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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> how are you doing? good afternoon here live in new york. can you believe it? one day to go now. just one day left. topping our agenda. >> you have day to make every dream come true. >> this is a historic, historic election andy woo will do everything we can not only to win, but then immediately to get to work. >> so this is it. the final day of this extraordinary and extraordinarily long presidential race. who is going to emerge the winner? i will head straight to the big board for a look at exactly where this race stands in the final hours before voters head to the polls. also on the agenda, hillary clinton's biggest surrogate, president obama is in not one, not two, but three battle ground states today and said the choice
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is obvious. >> over the weekend his campaign took away his twitter account. if your closest advisers don't trust you to tweet, how can we trust him with the nuclear codes? >> the white house press secretary josh earnest will join me here to shed light on the president's final days on the campaign trail. can michigan save donald trump? >> you ought to see the crowds. in michigan, which i think we are going to win michigan by the way. we are going to win michigan. >> michigan is a blue state that has not gotten much attention, suddenly everybody is talking about it and everybody is there. why trump is setting his sights on michigan down the stretch. i will break that down for you as well. we begin with our top story.
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look at this. just under eight hours from now. the voting will begin. it will be election day in dicksville, new hampshire. they always vote at midnight and polls open for election day 2016 and they will close it and announce the results and a few hours later, the rest of the country opens up. what does each need do to win? look at it this way. hillary clinton heads into election day no question about it, she heads in the leader in this race. she is in pretty good shape in states totalling 268 electoral votes. all she has to do is win one of these gray states and holds the blue, she is over 270. there have been indications in early voting and the demographic indications, nevada is looking very promising based on what we have seen so far for hillary
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clinton. if she were to get that and hold the others, she is over 270. maybe in florida, things are going well for her. a lot is anecdotal and these are the indications the political world is talking about. what does it mean for donald trump? if he can't sweep all the gray states and the toss upstates on the map, what does he have to do? turn states that are blue right now and turn them red. he has to pull up surprises and start seeing the results come in. that explains a lot of the talk. the trump campaign talking about states like michigan. we will talk to that in a second. colorado, minnesota and even pennsylvania. for every electoral vote, trump loses in the gray states. he has to make up for it in a blue state. that is a candidate who is running from behind. when you look at his efforts, that is a candidate trying to
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make something happen. he is up against it and needs to pull off at least one blue state for a surprise. we'll dig deeper into the individual states as the hour progresses. we have to a lot to get to. a lot of reporters in the field. donald trump making five campaign stops. you can see the map. he is hitting the states that have become must wins. hillary clinton is hitting many of the same states and bolstered by the new that is the fbi concluded the latest chapter in the investigation of her private e-mail server. here it is after all this time. after all this energy, the closing arguments now. this is the final push. this is the final chance for these candidates to make their case to the voter who s who wil at the polls voting. our reporters have been on the trail with these campaigns for
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months. it probably feels like years or decades to them. they probably can't believe here we are in the final day. we will start on the donald trump side of things. donald trump just wrapping up remarks in raleigh, north carolina. that is a state where the polls have been close. that would be a devastating loss for donald trump if he cannot pull that out. trump in his speech casting doubt on that decision by the fbi not to go further with the latest round of the clinton e-mail investigation. >> look at what she has done with the e-mails. did you ever see a mess like this? of course the fbi, the director was obviously under tremendous pressure. so they went through 650,000 e-mails in eight days. yeah, right. so sad what's going on. >> that was donald trump in
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raleigh. katie is in manchester and donald trump will be heading up there later. donald trump now weighing in on the comey issue. he thought it had given his campaign new and now trying to contain the political damage from which was good news for the clinton campaign. >> they are casting doubt on whether they can accomplish going through the e-mails in such short order, despite the fact that online analysts and technology experts say it is possible to do. many people in the security department saying that yes, this is technology we have at our disposal and we are able to do this in a responsible fashion. donald trump needs to use that in order to continue this narrative for the next couple of days. hillary clinton is corrupt and the system is rigged and they are out to put her in the white house. she is using it to her advantage and people should vote for somebody like donald trump who will be a champion of the people
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of america rather than the special interest of america. in sarasota, florida he was talking about the african-american vote saying that african-americans were breaking for him over hillary clinton in some states when they get to the polls. listen to how he said it. >> one of the things they are seeing in a couple of these states like florida, african-americans are not turning out. when they do, a lot of them are voting for trump. s have very disturbing to the other side. then they are worried because when they turn out, i'm getting so many more than was anticipated. i think the same is going to be true with hispanics. >> now with the evidence we have in the polling we have seen, this may be a case of donald trump saying it and hoping that it will turn out to be true. the campaign said the jobs
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message will cut across demographics and appeal to african-american voters. donald trump has done very little outreach to the african-american community. he gets on stage and gives the speeches that are directed to the african-american community, but he makes broad generalizations that they are living in poverty and don't have jobs and what the hell do you have to lose? it will never get better. this turned off a lot of folks saying they don't appreciate the sweeping statements about their place in this country. they have also said that they do have a lot to lose and this election does very much matter. donald trump said he will gain the support of two minority communities that have not shown that to be the case in the polls. we will find out where it all falls tomorrow at 8:00, 9, 10,
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or later. >> that's the first place we will get indications from. hillary clinton is set to take the stage any minute now. donald trump will be in nearby grand rapids tonight. trump made a big push in recent days and the clinton campaign has also been making a push. this is interesting because michigan is not a state we have talked a lot about in this campaign and republicans have won in a presidential race. why are we suddenly talking about michigan? donald trump may be in a position where he has to pull a rabbit out of the hat and find a blue state. why are they focusing on michigan and swhy is the clinto campaign uneasy about that? i will show you what we are seeing. these are the results that you should see. i see we have a kink we have to work out. president obama carried this state by double-digits over mitt
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romney. where does the trump campaign see opportunity in this map and where do the democrats see vulnerability? the trump campaign is strong in rural areas. this is outside detroit. this is the blue collar county. if you have heard the reagan democrats, blue collar white democrats at least ancestrally who went for reagan in the 80s. donald trump thinks he can win them back. we talked about the strength trump has shown with white voters. it may be visible there. from the clinton campaign's standpoint, what are they doing to shore up the state? there was the president in ann arbor which is a college town. barack obama has done well with millennial voters and college types. hillary clinton is around grand rapids right now. this is the republican heart of michigan. western michigan and the area to the west and the north of grand
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rapids. what she is going for are the suburban republicans, the college-educated white traditionally republican suburbanites who are uneasy with donald trump. she said look, i can go into republican territory and peel some of them off because they are uneasy about donald trump. you might see a funky map and that's the opportunity that they see and what the campaign is doing about it. she is on the ground at clinton's rally. did you think on the eve of this election, hillary clinton would be going into the heart of the republican part of michigan. >> in a word, no. they got very loud. don't stop believing. they are in south detroit. this state the reality is
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democrats have always been willing to say privately that this place, this state more than anything had the makings of being trump country. it has been so decimated and so fundamentally changed over the course of the last 10 or 15 years. donald trump was here the other day blaming the clinton economic policies of the 1990s for that. blaming nafta and the other trait agreements that bill clinton supported. the clinton team was surprised here by bernie sanders. this crowd is as noisy as the ones i have been to. it is smaller as the arenas he was able to fill, but the clinton campaign barely paid attention to this area of michigan. they are trying to prevent a surprise more than anything else. i think that's really the calculus here. michigan does not vote early and do not vote until election day.
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they have no sense of where they stand like some of the other states. >> casey hunt in the room and let's take a listen. >> the faculty, the staff, the students. i want to thank brendan dylan, the chair of the michigan democratic party. and i especially really want to thank you for sending debbie to the united states senate. i have also the great personal experience and privilege of having worked with debbie, gotten to know her become a friend of hers and i am so excited at the possibility that i will be able to work with her
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again and i want you to know this. there is no more dedicated effective member of the united states senate than debbie. she fights for all of you every day, but she does it with that smile that never leaves her face. and she brings people together who are on opposite sides of issues because she just keeps talking. don't we need more of that in washington where people actually talk and listen to each other! it's wonderful to be with all of you and to be introduced by debbie. are you ready to vote tomorrow, michigan?
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are you ready to help get your friends to vote tomorrow? that is clearly the right answer because we have a really important election tomorrow! now, the choice in this election could not be clearer. i know that for many people you have gone back and forth and thought about what to do and i really respect that. let me say this. let me say this. this election is basically between division and unity in our country. it's between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon who
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could put everything at risk. it is between an economy that works for everyone or one that is even more stacked for those at the top. and i want each and every one of you to be thinking through about all the issues you care about. because although my name and my opponent's name will be on the ballot, those issues and those values are on the ballot as well. as you think about what you care about and what you want your future to look like, you have to recognize this is a consequential election. i have been privileged to know a lot of our presidents over the past decades and people who ran for president. i was privileged to know as a college student, gerald ford.
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in fact, i had an internship with the house republican conference committee which he headed after my junior year in college. when i say i have gotten to know a lot of our presidents and people who run for president, it goes back a ways. here's what i want you to understand. i didn't agree with everything they did or said. even the democrats. we had differences in politics and policies and sometimes on principal. i never doubted, i never doubted that they were fit to serve as our president and commander in chief. that's why this election is so
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different. it's why so many republicans have spoken out to endorse me and support me and who have taken very courageous stands against the nominee of their own party. because they believe that we must put country ahead of party when it comes to this election. you know, i was at kent state in ohio last week and i was introduced by a gentlemen by the name of bruce blair. mr. blair served in the air force. he was a young officer assigned to be what was called a launch officer. that meant he served his time every day sitting in a bunker where the controls for launching
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nuclear weapons were housed. his job, imagine the responsibility. a young air force officer in his 20s waiting to hear whether or not an order is given for him to launch nuclear weapons. and bruce blair explained that there is no appeal from a president's order to do that. the joint chiefs of our military forces, can't say no, don't do it. there is no veto from congress or anyone else. the time between the order being given and the actual launch is four minutes. so after watching this election, mr. blair began contacting others who had served in this incredibly responsible position
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to share his concerns about what he was hearing and seeing. several dozen of them, i had never met them before. several dozen of them wrote a letter explaining why they could never support donald trump to be our commander in chief. the awesome responsibility that is housed in one person is something i want you to think about between now and the time you vote. because i will pledge to you that i will exercise the greatest care and responsibility in all of the powers invested in the office of the presidency.
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i also -- i also want to pose to you a contrast in visions. did any of you see the debates? well, first of all, i did stand for 4 1/2 hours with donald trump on the stage, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be president of the united states. but i have to say, in addition that, there were so many things that he said that of course i sometimes was surprised by. but the theme that ran through of much of his rhetoric was the
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presentation of a dark and divicive vision for america. now, i have to tell you, i know we have got problems. i have spent 18 months traveling around our country talking to, by now, hundreds of thousands of people, hearing what's on people's minds. we have got challenges, but america always had challenges. since when do we become pessimistic and not able to think about what we can do to overcome those challenges and solve those problems together? >> that is hillary clinton at a rally in allendale, michigan. she is giving this in the republican heart in the state of michigan. how republican will the county she is delivering this speech and went for mitt romney with 67% of the vote. she was talking about her relationships with republicans,
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willingness to reach across the aisle. the reason she is trying to strike a bipartisan tone in the speech, this is the republican part of michigan she is in. hillary clinton in michigan. also in michigan a few hours ago was the man who has been her top surrogate on the campaign trail in the final few weeks, president obama. president obama was in ann arbor a couple hours ago, home of the university of michigan. here's what he had to say. >> i want you to tune out all the noise and focus. the choice you face when you step into the voting booth could not be clearer. donald trump is temperamentally unfit. >> i want to bring in press secretary josh ernest in new hampshire. look, we have not had a situation in 28 years where a two-term president has been followed by a president from the same party. you had reagan and george bush
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to succeed him. the fact that bush won that election was bush winning reagan's third term. validating the reagan presidency. is that part of what's at stake in terms of barack obama and how the administration is remembered? did the voters validate him by choosing somebody from his party to succeed him? >> this is more than about history. this is about the future. in this election, voters have a clear choice between a candidate who is vowing to tear down the progress we have made and a candidate looking to build on the progress. because president obama put his heart and soul into the progress we made over the last eight years, he invested personally and professionally into seeing the progress continue. that's why he is a supporter of secretary clinton and on the campaign trail and addressing audiences like this. making a case they need to be tuned in and engaged and turn out and vote on election day.
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>> the republicans are taking a look at the president's travel schedule. president obama was in michigan a few hours ago. going to be in pennsylvania and philadelphia. the fact that you guys are in blue states, you are in traditionally blue states on the eve of this election. the republicans say hey, that shows we have been playing defense. what do you say to that? >> two things about that. we are in three swing states. that means the democrats perform well. these are after all states michigan, new hampshire and these are states that don't have early voting. president obama and other surrogates spent a lot of time in north carolina and they have been driving people to the polls. now our attention is turning to
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making sure they are getting out the vote on election day. that is so significant to pennsylvania. when you look at the votes barack obama got out of philadelphia four years ago and won it by a half million votes, that spoke to the incredible turn out of african-american voters that the president generated in 2008 and 2012. record shattering. we are getting indications from the early vote that black enthusiasm may be down. the turn out may be down specifically seeing this in florida where the african-americans shared the early vote and not what it was four years ago. is that concerning to you at all? >> you want to make sure it's not lost. president obama will be making the strongest case to his strongest supporters in particular, african-americans,
1:27 pm
hispanics and young people and suburban voters and the stakes are high. the president is going to go to philly where you are right. he did win pennsylvania in 2008 and 2012 because he got strong support in philadelphia. not just among african-american voters in philadelphia proper, but president obama got strong support in suburban counties around philadelphia too. often independent and some republican-leaning independents. president obama will make the same case that he has been making. the stakes are huge. they are expanding on the middle class and making sure they are keeping america safe and that
1:28 pm
serving to be a strong motivator. president obama will be speaking from a historic place and standing outside independence hall, the place where 240 years ago the founders signed the declaration of independence. they dream big dreams and they envisioned a place where people would be free to worship. even the founders didn't envision a scenario where it would be led by a woman. we have an opportunity as a country, president obama will make the case, to elect a woman to be the president of the united states. >> wild cat country. in durham, thinks far making a few minutes. the president is expected there and president clinton is speaking out in michigan and coming up, you heard josh talking about this and we will go live to the city of brotherly love down to philadelphia. hillary clinton is holding that
1:29 pm
big election eve rally there tonight. she will thereby and president obama will be there and so will michelle o bam and they are bringing out bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi. exactly why philadelphia is so important to democrats as they try to hold off donald trump in pennsylvania. stay with us. picking up for kyle.
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never give up till they buckle up. now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. the full day of campaigning and the choice couldn't be clearer tomorrow in a rally in pennsylvania earlier today. clinton saying she doesn't recognize the country that donald trump describes in his campaign speeches. clinton returns to pennsylvania and north carolina later tonight. meanwhile, donald trump is on his way to pennsylvania and making his closings arguments there. continuing his attacks on
1:33 pm
clinton over her e-mail server and criticizing what he calls a rigged system. the republican presidential nominee will be up in new hampshire and again in michigan later this evening. the justice department said they will send 500 people to 28 states to monitor polls on election day, a smaller number than four years ago. the announcement comes amid rising concerns of voter intimidation aimed at minorities. they said the poll watching presence has been curtailed since the supreme court went to a key section of the voting rights act in 2013. the supreme court turned down a request from ohio democrats to reimpose restrictions on partisan poll watchers on election day. democrats hoping they would reinstate an issue by a federal judge and a big sigh of rein the city of philadelphia. that city's transit agency and
1:34 pm
the union coming to a last minute agreement on a tentative contract. this after a nearly week long strike and the deal comes of course as the city saturday. that is trending just hours before before they bill as election eve. and first lady michelle obama. pennsylvania is a state that both parties are targeting. 1988. trump has been there 25 times. why are the republicans paying attention and why are the democrats holding one of their final major events in pennsylvania? are they worried at all? we said one of the things to keep in mind, donald trump at
1:35 pm
the last minute is trying to turn one or more of these big blue states red. that's one thing to know. take a look in pennsylvania. what are the democrats doing in philadelphia tonight? it's very specific when you look at the 2012 results from pennsylvania. first i want to show you philadelphia. in 2012, the president won by nearly a half million votes. that comes in at 490,000. obviously barack obama was going to win philadelphia, but it's the turn out. that is monster turn out for barack obama four years ago in philadelphia. when john kerry was the democratic nominee before barack obama, the margin out of philadelphia was only about 400,000. you are talking about a gain of almost 100,000 votes because of the enthusiasm that obama generated in philadelphia. that's a concern a little bit for the clinton campaign.
1:36 pm
the democrats usually win it and trump is targeting it. if you are the democrats, you want to make sure you win it again. one of the keys is to get that turn out in philadelphia as close as you can and who comes in to philadelphia? president obama. michelle obama. bruce springsteen, bill clinton. they are all going to be there in philadelphia tonight because philadelphia is the key to turn out for democrats across that entire state. keep that in mind. a major event that they got planned. what are you seeing in the city? >> i feel bad about it because i am interrupting a training session in the election protection coalition. turn out is critical and we heard talks on both sides for voter fraud and vote rigging. donald trump said it may happen
1:37 pm
throughout the city and he will have his own poll watchers. they are coming at this from a different side. they match a run up to the state. how are you all? sorry about this. tell me your name and what are you training all of them to do? >> i'm mary katherine roper and the american civil liberties union. we are from the election protection coalition and we are training these folks to go out on the streets and offer voters information, help, back up if need be. raise your hand if you are an attorney. are you worried about a rigged election? >> we do this every election. the rights of voters have gotten more attention than they often do, but we are out here every election. frankly, there are always
1:38 pm
problems. administrative screw ups or voters don't know where they need to go or what id they need. make sure people get to vote. >> thank you very much. the one thing i think bears refeeting is turn out is key and these people make sure if you want to go to the polls, you can do it and exercise the basic civic right that hillary clinton will be here with president obama rallying everybody to come out and do this tomorrow. >> not a question of whether she will win, but how many votes she will get out of there. ahead of the big rally, thank you for that. talk about everything happening around the country. thanks for taking a few minutes. donald trump's push into blue state america. michigan and pennsylvania and
1:39 pm
spending time in minnesota. that is a real long shot. pennsylvania has been fool's gold for republicans. any reason looking at either of the states right now to think trump is the republican who breaks through there? >> trump's theory of the case is he will be able to find non-educated whites who will come out and vote for him en masse. pennsylvania is a state that fits that description. as does michigan and wisconsin. this may be filling in at this point. that's where they are going to go. >> it may not be enough to win the election, but the coalition they put to win the nomination and compete in the presidential election, this is a different coalition demographically than they are used to. >> it is. looking at what comes in the future.
1:40 pm
who are the people who can pick that up and form the coalition that obviously exists politically. that's the question for the republican party. the blue collar white voters who trump has reached and you can make the argument he reached them by alienating others, but is there an opportunity for republicans to make those voters a permanent part of the coalation without causing other damage? >> there is, but post election if donald trump is not the president, that the force intro spection to articulate the programs that manage to address the concerns of the new coalition. >> i want to ask you and you are a lawyer. about james comey and the fbi director and his role. about ten days ago, the fbi found new e-mails and this is bigger than watergate.
1:41 pm
his campaign was energized and now in the home stretch, by the way we looked into it and nothing changes from before. a lot of criticism of james comey. do you think he acted appropriately? >> he put the fbi in an unprecedented position of being part of the conversation in the final days of the election. i think james comey's argument is that he found this new information in the e-mails. it would have been irresponsible not to talk about it until after the election because if there was something big, why did they cover it up and help hillary clinton? i think his same logic applies to what happened yesterday when there was nothing there. he felt an obligation to get it out before the investigation. live by the comby and die by the comey. >> is there a question of how he phrased it and maybe not caused -- or was it inevitable? it was going to cause panic across the board?
1:42 pm
>> i think so. there is not a show that you and i do that we didn't wish we could have phrased something a bit better. >> final question. the politics of it all. it energized the trump campaign. does this take the wind out of his sails? >> it came at a time when things were baked in. what it did do was serve to remind voter who is don't find hillary clinton trust worthy and honest. this is what people are talking about in the run up to the election. >> it's not like the e-mails didn't exist before ten days ago. thanks for taking a few minutes. we are talking about the presidential race and what about the battle for control of the senate? that one is razor thin right now. we will walk over to the big board and break down which party has the better shot of winning the senate tomorrow. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> i strongly support katie mcginty for senate. improving all our schools and paying a living wage. she is trying to win the senate seat from republican pat toomey. they have obama praising pat
1:47 pm
toomey where he played a leading role in an effort to get gun control through the senate. this is the question. this is one of the other big questions. we will be watching the race and we will be watching this closely. which party wins control of the senate. let's take you through what it looks like right now in terms of the battle ground. one thing to keep in mind. one state where the republican for illinois is probably going for republican and we are giving it to democrats. if hillary clinton wins, you have to win four of these senate races and that puts to you 50. if hillary clinton is president, 50 is enough to control the senate. by the same logic, you have to win five if hillary clinton wins the election. that's how you hold on to the senate. from the democrats standpoint, they will probably get illinois. what's the best target? it's wisconsin.
1:48 pm
rus fine gold challenging and balance beat him six years ago and you think wisconsin is going democratic tomorrow. that will probably bode well. there are late indications that it moved closer to johnson's direction down the home stretch. this is not the lock we thought it would be all along for the democrats, did you still it is a ripe target. one is nevada. and democrats needing to go to the early voting numbers. the early voting numbers and again, that's a big if. what if there is huge turn out tomorrow in nevada the expectation to be a big upset if trump wins pennsylvania. this chb a clinton state and you have the democrats and they led
1:49 pm
most of the polls down the stretch. a ripe target. there is bad news for them. evan bayh and it's historic in indiana and he said i will run for my own senate seat. he had problems with the robbieing ties and residency questions and the idea that he has potomac fever. he is in a world of trouble. this is a ripe possibility for republicans. the republican incumbent is being challenged by the senator. republicans bad me in need to win it if they want to hold on. you have burr the incumbent and
1:50 pm
he may be in better shape than he looked about two weeks ago. an opportunity from the democrats. maybe it comes down to missouri. missouri and donald trump looks like he will win easily, but sort of the same thing you see from evan bayh. if there is that insider thing that hurts reporters, a lot of them go way back. that gives the democrats the senate. maybe republicans hold on to the senate. i don't know what will happen, but the senate race is tomorrow night and this is going to be close. this is going to be something to keep an eye on as the returns come in across the country. which party walks away with control of the senate? one thing we are watching tomorrow and a lot more too. let's go to josh lipton for the
1:51 pm
market wrap. >> thanks, steve. the stock market kicked off the week in the green, closing sharply higher after the fbi cleared democratic nominee hillary clinton over use of a private server and jumped 371 points. the nasdaq tacked on 120. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide.
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>> they say it's the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this
1:55 pm
country. can you believe that? that's quite an honor. >> donald trump being a little reflective there on his unconventional bid in a rally in florida. trump is on a mad dash today hoping to pull off a last minute upset in this presidential race. joining us now for a look in the trump campaign in these final hours, someone who knows trump world as well as any reporter out there. "washington post" national political reporter robert costa. how would you describe the sense around donald trump within that campaign right now. is this a campaign that absolutely believes it is going to win and grappling with the possibility they are going to come up short. >> the campaign that is black looking at the blue states and trying to find a path to victory. when you talked to people close to trump, he has jared kushner in one ear and his son in law
1:56 pm
and ceo in the other. telling him this will be the u.s. version of brexit or not going to be. if it is, that's the way you win and you have to win over the working class whites and all the different states in case you can capitalize on the movement. >> the president was ridiculing donald trump for this. on twitter for the last week or days since the first fbi revelations, donald trump has not been the same donald trump we have known throughout the campaign. was that the product of a conscious decision on his part and the product you know of a discussion he had with people in this campaign not to do that stuff on twitter development? >> this is not the consulting group or mckinzie we are talking about. this is an inner circle that is pretty strong. with trump on a 757 and they say there are a few days left.
1:57 pm
you may not want to be on twitter as much. kellyanne conway and ivanka, his daughter. might as well be disciplined. >> have you picked up from the people immediately around him or even from donald trump himself looking at the last ten days and we have been tracking this and do the math and we look at the poll numbers. he made up ground in the last ten days. the idea that hey, if i had run a campaign closer this longer, going back further, i might be in a different place right now. >> it's hard to see if discipline could have put trump in a different position. in terms of the numbers, the raw numbers in many states, if hispanic turn out is exceptionally strong in nevada and florida, it will be very difficult for donald trump to win the presidency. his whole campaign from the
1:58 pm
beginning has been about rousing working class voter who is feel disaffected and disconnected from the political system and parties and see if they can be a majority coalition. >> this is an interesting tweet from gabe sherman, msnbc contributor. he put this up and said according to sources, the team is unclear how trump plans to conceit in a loss. they don't know. it occurs to me and i remember after the iowa caucuses and he lost the contest and gave a short speech and at least that night seemed to accept defeat and he talked later about the process being rigged. we have seen him in the run up to this election and he was toying with the idea of saying i won't accept the results. do you have a sense of how he would react? >> these a theatrical person. he loves public drama. if it's narrow and close in key states and whether there is accurate reports of voter fraud,
1:59 pm
you could see trump seizing on these things and having a protracted standoff. maybe not immediately conceding. he believe that voter fraud is an issue even if the evidence is not there. you can see this happening. he doesn't mind being in the lime light longer. >> he likes the lime light. do you think he wants the political lime light after he loses? >> one trump friend said part of him wants to go back and play golf and the other part of trump has become captivated by the leader that he is a political movement. he didn't think this was how he was going to evolve, but he likes being seen as a populous leader behind both political parties. he is torn should he lose on tuesday how to handle it. >> incredible and invaluable.
2:00 pm
thanks for taking a few minutes. >> that are is going to do it for this hour. tomorrow, it's finally here. go out and vote and tune in to msnbc. all day coverage of the 2016 day election tonight through 6:00 eastern. full team coverage of election night. you don't want to miss it. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's monday, tomorrow is election day. welcome to this special election eve edition of "mtp daily" like christmas eve. can you open up packages yet? we have packages to open up, but not all of them. that's tomorrow. i'm here at nbc's election headquarters right here in new york city. 24 hours from now, from this very hour, we will see our first exit poll results in this


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