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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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we're following new details in a deadly fire at a warehouse party in oakland, california, this morning. investigators are examining the burned out building and looking at who was permitted to occupy the space. after months of protests, the federal government turned down a permit for the dakota access oil pipeline. plus -- >> oops, i did it again. >> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all these random real people. you're not getting any work done. >> that's not true. i was elected 25 days ago and already unemployment is at a
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nine-year low. millions and millions of people have health care and osama bin laden is dead. >> yes. >> "saturday night live" mocks donald trump's pension for tweeting and the president-elect angrily responds, where else, on twitter. good morning, it's monday, december 5th, i'm ali velshi alongside louis burgdorf and kasie hunt. opponents of the dakota access oil pipeline are celebrating a major victory after the army corps of engineers announced it will block plans for the structure near the standing rock sioux try reservation, looking for alternate routes for the project, which has sparked months of protests, with demonstrators arguing the project would threaten the tribe's water source and
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cultural sites. the standoff had taken a violent turn in recent weeks. the announcement came one day before a deadline for protesters to leave their camp over concerns about plunging temperatures. meanwhile, house speaker paul ryan was less than thrilled with the move tweeting, "this is big government decision making at its worst. i look forward to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us. more from north dakota on the celebration over this decision. >> reporter: thousands linked arms. cheers rang out. there were hugs, tears, and dancing as word spread across this sprawling camp in rural north dakota. >> we've gone through a lot, through thick and thin, through hot and cold. >> today it's a victory. today it's a good time to celebrate. >> it was news many who camped out for months were wait to hear, that an oil pipeline's
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planned route has been denied. what does this decision mean for native americans? >> we have been suppressed for so long, and it's time that we start living in freedom with the rest of america. >> reporter: the announcement came at the 11th hour, one day before a government deadline to evacuate the dangerously frigid camp. instead of moving out, veterans arrived by the bus load to join protesters against the dakota access pipeline. it's a fight that began in the spring and in recent weeks escalated into violent clashes. at the heart of the battle, a $3.7 billion oil pipeline that stretches across four states and runs along the standing rock sioux reservation, including near sites considered sacred by the tribe. proponents said the pipeline would be good for local economies, the tribe argued a potential rupture could pollute
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their drinking water and requested that the route be changed. >> thankful there were some leaders in the federal government to realize something is not right. >> that's nbc's tammie lightner in north dakota with that report. louis? the death toll in oakland, california, continues to climb. officials say at least 33 people were killed, including teenagers, when the facility went up in flames friday night during a dance party there. they say they expect the number to climb, adding the crews have only searched about 40% of the building so far. officials say the warehouse, known as the ghost ship, was being used as an art collective with artists living in the structure illegally. the building's owner told nbc news yesterday they did not know people were living there. fire officials called the inside of the building a labyrinth of work spaces. oakland's mayor announced yesterday the alameda district
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attorney's office has launched a criminal investigation. officials describe the difficult task of reaching out to the victims' families. >> so, it's like waiting for your name to be called and knowing it's going to be the worst day of your life, so that's what we're dealing with. >> the a.p. identified derek alimina and his wife as the ghost ship operators. they did not immediately respond to request from comment last night. president-elect donald trump took an aggressive approach towards china last night about their complaint with his conversation with the president of taiwan. on friday trump became the first american leader to speak directly to taiwan's government since the u.s. started formal relations with china in 1979. the call created speculation whether trump is going to break with the one china policy, that's been u.s. policy under the last six presidents.
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last night on twitter trump responded saying he doesn't need permission to speak with taiwan, writing, "did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency, making it hard for our companies to compete, heavily tax our products and the u.s. doesn't tax them, or build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so." some say the call was strategic, the product of months of quiet preparations and deliberations among trump's advisers about a new strategy for engagement with taiwan that began even before he became the republican presidential nominee, but yesterday morning vice president-elect mike pence said there was no deeper meaning. >> this was a courtesy call. the democratically elected president of taiwan called to congratulate the president-elect. >> nothing new should be read into it? >> well, i don't think so. i think i would just say to our
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counterparts in china that this was a moment of courtesy. the president-elect talked to the president two weeks ago in the same manner that was not a discussion about policy. >> after brokering a deal to keep 1,000 manufacturing jobs in indiana last week, president-elect trump issued a far more sweeping policy on twitter yesterday morning, "the u.s. is going to substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses. but any company that fires employees, builds a factory or plant in another country or thinks it will sell its product back in the u.s. without retribution or consequence is wrong. there will soon to be a tax on our strong border of 35% for these companies wanting to sell their products back across the border. please be forewarned before making an expensive mistake, the united states is open for
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business." trump had been criticized, delivering millions in tax subsidies, but after trump warned another indiana company about leaving, vice president-elect mike pence could not say for sure if he would take the same approach. >> does he now pick up the phone and call these other companies who are going to move overseas? >> i think what you're going to see, and the president-elect will make those decisions on a day-by-day basis. >> isn't it picking winners and losers? sarah palin calls it crony capitalism. >> no, i don't think it's picking winners and losers at all. what the president-elect did with carrier was simply reach out one american to another and just ask them to reconsider. he told them, we're going to do exactly what we said we were going to do in this campaign, make the american economy more competitive. >> ask them to reconsider and gave them $7 million in incentives to do so. italian prime minister
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matteo renzi announced his resignation after voters overwhelmingly rejected a constitutional referendum he was backing that would have drastically shifted the balance of power from the parliament to the executive branch, but was widely seen as a vote on renzi's centrist policies, compared to the populist trend moving across europe. meanwhile on the opposite side of the spectrum, alexander van der bellen, who preached moderation and tolerance defeated norbert hoffer in austria yesterday. the election was a redo of sorts, van der bellen won back in may,. joining us now live from vienna, austria, bill neely. bill, two votes, two very different results. what's it mean for the european union and key american allies
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going forward? >> good morning, ali. generally, not good news for the european union. matteo renzi was known as demolition man. he pledged to kick start italy's economy. well, he's been demolished by the referendum and kicked out of office. he will formally resign this afternoon. after a really stunning defeat, 60-40, not even close, a hull of anger from italy's 33 million voters who have seen ten years of economic stagnation, so there will be a bit o a financial and political crisis in italiment here in austria, the populist wave was stalled when the far right candidate failed to win austria's presidency. there was a sigh of relief from europe's leaders, but that is short lived. there will now be elections not only in italy, but the netherlands, france, and germany. another test of whether the populist wave that we've seen, of course, in the united states and in britain, will continue to sweep across the west. >> we'll continue to follow it.
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bill neely for us in austria. kasie? >> back in the u.s., reince priebus and vice president-elect mike pence are defending donald trump's claim of voter fraud in the election. both men were asked about a tweet that trump posted a week ago saying he won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. >> as the incoming chief of staff, what do you do when he says something like millions voted illegally in california when you know that's not true? >> i don't know if that's not true, john. i saw there was an article in "the wall street journal" and had a certain percentage of people voting that shouldn't be voting. there are estimates all over the map. no one knows. you think millions voted illegally? >> it's possible. >> is it right to make false statements? >> it's his right to express his opinion as president-elect of the united states. i think one of the things that's
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refreshing about our president-elect and one of the reasons why i think heade such an incrible connection with people all across the country is because he tells you what's on his mind. >> why is it refreshing to make false statements? >> look, i don't know that that is a false statement, george, and neither do you. >> a preview of mike pence over the course of the next four years. meanwhile, jill stein's 2016 recount effort continues. overnight a federal judge in michigan ordered officials to begin a manual recount starting today at noon and over the weekend stein vowed to bring her fight for a recount in pennsylvania to a federal court today after a state judge ordered her campaign to post a $1 million bond. one of trump's top aides, kellyanne conway, dismissed stein's efforts as futile. >> what do you say to her about those efforts? >> i'd say to her, give it up. seems like you're doing in pennsylvania for a very simple
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reason. even your friends in the clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will not change any result. all right, still ahead, could there be a mistrial? the jury in the murder trial of michael slager will resume deliberations today, despite telling a judge they were hopelessly deadlocked. plus, the highlights from sunday night football, including tom brady's record breaking win. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. ♪
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in good conscience consider a guilty verdict. i cannot and will not change my mind. they said, quote, it's just one juror who has the issues and that juror needs to leave. the judge has told the jury he will declare a mistrial if they fail to reach a verdict. last week he allowed a prosecution request to let the jury consider manslaughter. slager is charged with the murder of walter scott in north charleston in april of last year. this cell phone video of the incident, which shows slager shooting scott as he ran away shocked the nation. slager faces 30 years to life in prison for murder. accused charleston shooter dylann roof is asking for his defense team to be allowed back on his case. the 22 year old was granted permission to act as his own lawyer, but in a motion filed roof hand wrote this note to
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federal judges overseeing his trial asking, i'd like to ask my lawyers to represent me for the guilt phase of the trial. he seeks to do the sentencing phase on iz had own. roof is facing 33 federal charges, including for hate crimes for the 2015 massacre of nine african-american worshippers at the mother emanuel church. let's get a check on weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. here in the northeast we have some rain, some snow. >> you see the football games yesterday? game in chicago had snow, green bay was picturesque. that's the snow moving through the northeast this morning. yesterday it was in the great lakes in michigan, too. some picked up a couple inches. heavy, wet snow, too. temperatures right near freezing. made for a beautiful scene if you weren't traveling in it. we heard reports of an inch of snow in northern new jersey, inch to half inch through the hudson valley, areas of connecticut. so if you're heading out the door now in hartford, should be
2:19 am
about a coating of snow on the ground for you. that's moving into areas of central massachusetts, towards the boston area. it's almost done in areas of new york city, where it was plain old rain. syracuse to albany definitely a slippery drive. this is not a big snow event. it's going to be gone by the mid-morning period. the heavier totals will be in the northern portions of new england, as you'd expect. only one to two inches. rain is moving out. this is storm number one, drenching areas of easte north carolina right now. a few thunderstorms in florida, but notice in louisiana these thunderstorms now popping up. this is storm number two and this will give us a severe weather threat. this evening after dark into the overnight hours, slight risk of severe storms. this should not be like what we dealt with last week with 40 tornados in two days. could get an isolated tornado. another heads-up evening from montgomery, mobile, pensacolpen
2:20 am
panama city areas. once again, november tornados last week, possibly december tornados. >> enough relief from the rain that we got for the fires? >> yeah, a lot over the weekend, going to get a lot more tomorrow. >> very good, check in with you later in the morning. still ahead, all the biggest plays from sunday night football, including the seattle seahawks big win over the carolina panthers, but that was a costly victory. we'll explain next in sports. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax
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well, i think this is the right decision. there goes the fake. >> it's right up the middle! albert wilson. wilson to the 10, the 5, touchdown. woods. arm hit, but he's open. golden tate has it. tate on his way. and into the end zone for a lions touchdown. >> find themselves at 2-9. third and four here. bortles pass is intercepted. it's picked off by roby and no one's going to catch him. >> rodgers. finding time. throws and it is caught for the touchdown. randall cobb with the catch. >> second and ten. caught. end zone. he gets there! touchdown, amari cooper. >> calling it a bruised thigh.
2:24 am
roethlisberger, end zone, pass is caught. touchdown antonio brown. >> first and ten. left tackle on the move. look at this run right here. perryman. he'll take it all the way. >> he'll run it. right side. lot of room. legarrette blount inside the 10. touchdown. >> welcome back. those were some of the biggest plays from around the nfl yesterday. we showed you a highlight from the patriots' 26-10 victory against the rams. with that tom brady passes peyton manning with the most wins by a quarterback with 201. congratulations to him. panthers hosting the seahawks on sunday night football, cam newton benched for the first series of the game by coach ron rivera for a dress code violation earlier in the week, got to wear your tie. it's costly.
2:25 am
the back-up's pass is picked off on the first play of the day and even while newton returned under center, he couldn't stop the panthers from getting trounced. seahawks with a big lead, scoring a pair of touchdowns in the first half and tyler lockett opened the fourth quarter with a run for a score. seattle with the solid grip on the nfc west winning big 40-7 there. wasn't all good news for the seahawks, earl thomas was carted off the field with a broken leg after colliding with a teammate early in the second quarter of last night's blowout. with a tweet that he sent out later in the game, thomas reveals the hit has him thinking about early retirement. feel bad for him there. less clear than in previous years, the playoff committee had more to mull over to determine which four teams in the championship. alabama, followed by clemson back in the playoff for the second straight season.
2:26 am
at number three, ohio state looks for its second title and making their first trip to the college football playoff are the washington huskies, taking on alabama in the peach bowl, while the tigers and buckeyes meet at the fiesta bowl on new year's eve. president-elect donald trump expands his search for secretary of state. what we're learning about the new potential picks. plus, a fake clinton conspiracy story leads to a very real gunman at a d.c. pizzeria. those stories and more coming up next. my belly pain anconstipation?
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welcome back. good monday morning to you, i'm ali velshi alongside louis burgdorf and a special treat, kasie hunt is here with us this morning, as well. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories, louis. >> after weeks of protests, the army torps of engineers is turning down a permit for a controversial pipeline in north dakota. all could be short lived. donald trump has signalled he is in support of the pipeline and policy experts believe a decision could be reversed in the next administration. all right, in tennessee the death toll from wildfires a week ago have gone up again. 14 people are now confirmed dead. more than 150 people are still living in red cross evacuation shelters. dolly parton has reportedly raised a million dollars already
2:31 am
for relief. she's set to host a three-hour telethon in nashville later this month. the remains of fidel castro have been buried. nine days of mourning ended yesterday with a private ceremony in santiago, where current president raul castro placed a box with his brother's ashes into a boulder made into a tomb. president-elect donald trump's search for secretary of state is expanding. after trump's advisers claim there were just four candidates last week, vice president-elect mike pence named five yesterday on "meet the press," mitt romney, rudy giuliani, david petraeus, bob corker, and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. however, these are dark horse candidates, rex tillerson, who trump will reportedly meet with tomorrow. former ambassador to china and ex-utah governor jon huntsman, and even democratic senator joe
2:32 am
manchin of west virginia is being reported as a candidate by "the new york times." yesterday retired general and former cia director david petraeus seemed to audition for the job, showing how he would handle questions from congress over his guilty plea last year for mishandling classified information. >> five years ago i made a serious mistake. i acknowledged it, i apologized for it, paid a heavy price for it, and i've learned from it. again, they'll have to factor that in and, also, 38 and a half years of otherwise fairly in some cases unique service to our country. >> you'll be pressed on whether you made false statements to the fbi. director comey said you did. and you acknowledge that in your plea agreement, yet your attorney told "the washington post" this week you simply forgot about the journals. are you challenging the director's conclusion there? >> no, look, obviously, i made a
2:33 am
false statement. at the time iidn't think it was false. frankly, if i had, they might have pursued that more. i'd also like to add something that he left out, which is the fbi in the agreement acknowledged that nothing that was in my journals that i shared, certainly improperly, ended up in the biography or made it out to the public. edward snowden sat down with an interview from moscow with yahoo! news speaking about a lower standard between higher and lower government officials involved in illegal activity, citing the man you just saw, david petraeus. >> but the idea here is, when most people who are involved in government or the intelligence community are involved in some sort of case where the government goes, this person was acting in good faith, they were trying to do right by the american people, but they did break the law, no charges are ever brought, or they are brought very minimally. perhaps the best known case in recent history here is general
2:34 am
petraeus, who shared information that was far more highly classified than i ever did with journalists, and he shared this information not with the public for their benefit, but with his biographer and lover for personal benefit. when the government came after him, they charged him with a misdemeanor. he never spent a single day in jail, despite the type of classified information he exposed. >> are you suggesting there's a double standard with high ranking officials and lower level employees such as yourself? >> i think everyone is aware of it. we have a two-tiered system of justice in the united states. paul ryan and donald trump had an occasionally frosty relationship during the election, but last night the house speaker made the case they both moved on and are looking ahead to what they can accomplish together. >> well, the first bill we're going to be working on is our obamacare legislation.
2:35 am
>> you're going to repeal it first? >> yes. >> you're not pulling the rug out from under the 20 million people that have obamacare? >> we want a good transition period so people can get better coverage at a better price. >> people will still get coverage regardless of their pre-existing condition? >> we think pre-existing condition is an important thing in any health care. >> children under their parents' plan until the age of 26? >> yes. >> what he's seen as a glaring difference between the public donald trump who tweets at all hours and the man behind the scenes. >> here's something many people wonder, does he say the same bizarre things to you in private that he says in public? and it's an important distinction. >> i think there is a bit of a difference between the private person and the public person. the private person is a conversation like this and it's all about how to get things done. every conversation i have almost
2:36 am
always revolves around personnel and policy focused on producing results. >> trump tweeted in the last week or so that he had actually won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally. do you believe that? >> i don't know. i'm not really focused on these things. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. you have an opinion on whether millions voted legally? >> i have no way of backing that up, i have no knowledge of such things. it doesn't matter to me. he won the election. >> nobody seems to believe it, but everybody seems to say it. sarah palin was an ally of donald trump's in the election and reportedly sought a role with the va, but in a new case she both cheers carrier's decision to keep some of its jobs in an indianapolis plant instead of shipping them to mexico, then seems to take issue with the means used to keep them here. palin starts by saying, i am ecstatic for carrier employees, but midway through the piece the
2:37 am
former governor of alaska warns special interest crony capitalism is one big fail, warning across corporate welfare. >> some people could say you gave a tax break to carrier so they would only send 700 jobs overseas. sarah palin called it crony capitalism. why is that? >> look, we were heart broken back in february when carrier announced that they were pulling up stakes and taking all of their jobs south of the border to mexico, closing factories in a couple locations in indiana. i asked them at that time whether or not the state of indiana could offer any incentives that are very routine and they said don't bother. we don't even want to look at incentives. make no mistake, the only reason carrier is staying in the united states is because donald trump was elected president of the united states and the leadership at united technologies and carrier. >> and vice president-elect mike pence made a final campaign stop in new ons thi weekend where he endorsed the republican
2:38 am
candidate in the last senate race in the country. >> the president-elect asked me to come down to make it clear to the people of louisiana that president-elect donald trump and i support john kennedy as your next senator 100%. >> kennedy, a five-term state treasurer, is running for the senate seat currently held by david vitter, who is retiring. the race heads to a runoff election next week. the president-elect also came out in support this weekend tweeting that kennedy was, quote, his choice for u.s. senator from louisiana and adding that kennedy would be a tremendous help to us in washington. republicans hold on to louisiana's seat, they'll maintain a slim advantage in the senate next year. kasie? a north carolina man is facing a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. a facase of fake news becoming
2:39 am
real. he reportedly opened fire in a washington, d.c., restaurant and according to police claimed to be investigating a fake conspiracy theory involving hillary clinton. they are still going. police say 28-year-old edgar madison welch walked in to comet ping-pong yesterday with an assault rifle and fired one shot into the floor. officials say welch told him he went there to investigate pizzagate. it's a theory from an online post claiming the pizzeria was a child sex abuse ring run by clinton and her campaign chair podesta. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories do come with consequences, and i hope that those that are involved with fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and to stop right away. >> important to mention, though, no one was hurt. >> that is kind of crazy. all right, kasie, "saturday
2:40 am
night live" returned this weekend and to little surprise the cold open centered around donald trump and his continued use of twitter. >> kellyanne, i just retweeted the best tweet. i mean, wow, what a great, smart tweet. >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing. >> i know, but this could not wait. it was from a young man named seth. he's 16, he's in high school, and i really did retweet him, seriously, this is real. >> okay, see, there is a reason that donald tweets so much. he does it to distract the media from his business conflicts and the scary people in his cabinet. >> oh, that does make sense. >> very clever, sir. >> actually, that's not why i do it. i do it because my brain is better. >> trump responded to the sketch within minutes by taking to, you guessed it, twitter, to express his disdain for the show writing," just tried watching
2:41 am
"saturday night live," unwatchable, doelgtsly biased, not funny, and the baldwin impersonation can't get any worse. sad." baldwin retweeted release your tax returns and i'll stop. still ahead, a costume party where life imitates art. who peter thiel imitated. one congressman takes on barbecue policy and gets a good natured ribbing. we're back after this.
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2:45 am
boston and new hampshire and maine. all rain from new york city to long island. it's not a big deal, just the timing this morning by this evening, it will all melt and be gone with anyways. as far as the severe weather threat, 5 million people at risk, isolated tornados are possible. this is southern alabama and northern florida. the thing i don't like is it's going to be after dark tonight, nighttime tornados, storm chasers aren't out chasing these in the middle of the night, you can't see them, and there's little, especially if you're asleep, unless you have your weather radio on, not much of a warning. again, mobile, pensacola, montgomery, alabama. the benefit of the storm will be more heavy rain. had some over the weekend. we're going to get an inch in blue. this is a good soaking. we went through one of the driest summers and falls we've had in the southeast and now we're heading into the december and november, beneficial rains, so this will be good news and the fires, again, still
2:46 am
uncontained blazes out there in the southern appalachians, so all of these rainy cool days the firefighters are loving this weather out there. the rest of the forecast, new york city rain now, it clears out by about 10:00 a.m. middle of the country, get ready. start with the cold blast this week in the northern plains. billings at 13, louis, that cold air will make it to the east coast by thursday and friday. it will feel like winter. >> cold is coming. one more for you here, bill. who says politicians can't have fun? donald trump surprised guests at villains and heros costume party on long island on saturday night. and who was the president-elect accompanied by, that's right, none other than super woman, that's trump campaign manager kellyanne conway dressed up as the iconic super hero. the party is hosted by robert mercer. his daughter rebecca is the adviser to the president-elect. the most talked about costume of the evening was that of billionaire peter thiel who went dressed as none other than hulk hogan.
2:47 am
when asked who he was dressed as, president-elect trump pointed to himself and now the word "me." kasie? one more very important story to get to, louis, before we get to break. there is a lot on congress's plate in the months to come with the new administration and on friday a congressman got down to what has to be one of the core issues on everyone's mind this time of year, barbecue. he took to the house floor to let his grievances be known because he is not allowed to cook ribs on capitol hill. >> about seven years ago the architect of the capitol, who works for the house and senate, had decided that we all work for him and started making demands. one of which was i could not cook ribs and share them with other members of congress. as i'd been doing for a quarter, once a quarter. i am grateful that steve skalis
2:48 am
got involved and he got paul ryan to help and the speaker was able to persuade the bureaucracies here on capitol hill. that we can make this work and have it safe if, you know, we work with each other and were able to get people to work together so that my colleagues, they tell me, many of them, they are the best meat they've ever tasted. some say the best ribs they've ever tasted. and i have enough of my late mother in me that i enjoy cooking. it's probably the only time here on capitol hill when i actually leave a good taste in people's mouths instead of a bitter taste. >> so, there you go. i guess if you can't spring the best ribs ever out of the bureaucracy, there really wouldn't be any hope for government at all. >> always been my thinking, food
2:49 am
brings everybody together, no matter what differences push you apart. kasie, all right. when we come back, ayman mohyeldin joins us to dig into the major shakeups in europe. italy's prime minister resigns. we'll look at what other key elections tell us about changing politics here in america and the world over. we're back after this. ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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italian prime minister matteo renzi announced he will resign. now this comes after voters rejected a referendum that renzi was backing, although it was widely seen more as a vote on his centrist policies compared to the more populist trends moving across europe. while over in austria, left-leaning alexander van der bellen has defeated far right populist candidate norbert hofer. ayman moe hyeldin joins me now. >> serious financial impacts, particularly, ali, the election results in italy. the campaign run by matteo renzi was backed by the financial institutions, bankers, more of the establishment types. now that they've been set back with the result of this referendum, you ca expect financial consequences on the italn markets, on the ability of banks to get shored up, if you will, with more loans. that's going to be the immediate short term.
2:53 am
in terms of the long-term, that remains to be clear whether the country will hold early elections or simply replace matteo renzi with another politician from within his party. let's talk about austria, a different result there, and also one that was a bit of a surprise with the far right candidate being defeated, given these populist movements running through europe. >> yeah, this is definitely giving the establishment folks or pro european union types like angela merkel and others a sigh of relief that they were able to notch one victory in a wave of elections that have not gone their way, starting with brexit and the u.s. the big question, what this does in paving the way for candidates in other countries like france. that's going to be the big election everyone is going to watch. we were just talking about italy. if italy decides to hold early elections, as well, you're going to see members of the right movement there, the northern league of italy, throw their hat into the ring. what you've seen, austria, a symbolic victory, but whether or not it is big enough to stem the tide of this antiestablishment
2:54 am
populist wave that's sweeping through europe, that remains to be seen. early indications say now these populist movements are able to feel very strong candidates in big countries like france, like germany at the end of the year, as well. so i think it's one of those that remains to be seen. >> thank you for joining us, cnbc's carolyn roth is live in london right now. carolyn, you've been covering these elections and the results on world markets. reacting to the results. how are things looking as we stand now? >> look, in the asian trading session when we saw the first results of the referendum come through and mr. renzi's announcement of his resignation, we saw some selling across the board. also the euro against the u.s. dollar, very important barometer for what's going on in europe, fell to an 18-months' low, but as the european markets got up and started trading, we actually turned around those losses and saw this remarkable turn around,
2:55 am
specifically when it came to italian stocks. worth noting, though, there is a lot of volatility here. at one point italian stocks trade up to the tune of 1% or 2%. now they are close to the flat line once again, so still a lot of uncertainty as to what happens with the italian banks, given the political uncertainty doesn't bode well for the overhaul of the italian banking center. the 600 index is up by roughly 3.3% and trading close to the highest levels in six weeks. why? because this no result had been factored in. it had been priced into the markets as market participants like to say, and also people are used to political instability in italy, so it would essentially be more of the same. another reason why we're seeing the european markets higher is the fact that the euro is lower, helping exporters. u.s. markets seen opening higher, as well. >> carolyn, good to see you at cnbc in london. when we come back, a look at
2:56 am
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all right, before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on some of the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. "washington post" is reporting shinzo abe will visit pearl harbor later this month, making him the first japanese leader to do so since the pearl harbor attacks. plus friends and family will gather to mourn those killed in oakland, california. a candlelight vigil is planned for the 33 confirmed dead and those still missing. in orlando, city leaders will vote whether to purchase the site of the pulse nightclub shooting, to turn it into a memorial for those killed there in june. the city would pay more than $2.2 million for the nightclub and its land. and a federal judge ordered michigan's election officials to start that massive recount of the state's 4.8 million ballots from last month's presidential election. they'll start at noon today.
3:00 am
the move is requested by jill stein, but it was delayed after a challenge from president-elect donald trump. that does it for us this month. kasie, you're back with us tomorrow, right? >> tomorrow and wednesday. >> great, good to have you with us. for lewis, i'm ali velshi. "morning joe" starts right now. >> kellyanne, i just retweeted the best tweet. i mean, what a great, smart tweet. >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing. >> i know. this could not wait. it was from a young man named seth. he's 16. he's in high school. and i really did retweet him. seriously. this is real. >> there is a reason that donald tweets so much. he does it to distract the media from his business conflicts and other very scary people in his cabinet. >>


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