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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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slaughtered. 41% of you say yes and 59% of you say no. the voting is not over, go to to let your voice be heard. thanks for watching this hour on msnbc live. right now my colleague thomas roberts. >> thank you very much, katy tur. >> happening now, trump tower is meeting with the president elect. those tech titans are looking to make peace with donald trump. new add this hour, security adviser, details of an army investigation of michael flynn and plus flynn's son is now responding. and a in aleppo after a cease-fire. it is a humanitarian crisis, it is so big it is being compared to the holocaust. we take you live to aleppo. first, a update on tech leaders
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meeting at trump tower. a live look right now. we can see the meeting any time at this hour. >> donald trump as you will call spent a lot of times slamming these folks on the campaign trail. >> i don't like the idea of boycotting apple until such time as they give that information. >> google search engine was suppressing, the bad news about hillary clinton, how about that? >> neil armstrong, he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it. that's not right. believe me, if i become president, boy, do they have problems. >> we'll turn it around as soon as we see those leaders. this is new concerns rising today over rex tillerson. the pick of donald trump to be secretary of state. those concerns are not going away. rex tillerson's past business are the reason why he's the man
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for this job. >> you know rex is friends with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. some people don't like that. they don't want them to be friendly. that's why i am doing the deal with rex because i like what this is all about. >> lets stick into this right now and onset with me is katy tur and cal perry. and one thing we have been waiting for and breaking news we want to get through right away with the feds raising the interest rate by a quarter percentage point. i am going to dive in with ali, i know you have been expecting this news to come. the effect it is going to have. if you have or carry a credit card balance or variable, adjustable mortgage. things of that will increase by 1%. it is widely expected. if you have a fixed rate mortgage, no effect on you. if you are getting a new car
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loan tomorrow, it will be higher. the mortgage rate is not directly related to the fed. right now if you have good credit, you can get a 30 year fixed mortgage. this was expected and it is happening. >> it is expected but we are not seeing this type of movement over a decade. how is this supposed to ripple the effect of the economy of the new administration coming. >> in theory, you make it more expensive to borrow when you raise interest rates. it is the feds way of tapping the break to the economy. i was saying to katy, that fed's job is taking the punch bowl away. wage is going up a little bit and unemployment comes down a looks relatively steady. if we were to increase interest rate just a quarter of a percent
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right now. there are folks looking to do new things come 2017. they're going to get caught in the new curve. does the trump administration try to do anything lessen. donald trump, he feels that many do that the feds kept rate too long and low. he's been advocating for a higher interest rate policies and now he's got it. there are people who are affected naively by that. if you do have a revolving credit and many americans have loans. your loans just gotten more expensive. if you are a saver, you get a little bit more money. donald trump indicated that he feels that rates were too low. >> we are waiting to see president-elect trump to react to any of this and the other thing that we are watching is the status of tech leaders outside of trump tower. he had the opportunity to bill
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gate and jim brown. bill gates opening the flood gate to these. >> it could be innovative or the same way that jfk was, he was an investiga investigator. donald trump can be on a number of issues. a number of tech folks are coming to trump tower today. this is a trump's tech submit you can say. we are told that elon musk and tim cook. donald trump was critical of tim cook and jeff base sill of the campaign. tim cook, he said that they need to maktheir iphones here in america. he said he was going to boycott apple. we kept on seeing those products at his campaignli rallies.
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he promised the american public that he would find a way to get them to move their factories to the u.s. jeff went after because he owns a washington post. he said that he was out to get him. i am not entirely sure how this meeting is going to go whether it is going to be contention. we are going to have to wait and see many of these guys and gals where supporters of hillary clinton, initially. >> most of them were. >> exactly. >> so there is some push back among the tech world about them going to see donald trump. there is an acknowledgment that donald trump is president, they'll have to work with them. they have to figure out how the relationship is going forward from where it was during the campaign and how they work together. we do not know what this meeting will entail, we'll certainly
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find out. hopefully, some of them coming down and talk to journalists who are waiting outside. cal perry is there. could ucoyou confirm which folk you have seen and the owner of the washington post, who else? >> reporter: elon musk and larry paige from alphabet and as katy tur is laying out, both sides are trying to keep the media of this is a contentious meeting. we heard the vice president coming down saying he's opened to leaders. tech leaders himself, we heard from jeff who tweeted that he for one will give his most open mind to donald trump. this is a day not just a tech leaders but we'll see talks of obamacare and we'll hear from
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zeikal e manumanuel. he's coming out and saying president-elect trump has the opportunity to amend obamacare. >> very interesting of the emanuel brothers and rl emanuel being donald trump's agent for a long time in hollywood. ali, let me ask you about this week, it is giving 25,000 jobs on the u.s. we got this on the hill of the carrier jobs and deals. we saw what it did to their stocks. talk about the type of deal that he wants to make with this different type of company. >> it depends on what he's talking about. they got a number of issues they want to deal with. the single biggest one was immigration. in all those worries of not having people coming across the southern border, we have ignored all of these high-tech workers that there is a shortage of the
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united states. some of the comments of trump's supporters that is not true. people like to import engineers because they are cheaper. ibm does not make these computers anymore. ibm is a consulting firm. if you are a branded product. it is important for you not to get in the crossed hairs of the president of the united states because you have seen what donald trump can do. if you are a company that has defense contract like carrier and united technologies, it is important for you not to lose $6 billion of business a year. if you make chips, semi conductors and things like that. it is not important to you. this battle can only be one in place where there is pr benefit succumb to donald trump. and it would be a banner for them to shift their jobs up.
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ford's ceo says they're going to take jobs and mcadove to mexico. we need to create 180 and 250,000 jobs a month in the united states. this is no t the wt the way to . lets go to the other big news today. there is a big article on the washington post today of national security. >> conversations about this stuff were bug ling now for the past few weeks of flynn passing on classified information to florida officials to afghanistan while he was deployed there. the washington post files information of request with the army and got documents and they did not say what the nature of the information was or what it did reveal. he was not punished for this. i ask my intelligence sources
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why that may be, they said it is basically the commander of d discretio discretions. it is one of many that's facing general flynn. he's got a number of controversial tweets and prone to conspiracy theory. he's proned to outrageous twee and linking to sites or linking to places or twitters that say that there was some sort of child sex ring going on at a pizza place in washington, d.c. his son was doing this as well. donald trump had his son fired and should not be apart of the administration. now, we are seeing michael flynn going out and delete some of his tweets. on the subject of michael flynn's son. he's coming out on twitter and trying to trash the washington
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post. he's tweeting that the washington post is really compost and how long should they be allowed to do this and get away with being wrong. that's calling into question of the first amendment which many people are saying how could you have somebody who's the son of the nsa and national security divide when donald trump is going after reporters and papers for as long as he has during the campaign. it is another controversial, it is another negative headline and the question going forward is does donald trump do something about this in regards to flynn. is he potentially going to take a moth off of that role. that's very unclear and that's extraordinary speculative right now. many people are saying that they believe more would have to come out about flynn in order for trump to say it. >> he was verbally reprimanded. >> absolutely. >> from that information about the foil request of consequences
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and what was alleged. >> yeah. >> as we talk about the controversial for flynn and lastly is the controversial of donald trump of the dc hotel. what this means in the future, what are they saying? >> that's the old post office. it is owned by the government and leased to donald trump and a lot of people think oh, that's a conflict. he leaks it and he's the landlord as president. a number of democratic congressman says the general service administration told them that donald trump will be in breach of his lease the day he takes off and he's got to digest that hotel entirely. the gsa put out a statement and said, they have not taken an opinion on this. there is been some back and forth of the gsa and donald trump on twitter in the last few weeks. it is unclear what their relationship is going to be. the gsa does run the government's property and own them and manage them. this is a first sign of that
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kind of problem we'll have. >> ali velshi, thank you very much. a lot of questions concerned over trump's pick of tillerson of department of state and the exxon's ceo. we'll ask senator ben carten. we'll talk to him and later we'll take you live to aleppo and collapsing and levering faiths thousands in the air and new video from the front line is staggering. today's microsoft pulse question, it is about president obama. he has viewed repeatedly not top send troops into syria, but civilians in aleppo are now being slaughtered. should the u.s. step in? let us know what you think on literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass.
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welcome back everybody, live inside trump tower right now as we talk about this tech summit of some of the techs of silicon valley right there and you can see ivanka and jeff and elon musk is in the room and other tech giants including chuck robins of cisco. lets listen in. >> well, i want to thank everybody, this is a truly amazing group of people. i want to tell you the hundreds of calls we had asking to come to this meeting. and, i will say with such shame, no, that company is too small. these are much bigger companies. we saw something early and maybe before he's been so terrific and outstanding.
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we got just the big news. i want to thank everyone. he's a very special guy. i want to add that i am here to help you folks do well. and, you are doing well right now and i am very honored by the balance. they're talking about the balance. we are going to try to have that balance continue and more importantly, we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. there is nobody like you in the world and there is nobody like the people in this room. and, anything we can do to help this go on and we'll be there for you and you will call my people or me. it does not make any difference. we have no former chanin of commands around here. i am honored to do this. everybody knows wilbur.
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we'll make it a lot easier for you to trade across border. if you have any ideas on that, would be great. you probably have less of a problem than some companies. >> all right, we have been live all together inside trump tower as donald trump is sitting down along with is vice president-elect to meet with the tech giants of silicon valley. he gave a shout out to papal who is a billionaire investor and also the board of facebook who helped organize this meeting and tim cook from apple and facebook
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and from amazon. all inside the room, he said i am here to help you do well. you are already doing well but i am here to help you do more. this is interesting to think of this connection that's created bean all of these folks coming in from california and now taking a seat at donald trump's stable. you see his kids there with don jr. and ivanka and eric and the rest of the folks. jeff is sitting at the end there and we go down the line to show sandberg and mike pence and donald trump. will we hear them after this meeting and will they giver reactions to the type of reactions that they had and are any of them in fears of some of the products. so very interesting to the caveat that goes into this with knowing that the trump kids remaining in the room that they are part of the transition team.
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what it means for the blind trust and the information that we are supposed to have of the trump organization on december 15th of the press conference that had been kicked down the line for some time now in january. they're talking about how they are going to firewall of the trump organization from the oval office. back in washington, d.c. we have nine senators calling on the director to investigate on the hacking. the democrats want to know the innovations of 2016. the elections are asking clapper to release the findings before the inauguration of january 20th. new york times report out today claiming what moscow stid and how they did it and laying out the time line of the cyber happening. according to reports the feds learned about the attempt at the dnc and fbi agents called about the potential compromise. the it contractor who answered the phone thought it could be a frank.
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the senator, bob corkell, says classified hearing will be in the matter. >> the hacking piece, i don't think we'll have a hair fire about that. i am sorry, that's what people do. at the end of the day, trying to understand what russia is doing and not only here in the united states but in elections around the world. it is an important thing for us to know, right? >> joining me now, maryland senator, ben cardin, one of the nine senators calling for that investigation. you just heard your colleague there saying we should have our hair on fire. do you think that a congressional investigation is enough? >> well, first, senator corkel and i have confirmed on that. we'll have hearings early january and regards to the hacking and the impact that it had on our elections. this is a serious issue. we have been attacked by russia and. then they try to interfere with our elections.
11:24 am
it is important that we have a thorough investigation. so that we can protect ourselves from future attacks and that we can take the right response. it is been pointed out and not just the united states. russia is also interfering of other countries of europe. >> the senators have their responsibility and senor corkel and i are going to conduct -- and we'll work together on that to try to get the members of the senate, as much information as we can to take appropriate actions. when you say appropriate actions, does that mean that you are hopeful that there will be something released to the american public before the january 20th inauguration. >> i definitely believe that there needs to be information released to the american public and some of the information could particularly sources will be kept confidential and classified as it should.
11:25 am
there is part of this that needs to be made available to the public so they understand what's at risk here. russia intents what were they trying to do and some different view as to whether they tried to influence the election or compromise the integrity of the election. lets find out. with the support of the american people, we'll take appropriate actions. >> we know from our intelligence sources that russia has made a disruption across the globe. as with look at the report from new york times and it goes in details of what the paper is describing of the encounter between the fbi and an it contractor allowing this hacking to the dnc's network for seven whole months, what does that say to you about cyber attacks and the issues of vulnerability that we face in the country currently. >> we got to take a lot more seriously of the fact that there are many actors and some of which are foreign government that are trying to take the
11:26 am
information that we have in our system and business, the political party whether it is a private company. we got to be smarter in protecting us again on cyber attack. they're doing us to rob us on our property and doing it to compromise our national security and to defend ourselves. all is at risk. we need to be smarter and a lot more protective of the information that we have. >> so you said that you won't prejudge rex tillerson of secretary of state. >> well, i am very concerned of his close relationship of mr. putin. mr. tillerson expressed opposition to the sanctions that were imposed. it was imposed because europe and the united states wanted to make it clear that russia cannot take over crimea and ukraine without them being a consequences. russia cannot be interfere with
11:27 am
december ti domestic elections. there is consequences to those actions so i want to hear from mr. tillerson that he understands russia and understands the risk factors to our national security and we'll represent america's interest and not a narrow interest. >> thank you senator ben cardin. we turn to our breaking news of aleppo of gunfire happening right now despite a cease-fire. the un alleging more than 80 men and women were shot by assad sources and government forces are on the break of recapturing and ruin city from rebels. the obama administration defended criticism of some who said did not do enough. >> josh earnest of his response a short time ago. >> not taking out assad's air force as part of the move to get
11:28 am
rid of the weapons and mass destruction, aka, red line. that was the moment where we could make a difference in the facts on the ground. it was before russia came in. he will look back in deep sorrow and some shame. >> under president obama's leadership. the united states has been the front to find a diplomatic solution of syria. >> thousands are trapped in the city. it is truly unimaginable conditions. our bill kneneilly had been covering the investigation for us. what are you seeing and hearing, dan? >> reporter: you can hear it behind me. there is this relent less percussion that's been going on many hours this afternoon and into the night. this is quite a small rebel
11:29 am
enclaved over t over the city. it is one of which to land a few hundred meters off to my right. this exchange of gunfire off to the collapse of this cease-fire and this evacuation of this morning of civilians and rebels, we were there before dawn waiting for these fighters and families to come out. we were told everything was in place and the shooting had stopped. for some reason, it all broke down that there was clearly disagreements with the terms and that cease-fire and the jets started circling again and those awful explosions and huge plumes of smokes behind me and awful scenes playing out across the skies in aleppo. >> i know you have been talking the people and we are hearing the cease-fire falling apart. the reaction for people around the world and knowing what's taking place in syria and
11:30 am
knowing what the un knows. are people concerned about world leaders turning a blind eyes of what could be the most epic humanitarian crisis in our lifetime? >> well, that in need is what a lot of activists and posting videos on social media are saying today. and really for quite some time where is the world and why have you turn your backs on us? it must have been today just the most awful betrayal because last night, it looked like there was a cease-fire deal and i am sure thousands of people trapped inside eastern aleppo must have thought this is final littly ou chance to escape and the end of the battle of aleppo. it is concentrated of one square mile. the un reckons about 50,000 people in there now. the post on social media that i have been looking at today would suggest that people really do fear that because of the
11:31 am
cease-fire deal broke down, they really fear a massacre now and many of them are resigned to it and they say we have survived this for tfour years and if deaths have to come, let it come. a heartbreaking video emerged of 47 orphans trapped in one building, appealing to the world for help saying we are scared and trapped here and we can hear the planes. we don't want to move. get us out of here. that's heartbreaking and as were the scenes yesterday when thousands of people went through trched through the cold and the rain to escape the slaughter in east aleppo. they got out but many others who thought they would get out today have not c. we don't know why, each side blames the others.
11:32 am
exactly it broke down, we don't know, basically as soon as the sun rose, that deal collapsed. >> thomas. >> i am bill neilly reporting for us. thank you very much. back to our question today, obama has vowed to not send troops in syria. do you think the u.s. should stepped in while our troops are being slaughtered. 45% of you say yes and 55% of you say no. the general tap by trump on defense of over classified information dating back to half a decade. we'll speak to reporter who broke that story. an update of the kanye west meeting, the artist is tweeting that visit and uploading a picture. a signed copy of donald trump on
11:33 am
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hi everybody, i am thomas roberts, live from our headquarters in new york. a florida judge declare add mistrial of the case. >> so the defense argued that the police manufactured the crime to get on tv. the jurors were split after nine hours of deliberation. bill cosby is in court for day two of hearings of his sexually assault case. cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. he insisted that it is consensual. the next extreme cold temperatures across the country.
11:37 am
33 million people are in the path of extreme windshields. this arctic kasie hucold front expected to make its way down to florida. the other big news right on wall street with the dow hovering close to 20,000 mark as the federal reserve wrapped up a meeting at the top of the hour since the election of donald trump and big news out of this that the fed announcing, it will raise short term raise and it is only the second rate change in decade. janet yellen is explaining that conversation in a news conversati conference that's taking place right now. take us through the market and how they are reacting. >> if you take a look at the overall market, we have been hovering between fractional gains and losses. we are dow about a third of a . percent. the market is trying to digest this. traders all over the world
11:38 am
pretty much factoring in a 100% chance that the fed would raise rates. as for the impact of the american consumer and whatnot, it could have ripple effect for all over the world. the near term effects, they're not all that crazy. if you look at things like home mortgages and autoloans and interests already ticked higher in the weeks that came up to this. it reduces in some ways of the home of affordability out there. if you have assuming o f $250,000 mortgage for 30 years, if the entire 25 bases, it would mean on average about $36 more per month in your payment with a $25,000 autoloan and five years loan, you can see an increase by $3 per month. that's what we can expect to see. no indication whether the banks are going to raise deposit rates
11:39 am
for saving accounts or things like that. ? >> we are talking and donald trump is holding this tech seminar. i want to play for you what he had so say when cameras were allowed at the beginning. take a look. >> there is nobody like you in the world. there is no body like the people in this room. anything we can do to help this go along and we'll be there for you and you will call my people and you will call me. >> we got tim cook in the room and cheryl sandberg of facebook and elon musk of tesla. the kids are also in the room, is that is surprising of ivanka and jared kushner in there? >> we have seen them in so many of these different meetings. we know his children are a close part of his inner circle, we know that he taps them thomas hock -- them to be advisers.
11:40 am
going forward, he's going to consult with his close family members because of these types of things. when it comes to these types of meeting. in some way of him setting a standard or a bar or some kind of expectations of what you can expect going forward and you should expect to see some of his close members involved in these decisions. when these meetings come together. you are talking about, the ceos in that room represents about $3 trillion of venture dollars. >> that's a lot at trump tower right now. in this meeting, the owner of amazon and he also happens to own the washington post. general michael flynn who's facing scrutiny for his ties of fake news was reportedly the
11:41 am
subject of a real secret military investigation back in 2010. a report by the washington post reveals that the retired army general shared classified information with foreign military officers in afghanistan. joining me now is gregg whitlock who broke that store riy. it is good to have you with me. >> that's a good question. i think they did and we can surmise that. general flynn himself told the washington post that he had been investigated for sharing classified information. his version to us was that he had permission to do this and that essentially he was exonerated. he told us to dig into it further if we did not believe him. so we did and we finally obtaed some documents from the army and showed that he was not authorized to do this. he was exonerated but according to these different reports,
11:42 am
there was a verbal reprimand. that was it, right? that was the discipline. >> there were two cases. the one that we obtained documents from u.s. army showed that there was a complaint against him, he had inappropriately shared classified information with allies and afghanistan. general flynn, the investigation found that he did not have permission to do this but they found that he did so unknowingly and it did not cause any harm and national security. he was not reprimanded for that. this came a few months after a separate case in which the cia complained that he had shared information and classified information inappropriately with the pakistanians. he was reprimanded by james clapper. >> i got to get your reaction, i only have 10 seconds left.
11:43 am
flynn's son calling fake news that the washington post should be shut down and jeff basal is in trump tower right now, do you have a response? >> it is not fake news, we published the document from u.s. army. all you have to do is read the military documents to show what we reported is accurate. >> do you like your owner, president-elect trump? >> he's been a strong supporter of everything the newsroom does. i am certainly happy of jeff basal. >> craig, thank you very much. >> coming up, we take you to the emotional testimony today. sharing her story so people would know what they did. today marking four years of sandy hook, since the lone gunman changed the lives of 26
11:44 am
families of newtown to remember the children and adults that was loss in the that attack. back after this.
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dylann roof declined testified in his own behalf. roof told polly shepard that she would spare her life so she can live onto tell the story. roof killed nine people during a bible study. the story joins us there outside the courthouse c. so explain why the case is dpoing going to the jury now. >> reporter: closing arguments will be tomorrow.
11:48 am
the jury will begin deliberating. today i was in that courtroom as polly shepard testifies to tell story what happened at mother emanuel church. i was there as he was sworn in, asked if he wanted to testify on his own behalf. he seemed somewhat annoyed as he sat back down. this is some of the few times where we are able to see him face to face. some sobbing after shepard's testimony. she testified that the fact that she was not planning to be at that bible study. she stayed there because her friend asked her to and describing how dylann roof
11:49 am
started shooting and she was able to duck under a table and able to grab the cell phone from a parishioner and called 911. i want to tell you what she said. he's still here and he's coming and he's coming,lord. >> the prosecution rested their case as well as the defense. again, tomorrow, an important day in ts trial that shaken charleston but in a way brought it together. >> nbc's mariana atencio. we turn our story back to politics now. the first place president-elect trump went to after his victory is ohio. how is trump doing so far? >> the focus group of trump's
11:50 am
supporter in cleveland last night moderated by peeter hart. the group weighing in on everything from trump's demeanor to his business ties. >> she's tone down quite a bit. >> i want him to have more composure. >> i think he's doing a fabulous job at the present time. i think he definitely need to tone down and i think he has. he needs to remember the respect when he's at the world with leaders. >> he needs to stay off the world of twitter and quick responding to everything little thing. >> stay off twitter and your problem with him being on twitter is what?
11:51 am
>> seems juvenile and bring yourself above it. if you are the president, you don't need to respond to every nasty thing that comes his way. >> i don't care if he uses his twitter, he needs to use it professionally. >> professional or not, don't do it at all. >> so we are going to become unite inside the next two years. >> he's working bipartisan. he's choosing is cabinet and everything in a way that it is hopefully pleasing to both sides. he's working in the middle and he's choosing the best people for the job whether he likes them or not. why does it bother people? >> i think him being in an
11:52 am
experience and government officials that there is a lot more people that know certain things that he does not know. >> that's eric. what else. you cannot do that unless you know what's going on. his family is involved with national security or other issues. does that concern some people here and why? >> there is security protocols for a reason. renee. >> who else? >> certain things are meant for certain people and not for everybody to hear. >> if he does not put his financial affairs in a blind trust, it does not seem to bother anybody? >> no. not on me. >> he already has his wealth. >> belinda.
11:53 am
>> he's already earned his wealth and he will continue earning his wealth. >> eric. >> directing a lot of it and becoming the background. >> fascinating insights there, joining me now our peter harts. what did you hear that surprised you the most? >> i have to tell you that the long leash that donald trump have from his voters. these were all his voters. they voted in the past, half of them for bill clinton or barack obama. >> the harshest criticism was twitter? >> what they're saying is act like a president. you are president-elect. you should not be on twitter or involved in all of these small things and your point is, being in intelligence briefings and know what's going on and that's what the voters are trying to
11:54 am
tell them. they're giving him a long leash. their expectations are high. both of those things hold true. >> the interesting other aspect of this was the blurred lines of family where they are not so much concerned with the business ties of family, peter, of the white house but security protocols of whether or not the family are properly clear of information they are learning of security. >> thomas, you are right. they wanted to do a bright line between the two. the more it gets blurred, the more concerned they are. as far as donald trump's wealth, they are saying they're not accepting any money for the job and cannot be interested in that and they have not seen the other side of it. we end up as you look at these people. these are the people who chant usa, usa, at the same time, they are looking through a monitor. what does it do to affect me? they don't look necessarily and how the united states will be
11:55 am
affected when russia gets involved in the election and those elements bother them. we'll see if he will stay off twitter, i highly doubt it. >> thank you. time for our final check of our microsoft pulse question. it has to do of wa we ahat we a talking about. civilians are being slaughtered. do you think the u.s. should be stepping in. 55% of you say yes and 45% of you say no. that jumped up about 10% in the last 15 minutes. we'll be back after this. it is time for your business entrepreneur. this landscaper spends the holiday season hand crafting wreath which makes up about a quarter of a year's revenue. for more, watch "your business"
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sunday morning on sunday morning on msnbc at 7:30.
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the nation is remembering actor alan thicke who died yesterday. his son tweeted last night, i lost my best friend and you are a legend and i love you pops.
11:59 am
he became one of america's most beloved tv dad up until his death. he did it all, hosting talk shows and composing music and hits like "fuller house." being a dad is the most important role for thicke and always urging us to live life to the fullest. "live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief in the night, there would be nothing left for him to steal." thicke is just 69 years old. i am thomas roberts, thanks for your time, kate snow is picking things up right now. hello everyone to you. >> we are talking about the big
12:00 pm
issues of donald trump and we heard from donald trump of what he said from inside the big tech meeting coming up. a day after the gunfire stopped for a litime in aleppo syria. >> civilians cancelled and the un is calling it a complete melt down of humanity and thousands are thought to be trapped. big news from the fed that could affect you personally, federal interest rate on the rise. what it means for you and borrowers and investigators and savers. we'll have all of that. lets start with cal perry. who do you see going in and out of those elevators and do we have any idea what they are talking about. >> reporter: all the big name of the industry and we are talking about people like tim cook and from apple and amazon. the meeting started just about 30 minutes ago. donald trump opening the


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