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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here is what's happening. split reactions. it's day two of national mourning in cuba after the death of fidel castro. in the u.s., a different take on what this means. some criticisms aimed at the statement of condolences from president obama. >> for a man who torture and murdered and oppressed for so many, it's thankful he is no longer with us. this ought to be a moment where
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cubans are dancing in the street because they are being liberated. instead, if you dance in the street, you are going to be thrown in jail. >> there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffered brutally under the castro regime. he executed people. he jailed people for 20 to 30 years. the florida straits, there are thousands of people who lost their lives fleeing. not to acknowledge any of that in the statement i felt was pathetic. >> we have reports from miami, florida, to the cuban island. we will begin in miami's little havana. the crowds are gathering for the second day. set the scene for us. >> reporter: people here in miami are still in a celebratory mood. it's sunday, cuban-americans went to church, then to brunch and now they have started to gather here in the streets. we were just at a bay of bigs veterans presser. they expressed the change they want to see brought about in the wake of fidel's passing.
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>> call on all our community to maintain this pressure because these are critical times for democracy in cuba. having said this, i want to take the opportunity to thank president-elect trump for the truthful and morally correct words of encouragement for the cuban people that he issued upon the death of fidel castro. >> reporter: here in the streets, alex, the sense is of people wanting to be together. i want to whack you through the crowd. there are people wanting to experience this moment with friends, with their family. meet a family, the ramirez family. jose, you brought your two little girls here. i know your dad fled on a raft to come to the united states. would you want to go back to cuba with your girls? >> absolutely. one day after the regime is done with and the castro brothers are through, i would go back.
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>> reporter: thank you. do you know what flag you are holding? >> cuba. >> reporter: these little girls, they very much know or they have some sense of what they are out here witnessing or experiencing. their parents have explained that to them. this coming wednesday, the main opposition movement in miami will be holding a rally. again, many cuban exiles wanting to force a change on the island with fidel castro's passing. >> it's very loud there. i will let you go at this point. clearly, a jubilant crowd. let's go from miami to cuba. morgan radford is in old havana. she spoke with students there. morgan, what's the mood like there? >> reporter: we are standing here in old havana. let me show you around. this area usually has lots of activity, especially on a weekend like this. what you are seeing now is day
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two of nine days of official mourning. cafes are just beginning to reopen this sunday after being closed yesterday. people breaking down in the streets crying because they feel like the father of their coun y country, the father of the revolution here in cuba died. we saw the local newspaper printed all in black ink. usually there's red, blue. but not this time. people here are grappling with a legacy they know and understand is a complicated one, especially the young people. people have accused castro's policy of creating sort of a brain drain of young cuban talent. i went back to the university of havana where i used to study. i spoke to some of the young kids to find out how they feel about the legacy of fidel castro and if they feel like it's an important one to continue. take a listen. do you think that fill did del complicated and misunderstood? >> yes. i think he was. i think he do -- i think he did
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what the best intention. >> fidel wasn't wrong. i mean -- >> reporter: when you say he wasn't wrong, what do you mean? >> look at all the people here. they are here because of he. >> i would like to say the world, this is not the end. we are the future. this legacy that he left us is the most important and we have to continue that. >> reporter: alex, every single young person who i spoke to said they felt like socialism as an idea was very important. while they admitted they wanted to see a few things change, like, for example, they wanted more access to the internet. they want to be able to order things like clothes online, something they can't do right now. young people are -- they have to call friends in miami and have them send things here to them in cuba. it's difficult. things like that they want to see. they want to see their daily lives change. >> all right.
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clearly, a little interference with our satellite signal. we thank morgan for that report. let's look at what's ahead with u.s. relations with cuba under soon to be president donald trump. he threatened to reverse the executive actions normalizing relations with cuba. kellyanne conway clarified how trump feels today on cnn saying this. >> he just objects to the way that we re-engaged diplomatic relations with cuba in the last several years because we got nothing in return. >> joining me now is former florida congressman lincoln diaz balard. glad to have you. i will ask you, is that why you oppose president obama's executive actions on cuba? >> they were totally one sided. absolutely, unilateral. yes, i mean, that's in essence why people like myself oppose
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what obama did if you are going to lift sanctions on a bad actor, get something in return. >> are you going to hold donald trump to his vow of repealing president obama's new policies? >> we're very pleased, we're very pleased, alex, that the president-elect during campaign made clear that any concession to the dictatorship has to receive something in return. he specifically talked about political freedom for the cuban people. i think it was most unfortunate that in the report that i was listening to before, the prior report, some students were asked what would they like and the reporter said, what they would like is to be able to buy clothes on the internet. no, no, the cuban people want freedom. i'm very pleased that the president-elect, the vice-president-elect and this community is very pleased that they have been very clear in that any concessions to the
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dictatorship have to get -- there have to be something in return. specifically, he talked about political freedom for the cuban people. >> what about the freedom that would be then taken away presumably, sir, people to travel between the two nations? family members to go back to cuba to see family members and vice versa. >> well, let's keep in mind that there are a series of executive actions that president obama took. especially the ones starting in december of 2014, where he even -- first of all, he clearly violated u.s. law. u.s. law permits, for example, travel to cuba. but there are 12 laws that were codified for that legal travel. what president obama did is said, well, u.s. banks can finance projects in cuba. clearly, violating the law.
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what we would hope that -- we are confident the new president and vice-president and his team are going to insist is that u.s. law be followed. and any executive actions that violated u.s. law, obviously, should be repealed. that should be the priority. there's overwhelming support in this community for the law being followed and for the violations of law that were inherent in the obama executive actions, that they be -- those violations be stopped, they be repealed. >> you and so many others are looking upon fidel castro's death as being an opportunity. considering he handed things over to his brother raul about a decade ago when he got sick, where do things stand now? what should be done with raul? >> well, let's keep in mind that the cuban dictatorship was fidel castro's creation. yes, even though he turned over
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the titles of power to his brother a few years ago because fidel castro obviously became very ill, but he was the power behind the thrown. the ideas, if you will, the brain for evil was clearly fidel castro. raul was the executor. he still is. he executes literally he executes people. he has done that from the beginning. obviously, executes orders. he has never had an idea. the brain for evil, let's not minimize the importance of the fact that the brain for evil has died. now it's very clear what we need to do. obviously, stop unnecessary cash going to the regime so that they can export terrorism and increase terrorism against the cuban people as well. and help the internal opposition. i wish that you would be interviewing a dear friend who
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now -- a young man who is an artist and was arrested yesterday because they have -- they are making the -- they are making ie ining a strong thing things under control at this moment of uncertainty. the other young people who are the leaders of tomorrow, those are the people who we have to be focusing attention on now. in every town and village in cuba, there are activists, there are independent actors in all realms and leaders of tomorrow. those are the people, just like ronald reagan helped them in eastern europe, that we need to be helping in cuba. keep in mind that that dictatorship -- raul castro is in his 80s. it's not an inheritable family farm. what is required for cuba is freedom. let's keep in mind that the actors for freedom are the heros
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in every town and village. the pro-democracy activists, they deserve our attention and our solidarity. >> we will take a look at that and see what we can do with that. thank you very much. >> interview him. thank you. >> appreciate that. we will get to more politics. new reaction from bernie sanders on who should be the democrats next leader. they are seeking to oust nancy pelosi on the heels of the party's election loss. >> do you think it's time to replace nancy pelosi? >> i will leave that to the -- i was in the house for 16 years. i'm not in the house right now. i will leave that to the members of the house. nancy a friend of mine. i think she has done a very good job. i think that is an issue of the people of the house will have to decide. >> one of the president-elect's top advise sers is ramping up h criticism of jill stein's election recount effort.
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>> this recount by jill stein and now the hillary people is just so confounding and disappointing. their president is going to be in office for eight more weeks. they have to decide whether they're going to interfere with him finishing his business, interfere with a peaceful transition, transfer of power to president-elect trump and vice-president-elect pennsylvania or if they're pencf they're going to be sore losers. >> the president-elect is going to meet with eight picks tomorrow, including david clark, who is being considered to lead the department of homeland security. the meetings come at a time of reported growing tensions within the transition team over who should be our country's next secretary of state. let's bring in kristin welker, covering the president-elect in florida. so what is the deal with the reports of in fighting over romney and giuliani for secretary of state? >> reporter: there's a real division within trump world.
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should president-elect trump pick rudy giuliani, someone who is a longtime supporter, a hard-liner, or mitt romney, someone who is a former antagonist. he was one of the first top republicans to come out and criticize donald trump as a candidate. but he is a more moderate republican. you have a lot of folks who think he would be the better pick. kellyanne conway, one of donald trump's top advisers, raised a lot of eyebrows on thanksgiving. she started tweeting with the importance of loyalty in a secretary of state. se seemed as if she was picking sides, pushing for rudy giuliani. chuck asked her about that. >> why are you campaigning against mitt romney as secretary of state? >> i'm not campaigning against anyone. i'm just a concerned citizen. i'm not campaigning against mitt romney. that's a decision that only one man can make, president-elect trump. i will respect it and i will support it 1,000%. but i'm reflecting what the grassroots are saying. they feel a bit betrayed to think you can get a romney back
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in there after everything he did. we don't know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump for a year. >> reporter: of course, president-elect trump will leave this afternoon, heads back to new york. we anticipate we will learn more cabinet picks later this week. kellyanne conway also letting chuck know that the president-elect had a 45 minute phone call with president obama yesterday. she didn't explain what they talked about. i got a little bit more detail from a transition official who described the call this way. they have established a great rapport and they enjoy their wide ranging conversations. this official also saying that president-elect trump and president obama believe it's important to work together for a peaceful transition. that likely a little dig at that recount effort that's currently under way. it's being spearheaded by green party candidate jill stein. we learned that the clinton campaign joining in that effort. because they say if there's going to be a recount, they want to make sure they are represented legally. >> thank you so much.
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is he rolling back? is he going to reinstitute the embargo immediately and then go to congress? what is he going to do when he takes office? >> none of that has been decided. the president-elect will make those decisions and will make those announcements once he is president. we have a president in office and we're respectful of that. >> that was kellyanne conway this morning on whether the president-elect will roll back
10:21 am
some of president obama's cuba orders as he vowed to do during the campaign. for more analysis, let's bring in erin and niles. good to see you both. thanks for joining me. ladies first here. what do you think is going to factor into trump's decision? >> i think, talking to members of congress. we're starting to see reporting there are republican lawmakers who are not saying any more that donald trump should completely reverse president obama's executive orders with respect to cuba, but should recalibrate them somewhat. we have seen so far in the statements that donald trump has made in the last couple of days that there's no indication of whether or not he is actually going to roll back those decisions. he hasn't tipped his hand one way or another. he has been very clear he will take a wait and see approach. >> i want to play for you what senator ted cruz said this morning about president obama's reaction to castro's death. here it is.
10:22 am
>> i very much hope that we don't see any u.s. government officials going to fidel castro's funeral. i hope we don't see obama and biden and hillary clinton and democrats lining up top lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. if you wouldn't go to stalin's funeral because they were murdering communist dictators, then you shouldn't be doing what obama and justin trudeau are doing, which is celebrating fidel castro, a murderous, communist dictator. >> he said it right there what he thought. what do you think the u.s. representation will look like at castro's funeral? what do you think the protocol is for when a leader like castro dies? >> it's very difficult given the relationship between the united states and cuba while president obama is trying to normalize that relationship. i would still be surprised if he were to go to his funeral. that said, it would not surprise
10:23 am
me if there were lower level united states government representation of some kind. it could be presented as admiration or rather respect for the office and for the people of cuba rather than pro castro sentiment. i think on ted cruz's point, people of his ideological bent, i mean, it's difficult sometimes to separate the human rights component from this -- from the political or partisan component. >> let's turn to trump transition team. i played a sound bite of kellyanne conway weighing in on the fight of romney and giuliani. what is trump's decision on that going to boil down to in the end? >> whether or not donald trump wants mitt romney in that position. it's clear he is very interested in having mitt romney as
10:24 am
secretary of state or he wouldn't have made the comments that he has made in some of the off the record meetings he has had that romney really wants that position and obviously romney is interested in that position, based on what he said after that meeting. it's clear that rudy giuliani also really wants that position. he has taken on this public campaign. at this point, it could be that both of those men are out and that donald trump is going to have to go in another direction. >> there was someone res recolle resurrecting the name of john bolton. with regard to the washington post, it says that trump is turning away intel briefings. he has received two of them since winning the election. how do you read into this? is there precedent for the incoming president to limit the number of intel briefings he recei receives? >> it's a surprising decision. it's surprising because it seems to reinforce some of the
10:25 am
criticisms that we hear voiced about the president-elect. you would think that that would be one of his absolutely prime duties. i'm not sure what donald trump's rational is. i understand the vice-president-elect has taken more of the briefings. it's a startling decision. one that doesn't reassure voters in terms of what donald trump is -- how he is approaching this. >> okay. good to see you both. thanks so much. elation in miami. still ahead, a live look at a second day of excitement building on the streets of little havana, after the death of fidel castro. simulation initiated. ♪ ♪
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the change that could come to cuba, following the death of fidel castro. a documentary filmmaker who spent a long time on the island nation gives me her take next. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters here in new york. the mixed reaction in the aftermath of fidel castro's death, a somber mood on cuban island as the nation enters day two of mourning. here in the u.s., jubilant crudes filling the streets in miami's little havana. and nbc's kerry sanders is is there with us. what are you hearing from the folks who are out today? >> reporter: it's interesting, here there are cheers. on the island of cuba, there are tears. the question going forward is what does this mean. we join a family that's gathered here. you see the newspaper. he is gone. the question, of course, to ask folks here as they celebrate the death of fidel castro, a man that they refer to as a dictator or murderer is what happens going forward. i can go to the airport now and i can buy a ticket on jetblue, on american airlines.
10:33 am
i can fly to cuba. that has been established between the cuban government and obama, our president. we are about to have a new president. what do you want to see happen with the relationship between the united states and cuba? >> i personally would like to see the same exact democracy that we have in the united states, that we can go in and out and do as we please and just for that -- for my father's country to be free like we are in the united states. >> reporter: as you know, through multiple administrations, there was a heavy kind of line, an economic embargo, we're not going to trade. president obama decided to try something different. we're in the infancy of that. maybe haven't thought it through. what would you like to see the president-elect donald trump do with what has started between the relationship between the two countries? we now have an embassy in havana.
10:34 am
>> i don't know if there was anything ever started. there was a lot of talking back and forth. president obama, he gave in a lot. but we never got anything in return. i would like for donald trump to put his foot down and say, i will give if you give us. >> reporter: i'm going to turn to your daughter and ask her, you are heard what she had to say. donald trump ran as a businessman. so you have this businessman as the president. as a businessman of the president who sees starwood hotels establishing in cuba, the airlines, you can go to the port of miami and get on a cruise ship. what do you believe donald trump will do, even though he gave ace statement where he stands in solidarity with the cuban
10:35 am
americans and also with those in cuba who he says do not have full rights that you would expect human rights to be there. >> given the history with cuba, i believe donald trump will bring progress and prosperity towards cuba. i do hope that will happen. we as a people in cuba, we need that. they all need that to live and prosper for that country. it's the end of a long era. all we can do is hope and pray that donald trump will bring that. >> reporter: we're about to get run over. let's move over here. i can see folks are bringing the cuban flag as they come down the street. an interesting perspective. expectations but no solid indication, of course, what president-elect trump will do. only a statement of support thus far. again, he ran as the businessman not the politician. we hear them chanting in the background. >> we all have to wait and see what's going to happen. kerry sanders, thank you. in cuba, many locals are grieving the death of fidel castro. they are unsure what a cuba
10:36 am
without the leader will look like in the future. joining me now is jenelle gates, director of a document. with a welcome to you. a little background. you developed your film based in cuba over a period of ten years. considering the time you spent there, what do you think this means to the people of cuba? >> first off, i want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to exercise my right as an american citizen to express myself freely. this is something that unfortunately cubans cannot do. the media is doing the best work that they can to depict things in miami and cuba. what you are seeing in the streets of little havana is people expressing themselves. these are working class people that love family and expressing themselves freely. what you are seeing in cuba is government orchestrated presentation of facts. it's not reality. the real advocates of change in cuba are scared, in their homes and not expressing themselves. the nine days of mourning are
10:37 am
nine days of the government highly orchestrating control of its citizens. >> are you suggesting that what we see on the streets havana is what people put out there for government to witness as well? behind closed doors, maybe a different conversation going on? >> 100%. what you don't realize is that when you go to cuba, even if you go on american airlines, let's say, the officials that greet you on cuban soil are actually military officials that have been appointed to positions representing american companies. so these students that are standing in front of the university, you will see them carrying signs. these are students that are selected by the government and they are carefully expressing themselves as the government sees fit. >> what changes do people in cuba want to see? there's a supposition they want more freefreedoms. do they understand what freedom looks like? >> that's a very complicated
10:38 am
answer, of course. fidel castro has unfortunately spent decades upon decades of brainwashing its citizens to not believing in self-awe tutonomse not be able to assemble, to not exercise basic rights. that falls -- affecting the infrastructure, inability to run a business. very basic things that are necessary to run a country successfully. yes, we do need people that choose to exercise a right to travel to cuba, if they do it to do it responsibly. that doesn't mean sipping m inps with poverty as the backdrop. it means meeting with people outside of tourist centers. they are orchestrated by the government to present a false reality. >> what do you think needs to happen for real change to take place? do you see it ever coming from within the country? >> i'm not a magician.
10:39 am
but i can only hope. i can only hope that people like me -- i'm and he independent citizen. i have taken it upon myself to ask questions in cuba, around this country and the world, to listen to people with an open heart and to truly put myself in service to change. that means that we have to also heal our hearts and be open to working together. i think it's a very complicated reality. we do need these deals that are being made to be done much more thoughtfully and socially responsibly and not giving the cuban government complete control. ultimately, they're getting greater license to repress its people. i was recently in one of the provinces. even basic necessities like toilet paper, basic food are still not being met. yes, the cuban people are going to need support from the outside for people to stretch -- sto scratch the veneer of what's being presented to the world and understand what's going on and not beproponents of regression.
10:40 am
>> thank you so much for your time. one of the day's our top stories, the weather. that's important for you folks heading home. let's get to our meteorologist. as we look at -- you are doing this for me because i'm a skier. it's my home resort. it's nice for skiers but trouble on the roads. >> this is the first big significant storm of the season. it's going to impact so many going forward this week. i will get to that in a moment. we have had a tremendous amount of snow for the skiers, it's tough for travel. especially in and around california, utah and colorado. you can see the interstates like 80 where we are anticipating more snow tonight. we have winter storm warnings in place and advisories. straight into the evening hours. plenty of snow coming into the mountains of colorado this evening. if you are on i-70, give yourself extra time. watch out for the rain, that's still coming through. showers across los angeles and very windy conditions all the way down to san diego.
10:41 am
the winded avie ed aviesadvisor tonight. be careful in the high profile vehicles. once the storm rockies, it will be a weather maker. the low will strengthen over the plains. it's going to bring snow, a lot of snow into north and south dakota. look at the storms for those of you traveling on monday, these storms could turn severe in arkansas and mississippi and louisiana. we will watch for this whole band of rain stretching all the way from minnesota down through indianapolis, straight through louisiana, on into tomorrow night. the rest of the day, colder air coming in to much of the rockies, mild conditions in the midwest. it's looking good but notice it's changing. we're getting that change in the weather where it's going to turn colder through the country going forward. we still have a little bit of stretch in the milder conditions in the southeast. >> broke out the parka this weekend. thank you so much. in a moment, the gold standard. the u.s. olympic team's most accomplished gymnast talks about
10:42 am
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my next guest, you will most certainly recognize. she's won 19 olympic and world championship medals, making her the most decorated american gymnast ever. her road to success has not been easy. she joins me it talk about that and her new memoir. the book is called courage to soar. when i was reading it, i thought, this child is doing flips from the swing. what in the world possessed you to do that? >> my brother used to do it. so i wanted to be just like him. teach me, teach me. so he did. >> how do you teach that? he wasn't a coach. you must have had something, the sense of balance or -- >> i would watch him do it. then i would do it. that's kind of how i am to this
10:46 am
day in gymnastics. if i make a mistake, visually watching it helps me. >> are you able to read something and commit that to memory? is it just this action that you figure out? >> most of the time if i read something, i have a good idea of remembering the gist of it. it depends. >> let's talk about the interesting thing, all the back story of your life came out during the olympics. your grandparents, nellie and ron became your parents when you were 6. you understood that this was not the biological parents at a very young age. you got that things were a little different. >> yes. i did at a very young age. every time they would come to visit, i would always say, grandma, grandpa, then we went to live with them. i knew it was our home. at the time, they were my uncles. that's what i called them. then they became my siblings once everything with adoption went through. >> what's really extraordinary is i know that your grandmother,
10:47 am
your mother, she had to think about this. she was taking on quite a responsibility. >> yes. >> a couple of young kids would be coming. she had her own nearly grown kids. she had thought about a life of traveling around the world. >> yes. >> she had to give this a second thought. look what you provided for her. do you think about that? i did pretty well. >> i do. i know. i'm still a pain sometimes. i think it's for the best. i think that's how i keep her youth. >> absolutely. i can imagine keeping up with you. it's extraordinary watching you particularly on vault and floor. the heights to which you soar are extraordinary. this book title, courage to soar, it's got to take courage to be up there above the rafters, right? >> yes. >> how do do yyou do that? is it a mine thing? is it muscle memory? do you freak yourself out going into something? >> sometimes i do freak myself out going into things. then i remember how many times i have done them right. it kind of calms me down.
10:48 am
you know what? i have been training so long for all of these skills. it's better if i don't think about it. then if i do, i start overthinking. >> as we look to your future, you had committed to ucla. where do you think you will be in terms of college and competition? how do you follow up with the olympics? >> that's hard. i can't do college gymnastics because i went professional. hopefully i can bo to go to ucl help out with the gymnastics team. >> how has your experience in rio changed your life? for you, what's the biggest takeaway? >> i think it's working so long for something and then it finally happens. you done ev't believe t. it's c how since you were a little girl you dream of it and it happens and you done believe it. it's like -- it's insane. >> you have the medals to prove it. >> thank you. >> you know you believe it. we all believe in you. >> thank you.
10:49 am
>> your courage you have shown. it's a great book. it really is. i read it on a plane. it's very good. thank you very much for that. tough talk on immigration, what will happen to america's sanctuary cities and the people they protect when donald trump takes office? that's next. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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/ a growing number of officials throughout the country are vowing to be sanctuary cities in the wake of donald trump winning the election. and many mayors are trying to ease the fears of their undocumented citizens. and so now it is that trump plans to block federal funding to the sanctuary cities. and now we go to victor from
10:53 am
tucson, arizona. and how do they plan to stop sending tax dollars to the cities as way to punish them? >> in reality he has the power to do that, alex, but i want to back up a second and get down to what a sanctuary city is and we hear the term bandied about a lot, but in essence, it is easier if we understand what it is not. we have the common perception that a sanctuary city is a shield against deportation. and if you undocumented person who lives in new york or chicago or austin that immigration officials cannot come to your home or place of work to deport you. that is not the fact. what it has to do with is the technicality of what local and federal law enforcement law enforcement will cooperate. you can take a nondocument ed person arrested for the a duiings and in both instances they are prosecuted and fingerprints sent to i.c.e. and
10:54 am
homeland security and fbi and maybe it is flagged that one of them has a criminal record. in a sanctuary city, they will be held beyond the date and the feds can come to get them, but in a sanctuary city, they have to serve what is deemed fes and then let are go, and the federal government's job to apprehend the person afterwards or not, and this is the difference of the sanctuary city and nonsanctuary city. >> and clearly, it is looking like the local law enforcement o officials have to work with the federal officials if they are going to be in the nonsanctuary city and vice versa, and the local officials many of whom are saying that we won't honor it if donald trump declares a war on the sanctuary cities here, and can they do that? >> they can, but what is the size of the stick that comes at them? so i have seen advertisements for new york city alone if they do not hon more the secure securities agreement of saying
10:55 am
that we will hold these people for the federal immigration forces to come to get them, that could cost new york city over $10 billion in fed al ral funds, and talking about the same amount of funds for l.a. and chicago, and so, yes, they can do it, alex, but economically, are they going to be able to sustain the pressure? >> we should point out 200 cities that are sanctuary cities in in the country, and so it seems that donald trump has been loosening the immigration stance since election night, but how do you read putting somebody like chris kobach into the administration? >> well, we have seen this, and he walked back the mass deportation, and pivoted away to focus on the other issues and not so much immigration, but he comes to win the election and names somebody like jeff sessions, who has been a staunch
10:56 am
activist against immigration expansionary policies and then we see chris kobaach and i don't know what is going to happen. he has the folks in the government that want to go after a more restrictionist policy, and even though donald trump is sending if mixed messages, and so we will know right around the end of january what has happened. >> and stay tuned and we will have you back to talk about it more victoria difrancesco. ander for all of you traveling today, it is vitally important for if your airport is affected. what is happen iing, bonnie? >> we are dealing with the wind and the rain around los angeles and san diego and so we have 30-minute delays there. dense fog across chicago and up to minneapolis and no airport delays surprisingly, and even though you won't see the delays at jfk, we have half-hour delays at newark, new jersey, and laguardia and not surprising on the busiest travel day of the year, some of the cities are
10:57 am
impacted by nasty weather. towards monday, we are looking for storms in the center of the country. alex? >> thank you, bonnie schneider e. that is going to do it for msnbc live. and coming up next on "meet the press" will donald trump keep his promises? i will join you monday at 5:00 a.m. with "morning joe." g new c. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums this sunday, the death of fidel castro, what it means for the u.s., cuba and american politics. >> he destroyed a country. he destroyed practically a culture. >> andrea mitchell is in havana. i will talk with marco rubio of florida. is trump backing away from some campaign rhetoric. remember this? now trump says hillary clinton has suffered enough. from the border wall to global warming, is there a change in the air? i will talk to trump area former campaign manager kellyanne conway. shades of 2000. the clinton campaign joins the effort to recount the vote in three states.


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