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tv   Lockup Santa Rosa - Extended Stay  MSNBC  November 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. if you got your hands in your pockets, you're wrong. if you got your hands in your jacket you're wrong. >> the prison takes on a military style, both for the inmates. and the officers. >> do you know how your
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structure's set up? >> yeah. >> can you tell me? >> a gang unit investigation turns up the heat on a pair of cellmates before one turns on the other. >> right now i'm pissed off. because of him. >> and with the personal cameras we provide them, inmates share intimate thoughts in the privacy of their cells. >> one, two, three, four. one, two, three, four, hoo! rnlt located on the florida panhandle, pensacola is home to the naval stagttion and home to the legendary blue angels.
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35 miles away, a military cadence pierces an otherwise quiet morning. >> up in the morning with the break of dawn! >> we are better men standing strong! >> the marchers have all served time in the military. but now they're serving time at the santa rosa the of the maximum prison in the state of florida. >> don't come back in these blues! >> don't come back in these blues! >> these inmates are receiving extensive programming specific for veterans that will assist them upon their release from the department of corrections into society. >> doing a good job. >> thank you, sir. >> the goal of santa rosa's veteran's program is to return sense of honor and
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responsibility to former service men whose lives have gotten off track. the veterans selected for the program, some of whom date back to vietnam must have clean disciplinary records and upcoming release dates. >> report! >> we represent the color guard for the annex. we're responsible for the flag. >> prepare to raise the flag. >> the flagpole that we have, it doesn't have a string on it, security reasons. the mirror that's behind, it's pretty much sums up what you would see the the the the if you watch us put the flag up. we take the poll down, put the flag to it. and when the flag is going back up, it's just at a certain stage that you're actually looking at this. it brings back memories from
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better days. >> order! forward! left, one, two, three, four, left, right, left. >> while these inmates were once warriors, staff must meet the challenge of meeting a very different fighting force. >> in the last decade we've had an increase in gang-related offenses. we have a the program win eathi each institution. and we dekeep up and monitor th gang activity that allows us to take actions against those gang members. >> the officers night and
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demores. >> we go down there, these inmates may call out our names. knight's here, demores's here. or they'll yell whoop, you can hear the toilets flushing, flushing down the razor blades, drugs. they don't want us to find them. our next target, we're going to ease over to delta dorm. we have a the bobby, a potential blood, and his roommate. >> we're going to find some gang affiliation with them, document them, update his photographs. >> today's targeted inmates are alfredo the momoreno.
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the cellmates are held in nearby shower cells whe while they ins their cell. >> they cover it with toilet paper and toothpaste and dirt. anything could be a hole. you can find marijuana and shanks all in one hold. >> they are currently in the the clo wing for inmates with disciplinary issues. >> fighting, [ bleep ].
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>> sandier is suspected of being a member of the bloods. and some the items have been found in his possession. >> 031 is one of the blood codes. stop snitchin', we've got a picture that shows worldwide domination of the bloods throughout. >> moreno is known to be part of a prison gang. they would like to find evidence of how active he is or if he has any other affiliations. >> i'm looking forward to see if the mattress has been altered. they're notorious for cutting a hole anywhere, stuffing it with contraband and sew their contraband back uh in their mattress.
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>> do have a spot. that just shows you right there. take this one out. this came off the bottom, right? >> right. >> most likely, it's going to be batteries. in this case, it's going to be a cigarette lighter, which is an indication we're probably going to find some tobacco in this guy's room. >> having a lighter is already a rule violation, but with moreno's past history, it could have even more serious consequences. coming up. >> i ask questions, you don't answer? >> no. >> staff interrogate alfredoed mo moreno and take their search for contraband to the next level. g .
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i look like death warmed
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over. with the beard. everything. i actually look like i'm about 50 years old, which i am. back to the outside world. i like to look out my window a lot. there's a helicopter school close to here for the coast guard and a lot of really cool helicopters fly over. i like to see that. but this is the most security-conscious place i've ever seen in my life. they do not [ bleep ] around on security here. ♪ >> housing some of florida's most dang rusz inmates, the of santa rosa institution operates under strict guidelines, much like the military bases in pensacola. those even extend to haircuts. >> it has to be one limit, cannot touch any part of the
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collar or the ear. you can't have any designs, any exotic hairstyle or anything like that. it has to be all one length. >> the barbershop is staffed by inmates. one of them is responsible for making sure the clippers always remain sharp. >> i'm the barber maintenance inmate. we maintain and take care of the clippers. i was an ironworker. bridges, commercial buildings, power plants. >> because some barber tools can be turned into weapons, only trusted inmates are allowed to work in the repair shop. >> i go through an interview process to make sure i pick an inmate that's got trustworthiness though them and mechanical skills, and he knows if he does something wrong he will lose a good job. >> but his trust only goes so
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far. >> i maintain a visual on him at all times. we inventory the box on a daily eye basis, you know, make sure all the screw drivers, anything that could be used as a tool is not altered and is still there. he does a good job. he's been working for me for about four months now. >> i believe it will cut now, sir. >> while john smith may be one of the more trusted inmates at santa rosa, another portion of the population is always on staff's radar. security threat group coordinators knight and demores gather intelligence on gangs. they found gang-related material among sandier's possessions. now they will question sandier about his relationship with gangs. >> what's that say?
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>> blood over sandier, have a s. we've already determined you're a blood. which particular set are you? >> no particular set. >> when did you join. >> something i can't answer. >> why did you join? have you gained anything. so you're in prison for reading your bible? >> you're just a blood from miami. are you going to answer any of these questions? any of them at all? let's do this. a did you draw theis?
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that's just a drawing. >> five star. you know. >> it's nothing vie lint. >> yeawe're trying to figure ou what set you are. >> it doesn't matter, i'm a blood, i'm a blood. >> this is classification so they don't put you with somebody else who will take you out. >> i guess you could put bird gang down. >> bird gang. is that what are you? >> yeah. >> well, why didn't you tell that in the first place? >> little bit of cooperation. >> during the search, knight and demores also found a lighter found in the mattress of his cellmate. knowing he's serving three life terms for murder, corrections officers now want to take a closer look at the mattress.
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>> break this whole mattress down. the regulations require that mattresses are checked when they're brought in like this. this is the area that was concerned, right? mo moreno is part of a well-known gang. he insists they are not a gang but a fellowship of sorts. >> it's an old word that came from the indians. when a new warrior was born, they would take it to the mountains and present it to the gods. that's what it means. the birth of a flu warrior.
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>> moreno says puerto rican inmates simply ban together. >> that's what we fight for. like health care that's not good, that's what we fight for. the toilets, the hygiene, but they want to label us as a gang. exactly, like i told you earlier, unity is power. >> while no other contraband was found in the mattress, the lighter could still carry a serious consequence for moreno, the extension of a visitation suspension. >> different violations. i had just gotten it back. but i got caught with a cell phone. so they came and took my visitation back. i got to calm down, chill, i've been on three years. so right now i ain't seen my family in four years.
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when i go to slip around 10:00, 11:00, that's all i think about, my family, that's the only thing i really got. in the end, your friends aren't going to do nothing for you. your family will be there for you. >> it now be up to administrators to determine if he will have his visitation restored. in the meantime, officers knight and demores will update their photos of his tattoos and question him to his ties to the knee ettas. >> what do they call you, rocco? >> alfredo. the. >> we're not going to call you by your first name. >> what do the guys call you around here? >> fredo. >> no, your nickname. the >> it's going to be one of them? >> one of what? >> i ask questions, you don't
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answer? >> no. it depends on what kind of question it is. t >> we are in the security threat group. that's all we do. the game investigation, gang interviews. you were on our list. >> i'm not in a gang. >> i knew by your tattoos. give me that other leg. the we ain't in puerto rico or in santa rosa california, either. come over here and have a seat. have a seat. how did you become involved? >> brisu prprison.
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the. >> why did you become involved? >> you got to be something. t is that a no answer? you're just a soldier. have you recruited or sponsored anybody? >> no. the that's again that's against the law. >> how do you prove that you're worthy to be accepted? how do you come into it, by birth is th birth? by beatiing beat up? >> it's not being beat up. >> anybody can be that gang? anybody who's not a puerto rican can be in that gang? >> as long as you're not a child molester or raper. >> so you just ask to be put i .
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who's the leaders of your group. >> i couldn't tell you. >> do you know how your structure's set up? your rank structure? >> yeah. >> can you tell me? anything else you want to answer? thanks for your cooperation. coming up. >> i turn, i aim and i fire. he was s6 years old. >> a veteran still suffers from an act of war. and al gray dough the the the the the the the the t "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. at florida's santa rosa correctional institution, there is not only a code of conduct, but considerably higher expectations for the 43 inmates who make up the veterans
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program. >> what we need to continue to next on is looking good. and we can't look good if we fighting against one another. we cannot win the war. okay? any questions? because we need to get up and go -- >> to chow! >> these guys have been a part of the military. so when it comes to discipline and organization, they're a step ahead of regular general population, pause they're used to being punctual, being places they're supposed to be. they go through leadership courses and courses of discipline. >> 1015. get to stepping. >> the veterans are pretty quiet
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t quiet. kind of helps, a lot of us been through war and have problems with quick sounds and yada yada. i kind of have, i guess psychological problems if you will. >> twan stal worth is still haunted by a combat experience that occurred 20 years earlier during a battle to free kuwait. he said he once saw a friend blown up by a woman and child concealing explosives. moments later, he saw another child running towards him. >> i didn't know what to do. but i turned. i aimed. i fired. he was 6 years old. i didn't kill him. i did injure him.
7:28 pm
his leg. that's one of the things that bothers me, because that was somebody's kid. that kind of wasn't, wasn't trying to hurt me. and unfortunately, i have unfortunately had a dream that it was my son i was shooting. >> stalworth presents a great front. you'll see him. and he's animated and laughs and talks with you. underlying that, you know, he continues with some anxiety and stress issues, three or four times a week. he still continues with nightmares and some flashback type of things going on. so these are things that we are trying to address with his medications to help him gather coping skills. >> when i'm not on medication, i make bad moves. le i have no inhibitions.
7:29 pm
i don't care. i have a temper anyway. but without med casication i'd probably be like dr. jeckle and mr. hyde. >> coming up, alfredo moreno argues his case. >> everything that was taken from me is right there. inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 30%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at offer ends monday.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. your hour's top stories. french officials say think thwarted a terror operation. and wisconsin election commission agreed to hold a state-wide recount of the the presidential vote there. jill stein filed the motion just before the deadline. and florence henderson best known for the brady bunch died last night of heart failure. s she was 82. now back to our program.
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. all right, y'all hold it down. if you stop talkin' and get up here, we'll go to chow. >> we structure everything like the military. and we like to have everybody do the same thing all together, and they stay in compliance when they do that. if you've got your hands in your pockets, you're wrong. if you have your hands in your jacket, you're wrong. >> we make them walk the line so we do have consistency and everybody's walking in a straight line. it makes our job a whole lot easier. >> y'all take your hands out of your pockets. >> while santa rosa correctional institution can be mistaken for boot camp, it's not only the
7:34 pm
inmates who march in formation. every two months the rapid response teams from santa rosa and three other state prisons come together for stratraining. >> they are trained with less lethal and looeltal munitions to respond to any event that may happen in our correctional facilities for riots and incidents of that nature. if we had a large-scale incident, we'd want to make sure that we had a complement of officers that could address. that and we've adapted military-style training and we feel that a platoon with batons and less-lethal instruments would be more beneficial, which is why we have platoon type
7:35 pm
formations. >> not all incidents at santa rosa require a platoon-type response. >> where are you? >> in confinement. >> why? >> got caught with some weed. >> how about your job. >> >> probably lose my job. it's all part of the game. just because i'm doing time, i'm not going to stop living. so i hang out every chance i get. that's what colonists do. >> you hang out. >> have as much fun as possible. still live. >> john smith's fun has left his former supervisor short-handed. >> those type inmates are hard to come by, that's mechanically inclined, a lot of times, especially for small, tedious work like that. so it puts us in a bind, but that's the reality of prison life right there.
7:36 pm
>> alfredo moreno's latest troubles were prompted by the discovery of a lighter inside his mattress. and he's had numerous other disciplinary problems over the past few years. >> disrespect, manufacture of drugs, participating in disturbance fighting, possessing narcotics. >> as a result, he has been in confinement and has had his visitation privileges suspended. today he will face authorities to answer for the lighter and to find out if that suspension will be extended. >> you know you can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. how do you plead? >> not guilty, sir. >> officer demores provided a statement that approximately 11:45 a.m., i was present when officer knight found a lighter in the mattress of alfredo moreno. he admitted to me that the
7:37 pm
lighter was his. >> more aknno hopes that an err will of get him off. >> with it staying in contraband taken out of my cell. as you can see, they took my hygiene that day, and everything that was tooken from me is noted right there, but it never says nothing about no lighter. so that's a procedure error right there, sir. >> photos were taken of the contraband. >> yes, sir, per chapter 33. i admit chapter 33. and it states that any contraband taken out of an inmate, they should get a personal property slip for it. you see that everything they took from me is noted right there, sir, there's no lighter right there. >> anything else you want to tell us? >> that's all i got to say, sir. >> okay, step out.
7:38 pm
>> officer says he admitted it was his. so i think we have sufficient evidence for a finding of guilty. he does have 82 days time eligible for forfeiture. i don't think it warrants taking anything. so we can go with the 15 days dc. okay. >> have the inmate step back in, please. already, inmate rocca, the team did find you guilty. 15 days disciplinary confinement. you have 15 days to appeal the team's desis. if you don't agree with the decision, if you feel that's an issue, you can raise that on a grievance issue. 15 days dc, you'll get a copy of your findings later today. okay? you're done. >> how did it go?
7:39 pm
>> real [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> why. >> >> i didn't make them rules, they made them rules many they can't go by their rules but they want me to go by their rules. you can't just bend the rules to your advantage. you got to go by the rules. i've been working so hard. it's the worst thing they could do to me right now. >> the ruling against moreno also means his visitation ban will continue until he is at least a year free of writeups. his cellmate, bobby sandier will be moved to another cell, and row coe moreno says that's fine with him. >> right pissed off. and everything came because of him. his gang-banging ass would have got caught, they never would have come to my house.
7:40 pm
>> rocco's like the best roommate i've had. >> but as officers move him, sand e sandier has concerned about his new roommate. >> i don't want to put myself in the situation. >> he's a known psychological inmate. two dudes have moved out his room because of altercations. so i'm trying to prevent myself from falling into that same category. i'm not trying to set myself up for failure. >> i'll check with your dorm lieutenant, and it will be up to your dorm lieutenant, and see if that's an option. >> i preeshl it. >> just hang out for a minute. >> it's hard moving into a room with an inmate that you don't
7:41 pm
really know, and he has a history of altercations and situations with other roommates, so, you know, to avoid that, i just go about it the right way, the right procedures and hopefully, better outcome will come out of it. >> sandier's request is acknowledged by staff, and he is temporarily moved to a single-man cell until classification can find him another cellmate. >> rule 3102. >> it's better to have to go into a cell with the other person, i'm very appreciative of the officers for being able to work with me, you know. you go about things the right way, you know, a positive outcome come about. >> coming up, alfredo rocco moreno has a conflict with staff. >> he said i don't know, i just
7:42 pm
know he was a bitch. ♪
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modern technology is something else. security, security, security. security screws. there's some other security screws. they've got a screw loose. i can't believe they haven't seen it yet, right there. this place is so security. i mean, not being sarcastic, this is the most secure place you'll ever see.
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>> florida's santa rosa the correctional institution is a tightly-run institution for inmates, any of whom are considered the most problematic. the officers are usually armed with little more than pepper spray. >> being a corrections officer takes a special breed. you have to have a lot of courage, excellent communication skills. you're supervising, many times, 200, 300 inmates by yourself at a time. >> and now the prison is losing one of its key staff members. coordinator james demores is retiring. >> we're here to recognize officer james demores. we want to thank you for your 14 years of dedication. you've set an example for all of us to follow as a correctional officer here at santa rosa. it will be a great loss for us losing you. we wish you all the luck in the
7:47 pm
world. we envy youi being able to retire. the award, congratulates james demores for 14 years of excellent service with the florida department of corrections. good luck for an enjoyable retirement. >> thank you, sir. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> i would like to say that i really appreciate everybody, even officer knight. and i'm going to miss this. >> we have a good bond. we work real well together. we almost have a telepathy. when his replacement comes, i'm hoping that it's never going to be an officer demores, but hopefully, we'll get back into the same swing of things, be able to accomplish what officer demores and i have been doing for the last six years.
7:48 pm
>> but not everyone at santa rosa holds the officers in such esteem. >> [ bleep ] raggedy eyed [ bleep ] walkin' like that. hate [bleep] police. they nothing but a bufrngts of bitches. abuse their power, treat them all like dogs. i been looking out this [ bleep ] all [ bleep ] day. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. don't know. >> alfredo roca moreno, a member of a puerto rican prison gang has been on close management for the mapast three years. >> i could die and they bury me
7:49 pm
in the back prifrof the prison,. i don't want to be forgotten. >> he says he's already feeling forgotten. his numerous discipline air eye problems have resulted in his visitation privileges being suspended for the past three years. >> [ bleep ] bitch. >> now officers recently found a lighter hidden in his mattress, which will prolong his sanctions. >> i got screwed because of that lighter. i'm trying to do good. now the lighter's holding me here. i can't get to see my people because of the lighter. [ bleep ]. >> roca moreno's frustration has recently caused him even more problems. he has just receive the another disciplinary report for kicking his door after a dispute with an officer. >> well, i told him to get me out, that i was going to rec.. he said he wasn't going to take me out. so i started kicking the door.
7:50 pm
he started [ bleep ], i started talking [ bleep ] back to him. >> what did he say? >> i don't know. i was talking over him. i just know he was a bitch. that's what i told him, he was a bitch. >> with his recent setbacks, moreno faces at least six more months before leaving local management and having his visitation rights restored smith. >> thinking what i'm going to do with the rest of my life. >> he hopes to make a living some day from his art skills, but he admits he might have to break a few more prison rules to do so. >> i got to do some tattooing, i know it's against the rules. i've got a mandatory sentence.
7:51 pm
i'm looking at this time as a skin school. i got all the skin in the world to work with. so my goal is to be a beast in the tattoo world beforey the ti get out. i've cranked out quite a bit of art. i do have some i'd like to give you guys. >> okay. coming up. >> got a cartoon last night. says there's an angel watching over you. >> the alfredo moreno can't win for losing.
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the on -- on smooth the on guard. prepare to retire the flag
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prepare to retire the flag j.he. prepare to retire the flag . prepare to retire the flag
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♪ >> at the end of each day, inmates participating in santa rosa's veterans program lower the flag, just as they raise it every morning. one of santa rosa's veterans is days away from returning to life on the outside. twan stalworth has been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder while serving a one-year sentence for cocaine possession. >> i have ten days left. so every day i countdown, ten, nine, eight, by next friday, midnight, hopefully my ride will show up, i will go ahead and get my folks to pick me up. that way i tonight have to wait until the next day. that way i can get the hell out
7:57 pm
of here. >> his first priority is seeing his 3-year-old son. >> first thing i'm going to do is grab my little boy. i sent messages that he's at my grandmother's house. i'm going to say hey, to grandma, get some sugar from grandma, and then hopefully my son's awake, which he probably shouldn't be, but he probably will be. i'll pick him up and give him some love. >> stalworth is hardly alone when it comes to missing family. alfredo moreno hasn't seen his in years. >> basically, [ bleep ]. i want the to go home. i miss my [ bleep ] family all the time. >> roco moreno had high hopes
7:58 pm
that his time in the cop finement unit was about to end. he recently appealed for having a lighter in his possession due to a procedural mistake, but the victory came too late. >> after this [ bleep ] happened, i'm still stomping, kicking the door, i just found out yesterday, if i wouldn't have kicked the door, they would have let me go out that day. i probably could see my family within a few more months, but now, so i was thinking about that last night, like, damn, but if i did a year clean, i could try to ask for permission so they could reinstate my visit, but since i caught the drs, now all that's out the window. got a cartoon last night.
7:59 pm
i show it to you, see, says there's an angel watching over you, but it's in spanish, so i'm going to read. keep you safe and always light your way, because you are someone who is very special who means more than words can say. >> who's that from? >> moms. >> it still might be months before roco moreno sees his mother again, but with a life sentence, it will only be inside the walls of prison. >> think about you're going to die in prison. you can't even explain it, you know? and as days go by, and your hopes is, your hopes just fade-away, too, with them.
8:00 pm
life can turn terrifying in an instant. you're trapped in a raging wildfire. >> hopefully she makes it out. >> your day cruise turns deadly. you're caught in the crosshairs of a man with a gun. even ordinary routines can become struggles to stay alive. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> survival is not a game, but you do need a game plan. you have multiple options but only seconds to choose. what will be your split second decision? it's a popular excursion for ocean loving fun srs


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