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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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that is our broadcast on this monday night. thank you for being with us. hardball begins right now. over the weekend trump held a series of 21 different meetings at the trump national golf club. among the prospects mitt romney, rudy giuliani, james matis, chris christie, rick perry and newt gingrich. even as he focus on putting
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together his government he spent part of the weekend from saturday night live. you can hear the boos from the audience. >> you can hear after the show it is written by the show's creator. here is part of that. >> thank you for joining us here. we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your administration will not protect us.
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our children, our parents our we hope it to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. >> well, donald trump responded with a series of angry tweets. quote our wonderful future v.p. mike pence was harassed by the cast of hamilton, cameras blazing. this should not happen. the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is high lie overrated should apologize for their behavior.
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>> they were very inappropriate. >> when he tweeted it was harassment. >> harassment -- conversation was not harassment. i was appreciative that vice president listened to what we had to say. there's nothing to apologize for. >> steve cortez -- let me just put my cards on the table. i thought what the cast had to do was fine with me. i thought they did it very professionally and respectfully. it was about diversity, respecting all americans. the booing was low brow.
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they were dumping on a fellow member of the audience. it wasn't a phillies or eagles kba game. i'm with the cast 100%. how do you split it? >> i don't know that we can excuse the cast either. i think you're exactly right. 99% of americans could never afford to be there in the first place. both audience and cast live in a cultural bubble of new york city and talked to the vice president by a country they don't understand frankly very well and n't understand the economic angst that exists out there.
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>> they are working their butt off to make that cast. >> it doesn't mean they are not in a cultural bubble of new york ci city. i think it is important. >> no. >> and whether you're in an bubble or elite or not, if you hold the -- imagine going to church on sunday and having the preacher or priest call you out. he said it was a conversation. that's one way. that's dictation. that's me calling you out and you have no ability to effectively respond. >> mike pence was a genius the way he handled it. >> whether it is on twitter, to broadway, to the streets to the white house and donald trump lecturing anyone on bullying is just a joke. he is using it as a classic
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misdirection. it is a diversion. right now him going to twitter, he uses twitter like a jedi mide trick. we will not talk about the conflict with his business when it comes to the administration. >> and your thoughts on this? you dofr y is trump using this to shield the fact he had to pay a lot of money or is this he the kind of guy that benefits from it? i believe he wants this fight because he knows the new york elite at that theater are not america and he can take them on. your thoughts? >> as a public figure he has been more comfortable coming through things as an actor in a
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sense. she of the culture more than he is of any political idealology. >> nobody asked him to do it. they did it free spreech. they had the right to do it. no doubt about that. the cast members knew what they were doing. so his only opportunity to may this card, tell me how it fits into his mode of reaction. he lost that cay. he had to pay. or it is something else? >> trump has steve bannon at his side and his son-in-law. you look at breitbart and how they engage with political theater. this is something trump is not
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walking away from. he wants to be fully immersed but in the culture. this is someone who wants to change and use the deviciveness to his political advantage. >> mike pence responded very differently to this controversy. here is what he said yesterday on fox. >> hi daughter and i and her cousins really enjoyed the show. we heard a few boos and some cheers. i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. you know, at the end i did hear what was said from the stage. i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to other to decide whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. >> you can jump in on this.
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i brought my daughter and her cousins. there is largely minority cast. i want to get coreen in here. he was trying to reach out culturally. it wasn't conservative culture. it was new culture. >> and i think to say that the staff or performers are elitists. you get to know who they are and read their bio. it's not what you would get from that. if you look at what happened we learned so many -- there was so much conflict of interest. we learned during the campaign while he was hammering at
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hillary clinton he was actually going business in saudi arabia too. >> it is what the clintons are doing. >> exactly. >> i want to say i think there is double standard americans see. it is a hype threat kal. if this same scene unfolded in 2008 with president-elect obama do you believe this cast, would they have lectured him at the time he was against same sex marriage. would they have lectured him in the same manner may lectured mr. pence? i think it's part of why we won this election. >> let's take a look at started night live also got under donald trump's skin this weekend. this is part of the opens sketch with alec baldwin as trump.
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>> we have been stuck fighting. when we found out do you had a secret plan it really energized us. >> that's right. a plan, very secret. >> well, whatever it is we are really looking forward to hearing it come january. >> it is only seven weeks a i way. let's save some lives together, sir. >> tremendous. ank you. okay. right. here we go. here we go. big plan. big plan. google, what is isis. >> i watched parts of saturday night life. it is a one sided bias show. it is a totally one-sided, biassed show. nol funny at all equal time for
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us? all of these candidates all doing their jumps and their elephant hand stands, whatever he is asking them do. they are all pretending they like him. he could do it through christmas. he will bring every republican want- want-a-be. >> let's look at what's happening. you have a president-elect who hasn't had a news conference. at the same time he has all of this cultural distraction, snl. this is how he operates, distract, make it about the culture. he is not talking about the press and making all of these
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plans. >> i think he knows what he is doing. it think it might be a little bit bigger. he is duking it out with these people. it's always you talking to me? he wants to fight. up next, white nationalists converged this weekend. this is "hardball," a place for politics. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
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nationalists celebrated trump's victory called the national policy institute. the group is leadly richard spencer. he said he first coined the saying alt-right. america he said belonged to white people which he culled the children of the sun, a race of conquerers who had been marginalized. now they were aquakening to their own identitieidentities. at the close of spencer's speech. take a look. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> when you saw the arms up
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there nazi style. others were engaging in the nazi salute. ian of the trump transition team released this statement. he was lekked because he will be a leader for every american. so think otherwise is a misrepresentation of the movement that yiunited americano of all backgrounds. i want to start with richard. we trust your organization. this big meeting over the weekend is the kind of thing i think deserves from everybody. everybody should know what's going on. what is this group up to, this
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national policy institute, what looks like a white nationalist crew said going on within our borders. >> you're exactly right. it's a scary development and trump and bannon have given them a new platform. they wrused to exist. they have given them a platform for their ideas. tru trump has been their champion since he called mexicans rapists. they have a champion in bannon. >> what is their motive? what excites them about trump winning? >> he is very clear. he wants a white america. he believes in peaceful ethnic
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clea cleansing. he wants a state built on difference principals than the declaration of independence. >> how do you get people to >> how do you get people to leave peacefully
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trump watch november 21st, 2016. picking a cabinet. we see the contestants parade before us. one at a time they present themselves at trump tower or at his golf course in jersey. trump has got their number that have killed him. they had their chance now they just want a job from him, some prestige to win the presidency themselves, their second failure to keep it from here. what does america think of these guys marching and parading who now gets to say you're hired. is rudy giuliani losing out to mitt romney? is giuliani up for national intelligence or is this all to keep it exciting, to give it a little drama, like the
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apprentice. they used to say how johnson wan today have two candidates ride with him so he could pick the winner when they landed and tell the loser to get lost. not even johnson could get away with this kind of ego trip. trump is making a an ever growing to show how much they won his approval. have you noticed how the more the list of possible candidates grows? every day they encourage him to add to the list to keep it going, this new reality show of his. we are a country absorbed by the ring master sfwro kusing the acts, making the elephants climb up on their hind legs. you can't make this stuff up, folks. that's it for "hardball." join me tomorrow night. see you then.
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that's it for "hardball." ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part. see you later. it's thanksgiving week, which in theory means this should be a slow news time. this should be a particularly slow time in terms of politics in particular. but, no, there's a lot going on, both in the home skyscraper of the president-elect and also in washington, d.c., where republicans in congress are looking to see which obama policies they want to undo first. announced today that they are planning on working five days a


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