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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> terror at ohio state. what motivated the ohio state student from somalia who police say launched the attack monday with his car and a knife. >> certainly al qaeda are calling for simple attacks, use of cars, weapons like butcher knives. >> and the tweeting president-elect. donald trump's new cabinet picks partly over shadowed by a controversial morning tweet. >> what's on the agenda today? >> going to be a busy day. stay tuned. ♪ >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we'll get to the trump transition news in a moment. we begin with breaking news out of tennessee where hundreds of firefighters are battling more than a dozen wildfires raging through the great smoky mountains. thousands fled the popular
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resort town of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. officials say more than 100 buildings have been damaged. >> as you can imagine the visibility is very poor because of the smoke and the particulate in the air. therefore, there are areas that are too smoky that we can't see yet. we don't know what's there. >> 12 people, we are told, have been transported to the hospital. none with life threatening injuries, thank goodness. occupants in this hotel captured video of the flames before they fled. the governor deployed the national guard to help fight the blaze. joining me is the city manager of pigeon forge, one of the towns in the middle of the fire storm. thank you very much for joining us. this is a terrible time. this just erupted overnight. tell us what the situation is now. >> presently we have about five
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storms or five fires that are being followed by firefighters not only from pigeon forge but from across the state of tennessee. >> do you need more help? the national guard, i know, has been called out. do you need help from other states with more experience? >> the national guard will be here this afternoon. i believe we have about 90 firefighters scheduled to be here sometime in the early afternoon from across the state. so we do have teams out on the ground now assessing and removing debris. we have power lines down. so we do have a lot going on and a lot of crews here fighting fires. >> we know from bill karins, from his weather report there was a little bit of rain, maybe a half inch. that maybe slowed it down but didn't get anything under control. what more do you need? what more help do you need? looking at the pictures which
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are extraordinary, how do you know you got everyone out safely? >> i'm sorry? >> given the lack of visibility and how treacherous this is, how do you know everyone has been reached? you have power lines down. could there be people still trapped? >> well, we are in -- right now we do have crews that are trying to do a final assessment. a helicopter has come to town. i think the chief is now flying over to make his own assessment. of the total situation. >> what help do you expect from the national guard in terms of numbers? >> well, like i said, i know we have 90 folks coming in. i'm not sure just exactly how many are coming in with the tennessee national guard this afternoon. but they certainly will be welcome. we need more firefighters and of course the red cross has shelters set up here.
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they are doing a fantastic job in serving the folks that did have to be evacuated out of their homes. >> our hearts and thoughts are with you. help is on the way. from the video it looks enormous and not nearly under control. we know this is going to be continuing emergency and crisis for you. thanks for taking the time to talk to us. >> yes, ma'am. >> now turning to developing news out of south america, a plane carrying 81 people including a top brazilian soccer team crashed overnight in colombia. six people did survive including three players, a journalist and two crew members. the plane took off from bolivia when the crew declared an emergency and lost radar contact before 10:00 p.m. the team was on its way to play in the finals of a soccer tournament. tom costello has more on the plane, what we know from the investigation. tom? >> good day.
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welcome back from havana. these images show the impact zone. pieces thrown across the landscape. 81 people were on board. originally seven people were found alive including the team's 31-year-old goalie, but he later died of his injuries. by the way he was the hero in some late final matches. 31-year-old defender elio amir was found alive but has skull and chest injuries. another player is considered to have the most serious injuries with spinal fractures and a reserve goalkeeper, jackson fullman was found alive. the survivors in area hospitals, some undergoing surgery. the plane was a regional jet, a british aerospace 146 commonly used as a city hopper. the pilot reported he was having an electrical problem and the surviving flight attendant said he thought they had run out of
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fuel. the team was supposed to take a direct flight but it was cancelled so they had to take a charter flight through bolivia. this was really a dream team season. two years ago, no one believed the team would go anywhere. they were headed to the first leg of a final series in this important south american club championship. that video was taken from the airport and there they are on the plane. games and matches have been suspended and the colom yan team have asked that they be rewarded the championship. the other team offering it to the brazilian team posthumously. the president said today they were going off to make our dreams come true but the dreams have now been dashed. a number of journalists killed as well as team managers, reporters, employees of global and fox were killed on the plane crash along with the vast majority of the soccer team.
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andrea? >> it's extraordinary. i wanted to ask if there were u.s. teams competing in the tournament. >> we don't believe so. we believe this was for the most part a south american competition. really one that many people were looking forward to. this team was the fairy tale team so many people in brazil were excited to follow. >> tom costello with all the developments. thank you so much. >> all right. >> we have a lot of new developments in the trump transition effort. msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt and "new york times" political reporter jeremy peters join me now. jeremy, first to you on trump transition. you have the likely appointment from all indications of elaine chow -- chao. she is from a prominent family. shipping magnate father in
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china. a lot of credentials in terms of her own career. she would be transportation secretary having been a former labor secretary. let's zero in on the significance of georgia congressman tom price, an orthopedic surgeon with to some a controversial record in terms of how outspoken he's been against obamacare. >> exactly right. he's outspoken which is raising eyebrows and he's never run anything as large as the massive government hhs bureaucracy. so you have that. it could not be more different than the appointment or likely appointment of elaine chao to run the transportation department. here's somebody who ran the labor department.
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the only cabinet secretary under george w. bush to serve all eight years of his term. somebody who would probably be confirmed 100 to 1. i think generally you don't vote down the senate majority leader's wife. not to say she doesn't have strong credentials of her own. i'm told mr. trump liked elaine ch chao's drive, energy. her stamina. that's very important to him. i think she will be an instrumental player as it relates to donald trump's push to get a trillion dollar infrastructure package through the congress. >> i would only question your math. it would be 100 to 0. >> what did i say? 100 to 1? >> i really wouldn't question your math. let's talk about tom price.
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he comes from strong credentials from indiana. >> that's right. i want to focus on that piece for a second. you can see mike pence's influence in this focus on repealing the affordable care act which of course donald trump made a center piece on the campaign trail at the encouragement of those who have been in the party longer than donald trump was initially. tom price, a very conservative congressman overlapped some with mike pence in the house of representatives. they are in the same mold. if you are familiar with the landscape and political geography here on capitol hill. he has the reputation of being a
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conservative hard liner. that's what they are looking for as they push to repeal the health care law. they will try to make changes. what's being discussed among republicans is it's easier to repeal the law than it is to try to put something back in place to fix it. there are pieces that protect people with pre-existing conditions that allows them to continue to get insurance. there is a balancing act they have to figure out to repeal the law. they can do that with 50 votes in the senate. passing affirmative legislation is trickier, potentially more likely to require 60 votes. it's harder to use the budget rules to pass new legislation. tom price would be key in all of this in both working with the congressman and also in dealing with the regulations that made up so much of the real impact of
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the law that the health and human services plays a key role or has played a key role in how the law has been implemented. he'll have quite a bit of power trying to move some things around. the political challenge for republicans will be figuring out how to hang on. tr a lot of working class people voted for donald trump who are relying on protections -- popular protections in the law, how they walk the divide will be a significant story the first six months of the new congress and new administration. >> you're right. the popular elements need to be paid for with the unpopular parts of this. >> exactly. >> the mandate. finally, so donald trump has two important cabinet posts to name. maybe distracting attention from the controversy over secretary of state. he'll have dinner with mitt romney. again seeing bob corker coming in on the inside as the safest
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choice. all of that is perhaps over shadowed to some by a tweet about flag burning. he tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps, he said, loss of citizenship or a year in jail. we are revisiting something that was decided by the supreme court 5-4 in 1989. with justice scalia in the majority in favor of free speech. interestingly the liberal justice john paul stevens against on the flag burning ruling. this was settled law. he'll have his nominees to the court and he can unsettle the law. why do this now. >> i think this is what we have to look forward to or not look forward to for the next four years. every time donald trump wakes up and has a random thought that he feels the need to fire off on twitter we will be chasing it,
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asking ourselves why did he do this? i think often the answer is it's impull s pupulsiv impulsive. he's impet wous and a master of distraction. when he wants us to focus on something other than a scandal or a hiccup in his own administration he'll try to throw us off the scent. this seems like an odd fight to pick. this tells me shh this is something he saw on television or read somewhere. >> it was a big segment last night on television. >> on fox news. >> exactly. >> there you have it. this is a guy, andrea, probably good for us who is one -- the most cable news hungry president we have ever had.
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it doesn't take much to set him off. that's all you have here. it's much bigger than that. >> good for whom? jeremy peters and kasie hunt. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> cable news shouldn't be running the country. coming up, the latest on the investigation into the attack at ohio state. what we are learning about the suspect and his motives next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds) oooh! when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part. ♪
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. we are learning new details now about the suspect in the chilling attack that injured 11 people on the campus of ohio state university. law enforcement officials now say 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan, a student at ohio state, launched a deliberate attack on fellow students using his car and a butcher knife as weapons
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before being fatally shot by police. investigators are now trying to determine whether this was an act of terrorism as defined by law. kevin tibbles is in ohio with the latest. we are learning more about where he grew up. talk to me about his background and his online communications and some of the messages he left which would indicate not legally perhaps but to the person on the street that there was a strong anti- americ anti-american, call it terrorism, motive. >> reporter: you're absolutely right there. the fbi, of course, is now on the scene. they are combing through the last known whereabouts where he lived. what's interesting is it has now come out that as opposed to putting out this rant on facebook yesterday, prior to this incident taking place just behind me here in the engineering area of the osu, another document was also posted
9:20 am
on facebook. in that document it is alleged that this young man was essentially accusing or blaming the united states government for interfering and harming the muslim community as a whole overseas. now as you just suggested, that combined with the fact that he then got into his relative's car, drove it over the curb, hit a number of people and emerged brandishing a butcher knife, one could perhaps make the conclusion that his accusations against the united states did seem to play a role in the act that took place here. so it is now going to be up to the fbi to determine whether or not they say this was an act of terrorism or not. here on campus today, kids have gone back to school. i understand there are counseling sessions for those who want to attend them. and the last little bit of good
9:21 am
news is while some 11 people were injured yesterday, only two remain in the hospital today and they are both in stable condition. >> using car as a weapon is a pattern. we have seen it in nice, in canada, in the uk. this is part of the game plan of a number of groups including some of the messaging from al-awlaki. there are some reports that he had been at least checking online on some of those kinds of online communications. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. this is not the first time someone has tried to use a vehicle as a weapon. you know, i guess what is blatantly obvious about this is that an automobile can very easily be used to attain this goal. one doesn't have to go through, no matter what state you are living in or what have you, background checks, these things don't have to take place as long
9:22 am
as you can get behien the wheel of a car. we don't know the answer to this either. probably we never will. but the fact that when one of these incidents takes place, it is easy and convenient for a group like isis to then raise its head and say, oh, yes. we commanded this or what have you. we just don't know. but obviously these facebook postings are now starting to raise a lot of suspicions in this case here in columbus. >> thanks, kevin tibbles in columbus on that campus. coming up, donald trump and mitt romney set for a second face to face meeting over dinner tonight. can they over come major policy and personal differences including a big staff dispute over whether they can work together. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics.
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among the thousands of people paying respects to fidel castro is elian gonzalez. he finally returned home to his father. he's now 23 years old. he returned to cuba and became close to fidel castro. almost under the custody of the state. morgan ratford joins me now from cuba. thank you very much for being with us. tell me about your conversation with elian. >> he said in no uncertain terms he felt anything that threatened the progress and relationship between the united states and coo -- cuba would be a disservice to the cuban people. he said i know americans are good people. he said in strong terms that if donald trump were to die he felt he would not elicit as many
9:27 am
tears as fidel castro. i went on to ask him, you know, looking back as an adult how do you feel when you reflect on what happened to you as a child. you were just 6 years old when the boat capsized. he said we are talking about two strong cuban communities. one in cuba, one in miami. they shouldn't fight over economics or politics because they were all able in that moment to come together for one little boy. that's what he said he wants to see more of. he's 23 years old, an industrial engineer. he and his father travel here among the thousands of people still lining up to pay final rmts to fidel castro. >> i know you have a deep connection with cuba as well. you have relatives who live there. you went to school from harvard on an exchange program with havana. my own connection with elian began in 1999 when he was finally returned to his family
9:28 am
we were in cardenas with his father and with elian when he was still 6 years old, back in school, covering that for nbc news. >> i remember you doing that. he remembers you, too. he mentioned it today. >> to see him now all grown up and i know he's had a privileged existence, let's face it. he was an important symbol for fidel castro. and for the other leaders of the time. it is good to see him talking about miami. thanks for your deep knowledge in havana. carlos gutierrez was commerce secretary in the george w. bush administration and was a top adviser to mitt romney on trade during the 2012 campaign. you endorsed hillary clinton in this campaign year. we were next to each other when the embassy was re-opened. that was your first visit since being exiled with your family
9:29 am
and back to your family home. >> that's right. >> you are now a strong believer in continuing the engagement. mitt romney saying -- of course he's having dinner tonight with president-elect trump as to whether or not he can be the secretary of state. so there are a lot of connections here. trump tweeting over the weekend. that the engagement would be rolled back unless cuba engages prisoners, gives up prisoners. he's taking a hard line. do you see any wiggle room there? >> do you know what's interesting? he relies a lot on his instinct is what i understand. a lot on his gut feel. his original instinct about cuba during the primaries, the quote was, and i'm paraphrasing, 50 years is enough, folks. he's right. now he's surrounded by people giving him very hard lined talking points.
9:30 am
>> during the florida campaign and the general election. >> even though it's hard to say, the numbers don't show that the cuban americans won florida for president-elect trump. but it's interesting how now the words and rhetoric is very much straight out of the talking book in miami whereas before he was relying on his instincts which is his forte. >> when you look at the deals in talking to the white house officials and the point person has been the deputy national security adviser ben rhoads who they just announced will be going to havana and not his official delegation but in a personal way along with ambassador delorentis. the king of spain is there today. you have other heads of state. they are having a public memorial at 7:00 tonight. all of this involves business deals. airlines started yesterday.
9:31 am
you have contracts now with credit card kpaens acompanies a others. it can be rolled back now by executive order. >> it can be. >> i find an incredible irony that it would be rolled back at a time when this private sector is beginning to emerge in cuba slowly but surely. entrepreneurs need us, need the u.s. and the training. they need the markets. at that time, president trump, the ultimate entrepreneur would be rolling back these reforms. i just feel he needs the other side talking to him as well.
9:32 am
he has a good slate to pick from. >> when we look forward to the economic possibilities in cuba and the fact that by all accounts the embargo over 50 years has not worked to change the government. they still don't have free speech. they don't have people in jail. i visited the leader of the ladies in white. they were told by state security don't come out. for the first time in 13 years they didn't march after church.
9:33 am
it all may not change or happen right now. punishing the cuban people. >> a quick question. from what we know, raul castro and the leaders there will either freeze in place or retreat if they are faced with threats from the u.s. >> a little bit of logic and wisdom here is called for. if we come down on them hard. they will just retreat and say, well, here we go again. we'll wait another 50 years and do business with europe, asia, china as they are doing today. >> after everything said about donald trump could he be an effective secretary of state? couldn't he be faced with questions of, well, you said he was a fraud, you said he didn't
9:34 am
know anything. >> that's for president-elect trump to decide. it would be an interesting choice. he has the credentials, the capabilities. he's mitt romney. but whether they can actually trust each other and whether president trump can trust his secretary of state they know what they have talked about. it is a big question. >> well, thank you very much. it's good to see you again, as always. coming up, reality check. how does donald trump's pick for health and human services secretary plan to dismantle the affordable care act? what could it mean for millions of americans? this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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dr. price is a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon and a fierce critic of obamacare. he's been a proponent of
9:38 am
overhauling things like medicare. joining me zeke emmanuel from the university of pennsylvania. thank you very much. good to see you. tom price is the budget chair on the health side. we have had secretaries who have never run big organizations. >> let's emphasize two or three things about tom price's view of the world. first for many years he's proposed privatizing medicare and not making a government entitlement but getting people into the private health insurance market. that makes people nervous and scared. i think that's one of the things he is likely to push for. he wants to take away the exchanges and instead give people vouchers or tax credit so
9:39 am
they can buy insurance. i think the way he wants to do it at least on the plan he has on his website, a lot of people would be paying a lot more money for the health insurance programs. to give you an example if you are 35 you get 1200. it is not income adjusted. flat fee of $1200. if you look at most locales across the country, health insurance for a 35-year-old runs between $4,000 and $5,000. that means you're shelling out somewhere between $2800 and $3800 of your own money. that's a lot worse deal than the deal under the affordable care act changes. lastly, if you look at the puts and takes in his plan it's probable that somewhere between 9 and 15 million people will lose health insurance coverage. it's hard to tell because he
9:40 am
doesn't have a lot of details. a lot of people are losing their coverage. that has a tendency to raise insurance costs and that will adversely affect the affordability. for a man that campaigned about affordability that seems a strange pass forward. >> bank was passed with a bare majority under the budget rules, reconciliation. they only need 51 votes to get this passed. that seems to be -- >> well, let's be clear. that's not completely true. in reconciliation there are only certain things you can deal with. those are things that affect the budget. and so parts that don't affect the budget cannot be dealt with
9:41 am
in reconciliation. the legal structure of the exchanges cannot be dismantled under reconciliation. subsidies can. we need to be clear. there are things in reconciliation of obamacare that can be dismantled. that affects the budget. tax credits or subsidies or other spending programs. but things that aren't spending are not from the federal budget, cannot be done in reconciliation. they need regular legislative order. 60 votes in the senate. not all of the affordable care act can be repealed that way. >> you left othat's an importan clarification. donald trump said he wants to keep the popular things like the pre-existing condition, having young people continue to have insurance. but as you have pointed out you have to pay for them with the
9:42 am
other provisions. it all works together as it was carefully constructed. >> right. >> we have a comment from josh earnest at the briefing saying what price -- dr. price -- will learn is he will implement the president's plan, not his own. we'll see if trump care measures up. those are notes from the josh earnest briefing. obviously the president has been talking to the president-elect about a lot of things, presumably including this. there may be flexibility on it as well coming from the president. but there is another piece of this which is the potential nominee to run the medicare part of hhs. that's someone who has a strong track record against medicare as we know it. >> yes. so cms runs both medicare and the federal part of medicaid. she has been a strong advocate for privatizing the medicaid portion of it when she was in
9:43 am
indiana. you can see that's a theme. more privatization. clearly if we are going to have trumpcare come out, there are a lot of details that need to be evaluated. and they have to work together. as you point out you can't have -- we are not going to have the pre-existing condition exclusion. we are going to allow people who have things like cancer and heart disease to get insurance at affordable rates. the question is how you make it possible without requiring people all to get insurance. again, congressman price has been against the individual mandate, against employer mandates. he wants independent health insurance pools. it's unclear how those are distinct from the exchange. a lot of details here that have not been defined that make it hard to fully understand the plan. but the details we do have, as i mentioned, suggest that many millions of americans are likely to lose their coverage either by cutting back medicaid or by not being able to afford insurance
9:44 am
in these new arrangements. >> dr. zeke emmanuel, thank you so much for joining us from philadelphia today. >> thank you. we look forward to what will evolve from the health plan. >> indeed. and donald trump will go back on the trail. he'll go back to the rallies. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc, the place for politics.
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the president-elect is taking his message to familiar territory holding an event in cincinnati thursday reminiscent of the hundreds of rallies candidate trump used to solidify support. joining me for the daily fix, chris cillizza, founder of the washington post fix blog. interesting to have the president-elect going on a victory tour and celebrating his victory with no one challenging him, certainly not hillary clinton challenging the fact that he won. at the same time as he's saying,
9:48 am
you know, millions of votes were cast fraudulently. i'm not sure how that works. >> welcome to the contradiction of donald trump. day 190, pick your day. exactly. no one is -- i think -- contesting that he won the election. yes, there is a recount in wisconsin that was financed and pushed for by the green party candidate, not hillary clinton. i talked to hillary clinton's general counsel mark elias and he said, look, we are participating because we are one of the candidates who were in the race and on the ballot. we didn't push for it. we are not going to challenge ballots here. that's the problem with donald trump's tweeting. i feel he just -- we now have to accept that this is who donald trump is. he can be presidential. he can be statesmanlike at times. calm in demeanor and that sort of thing. he can also be this guy on twitter who is attacking reporters by name, who is attacking networks by name and
9:49 am
who is calling into question the election results of an election he won. >> this is also the guy who is having what appears to be a reality tv competition for secretary of state. rather than the behind-the-scenes conversations, you've got people on television and on twitter opposing mitt romney. romney coming for dinner. one reporter on reuters we have to confirm that rudy giuliani is also going to get a moment in the sun today. and that corker, of course, we know will have a meeting. yesterday we had a meeting with petraeus. it is a competition. there is nothing consistent about any of these people, other than they are all potential candidates for secretary of state and admire the president-elect -- at least now they say they do. >> yep. >> they have completely different world views to be diplomats and the top person in the succession, the only cabinet member in succession to the presidency. >> look, i think donald trump
9:50 am
views politics as almost wholly performance art. go back to the trump national golf club in new jersey, andrea, over thanksgiving weekend. he -- prior to that he had person after person. he would appear at the door and wave and take a question and he likes open public competition as you say radical break from the way of which these things traditionally worked. a welcome thing we know more about who it is and what they're doing. but still, a radical break, nonetheless. >> we don't know much more. we only know -- >> world view, right. >> we don't know what's going to really happen one person making up his mind. thank you very much. >> yes, indeed. following the breaking news out of eastern tennessee. this is some of the first daylight video of the gatlinburg area. last night, fast-moving wildfires destroyed about 150 structures there. thousands of residents had to be evacuated from their homes and
9:51 am
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a few key positions, of course, in donald trump's cabinet could be filled soon.
9:54 am
talking about secretary of defense and secretary of state. joining me is paul rikof, founder of veterans of america of iraq and afghanistan. talk about the cabinet picks. general mattis, what do we know about general mattis, likely choice of secretary of defense? >> from the veterans community, he is very popular. he walks on water in the marine corps, he understands the troops, well respected by the troops, very aggressive. he doesn't pull any punches. he speaks his mind and i think for the rank and file in the military it's something that would be welcomed. we feel like we have an advocate inside the pentagon beyond the policy positions and understanding the connection to the troops, especially in the marine corps is very significant and something most civilians are not tracking on. >> general petraeus, retired general petraeus, possibly for secretary of state. he was interviewed. >> yeah. full disclosure, he is on the board of directors and i know
9:55 am
general petraeus. he is a tremendous strategic leader. one of the most brilliant strategists i think of our time and would be a tremendous asset to any administration, really, in any position. you know? he's tended to cross party lines and significant and speculation and you probably know more than i do. >> not always. in fact, not on this subject. paul, let's talk about giving tuesday. what can all of us do to help veterans this holiday season? aside from making donations, so many ways to contribute. >> one piece i got to pivot back to is track on who donald trump selects for secretary of veterans affairs, another big pick and all americans should be watching and very important, not just to the veterans in the country but to all americans. beyond that, volunteer. get out in your communities. holiday times can be particularly tough for military families and deployed veterans. learn. go to the website and find out about the issues impacting our community and just pay attention. there is a troop just killed in
9:56 am
syria. we have folks killed in iraq and afghanistan an they don't want to be forgotten. support them and their families and remember especially around holiday time we are a nation at war. >> that's really important reminder and the losses last week were just awful, of course. >> absolutely. >> thanksgiving morning, in fact. thank you, paul. it's always good to talk to you. >> appreciate you always. more ahead right here on "andrea mitchell reports." my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me.
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confirmed elaine cho for transportation. follow the show online. hallie jakubauskas s hallie jackson is here with her own reporting. >> totally appreciate it. hi, everybody. it's 30 rock today with a bunch of developing stories this hour starting with what you heard of andrea mitchell. a new name in donald trump's cabinet. a top transition source confirming to me moments ago that elaine cho will be the transportation secretary. not only a former cabinet member, but also the wife of majority leader mitch mcconne and donald trump's team finalizing what you could call a victory tour. it will start thursday. we'll talk transition and why donald trump cannot quit the campaign trail. also, an update on the wildfires in tennessee. thousands of people running for their lives. no deaths reported now but drought is making a bad situation even worse. we'll have the latest. we'll also have the latest on what we know about the five survivors of


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