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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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we'll have the latest from the border with syria. also developing, closing arguments under way in the federal hate crimes trial against dylann roof, the case expected to go to the the jury today. good morning. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters here in new york. we begin with exclusive nbc news reports on russia's involvement in the u.s. election. intelligence officials now believe with a high level of confidence that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in a covert effort to interfere in america's presidential race. two senior u.s. intelligence officials tell new information how the hacked material from democrats was leaked, the cia says that the russian government wanted to elect donald trump. nbc senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden broke this story yesterday. the reaction this morning. >> good morning. a senior intelligence source telling nbc news what started as a feud with hillary clinton quickly became an effort to
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damage the political process in the united states. and the center of it all, the russian president himself. this morning, nbc news has learned from senior intelligence officials that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in the campaign to undermine the u.s. election. the officials tell us that new information derived from diplomatic sources and spies working for u.s. allies points directly to the russian president. with one high level official saying that putin's role was to direct how the hacked material from democrats was used. his objectives, multifaceted. it began, one official says, as a vendetta against hillary clinton after the former secretary of state criticized russia's parliamentary elections back in 2011. >> we have serious concerns about the conduct of the election. >> reporter: but trying to hurt
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clinton's presidential chances soon morphed into an effort to show corruption in american politics, attemptin to split off key american allies hoping to prove the u.s. is not a credible global leader. this stunning revelation comes after the cia's recent assessment of the russian government wanted to elect donald trump, a view that the fbi and other intelligence agencies don't fully endorse. and neither does the president-elect. >> there's great confusion. nobody really knows. >> reporter: trump calling the cia's assessment ridiculous. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: this morning, the russians seemed to agree telling nbc's richard engel that western media have gone beyond the reach of reason. with evidence against russia, the question is will president obama respond before he leaves office? president obama has already ordered a full intelligence
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community review of foreign efforts to influence recent presidential elections. once the review is complete, intelligence officials will be ready to brief the congressional leadership but the material is highly classified and what, if anything, will be shared with the public still unclear. >> a reaction from spokesperson he calls it laughable nonsense, no surprise that president putin not caught trying to influence. >> the president-elect famously reply to the cia statement as ridiculous. so we're seeing a similar type of dismissal of these claims. >> in fairness, i think president-elect trump tweeted this morning to say, asking what i think is a reasonable question if this was so clear, why wasn't the hard intelligence made known way prior to the election? >> we have sheila jackson lee coming up and will pose that question to her. great reporting, cynthia.
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another comment from donald trump on the hacking. he tweeted out this. if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? with more on trump's reaction, national correspondent peter alexander with the latest. so we're hearing a similar thing from kellyanne conway who's been a on a number of programs since the news broke yesterday as well. >> reporter: we spoke to trump transition officials as well with any new reaction to nbc's new reporting describing vladimir putin's involvement in the hacking, the direct involvement and basically said we heard of what mr. trump has said in recent days. you were noting a moment ago how this is ridiculous and could have been someone sitting on their bed and not clear if
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there's any changed view on this issue. more broadly going forward but what is clear is that this was public weeks ago. as early as june, frankly, months ago. nbc news first reported that intelligence officials believed what russia was involved in the hacking and the department of homeland security pointed the finger at russia and josh earnest in mid october indicating that intelligence showed that russia was involved in hacking during the campaign process, tamron? >> let's talk about an issue. you have all of these tech giants, the leaders of the tech industry at trump tower, all of his adult children there present. how is the team, the transition team explaining this this morning? what was the justification for them being there? why did they need there? >> this is in the words of sean
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spicer, one of the top transition spokespeople. he said it is clear donald trump has made it clear that his children play an important role in counselling, that he trusts what they say and turns to them for guidance but the potential conflict of interest lies here is in the tact that jufact that ago, before he takes office on january 20th, he'll hand over the reins to his adult sons among those in the room and while they wait, and say it will be clear he will separate with his public responsibility from private interests. at this point, it does remain unclear. sean spicer said that there is nothing sneaky, nothing nefarious and insists they are being transparent as evidenced by the fact that cameras were in the room but also notable about the fact that ivanka trump and sources familiar with her thinking is that it's not true right now. she'll be moving to an office in the east wing where the first lady traditionally as her office
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and trying to figure things out. the sources within the transition team make it clear they're disputing this idea that anti-nepotism laws would prevent ivanka or her husband, jared kushner, from working in that inner circle that advises donald trump at the white house. they say that it is very clear to them that those laws have an exception, effectively saying that mr. trump or any president would have absolute and total discretion to choose the people who work in the west wing. >> that is exactly what kellyanne conway said this morning, the president does have this discretion but you said it on the "today show" this morning, twitter off the list because there was no room for him at the table. a different version coming out in some of your reporting. >> reporter: the bottom line is that there has been a clash between twitter and donald trump dating back to the campaign. specifically, it was over twitter's refusal basically to create an emoji fo
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for #crookedhillary. we don't have any reporting to suggest it was because of that as a form of retribution and say even though, they didn't earn a seat at the table. >> for more on the russian hacking, nbc news chief correspondent richard engel in moscow on the phone with some of the reaction and as noted, richard, you tweeted out this new reaction where russia basically says this media has gone beyond. can you tell me more about what they say with the exclusive nbc reporting? >> sure, it's not just exclusive at this point. it's been covered all over the russian media, this story that nbc news put out earlier today that president putin according to the report was directly involved with how to weaponize to get political advantage. that's getting a lot of
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attention here and sergey lavrov just added his voice to the many denunciations saying the report is foolish and pointless. a woman told us it was beyond the reach of reason and suggested that the media should be very responsible and not put out what was described as practically blatant propaganda by the intelligence agency. so there has been a dismissal and this has been consistent that we've been hearing from the russians. as peter was saying, this is not a new allegation. just taking it one step further. we've been reporting for months and the u.s. intelligence agency and experts have been saying for months russia was involved through proxies in hacking the dnc. all that's new now is this report by cynthia mcfadden and the investigative unit this
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morning saying that it's not only a russian proxy but a russian proxy with the direct involvement of vladimir putin. >> but richard, the world reacting to this, i mean, to your point, this has been reported. we've seen cia, we've seen some great reporting by "the washington post" and "the new york times" but this portion of the story now amplified with allegation of direct involvement by vladimir putin would be completely understandable, i guess, to some how this would be doled out to other individuals but that this world leader was directly sending out orders, i think, would come as a surprise not just to people in the states concerned about this general election but the world. >> again, that also has been said. there was an and an attack could
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have only happened with the highest leadership. it had been suggested previously that the kremlin was directed involved. what we're seeing now is the, according to the latest nbc report, specific information detailed information coming from diplomatic sources and espionage sources saying there's some sort of evidence linking vladimir putin to the use of that hacked information and sort of linking him to the hacked operation but here in moscow, there is no acceptance of that. just calling it silly, pointless, that kind of thing. >> let's go to sheila jackson lee, the ranking member of the house judiciary sub committee on crime and homeland investigation. she's asking to investigate the russian hacking. thank you so much for joining. let me first get your reaction to what donald trump has tweeted
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out this morning in response saying if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? what's your reaction to his statement? >> reporte >> it's unfortunate because this is a serious issue, tamron. it deals with the sovereignty of this nation and if you would allow me, one of the crises we're facing now is aleppo and the terrible humanitarian crisis, why russia wouldn't engage in the world dmucommunito stop that bloodshed but it's important to know that russia now at the center of this storm has been a nation that has attempted to undermine elections and hack into other countries and impact elections all over the world in some instances so i think it's important for the incoming president and his team to really take this as an attack on the american people.
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my belief is as it relates to the white house is that there was a great sensitivity probably tension in terms of discussion among different individuals in the white house giving counsel as to whether they should have announced it or not. i wish they had because i think it goes above partisan politics. it is really whether or not this sovereign nation can protect itself against these kinds of attacks. i dealt with cybersecurity issues over a decade ago, tamron, and at that time, i was dealing with the question of the infrastructure of the country. the electric grid, the water systems. and we were concerned about how an outside force in war or using cyber as a weapon could influence or impact or bring down our electric grid or wart syste, water systems or dams, et cetera. this is more important than elections. i'm sad to hear of putin's
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involvement directly in the elections but this is something more serious than that. >> congresswoman? >> i hope that the president-elect would understand his role is to protect the american people. >> but going back to the protection of the american people, yesterday, josh earnest said in his briefing that the president believed the political activity should be separate from intelligence, the intelligence community's analysis of russian cyb cybersecurity should be separate. is there a larger message if this is about protecting our electio elections, our process, why leave it now on the shoulders of the president-elect who by all accounts wants to have a new style of relationship with russia? why not have this action from the current administration if our election was being influenced by the russian leader? >> you ask a very good point and that's why members of congress have joined in, i joined in on asking for a commission, as you
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well know, i sent my letters to the heads of the judiciary committee and homeland security committee for hearings in the house. those ranking members of the judiciary and homeland community in particular, oversight and others have themselves asked for a major investigation. i would respectfully disagree in the interpretation that was rendered yesterday. i don't think it was just a political issue. yes, there were political results. we know that putin directly had conflicts with secretary clinton, secretary clinton, of course, doing her job and just citing some of the challenges in the parliamentary elections in russia. we promote democracy so i respectfully believe that it was of such an issue of sovereignty that it should have been announced and frankly i'm very grateful that the president is engaging in a report. i think that report should be in as much as possible declassified and i think if we select a commission, we should have
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congressional hearings because what is the responsibility of congress? we need to be able to do this in a bipartisan or non-partisan manner because this is potentially the next wave or the next level of warfare around the world. >> congresswoman, let me ask you quickly. >> users of yahoo have been attacked. >> cynthia mcfadden's report, the new information that directly links to vladimir putin derives from diplomatic sources and spies working for u.s. allies. how much of this information do you believe should be made public so that some of these questions are closed and it's not left to a few people think this, others think this or this very grand language that is not direct to the allegation? >> well, those of us who deal with the domestic security, national security know that our security assets, our intelligence community assets are very, very important to us. it really deals with life and
8:17 am
death. so i'd make this point. whatever could be declassified that does not impact our security, does not jeopardize the lives of the brave men and women who provide us with this valuable intelligence and i might say to the incoming administration, don't disrespect and disregard the high level of intelligence that we have utilized since 9/11 and before. but particularly, 9/11 that's protected this nation. so i would say what does not impact the security assets that we have, it should be released, beyond the classified information and it should be released to the american people. this is about the sovereignty of the nation and protecting the nation and putin should be fully exposed of what he did. he's a kgb officer and directly involved. this should be exposed, not only to america but to the people and nations around the world. >> thank you for your time,
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congresswoman. >> thank you for having me. developing news out of syria. long awaited evacuations under way. hundreds of residents, some critically injured. 950 people escorted out of the city after a new cease-fire was brokered just this morning and so fragile though, there are worries if it will hold up. chief global correspondent bill neely has more from beirut, lebanon. >> reporter: there are reports of a new cease-fire to evacuate some of the wounded but fears still growing for the lives of at least 50,000 civilians still trapped there. one group of children, there is just terror on a desperate appeal to the world. i'm 10, she says. we're scared. we can't leave because of the bombing. please get us out of here.
8:19 am
it is a heartbreaking appeal in a video filmed at their orphanage and posted by an arab human rights group. we want to live like anyone else, yasmin says. maybe this is the last time you'll hear my voice and see me. there are some of the 50,000 civilians trapped in what's left of rebel held aleppo, posting desperatepleas. bombs exploding nearby. caught live on camera. some seem resigned to their fate. >> death will be a peace for us. >> reporter: there is talk of a cease-fire but no sign of a lasting one. and no mercy. aleppo civilians fear executions, a massacre. it's something they are powerless to stop. really pitiful scene there. all war, of course, is cruel but
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this one in aleppo, a terrible siege and now a final onslaught. it's pricking the conscience of the world. it's a battle in its final days but you do fear for the lives of so many civilians, so many children. back to you. >> happening now -- closing arguments under way in the federal hate crimes case against charleston shooter dylann roof. expected to go to the jury today after hearing disturbing 9-1-1 calls. we'll take you to the courthouse. the largest e-mail breach in history. yahoo said more than 1 billion accounts have been hacked. what did the hackers take and did yahoo cut corners in protecting private information of its users? there is no typical day. there is nothing typical about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer... marvel studios. we are very much hands-on producers. if my office... ...becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro's perfect.
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happening now in south carolina, closing arguments are under way in the dylann roof trial after testimony that brought some of the jurors to tears. the prosecution finished its case up now. the defense called no witnesses since yesterday. the government played for the first time in public the 9-1-1 call made by shooting survivor paulie shephard. she described bullet casings as they fell from the gun. >> you said, you were able to see the gun? you know what kind of gun it was? >> no, i don't know. i don't know anything about guns. >> okay, that's okay. and where are the weapons thousand? >> he's got it in his hand. he's reloading. >> he's reloading? okay, i need you to bear with me, okay. how many shots has he fired? >> i don't know. there's so many. there's so many people dead. i think, oh my god. >> you said there's so many
8:25 am
people dead? >> i think they're dead, yes. >> mariana atencio joins us now from outside the courthouse in charleston, south carolina with more on what's happened there today and mariana, the reaction to hearing that painful 9/11 call and many of the jurors started to cry. >> reporter: people in that courtroom, tamron, still sobbing even when the jury was dismissed yesterday. and closing arguments under way now. the defense is arguing that this was about more than hate. the meticulous planning, the thousands of photos, the fact that dylann roof had no life beyond this proves in their words, he had an obsession and planned to kill himself after the shootings. the prosecution arguing because, remember, this is not a murder trial, this is a hate crimes trial. 33 counts of murder, of hate and religious obstruction and the prosecution arguing as to why
8:26 am
this is about hate. they remembered the victims' roles in life, displaying images of them alive and smiling next to images of their dead bodies and saying, goodness, these nine people exemplified a goodness that was more than his message of hate and those images too much for some people to bear. one family member stepped out of the courtroom and brought the courtroom to tears. >> marianna, thank you very much. this could go to the jury today. we'll have all the latest developments. thank you, mariana. coming up, what yahoo is a saying about the biggest e-mail hack in history. and did the company do enough to protect the users' private information? i'll talk live with the former yahoo employee who describes himself as a professional hacker. also ahead -- >> just some knife wielding psychopath and felt like he wanted to make sure that he
8:27 am
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. the largest data breach in history. the company reveals yesterday for the first time more than 1 billion users accounts were hacked back in 2013. yahoo said they stole names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers dates of birth and encrypted security questions and answers. this is separate from another hacking that yahoo disclosed a few months ago in september. that breach reportedly affecting 500 users and joining me now to talk more about it, jeremiah grossman, chief of security at
8:31 am
cybersecurity company and a former yahoo employee. thank you so much for joining me. >> my pleasure to be with you, tamron. >> how do you explain what happened here? >> it's difficult to know. we know that yahoo disclosed 1 billion users accounts are affected and got a lot of data but didn't share how the bad guys broke in or who the adversary was or their intentions. so we're left to wonder what this all means going forward. >> some of what yahoo said in that statement that they sent out as well as the e-mails sent to users point to a foreign actor. what can you tell me about that and how would yahoo know it was a foreign entity or government? >> a lot of times, they do forensic breaches on investigations. you can tell if they were an insider or third party. it could be anybody outside of yahoo corporation or it could be a nation state or cyber
8:32 am
criminals. a lot hack into companies with impunity because they don't fear u.s. law so we don't know who the adversary is in this case. >> this is interesting from "the new york times" report on this. security has taken a backseat at yahoo in recent years compared to silicon valley competitors like google and facebook. clashed with top executives including marissa meyer over the cost and customer inconvenience of proposed security measures. you have two roles here. you're a former employee. you were someone who admittedly knows a lot about hacking. what is your view of the, i guess the reaction or lack thereof from yahoo executives about these threats? >> historically like many companies that fall on hard times, you have to cut things and a lot of times, security and i.t. is cut and this is the end result of that. >> so this is the end result of yahoo not taking these threats
8:33 am
seriously, but the competitors did and do. >> their competitors generate a lot of cash and have a lot of dollars to spend on these things so they're experiencing rapid growth. it's a dollars and cents thing. one of the things that's also complicating the matter is yahoo is currently in acquisition discussion with verizon so they don't want anything to disrupt that like a breach and we'll see if that disrupts their acquisition which would be completely unprecedented with dealings and negotiations. >> there's indications that verizon expects to get a lower price for yahoo but to your point, yes, there are things people do, and companies do to save but when your number one priority should be protecting your user and their information, if you don't have credibility with the users and you're on your second major attack, what does yahoo do now to save its brand as this acquisition is taking place in the middle of
8:34 am
all of this and trust with the consumer and users? >> i'm 100% with you on that, but one of the things that the users of yahoo, of microsoft, the users of google have to understand is that you are not necessarily the customer. you are the product that they are being sold to advertisers, so the allegiance is not always to the user data but the value of the business model so they can't always protect the data from themselves which puts it at risk to hackers. >> if you're a yahoo user, do you just go in and change all of the passwords you have? how do you protect yourself? what's the number one thing to do? >> given this breach is 3 years old, the pragmatic answer, not much you can do. change your passwords on all of your other systems where you might have used that password. if you feel uncomfortable, delete your data or close your account. but we should not pretend that this problem is going to go away. it's on the next system, your next bank, your next social
8:35 am
network and so on. >> very valuable information and incredible insight. thank you so much for your time, we appreciate it. coming up, 55 million americans are under windchill advisories or warnings this morning but this weekend, some cities could see 2 feet of snow. others may feel windchills as low as 45 below zero. the latest in a live report for you. plus, why california is telling uber to halt its self-driving cars just hours after they hit the road. one of the stories we're updating around the nooz nation.
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the death of a 12-year-old boy in upstate new york after became trapped playing in the snow. iowa and ohio are feeling the cold with a windchill advisory while parts of oregon got more than a foot of snow in a combination of wind and snow created white conditions and
8:39 am
caused this school bus accident in portland. >> oh, oh. oh, look out! look out! >> there were children on that bus, thank through, no one seriously injured but pretty scary. nbc's ron mott in chicago with a high of 10 degrees and i would say, our production or anchor producer said it's 1 degree now but you would know because you're standing out from. >> reporter: it's cold. it's hard to describe to put it into words. it's raw, it's awful. the windchill will stay below zero all day and right now, 10 to 12 below. a bit of an improvement since we started here at about 5:00 local time or 16, 17 below zero. we're expected to get up to 10. it's warming the warm. you feel better about standing in the cold. but we got snow coming friday afternoon and then there's an even bigger warm-up on saturday
8:40 am
and then we plunge back into the deep freezer, tamron, overnight saturday into sunday and upwards of 12 to 15 below actual air temperature and take a look here on sunday afternoon, you know this place well. they're hosting the packers on sunday. this may be the coldest game played here at soldier field since the bears started keeping track of game time temperatures. 1 degree below zero is the forecast high for sunday, the high temperature on sunday. the record for kickoff here at soldier field was 2 degrees so probably going to set a record. the question is, how many fabs a -- fans are going to show up? i'm mulling over whether i want to sit in the stands in those temperatures. >> the record is not so great? bears, i mean. yeah, i don't know. that's up to you. good luck. but i'm just saying. they'd have to be winning for me to go. thank you very much. stay warm. let me bring in msnbc meteorologist bill karins. try to find a way. >> that's the definition of fair
8:41 am
weather fan. >> that's the definition of a dallas cowboy fan. >> now you're just making them mad in chicago. >> they lost to one team two times but only lost. >> you could heat them up that way. negative 17 windchill. doesn't look like it's that bad because when the sun is out, it's a little better but just very cold. it will look similar against the packers at the game but the fan to be concerned with. now the cold air into the east and a snow squall in areas of new england and 11 in boston. 14 in new york. it will get worse tonight but we have repeat blasts of arctic air and the first located in the great lakes to areas of eastern canada. this is the first round. the coldest in new england is tomorrow morning with the windchill and the winds are going to howl too. people are sleeping tonight, gust up to 60 miles per hour. hear it out your window. noon on friday. zero, but boston, negative 16 and that cold air as ron was
8:42 am
mentioning comes into the plains throughout the weekend. negative 34 in chicago on sunday. we have that snowstorm to deal with as we move across the country and looks like a 6 to 12 inch snowstorm with wisconsin, minnesota, great lakes and western new york. so yeah. it's winter. it's here. >> bad, but it is a hard one already. thank you very much, bill. and developing now, a former milwaukee police officer has been charged in the shooting death of a black man. both the officer and the man he killed are african-american. that story tops our look at the news nation. donique brown faces a charge of first degree homicide. he fled a traffic stop and refused orders to drop the weapon. the shooting death sparked two nights of riots. and the cdc is warning pregnant women to avoid brownsville, texas, after zika
8:43 am
was detected frthere. 6% of all babies born to infected women in the u.s. uber refusing to stop its new self-driving car service. the company launched it in san francisco yesterday. just before the state's dmv said they did not have the proper permits. they said it's unnecessary because there is a driver inside the self-driving vehicle. coming up, now that we have this report that vladimir putin was personally involved in the election hacking. the nbc political team looks at how aggressively candidate trump used the hacked information on the campaign trail. that's next in the daily briefing.
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[burke] hot dog. seen it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we are back with our daily briefing on politics. nbc senior political editor mark murray joins us. we started the show with cynthia mcfadden on this report exclusive information she revealed yesterday about the
8:47 am
allegation of vladimir putin having direct involvement in the hacking. >> reporter: yeah, tamron. given that story, what i also think is very striking is how aggressively donald trump was able to use the wikileaks revelations in the final stretch of the campaign where we even had collected some of the sound of him talking about the wikileaks hitting hillary clinton in the very last week. take a listen to some of the sound. >> hillary clinton was sending highly classified information through her maid. this just came out. wikileaks. you know, they said about hillary, she's got bad instincts. podesta. of course, he didn't know there was a thing called wikileaks. boy, i love reading those wikileaks. >> what's interesting to me is all those comments either in late october to early november came well after the obama administration concluded that russia was involved in these
8:48 am
wikileaks hacks and also, on october 19th before all those comments you saw from donald trump, marco rubio, the republican senator of florida was saying, hey, i think people shouldn't even touch the wikileaks story given it's a foreign state that has involvement in our elections and donald trump and his campaign kept pressing the issue. >> and mark, the latest and part of the media involvement is that it's stolen information and there's now criticism and we have to reflect as the media on the reporting of these hacked e-mails that were stolen. >> reporter: tamron, that's right. the news media including msnbc and nbc news were reporting on wikileaks. we had teams looking through them. i think we were always saying that we haven't been able to authenticate them, talking about where they potentially were coming from. >> right. >> reporter: but still that and other issues, i don't think it's the sole reason why hillary clinton ended up losing and the comey effect might have been bigger but certainly the trump campaign was leaning into the
8:49 am
story when others were turning away. >> great report. up next, the exclusive interview with the father of a student who was armed with knives and shot by a school police officer. that boy critically injured and what his father said happened before the shooting that should have been taken into consideration. ♪ you gotta to be cool, calm, collected ♪ ♪ look your fear in the eye ♪ you gotta be shaking off the pressure ♪ ♪ gotta be taking your time ♪ had my ups, downs, run-arounds ♪ ♪ my dark and despair ♪ but the best stuff came ♪ when all the sweat wasn't there ♪ ♪ you gotta say ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o
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for the first time we're hearing from the father of the reno, nevada, father whose son was shot. the 14-year-old boy is in a medically-induced coma. the officer is on leave as the shooting is investigated. natalie morales spoke to the father's boy exclusively. the video is definitely disturbing. >> this is a tragic story no matter how you look at it. justin clark does not claim his son is perfect, but he says the high school freshman was the victim of severe bullying by
8:53 am
other students. he believes police used unnecessary force by shooting his son as a first line of defense. >> my son felt like he wanted to make sure that he wasn't beat up and robbed. >> he was being bullied? >> absolutely. >> reporter: cell phone video posted online shows the troubling scene as it unfolded last week. students scattered as logan clark wielding two knives lunged at classmates. another video shows a campus police officer arriving and firing a single shot. the boy drops to the ground, writhing in pain. >> you got to remember that he just got hit two or three times in the face by a kid that's three years older than him and quite a bit bigger. >> reporter: according to logan's father, his son was a victim of bullying, saying logan was punched by a student right before the incident. his bloody mouth visible in the video. >> he just doesn't want to be
8:54 am
attacked anymore. that's what happened. do i think that the officer -- i think the officer could have evaluated that if he had paid attention a little bit. >> reporter: so you can understand how looking at it at different angles, that perhaps he could have been perceived as a threat and the police officer had to make a split-second decision? >> it's easy to see on the video. he's like this. that's a defensive posture. that's not an attacking posture. he's bleeding from the mouth. obviously something's happened before the video. none of that was taken into account. >> reporter: clark says his son had been previously suspended for fighting. a result, he says, of a previous bullying incident he reported to the school. so far, school and police officials have not commented on clark's claims or the investigation. but on the day of the shooting, the school superintendent praised the officer's actions and authorities said the officer's use of force was appropriate. >> the officer gave verbal
8:55 am
commands for the student to drop knife, ultimately firing his service weapon, stopping the threat. >> they say, oh, he got lucky. he tried to shoot to wound. no he didn't. he shot my son in the chest. you know, he didn't shoot to wound. >> reporter: this is the first image released of logan in the hospital where he remains in a medically-induced coma. what would you like to say to the school district and to the police officers about how they handled this incident? >> i'm upset that he didn't have another alternative or he didn't spend more time trying to talk my son down or any of that. for me it would have been hard to shoot somebody's 14-year-old son so easily. >> reporter: logan remains in a coma in extremely critical condition. since the shooting, he has remained unconscious. doctors removed part of his lung and he also suffered a stroke on friday. now, many parents in the community are also questioning police procedure and the decision to shoot logan in the chest instead of, perhaps, using
8:56 am
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thank you for watching this hour of "msnbc live." i'll be on vacation for an entire week, headed to texas. i'm turning things over to the beautiful and stunningly styled andrea mitchell. smoking hot dress, lady. >> happy new year. we'll miss you. love to mom. >> i'll see you in a week. thank you. >> thank you. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," putin's play. donald trump questioning why obama didn't blow the whistle on putin if they were so sure russia was behind the hack? more fallout from that exclusive report that putin was directly involved. here's president trump's dilemma. what are you going to do? now, if you don't believe the russians were involved in interfering in our election, then i am really troubled by that because i have been briefed. i don't think anybody who's heard these briefings doubt the
9:00 am
russians were interfering in our election. kids' table. new questions about the trump children's potential white house roles after theyook part in that tech summit yesterday. >> but the president does have discretion to choose a staff of his liking. and so if that actually is tree and that legal advice holds, then that will open up a realm of possibility. and escaping the ravages of aleppo. some of the sick and wounded are fleeing. for those still trapped, the fight is far from over. coming up, we'll have my exclusive interview with deputy national security adviser ben rhodes on the future of the obama/cuba policy. a lot more. stay with us. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in new york. nbc news has learned vladimir putin was directl


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