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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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been found liable and they have committed malice. we'll break it down coming up next hour right here on msnbc with my colleague thomas robert right now. >> halie, thank you very much. it is the final weekend before election day. donald trump is hammering hillary clinton on what he hopes to be here achilles heels. >> all she had to do is follow the rules and who cares, right? >> fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. the report also shows that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying as hard as they can to protect their angel. >> but, there were questions whether the fbi is picking a favor in this race and labeling james comey's trump's land.
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>> trump is in new hampshire earlier and now heading onto ohio and pennsylvania while clinton is leaving the keystone state now for michigan and ohio tonight. >> someone who demeans women and mock people with disabilities and insults african-americans and muslims and instead of pulling us together, imagine how easily it could be that donald trump would feel insulted and start a real war and not just a twitter war at 3:00 in the morning. >> we got our team of reporters on the ground with the final home stretch. we want to begin with jacob rascon who's following the trump's campaign. lets talk about donald trump of the rhetoric he's using. he's staying on message but also sending into his campaign speeches, a lot of rhetoric
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about hillary clinton and the fbi. >> you know they see thats a winning strategy. they know hillary clinton's weakness in many polls is trust wo r thi worthyness. they believe this is a winning strategy. they believe that this is a strategy that'll extend beyond the base. here in new hampshire, where he just wrapped up the rally, the latest polls here that shows the race tied among independence more than half of them believe or if the fbi news makes it, less likely for them to vote for hillary clinton. the trump's team is polling like that. we know that different polls disagree on that. anything that hits there is a winning strategy. last weekend, they're planning a ten state blitz.
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those like michigan where their internal polling they say is showing them doing really well. they're planning to head to michigan and pennsylvania and others like colorado and ohio and pennsylvania and florida. ten states in the next three days and they believe it is the winning strategy to hit her there. of course, as well, they are not letting up on the affordable care act. they also believe in the last week and a half, it is one of the most consistent messages throughout this campaign is to repeatedly everyday hit that and hit it hard. they believe that's resonating as well, thomas. >> we'll see what happens on tuesday, jacob, thank you, kristen welker is traveling with the clinton campaign and will be joining us. mark murray, are there fractures in the red firewall could split
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as we see this splits. >> yes, let me walk you through donald trump's strategy over the next three days to do the ten state splits. we are calling that hillary clinton's blue firewall, the states of wisconsin and pennsylvania. that's one region and then you know donald trump has to be able to win the must-win florida and north carolina. if he does not win any of those states, this race is over. he has to be able to hone onto that. he wants to be able to go out to the west and see if he could pick off a state like colorado, for example, that helps him out. just to kind of show you then, you know, hillary clinton's
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blitz and where she's campaigning is much different. she's going to be hunkering down in that blue firewall particularly when you talk about pennsylvania and where she's going to be in michigan and detroit later tonight. >> kristen welker is joining us now. >> kristen is traveling in pittsburgh there. >> sorry, we had an electrical problem before. >> lets go over exactly the rhetoric we hear from donald trump about the fbi investigation. this reverse of course, from fox news. >> reporter: he used the term indicating there could be some type of indictment and he walked that back. this timing of all of this could not be worse for r the clinton campaign. the results have been a tightening of a number of the polls and the reality is the fbi
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based on all reporting have not found anything significant yet. they are looking into newly discovered e-mail of apart of anthony weiner and huma abedin. in terms of how the clinton campaign is dealing that, we are seeing hillary clinton sharpening her attack against donald trump. she tried to draw a sharp contrast between herself and donald trump and the way in which they'll deal with the issue of family and rights and values, she talked about the fact that she will work to make child care more affordable and work on making paid family leave more assessable and painting that donald trump is making all of that difficult. what is interesting in that strategy, thomas, we are seeing secretary clinton focused on these states which she should have locked up. what she's trying to do is holding her turf. she's trying to make sure that
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holds. pennsylvania is critical to that. michigan is critical to that. that's a reliably blue state and she will be here later today. and campaigning later on tonight with jay z, she's adding a stop this weekend. the polls are all tied up. she's battling for every vote and not taking any vote for granted, thomas. >> kristen, standby, lets go to our katy tur. this rhetoric that trump is using that clinton is likely under an investigation for a long time, america deserves a president who can go to work on day one. is this red meat where the folks already supported? >> well, it is. it is aimed at those republicans that are out there that are uncomfortable with donald trump and trying to get them to get up and get out and go to the
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polling booth and cast their ballots for trump and instead of somebody like a third party candidate or somebody they made perhaps write in and as we saw, some folks say they're going to write in a third party candidate including john kasich who wrote in john mccain when he was? ohio. what they are trying to do is paint hillary clinton as somebody that's so questionable and somebody who has so many issues in office and including an investigation and they within the to say it will end up with a criminal indictment even though they do not know that's going to happen. so they can scare those republicans into coming home. mit romney enjoyed a lot more republican support than donald trump has at the moment over 93% or 94% or 95%. in order for donald trump to be competitive or any democrats for that matter, he's going to slit f solidify all the republican votes as they can.
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there is some indications that is working. i was talking to sources in new hampshire who tells me the polls are tightening in that state. republicans are coming home to donald trump in a way where they have not seen before this past week. they're still unsure that he will be able to pull it off in new hampshire but hopeful than they were a week ago and above anything else of what this is happening, of kellyanne conway and new hampshire and pennsylvania and others across the country including marco rubio and florida. they are going to don't do this and they hope that donald trump stays on message and we see him on the campaign trail and he acknowledges this and at oftentimes he can be his own wor words. >> we know that toomey -- you katie and kristen welker, has
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team trump responded about upcoming indictment for clinton? >> reporter: no, the trump campaign has not responded to that. they have been using that and saying that just came out and hillary clinton is going to be criminally indicted and they use this fox news reporting but they have not commented since brett bearer have backed off of it. yesterday, he said this was artful terminology. today he's apologizing that it is not just artful but inaccurate. >> kristen what about how is team clinton responded of a false story? >> reporter: no reaction to that. you remember in the wake of
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comey coming forward and announcing that he's looking into newly discovered e-mails, clinton campaign turning the pressure on comey, hey, if you are going to do this, release all the information. we saw that from her top surrogate. clinton is not talking about this issue anymore. she's trying to turn the page. you will hear some of her top circuit taking this on. >> it is friday, the e-mail from comey came out on friday, the "access hollywood" came out on a friday that hurt donald trump. what will happen this friday? >> anybody's guess. katy, and kristen and mark and jacob, everybody thank you very much, appreciate it. i want to follow on this case of chris christie. >> bill baroni, chris christie will be campaigning for trump.
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he released this statement that reads in part. let me be clear, once again, i had no knowledge prior to or during these lane realignments and had no roles of authorizing them and anything said to the contrary over the past six weeks in court is simply untrue. i want to bring in our legal correnspo correnspondent, ari melber. >> well, we have been following two cases and this is a jury to your question decided that there were something rotten there that this is what this administration did and convicted to christie's aids. that's not good. nine counts and of wired fraud. the problem with chris christie is how that looks and if he had former aids singling him out.
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the good news for chris christie is that this case is finally over. he was not ever charged to be fair and clear and thus in that sense, the legal chapter appears closed. >> all right, i have halie touched on this at the end of last hour of the rolling stone verdict and the fact that there is three people, defendants in the defamation trial and how this has moved forward. >> this is a story that ran rolling stone, alleging a rather graphic gang-rape at a fraternity on campus. the administrator from the school sued and said not only your story was false but you defamed me along with others in doing it so recklessly. >> people often say i am going to sue, i will sue for defamation and you lied about me. very rarely those cases go to
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court and when they do, rarely you will get these major guilty verdict. >> with this jury found just in the last hour, no, there was recklessness and there were actual malice, these people did not just do their jobs poorly, they did their job incredibly recklessly, they did not get the basic fact-checking and the basic stories that a reporter is supposed to do. we are not talking about jail, we are talking about money damages up to $7 million. >> that chapter would come later. this is a huge blow to rolling stone which i should mention and people probably know at home has published a great number of issues and music and cultures and rights over the years. this story is a blemish for that. >> did rudy giuliani knows
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about last friday's, of october's surprise two days before the story broke. >> i mean i am talking about some -- pretty big surprise. >> yeah, i heard you said that this morning. what did you mean? >> you will see. >> you are lucky because we got to go. i am out of town. >> we are not going to go down. we are not going to stop fighting. we got a couple of things off our sleeves that should turn us around. >> why agents reportedly are against hillary clinton and what these new claims could mean for the race going forward. first, a reminder our coverage begins tomorrow eastern with a live one hour show hosted by your own joanne reid and tuesday tuned in on our msnbc election beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. .
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. in an era where trust is collapsed and the exception of the u.s. military and a couple of others, lets take the fbi and add it to the list of politicized discredited institutions. there is never been a director in the modern age who's done more damage to the reputation of this institution putting into the center of a political campaign like james comey did. >> that was the voice of steve schmidt. just want to make sure that you were not confused there as you saw director james comey speaking. >> coming under fire from the left and right after making his decision to renew on ongoing
11:20 am
investigation into hillary clinton's private server and making that information public. those reports suggesting that fbi agents have a highly in favorable view of hillary clinton. a fresh story that's out today. spencer, it is great to have you with me. you spoke to fbi agents that's serving into the organization. take us through your reporting and what you uncover. >> i want to see what fbi agents thought about comey's decision putting the fbi front and center days before people going to the polls. what i found was an extraordinary climate. some people were saying that no matter of the support for trump, some were serious and kind
11:21 am
of -- there is a tremendous towards hillary clinton. >> did you find folks wanted to speak out on this on background and give you the kind of insights and look at what the climate was like? >> it was extremely difficult. >> people were reluctant to criticize an agency that they feel they are personally attached to. >> has comey put himself in an in possible position? >> he's extremely in a difficult position. >> some point presuming that she's elected president. comey is going to have to find some way of working with with her and that may under mind the relationship between the white house and the fbi. >> we played this earlier of rudy giuliani raising eye brows of what he said last week about
11:22 am
this and what he said today. >> you are going to hear about it the next few days. i am talking about some pretty big surprise. >> oh yeah, i heard you said that this morning, what did you mean? >> we'll see. we got a couple of things up our sleeves that should turn this around. >> a couple of days before this broke and you looked and you said look out, something is coming down and certainly it did. what did you know and a lot of network pointed that out. >> i am not part of it at all. all i heard was former fbi agents telling me that there is a revolution going on inside the fbi and now is at a boiling point. >> so there are people in the fbi leaking information into trump's team. >> that's what it sounds like. rudy giuliani , he had a history of playing politics. i am a native new yorker.
11:23 am
it is going to be difficult to manage and put rank and file fbi agents trying to do their job with integrity in a difficult situation. >> spencer, great work. national security for the guardian. >> today our pulse question, reports say the u.s. government is concerned hackers from russian may try to under mine the election, are you worried your vote may be compromised? >> coming up in the case, the fight to finish, which gives us the best idea on what could happen when those ballots are all in and experts weigh on the other side of this break. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors,
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it really is turning into a true fight. we got both nominees in the battleground with their running mates these final few days. hillary clinton has made campaign stops to florida 25 times to donald trump 37. she made 15 stops in ohio today. trump makes his 26th visit to that very posimportant state. trump travels there for his 24th time. clinton has made 15 stops in north carolina and donald trump of 21. the trump campaign relies on their nominee's star power out there, clinton has the power of the president and elizabeth warren and formal president, bill clinton on the trail for her. how is early voting coming out.
11:28 am
we got our democratic strategist and peter hart. >> gentlemen, it is good to have you with us. we have 36 million votes are being cast. is early voting a good predictor when we get to tuesday evening for the results. >> well, you cannot use early voting to predict how people are voting. the most poimportant thing is lk what we are seeing in the electorelec electorate. >> so peter, the pulse captures something that cannot be determined by early voting data. >> the early voting data as steve says is exactly right. it tells you about the organization and that's going to make a difference on election day. you will learn that.
11:29 am
the polls will cross section of americans. as we can see the election is very close and as you pointed out, thomas. you look at the states where hillary and trump are going and essentially what it shows you is michigan is going to account for a lot and they're closing out in pennsylvania. >> well, it is where they are going and going and seems to continue to make these trips to the same old spots. we are seeing wild fluctuations in polls. this is a good example of the washington post polls where we saw hillary clinton leading by 12 points and leading by two of the following week. what do you say of the volatility and what's driving? >> this is the strangest election cycle of our history and voters just kind of reacting to it. it is interesting though and i know peter knows this more than i do. i think that's important to keep in mind that we are fighting over four or faive states.
11:30 am
>> really, it has not moved since labor day. this does come down to which one of these campaigns going to grind it out in four or five states. >> peter, are we going to see a total redefined and folks like yourself are going to look at this and wonder of 2016, we just got this new free press michigan polls. this was done on the first and the third, the four point margin of error, that's a tie. the fracture is within the blue wall and the blue fortress and how this can all flip and redefine for 2016. >> you look ahead and it is changing and donald trump made it change. he reached out the voters. he lost the expanding l electorate. the news that you bring out of
11:31 am
the michigan poll is the best news that hillary clinton's campaign will hear today. >> and it will be maybe hopeful? >> the day is still young and we have seen a lot of friday's surprises. our strategists and our peter hart and steven shales. >> thank you gentlemen. >> the security that its plan to protect election day. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit they're planning unprecedented security on this year's election. cynthia mcfadden. >> officials in the department of the homeland security, military and the intelligence community tell nbc news the u.s. government is gearing up for an unprecedented effort to protect
11:35 am
the country on election day. >> according to multiple intelligence sources, u.s. officials are deeply concerned about and preparing f some sort of cyber chaos next week. an attack on critical infrastructure including the u.s. power grid is one of three worse case concerned. >> so we have cynthia mcfadden, we should point out that there is no reus thomas hock the integrity of the vote itself. joining me is our executive director and an author of "defeating isis." malcolm, thank you for joining us. >> how probable is this? >> well, it is a question of who's the actor that would want to do that or paralyze the
11:36 am
united states. i have another book called "the plot to hack america." that was oriented to russian te intelligence. >> they can do that and slow down the united states. the fundamental vote will not be corrupted. that's calculated on a white board >> there is this chaos and the noise that goes around it and gets people undone. what does the cyber community and cyber security expert is being enhanced to make sure that this is plausible. v verified russian intelligence and their version of nsa and the department of homeland security and the director of national e
11:37 am
intelligence, all came together. almost all states and i believe 45 was the number of states have consulted with dhs which means national security agency is assisting as well and they are making secure that the computer switch actually tabulate the vote. >> the plot to do all of this. >> what security expert has to do to stay ahead of what could happen. that's what it is all about sfooch, we got to stay ahead of those of what cause the kay yochaos. we had this noise on the campaign trail saying that the russians may have something to do with it. you have to first believe that the enemy is out there and they're going to carry out some sort of a ferry's blood. if you don't believe that the russians have done this then you cannot make the offenses against the cyber weapon systems that they employ. that's what the states are doing
11:38 am
now. they believe that russia and other actors can come in and interfere with the electorate. to handle it or shut off if they are attack. >> that's the big game. >> malcolm stance, thank you. >> i want to give you an update of the pulse. >> are you worried that your vote maybe compromised? even though it cannot happen but fears are real. 60% say yes and 40% say no, check out tonight, who'll take the stage in cleveland to rock the boat for hillary clinton. the man on your left, jay z, will be there. what about beyonce? say no that it is not going to be beyonce. >> stranger things have happened
11:39 am
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all right, welcome back, we got fresh new information on how hillary clinton will spend the final days on this campaign. on saturday, she will be in south florida and philadelphia. on sunday, she's going to go to the battleground states of new hampshire and ohio. on monday, she's going to get back to philadelphia and that's where she's going to be in the evening rally with the president and the first lady and her husband, former president, bill clinton and chelsea will be there as well. this is all in anticipation of what's happening on election day. >> we know that philadelphia is a special place for secretary clinton. that's the city where she receives her nomination. we got president obama expected to speak at the campaign event
11:43 am
that he's almost done for his former secretary clinton this time in fayetteville, in north carolina. the clint the enthusiasm people have for president obama. here is the president in one of his two stops for clinton on thursday. >> if you are registered, you can vote right now. [ cheers ] there is early voting location just ten minutes away. >> our ron allen is in fayettevil fayetteville, the president is giving a lot of attention in north carolina. is he trying to do what can do for clinton what he could not do for himself. >> reporter: exactly, he lost in 2012 but he won in 2008. every vote counts. that's what the president have been saying there is numerous
11:44 am
stops here. he's going to be back in north carolina, durham, on monday. debra ross is up, warming up the crowd. the president should be here in a moment. some of the people here have been waiting since 5:00 a.m. this morning outside in the rain for the president to get here. that's how popular he is here. you are right, at this point, the early voting figure, the african-american turn out is lower and the enthusiasm gap is -- that plclip that you just played, president obama gave the address of the early voting place. that's how intense it is and where they need to be. the other issue here is intense voting rights battle, there are thousands of people waiting for a federal judge's decision. 70,000 people have been purged.
11:45 am
they want to vote on tuesday and they're waiting to get that right. that's the issue here. >> we'll see the president coming out there shortly. just a programming note for you. we'll have a one on one sit down interview with the president tonight. that'll air in with chris hayes on msnbc. blacks are indeed fired up. it is read wrong even if there is a slight difference between the early vote then and the early vote now. don't let that fool you. blacks are going to turn out on election day in north carolina.
11:46 am
i can absolutely convince you, i hope i can of what i know and understand about the black community. not only the black community respect hillary clinton but believe in hillary clinton but they got a second incentive and that's we cannot tolerate donald trump. he's dangerous and we know that we got to stop him, we know that this country cannot be led by him. he's demonstrated who he is. and not only is he dangerous he has burglarized this campaign in the way that he has not only limited himself to a certain constituent. >> mariana had a chance to speak with running mate tim kaine about what perceived to be this slow start. take a look. >> well, it certainly started
11:47 am
slow and a lot of states have done things since 2012 to make it harder to vote. we are worried about that. we are also seeing while the participation at some areas started a little slow, it is picking up. >> when we heard ronald talking about what's going on in north carolina with voting rights and a decision that's coming down. do you think in a larger scalp picture that the clinton's campaign have taken the black votes some what for grant it or is that a myth? >> that he is are remarks on the other side who's trying to convince black that they should not be so supportive. that kind of generalization does not play well with most blacks who understand the difference. democrats and republicans and certainly donald trump and hillary clinton. i would not pay any attention to that. the fact that the matter is, if blacks go to the polls, if there
11:48 am
are any attempts from keep them voting. they'll get the ballot that'll allow them to vote so that decisions can be made on them later. i am not worried about that at all. what i feel in my heart is that blacks are goi to vote and they're going to vote in large numbers and they're going to get out in the polls and hillary clinton is going to win this election. >> all right, congresswoman, i want to get you on the record with this. the leak of the fbi, it under mind the clinton's candidacy. >> i think the disappointment in the fbi director is profound. i think that he made a mistake that he interfered with this election and he caused us to have a little bit of a pause and a little bit of a drop off that we have not recuperated from that. the leaks that have gone out and division appears to be in the
11:49 am
fbi is unprecedented. nobody expected that you would have false information coming out of the fbi. rudy giuliani needs to be investigated also because he had a role in this. >> congresswoman, maxine waters, thanks for your time. >> you are so welcome. >> could she turn the tie in georgia? our new polls is showing the dead heat, our chris jansing is talking to the people at the polls, next. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... [dance music playing]
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the last time georgia voters passed their ballots for 1992. trump is one point ahead from clinton. some georgia democrats are hoping to change izing thousands of voters.
11:53 am
>> our nbc chris jansing is in georgia speaking to the man leading the soul to the polls effort. chris, what are they say happening this sunday? >> reporter: well, they got ambition and some one saying at the ebony church in atlanta, that's turning out 100% of its parishioners. that's about 4,000 votes. obviously, it makes a difference to hillary clinton who's looking up to black votes here in georgia. joining me now is our pastor here, rafael, you can get 100% of your people to show up. >> listen, welcome to georgia and witness the georgia miracles. i am a preacher, somebody has to bring in the water. these people behind me are bringing in the water, our congregation showed up in a powerful way over the last few weeks. >> yes.
11:54 am
this is ebeneezer's votes. i asked people who already voted to stand up on sunday and most of the congregation already voted. >> reporter: you think 90% so far? >> that's right, you are shaming the 10% that have been voting. >> i am shame lessly shaming people in the voting. it is that important. >> reporter: it is a one point race. what is it going to take in our mind for hillary clinton to pull it out which is what you want. >> we are in the margins of error. i think we can win, georgia is a blue state. we need people to believe and act on it. the signs so far are great. in 2012, we saw 1.6 million early voters. right now we are already at 2.1 million. we have not seen the full tally for today so i think the signs are good. we are seeing outstanding voter's registration and mobilization and education and
11:55 am
that's the recipe to turn georgia blue and that has broaden implications for our polls. >> reporter: they could make record here that would be extraordinary given the fact that in most of the country the clinton campaign said look, we do not expect to hit 2008 or 2012 record, we like to keep it close here. it maybe a different story whether enough to turn the state, we'll see. >> chris, thanks so much. looks to be a beautiful day in decatur, georgia. one last look at our pulse question. >> we have been asking you of concerned hackers from russia may try to under mine our election. are you worried that your vote is compromise. check out the it is time for your business of entrepreneurs of the week.
11:56 am
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the 2016 election is just about to be in the books. today, wonder woman, helsps us escape reality in the next 30 seconds, enjoy. >> it is what i am going to do. it is our sacred duty. ♪ >> check this out, "wonder woman" times two. just a few weeks ago. pretty awesome. june of 2017, that's going to wrap up our coverage today, i am
12:00 pm
thomas roberts, my colleague kate snow picks things up. >> i like that. it gives us a break. >> happy friday, i am kate snow. four days left. 100 hours from right now we'll be close from seeing our first return on tuesday. you can understand why both hillary clinton and donald trump are racing across the country right now. check out this map. each of them jumping around three different states today as both teams rushed to make their final pitches to you, the voters. i want to start with katy tur. she's out in wilmington, ohio today, it is a packed schedule. i want to ask plans for the weeke weekend, i want to ask you about all the reporting about the fbi and there is a trump contingent within the fbi and people are not in favor of hillary clinton, what are the people saying about all that.


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