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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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does the newly on message donald trump veer off script and inadvertently affect a group of voters he needs to win? hillary clinton on the attack in north carolina and taking incoming from her opponent who calls her a criminal. and irony alert. a rare appearance on the campaign trail from melania trump who announced her central issue as first lady -- combatting cyber bullies. "the 11th hour" begins now. from our headquarters in new york, this is the 11th hour in this presidential race. as of sunup tomorrow we are four days until the election and heading into the final weekend of the campaign, if you don't count the early vote or absentee ballots, nearly 33 million votes in 38 of our 50 states, this is time for closing arguments. hillary clinton is reminding her audiences about her opponent's
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character. donald trump is trying to criminalize clinton to voters which on the stump twice today meant repeating a key provision of a fox news report that turned out not to be quite as reported. >> there is more breaking news that i'd like to share with you right now. [ cheers and applause ] it was reported last night that the fbi is conducting a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption during her tenure as secretary of state. in other words, the fbi is investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation of federal law. [ boos ] the investigation is described as a high priority. [ cheers and applause ]
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it's far-reaching and has been going on for more than one year. it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> law enforcement officials tell nbc news after taking a look at allegations about the clinton foundation specifically, this case has not moved an inch in months, in their words. tonight i spoke to trump campaign manager kellyanne conway about that specific claim of a likely indictment which has been walked back now. here a portion of that interview. your conditioned date today on the stump, a quote from donald trump "it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in, the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment.
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this has been walked back, the indictment portion, by fox news who originally reported it and by nbc news which has done subsequent reporting on this. will donald trump amend his stump speech to walk back the same thing? >> well, the damage is done to hillary clinton. no matter how it's being termed the. voters are hearing it for what it is -- a culture of corruption. resee reports tonight confirmed by a different network that there are new e-mails that have to do with hillary clinton in this anthony weiner laptop situation, i suppose, and i mean everybody i think suspected that out of 650,000 there might be something new there and now we're getting conversation from jason chaffetz, the chairman of the appropriate committee saying that he fears we would have a president hillary clinton who would face all types of investigations. you have chairman mccaul saying she could easily be impeached or indicted. in other words you have responsible members of congress
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coming forward and saying based on what they know and what they see and what their experience is that we could be living this nightmare from the moment she was elected and took office and i'm wondering why more democrats aren't asking hillary clinton to step aside, get off the ticket for the good of the party, for the good of the election, for the good of the country and why not a single democrat as far as i can tell has unendorsed her or said i don't want to run on the ticket with someone not under one but two fbi investigations. >> as a lawyer, you would concede indictment is not only a term of art, it's a term of law and that's a big difference to use the expression likely indictment when all the reporting is to the contrary. >> fine. it just doesn't change what's in voters' minds right now and you see in the your own polling, you see in the other polling, brian which is even though the polls were tightening before last friday's explosive announcement by mr. comey you see voters are putting in this large calderon of impressions and images and individuals and issues from which they eventually make a choice.
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>> we should note here, nbc news has checked out the report that conway mentioned about new e-mails related to the clinton server, a senior official told us they could not confirm that. let's bring in our panel. so much to talk about, so little time. nicolle wallace, msnbc political analyst, former communications director for president george w. bush 43, steve schmidt, also an msnbc political analyst, as luck would have it, former chief strategist to the mccain campaign and mark halperin, managing editor of bloomberg politics, co-host of "with all due respect" co-host of "the circus" on showtime. welcome to the three of you. nicolle, it's being theorized that the appeal here criminalizing clinton is to what i would have described as you two, moderate republicans who have a healthy bit of disdain for hillary clinton. >> listen, they're both engaged in a similar closing argument, each trying to not just dissuade people from enthusiastically
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backing them, each trying to suppress the turnout, they're trying to disqualify both of them. both are making the same case, that the other is unfit for office. hillary clinton is doing it by suggesting his temperament is completely unsuited for a everyone that handles the nuclear codes. she had president obama making the case in a very overt way today but kellyanne conway did it with you just now saying well, okay, word shmerd, indictment by any other names is just -- you know, i don't know why the sort of calculation is that words don't matter but that is clearly the calculation they've made. >> steve schmidt? >> look, all through this race the person for whom the race has been about, whom the spotlight is shining on, that's the person losing the race so we had this moment in time where hillary clinton was trending north of 350 electoral votes, heading to 400. the fbi announcement comes, the race becomes about her, significant downward pressure on her poll numbers. i still think hillary clinton is
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overwhelmingly likely to win but much closer to 300 electoral votes now. but what secretary clinton's campaign is doing i think is within the normal boundaries of american politics. they're making a tough political argument. but on the republican side, you go back to the convention "lock her up, lock her up." what i call banana republicanism. we don't do that in the united states. we don't lock up our opponents. when he uses the words "indictment is imminent" and news organizations report that and say that's not true and you have to campaign manager says well that doesn't matter because it helps us politically i suppose but that's outside the normal bound reis of politics and lastly when donald trump is up there calling her a criminal, there's a very specific meaning. you become a criminal after you're found guilty in america by a jury of your peers through a trial process that follows an indictment. you don't become criminal because your political opponent denounces you on it.
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we have a presumption of innocence in this country and it's another attack foundationally on pillars of american democracy that are cheered loudly and unfortunately by so many thousands of people in these crowds. >> it's back to the asymmetry of the campaigns they're waging against one another. like you said, she's fighting the lane of that which is normal and accepted, he has totally different bar, he has no bar for the kinds of attack he launches against her. >> mark halperin, to you, i say this with charity in my heart as an every evening and weekly viewer. when donald trump complains that he is not getting favorable coverage in the msn, he has not been listening to you this cycle. i think you've gone out of your way to find the path, argue for the path, forge the path for him in an argumentative way with your co-host to the nomination. tonight i thought you were breastingingly optimistic. where are you getting the path of positivity you laid out on your broadcast tonight?
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>> it's not a question of optimism, it's looking at the data and what's going on in the battleground states. i agree with steve, she's overwhelmingly the favorite. she has many more paths, she has the demographics on her side, the recent electoral college history that heavily favors the democratic party. the polls have tightened and both campaigns agree they began tightening before the comey announcement because the affordable care act, the wikileaks stuff. he has the ability to read from the headline everyday, in a distorted way at times, sometimes not but if there is a bit of more of a national surge and if it turns out his ceiling is higher than the clinton folks think, if it turns out she doesn't have the hold on the coalition of the ascendant that barack obama had, it's possible he could find his way to 270. but it's still not a current thing. he needs to surge more than he has and the clinton folks are adamant, he's not surging, it's a small but stable lead which is exactly what barack obama had over mitt romney.
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>> either of you, 15 seconds before i play some of what trump did tonight. >> i think that's fair. but i think the idea that there's some magical state with magical polls that we don't see where he's ahead in a blue state is false. he's ahead in iowa. that's it. >> well, ohio. >> right, but that's -- he can win ohio -- he can sweep the target states but i'm talking about a state he would need to put into play that we're not talking about, wisconsin, michigan, something like that. they don't even point to any legitimate polls showing him ahead. he's not ahead in any state to get over 270. >> it's a mistake to rely on the media polls at this point also. the sophistication of the algorithm data model that the campaigns are involved in, running through tens of thousands of computations based on millions of phone calls -- >> dwarves the media polls. >> in the key states, very very precise. these campaigns have a good sense of where they are and if the election were tomorrow morning, secretary clinton would be the 45th president of the
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united states and she would be north of 300 electoral votes. >> i just checked. it's next tuesday. what do you think? >> i think next tuesday she will be north of 300 electoral votes and be elect had had 45th president of the united states. >> i want to run something from donald trump tonight. as you look at the frame as he's speaking, the gentlemen behind him are some of the living recipients of the medal of honor. some of them have come out and fully endorsed donald trump. this is a exit of his speech about the notion of hillary clinton as commander in chief. >> you know, when i look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss -- [ boos ] i don't think so. and you know, they're incredible patriots, they would never say a thing, but i know what they're
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thinking. it's not for them, believe me. >> nicolle wallace? >> to borrow a term from kellyanne conway here, i don't know exactly what he meant but the damage is done. as a woman, i hear him making a case that the admirals behind him, that it's not for them to have a bomb commander-in-chief, that's what i heard. so whether that's what he meant or not i'll probably never know, the campaign will deny it but to extrapolate kellyanne conway's reasoning, the damage is done in that there is always an undertone of misogyny in his comments about women, about women in leadership, women in public life and that's what i heard in that comment. >> steve, those men on stage are a subset of unofficially the greatest men on earth. it's tough to quote their thoughts. >> very tough to quote their thoughts. they are extraordinary men. all of us, we have bosses. if you serve in the united states military, you don't a boss, you have a commander. there's a chain of command and
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at the top of that chain of command is not the boss in the board room from "the apprentice," it's the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the united states who also happens to be the head of state and the head of government and i think he misunderstands something about the professionalism of the united states military. the united states military organizationally respects that chain of command and respects the commander in chief and they would respect whomever the commander-in-chief is, including whether it was president hillary rodham clinton. >> it's extraordinary. we're four days away from the election, he still says things like that and apparently there's no one in his life personally or professionally who would pull him aside and say "you have to fix that right now." >> we've talked about his discipline these past few days which for him has been off the charts. i want to show you hillary clinton tonight. >> i know there are a lot of people who are upset about what's gone on in this campaign,
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aren't there? people come and talk to me, i've had people say that they can't sleep, that their stomachs are bothering them, they have headaches. and i think that's an important signal because this is a big decision. >> we all know these people. >> they are in our lives, they're friends, they're family, they're sleepless, they're ill, they support both candidates. this knows know party. this is a thing. >> it's a thing, especially in families where my mother was just here for a week, she's a public trump supporter, sort of famous in her little nevada town, and we had to just draw the line at let's just talk about your grandson, my son, the four-year-old and not talk politics. people are fighting with their spouses and family members. >> you, at least, steve, have been out of the country on business which was a nice trip. welcome back. >> thank you, brian. >> good luck getting to sleep. >> right.
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>> mark is nursing a cold which may be related to the election. >> i was in eau claire wisconsin at a trump event and literally driving down the street houses facing each other, huge trump sign in one yard clinton across the street, anti-trump protesters chanting against trump. the emotions are high and i didn't cover politics in the 1960s but this is a different feel than anything i've covered since i started doing this. >> totally agree with you there. >> one piece of drama that will play out over this weekend is in the state of utah. will mitt romney endorse evan mcmullin at some point this weekend? if he does, it has the potential to put mcmullin over the top in the state of utah where he's doing pretty well on his own. >> trump marginal lead right now. romney got i want to say 72%. >> 72%, 73%. >> last time around in utah. they're going to stay. we're going to take a quick break. coming up, the woman who wants to be the next first lady making a curious point on policy given who her husband is.
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this is "the 11th hour." we'll be right back.
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i've never liked marijuana. but i'm voting yes on prop 64 to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. it has important safeguards for families, like strict product labeling and child-proof packaging of all marijuana products. and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64.
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>> i will be an advocate for women and for children. i do worry about all of our children. as we know, now social media is a centerpiece of our lives but, like anything that is powerful it can have a bad side, we have seen this already. as adults, many of us are able to handle mean words, even lies. children and teenagers can be fragile.
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they are hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. our culture has gotten to mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. >> social media can have a bad side. that was melania trump at a campaign event in pennsylvania today, her first on the trail with five days to go talking about her concerns over an issue she has chosen, cyber bullying. it's there we'll return to my conversation earlier tonight with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> have you been in this business so long that the irony was lost on you today of mrs. trump's speech when she singled out cyber bullying? mark halperin said today ironic when you consider her husband is "perhaps the nation's premier cyber bully." he does have an impressive record of getting personal on social media.
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>> wow what an inside baseball conclusion to have made but i will just say this that i have four small children and i see a lot of social media as a really dark place where children don't need to be cyber bullied, they can just click on and they are immediately exposed to images and ideas and language that makes them feel small and really takes into question their self-image, their self-worse worth and melania trump was hitting on all of that today. and those analogies, i saw them making their way on social media today, those analogies to me con -- conflating or equating those is limited. that would be like saying hillary clinton could not have a department of justice or fbi or anything having to do with law enforcement if she was president since she has problems with these agencies and isn't able to tell the truth about very much. >> we're 120 seconds over. one last question. as a mother of four, do you have
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any problem with your kids reading donald trump's twitter feed? >> no, i'm not sure they do that but i have -- they're very inspired that donald trump -- it took donald trump to elevate the first female as the campaign manager of a republican presidential campaign and they know him and they have been witnessing how good he is to so many americans and i think my children are very moved in their own small ways. they're still young but moved in their own small ways, brian that a non-politician would do this. they see the enormous sacrifice he's making. that i see how he is the subject of ridicule and attack. >> mark halperin. as you were speaking tonight i was taking notes and your exact quote and since your name was invoked what did you make of that exchange? >> melania trump could have done her riff on cyber bullying and said "therefore i'm endorsing hillary clinton for president." it's such a strange thing it's literally one of the things he's best known for and criticized for that she says is a problem
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for the country, she once said i wish my husband would tweet less but of all the things she could have chosen, the best thing we can say is she has a good sense of irony. >> steve schmidt, we know there can be communication issues between the number one and two on a ticket but twine spouses at the top is rare that that issue wouldn't have gone through the issue machine generator. >> i wonder if it's not purposeful. look, i think that we shouldn't discount what melania trump said. that was melania trump speaking and melania trump through this campaign has handled herself with class and with dignity. there's been no meanness, no cruelty, no smallness that has emanated from melania trump's mouth and i think that what she said today is something that everybody should pay attention to when you think about how disgusting social media is. when it comes to her husband, donald trump, i think of sherman's reflection of lincoln after his assassination.
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he said "i've met all the great men of the world, the industrialists, the kings and the emperors but i met no man who's ever had more of the qualities of greatness and goodness than abraham lincoln." and donald trump has proven, chiefly with his twitter account, that he is quite the oppositional virtues to the ones described with the -- about lincoln. and so the cruelty, mocking disabled people, the pain inflicted on the mother of an american hero, a gold star mother, the random daily small acts of cruelty that emanate from the twitter account. he has debased our political dialogue, our political culture in this country. he has made the culture more vile, more mean, more small and i hope that -- and i'm happy she said it and i'm happy we get to talk about it because what he has done with that twitter account over the course of this campaign is horrendous. >> 30 seconds.
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>> well, i think the most interesting part of your interview with kellyanne was when you asked if her kids could read his twitter feed. if his twitter feed were a movie it would be rated r. i know her children are very young. i doubt she would let her children read -- >> of course she wouldn't. >> and reaches 13 million people. >> she's an extraordinary example. they should be moved by their mother and her ascending to the position she is in, she's earned it. but any suggestion that donald trump isn't -- we had this conversation last night with katy tur. he is modelling the opposite behavior we want our leaders to model for our kids. >> panel. thank you. we know the hour is late, we know we're in the 11th hour of this campaign. we'll probably prevail on all of you again. thank you nicolle wallace, steve schmidt, mark halperin. one thing americans can agree on this week, the pure joy of a well-played past time. sorry, cleveland. "the 11th hour continues."
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if you know anyone in chicago, rest assured, they'll be back to work and start taking calls again by monday. they've been having quite a time of it since the cubs won and reversed the curse last night. they had a loath of company. in addition to being one of the greatest baseball games of all time, a lot of people agreed, 40 million people watched last night, making it the most-watched baseball game in 25 years. good for the cubs, good for the sport, you'll get them next time, cleveland. "hardball" with chris matthews begins now.
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big mo, don't know. let's play hard ball. good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. with just days to go, donald trump and hillary clinton are making their final pushes to drive out voters, today neither candidate was seen cruising on the high road. >> putin has no respect for hillary clinton. he dreams, he dreams of her becoming president. you know who else dreams of hillary clinton? isis. she always talks about me. see, what i have is a winning temperament. i have a winning temperament. hillary's an unstable person. >> donald stood on a stage and said -- and i quote -- i'm honored to have the greatest temperament that anyone's ever had. [ laughter ] he knows we can see and hear


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