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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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confection to some extent and we have gotten almost everything wrong about him until this hour and so i think going forward, as david says, humility is a good idea. >> he likes to keep people guessing. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. wife' got breaking news to report. a deadly tornado tearing through the south killing five people. a 24-hour day care center leveled. live at the scene. while in the state of tennessee total devastation. >> we could feel the heat coming off of -- it was nothing but red. >> at least three are dead. dozens of homes destroyed. residents are finally returning home this morning as one man searches for his wife and children. >> i told her to call 911 and get out. that was the last time i heard from her. >> and a night on the town. nyc style. donald trump and mitt romney dining out on frog's legs with
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an offer for secretary of state on the table? mitt romney now praising the man he once called a fraud. >> he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing, he won the general election. >> as donald trump tweets this morning, he's drawing up legal documents to officially hand over his businesses to his children. and happening right now, house democrats in a closed door meeting set to vote any minute. will nancy pelosi keep her job as their leader? we're going to begin this morning with the breaking news and intense outbreak of deadly weather overnight slamming parts of the south. several new details are pouring in. first to alabama where a powerful tornado struck as many people were fast asleep. at least five people are dead in alabama and tennessee and four others critically injured. thousands remain without any power. msnbc's march rihanna atencio joins me. marianna, you have been in touch with emergency officials. what do you know so far?
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>> reporter: i'm only hearing msnbc. >> marianna, can you hear me? marianna? i think we don't have a connection. she's in a little bit of a dicey area. i want to turn you to msnbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, walk us through what just happened here. this isn't tornado season. we normally hear about tornadoes kind of in late spring. here we are in november. >> yeah, we just broke a lot of streaks, too. we just went 220 days without any deaths from tornadoes in this country. here we break it as we're heading into our winter season. we can get november outbreaks. this is very late. in all, 77 storm reports, 23 of these were tornadoes. the little red dots in here. now we're starting to get all the pictures from the damage done overnight. typically at nighttime you just don't have the lead time. people are asleep.
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they're not watching the local news or they're not watching the weather channel to get the update on these storms. that's why you can get these fatalities if the towns don't have tornado sirens. three of them were in this town in roselli, jackson county and two other fatalities in areas of tennessee. we still have the threat of additional tornadoes as we go throughout the morning. we're not done yet. tornado watches from new orleans through mobile and up into northern portions of georgia. the worst is done and when we're all said and done with this, you know, it looks like we're going to probably have easily 50, maybe 60 structures that were destroyed. >> wow. i want to take you back there. we now have marianna connected to us. it is a rough connection. what can you tell us? marianna, can you hear us? all right. i'm afraid -- >> i can hear you.
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we're riding through the deadly tornadoes that have pounded parts of tennessee overnight. two people have died in polk county where i am now. power lines are down and several buildings damaged. there's a destroyed fire station. roofs are peeled off and rescues are ongoing. i've been in contact with the sheriff and the police department in polk county and, stephanie, they have labeled this area a disaster zone. secondary search is underway, they tell me. they're trying to make sure nor people weren't killed. the damage is really centered around highway 411 and highway 64 south, but there's still a line of showers, there's heavy wind and they are expecting possibly more tornadoes. we're going to be bringing you these images all throughout the morning here on msnbc and talking with people that rode out the storm. stephanie. >> did the police or fire department give you any sort of update around people that were injured?
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all right. i'm afraid we've lost marianna. now we're going to turn to the devastating wildfires still burning in tennessee. while the worst appears to be over for the hardest hit towns, the damage and heart ache is widespread. look at these images. at least three people we know are dead, more than a dozen hurt and thousands have been chased from their homes. nbc's kerry sanders is live in pidgeon forge, tennessee. kerry, i understand the evacuation order has been lifted, but what's the situation now? >> reporter: well, evacuation in certain areas has been lifted in certain areas of the pidgeon hill area. i'm in spring hill where they have lifted, indeed, the evacuation order. you can see the damage behind me. people want to come back and see what's happened to their homes, some crossing their fingers hoping that maybe their homes was missed. this was a firestorm that came through, moved very ferociously and quickly and as you can see took out homes. on this one street nine homes
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burned down to the foundation. as the residents are waiting to find out what's going to be the next steps, we're fortunate to have the mayor here of pidgeon forge, david wier. what do you say to residents who are desperately looking to you for some leadership when they come back and see this right now? >> we've lifted the evacuation. we are allowing people to re-enter and see what's left. things are safe. there is no limitations on that. i would say that we are here to support you. this is a small town. this is a small-town community. we have an outpouring of again ner rouse givings, donations. we have all kinds of supplies and volunteers to help. >> mayor, people want to know. okay. this is complicated. i may or may not have insurance. everything was burned up in the house. i don't have the records. what does the city and what does the federal government potentially provide right now? >> immediate relief right now from the city stand point. support.
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community support. any kind of basic needs that they might need. we are working through a process of establishing what we're talking about, how many structures, what kind of damage we're looking at. i'm sure that will play into a part of the federal program. >> you told me earlier that the governor said yesterday this was the worst firestorm here, worst fires in 100 years. he's 42 years old. he's saying he and his family have never seen anything like this. so, mayor, thank you very much for joining us. the real question now is, okay, the fires are mostly under control. not out. you can see that there's a lot of smoke but it's also overcast because we had some rain here this morning. you would think that that rain is a good thing because rain would put the fire out, but it turns out it's not enough rain. it's just enough to cause the ground to get wet. the trees that were hit by the fire have a root system now that is compromised and with the soil somewhat wet the fear is that those trees could come down. so authorities are urging everybody to move with caution because it is possible one of those trees could come down and could cause yet more injury.
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stephanie? >> all right. kerry, thank you. kerry will be back later in the hour with us. with a truly heart wrenching interview with a man on a frantic search for his wife and his children. now we've got to turn you to politics. a lot has happened overnight. quite a few headlines to tell you about. just a few minutes ago we received official word. steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and wilbur ross for commerce. they're formalizing their plans to keep his business affairs at arm's length once he takes office. he tweeted, quote, i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in total in order to fulfill on running the country in order to make america great again. we don't, of course, know what that means, but msnbc's cal perry is outside trump tower. cal, what should we make of
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this? >> reporter: well, we don't know what it means, as you said. we're less than really two weeks away from what he's calling a major press conference. what we do know is that the president-elect seems to finally be acknowledging that this conflict of interest potential is a big deal. we have sort of the perception that there could be a conflict of interest and then we have the conflict of interest itself. on the latter side you have things like the post office of which he owns in d.c. and there's not supposed to be any federal employees involved in that deal. well, the president-elect is certainly about to become a federal employee. then you have the perception there could be a conflict of interest. putting his children in charge of the business is not going to sort of allay those fears at all. what people have been calling for is a liquidation of the business. we'll have to take a look at these legal documents. keep in mind the president-elect has said he's serious about some things in the pass and then it turns out he's not. his health. we have the letter if his doctor which was this fake almost joke of a letter. so a lot to be determined on this front.
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certainly at least the appearance that there's a problem was enough for him to put out these tweets, stephanie. >> that doctor who i believe said he was like the bestest, healthiest, superstariest president-elect ever. >> ever. >> the other big headline, donald trump's dinner meeting they dined jean george, ate frog's legs and here's what mitt romney had to say. >> these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i've enjoyed them very, very much. he continues with a message of inclusion, of bringing people together and his vision is something which obviously connected with the american people in a very powerful way. >> cal, he went on to say, donald trump did something that i didn't, he won. can these guys work together? >> reporter: right. you know, i don't know if this is annual apology for what mitt romney said in the past. you have sort of the normal realm of doing a 180 once the election is over. once the election has been
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decided and people are vying for the posts. this is crazy, mitt romney beyond a 180, totally a reverse on what he said against donald trump. we don't know when a secretary of state announcement will be made. certainly mitt romney is in the running for that. if we -- if we do hear that mitt romney is secretary of state, i think it's quite likely we'll look back at that sound bite that you played and say that was an apology maybe. stephanie. >> thanks, cal. we'll have much more on all of this straight ahead. the two new nominees, one a former goldman banker, the other a billionaire. what their appointments mean for your wallet. what's your message? this as trump negotiates a deal to keep 1,000 jobs in america at the carrier air conditioning plant. what all of that means ahead. plus, nancy pelosi fighting for power right now. the democrats voting as we speak. will she stay in leadership? tweet me your guesses @sruhle. c. my name is yasmin belo-osagie
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it has been more than four months since donald trump held a press conference. he is putting a new one on the books setting december 15th as the day he'll explain his plans to deal with his business empire after he is sworn in. i want to bring in hallie jackson and ali velshi. let's talk about donald trump's tweet he is going to have this press conference. though he doesn't legally have to do it, he'll be separating his business ties from his new role as president of the united states. >> correct. a couple of the highlights here from what we know, because i think there's some big question marks, right? number one, the subject of it will be the conflicts of interest that frankly have been in the headlines since the night he was elected. these are real questions. while he is exempt, he's right, he is exempt from federal conflict of interest laws, there is still the appearance of conflict that could be a concern which he references when he
6:16 am
talks about the visual optics or something like that. it's visually important for him to show there's no conflict. here's the thing, stephanie, until we know what he's going to do, the questions are still going to be around, right? until he says what he's going to give. if his children are still in place, that also raises some questions. he tweeted his kids are going to be at this press conference. he's previously said his children will run the business. that's not a blind trust. >> not at all. >> the kids have been in meetings with him with foreign leaders. if we're talking about optics, we have to talk about his pick for treasury secretary, steve mnuchin. steve mnuchin, son of a goldman partner, former goldman partner, ran a hedge fun, bought indymac with john paulsen, a guy who became a multi-billionaire betting on subprime. >> right. >> much of america has become so angry at wall street because they felt like, hold on, when the financial crisis happened i lost my home, i lost my job. >> and a bunch of people got rich.
6:17 am
>> big companies got bailed out and no one went to jail. >> right. >> so an appointment of a guy like steve knmnuchin -- >> you mentioned john paulsen. mnuchin owned a bank that foreclosed on 36,000 homes. that's very different. you've already got some senators saying, i want to understand that a little better. look, people can profit off these things. should people who profit on them be in decision-making positions in government? and that's the bottom line. mnuchin is in terms of the people who supported donald trump, he's highly qualified. he knows the ins and outs of wall street but whether or not he's got the best interests of the american people at heart is a question that has to be answered. >> how are members of the government going to take to this? if you remember, antonio weiss could not get confirmed. obama put him up to be treasury under secretary. elizabeth warren said, no way, jose, because he worked at lissard. how is the government going to take to this? >> these things are being
6:18 am
paired. the carrier deal gets announced on the same day. so donald trump's big central mission was i'm going to keep manufacturing jobs here. if he continues to go down that road and look like he's creating jobs, all the other things will seem like distractions. he'll be able to say the big eggs problem for americans are jobs and i'm going to concentrate on that. it's the bright, shiny object thing. >> his confirmation isn't going to be a cake walk. >> nor is michael flynn. >> correct. >> if rudy giuliani gets a position, it's going to be tough? >> in terms of the carrier deal, whether it's 1,000 jobs, 2,000 jobs, isn't it a big job in terms of messaging? >> absolutely. >> he said he's going to do it and he picked up the phone. >> before he got into office officially, yes. absolutely. this is 100% a win for him in the short term at least when it comes to messaging. listen, we don't know what the terms of the deal are, we don't know what the incentives are. there's a lot of question marks
6:19 am
surrounding this. that said, play the tape. donald trump, you were there talking about carrier. >> even though we don't know the details, the general principle around what's happening -- >> two factories, 2200 jobs, 1400 at one, 700 at another, they were going to go to mexico. now 1,000 jobs are remaining. just for context the u.s. creates 181,000 new jobs a month. 1,000 jobs will stay. it was a call from mike pence, the governor -- formerly the governor of the state in which this plant is. now, remember, carrier is owned by this company on the screen, united technologies. united technologies has $56 billion a year in revenue, fully 10% comes from the american government. united technologies single biggest client is the pentagon so when the government calls you and says, don't move your company, it's your single biggest client. >> why thent they called before? >> that's a very good question. obama could have done the same thing. >> state and local governments do this all the time. i used to live in connecticut where utc is based.
6:20 am
they give them tax breaks. you don't see that on the federal level all that often. >> we don't and by the way, you and i have discussed this, that if they actually did do that for small and medium sized businesses, that would be really good. the big companies get the red carpet rolled out. it's the small and medium conditions that create the jobs and don't create a break. >> wouldn't there be a legal press tent and we don't know the deals, do you believe we're going to see lots of other companies raise their hand and say, hey, donald? what you going to do for me? >> what do they call it during the financial crisis, moral hazard? >> exactly. >> start rewarding people for their bad behavior. he named two companies during his campaign, ford and carrier and he's gained points on both of those. >> remember, lehman brothers looked around and said, look, everybody's getting bailed out. then they were giving cardboard boxes. >> right. >> interesting to watch this. this is not boring. >> no, no, not boring at all. >> vacation is canceled. that's good to know. >> no vacation for us. we are still getting a christmas.
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we're expecting this to take an hour and a half. it could be unpredictable. the longer it goes the more likely it is that we're going to learn something interesting from what's happening here. of course, that is ohio
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congressman tim ryan challenging nancy pelosi, the long-time democratic leader essentially saying, hey, we lost. we lost big. we need new leadership to make changes. >> what are congressman ryan's chaps here? >> reporter: at this point it's still unlikely, we think sources are telling us. that pelosi faces a real threat to her leadership. we've only had a handful of democrats come out and say they support himalaya him. there may be more people than expected who back tim ryan. pelosi faced a challenge back in 2010. there were 43 democrats at that time who backed keith schuler, a congressman from north carolina, a famous football player if you'll remember. that was after democrats got shocked by the tea party wave. they lost control of the house. facing something a little bit similar here although on a bigger scale. tim ryan is arguing, hey, we
6:26 am
need to be able to walk into union halls, fish fries and talk to them the way we haven't been. nancy pelosi representing the san francisco district and cung a lot on fundraising. at this point still likely pelosi will emerge the democratic leader but there might be more drama behind the doors than we expected. >> thanks, casey. up next, new details on the south american plane crash. did the plane run out of fuel? plus, residents are now being let back in after those devastating fires in tennessee. we'll talk to one man who's still searching for his wife and daughters. his emotional interview next. >> we got up to the house and it was just completely engulfed. and i got out and i just screamed her name, screamed her name. never heard. onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started.
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down south more than 20 tornadoes ripped across towns overnight killing at least five people. dozens of homes and buildings have been destroyed, including a 24-hour child day care center in alabama. donald trump is expected to add tw big money men to his cabinet. steve mnuchin, his former campaign finance chief as treasury secretary and investor wilbur ross as commerce secretary. trump also had dinner with mitt romney last night who is being eyed for secretary of state. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack at ohio state university calling the student who wounded 11 people with his car and a knife their soldier. u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that there are no known contacts between artan and isis. tragic accident at cirque du soleil's san francisco show has left an employee dead. the technician was struck by a lift during rehearsals and later died at the hospital. and tonight the world's most
6:31 am
famous christmas tree, i couldn't be more excited, will be lit right outside here at new york city's rockefeller center. thousands are expected to brave the rain to watch five miles of light illuminate as the 94 foot high, 56 foot wide tree gets lit up right here this evening at 8:00 p.m. you don't want to miss it. all right. we now have to turn, we've got new details on the deadly crash, the charter pla eer plane in co. 71 people were killed in the crash. the black boxes were recovered. incredibly six people did survive. nbc's keir simmons is in bogota. what are you learning? >> reporter: good morning. three players from the chapeco team. a memorial is planned later today at the stadium where they were set to play the game here
6:32 am
in colombia. a member of the team's board tells us that the team's doctor was expected here in colombia to help identify the bodies. the pope today sending a message to the brazilians who you know are such huge soccer fans. this has rocked the country. the pope saying, i'd like to remember today the suffering of the brazilian people for the tragedy of their football team. chapecoense. i pray for the players and their families. joining hands in a memorial at their home ground but, stephanie, really heartbreaking images emerging of different players. one, a young man who was killed, pictured just a week ago finding out that he was set to be a father. his wife a month pregnant. they were married less than a year ago. another player managed to speak to his wife, he was rescued but then died later. they have recovered the black boxes so investigators are
6:33 am
trying to establish what happened. possible theories include an electrical failure or that the plane ran out of fuel but that will take some time, that inquiry. meanwhile, stephanie, the colombian team that was set to play the brazilian team, they say the trophy should go to the brazilians in honor of the fallen. stephanie? >> thanks, keir simmons. i'm going to take you from one tragedy to another. down in tennessee where thousands of people have lost everything to the wildfires, their homes, their business, all of their belongings. michael reed is hoping he didn't lose his family as well. his wife and two daughters have been missing since their house went up in flames. he spoke to nbc's kerry sanders who joins me right now from pidgeon forge. kerry, what did he tell you? >> reporter: it's a heartbreaking story. i've spoken to him again this morning. he still has no information so he's in limbo. he does not know whether his wife and whether his two daughters, khloe and lily are
6:34 am
alive or not. here's the scenario of what happened. the fire was moving quickly so he got in his truck to see what was going on. the fire then cut him off and he tried to make his way back to the house where his wife and two children were but he had to take a different route. he had to drive through the fire, he said. when he got up there the house was fully engulfed in flames. he got out and screamed their names but they didn't respond. he has, of course, not been able to sleep, not think straight right now. he's so broken up that he's able to find out maybe, just hopefully in the chaos that his wife and two children have somehow wound up somewhere else. i did an interview with him about the ongoing search for his -- desperate search for his loved ones. this is a portion of what he had to tell me. >> it took me about an hour to get all the way back around to get to my road. we're about 1700 feet up above
6:35 am
sea level. when i got to the bottom and looked up it was just nothing but red. i mean, it was on fire everywhere. and my son was screaming. we drove through the fire all the way up to get to the house. i thought maybe she was standing in the driveway or something, you know, and we got up to the house and it was just completely engulfed. and i got out and i just screamed her name and screamed her name. never heard from her. and if we had stayed up there another few seconds, we would have died. the heat was just -- that -- that was hell. that -- that is what hell looked like. it was smoke and fire and wind and -- you couldn't even hear anything, it was just howling. so my son screamed for me to get back in the van and we turned around in the middle of the road and barely made it back down. we've been here ever since. >> so your wife's name is -- >> constance. >> children? >> khloe and lily. >> how old are they?
6:36 am
>> 9 and 12. my 12-year-old just had her birthday three days ago. >> so as far as you know, they either evacuated somewhere or -- what's going through your mind, sir? >> they're my world. >> reporter: just gutt wrenching to hear that father desperately hope against hope at this point that somehow his family is alive and just incommunicado at this point. i'm standing here at the morgan house here in pidgeon forge. the 9-year-old little girl who lived here got out with her family. she's best friends and goes to school with 9-year-old lily that's missing. she's been asking her parents over and over again, where's lily? what happened to lily? parents don't know what to say. and that's really the sense of this community here. this a small community where people all know each other. they think that at this point if somebody had found the wife constance, khloe, and lily, that
6:37 am
word would be out right now of where they are. so it does not look -- it looked pretty grim right now. the authorities are making their way to the various properties to see if they can find anything and tell -- and tell michael reed what's happened or hopefully some good news, but, stephanie, i don't know. it's just -- it weighs heavy on a lot of hearts here. >> well, kerry, i know our hearts go out to the reed family, khloe, lily, constance. we hope michael is reunited with them. thank you so much. we've got to take a quick break. we'll be back with more. you're watching msnbc.
6:38 am
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be up for it. he's not of the temperament of the kind of stable, thoughtful person we need as leader. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> i'm afraid that when it comes to foreign policy he is very, very not smart. >> we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions i've
6:41 am
had with him have been enlightening. >> mr. trump is directing our anger for less than noble purposes. >> he continues with a message of inclusion, bringing people together. >> well, we heard they ate frog's legs, but right there mitt romney may have been eating crow. what a difference eight months makes. now mitt romney is possibly poised to be donald trump's secretary of state despite the previous acrimony. he's laughing mike lufuka and senior editor of business insider josh barro. let's start with you. >> yeah. >> mitt romney turning here, does this make him a patriot? does it make him a flip-flopper? is it a positive he's had such differences with donald trump in the past? >> first of all, in fairness to mitt romney, what he said is he has increasing hope. >> open heart, open mind. >> his official position is that he has an open mind. it's not a total like i was wrong, i'm sorry.
6:42 am
so there is room for him not to be totally humiliated if he is not in fact nominated as secretary of state. i think it's a couple of things. i think mitt romney does feel a genuine sense of duty to the down country. there are a lot of democrats out there who will breathe an enormous sigh of relief in addition to republicans if mitt romney is given the job of secretary of state. he'll be the adult in the room who mate keep us out of a war that donald trump might try to bring us into. and then i think, you know, you ask is he a flip-flopper. remember, before mitt romney was the stalwart defender of conservative against trumpism, he was pro choice, he was pro life, moderate, conservative. no, i don't think it is ridiculous. i think that -- i think if he -- if you take the best gloss on what mitt romney's been up to and how he has felt about
6:43 am
trumpism, i think it still makes a lot of sense for him to try to make nice and try to get into the administration for the good of the republican party and the good of the country. >> michael, you have said rudy giuliani true trump loyalist would not be fit for the job. mitt romney given his difference of opinion than donald trump, if you think about russia, mitt romney was ahead of most of the rest of us in terms of what a threat russia could be to us and during the campaign many people were concerned that donald trump is too cozy to russia. they have difference of opinions in terms of free trade. is that a positive? >> i think it's a tremendous positive. if the choice is simply between romney and giuliani, it's not even close. giuliani is thrillingly unsuited to be secretary of state of the united states. when mitt romney -- stephanie, when mitt romney was running for president, people who knew him really well were so frustrated because they kept saying why isn't the guy i know running for president? and so he did come across as this cardboard cutout of a candidate. i honestly believehat josh is right. i believe this is about service
6:44 am
in the end. i don't even think it's about maintaining relevancy. i actually believe he thinks he can serve his country as secretary of state and on that basis alone he's a good choice. >> i want to talk about steve mnuchin for a moment. he is a different kind of choice. if you look at a jack lu, a time geithner, they fall more into that bureaucrat wonky type. steve mnuchin is definitely a deal guy. it's a changed election. donald trump said i'm the jobs candidate. is that what steve mnuchin is going to be? >> so he had a very interesting interview on cnbc this morning along with wilbur ross who's going to be the commerce secretary talking about this deal with carrier where there's some incentive package that's going to keep them in the united states. they view this as a model. they are going to try to get companies to keep and create companies in the united states. it looks like a deal approach. i would note that while the last two secretaries of the treasury had deep government backgrounds, it's not uncommon for the
6:45 am
secretary of the treasury to come from the private sector. you had paul o'neill and john snow in the bush administration. you had two top executives from goldman sachs over the years, hank paulsen under george bush and paul rubin under president clinton. he wasn't the ceo of goldman sachs so it's not the profile you would ordinarily expect, but i don't think it's an unprecedented move based on previous administrations. >> the carrier deal, we're calling this a victory tour. donald trump sort of going back out on the road. is this donald's way of fulfilling campaign promises and getting -- trying to bring the country together? we know he didn't win the popular vote but what do these rallies do besides pump donald up? they wrap people in a u.s. flag with go u.s.a. >> stephanie, he put points on the board. not a lot of points. what he's really saying here is these aren't just jobs with carrier, these are trump jobs and you know trump jobs are more special like trump steaks.
6:46 am
no, seriously. listen, he has a right to spike the ball here. th is small example of him doing what he said he was going to do because -- >> why didn't mike pence bring the jobs back previously if it is indiana? >> you mean the timing of it? >> we don't know the terms of this deal yet. eventually we will. it will be in the state of indiana's financial statement. we'll know what the state gave carrier. i would also note, this is just 1,000 jobs. we need 6500 jobs a day to be on a good job growth pace. this alone is a drop in the bucket. to what extent are other corporate ceos going to be worrying that they're running afoul of donald trump. >> or say, hey, donald, let's make a deal. >> right. or are we going to be more able to get incentives. when we say incentives, carrier, it's likely they're getting a big tax break to keep the jobs in indiana. we'll soon learn what the price was. >> steve dwri, the great jimmy
6:47 am
bressin when he wrote about jobs. that's the whole ball game for donald trump. everything else is just noise. >> j-o-b-s, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> thank you so much. we're going to take a break. the officer who shot a black man in his back testifies in his own defense. we're going to break down his testimony next. >> people don't run from a broken taillight. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
6:50 am
a former south carolina police officer charged in the death of an unarmed black man is taking the stand in his own defense. 35-year-old michael slager is accused of killing michael scott following a routine traffic stop in april of 2015. cell phone video of the incident appears to show slager shooting scott as he ran away. joining me, radio host and attorney mo ivory and retired police lieutenant john rogers. first, slager said it didn't
6:51 am
make any sense to him why scott ran, take a look. >> in my mind at that time, people don't run from a broken tail light. there's always another reason. >> mo, let's start with you. there's always another reason. why would he run? >> well, i mean, you know, we don't fknow what that reason wa. we found out later he was concerned about a child support warrant that might have been out for him. that is not a reason alone to decide that somebody is running and they pose a deadly threat to you. i think that was the first place where this whole murder went wrong. at that moment, he could have easily decided that when walter scott was rub, call backup and wait for backup. but no, he made the decision to go after walter scott. so in his mind, he had already created a scenario that walter scott was a dangerous black man that he needed to go after. >> steve be, ways your reaction?
6:52 am
>> to begin with, mo is partially right. again, race does not have to come into this situation. we she says the officer concluded he was a dangerous black man, that isofficers, bel not, when they do their job and are looking out to protect themselves and others, are not necessarily thinking about race. i viewed that tape over and over again. in my view, there's absolutely no justification for that officer shooting this individual, none whatsoever. he made a stop for a broken tail light. he said that there was a reason why the man ran. well, what if the man was mentally ill? what if the man was just in fear of the police? you don't go shooting people that run away from you unless, stephanie, they're armed or are a threat to the officer or someone else. >> slager did say in testimony, he said he fired his taser at scott three times and while he was trying to subdue him to the ground, scott wrestled the taser away and pointed it at him. take a look. >> i see that barrel, like this
6:53 am
big, coming at me, and i knew i was in trouble. at that time, i pulled my firearm and i pulled the trigger. i fired until the threat was stopped. like i'm trained to do. >> okay, now, again, he said this happened. we don't see that in the video. in the video that we see, scott is running away. the fact he says he fears for his life, steven, does that justify anything? >> we can say that. maybe he did, i don't know. it's easy to be a monday morning quarterback. i can tell you, unless your life is in imminent danger, and i don't see it here, you're not going to use deadly force. and that officer's going to have to prove he felt his life was in danger. but what we see on that video would be troubling to any professional law enforcement officer. >> mo, when the officer says he felt like he was in total danger, what do you make of that? >> yeah, i mean, that's why it's hard when i hear steven say like
6:54 am
why are you bringing race into it or why would you dismiss it. to say i thought my life was in danger just because this man who was unarmed was running away from me, you know, begs you to ask more questions. none of the evidence that has been presented in the case says that there was an imminent danger for the officer. that he was even tased. that the taser was even in walter scott's hands. that has notssume that it was race? >> no, it's not fair to assume. it's fair to go on the actions, the video and the evidence that is there. and so to say that, dismiss all of that and let's just say let's just go on with what the officer was feeling -- >> mo, hereby's the problem -- >> let's be really honest with this. >> this isn't a monologue, this is supposed to be a dialogue. >> steven. >> okay. >> mo, with all due respect,
6:55 am
every time you or anyone else on the air brings up race for every single incident a police officer is involved in is a disservice, a disservice to what the black community's trying to do and what the police are trying to do to bring us together. we have to start uniting people. you look at the facts. the facts on that tape do not lead us to believe race had anything to do with this. >> let me tell you one thing real quick about uniting people. uniting people starts with telling the truth, okay. uniting people starts with having an open conversation about what is really happening in our country, in our cities and in our -- >> so why did you bring race into this? >> please do not act like race is not a factor in so many of these police shootings and should not be discussed -- >> to the two of you, we're going to continue these conversations, we're going to try to improve these relations, we're just not going to do it right now. >> thank you, steven. >> i appreciate you both sharing your candid thoughts. coming up, former secretary of hhs kathleen seb bealious would
6:56 am
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that wraps us up. i'm stephanie ruhle. you can find me on twitter. here's more now with craig melvin. >> stephanie, thank you so much. a lot of breaking news to get to. at least five people killed overnight during a series of tornadoes that tore through alabama and tennessee. elsewhere in tennessee, thousands of people remain out of their homes today as wildfires continue to race through the smoky mountains. meanwhile, donald trump tweeting today he'll be leave being his business to his children while he serves as president. trump also saying he'll hold a news conference with his kids on december 15th, a little more than two weeks away. that will be his first news conference in almost five
7:00 am
months. and breaking this hour, democrats voting on whether to keep nancy pelosi as their leader in the house. we're watching that vote very closely. but we start with that breaking news. the tornadoes that have left at least five dead throughout the south. three people killed in alabama where several buildings, including a church, were destroyed. about two miles to the east, tennessee officials confirm at least two people were killed in polk county. more than 28,000 homes in the region are without power this hour. let's get the latest from msnbc's marianne ortenso. in tennessee where we can see the rain continues to come down. >> i'm here on the phone and i have you on an app on my other phone because i want to make sure to show you these images. this is part of the devastation. overnight, these deadly tornadoes just pounding here


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