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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 22, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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get a pardon from president-elect donald trump? new reporting about that coming up but we begin with breaking news in tennessee, at least five children are dead in the school bus crash and the driver criminally charged. the bus carried students from the chattanooga elementary school. 23 of the 27 children taken to local hospitals for treatment. shortly after the crash, the driver was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. mariana atencio is in chattanooga this morning. what is the latest on this investigation and this really tragic event? >> reporter: kristen, good morning. i'm standing on that road where that tragedy happened. and the bus was behind me. it was pulled out on a truck moments ago. as you mentioned, this is a tragedy that this community is grappling with and we spoke to some parents as they were dropping their kids off at the elementary school and this is
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what they had to tell us. >> if you can, just pray for these communities. pray for the families that lost their children. >> i have a fourth grader. he's 9. malachi black. he has a student in his class that did not make it. >> actually, i haven't even broke the fuse to him because i don't know how to explain it as a parent. >> reporter: now, kristen, ntsb is here and investigating, looking into the school buses with more information and i can tell you on the criminal complaint against bus driver walker. the defendant, it reads, was traveling at a high rate of speed well past the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour. mr. walker lost control of the bus and swerved off the roadway. this roadway and began to overturn striking a telephone pole and a tree. you can see behind me, the small winding road and if he was going
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more than 30 miles per hour, you can already start to piece the way this tragedy happened. we still don't know, police officers are tight lipped as to why mr. walker was charged so quickly but we'll be informing you throughout the day, again, as this community deals with this horrific tragedy. >> horrific tragedy indeed, mariana, can you tell us about the condition of the students? >> reporter: some children were treated and released from local hospitals last night. six children still in stable condition. that's a total of 12 children still hospitalized and you think about it, kristen, and for those watching at home, a day before thanksgiving, you can just imagine what so many of these families are going through here in chattanooga. >> maria that, thank ynamariana indeed. we want to take a turn now to politics. president-elect trump
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outlining a series of executive actions he plans to take on his first day in office. those announcements coming in a youtube video produced and distributed by the president-elect's transition te team. the press not allowed. in fact, marks 117 days since trump's last formal press conference. >> whether it's producing steel, building cars or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland. >> today, the president-elect spokesman denouncing racism after he was recently celebrated by an alt right group including white nationalists in washington, dc. in the video obtained by the atlantic of the annual meeting of the national policy institute, some attendees can be given nazi like salutes and, quote, hail trump. the latest on all of these angles, katy tur here with me and hallie jackson in the
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washington bureau. fellow road warriors. good to see you. i want to start with you. still 14 cabinet positions that need to be filled. president-elect trump holding a series of meetings at trump tower, again, this morning, rudy giuliani spotted. what do we know? do you think we'll get more names before he leaves for thanksgiving break? >> i think hallie is the expert for this subject today because she's been following so closely with the campaign but we expect to get another cabinet announcement today at some point before he does go on vacation. there are some top roles that are still not filled. you mentioned them. one being defense. who is it going to be? we know he spoke with james "mad dog" mattis, and seems to be one of the leading contenders at the moment but talk about mitt romney and rudy giuliani for secretary of state or rudy giuliani for the director of national intelligence. that's coming out as well and you can see in this screen we put up on the screen, he is meeting with his former campaign
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manager corey lewandowski. i wonder if they'll be in the room at the same time, because they didn't get along. corey, resigned or whatever happened at cnn in order to get a role in the administration. unclear what that role will be because there's a lot of pushback from the children about him. he did not get along well with staff and it was marked by a lot of screaming fits. the children pushed him out because he wasn't really ready for that role but again, he was very loyal while he was on cnn and also on the phone with donald trump a lot so may get a role. it might not be the role he wants but we'll see what happens with that and obviously, that is small potatoes in comparison to the larger roles that people are actually really caring about at the moment. defense secretary of state being the two largest. >> let me turn to you, hallie, on that question.
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it's possible we might hear something today in the coming days about congress treasury, big question mark. let me get your take and then i want to talk to you about a bit of news that broke on "morning joe" regarding hillary clinton. your take on potential cabinet picks? >> i think you nailed it with the possibly maybe kind of sort of maybe who knows. listen, donald trump, the president-elect, and his team basically have been teasing since he went away to bedminister that we could or could not maybe possibly hear names. folks i talked to say maybe imminently but possibly. so i think there's question marks and one of the things we've heard from kellyanne conway, one of his top aides, he's not off the pace of his predecessors and that's true. you remember, president obama didn't name his until a couple of weeks until after the election and same with president clinton. they're not feeling so much of a
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rush to get these names out and that said, gurgling of it for 42, 48 hours. i know that's not a satisfying answer but that's it. >> a nugget of any sign. i want to get both of you takes on this news from "morning joe." we learned president-elect trump essentially is not going to pursue a case against secretary clinton over her private e-mail server. not a surprise for those of us who was paying attention he signaled this during the interview with "60 minutes" but for some of his supporters, it may be a surprise. let's listen to what kellyanne conway had to say and then get your reaction on the other side. >> i think hillary clinton still has to face the fact that a majority of americans don't find her to be honest or trustworthy but if donald trump can help her, then perhaps that's a good thing. i do, look, i think he's thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the united states and things that sound
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like the campaign aren't among them. >> hallie, we remember the lock her up chants. do you think supporters will be disappointed? >> i think that's a big question mark. i think one thing we've seen from the base of support from president-elect trump throughout his entire campaign that they are very willing to, a, forgive him or, b, look past some of the promises he made and it's more about the person than the policy or the promise. i haven't had a chance to speak in the last 24 hours but my suspicion is that that would likely hold. remember though that it's not the president who can prosecute somebody but the president-elect's tone can set the table for what to see sort of elsewhere in the administration and other branches of government so it's notable this is coming out. >> it is. and hallie touches on a point you have said so many times is
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that for donald trump's core supporters, their support for him cannot be shaken, nothing he does makes them question him. but what we are seeing as president-elect, he's moderating on some of these issues. he released that video, for example, yesterday. he laid out his goals for the first 100 days and didn't mention the wall, he didn't mention repealing obamacare. what did you make of that? is he going to moderate and does it matter? >> we have heard him already moderate on obamacare. he did say repeal and replace repeatedly on the campaign trail, so he's not, i mean, moderate might not be the best term but he's not speaking about it as harshly as he once was. he wants to maintain that the people can get coverage with prior conditions and also, that children can stay on their parents' plan through 26. the age of 26. those are the two parts he said he would like to keep. so a change in the plan is more of the way to describe it.
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he has not talked much about his border wall and obviously, that was a big rallying cry on the campaign trail. quite a big rallying cry and same with lock her up chants. they're saying the campaign is one thing and governing is another. what you say on the campaign trail doesn't necessarily mean you'll follow through with it. >> sure. >> when you are a leader. will his supporters care? we're going to find out. >> president obama saying, look, the reality of the office is much different than being out on the campaign trail. hallie, you wanted to jump? >> i do. rudy giuliani just addressed this and we talk about trump's supporters, granted he's not an everyday american but has been a loyalist of donald trump's and just came to the camera in trump tower and addressed this very question that you have been talking about, the decision that a source with business information said the president-elect is not going to pursue charges against hillary clinton. giuliani's reaction is there's a
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tradition, he said, this american politics after you win an election, sort of put things behind you, according to giuliani and if that's the decision he reached, that's perfectly consistent with the historical pattern of things move on and supportive of both not pursuing an investigation and supportive of pursuing it. y supporting his president-elect either way. >> that being said, while they were on the campaign trail, they were so forceful and they were so adamant about her doing things wrong, breaking the tlaw. took american political rhetoric to a new stratosphere or a new, a new low. and investigate the investigator and then say, oh, no. this was just the campaign, it is a bit of whiplash for those who have been following so closely and it does make you
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wonder, what are donald trump's core principles going to be? what are things he does not move on and if he moves on everything, who did they elect? >> great points to both of you. katy tur, hallie jackson, thank you so much for breaking all of that down. we'll talk to you throughout the day. advisors and potential team members streaming into trump tower this morning including mayor giuliani as we were just talking about and the latest on one of the fiercest allies could land on team trump and plus, did the suspect arrested in the murder of a san antonio police officer just confess to the calculated crime? we'll have the very latest on the hunt for a motive. that still ahead. stay with us. folks out there we diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain
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it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california. transition team continue with possible members of his
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administration. mr. trump already named jeff sessions retired general mike flynn and mike as part of his national security team. i want to bring in william cohen, senator for maine and former secretary for defense under president bill clinton. thank you for joining me. >> good morning. >> i want to get your reaction to president-elect trump's picks so far. national security, all of the folks i just mentioned and specifically michael flynn as national security advisor. he is obviously making a lot of waves. he's controversial this his own right. president-elect trump has said he wants to unify the country. does a pick like that make him harder to do that? >> really conducts himself in the office itself. as i've indicated in the past, being a national security advisor means you have to be a force for building a consensus within the entire national security apparatus. he is obviously very talented.
7:17 am
wouldn't be a three star general without inherent talent and be a leader. it's a different job, however, in terms of bringing the pieces together to make sure you present as unified a position to the president as possible because there's differences of opinion from state, from cia, from dvlt o.d. and the others, treasury, so bringing those people together so that there's no disagreement in terms of the policy being advocated. if there are disagreements, then you try to minimize those that go to the president. he's going to be very busy dealing with global affairs and domestic affairs. you want to minimize the amount of issues that the president has to decide. so that's going to be a new job for him and we'll see how he conducts himself. >> you raise an interesting point. the word disagreements, i think, underscores one of the things interesting about another potential pick. mitt romney, one of president-elect trump's former rivals, outspoken rivals
7:18 am
considered potentially for secretary of state along with rudy giuliani who's, of course, a trump loyalist and giuliani considered for dni, i'm told. what do you make of the team of rivals theory when the stronger or do you think that the divide is just too great and that you wind up having too many disagreements? >> i think diversity in a cabinet is good. you don't want all yes men and women who simply endorse whatever the president is saying but want to have the kind of intellectual engagement that said, we think there's a better way to handle is x, y, or z so having diversity of opinion with then the cabinet is very beneficial during the clinton administration when i was serving as secretary of defense. >> was it challenging though also secretary cohen? were there moments you felt a strain there?
7:19 am
>> there were moments when we disagreed but i would say that president clinton gave me 95% of everything i asked for. there were moments i disagreed with some of the policy decisions he was about to make. the national security advisor, sandy, said bill, let's go see the president so we were able to work those out and i did my best to make sure i was part of the team and unless i had something that really required me to disagree, i went along with the consensus but there were moments and i must say, president clinton gave me every opportunity to make my case. there were times i did and times i didn't. >> we're running out of time. i want to ask a few more questions. the op ed in which you say donald trump, you call on him not to undo years of international leadership by the united states. he seems to be moderating on some of his key policy positions. what's your biggest concern? do you think this is a real
7:20 am
possibility? >> my concern is that during the campaign, he was basically espousing a policy of decembdist and isolationist in terms of the record being used. that means you'd have a sphere of influence in the asia pacific region, russia being the dominant power in ewe ra yew eu. i think there's some renovation where freedom is allowed to prosper with economic progress so renovation is in order, destruction is not. so my concern has been, let's see if we can't moderate not only the rhetoric but the policies expressed during the campaign. >> secretary william cohen,
7:21 am
thank you so much for your insights. >> good to be with you. >> you too. a san antonio community still in shock after a 20 year police veteran was gunned down in cold blood. what we know about the suspect now in confidence. that's when we come right back. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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after a relentless nationwide search, captured the man. otis tryon was taken in. he targeted the police officer simply because he was upset. >> i've been through several custody battles and i was upset at the situation i was in. i lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. >> anything to say to his family? is. >> i'm sorry. >> i want to bring in law enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh. thank you for being here, jim. >> good morning, kristen. >> you heard the suspect there and what's so chilling is that
7:25 am
it seems as though this was random yet at the same time targeted toward police officers in general. how does this change or impact police protocol and how officers feel when they go out in the wake of these number of shootings, in fact, against police officers? >> well, every officer feels this deeply, kristen, because officers all have done these duties so every police officer in america, every retired guy like me feels it. you've done a traffic stop. you've been out engaging in the public and randomly shot. it hurts deeply for the family and the officer killed in the departments. you just can't take all the risk out of law enforcement but i think there's some steps going forward that maybe police chiefs can do. we've heard the chief say double up officers. and i think other things that can be done but ultimately, you can't take all the risk away. >> do you think we'll see some of the changes that you just mentioned, police officers doubling up for example? >> i think we will. we see it in some places.
7:26 am
fort worth has done it and dallas is doing some of it. we've had a tax in recent years of police headquarters in dallas, austin, now san antonio, houston to name a few and in the last few weeks, we've seen officers shot in ambush style attacks from alaska to florida in all different motives and all different kinds of people. a serial killer in alaska, a person who had engaged with the police in des moines area before killing two officers, this guy claiming a custody battle, other kind of ambushes. so officers really have to think. we all know on the uniform, everybody knows who you are and exactly who you are and what you stand for. you stand for democracy, freedom, and you don't know who they are. so they may be walking up as a friendly face or someone who's going to shoot you. >> you raise an important point. there seems to be a broader issue here and along with the shooting incident we just mentioned, ambush style shootings in missouri, in florida. 58 officers have been killed by
7:27 am
gunfire this year as compared to just 36 last year. why do you think we're seeing this uptick? what needs to happen? >> well, 20 officers were ambushed. that's an increase in recent years of offices being ambushed. when i went on the uniform years ago, you had 130 or so odd officers a year so it's all a dangerous profession and it will continue to be but i think we need to leverage our abilities here. sometimes, doubling up. i'd like to see the congress and maybe even engineers and car manufacturers and smart people, you know, do something with the doors and windows of these cars. a little more bulletproof protection and a lot of these attacks in the side window of the patrol car and i think we could do a better job on that. not everything can help but little things can make a difference in individual cases. >> great point. jim cavanaugh, thank you for being here. really appreciate it. >> thanks, kristen. up next, the state department issues an alert for
7:28 am
holiday travelers. we'll tell you where and what you need to know on a plane this holiday season and startling update in the major earthquake that rocked japan yesterday. you won't believe what we just learned. stay with us. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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we have an update on the top breaking news story. we see new video of the school bus that crashed yesterday killing five children in chattanooga, tennessee. you can see it there being removed from the scene. there were 37 children on board the bus. the driver has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and other charges. we will continue to monitor this story throughout the day and bring you any developments as they happen. tragic story there out of tennessee. the state department issue a travel warning as the holiday season under way. this week, government officials say isis continues to plan terror attacks all across europe. nbc correspondent ayman mohyeldin with the details. what do we know?
7:32 am
>> this is issued by the state department essentially covering the entire holiday period from november, december, january, actually, really, into late february. and they don't say there's any specific threat but believe there's enough credible threat to warrant this new warning, if you will, based on the fact isis and al qaeda continue to plan attacks throughout europe so keep in mind over the past several months, europe has seen a wave of attacks including brussels, the paris attack this time last year and the best deal celebrations in july and state department issuing this for americans and have about 2 million americans traveling over that holiday period, november, december, and january. >> it's not unique to this year. they've issued over the holidays in the past. >> yes. but a slightly different meaning this year because of the ongoing war in iraq and syria and to squeeze and destroy isis, one of the concerns that european and american officials have is that many foreign fighters flee the
7:33 am
battlefield there and come carry out attacks inside europe to really make the europeans and the americans pay for the price of this war taking place in iraq and syria. >> and there's been an arrest here in new york? >> they arrested a man, a 37-year-old man of yemeni descent, a permanent resident here in the united states all e alleging he was supporting isis and intent to join the terrorist group as well as an informer they relied on over this and accused him in supporting a terrorist attack similar with a car or truck going in the crowds during the time of the celebration saying he intended to do something similar or wanted to do something similar in times square and wanted to plow people down during the holidays so he has been arrested. his lawyers saying that he had reason to travel because that is where he's from. >> we know you'll continue to track this story. good to see you. >> thank you.
7:34 am
tensions running high in japan after an earthquake triggered evacuation warnings there. seismic experts call it an aftershock from the 2011 quake that spawned a tsunami at the fukushima plant. janice is in fukushima. how far did this latest earthquake hit and what's the latest there? >> reporter: there are still aftershocks into tonight. we felt them here off the coast of fukushima. not being jolting, that other quakes have affected japan but a good long and sustained sway. earlier today, that was magnitude 4 and revised it down to 6.9 and as you mentioned, they believe it's an aftershock of the 2011 quake. the tsunami warning was issued and waves of 4.5 feet that hit some parts of the island and no
7:35 am
injuries and little damage reported. what the quake today was in many ways was a test of warning systems, emergency broadcast by japanese television telling people to evacuate to higher ground and a test of open communication by officials, especially at the fukushima nuclear power plant. they announced the number three reactor at the dinee was knocked offline by the earthquake today. that meant about 2500 rods at risk of overheating but they were clear in saying it was back online within 90 minutes and no signs of damage. they also disclosed that they had to suspend the clean-up at the daiichi nuclear plant with 8 or 9 miles between them but thicks a things are normal. >> a piece of good news out of that. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up next, a policy
7:36 am
proposal that could bridge gap between republicans and democrats under president trump. stay with us.
7:37 am
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7:39 am
one of president-elect trump's promises is to rebuild the nation's crumbling infrastructure. it could cost up to a trillion dollars. there's a little political disagreement that the country's roads, bridges, airports, and more are in critical need of attention. the projects could bring jobs but paying for them could be the big challenge. tom costello in washington for us. good to see you. let's put this into context. how much help do our nation's roads, bridges need? how much appetite is there for an infrastructure bill? i don't thi >> i don't think there's any disagreement that the infrastructure is in bad shape. the american society grades these things and now give the infrastructure a "d plus" and it's not just potholes and not just the crumbling bridges.
7:40 am
by the way, one in nine bridges in the united states is now deemed structurally deficient and also across the country, it's locks on the nation's rivers 50 years old and older. it is airports that have been described as third world. it is across the country. the democrats, as you know, for years, for eight years, have been proposing infrastructure spending but the republicans in congress blocked it. now you've got president-elect trump talking about a major infrastructure bill so the question becomes, how do you pay for it? republicans, of course, any tax hikes and proposed something along the lines and also proposed what's called an infrastructure bank. republicans oppose that and now we hear that idea coming up with the administration. but what's really controversial, kristen, is from the republican side, from the trump side now, talk of giving the private sector incentives, tax breaks to invest in the infrastructure but also a cut of the profits. for example, a cut of the tolls on the nation's toll roads. that may work on toll roads but
7:41 am
for example, putting a high speed internet into schools is not something that you're going to get a profit off of. you're not going to get a profit off of dams, for example. a whole host of issues that the nation needs to spend money on and yet no profitable end to this. this is simply what is perceived in the past has been a responsibility of government to create the infrastructure to allow for commerce and to allow for the free movement of people. so this is where the medal is really going to hit the pedal or the road, whatever that analogy is. it's right here, right now. how are we going to pay for this kind of a massive infrastructure project and i will tell you that even once it's paid for, this is considered to be a drop in the bucket. most experts say we need to spend not $1 trillion but $2 trillion to $3 trillion because we've failed over the past 20, 30 years to put money into maintaining the infrastructure. it's a lot sexier to build a new football stadium than it is to
7:42 am
repair the highway outside of the football stadium and that's really been the problem for the last 20 or 30 years and now we're at this point where everybody agrees, we've got to do something but how do you pay for it? >> great point, tom, and i think one of the things and one of the reasons why you have a lot of bipartisan support for addressing this, not only because there's a necessity to it, but it would create jobs, right? i mean, that's part of the argument that lawmakers make. >> so then the disagreement here is, how many jobs, right? the trump-elect administration is talking about 3 million jobs and not just talking about the people who literally feel the potholes on the highways but the welders, the skilled jobs also that put together the massive bridges and we were at a welding company in wisconsin last week and they were saying, listen, we would love to triple the amount of work that we do here and our output to allow us to hire skilled people in small towns where we have facilities.
7:43 am
so as you could see, this is skilled labor jobs, blue collar jobs that are much needed in the heartland. >> tom costello, thank you for the reporting. >> you bet. >> and we'll talk about this a lot in the coming months because it's one of the few things that you have democrats and republicans looking for and saying, hey, you might be able to find bipartisan good to see you. >> you too. up next, courage in the face of fear. moments for now, undocumented immigrants are beginning a ca caravan from new york to washington. that's why. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> vowing to tackle immigration reform as a list of actions he
7:47 am
plans to take on day one. a group of dreamers planning to drive from trump tower to the white house as a part of a protest against the president-elect's hard line campaign rhetoric on immigration. here to discuss this with me, erica, a member of our revolution and the former press secretary for bernie sanders. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about this caravan of courage. it's heading to the white house. what's the message? what's the goal? what do you realistically hope to achieve? >> there's people right now mobilized across the country, especially undocumented communities. the caravan is coming from new york to washington, dc to the white house and it is not just dreamers, but also parents, it is people right now in shock when we heard that trump won. i am, you know, a dacca recipient and people in my community in the situation were
7:48 am
shocked. we were angry. we are still a bit scared but at the same time, we know that we have to resist and this caravan is really symbolizing how much we're willing to fight back and, you know, just like trump has the plan for deportations, we have a plan to resist and make sure we fight back. >> you talk about his plan for deportations and what's interesting in the video i just played, a clip of he didn't talk about deportations or building walls or talk about scaling back the dacca programs. what did you make of that? probably a little bit more complex, they require a little bit more than executive action but what do you make of the fact he didn't mention them? do you think he could potentially be considering moderating on some of the issues? >> the fact, we already have a deportation regime by obama and the worry is this machine is literally already there and really not much for trump to say, we are getting this to the
7:49 am
next level, taking it to the next step and get, you know, a lot of the people who are now in deportation proceedings, like my mother, she has a deportation order and what's keeping her here is the ability to continue to pressure and put a lot of pressure on president obama and now we have a president trump who is meeting with people like chris goelback, author of the immigrant laws and others in the country and to me, that is what worries me and a lot of people but at the same time, we have been fighting for deportations under president obama for so long and we have right now a huge community who is getting ready and making sure that we are as community members really uniting and resisting what we see coming up with donald trump. >> a quick follow-up about chris kohback, he was spotted meeting with president-elect trump over the weekend and a photographer captured a document in his hand.
7:50 am
potentially up for a secretary of homeland security and it talked about extreme vetting. and zero tolerance for intake of syrian refugees. what did you make of that when you saw that document? what's yur reaction? >> to me, this is an attempt to pushback for someone like coeback and don't know him. it's not a name that's common to the american people but he has with been the author of so many laws, like in arizona. actually empowered the police just for if you looked undocumented and to me right mow, again, the immigrant community, the muslim community, lgbt community, who are basically the most vulnerable, we need to get together, we need to really unite and figure out how to be not just only pushing back but also figuring out how we can resist everything we see
7:51 am
coming. >> quickly before i let you go, have you reached out to the trump transition team directly to make these arguments to his team? >> i have not. and i know, it's really tough. i don't know if they would want to hear from an undocumented won, a mexican woman. they haven't, the entire rhetoric they used in the campaign doesn't necessarily open for us to feel safe going up to them and talking about this. >> erica, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. we want to go overseas to the major offense taking place in mosul from isis in iraq, iraq's foreign minister said progress has been slow because isis is using civilians as human shields. iraq said 1700 isis fighters have been killed in the offensive so far. lu lu lucy cavanaugh, thank you for bringing this tremendous
7:52 am
reporting. what did you witness there? what's the latest? >> reporter: they fear it's not the last harrowing scenes this morning, families and soldiers pouring in from the battlefield. almost no medical care in sight of the city of mosul. isis controls the hospitals there except for the one facility we had a chance to visit. let's take a look. inside mosul, the battle is raging but the hospital, civilians and soldiers are fighting for their lives. this is the only hospital that is outside of isis controlled territory. it used to be a small clinic just a hundred beds and now a front line facility treating with the worst wounds that war can cause to a human body. we're talking gunfire, injuries from mortars, booby traps and car bombs, isis favorite. and civilians increasingly starting to arrive. their numbers growing higher and
7:53 am
higher, the doctors say, we don't have the exact numbers of civilians wounded. the authorities don't release those but the u.n. said those casualties are rising and that both the government and aid agencies are overwhelmed. kristen, we saw just how overwhelmed they were. this facility is important because this has the only fully functioning oerperating room in the entire province that houses mosul but the doctors say they are understaffed and need more trained trauma surgeons and need more blood for infusions and they need more supplies. people were saying even in the liberated areas, they're still facing mortar strikes from isis. that's most of the injuries we saw today and of course, the soldiers coming in for treatment. they need all the help they can get too. >> lucy, thank you for bringing us that critical story from iraq. be careful out there. thank you. well, ellen degeneres, tom hanks, bruce springsteen, three of 21 americans about to receive
7:54 am
the highest civilian honor at the white house today. we have a full preview coming up from the white house but first, another hillary clinton sooiighg at a bookstore in westerly, rhode island, over the weekend. an employee posted this picture on her facebook page and wished the clintons a good future and loads of good books, interesting reading. that would be great for all of us. we'll be right back. small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community
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and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. in just a few hours at the white house and for the final time of his presidency, president obama will reward the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. 21 people from all walks of life recognized for the white house calls exceptional contribution to the national interest. let's get the latest from the white house and my friend and colleague chris jansing. so chris, you lucked out today with the assignment. i think that is the ticket today. >> reporter: i think you're right and as you know, because
7:58 am
you spent so much time at the white house, there's lots of big events and people come here to perform or they come to a state dinner. but this concentration of this many famous people in this many different fields maybe as rarely happened before, you can see i'm standing in front of the west wing, the guard is there which means the president is in the oval office with several hours from now, he'll be taking the walk to the other side of the white house to the east room where so many iconic things have happened and he is going to be awarding these medals. look. 21 people and i'm guessing you probably recognize at least a dozen of them or more. the concentration of people and they are, this clip. so impressive from oscar and tony winners, robert de nero, robert redford, lauren michaels. the show very much in the news right now. diana ross, bruce springsteen
7:59 am
and often, these awards which, by the way, are given out by the president at his discretion reflect who he is and so it's not surprising for his last one, a few sports figures there and two of them, two of the most iconic names in basketball, of course, the president likes not only to watch but to play. michael jordan and kareem abdul jabar and vince scully, legendary broadcaster. big deal. not are all 21 led into the east room, but the president, the vice president, the first lady, all going to be there and you can bet, kristen, you've been in that room when there aren't a lot of people. it's going to be jam packed for his alalast awarding. >> get your selfie stick out. i can't wait to talk to you about it. it's going to be incredible. good to see you. that wraps up this hour of
8:00 am
"msnbc live." tamron hall joins me now. >> great to see yo thank you so much. hello right now on msnbc, developing this hour, charges against the tennessee school bus driver behind the wheel of this deadly crash. five elementary school children killed, has grieving parents waiting for authorities to get them more information and already breaking promises? donald trump outlines the policies for his first 100 days but there's no wall, no plan to deport immigrants and no plan to repeal obamacare. a source telling "morning joe" that trump will not pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. trump reportedly saying now, quote, she's been through enough. and the new video shows what's inside this white nationalist meeting. what happened inside the meeting, roland martin spoke to the leader behind this group's meeting and talked to roland about what he learned live. i'm tamn


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