel, yes, there are signs the race the tightening in a way that it's incremental. not something fundamentally changing their calculation about how to approach a particular place. i think in the case of wisconsin, you know, hillary clinton does need, for example millennials to have the numbers
10:31 am
in the past. this is a state where frankly it was very narrowly won by democrats in 2000 and 2004. president obama swept it. the margin was narrower. he still won by a healthy margin. republicans in the state have, you know been enjoying a few years in the sun. scott walker for example. when he ran in the governor's race against a democratic woman he had to air ads that raised questions about whether or not he was sufficiently anti-abortion to be a republican nominee. ads that could have been perceived as potentially opening the door to being in favor of legal abortion. i think that gives you a sense of some of the dynamics in the state that could favor hillary clinton. i think the big headline is the senate race number and the fact that feingold was sailing above johnson for a lot of this.
10:32 am
johnson, the incumbent. russ feingold trying to engineer a return to the senate. that's how democrats explain the super pac backing hillary clinton. they are up in wisconsin. privately many democrats say that's really about the senate race. this is a question. post fbi investigation how much does this impact the ability to retake the senate. >> more get did poll and found over six days they did the polling, 50% of voters say they were bothers a lot by the clinton e-mail issue, the clinton server issue. when you hear that, look at the down ballot races look at ron johnson. what does that tell you? does it tell you anything about other down ballot races? are we seeing the chances for a
10:33 am
republican to keep control of the senate increasing? can you draw that conclusion yet? >> it's troubling perhaps for donald trump. if you have a republican senate candidate running against catching up and the senate candidate doing better than the presidential candidate. if you are seeing the base of the gop coming home as the trump campaign says. they are not coming home to donald trump necessarily but to the republican party and down ballot candidates. if you are senator mcconnell, maybe you could keep that. you have to be running with the candidates at this point. the parallel, not behind. >> thank you very much for talking over this brand new poll out this hour. coming up, we have a lot more ahead. america's toughest. up next, jacob soboroff out with
10:34 am
the live look. >> the choer is ready to go to north carolina where she will be rallying for hillary clinton today. let's look at the microsoft pulse question. new polls showing the race for the white house getting closer. as trump and clinton make last minute multi-million dollar ad buys in key states is it too late? let's see how we are looking so far. check it out. 64% say yep, too late. 36% say no. guys, we have six days left. weigh in at pulse. see you in a second. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. second, we'll proactively send you a confirmation for any new checking, savings, or credit card account you open. third, we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers. to ensure your interests are put first.
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@!@! now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. happening now, you are taking a live look at president obama getting ready to head to north carolina for a rally supporting hillary clinton. she's sending her surrogates all over the country today.
10:38 am
really for the next six days ahead of the election. both are holding rallies in arizona today. both trying to drum up support here. the latest cnn poll showing both campaigns within a five-point race in this typically red state. there is a local race with a potential to be a bellwether for the presidential between continue controversial sheriff joe arpaio and paul penzone. we go to jacob soboroff out on the road. joining us from phoenix, arizona. >> really interesting situation going on out here. hillary clinton tonight will be asking the same question paul has been asking looking to be the next sheriff after joe arpaio. he's in hot water now. facing a criminal contempt of court charge in a racial profiling case.
10:39 am
he's also potentially going to se election here since 1992. that question, the hillary clinton is how do we turn a red state and red county blue? there are two parts to answer that question. one is the surging latino registration and population in the state. the other is actually going to counties and turning republicans who would normally go for donald trump or joe arpaio over to the democratic side. how are they doing it? how is it a road map for hillary clinton? i went over to the campaign to find out. take a look. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. >> how are you doing, sir? >> paul is fine. >> is what we are hearing amongst your own team possibly a bellwether for what you will see in maricopa county and the state? in some ways joe arpaio is the original donald trump. brash, outspoken, doesn't care what anybody says and he wins all the time. what are the odds? >>. >> looking at returns now.
10:40 am
we are looking at polling we are up 8 points. >> if you didn't look at the number, any numbers were he'll spend $10 million in a race and we'll spend a million. >> why are you polling so far ahead? >> i tell everyone there is nothing different in the room different about how we are going about our business. racial profiling. the civil contempt of court. it's all coming together to where the community is tired of it. >> this is the 2012 result. blue are areas he won by a thousand votes or more and red, he lost by a thousand or more. >> okay. >> this is areas he outperformed. areas he did better than the registration numbers alone. more registered republicans but he performed well. >> maybe cross over voters? >> totally. >> got it.
10:41 am
>> we started working our way out into the suburbs really of phoenix andé& there. >> these are the key hugely strong areas in 2012. these are areas where he did better than expected. >> than he should have. >> you were reaching out beyond there in areas near the beet red areas. >> exactly. >> i can see the clinton campaign watching us have this conversation thinking, you know what? these are areas where we want to be also. >> for sure. the map is clear where folks need to been coverted. it is absolutely in red and blue. >> it was neat to be inside the campaign war room and see the map. the deeply red areas of the greater phoenix area and m maricopa county. he's seen signs on the same yard. doesn't bode well for hillary clinton. if she wants to follow in the foot steps it's not a bad
10:42 am
strategy. not a bad strategy to take. go to the red areas, try to turn them at least to a lighter shade of red if not blue. >> jacob, thank you. coming up, a presidential power punch. day two of the final campaign blitz for hillary clinton. today in north carolina you saw him getting off marine one, ready to head there earlier this hour. folks have been lining up for 24 hours. chris jansing is there. he will be there in a little over an hour. ggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. listen to me. i am captain of the track team, and if i'm late...
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happening now, that's air force one taking off right now from north carolina where president obama is headed to raleigh, durham. we'll have a live report from chris jansing on the other side of the journey from where he's headed in north carolina. a rally set to happen later this afternoon. it's not just a presidential
10:46 am
race. voters aren't simply casting a ballot. some are casting on a key issue that's seen a big game. nbc news's harry smith is here to tell us about it. really interesting. you have been digging on this. >> i have been on the hot beat. you're looking at a giant cultural shift. think about the polls done just over the last ten years. 50% is the midline, right? ten years ago support for legalization was significantly below 50%. now in the pugh poll it's up to 57%. on gallup at 60 prn. people in the country want to see marijuana legalized. >> what are the arguments we are seeing for and against? you spoke with lieutenant governor of california about
10:47 am
this. >> gavin newsome. he's been on this bandwagon for a long time. decriminalize, make it legal. by large part so many people in the country think it's not a criminal act at all. this is something that ought to be legal. >> we were talking about the folks at home. in places where it's not legal. still have access. >> here's the truth. for those of you who maybe have kept your head in the sand for the last decade or so, if you want to get marijuana just about any place in this country it's really, really easy to get. you can go online. you can order online. the guy will come and deliver illegal marijuana to your doorstep. >> do you think there will be a turn out for states? >> that's unknowable. if i'm a millennial because so much of the support for legalization comes from younger
10:48 am
voters, right? >> yep. >> if i'm a millennial and i know i can get it anyway, do i think i need to make the effort to go vote and say let's legalize it? some people thought, well, geez, where marijuana is on the ballot that will help up ticket items. >> right. >> they have to show up. california voted for legalization a couple of years ago. nobody showed up. they voted it down. there is no way to really know what will happen. >> until election day. where is the money coming from? who is paying for it on both sides here? >> sean parker, the guy, the silicon valley guy wrote checks north ward of $5 million up to $10 million in california. he's a person who says let's just legalize the stuff. it's everywhere anyway. some of the arm is if you legalize it, regulate it in california, almost all of the tax money will go to education, research. marijuana is still considered a schedule one drug in this country which makes it very
10:49 am
hard, very high hurdles to get over in order to do research on it. hard to get through the government regulations to do it. there is a lot of evidence out there. anecdotal. it is stuff to be said for the nonpsycho active part of marijuana, what it can do for people. >> do you see a difference in the recreational marijuana when it comes to turn out? >> yeah. it's part and parcel of the same thing in california. the medical marijuana in quotation marks. people who know that say it is de facto legalization anyway. all that's require sd a note from the doctor and you can go to any strip mall and find a doctor to write you a scrip for $25. you can go online with a hipaa certified line and talk to a doctor and get it for $30.
10:50 am
>> harry smith, what's your title? chief marijuana investigative correspondent? >> stephen colbert called me stoner icon. >> stoner icon harry smith. >> i don't use it, by the way. >> coming up next, we have myja down in north carolina with president obama is headed into for a rally, we'll check in with her in just a moment. and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
10:51 am
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president obama is weighing in on the clinton's e-mails server and he said he trust hillary clinton and have full confidence in her. will he make the same statement today in florida. >> and more democrats have cast early votes in north carolina. the share of black voters who are voting early, down compares to 2012.
10:54 am
chris jansing is live. >> reporter: what i am finding is that this is not the crowd that's worrying about e-mails. this is about motivating the base. the president has been in the trail far more than the clinton campaign. he's going to try to get people motivated and not just to make sure they voted themselves but also their friends and family out to vote particularly a place like north carolina where as you know, this race is too close to call. it is close in the senate race and the democrat is behind. democrats are ahead and the governor's race. that's also very close. the president did comment today online about all the controversies with james comey and he said, we don't operate on innuendo or incomplete
10:55 am
information or leaks, we operate on based concrete decisions that were made. this is a political conversation, you are not going to hear about that part of the politics today. today is all about pumping up the people of hillary clinton and as you all know, this is all about his legacy. in many way this is a farewell for the president as he travels to the country of these battleground states here in north carolina. he knows how tough it is and how tough the fight is for hillary clinton right now, halie. >> chris jansing in chapel hill, north carolina, thank you, we'll check in with you later, much more ahead on msnbc, make sure you stay tuned coming up when donald trump's daughter in law is joining thomas roberts to talk about the race. we'll be right back. it is time for your business entrepreneur of the week.
10:56 am
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mill, cheer. >> oh, sorry, i am doing this because when i need a job, ay n ray ban may hire me. >> joe biden. time now for our one last look microsoft pulse question. we want to know the new polls showing the race for the white house is tightening. is it too late, 63% of you say yes and 37% of you say no. we still have six days left. keep voting on that does it for us at this hour on msnbc, right now we have more news with my colleague thomas roberts. >> a great video there. >> you love ray ban, too. you are a ray ban guy. >> i am a ray ban guy.
11:00 am
>> donald trump of the direction he really wants for the campaign stretch with trump up in nevada and arizona and closing the gap in pennsylvania and keeping it hot in florida. a new poll, hot off the presses from wisconsin showing hillary clinton leading by six points. trump who praised the polls yesterday showing him up had a different message for his supporters today. >> the polls are all saying we are going to win florida, don't believe it. get out there and vote. pretend we are slightly behind. we are up in ohio. >> we are up in hiiowa, we are in north carolina. i think we are doing great in pennsylvania from what i hear. >> with six days left in the campaign, the candidate is on a friendly battleground. hillary clinton hillary clinton not so


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