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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that's a little shift from earlier this hour. we'll see where you end up next hour. it's open for a little bit longer. that does it for us on this hour of msnbc. right now more news with my colleague katy tur in for thomas roberts in new york. lots of news coming out of that "new york times" meeting. >> it is, and still ongoing. breaking news on msnbc live right now. the trump transition. the president-elect visits "the new york times." reporters now live tweeting from inside that meeting. also this hour, a tragic story out of tennessee. five children killed. dozens more injured in a school bus crash. the bus driver under arrest right now. what the investigation has revealed so far. and then a travel warning from the state department. what you need to know if you're traveling abroad this holiday season. but we begin with that breaking news on the president-elect. donald trump inside "the new york times" building right now. you can see so many people gathered around to see him as he exits. a meeting that was initially canceled this morning, but back on for this afternoon.
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right now, reporters inside that meeting are live tweeting the conversation as it happens. among what we've heard so far, trump telling "the new york times" that he was treated unfairly during the campaign but would like to improve the relationship. also saying he does not want to investigate hillary clinton. "new york times" reporter maggie haberman tweeting, he wants to move on and move forward. if you're not looking at maggie haberman's twitter timeline, you're missing out but we're here to fill you in. yell o'donnell and hallie jackson join me from washington. kelly, let's start with you because donald trump did talk and touch on this conflict of interest telling the reporters in the room, in theory, i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. there's nemp been a case like this. he says despite that theory he will tirn the company over to his children. does this signal to you that donald trump knows he has to
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sever ties? >> reporter: what is so interesting about this moment is we are getting what is effectively a first president-elect news conference via twitter with one news organization at this heed quarters. that's extraordinary. >> does that count as a news conference? >> reporter: what i mean by that is it's questions and answers on the record, so this is the first time we're hearing lengthy comments from the president-elect about issues that are pressing. that's very notable. and it is also striking that it is coming out through his, presumably favorite form of xhukdz communication, which is twitter, through the accounts of some of our colleagues who work at "the new york times," who are getting this close-up look. on these issues it clearly suggests a few things. this is a donald trump who is different than the candidate donald trump. he wants to repair his relationship with the press. you maybe more than anyone were on the receiving end of his insults towards the press writ large. now in a room at the most -- at
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the great ladies' headquarters he's there saying he wants a better relationship with the media. that's striking. to talk about the fact that his business dealings need to be transparent that the country would accept his children are running it and he's rining the country. there's a lot of work that needs to be done to bring transparency to it. but he's acknowledging what's out there, which is notable. simpbs the election he's been working behind the scenes working to erect everything to run a federal government, a huge task. now he's kind of going out to a wider level, talking about promises from the campaign that are no longer suitable, talking about his relationships with an institution as big and at times as contentious with him as the press. >> and we are getting a bit of a glimpse into how is he thinking right now, how he's looking to run things. i stress just a glimpse because
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we're really only getting this through a twitter feed. but on his business conflicts he mentions the president cannot have a conflict of interest because the law is on his side, legally, at least, even though most people in that position, presidents, go out of their way to absolve themselves of any questions that might challenge them throughout their presidency. >> reporter: typically you can't sue a sitting president, which is what i think he's referring to there. >> yeah, he is. >> reporter: we provide kind of an immunity while a president is in office so they can't be caught up in endless litigation, which is something he certainly had as a business head. >> yeah, there's questioning surrounding the emolument close and whether donald trump could potentially be violating that clause saying you can't take gifts or money from foreign governments. let's move on. let's talk about donald trump telling "the new york times" and us learning through sources that he has no intention of prosecuting hillary clinton for
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her ties to the clinton foundation also her ties to the e-mail. he talked about this a lot on the campaign trail. lock her up was a chant we heard throughout it. at many ral lis, many times during the rallies. do you think his supporters, hallie, are going to hold him to the promise he made or will they understand he's moving on from it? >> listen, i think that when donald trump, when the president-elect talks about him believing that his supporters will also move on, i think he is probably right. and that is based on the reporting we have done over the last 18 months of this campaign. looking at those who do back donald trump, who do back the president-elect, who have been willing to look past any shift on policy or on pledges. so, there's no reason to think, at least at this early point, remember, this news broke only this morning, that that is going to change moving forward. we will find that out. that is something that's going to be continue to be fleshed out, particularly as we look at that lobby of "the new york times," which is the
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president-elect speaking publicly and speaking publicly in a substantial way, right? making substantial policy remarks and not simply as we saw this weekend bringing people out to bed minimminster. that's something we'll hear in the coming days. i think it's worth noting, too, that president-elect trump at this point is not simply as he was during the general election looking to animate the base of support that he already had, but is looking, as he has talked about, to represent all americans. that's something you heard him talk about. that's something you heard his campaign manager talking about as well. >> we are just learning a little more about what he's saying. he says he's seriously considering james mattis for department of defense. he's also saying he's surprised james "mad dog" mattis did not support waterboarding. surprised he did not favor it. right after that tweeting -- or telling the reporters of "the new york times" about his commitment to the first amendment, the amendment that
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allows a free press to operate in the country. then he said, quote, i think you will be happy. so, stay tuned to maggie haberman's twitter feed and to us here at msnbc. hallie jackson, kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. breaking news out of tennessee. families beginning to identify the children who lost their lives in monday's car crash. this as the entire city struggles with the aftermath of this unthinkable tragedy. today the bus involved in the fatal accident was removed from the scene. right now an investigation is under way into what caused it. that claim that -- that caused the tragedy that claimed the lives of five children and injured 30 more. authorities revealing the bus's black box could provide answers. and speed also being eyed as a factor in the collision. according to an arrest affidavit, the bus driver was going faster than the 30-mile-an-hour limit just before the crash. 24-year-old johnthony walker was arrested on five counts of
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vehicular homicide and reckless driving. i understand you just got driver's record? >> reporter: yes, that is correct. we've just gotten his driving record from the tennessee department of safety. just in september of this year, there is a citation for property damage accident. and then in 2013 a citation for failing to show proof of insurance, katy. that's what we know right now. we also know this 24-year-old bus driver received a blood and alcohol test. we don't know what the results of that test were. but as you mentioned in your intro, speed played a part here. that is mentioned in the affidavit. and he was going down this road, tally road, at a high speed. more than the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit. as you can see, this is a very narrow road, a winding road. just less than a mile from
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woodmoor elementary school. as you can see, the debris has been cleaned up. this is where that bus trashed into two trees and a telephone pole. i did ask locals here -- officials from public works cleaning up the debris if there had been other accidents in this road lately, in this community. they said no. that's something we're also looking into. at 4:30 p.m. ntsb will hold a press conference and update as to the latest information. we will, of course, keep you here updated on msnbc. >> we're just two days out until thanksgiving. this would be hard no matter the season, but can you tell me a little about how the community is coping with this tragedy right now? >> reporter: i struggled, i have to admit, as we walked up to that school today and just watched parents and grandparents dropping off their children. as we watched pastors also consoling the families and holding prayer services inside
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woodmoor elementary. the people who run the elementary school telling us they decided to keep the school open to give the other children some sense of normalcy. but we even spoke to a mom today who said she was struggling to explain to her 6-year-old what happened because he lost a classmate after yesterday's tragic accident. a classmate who sat next to him during the regular school year. so, as you can imagine, these kids, 37 of them who got on this bus a day before they were going to go on thanksgiving break, you know, they just have a nightmarish memory at this point of this holiday this year. >> unthinkable. mariana in chattanooga, tennessee, thank you so much. we'll take you back to "the new york times." reroll some video. this is donald trump leaving "the new york times." you can see he's shaking hands with some of the security personnel there. and leaving and will be going
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back to trump tower. later on today he's expected to head down to mar-a-lago, where he'll be spending his thanksgiving. this was a good, long meeting he had with the "new york times," which he's had, let's put it, a contentious relationship with for a good long time for -- for a good portion of time. you can hear people cheering inside that room right now as he leaves, gives everybody a thumbs up. in that meeting, so far what we know, is that he not only spoke about some of his cabinet appointments, james mattis for department of defense, and he also spoke about syria, saying we need to solve that problem, but says he also has a different view than everybody else. unclear exactly what that view is. he did also say he doesn't want to be a nation-builder. talked about the u.s.'s role in the world. a number of issues going over -- donald trump going over with "new york times" reporters.
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i want to bring hallie jackson back in, who's been following this alongside me. hallie, give me a sense from your readout, and i know we're only getting this from a twitter feed, and this is like the least ideal -- >> two twitter feeds. >> two. the least ideal way to get information about the president-elect, but what so far is sticking out to you? and are we seeing anything that flies in the face of any campaign promises that donald trump has made other than the hillary clinton stuff? >> here's a couple things i have as notable. one is the topic that's subject of much discussion, which is how he splits his business, basically, with his presidential dealings. this conflict of interest question. notably that trump himself apparently said to "the new york times," this is the president-elect, according to some "new york times" reporters who are tweeting this, that he is, as he points out, the president is exempt from the law, which the president is not exempt -- or is exempt from
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conflict of interest in this country but talking about it so openly, saying in theory he could do both. i think it's interesting and notable. the other notable series of tweets that i think came out earlier in the afternoon, during the last hour of msnbc, was his discussion about the alt-right movement. as you know, this is a conservative extremist movement with ties to white nationalism. there was a conference of the alt-right movement here in washington led by richard spencer. the president-elect was asked about that conference specifically and directly, because we had heard from his transition staff previously, a spokesman saying the president-elect denounces racism, but the president-elect himself in response to a question said, i disavow, i renounce that support, and i disavow members of that movement, which i think is certainly notable given the conversation that we have been having on this network, other networks, about white nationalism, about the alt-right, about the hate crimes that have come out, according to
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the southern poverty law center, since election night. one other thing i want to point out is an interesting nugget, which is his discussion openly in this "new york times" meeting, according to these reporters, about his meeting with president obama in the oval office and the conversations they have had since then. remember, this is a person, the president-elect, spent years working to essentially try to delegitimize president obama's actual presidency. now having conversations with him after that sitdown. just in the last couple of weeks. the white house confirming that the president and president-elect have spoken at least once since that meeting. and you heard president-elect trump say some complimentary things about president obama. so, lots of threads to follow here this afternoon. i'm sure we'll be hearing more from "the times." >> absolutely you'll be hearing more from us here at msnbc. we'll touch back on this a little later. one very interesting note we are just getting in, he did say he would love to be the one who made peace with israel and palestinians. that would be such a great achievement. he also mentioned tim cook from
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apple called him, which is interesting because he said repeatedly in the campaign trail that he was going to try and force apple to manufacture their iphones here in the united states. hallie jackson, thank you so much for joining me. i know that the washington, d.c., bureau, has a fire alarm practice scheduled, so i know you have to leave. get outside for that. next, though, we're going to go to travel and terror. what you need to know if you're heading across the pond for the holiday weekend. federal officials sounding off about the state of your safety overseas. later, we take you to iraq where the battle for mosul is intensifying as doctors do all they can to help civilians caught in the cross-fire.
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of tennessee. five children killed, dozens more injured in a school bus
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crash. the bus driver under arrest. joining me now from chattanooga, mayor andy burke. we know at least 30 children were injured in that crash. is there an update you can give us on all they are all doing? >> i was althout the hospital er today. it was great to see some of the kids walking around, playing in the playrooms. certainly, there are a number of children who are in very serious condition. i saw them as well. and, you know, many of them are going to take quite a bit of time for some serious rehabilitation. >> and what is the city doing to help the parents? >> well, we are trying to engage on all kinds of fronts, from reaching out to them directly. we have counselors everywhere, at the school, at our rec centers, kind of reaching out to people. in addition, we've set up a
11:20 am
website at where people can donate. we've seen a tremendous amount of traffic. just people really wanting to donate and to help the many, many families who need it. >> we're look at some pretty horrifying images of this bus as it was taken away from the scene and it being wrapped around a tree, just mangled. what can you tell me about the driver and what happened in the moments leading up to this crash? what do you know so far? >> well, we don't know much more than we've said publicly. i'm not going to talk about the details of the case. i think that's for the police to talk about. the ntsb landed earlier today. i've spoken with them. they're going to be doing a thorough analysis. this is a straight stretch of road.
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there is not a lot of distance between this and the school, and, got out there very quickly after the incident yesterday, and it was -- when you see where the bus was located, it just -- it just is awful to think about how it got from that straight stretch of road to where it ended up. talk to me a little about the kids who are getting on school buses today, who will be getting on school buses tomorrow, and next week. how do you assure the parents of those children and the children themselves that they're going to be safe as they try to get to school? >> well, this takes an entire community to deal with. you know, i've bony been there for a number of years. it was hard for me to comprehend the magnitude of what was going on yesterday. saw a lot of parents and kids
11:22 am
with blank stares trying to comprehend what had occurred. for all of us, this is not going to be a quick process and we have to figure out how we can come together as a community and support those who need our help. >> trying to comprehend the incomprehensib incomprehensible. chattanooga mayor andy berke, thank you. >> thank you. the feds giving everyone a heads up about your safety across the pond. what you need to know next. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. institute state department issued a travel warning to americans traveling to europe this holiday season. it urges travelers to avoid large crowds and be cautious at tourist sites and outdoor markets.
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hans, what tryiiggered this warning? >> reporter: credible evidence that they continue to plan attacks in europe with the holidays. an issue and advisory put out by the state department. later down in the statement they do mention that there have been some disruptions of plots. just to give you a little background, on sunday, french authorities made seven arrest. just today in germany, there were three arrests e potentially linked to terrorism. three syrian-german nationals. that's what we know on the international front. it's been very clear just when i was in paris with secretary carter, they're concerned about what isis does as it loses territory in the middle east. is it going to try to get headline attacks in europe. >> we're hoping you can help us out with another topic. donald trump was just at "the new york times" talking about how he will lead. he mentioned james mattis, the retired marine corps general who he's considering for the department of defense. he said he was surprised that mattis did not favor waterboarding.
11:27 am
is this something that donald trump should be surprised by? >> reporter: well, if donald trump's criteria for secretary of defense, if the litmus test is someone supporting waterboarding, he's going to have a difficult time filling that position. you look at the entire military brass, folks like john mccain, it's actually u.s. law against waterboarding now. it seems to me that there's been a sea change in the last seven, eight years where you don't find many people in the national security community that think waterboarding, a, is something morally acceptable, and, b, is something that actually works. now,there are holdouts. richard cheney, former vice president, very clear he he thought waterboarding saved lives. there does seem, though, to have been a shift. if that's his criteria, trump may have a difficult time finding someone. mattis is on that page. michael flynn, who will occupy the corner office here for the national security adviser, he came out, he said he was opposed to waterboarding. so, it's interesting that trump is still mentioning this. to what extent trump is being forced to answer this question
11:28 am
by reporters and whether or not it's something he truly believes, that's something that we don't know. but i don't -- i suspect that our next secretary of defense will be on record being opposed to this practice. >> well, donald trump brought it up repeatedly on the campaign trail, saying he did believe in waterboarding, saying he believed it worked and saying that he would do that and worse. >> reporter: yeah, it's clear that donald trump thought that that spoke to a certain public and a certain section of the american public that wanted to get tougher on terrorism. what you may see to counter that is you may see some people like mattis who have had some strong things to say about fighting isis, same with general flynn. they could have some hot rhetoric in other areas where on the waterboarding issue they may be a little more silent. in some ways you can take a lot of what trump was saying during the campaign, stoking up his base, throwing this red meat, america doesn't win anymore. again, this is the interesting thing about these next couple weeks. to what extent will candidate trump be president trump?
11:29 am
on hillary clinton today, for example, we've already seen a clear shift. the lock her up, the absolutely you'd be in jail, that's been replaced by, i don't think we'll prosecute her. >> big question, who is the president going to be if he's not going to be the guy that we saw campaigning for the last 16, 17 months? hans nichols, thank you so much. today's microsoft pulse question is, trump released a video laying out plans for his first 100 days but he doesn't mention building a wall or repealing obamacare. is he breaking his promises? so far head over to and let your voice be heard. 92% say yes, 8% say no. the so-called alt-right once again front and center of the political debate after white nationalists hail donald trump's win at a conference in washington. could and should the president-elect do more to denounce these voices? the head of the southern poverty law center joins me next. world ugly and messy.
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i'm katy tur at msnbc world headquarters in new york with a look at some stories we're following this hour. the city of chattanooga tennessee in mourning after five kids were killed in a school bus crash. the driver now in bars. the bus which was wrapped around a tree removed from the crash today. in all 37 children, ranging from kindergarten, 12 remain hospitalized, six are in the icu. the driver 24-year-old johnthony walker faces vehicular homicide and several other charges. authorities say he was driving well above the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit when things toog a horrifying turn. in northern japan they are waiting for potential aftershocks. cameras caught swaying after it struck off the coast of
11:34 am
fukushima. the quake is believed to be an aftershock from the resulting tsunami from 2011 that killed some 18,000 people. this time around only a dozen were hurt. although a tsunami warning was also triggered and cell phones were rolling as the waves arrived on land, it wasn't nearly as bad. the big fear, the fukushima nuclear plant which leaked radiation back in 2011, but thankfully officials say it does not appear the plant was greatly affected. in about 20 minutes, the last medal of freedom ceremony for the obama administration. the president set to reward medals to a long list of big names, including ellen, tom hanks, michael jordan and "snl" creator loren michaels. when the ceremony begins, we'll bring it to you live. we to want get back to this afternoon's breaking news. president-elect trump back at trump tower. he just wrapped up a meeting at "the new york times" earlier this hour. the president-elect discussed everything from his relationship with the paper to his possible cabinet picks.
11:35 am
nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins me from washington. mark, sometimes my brain moves faster than my mouth. i hope you understand. >> same here, katy. >> lots of interesting live tweets coming out from the reporters at "the new york times." a suggestion that jared kushner could be a player in middle east peace talks even. tell me about what struck out to you. >> well, i thought it was fascinating. of course, we were getting live tweets from "new york times" reporters, including maggie haberman who was almost giving a word for word of what donald trump ended up saying. some things that struck me that donald trump seemed to actually be open to some type of implementation of the paris climate deal, where he wasn't as kind of categorically against as i think he was on the campaign trail. i was also struck -- he was asked questions about some white nationalists who were in washington, d.c. and elsewhere. donald trump, one, said he disavowed them and, two, he
11:36 am
wanted to see why they had been so energized to get to the bottom of that. really what struck me the most out of everything is when "the new york times" reporters asked him about the conflicts of interest that we have been reporting on for the last couple of days, donald trump ended up saying that, you know, as president, there are no conflicts of interest and that the law necessarily would not apply to him. to me that actually stands out the most. >> just dismissing it all together, it seems. just wiping it off his shoulders. >> absolutely. and, you know, in some ways if this all goes down -- this is not someone who seems to be ready to liquidate his business interests and assets. and so if that is the case, and he holds onto all of these business interests, katy, this is maybe going to be one of the most enduring stories over the next four years, are his business ties and is he doing everything that is benefiting him and his family. >> yeah. the traditional restrictions certainly didn't apply to him on the campaign trail.
11:37 am
the traditional norms, the rules, the trappings of politics. are we getting a sense that donald trump believes they aren't going to apply to him as the president as well? >> well, you know him so well. and i do think we've seen a very emboldened donald trump after his victory. of course, it was just two weeks ago that he ended up winning the presidential race and kind of a very surprising fashion. and i think when you not basically abiding by the rules, when you are a presidential candidate, you don't release your taxes, you don't have a protective pool, you go after your enemies and you end up winning, you're very embolden to keep that still going on as you approach getting into the white house on january 20th, 2017. >> quickly, mark, we are hearing reince priebus was the one that initially erroneously told donald trump that the conditions surrounding this meeting, the rules of this meeting changed and that's why donald trump went out and said that he had canceled this meeting in hopes that donald trump would cancel the meeting. it's back on.
11:38 am
"the new york times" reporting saying they were basically worried what donald trump would say to reporters, saying he wasn't quite ready to talk to reporters. what does it say to you that the president-elect, there was worry behind the scenes that he might commit to something that he should not be committing to this early on? >> well, it's one of the dangers of sometimes tweeting when you don't have all the facts or you actually have some wrong facts. but as you mentioned, "the new york times" reported that incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus ended up saying "the new york times" had changed the rules on today's interview. "the times" said, of course, this was always supposed to be on the record, nothing changed and donald trump went to the meeting after all. you look at the totality of it, no harm, no foul. are you right in some ways in which you have a president-elect who's getting information, tweeting about it, it might end up being wrong, could be problematic in the days and months ahead. >> one last question to you, mark. if he's walking back his
11:39 am
position on the pair climate deal, he's not talking about repealing and replacing obamacare, he did not mention the wall in that video s there a sense that we don't really know who the country has just elected in terms of the policies that he stands for, the policies that he will enact? are we finding that pretty much everything he said on the campaign trail, lock her up, put hillary clinton in prison, is something that's negotiable right now? >> well, of course. remember, donald trump was always the presidential candidate that said everything is negotiable. of course, was never really hard and fast on any policy issues. i think the point you're bringing up on some of the key components where he was entirely consistent, whether it was building the wall, whether it was rescinding president obama's executive actions on immigration, and, of course, when it comes to hillary clinton, even on those matters that he was entirely consistent on, that he's walking some of that stuff back is pretty jaw-dropping. >> nbc's mark murray in
11:40 am
washington. thank you. joining me now is president and ceo of the southern poverty law center, richard cohen. donald trump said the alt-right is not a group he wants to energize and does not believe his candidacy did energize them. what would you point to as the new breadth of momentum is into this movement if donald trump says it wasn't him? >> look, he's been slow to disavow these folks and feigning ignorance about the white supportists. first, he says he doesn't know who david duke is. now he says he has no idea why the alt-right people are supporting him. it's obvious. you know, he's been singing their song ever since he came down that escalator at trump tower. he's been talking about banning muslims. he's been talking about deporting millions and millions of people. those things are music to the ears of the white supremacists. you know, there's -- can't take donald trump seriously when he says he doesn't know why he's
11:41 am
energizing them. >> well, what would donald trump need to do to satisfy you and your organization and convince americans that he's not a racist and rejects this movement of white nationalism? >> well, first, i think he needs to speak out a whole lot more forcefully and talk about it in a series of speeches, rejecting bigotry and all of its forms. then his walk has to mimic his talk. you know, he can't, you know, bring in people like steve bannon into the white house and at the same time he wants to heal the wounds of division. those two things are just contradictory. >> well, he said that -- if he he thought steve bannon was a racist or a member of the so-called alt-right, which many people say is just a nice word for white supremacists, he wouldn't even think about hiring him. do you believe donald trump when he says something like that? >> well, i think that mr. trump may be putting expediency over principles. obviously, mr. bannon helped him win the white house. and i suppose he's loyal. i think it's hard not to
11:42 am
understand where mr. bannon comes from. after all, he's the one who says that breitbart under him was the platform for the alt-right. there's no mystery what the man believes or what he's promoted, rather. >> let's talk about a video that came out yesterday in "the atlantic," how worried are you trump's election has emboldened groups like -- that show members giving a salute and saying, hail trump. how do you feel about people feeling comfortable enough to do that at the reagan center, in washington, d.c.? >> i think it's a real dangerous development. you know, white supremacists have been on the march begins of our society and now they're marching to the mainstream. and, you know, i think anyone could see this coming. they've been celebrating his victory ever since two weeks ago on tuesday. we've seen this big rash of ugly hate incidents committed in his name, so, you know, i think
11:43 am
it's -- we're at a tough time in our country because of that. >> richard cohen, president and ceo of the southern poverty law center. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. as we told you earlier, frl officials warning americans about the threat of terror attacks in europe over the holiday weekend. but what about here at home? we'll take you here to new york city and tell you about the thanksgiving day parade coming up. ot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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back to your security this holiday season. there's a warning for travelers heading to europe. there's also a warning across the u.s. and at public events and places. joining me is manny gomez, former new york city police officer and now the president of a security firm. man y let's talk specifically about here in new york city. we have the thanksgiving day parade coming up on thursday. there's always been a threat of an isis terror attack here from an isis magazine. what is the city doing to keep parade-goers safe? >> well, let's first understand. this isn't the first time that
11:47 am
isis and other terrorist organizations have threatened to do a terrorist attack on the parade. the nypd have been prepared for this. they've always been pro-active since 9/11. they're just putting in more resources. more dump truck fus full of san more undercover officers, more dogs. nypd aviation will be over the air, over the parade, seeing if there's any weird traffic patterns going on or any out of a truck that seems to be heading towards the parade. the nypd, over 30,000 strong. they've been doing this for decades. they just get better and better at doing it. >> they've been doing for decades. has anything changed in the past year that has changed what they are on the lookout for? we saw the truck attack in nice, france, last summer. the man who mowed down a number of parade-goers, fireworks goers
11:48 am
for bastille day. was that always on the radar or something new to the public? >> no, as far as the nypd in new york city, that has been on the radar. if you look at the pattern of the parade, you see a lot of concrete blocks. you see a lot of frozen zones where vehicles are not supposed to be. if they are, they get towed. and now this year, you're going to see a lot more blocking cars and the zone, the frozen zone, is going to be larger in order to avoid a potential stray truck that may be planning an attack. >> how do you balance the security with people having access and wanting to have fun? it's a tricky thing to do. >> it is. but nobody does it better than the nypd. we have the largest fireworks show on fourth of july. we have the new year's eve event, which is a million people in times square, in penns, and the u.n. general assembly, which you usually have 200 heads of state that come here every year. so, they know how to do it and
11:49 am
i'm sure everybody is going to be safe this year as well. >> nobody does it better than the nypd. spoken like a true former nypd officer himself. thank you, manny gomez. happy thanksgiving. >> likewise to you and yours. in washington, president obama is just moments away from hosting his final medal of freedom ceremony at the white house. when the president and first lady walk out, we'll bring it to you live on nbc. can you see chris jansing in the corner. she's waiting as well. first, an update on today's microsoft pulse question. trump released a video laying out his plans for his first 100 days but he doesn't mention building a wall or repealing obamacare. do you think is he breaking his promises? 94% of you say yes, 6 % say no. quite a big gap between those two numbers. there's still time to weigh in, though. go to to let your voice be heard. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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a live look at the east room in the white house where any moment president obama will dole out the nation's highest civilian honor for the final time. we've been doing a little snooping in there to find out who's inside. so far we've seen the illinois senator, also susan rice, john kerry, secretary of state, and the senator from delaware, chris kuhns. president obama will honor 21 americans for what he calls intepgsal contributions to america. chris jansing joins me. earlier we saw the top of your head. by the end of the ceremony the president will set the record for most medals of freedom awarded by any u.s. leader. chris, tell me about what we are expecting to see, why he's chosen ellen and tom hanks and our own snl's loren michaels. >> reporter: it's a diverse crowd and these 21 people who he meyers and thinks he does great
11:54 am
things for the country. you were mentioning the number of people here. first, the immediate, yeah i've never seen anything like this in the east room nor the number of people who wanted to be here. it's the hottest ticket in town. you said delaware senator chris kuhns. here he is. who did you come to see today? >> tom hanks, bruce springsteen, bill and melinda gates, michael jordan. it's hard to say just one. these are people who have made a remarkable impression on me, athletes, musicians, performers, philanthropists, also great inventors and folks who played a big role in american history. it's an amazing day. this is the last time president obama will be doing the presidential medal of freedom and i couldn't miss it. >> reporter: this is the last big event like this we'll see from the president and a number of people have told me they're melancholy from it. a few people who will be receiving the awards, like tom hanks, have suggested that there
11:55 am
is a little bit of melancholy because he said if given a chance, he would vote for barack obama for a third term. you'll see the president, vice president, mrs. obama will be here as well. you'll see all the resip yepts coming in in alphabetical order. it's heavy on the arts, you mentioned tom hanks, ellen, robert de niro, robert redford, sicily tyson, diana ross, bruce springsteen. this is reflecting the end of his term, what does the president love? basketball. kareem abdul-jabbar, vin scully, the great broadcaster. i want to show you quickly some of the folks gathering together waiting for this event. of course, they did the mannequin challenge. it was tweeted by ellen degeneres who had a little trouble getting in. she didn't have an i.d. no matter how famous you are with the secret service, that's not okay. eventually she got in.
11:56 am
>> i like that suit she's wearing. >> reporter: that plaid suit, it's nice. >> remember, always bring your i.d. if you're going to the white house, even if your name is just one name, like ellen. chris jansing at the white house, thank you so much. we'll keep an eye on the east room of the white house and bring you that medal of freedom ceremony when it starts. but that is all for me so far. well, almost all. we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ and i thought, well, you need to go to the doctor.
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. for this hour. i'm katy tur in today for thomas roberts. kate snow picks things up right now. hi, kate. >> hi, great to see you. hi, everybody, i'm kate snow. here are the top stories this hour. the top three. any moment president obama will begin today's medal of freedom ceremony. that's the highest civilian honor. check out some of these names. it's a who's who of philanthropists, public
12:00 pm
servants, sports stars, entertainers. we'll carry the star-studded event when it starts live. the search for the cause of a horrific school bus crash that killed five children. speed and alcohol being investigated. this afternoon donald trump's on again/off again with the "new york times," both cheers and boos as he left a short time ago. well, trust me, there were cheers and boos. "times" reporters were tweeting during the whole thing. trump said, in theory, i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. there's never been a case like this. as we mentioned, the top story, any moment now president obama hosting his final ceremony for the medal of freedom. he's set to award 21 people with medals today. that sets the record, by the way, for the most medals of freedom ever awarded during a presidency. chris jansing joins us now from inside the east room of the white house. chris, i wisi


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