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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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if he can vote, think of how much easier it will be for all the rest of us here on earth. that does it for this election eve 11th hour. >> let me wish you a happy election day and it's midnight on the east coast and then today we have all been counting down for two years and the volting is
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under way. the elections are being cast as we speak and we're expecting this to go quick economy we will bring you the rupts. the first results as we have them. we have a lot more and mean sometime and tell us what you're seeing on the ground and your thoughts tonight? >> yeah, it's exciting and election day and we love it. there's a whole lot of coming "outdoor gps" of the philadelphia rally. it's a giant crowd that started off at 20,000 and the count was 33,000 people according to the secrete service and then the
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crowd counters there. that's by far the biggest twice and then the largest to date and then with bruce springstein and then back on the plane for this last night and first time back since the eruption ten days ago and then it was reversed yesterday and what they're talking about is the opposing
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method and then the crowd and then i have to tell you being an independence is tall and the crowd and the excitement of an election day and the issues at stake here and hillary clinton is a new line tonight and saying that donald trump had attacked and goes through the people that he has criticize and the mexicans and muslims and from philadelphia and president obama who in the latest nbc news and journal poll out today and had a 49 approximate percent
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popularity and not a popularity rating and 49 percent of those questions saying that if the constitution were to permit it, they would vote a third term and he is certainly a powerful sales man traveling today to michigan, new hampshire and philadelphia and for the clinton and michelle oba obama. >> you can see this is new hampshire and this is the first votes being cast on election day 2016, 12:04 a.m. you can count it in new hampshire and you can see that they're in love with the tra diction and they have a mall town and gather late at night
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and for more there's joe walsh and the affairs correspondent and she is in raleigh north carolina and joan, just before we came to you we were talking to andrea mitchel and that was a jumping version of the wave and a lot of energy on the election day and what are you seeing on the ground? >> well, what they were doing is doing this chant of the clinton campaign and i believe that she will win and jump up and down. i never have seen it down by a large crowd. i have been to the rallies and i have been to rallies and the night that she won south carolina and it was a beautiful
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we have had a lot of sing alongs and beyonce is poplar here. we're getting lady gaga. >> we're going to keep an eye here and there it is lady gaga coming out on stage and saluting the crowd with a two hand aed peace sign there. joan, speak to us about the got effo
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effort. >> and there's a turn out and because in the early voting we have a couple of things on the early voting here and then the african american turn out was not what it was. there's a lot of concern about that and then 140 early voting sites were closed and so it's been very tough for the clinton campaign and they're going to contend to make it up on election day. >> i want go ahead and bring in the panel as we see lady gaga firing up the crowd. these are the people that are with us in the special coverage and -- >> yeah. >> it's lady gag skparks where
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do i go and i start with you and this is from what we have seen in the reporting a very targeting and get out the vote operation and it's not that they're necessarily changing the minds, but they're trying to reach people that are voters are according to the data were excited about the obama and clinton. >> yeah, one of the key messages and the other celebrities endorsers and that you think is pacing you by and this system is one that you can change. this is something that you should be apart of shaping and thoracic outlet syndrome gettysburging people to vote but believe in the politics.
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it's a lot there aamong the youth, and i think that it's maybe if this is what it takes, that's fine. >> well, today right after the clinton rally and there's a chance to march the people to the polls and to use them and this is a very dry line of yes you're use something and i'm going to march you down to the polls. >> yeah, i'm going cut in with the first results of the 2016 campaign and hillary clinton had four votes there and then johnson one volt and here is a shocker and this is on the banner and this is real if you're looking at this home. and what is interesting is that we're not going to over
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interpret the end and it's not kicked off the race and that's why we're live right now. >> and this is continued to the day and seeing the display. let's listen in to what they're telling the voters right now. >> the truth is that hillary clinton has done this for her
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entire career and thing the leadership. she stands before us today like a lady. she is ready to be president.
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by the way i know that it's important for this message to be spread that we do not need to hate his follower if we're true americans, then we must go. >> we have been listening to lady gaga and it's all of the stops being pulled out here. it's interesting that lady gaga said something that any states or diplomat would want to say at the juncture and it's the die hard supporters that are up at mied night regardless of the job or what times they have to get
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to the polls and saying let's not hate the people that support donald trump. >> yeah, it's smart and we hear the similar message coming from the inside. that's not the history of the campaign but that's not necessarily how it needs to end. >> yeah, of course tomorrow night they could be saying something different if the numbers do not go their way and the reality of it is is that it's important for both parties and both candidates to begin to consolidate this con september of america and being americans. we have had a great long 18 month fight. god knows it's way to long and we went through it and then on the other side of that and we we begin and saw it and then that's in new hampshire to vote and we know become that thing that really defines us across the
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planet and we're united again. we did the fight and that was today. ended today and now we get into the idea that whoever can merge the victor, the rest of us are going to support him or had her because it's important for the nation to do that. >> yeah, i am not going do that but when i got in, it's the shade away. >> yeah, that's the water. >> a lot of people and know people. >> yeah, late enough you can turn water into wine and what i wanted to ask is michael puts it well and hopefully and yet these are not just partisans and they're also across the cultural and then that's the polling president and far beneath bush
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or romney and then 86 percent of the vote and then 65 percent of the vote and counting and that's in the polling. so it's not just recognizing your partners opponents and there's other factors to play. >> yeah, the whole thing for make america great again and for them, that was just dog whistles when you did not have a voice and a vote and able to participate. what they're going do the next day is figure out how to do that. if they ever want to step into the white house, they're going bring in another coalition and if they want to step back in the senate, you're going to see that they're not with the leader. >> no, well keep on drinking the water. >> check the senate. >> yeah, i don't know. the reason why it was --
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>> they made it clear that we do not have a strategy right now or in the white house or dc because it's a republican strategy and that was a last push to make sure that you're not voting on the ticket that we have a -- >> whether it started with trump or not, it became part of her closing argument, take a listen. >> i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became. >> not your fault! >> after he has insulted everyone more than half of the poplar by the way.
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imgrants, african americans, muslims, latino, woman, he then launches an attack on the democracy and refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election. well, let's show tomorrow there's no question about the outcome of this election. >> that was hillary clinton's closing argument in philadelphia. let's show him. >> yeah. >> what's the point? >> well, the question is you used to run it, is that a fair critique and is that a fair closing argument or a sign of strength or mobilizing the people. >> yeah it's a sign of weakness and that's an echo to him. >> yeah, she is doing what she should do and smartly. she is interweaving two ideas into one. the one hand i deeply regret
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that the way of the tone of the campaign turned out and then goes on the back end to slam donald trump appropriately. it's just a slam. s . she is doing them at the same time and saying i don't like the way that it turns out, but i can hit any way like anybody else. the question is if she does win tomorrow night, what does that message turn into? i can almost guarantee you that a hard core trump supporter ain't going to be feeling hillary clinton at 12:01 on tuesday night. she has to have a plan to have that conversation for the next few days if not weeks because the challenges of her term will begin almost immediately on a number of things politically and policy wise. she is going to thread the
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needle and trying to heal the country. that's a challenge. >> well, it's hard to compete with the things coming out of lady gaga, but it's everybody's last night and we have mike pence here and teaming up in a state that they did not expect to be doing and republicans think that they have a shot. we're going to listen to a little bit of mike pence and then come back out. >> number one, vote. bring a friend. friends don't like friends vote alone. go exercise that franchise that's been bought at a high price and reserved in the generations to you and vote to bring the real change by making donald trump the president of the united states. and in the time that remains in the election after your take care of your own vote, be sure
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to tell someone what it's about. i don't see this election as a choice between the republican or demonstrate, it's like ronald reagan said but a choice of up or down. if choice if we're going to go down the hill and more hallowed out america and then more taxes and regulation and obama care and walking further away from the princemeiples or if we're gg to stop our feet and turn around and march back up the hill and a more vibrant economic for this generation and next and the highest zbround the ideas. that's the choice. and lastly as you make the plans to vote and tell somebody, have faith.
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>> we have been listening to mike pence here and we're keeping an eye on lady gaga for the final midnight rally in north carolina. we're going to bring you more life after he fit in a quick break. you're watching msnbc on election day 2016. it has begun. if you're told you have cancer,
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welcome back and you're watching msnbc live and that mean that is the election day is upon us. you're looking at live pictures of mike pence giving a rally here in michigan as donald trump is expected to take the stage at any moment. on the other side of the screen it's hillary clinton's final rally in north carolina where lady gaga is playing at some time. we expect to see donald trump come out here as pence has closed his speech. we're going to throw it around a bit and then when we see the live events. le folks you look at what is happening here. on the republican side mike pence has hit his stride as the reasonable company to donald
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trump. was this ultimately the right pick for him when you look at the battleground map that everyone has on the mind and the latest projection with clinton at 274 accord to go the projections and that's the win. do you see places on the map where mike pence made the difference? >> well, mike pence made a difference in given just donald trump the basic stability. i heard time after time from the republicans in the battleground states that if it were only mike pence, it would be assured. they thought that trump had the judgment to pick someone that's stable like mike pence and give him a few points. >> it's all about the judgment with donald trump. >> yeah, and what voters are concerned about and if he makes it to office so that he is not just a come koz si. >> i want to play a little bit of trump sound to you and he was in new hampshire making the closer argument and we're going to -- we're going to hear from
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him shortly after mike pence there. do we have him in new hampshire tonight? we don't have it. a lot of the arguments was a response to the fbi. it was not a closing argument on where he began on immigration or issue toss the table. it was a response to what he understood to be a big moment or something that he could not ignore for the base. let me play a little bit of the closing. here is trump today in new hampshire. >> you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed approximate for the country and family come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat the corrupt system and deliver justice for every forgotten man and for every forgotten woman and for every forgotten child in this nation. do not let the opportunity slip
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away folks. it's never going to happen. four years from now, it's never going to happen. people are voting that they never saw before. they never saw anybody that they wanted. they voted in numbers like they have never seen in texas orthopedic florida. no matter where you look, they're voting in numbers like they have never been before. >> okay. we will fact check it later and find out. >> yeah they're coming out but not for him. he is setting up the savor image that he is the only person that he is the last hope for this white america that's dying. he said that at the convention and he justi echoed it there. he is saying this is the last chance white america before the america that you love disappears
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forever. i worry that approximate if he does not win is is going to poison the politics going forward. >> if you saw the last statement today in minnesota he said come and vote for me because the r refugee and that's a politics of fear that putting the communities and targets on them. would be the jobs of clinton is how does she turn down the temperature so that there's a voice so that the committees and the stretches of america do not feel like they're going take the heat of the donald trump. >> well, you have worked for the politics and there's not only a fear of supporters but donald trump and hen the supporters are
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ready and it's more like is he ready? >> yeah, that's the bill dollar question right now and how much cray i don't say he can if he picks not to go in the night and not to be gracious and uphold the office that he seeks to upho uphold. >> we interviewed several of them and we're going to preview this and as soon as i spoke with them they said it's not just about the candidate as a person, but it's about their ambitions within the structure of the party and has said he thinks
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that's a badge of honor. >> yeah, because that's how this all began. it all began by that stage and looking at these other men that are there and woman who are there and sizing them up and taking them down. there was no regard to the political structure and the fact that the party has spent over a million dollars to put together a report to lay out we're going to talk nice to hispanics. >> yeah we're going have the conversation and no one bothered to giver it to them. if he got it, he did not pay attention to it. the expectations that donald trump is going to go into that is not on the stage.
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why do you expect him to go off that way. that's driven a lot in the last few weeks by the fact that everyone is expected him to lose and that just further drills down into him this idea of i will show you how i lose. that's not necessarily good in the country. >> well, i want to speak to you and mike pence left the stage and has come back out on the stage. so he is getting the crowd going o o again. let's see what the update is. >> the united states of america, donald trump. ♪
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♪ >> donald trump is taking the stage in grand rapids michigan for the final rally and the start of the election day. we're waiting on hillary clinton to take the stage in north carolina. live on msnbc. let's listen to donald trump and what is his last rally before o official election day begins. speaking in michigan a state by the way that republicans were not expected to be closing out with the candidate experience. >> thank you. thank you everybody. wow. thank you.
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thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. so you know we had to stop 12 minutes ago and look at this place. it's incredible. we don't need jay z or beyonce. we don't need john bonn jovi. we don't need lady gaga. all we need is great ideas to make america great aagain. that's all that we need. so nost now officially tuesday november 8th.
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did you ever think you would be hearing a major close around 1:00 in the morning? are we crazy? is this crazy? it's crazy? but we just left new hampshire where we're doing fantastically well. we're up in new hampshire. we're up in ohio. we're up in iowa. we're up in north carolina and doing great there. we're up in florida and we're doing really really well in pennsylvan pennsylvania. i mean the world's most dishonest people the media are not happy. they're not happy. they're saying what is going on. today we're going to win the great state of michigan and we're going to win back the
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white house. we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. we're going to have real change and not
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you. from my last rally right here in michigan late at night and full of energy and life. boy do we have energy and life. wow. although this is the last rally of the campaign, it's almost hard to believe. we started a year and a half ago. we started with 17 very talented people, governors, senators, doctor ben carson, great guy. a lot of talented people. one by one by one and most of
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them have been terrific and give great support. ben carson is one of them. who would have thought and now we have one flawed candidate left to beat. one flawed candidate. it's going to be a new adventure because we have to win. we're going do it. after we win, i'm going to be coming back to michigan a lot. i'm going to be coming back every time we open a new factory
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or automobile plachbnt. we're going to do a lot of expansions. we're not going to lose the jobs anymore. we're going to bring back the automobile industry to michigan bigger and better and stronger than ever before. you have been mistreated. michigan now stands at the cross roads of history. if we win michigan, we will win this historic election and then we truly will be able to do all of the things that we want to do. they won't be taking the jobs any longer. they won't be doing the things that they're doing to us. we will have great health care and strong borders. we will build up the military and have no choice. we have a depleted military and we will be ail to do the things
9:39 pm
that we want to do. when you step in the voting both today, there's one core question for you to consider. do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want america to be ruled by you the people? that's what it is. you the people? the way that it's supposed to be for a long time. we have lost track and for michigan we will bring back your automobile production and we will bring back your industry. wait until you see what you do for michigan. i have been talking about it for a long time. crooked hillary clinton has not talked about it folks. she does not know where to begin and talks about bringing the industry back to new york state when she was a new york state senator and let me tell you not only did it not come back, look
9:40 pm
it up in new york. it's a disaster. companies fled and it's a disaster. the corrupt politicians have ruled over the country for a very long time. today is our independence day. today is american working class is going to strike back finally. real change begins with meetly repealing and replacing the disaster known as obama care. it's just been announce that had the residence of michigan are going to experience a massive double dig it premium hike. not going to matter because we're going to terminate it.
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don't worry. now on the other hand if something horrible happens tomorrow, get ready to pay a lot more than you're even paying now and that's not going to happen. i'm looking at the fantastic young lady right there. she is shaking her head no way. not going happen, right? not going to happen. now, i don't think that you're going do have worry about the premiums but with obama care premiums are sure, doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. she wants to double down and making it more expensive. it does not work. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obama care and save health care for every family in michigan and throughout the united states of america.
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we have to do it. we don't have a choigs chois. real change also means restoring honesty to the government. so the fist thing that we should do is get rid of hillary clinton. that's probably a very good first step. that's a good first step. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person to seek office of the presidency of the united states. she is being protected by a totally rigged system that i have been talking about for a long time. it's a rigged system.
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now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. i don't have to say do it tomorrow, in a week, you're going do it today. you're going to sleep for a couple of hours, right. go to sleep you go to sleep for a couple of hours and cast the vote. then go back to sleep or go to work. you people will not go to sleep. you go back to work. i know my people. you will get up after two hours and go volt and go to work. we're finally going to close the history back on the clintons and lies and schemes and corruptions. we will open a bright new
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chapter and focus on you the american people. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take the country back from the special interest. i want to entire establishment to hear our words. our words and when we say, you know what we're going to say? we're going win today and going to go to washington dc to drain the swap. >> we have been listening to donald trump at the last rally in michigan and now we're going live and looking at a picture of hillary clinton embracing john bon jovi and this is in raleigh, north carolina and hillary clinton about to take to o the podium for what is her final
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midnight campaign speech. no state has emerged as important in some estimations as north carolina and the early vote has put the democrats ahead. we can hear the crowd there and we're going to listen in as hillary clinton is pretearing the take the stage in north carolina. ♪ ♪ >> thank you for helping us welcome election day. i could not imagine being anywhere else than here with all of you and i am so is grateful to the thousands of organizers that have worked their hearts out across this country including here in north carolina
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to the 1 million volunteers that have worked the hearts out across the country and including here in north carolina. i'm so excited that i finally get to vote more my mom in a few hours. and how many of y'all are already voted? [ screaming ] . >> so i just can't wait to raise both of my hands with all of you in a few hours. now i think i am the most excited person in the family. my dad make just as excited. i am fiercely fiercely proud to
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be my mother's daughter and i'm really proud to be my father's daughter, so please join me in welcoming my dad president bill clinton. [ screaming ] . >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. look first of all thanks for being here. do you know how late it is? thank you. or how early it is on election
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day zm i want to say first thanks to lady gaga and jo jon bon jovi. thanks to the chancellor and the north carolina family for welcoming us here. i want to also thank or chelsea asked dwyou the most aplop rit questi question and i think that it's important to know how important you are to this election. when i was a boy growing up in arkansas we look at north carolina because of of the university network and all that you had going. we saw what we hoped to be the
9:49 pm
future of the region. today we look at north carolina and the fight that you raise for the fighting rights and the fight that you raise for the lgbt rights. the fight that you raids for safety and in justice and today we have seen that you have a chance to elect a senator or governor and attorney general. you got a chance to point the way to a unified future. i ask you not to quit until the polls close. when we were backstage listening to our friends sing, someone was hanging a sign over what we
9:50 pm
could see on the screen about hillary clinton's mom. where is is it? hack that sign up. [ screaming ] . >> well, she was an aun believable human being and she was right. so was i. 45 years ago when i met this person and i said i never quit met anybody like this. she was to me amazing and tonight is amazing because she
9:51 pm
kept score the old fashion way. what are we going do about it? where is the life that we're going to change. whose life are we going to change or whose life are we going to lift? now we have a chance to redeem the promise of all of the north carolina moments and everybody in the world has them and we all wake up everyday with the hope in our heart and sometimes we give it away and do not give it away. claim it tomorrow. thank you for being here and ask you to be there until the last person votes for the next president of the united states of america. [ screaming ] [ screaming ] .
9:52 pm
>> thank you all. [ chanting ]. >> oh, thank you. thank you. well, i got to tell you this is sure worth staying you up for.
9:53 pm
it is so great to be here in raleigh and here at north carolina state university. i raqqa not imagine a better way to end the campaign than having the opportunity to see all of you and to watch and listen to lady gaga one of the most inventive, creative and passionate performers whose range goes from a to z and beyond. i was watching on the screen and her perform and all of you jumping and singing and waving.
9:54 pm
it was great. that's what i want for america and the young people of america and the joy and the passion and the intensity. and you know, our long time friend jon bon jovi with us with. he was with us in philadelphia where he and bruce springstein sang, and jon said hey, i want to go down to raleigh, and so here he is. [ screaming ] and you know between now and the time that the poll closes tomorrow, we're going to be living on a prayer.
9:55 pm
[ screaming ] i was really impressed when everybody's hand wednesday up and says that you voted. go and find someone else that has not voted okay. bridge out your friends, your roommates, stranger s on the street. just stop and talk to them about what is at stake on this election because north carolina is key. it's not only important for our election, are you ready to e leblth roy cooper as -- [ screaming ] . >> the next governor?
9:56 pm
[ screaming ] wel. >> well, i sure hope so and i hope that you're ready to elect lieutenant coleman and how about dan blue the third for state treasure er and i really help you will send deborah ross to washington. we were all fired up when we were in michigan and obama and he was talking how consequencele
9:57 pm
this election is. it really s. it's the most important election of the lifetime because we have never had a clearer choice. never. it's a choice of division and leadership or putting in a loose cannon that can risk everything. it's a choice of an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the top. it goes to the heart of who we are. what i saw before when i came in and what i do now is a potential of joy. there's no reason my friends why americas best days are not ahead of us if we raech for them
9:58 pm
together. we don't have the accept a dark and divisive america. tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful big hearted america. our core values are being tested in this election, but my faith in our future has never been stronger. i love our country, and i believe in the america people. i know if we bring everyone together, we can set goals and we can move toward them and we can feel that sense of accomplishments that comes with being part of something bigger
9:59 pm
than ourself. [ screaming ] . >> you know one of the great privileges of chris crossing the country as i have in the campaign is meeting remarkable people. people that stand up against the odds people like my late mother and that everybody gets knocked down but matters if you get back up or believe that you can keep ongoing. last night in manchester, new hampshire i had the honor of being introduced by an extraordinary man keez er kahn and his son served in iraq and
10:00 pm
you may remember mr. kahn's speech at the democratic convention and again last night he reminded us reminded us of the responsibility we all share to protect and defend our constitution. the story of captain khan is one of courage in the face of danger. he was with his unit when he saw a suspicious vehicle. he told his men to stay back. he moved toward the vehicle to check it out. and the bomb went off. he lost his life, but everyone else in his unit survived. he was awarded the bronze star. and this


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