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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online on facebook and twitter. hallie jackson is live from the white house next. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson live from the white house. tgif. this weekend is going to be a busy one for donald trump's transition team. the president-elect putting together a white house staff. we are hearing more names today about who is going to lead the country. also we'll report on who will lead the democratic party in the wake of the historic loss. we have a lot to get to this hour. as usual we have a team of reporters stretched around the country. new york city, the white house,
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the pentagon, katy tur, kasie hunt, kristen welker and hans nichols. we expect to hear more names possibly as early as this afternoon, throughout the weekend. what are you hearing and seeing? >> we'll find out more names when we can. right now trump is meeting with his transition team. he hasn't had time to look at names for top cabinet positions on wednesday. he was receiving calls from foreign leaders introducing themselves to donald trump or giving him well wishes. he had not had talks about transition before this. he was superstitious and didn't want to jinx his chances. his team has worked to compile a list of three to five names for each position. there are a lot of rumors about
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who is on the lists. we know that mike rogers is being considered for cia. newt gingrich for secretary of state. there is a lot of talk about the chief of staff. who will play the role in the white house that's going to essentially be a liaison between the white house and congress. very important role. there is talk about steve bannon doing that job. i'm told steve bannon was the architect of the final stage of the campaign but he would not send a message to congress that donald trump will try to work with them. >> steve bannon, might as well light a fire on capitol hill. >> he's an antagonistic toward the republican party as the leader of breitbart. they tried to take down members
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of the republican party they haven't agreed with on core issues, immigration being one of them. he's gone after paul ryan in the past and the rnc. that was smoothed over a little bit once he took over the ceo role as the trump campaign, at least between him and the rnc. you are hearing a lot about reince priebus, the current head of the rnc. he's somebody they believe will be able to work well with congress. he has a strong relationship with paul ryan. they go back heres back to wisconsin. he has a good relationship with mitch mcconnell. this is somebody who could smooth things other. there is talk about kellyanne conway. it looks like she'll be going
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with him to the white house. of course she's donald trump's campaign manager. the founder and president of her own polling company. a ted cruz super pack. she was antagonistic toward trump while she was working for ted cruz. she changed her position quite a bit. and people didn't know if they were interested in going to the white house before the election happened. now there is a lot of interest. there is a lot of jockeying for position privately and publically. rudy giuliani has not been secretive about his interests in attorney general. there is talk about chris christie who was a close confidente. i have been pushed off that as well saying chris christie dnd prove to donald trump he would
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stand by his side through thick and thin. there is quite a bit of history. chris christie put in jail jared cushner's father. loyally for the campaign and the west wing team. we want to pick up on the idea that there hasn't been a formal outreach to certain cabinets members or certain administrations. the pentagon, you're hearing is waiting to hear from team trimp. it has two components. you have the listening side. this was the presidential daily briefing, the trump team getting up to speed on all the
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operations, what's happening out there in the national security world. then there is the instruction side. the new trump theme telling the pentagon which direction they want to steer cruzers in terms of foreign policy. that hasn't happened yet. we'll report back when it happens. the pentagon is ready. they have two baskets, one of alex logistics. they can start what will hopefully be a smooth transition. >> i want to talk with kasie hunt. we were talking about republicans and the transition there. on the democratic side, listen. there is soul searching happening. you hear it, i hear it from conversations. there are battle lines being drawn at this point. >> that's right. i think this reckoning of the progressive wing of the party with the cloinlt years and kind of the status quo in governance with the democratic party is
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heading for, i don't know if i would use civil war yet. there is quite a bit of conflict brug. certainly with people who worked for bernie sanders' campaign are offering no shortage of "i told you so." there are reports of a confrontation between donna brazil, interim dnc chair and a young staffer that the huffington post called zack and reports says he stood up in a meeting and said you're going to die of old age, i'm going to die of climate change. this is a lesson for the old guard that ran the democrat party. as i talk to sources on the hill, i know there is some agitating about whether or not nancy pelosi should remain as leader of the democrats in the house. >> how real is that? >> well, it's real enough that nancy pelosi's allies are offering up a letter of support
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that, you know, maybe women members might feel free to sign and circulate to other members to make sure her support is shored up. we'll see often time these things don't go far. i think it is another piece of evidence that there is real pressure for a changing of the guard inside the democratic party. there is going to be pressure and you are hearing pressure already on chuck schumer on the senate side to make sure he brings in at least one progressive as they try to figure out how to deal with this. i know even republicans are nervous about what kind of work donald trump might be willing to do with elizabeth warren or bernie sanders in the senate. both of whom put out statements that essentially said in their words if donald trump is going to try to enact racist policies, misogynist, sexist, et cetera, we don't want to help but they said if he'll enact policies that help working people, the middle class, infrastructure, we are willing to work with him.
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that's a very unpredictable dynamic that this town isn't used to having. it will take some grappling. >> president obama will be hanging out still in washington. i wonder what role. kasie said it's too soon to face civil war. what does he do if he's still hanging out? >> his younger daughter is in high school here. i do think he's going to remain engaged, involved. you talk about a civil war. how much time have we spent talking about the divisions in the republican party and now what are we looking at? the divisions within the democratic party. you're seeing this stretch
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across both parties. chuck schumer likes keith ell ellison. the first muslim elected to congress. if he were to be the dnc chair it would under score the democratic party is saying, look, we have to take the progressive branch of our party seriously. sets up elizabeth warren. >> and who were the big antagonists during the race? elizabeth warren. keith ellison, one of the first people to come out. potentially in the mix, martin o'malley. >> exactly. you are seeing the split between the establishment versus the nonestablishment. i think the progressive branch
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of the party is in that outside hunger. >> when we talk about the split, one of the other splits we have seen has been within the republican party with the never trump movement versus people who supported the president elect. now within the national security wing a lot of never trumpers came from that faction of d.c. some are leaning toward getting on board. >> there are two questions to ask there. according to someone i spoke with, the trump transition needs to be clear. will trump be willing to forgive and people that could go in are they willing to be forgiven? two sides of the same question. a lot of folks maybe sitting on the fence or slightly critical, they need to make a decision whether or not they want all the criticisms brought before the public. you can imagine tough senate confirmation hearings. remember, the rules changes. you only need 51 votes to get
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through the senate. if you did criticize trump, don't expect the dems on capitol hill to give you a free pass in your confirmation hearing. that could be uncomfortable. >> hans nickels in washington. kristen welker at the white house. katy tur in new york and kasie hunt as well. i want to get to the microsoft pulse question of the day. despite calls to accept donald trump's victory, thousands of people are protesting into major cities. do you think the president elect can bridge the national divide? hit us up at pulse. coming up, we are taking a closer look at who the president-elect is eyeballing for the key chief of staff position with thoughts on the job from a former chief of staff. >> the work of a chief of staff is to work with people on the edge of embracing the president rather than those who have already embraced him.
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thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, you have no formal role necessarily with the transition team, correct? >> that's correct. yes, i was part of the campaign which is now done successfully. i am not part of the transition team. i don't want to act as though i'm speaking for them but i am a supporter of the president-elect. i want a sebastinse of who you he should pick as chief of staff. >> i don't want to name individuals. i would say this. i believe it is important to have a washington insider. we are such a campaign of -- we were such a campaign of outsiders and our candidate was clearly such a maverick
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outsider. that's important. i think it is one of the reasons we won. america is angry and upset with washington, d.c. which exists for its own benefit and not the country. we have to operate within that s system that we want to dismandle. i believe if president trump asked me i believe he should pick an insider. this man built an incredible business empire by identifying talent and delegating. i believe he'll do it as the chief executive officer of the federal branch. >> what i hear from you is not steve bannon. donald trump won as an outsider. so why not continue that? >> i'm not saying we only want
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the president to be the insider. absolutely not. i said it a few times. it became relevant. we won. there are key positions where you are better served with a washington person. we'll fill many key roles with outside talent. people who come from the private sector and bring private sector expertise to washington, d.c. so we can get the country growing again. >> that's something we have heard. they want to bring in people who have geographic diversity and diversity overall but a lot of older white men. not a lot of women or minorities. do you think he need as more diverse cabinet? >> i'm sure that's on the agenda. we have to look like america.
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i'm thrilled. we have a foundation to build from there. we got 29% of the latino vote, double where we were polling. we want to 50 plus. if we deliver they will rally to us in a major way. i believe part of that's that the administration has to look like america. >> you mentioned the exit polls showing and there are groups that dispute it that say, there is no way, they just don't think donald trump got that percentage. do you think there is truth to that? >> fox news, credible organizations have given that
10:21 am
point. i can't tell you why that's correct or isn't. that shows me there is an agenda they don't want to accept the facts. there was a narrative from opponents and the media for months a donald trump was an incredibly -- figure. he outperformed mitt romney which is incredible to me. i'm not satisfied with only a third of the vote. it also showed that latinos aren't happy with the economic lot in life now in general. policies, tax reform, economic growth. regulatory relief. school choice. if we do that for latinos, i believe we'll win the latino vote in four years. >> you have been on tv a lot. have they reached out at all for a role in the communications team at the white house? >> i'm not at liberty to discuss
10:22 am
it in there. i'm not looking for a washington job, quite frankly. i love television. i did it as a volunteer. i believe in the movement. i'm glad we won but i have no concrete plans for the future. >> we'll touch base with that. thank you very much. coming up, we'll talk to a lot of folks this hour. we also want to discuss police around the country getting ready for another night of possible protests against the president-elect. up next, what they are doing to keep the streets safe. as we go to break, check out what john kasich told me at the white house when i asked if he would consider another run. >> maybe the primary, the president-elect in 2020. >> it's the day after the election! we wish him the best. >> will you meet with him, talk with him face to face? >> if they want to talk to me i would be glad to. if hillary won, i would talk to hillary.
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we are spending time in washington today. we have seen a lot of folks in and out of trump tower as the transition team does its work. so far today ivanka and eric trump have been inside. also in the office overnight the team working to try to figure out who goes where and who will be in the west wing behind us. this is the scene below them. a second night of protests popping up in new york city. not just there but in cities all over the country. cal, we have seen the protests. we have seen the protests against the protests from donald trump supporters.
10:27 am
>> we are seeing an ever evolving security situation. they are referring to the nypd and secret service as white house north from 57th along 5th avenue is shut down. that seems crazy to people who know new york city, but fifth avenue is closed. we are seeing protests at night. this is a consistent thing now since election night. during the day a lot of tourists come by to take pictures. the police not letting you stop. at night, we see an influx of people coming out. they are pro hillary supporters who can't come to terms with the election. as you said we see the trump supporter now and then coming in to interact with those protesters. it happened last night. listen. >> the fact is we have an awesome president now. we took a step down from an unappreciative. >> what's your name? >> oh, you'll edit it and
10:28 am
portray it as something totally different than what it really is. >> that level of aggressive behavior is probably not representative of everyone we talked to but certainly that sentiment that the media was somehow behind a conspiracy continues to play with certain trump sproupporters. a lady said, oh, you work for nbc news, can't be trusted. that happened several times. the big night we understand will be tomorrow night. lots of double shifts and overtime for the nypd. >> nbc's cal perry standing outside trump tower in manhattan. thank you. gadi swartz, what are you hearing about what's coming up
10:29 am
next? what do you expect tonight? >> that's right. you can see the police barricades up here. 185 arrested last night. i talked to a sergeant who said police have been showing a massive amount of restraint over the last couple of days. last night we saw thousands of people right here in front of city hall here in los angeles. then 185 people were arrested taken down the street. many bonding, bailing out of jail this morning. not just here. we have seen protests in denver, salt lake city, in oakland and also a large one in portland. that's where people are saying the epicenter of the protests are emanating from. they say a small group is mixing in. they are causing substantial damage. last night dozens of cars were
10:30 am
destroyed as people went through with cinder blocks to destroy the cars. there was an arrest in portland of people with molotov cocktails and in oakland there was a confrontation between a police officer and a protester. police saying the weather would be great and it would be a weekend in which people would be out. they end up growing because people will see what's going on with social media, come down to the streets and those crowds begin to grow. it's probably going to continue through the weekend. >> we'll watch it from l.a. tonight. appreciate it. let's see what you are saying about today's microsoft pulse question. even with calls to accept donald trump's victory, thousands of people are still protesting.
10:31 am
do you think the president-elect can bridge the national divide? can he heal the country? take a look at the screen. most of you say he cannot. only 7% of you believe donald trump can bring the country together. interesting stuff. coming up, there is talk about the commander in chief being a businessman with several companies in his name. what happens to president-elect trump's companies when he moves to the oval office? we'll look at it in a few minutes. there is no typical day. there's nothing typical about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer at marvel studios. we are very much hands on producers. if my office becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro is perfect, fast and portable but also light.
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in the hours of donald trump was elected, wall street has rallied. how long is the honeymoon going to last. a lot to get to in the next three and a half minutes here. start with the numbers. what's up with the honeymoon? how long will it last? >> it's an adjustment. i suspect if hillary clinton were president the market had already priced in what certain companies will do under hillary clinton policies. how much stuff will be passed through congress. on wednesday morning the world had to re-evaluate. we were talking about it. it looked like the stock market would plummet. it took nine hours to figure out. these are companies that will do well. we'll buy them and that's happening. it's not so much a honeymoon as a rethinking about what the financial world will look like.
10:36 am
you can expect volatility between now and the inauguration. every time donald trump comes up with a policy. everybody looks at it and determines which companies will do well and which will suffer. >> trump's transition website now a .gov address. you look at the bio and it talks about his trump properties around the world, his hotel, golf courses. that's not something we necessarily saw back when president obama first took office. his bio didn't mention the books. >> yeah. >> do you see conflict of interest concerns in this? >> it talks about the world renowned 5th avenue sky scraper. it sounds promotional. i imagine a lawyer said, it probably doesn't cross a line yet. the issue is can you actually profit from being the president of the united states while you are president of the united states? he is more closely intertwined
10:37 am
with his businesses than anybody else who has run for president. there are exceptions. nelson rockefeller. mayor bloomberg in new york had to put his businesses in a family trust. a private trust, a blind trust. >> talk to me about that. >> it's an option. donald trump talked about it being run by his kids. the idea of a blind trust is you are blind to what's going on. there as to be a reasonable expectation you are not involved in the decision making of the companies and it doesn't influence policy making. that's hard to do in a close knit family. how do you say when we get together we don't talk about business decisions? it's complicated. i think we have to -- we don't have a lot of details about donald trump's finances. that's part of the issue.
10:38 am
>> thank you very much. fair point considering we don't have donald trump's tax returns but he said he would release them after the irs audit is over. coming up, new questions about the president-elect's relationship with russia as the spokesman for vladimir putin says russian experts did get in touch with some members of trump's staff during the campaign. we'll talk about what it means and why it matters, especially as trump and key members of the transition team start to get daily classified intelligence briefings. we are live from what will be in six short weeks donald trump's white house. we are sitting on the north lawn. we'll be here for 30 minutes. stick around. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care,
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that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we have a little bit of news for you from my partner in chime producer frank who covers congress.
10:42 am
there is talk that congressman jeff miller the current house veterans affairs chair is maybe being considered to head up the veterans affairs department under president-elect trump. we have a statement now from his office, essentially not denying any of it. talking about how he agrees with donald trump's vision for what it should look like. we'll see how it plays out. a top russian diplomat says russian experts have been in contact with members of president-elect trump's staff during the campaign. a source tells nbc news they have been in touch with both trump and clinton campaigns. we are bringing back in hans nichols. break it down. what do we know. give us the latest. >> there is likely contact
10:43 am
between parts of the russian foreign ministry and both presidential campaigns which to me isn't at all surprising. in some ways they are trying to figure out what direction they are going, where they are going to take the country and how they plan to do it. fl us most of the major embassies around town have two memos. one that says if hillary clinton will win and one if donald trump wins. they sound smart. ef this a long detailed memo. what we don't know and is what was the nature of the conversations. trying to extract information or giving advice or potentially as the clinton campaign alleged giving them a heads up. >> thank you. appreciate that report. sets us up for the next guest. professor of international affairs and associate dean of the new school.
10:44 am
also the grand daughter of krusch kruschev. thank you very much for joinging us. >> thank you. >> there's been so much discussion about donald trump's relationsh relationship. when you look at his policies toward russia, what changes do you expect to see? >> well, first of all, he doesn't have any policy toward russia. he has kind words toward vladimir putin saying he's a strong leader and i want to be a strong leader like him even if i disagree at times with his system. that's not a policy. that's just wishful thinking. another thing that's been going on for three days already, if not before, we don't know who donald trump is. is this a new donald trump or will it be donald trump of the campaign which i assume he might be given that the protest
10:45 am
against his candidacy and being president-elect actually is something that is unfair to him. i don't think the relationship with russia is as clear as a relationship with anything else domestic or international. but they are looking for weakness, openings, opportunities and act upon them. putin is great at using the advantages. >> do you worry playing off of that that president-elect trump could be manipulated by vladimir putin? >> absolutely. anybody who deals with president putin should worry they would be manipulated by him. he's shown he's a great deal of manipulator. putin's threat or so they say in america, the adversarial power should be taken with a cool head rather than any conversation
10:46 am
about any potential conversation between the putin people and the trump campaign should be a news story. it is not a story yet. that's something we should think about very carefully, that the news should be reported about putin when they need to be reported. that's one thing. trump may have positive conversations with putin and they may turn into something positive for the world at large. we also have to remember that putin and trump are similar in their personalities and that doesn't bode for the beginning of a good relationship. >> thank you so much. interesting point. i appreciate you being with us here. >> thank you. >> we have had a roller coaster ride this week. predictions of a clinton win headed into tuesday's election. flash forward to president-elect trump meeting with president obama. up next we look at the week that was in american political
10:47 am
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so we were talking about this last block here coming up in the show with our team. we thought we'd look back at the week that was. we want to give you a look at the lead up to president-elect trump and the aftermath. watch. president elect trump trump in the after math. tomorrow, you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted. if we win michigan, we'll win this historic election. >> so many people are pounding on the over come of this
10:51 am
election. >> it has arrived, election night 2016. there are a lot of democrats who are nervous of what's happening. >> it seems like for hillary clinton, if there is any kind of a path here. >> this is the cal pampaign say we'll have no response. secretary clinton has conceded to donald trump. >> our work is just beginning. >> i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder to be your champion. president obama welcomes his successor right now at the white house with president elect trump. >> what are week the and to break it all down, i am joined my our new york times reporter. you heard donald trump is going to work to bring the country together. that's his task at hands. what's your reaction to that? >> i think, he's gone off in
10:52 am
some ways to the start of his administration in a way that a lot of people would started off. i think this was contentious election and people on both sides, you have one side of the country and because it was so close, you have a large person of the country that's devastated by his win and another part of the country is energetic and happy about his win. he needs to focus on unifying and even in hillary clinton won, she would have had the same situation. i think it is a good message for him to start on. of course, on twitter last night, he was talking about there were protesters that were in cited by the media. that message ravelled a bit. people are hoping that he sticks to the idea of unifying. >> what we saw on tuesday night was a real division and laid bear of the division along the education lines and income lines, for example, i wonder how
10:53 am
you see him being able to. hillary clinton would have had to do the same thing if she had been elected president. for donald trump, i wonder if you see a particular different challenge given on the campaign message that he ran on? >> he will have to really convince people especially, i would say, i know you mentioned economics and education, but i think there is a large racial components of a lot of colors of hispanics and african-americans who are scared through his words but through his policies. is he going to follow through on the ban of muslims or cracking down on black lives matter or create the jobs that he promised a lot of people. yesterday, part of the people who did not support him and even the supporters expecting him to bring back jobs and build a wall across borders of mexico. they're expecting him to do all the things he promised to do. if he cannot do that the next four years, you will see the
10:54 am
elector and the people voted him worry about. >> not just the republican side but the democratic side. it feels as though and there is some talk that it is almost a leader list party at this point. i pose the question to you and democrats on this show and from you from a reporting perspective. what is your sense and who's going to step up and being the leader of dnc and try to keep a presidential elect trump as democrats want to do in check. >> well, it is interesting, you have martin o'malley who ran for president. and keith allison who part of of aggressive and bernie sanders and looking to run for dnc chairs. it is hard to figure out which side. most people i think especially i would say the people who were more establishment, parts of the democratic party. everyone agrees that the progressives and bernie sanders's message that was something that was important.
10:55 am
i think that the leisure really going to be the progressives that say, you know, we can talk to the working class wide americans. we have this trade issues and we'll echo a lot of what bernie sanders did. >> they'll fuse that with hillary clinton's ability and convince with people of colors to back her. >> thank you very much. appreciate you being with us, we got much more ahead from the white house coming up. first, make sure you tune in for all in with chris hayes tonight when michael moore is chris' special guest. moore will be back. we'll be right back live here on msnbc. it is time for your business entrepreneu entrepreneur of the week. meet wilmer of minnesota and a
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we have breaking news as we
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follow the president elect trump's team. confirmed by katy tur, mike pence will be taking over the transition, it appears that chris christie taking a step back from that role. we are going to be following and monitoring this development. pence had a lot of relationships from his time here in washington and here with congress. we expect that pence will be splitting his time between indiana and also washington before making the move here in early 2017 prior to the inaugur inaugural. pence has been considered one of the keys between congress and the white house. he's stepping up his role in the transiti transition. something that we'll be keeping an eye out on this hour as our team takes on the report who's in the west wing and coming up. stick around with my colleague thomas roberts, he's joining us
11:00 am
now. >> halie jackson, thank you very much. this is been the world's waits in the suspense of president elect trump's staff. lets give you a live look, it is been nick named white house north. he tweeted on important decisions on people under way and now we know that vice president elect pence will take over the responsibility from chris chris christy. >> trump promised to drain that swamp in dc. >> for many of the top jobs and some of them took to the air waves today to promote themselves without saying so. >> i don't have any updates for you on transition. >> my goal in all of this is not so much a cabinet position. >> they spelled my name wrong,


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