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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit that's going to wrap up this hour of "msnbc live." i will see you tomorrow morning on "today," tamron hall picks things up right now. >> thank you very much. great job on msnbc. and unconventional president-elect makes an unconventional announcement on his so-called thank you tour. regarding the next secretary of defense. general james mattis. even with democrats and republicans praising him, it might take a constitutional amendment to get him in that post. we'll talk about that. plus why trump is still going after hillary clinton. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we?
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and more signs of tension a month after this election. the raw exchange at harvard between the clinton campaigns jennifer palmieri and trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> campaign where white supremacist had a platform and you're going look me in the face and tell me that? really? >> it did. >> back and forth between the two teams. and breaking this morning, man who shot and killed a former nfl player has been released with no charges. at this point. very latest on what happened and what police described as an extreme case of road rage. we'll have the very latest on that for you. and a live report as the veterans head to the dakota pipeline protest who help out what they say will be a human shield surrounding those protesters as the deadline to leave the area approaches. we'll get you caught up on all of those stories. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall, coming live from our msnbc headquarters in
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new york. president-elect donald trump is off the road back in new york for a series of meetings. georgia senator david perdue, retired jay cohen, florida attorney pam bon i did, and former ambassador john bolton as well as heidi highcamp of north dakota all on the lissette to meet with the president-elect today. trump switched back into campaign mode last night on his tour which was supposed to be a chance to thank supporters in states that he won. he started his remarks early by relishing in one of the most devisive elections in recent memory. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? think of it, we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. remember, you cannot get to 270. dishonest press. there is no road. there's no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right?
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we didn't break it, we shattered that sucker. shattered it. >> later in the speech that went from scripted to unscripted, the president-elect then called for unity in this country. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it until monday, so don't tell anybody. they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have, and it's about time. >> and that was the president-elect's surprisingly audience and we're told even his own team when he made the announcement regarding a major cabinet decision. let's go to nbc's kelly o'donnell, she joins us from capitol hill. let's talk about what we saw last night. the most important headline though would potentially be the man who will lead the secretary
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of defense. >> reporter: yes tamron, and it certainly felt like donald trump was having rally withdrawal following his election because so much of this thank you tour, at least in it's earliest stages remind us of the kind of tone, the kind of audience give and take that we saw during the campaign. and we have seen over time that trump tends to derive oxygen from those crowds. and likes to give them some surprises. so the mattis nomination, he called it an appointment which is not correct. you have to nominate a member of the cabinet and then the senate has the duty to confirm. that will be a floosz will take some time and it will require a special waiver which will be voted on by both the house and senate. and they would consider this because he has not been out of the uniform for the required seven years. as you know, the department of defense must be run by a civilian leader and although james mattis is currently a retired general, it has only been about three years since he left his time in service as
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marine. so it does require this waiver. and so that will be something that congress will need to consider, there are a number of members who are saying they're for it. so far one democrat is opposing it. tamron. >> and kelly, it's interesting as you pointed out, campaign withdrawals. we know that trump plans to go to some other states, it's not quite clear who is guiding him on the remarks. the audience yesterday did their lock her up when referencing hillary clinton. this is in contrast to what he told the new york times and other flaesz he had no interest in pursuing a special prosecutor for, you know, the e-mail server situation that plagued the clinton campaign. with all of that said, speaker ryan was just interviewed by 60 minutes and he was asked about excellents made by donald trump, and he insists that trump is not a racist, he did though make comments that still don't settle well with the speaker.
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what about these rallies? what are they saying about this new -- i guess appearances now by the president-elect? >> reporter: well, we have seen in the past where after a victory, a candidate then elected would go back to some of the places that helped to lift him to office. so, that piece of it isn't entirely unusual, but like everything trump, he has brought a lot of the rhetoric, the mood, the atmosphere that was so much a part of the campaign and the lock her up chant again that's like getting the band bag together moment with trump and supporters because he very clearly as president-elect says he has no intention of wanting to hurt the clintons. and has other things to focus on. and you're right, some of his comments have been deemed racist by people who are now very supportive, like paul ryan, speaker of the house who says their relationship is repaired, they're talking on an almost daily basis, but talking about things going forward, not relitigating sort of the highs and lows of the campaign. talking about especially the 100 day agenda.
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those first 100 days in trump's administration and how he and congress can work together to try to get some things on the board, tamron. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. we turn now to a heated display of raw emotion in the wake of presidential campaign. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway and clinton communications director jennifer palmieri engaging in a war of words during harvard university's traditional post-election forum. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no you wouldn't. >> yes. >> no you wouldn't. >> absolutely. >> one of my proudest moments of her is her standing up and saying with courage and clarity, in steve bannon's own words and donald trump's own words, the platform that they gave to white supremacists, white nationalists, and it is a very, very important moment in our history as our country. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform, you're going to tell me that?
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>> it did, kellyanne, it did. >> and that's how you lost? >> andrea mitchell was one of the moderators and phillip rucker was also there delivering blow by blow account this morning in the post. they both join us now. first the history and why this was such a surprising turn this exchange between these two? >> well, for 44 years, tamron, this has been an academic exercise with a few rare moments 1988 when gloating over michael dukkha kus was defeated in that year and he was the former governor of massachusetts and harvard was his home turf, there was tension. that said, even in 2000, people say, and i wasn't there that year, during bush v gore when there was no decision yet over who was the president of the united states. from wasn't the tension we saw last night. you could cut it with a knife. they were going at each other and you had a less than gracious
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team trump gloating, if you will, and a somewhat defensive team clinton trying to protect hillary clinton from the criticisms. and protecting themselves frankly from criticisms that they had made mistakes and calculations about battleground states. they very angry about jim comey, they believe that they were all going uphill, the momentum was gain, and that the comey letter and then the follow-up letter that last 11 days just stalled their momentum. and sent undecided voters to the third party candidates or to trump or to staying home. so they felt that they lost the college educated white vote in the suburbs around cities like milwaukee and philadelphia. didn't get the passionate turnout as big a turnout of african americans and other minorities as they had hoped for in michigan and in pennsylvania. and in those three states wisconsin, which hillary clinton did not campaign in, michigan, which she barely campaigned in, and pennsylvania, when which
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arguably they didn't pay enough attention to. the election was decided. >> and phillip, let me bring you into the conversation here. this is kellyanne accusing the clinton campaign of not having a message. let's play what they said that the forum. >> do you think you could have just had a decent message for the white working class voters? do you think this woman who has nothing in common with anybody -- >> that's the campaign. >> 200 counties that president obama won in donald trump just won? you think that's because of what you just said or because people aren't ready for a woman president, really? how about it's hillary clinton. she doesn't connect with people. how about they have nothing in common with her. how about you had no economic message. >> so phillip, was there any acknowledgment of the points while maybe hard to swallow, certainly prove to be true when you look at some of the exit information. >> yeah, you know, actually, no. the clinton team found a lot of fault with the media and fault with the negative campaigning that the trump folks did, including some of the fake stories that were bubbling up in
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social media and on the internet, but they really did not accept responsibility for the economic message component and for some of the more fundamental challenges of clinton's candidacy. there was not a lot of reflection in that room about clinton's judgment over many years and sort of the patterns of her life in public life and the e-mail decision and her actions as a candidate. >> andrea, is this perhaps why we're still seeing a slow simmer of recovery for democrats in their leadership decisions and the way forward so much of it still is about whether or not donald trump dabbled in the alt-right and not enough conversation about these mistakes that maybe hard pills to swallow, but certainly go back to the economy and jobs? >> well, you know, you could argue as phillip just eluded to, that the e-mail server resurrected a lot of old, bad vibrations that it was a weapon handed to the trump team and they made great use of it.
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and again, as mandy, the veteran strategist for hillary clinton said, very sarcastically in a calm way at end of the session, hour and 145 minutes session that the washington post, phil rukers' partner and i and katherine miller were moderating, trying to moderate, playing referee if you will, but what mandy said is i want to congratulate you, i think you underestimate, she said to the team, the trump team, just how brilliant you were at gassing her and creating this negative campaign almost under the radar with alex jones and with other fake news. people, you know, writing that she had some fatal disease. she was going to be impeached if she were elected, all of that. and one of the top team -- of the person in charge of the operation which was a brilliant digital operation for the trump
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team said, well thank you. you know, he was accepting that congratulations. >> and just quickly, phillip, let me play one more exchange, this was clinton strategist talking about her having the popular vote lead by more than two million. let's play that. >> let's be honest, don't as if you have popular mandate for the message -- >> i can tell you're angry, but wow, #, he's your president. >> campaign that with this victory tour, thank you tour, and the tone of what we heard from the president-elect yesterday, how would you describe at least this campaign and what we might see moving forward, from this team and the president-elect? >> well, the point that joel benson was making is we're not in the facts, hillary clinton did win the popular vote by more than two million votes. she of course did not win the electoral college vote and what we're seeing from the trump administration and waiting is trying to create as much momentum, as much of a mandate for his policy agenda to push through his nominees to try to
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make the kind of changes happen and to try to convince the public that vast majority of the americans were supportive of his message. >> all right. phillip, thank you very much, and andrea, as you pointed out, more of refereeing than moderating, but you did an outstanding job as you always do. >> she did great. >> she is the queen. thank you very much. and let's go now, phillip referenced some of these nominees from the president-elect. and we've talked a lot about the hard charge lg retired marine general who president-elect announced yesterday in surprising fashion would be his nominee for secretary of defense. james mattis. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have, and it's about time. it's about time. >> mattis enlisted in 1969, commissioned as an officer in 1972. served in the first gulf war. helped lead the 2001 invasion of afghanistan in 2003 invasion of iraq. general mattis has strong
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support in congress, especially from chairman john mccain, but, democratic senator, kirsten gillibrand of new york, also a member of the armed services committee says that while she respects general mattis' service, she would oppose a waiver that would allow him to serve. under federal law, defense secretaries must not have been on active duty in the previous seven years. mattis retired in 2013. congress granted a similar exemption just one, general marshall way back in 1950. military analyst and congressional medal of honor recipient is with me. we didn't play the series of references from donald trump where he really emphasizes maddog, this caricature of a general. this is a man who potentially will be sending tens of thousands of young men and women into battle if our nation has to face such a situation. talk to me -- just this moniker
8:16 am
of this subsession of the maddog, this character that people would present. >> that was given to him by other marines. he didn't invent it himself. and it was a perception that he is focussed exclusively on war fighting. one of the very few people at high levels in the military establishment who lives and breathes war fighting. that's what he's always done. he loves to spend time with marines and soldiers as close to the battle as he possibly can and always has. he is not the kind of guy who will sit around and think about how to operate a large scale r bureaucra bureaucracy. which is what you have in the pentagon. is to to is and extent, maybe he's not the right guy for that. if you are going have him run the defense department, i think he's going to get the waiver, there's so much support for it in the senate as he's probably going to get it and he will wind up getting confirmed. if that's the case, he has to have an extremely strong deputy
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secretary of defense, a businessman, somebody who can run the anonymous behemoth inertia organization like the pentagon so that he can do what he wants to do, visit troops, try to form late overall policy and deal with the president, a president who doesn't have any experience -- >> has no military experience, got deferments and a controversial military background or lack thereof. with that said, this exemption that would need to be put in place, we have talked about for so long how few americans are represented in our military, but are willing to support war and how few of our leaders have ever served or have children who served. might this provide something that military folks like yourself have been looking for? people with a background, people who know the lay of the land and are not just professional lawmakers? >> it's around interesting and contentious question. we've had -- we haven't had anybody like this since george
8:18 am
c. marshall. there is an argument that says we don't want people who are professional military people in the role of the secretary of defense. what we really need are people who can deal with both ends of pennsylvania avenue. who can contribute to the formulation of policy and convince the president of the right thing to do. who can integrate all the instruments of foreign policy and not just the military and the policy. and i think in this particular case, because you've got another military guy in the position of being the national security advisor. i predict there are going to be fireworks between the secretary of defense if he gets confirmed and the national security advisor, general flynn, who doesn't have to be confirmed. >> very interesting answer. we'll see what happens, thank you, cornell. up next, criticism of the carrier deal. bernie sanders writing an op-ed saying carrier showed cooperations how to beat donald trump. >> united technology's made $7 billion in profits last year. we're going to give them a $7
8:19 am
million tax break in order to keep these jobs. . >> aisle speak with the president who represents carrier workers. their latest concerns and report from the dakota pipeline protest where demonstrators need or it removed. deadline to leave approaching soon. 2,000 veterans are on their way to protect the activists. we'll have the very latest. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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"thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. taxed heavily at the border if they want to leave, make products in different countries and then think they're going to sell the proukt over the border. >> that was president-elect trump in indianapolis last night warning american businesses about what will happen. he says if they try move operations overseas. the remarks came after touring
8:23 am
the carrier manufacturing and deal struck to keep some of the jobs from mexico. the deal grants united technologies carriers company in return roughly 1,100 jobs will stay in the u.s. and united technologies will invest. $16 million into the business. 1300 jobs slated to go to mexico. workers from another united technologies own plant in indiana demonstrated outside trump's tour yesterday wondering if he'll save their jobs too. the company plans to move it's facility to mexico. >> it's gloom on our plant. we just, we're down here to make trump -- we want trump to look at our plant and not forget about us. there's 700 jobs in huntington that are being lost. that's 700 families that are without. >> joining me now by phone is
8:24 am
chuck jones, president of the united steel workers and he represents or who represents workers at the carrier plant in indianapolis. chuck was at the meeting with mr. trump yesterday, chuck, thank you so much for your time. >> appreciate you having me on here today. >> what's your take now that we've learned a little bit more about this deal and we also know that number of workers including that man you saw there will potentially lose their jobs? >> well the numbers are kind of inflated. from the bargain unit part of it, we currently got right a little bit below 1,300 bargaining unit jobs there. there's going to -- once this deal was made, we're going to be able to retain 730 of them. what they're doing is they're using the research and development part of the company position jobs again as about three 3 to 400 jobs that trump
8:25 am
is taking credit for saving when in fact when the company first made the announcement, they weren't going anyway. >> so from the numbers that you have and from what you know, do you believe that workers are being played? this headline, all of these jobs being saved when that's just not the case? >> well, you know, i'm very grateful to president-elect trump for getting involved and keeping 730 jobs here in indianapolis. that means a lot. and i appreciate that, but it's not as big of a situation for the about 600 here in indianapolis that's losing their jobs moving to monterrey, mexico, and probably to the 700 in hunting tobz, indiana, that are losing their jobs like wise. >> when you look at the tax breaks also what this could mean for tax payers of indiana and what the company is getting returned to here, does that seem like the kind of deal that you would have backed as a union
8:26 am
representative? >> well, you know, how in the world do you justify putting the back on the back of the tax payers rewarding a company that's very, very profitable? i don't think most tax payers here in indiana would have any issue keeping jobs, saving a company because they weren't being profitable. this isn't the case. so what they did is they worked out this deal where they rewarded the company that was thinking about moving, but in the big picture of the thing, if i may say this, carrier was saving in the facility, if they moved the entire operation, they had saved $65 million a year. okay. they currently is got over 5 billion, with a b, in military contracts. so, you know, they would be the strategy that i would have
8:27 am
played. i don't think that the indiana tax payers should have to reward a company that's threatening to move that's making a lot of profit. >> and the company has threatened to move to mexico several times. i believe at count of about three and received incentives to stay, this time around it appeared that that was not going to happen until this deal. we should remind, of course, that the vice president-elect is the governor of indiana, so this also plays into what's seen here, but to your point, chuck, so this company is profitable. the jobs that are saved, people may still take pay cuts. they may still lose benefits here, so yes being able to take a check home to your family if it's gone down from $24 an hour as we talked to an area -- >> that's not part of the equation. they didn't have the latitude nor are we been indicated that any part of the agreement was that people's going to take concessions. that's not what was explained to
8:28 am
us yesterday, and they didn't request going into bargaining with in order to reduce the wages or benefits. >> i talked with a worker yesterday, and he's been there for 24 years, he has some seniority, and he's anticipating that this could mean a cut in his pay, he makes $24 an hour, and a cut in his benefits, is that not the case? >> that's not the case. he may be anticipating that, but that's not part of the equation. when we talked to the company yesterday that was brought up made no mention. >> we'll see what happens there, chuck. it's oofbl mixed bag of reactions. we appreciate you joining with us a union perspective. >> okay, thank you very much. human shield. 2,000 veterans are headed to the dakota pipeline protest to protect the activists from officials they say. we'll have a live update on what could happen on sunday if federal officials start to clear that site. ♪
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today hundreds of military veterans are arriving at a protest camp near cannonball, north dakota. to join forces with thousands of protesters at the dakota pipeline intended route. the veterans plan to build a barracks at the location. this has protesters face a federal order to vacant the grounds by monday. adding in now temperatures in the area expected to drop to negative four degrees by the middle of next week. making conditions treacherous for these protesters who say they are staying. msnbc's cal perry reports from outside the protest in ft. rice, north dakota, cal. >> reporter: tamyra, we're here at ft. rice, it's been nicknamed the fob. the ford operates base. this is the staging area that slaurmt using. we are behind the police lines. we're about five miles north of where the main standing rock camp is.
8:33 am
as you can see, with the conditions out here, it's tough resupplying authorities there. about half a dozen check points around this area. and that's a continued concern, especially as the temperatures drop. i'm joined by lieutenant ivoryson from the north dakota highway patrol. there's been a lot of talk today about 1,000, maybe 2,000 veterans descending on the camp, is that a concern for law enforcement? >> it is a huge concern for law enforcement. first of all, i am thankful for veterans. we're all thankful for veterans and we'd like to thank them for their service. when we have people coming into north dakota with an intent of breaking the law, potentially causing violence, that is something that is very concerning to law enforcement and we do need to take the extra precautions it to not only protect ourselves but to protect the other protesters and the citizens of north dakota. >> the veterans have said that they're going to stay here through the seventh of december. law enforcement has asked the camp to be cleared on the fifth. that's monday. probably not likely that they will move and force on the camp. one thing to keep in mind, the
8:34 am
tuesdays with the windchill will drop into the negative 20s and 30s. that's likely to have an affect on the people demonstrates, tamron. >> joining me now, a reporter that's covered since august for pbs news hour, high country news, and yes magazine. she's traveling right now from new mexico to north dakota with a group of vets who are planning to join the protest. one former arm sergeant tom. jenny, thank you for joining us. tell me a little bit about what these veterans plan to accomplish, what they want to do in assisting the protesters. >> yeah, sorry -- i was having a difficult time hearing you. but yes, we're in a van on our way from tucson. we left at about 6:00 a.m. this morning with a truck stop just outside of tucson and currently we're on interstate 10 heading eastbound. our next stop is to pick up more veterans in albuquerque. and so what this care ra van is
8:35 am
all about today is really just the call and the response from wesley clark jr. as you know, he set up that go fund me account a few weeks ago, direct response to some of the violence that has been erupting there at standing rock, but also in the aftermath of the army corps of engineers. eviction notice for that december 5th close iing at the encampments. we have the strong show solidarity. and behind us is another two veterans that are hauling horse trailer pool of lots of donated beds to take up there. >> how worried are they about at potential clash between authorities who say they will evacuate? they have this deadline now set? >> i think everybody is going up there at least from what i've heard from the veterans here with very peaceful intentions. the motivation here is to stand
8:36 am
with the protesters to give them a break so to speak after so much conflict has evolved. really this is kind of also just a symbolic turning of winter and also just providing that kind of emotional shield to protecters. as you know, this tension has been building in this pipeline battle. you have both sides digging in and vowing to stand their ground. >> jenny mo'ne, thank you very much. you're on the road and you've been one of the excellent reporters covering this. and we'll continue to watch as you so accurately describe though the tension is building and we'll see what happens over the next few days. thank you, jenny. and next on msnbc live, thousands of veterans in california were told to pay back reenlistment bonuses. well, today the house votes on a bill to reverse that order. these veterans made no mistake, but they were being told they had to pay for it. i'll speak with california
8:37 am
democratic congressman adam schiff about what's happening there. the man what killed joe mcknight has been released from jail this morning with no charges. the latest on the investigation and why police say this was a traffic alter case that turned deadly. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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we're following developing news in congress right now where a new defense bill has just passed that would prevent the pentagon from recooping bonus money paid out to thousands of california national guard soldiers who reenlisted and were given bonuses during the iraq and afghanistan wars. now this new defense bill, not only bars the pentagon from trying to recoop this money, it refunds those who already paid it back and gives u.s. troops their biggest pay raise in six years. joining me now, one of the supporters of the bill, democratic congressman adam schiff joins us, he's the
8:41 am
ranking member of the intelligence committee and introduced legislation last month to permanently ban the pentagon from recooping the money. thank you for joining us. this made national headlines not terribly long ago. i think some got lost, but it is incredit that believe you have these people who reenlisted. they were given bonus money. it was an error, but then we're told through no fault of their own, they would need to pay this money back which was a hardship on many of them already. >> it really was, appalling for the pentagon to go after these soldiers. they did their end of the bargain, they were offered these incentives, they went off to afghanistan and iraq, they served with valor and for the pentagon to claw these bonuses back i think was a terrible injustice. and i'm glad we passed language in the defense bill to rectify this and basically tell the pentagon back off, you're not going after these soldiers. and any who have paid the bonuses back will be reimbursed. now there were a small number of people who were actually involved in a fraud here, and
8:42 am
that shouldn't be lost in this either. someone has already gone to jail because they were awarding bonuses knowing that they weren't eligible. for the vast majority, they accepted these bonuses with every reason to believe they were perfectly legitimate. >> and we're talking about some 10,000 members of the army national guard who may have received these bonuses from 2004 to 2010. as you pointed out, they were meant to go to troops with in-demand skills, but some in some cases, there were fraud instances, but for the most part, these were not things that these individuals did wrong. i do to want talk about some other things in this bill which prohibits the closing of the guantanamo bay prison. let me get your reaction on that. >> well, as you might imagine in any major defense bill, they're going to parts you like and parts you don't. certainly the provision that would end these clawbacks of payments to the guard, something i very strongly supported.
8:43 am
the gitmo provisions that would bar transfers is something i've continuingly opposed. i think we really ought to shut down guantanamo and i think putting these restrictions in, keeping this detention facility open only serves to aid as a rallying cry for jihadis around the world. it also i think inhibits us in working with allies who strongly disagree with maintaining this facility. so, i think this is a mistake, but as you might imagine, a big bill, there are going to be things you like and things you don't. >> let's talk about last night donald trump revealing to the surprise of apparently his team, transition team as well as the audience. his nominee for defense secretary general mattis. james mattis, what is your reaction? >> i like john mattis a lot. i also like the fact that this is someone who was already told the protect the torture doesn't work. someone who will pushback
8:44 am
against iran hard, but nonetheless recognizes that it would be a big mistake to try to walk away from the agreement. and also, i think will give the president-elect sound advice when it comes to russia and offset i think some of the pro-russian views that not only the president-elect has, but general flynn, his national security advisor has. there is a big issue though in that he would require a statutory waiver because he hasn't been out of uniform for the required seven years. and what will concern me is if the president-elect intends to fill other positions in the cabinet with other generals and admirals, i think then you really do have profound questions about whether we'll have civilian control of the military. >> but you would support the way i know your colleague senator gillibrand of new york is indicating that she would not support this waiver. you would be willing to support it? >> i am open to supporting a repeal. i haven't made a firm decision on it, but i wouldn't consider that a complete bar. if this is the right man for the
8:45 am
job, i'd be willing to support him. but i would like to hear from him. he's, i think a very thoughtful person, a strong leader. likely to hear about his views on civilian control of the military. but i'd also like to make sure that the context and that is how many other people this president-elect has in mind to fill roles like secretary of state, whether he fore cease opponenting someone from the facility there. those kind of additional appointments would give me great cause for concern and would affect my decision on whether to support and exception to the bar on the secretary of defense. >> congressman adam schiff, thank you so much for joining us with this big development though. that was your major focus regarding these military personnel and this bonus situation. thank you so much for your time. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. no charges yet in the shooting death of former nfl running back joe mcknight. the suspect has been released. we'll have a live report from
8:46 am
harvey, louisiana, on the investigation and what authorities say happened in this traffic altercation. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. (toilet flush)
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(vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. we are following some breaking news right now. the developments in the investigations of the death of former nfl player joe mcknight. 54-year-old ronald gasser was taken into custody for questioning and released overnight. officers found mcknight they say lying on the ground near his vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds after an apparent road rage incident. this taking place in a new orleans suburb yesterday. you can see in this video them applying cpr, joe mcknight was a running back for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs. he was just 28 years old. nbc's jacob rascon joins us live from harvey, louisiana, with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: i would say that right now the only thing the sheriff's department has said that they really do know is that ronald gasser shot joe mcknight.
8:50 am
the details are murky about what led up to the shooting. that's what they said yesterday. they spent all afternoon yesterday and even up to last night talking to, questioning this person, ronald inside this facility behind me. he was never booked, never charged. overnight we learned this morning he was released because they found no reason to hold him. now what's going on now is the sheriff's department are going to consult with the district attorney's office to see what charges, if any, will be filed. they have asked that more witnesses come forward if there are any out there that have not yet spoken to police. tamron? >> all right. jacob, thank you very much. we'll have the latest on the investigation and keep you up to date. we'll be right back with the daily briefing. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient.
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8:53 am
we are back for the daily briefing on politics. let's look at another dramatic week. >> if he doesn't get what he wants would he reverse president
8:54 am
obama's opening to cuba? >> absolutely. he's said that's the case. >> nothing is definite. he'll speak with his advisers. i'm all for party unity. i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> those things combined give me hope that president-elect trump can lead us to the better future. >> good conversation. we'll see where it goes from here. >> our first priority will be the tax plan. we'll have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> i have a special spring in my step today because the opportunity is a special one to lead the house democrats. >> quite frankly, we got the message out that we wanted to get out. as democrats we need to talk about economics. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. >> remember, you cannot get to
8:55 am
270, dishonest press. the bottom line is we won. we won. we won big. >> joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. we still don't have a nominee for secretary of state. do you believe or are we hearing that could come soon? >> tamron, i think a lot of the guidance we have gotten, this one could take a while. of course the front runners are david petraeus, mitt romney, rudy giuliani. there have been new names leaked out including a couple of exxon mobile ceos or former ceos. i think it could be a while. >> why do you believe this is taking so long? is it some of the reporting regarding the battle of rudy giuliani and the jockeying from kellyanne conway, for example, that may be playing a role in this? >> part of it has to do with that and whether someone like rudy giuliani could be confirm sd a real issue. the other part is this is a
8:56 am
reality show. people have made the joke this is almost like the bachelor where each person getting their rose. that's a joke but i think there is reality there. there is drama and for some people they want to keep the show going. >> the show goes on for minority leader pelosi. we know that. there is a new controversy regarding the dnc leadership. you have four candidates now who want to be the next chair of the dnc. what some have described as a hit job on keith ellison depending on your perspective but there is controversy around him. >> ellison is the early front-runner for the job. one of his concerns is this would be a part-time gig for him. he's a congressman from minnesota. there are questions there. as you mentioned there was a revelation of audio questioning israel's role in foreign policy in the middle east. that drew condemnation from the
8:57 am
anti-defamation league. ellison said that was a hit job, a smear job taken out of context but would be part of the debate over who becomes the next dnc chair. >> those are some of the highlights. we'll see what happens on the sunday morning programs. have a great weekend. >> thank you. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. have a great weekend. see you monday, 11:00 eastern time. now we're turning things over to "andrea mitchell reports." >> thank you, tamron hall. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," call of duty. in an impromptu announcement the president-elect surprises his own staff telling a rally he's drafting james mattis to lead the pentagon. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- as our secretary of defense. but we are not announcing it until monday, so don't


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