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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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side in this fight. i should also tell you the inauguration announcer for the past 06 years who donald trump just fired, he's about to be a guest on "the last word." law enforcement says two officers have died in pursuit of the suspected killer. and all in the family, jared kushner gets a job in his father-in-law's administration as officials raise ethics questions. plus -- >> touchdown! >> one final piece of business. hugo boots it on the ground -- they fall on it. the clemson tigers are the new kings of college football. >> clemson makes a comeback.
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they get a thrilling last-second win against alabama. ♪ hey there, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, january 10. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. last night president-elect donald trump said he is naming his son-in-law as senior adviser. he said, kushner will work closely with chief of staff reince priebus and chief strategist stephen k. bannon to execute president-elect trump's agenda. together bannon, priebus and kushner have formed an effective leadership team. he married ivanka trump back in
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2009 and heads his own family's multibillion dollar business, from which he's stepping down to divest substantial assets. while a federal anti-nemitism law, it says that family members cannot be involved in the cabinet. ivanka trump is also resigning her corporate positions and putting an administrative job on hold for now. >> ivanka trump will meet that decision and announcement in the coming days or coming weeks. and she, too, has significant success in the private sector, certainly as an executor in the trump corporation, but also with her own brand. >> it sounds like you're saying she is coming in to the
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administration. >> well, that would certainly be wonderful news to me. and i believe that is the intention and the goal. >> and the work is already underway for jared kushner and top aides. they met with house speaker paul ryan and gary cohen. the meeting included reince priebus and stephen bannon who clashed with the speaker while leading breitbart news. ryan is going to walk trump's aides through the plan for tax reform. while there's an agreement on tax cuts and simplifying the code, there are disagreements on economic priorities like trade and entitlements reform. those could pose a challenge to a budget agreement. on sunday reince priebus said trump is committed to keeping his promises. >> i don't think president-elect trump wants to meddle with medicare or social security. he made a promise in the campaign that that was something he didn't want to do.
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well, with questions over ethics disclosures continue, the senate republican leadership delayed the hearing of one of president-elect trump's nominees. education secretary betsy devos was scheduled to go in front of the hearing tomorrow, but that has been delayed to accommodate the senate's schedule. the boss, a billionaire, is one of trump's several nominees who has not filed her ethics disclosures. according to "the new york times" editorial board, people who have senior financial disclosures so far say devos and her husband have investments to some 250 companies registered to a single grand rapids address. and it could take weeks for the ethics office to research this. the help committee still plans to vote in two weeks on january 24. there are still nine confirmation hearings going forward this week with two beginning today. at least three nominees have not signed off on their eics
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disclosure t, wilbur ross, house and urban development leader ben carson along with betsy devos. >> i don't bring this up to play gotcha. i'm showing you that requests have been reasonable and shared by leaders of both parties. jamming all these hearings into one or two days, making members run from committee to committee, makes no sense. after all, they are going to hold these nominees, they are going to hold incredibly powerful positions for potentially the next four years. >> everybody will be properly vetted as they have been in the past. and i'm hopeful we'll get up to
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six or seven particular national security team in place on day one. now to the future of the affordable care act and the effort to dismantle the law and the millions of americans in government health care is anything but clear right now. democrats protested on the senate floor into the early hours this morning as their republican colleagues sought to work language into a budget resolution to repeal obamacare in a move that would be filibuster-proof. >> show us your plan. you know, your health care plan. you must have one. we would like to hear it. >> republicans have been rushing around capitol hill for the past couple of weeks huddling in meetings and trying to come up with a plan to replace the affordable care act. and they are shocked, shocked to discover that guaranteeing americans access to health care is a complex business and they don't have any good ideas. they are trying to reassure each other that they know what
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they're doing. get real. they don't have a clue what to do next. for eight years they've had no plan and they don't have a plan now. repeal and run. that's the republican plan. >> the budget move only takes 50 votes. republicans have the upper hand in the senate. and earlier in the day, mitch mcconnell was undeterred. >> unfortunately, there are some who will never accept the realities of this failed partisan law. they seem more interested in messaging exercises than replacing obamacare with real solutions to improve health care. we may not be responsible for the damage of this law, but we're committed to bring relief. and repeal is just the first step in that process. but the sooner we act, the sooner we can begin bringing relief to those who need it. >> but already there are senate republicans who are seeking to slow down the process until the party can get on the same page. senator bob corker and four other republicans submitted an
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amendment seeking to extend the budget process to march. they voiced concerns that americans need to be able to main tan health care while the legislative process plays out. no, it's not clear whether replacement plans could be fully developed by march. now senator rand paul also said that during his talks with donald trump, the president-elect has said he's open to the idea of passing an obamacare replacement alongside a repeal. by the way, according to capitol hill reporter jamie duprre, the senate adjourned at 12:19 a.m., just in time to see clemson score the go ahead touchdown. and police master sergeant debra clayton spotted 41-year-old markeith loyd outside of walmart.
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clayton was shot and later died. loyd then stole a car and fled. during the search, norman louis on a motorcycle, was kill in a car accident. records show loyd has a lengthy arrest and say he may be receiving help. >> we are going to bring this dirtbag to justice and he's going to jail. if you are an assistant, markeith loyd, i will assure you we will not rest until markeith loyd is behind bars. >> he's armed and extremely dangerous. a $60,000 reward is being offered to lead to his capture. and the suspect in the deadly ft. lauderdale airport is being held without bond and learning he could face the death penalty. 26-year-old esteban santiago spent less than 20 minutes inside a federal court yesterday to face charges over the airport
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shooting that left five people dead and six more wounded. the charges include committing violence against people at an international airport resulting in death and two firearm offenses. a federal public defender was appointed to represent santiago who told the judge he had little money and that he understood the charges against him when he was questioned. he's due back in court next week for a detention hearing following by an arraignment later this week. investigators are looking into bomb threats against jewish centers in the united states and the united kingdom. the threats were made yesterday inine states including florida, maryland, tennessee and south carolina. no explosives were found in any of the locations. and federal law enforcement officials have not been able to link any of the threats. this was the scene in new jersey at one of the centers which was forced to evacuate. that's including the senior center and preschool after
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receiving a threat. and the threats come nearly one year after similar threats were made to jewish schools across london. and after several days of downpours across california and nevada, residents are now dealing with rising waters. hundreds of homes in california have flooded or are expected to flood as rivers continue to rise. and in nevada, more than a thousand residents are still out of their homes after flooding in reno. mudslides and rock slides have shut down roads in central and northern parts of california. and in colorado, authorities issued a rare shelter in place order because of dangerous winds. this large tree was blown down in colorado springs. and officials report wind ripping off the roofs on homes and some other areas, scary stuff. top trump adviser kellyanne conway says president-elect trump may reconsider some of the sanctions president obama issued against russia and questioned
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whether there needs to be more investigations. she also lampooned the democrats proposing the bipartisan commission to investigate the hacking saying, quote, the fact is the democrats became super-duper interested in this entire issue after the election did not go the way they wanted and the way they expected. meanwhile, senator john mccain is criticizing the obama administration's response. >> you have to have some kind of response. and my complaint about the obama administration is, they know this hacking is going on for a long period of time. and they never did anything about it. >> but would you have a private conversation with putin or something at that point if this is going on? >> he said he finally did have a conversation. president obama said, and i told him to, quote, cut it out. what does that mean? and then he said, we can do some stuff. that sounds like somebody in high school. >> well, at the same time, the obama administration has blacklisted five russians including a close aide to president putin.
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this is for human right abuses under an act. and president obama will give his farewell address tonight in chicago. officials insist the speech will not be a victory lap, though it will be a chance to say thank you. senior adviser valerie jarrett told reporters yesterday the president's intention is to motivate people to get involved and fight. though few details of the president's remarks have been released. according to the "chicago tribune," one white house official said more than 14,000 are expected to attend that speech. meanwhile, a new ap and orc poll finds americans by and large like the president. 57% have a favorable opinion of obama compared to 37% unfavorable. that number puts him on par with bill clinton who also had a 57% favorability rating as he repaired to leave office. president george w.h. bush was
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at 40% and george w. bush was at 62%. 27% of the country sees the country more divided and 28% said there's been absolutely no change. and still ahead, we'll break down clemson's come-from-behind win in the championship game over alabama. plus, an icy rescue in alabama after a van slides off the roadway. oh, look at that little girl. we'll have a check on that story when we come back.
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welcome back, everyone. drivers in the state of washington woke up to icy roads yesterday. clark county fire and rescue posted this video of crews rescuing a family of four after their van slid off the roadway. according to the department, the
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mother drive iing, and scary ti for that little angel. >> there are pictures coming in from all over dealing with the storms. we have two big storms and now the third one is moving in. this is smaller than the first two. because the river levels are so high and they are still trying to recover from the last two, this is going to cause problems all on its own. you can see the rain streaming in over sacramento to san francisco. the blue is still the snow. the ski resorts are reporting 10 to 12 feet of snow and could easily get another 3 to 5 feet in the next two days. pretty epic stuff. here's the rainfall. the problem is if we get too much rain, again, we had a lot of the rivers cresting yesterday and today. now we're going to pour into today and tomorrow. the rivers go like this and go back up and crest tomorrow. so this blue, the pink -- is blue is 2 to 3 inches. the pink is a higher color.
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the battle is taking place between the bitterly cold air and the warm air moving in. there's a brief shot of snow. we've got snow-covered roads and freezing rain from cincinnati to columbus. it's in cleveland, you got a little break and another band of snow coming in. pittsburgh got hit with a quick burst of snow, so the roads are definitely a little coated with ice and snow. detroit has an inch or two on the ground. and green bay, you're going to get nailed with a heavier snow event throughout the day. we have winter weather advisories for all the areas because of the ice and brief period of snow. northern wisconsin, you're going to be cold enough all day, that's why you are under a winter storm warning in green bay. and you could get nailed with the possibility here. look at the chart of the pink and the light pink, that's up to a foot of snow for you. a lot less everywhere, new york state, northern new england, but the light coating out there will cause trouble this morning. going to work or school, going home today, it will be warmer, the roads will just be wet.
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>> we have that to look forward to. thank you, bill karins. still ahead for all of you this morning -- >> official punctuation. clemson dethrones and avenges alabama. >> louis is going to have all the highlights from last night's national championship rematch between alabama and clemson. i'm really hoping that joe scar borough is not watching. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back. time now for sports and the college football playoff national championship. to tampa, no. 2 clemson and alaba alabama. the crimson tide out to an early leave. scarborough, no relation to joe, scored a touchdown. clemson finally gets on the board midway through the arterback. the qb deshaun watson cutting the lead in half himself. scarborough would only be able to carry the crimson tide into the third quarter where he exited the game with a leg injury leaving the pressure to freshman quarterback jalen hertz who struggled through most of the game until finding o.j. howard wide open for a 68 yard
2:24 am
score. but it doesn't deter clemson heading into what would be a wild, and i mean wild fourth quarter that saw four lead changes after watson connects with mike williams on a 4 yard touchdown. the qb matches the tigers' 88 yards and six plays to their first play of the game handing the ball off to wayne beauman. 30 yards to the end zone, regaining the bama lead, 31-28. unfortunately for alabama, the tigers get the final say. watson capped a 68 yard drive for his third touchdown pass to hunter redfeld. the tigers regain the on-sidekick. clemson dethrones alabama in a
2:25 am
34-31 score. their coach becomes the second person in the ap to win a national championship as a player and a coach. he was a wide receiver on the 1992 alabama team. here he is after the game. >> you can't make it up, man. this is -- only god can do this, take a guy like me frand go to alabama -- win a national championship. come to clemson and have a chance to win a national championship against the best team in the country up until the last second of this game. and to see my guys fight, it just -- i told them tonight, i told them that the difference in the game was going to be love. it's been my word all year, love. and i said tonight, we're going to win it because we love each other. >> what a fourth quarter. what a win. it's the end of a 26-game winning streak for alabama.
2:26 am
and as they failed to capture the fifth title in eight years, as it cries tears throughout the night, auburn fans celebrate alabama's loss. you can see it right there. >> roll tide, whoops! >> you'll be hearing about this for a while. i wonder what kind of mood joe is going to be in this morning. i'm going to get out of here quickly. >> yes, just duck down the hall. louis, thank you for that. still ahead for you, the end of an era. yahoo! is getting a new name and marissa mayor is resigning after the acquisition with verizon. and taking on donald trump's attorney nominee jeff sessions. we have details on more confirmation hearings coming up next. always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. it is precisely the top of the hour and here's the top stories. a manhunt is underway for 41-year-old markeith loyd who shot an orlando police officer outside walmart. he fled the scene and during a pursuit a sheriff's deputy was kill in a car accident. we'll have much more from orlando in just a moment. and president-elect donald trump has named jared kushner as a senior advisers.
2:31 am
he's expected to step down of his family's multimillion dollar business. and the question on whether ivanka trump is going to join the team soon, kellyanne conway said that's the intention and goal. and people in california are fearing the worst with hundreds of homes flooded or at risk along the russian river. schools have been close in the river and residents have fled hundreds of homes as rescue crews work to help those trapped. and the manhunt is underway for markeith loyd. we are learning more on the two officers who died in the line of duty. jacob rascone has this story. >> reporter: and debra clayton was shot outside a walmart by a fugitive. and now this is entering its 11th hour. it start in this parking lot
2:32 am
around 7:15 a.m. clayton confronted markeith loyd telling him to stop when loyd opened fire hitting the officer. >> he pulled a gun and started shooting. that's when the officer started backing up and returning fire. >> reporter: backup arrived within 28 seconds. police say loyd shot at a police cruiser, carjacking a bystander before disappearing. >> the man we're looking for is very dangerous. >> reporter: but during the search, another tragedy. orange county sheriff's deputy norman lewis involve in the manhunt and on his motorcycle was kill in a traffic accident. >> everybody knows this guy. and just a loving, wonderful human being. and he is going to be missed as a friend and police officer. >> reporter: and investigators have been searching for loyd for nearly a month, the only suspect in the murder of his pregnant ex-gift. clayton, a wife and mother, was also a 17-year veteran of the orlando police department. one of the first officers ore
2:33 am
respond tohe pulse nightclub shooting last summer. beloved for her outstanding community policing, especially mentoring young people like brandon cunningham. >> sergeant clayton was an amazing person. she was so much more than a police officer. so much more than a mentor or friend. she was like family. >> such a tragic story. that was nbc's jacob rascone reporting. now what is turning up to be a busy weekend in washington beginning with the confirmation hearings for senator jeff sessions. later this morning the senate judiciary committee begins what is expected to be two days of hearing for the president-elect nominee for attorney general. the republican senator susan collins of maine and richard shelby of sessions' home state of alabama will be giving introductions following by the nominee's opening remarks. the senate judiciary committee is the same panel that denied sessions a federal judgeship
2:34 am
back in 1986 amid accusations of racial insensitivity. those questions are expected to come up again during these hearings. civil rights groups including the naacp have all come out against this nomination. and in an unprecedented move, senator cory booker will become the first senator to testify against another sitting senator during a confirmation hearing for a cabinet post. here's the new jersey democrat explaining his decision on msnbc last night. >> we have seen consistently jeff sessions as senator jeff sessions voting against everything from the shepherd act, speaking out against ideals about the voting rights act, to take measures to try to block criminal justice reform. he has a posture and positioning that i think represented real danger to our country. there's a whole spectrum of things that jeff sessions has in his own words that represent a real threat to vulnerable populations in this country and something i feel necessary to do
2:35 am
everything i can to speak out against. >> meanwhile, continue ledoleez said she and sessions grew up when america was not living through the dark times and found deep ways to overcome it. many in the chamber supported sessions after he listened to constituents' concerns, including the walter scott case. the statement from senator scott says, we may not agree on everything, but you would be hard pressed to find a nominee for any post that any senator is in 100% agreement with. the remarks are set to begin at 9:30. and this afternoon president-elect trump's choices will go in from of the senate committee for confirmation.
2:36 am
john kelly's hearing for homeland security secretary is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. he'll go before the senate homeland security and government tall affairs committee. kelly will face questions on a number of trump's campaign pledges to fall under his per view, including building a wall against mexico, the deportation of immigrants living in the u.s. illegally and tracking foreigners who overstay their se vis visas. "the new york times" reports that general kelly has often called russia a threat to u.s. leadership in the western hemisphere. he also called for a more balanced approach to border protection saying security cannot just focus on, quote, end a series of stands on a one-foot line along the u.s./mexico border. kelly is expected to be confirmed by the homeland security committee and by the full senate later on. and the confirmation hearings for the highest ranking
2:37 am
member of president-elect trump's cabinet, secretary of state rex tillerson, will begin today. "usa today" reports while tillerson was a top executive, a subsidiary of exxonmobil did business with iran, syria and sudan while those countries were under u.s. sanctions as state sponsors of terrorism. according to a securities and exchange commission filings by a democratic research group, exxon did the business through a european-based third party from 2003 to 2005 with $53 million in sales to iran, $1 million to syria and $600,000 to sudan. tillerson became the director in 2001 and chief executive in 2006. in response, exxon said, these are all legal activities complying with the sanctions at the time. and that they didn't feel they were immaterial because of the size of the transactions.
2:38 am
exxon's overall revenue at the time was around $371 billion. meanwhile, "the wall street journal" this morning looks at tillerson's leadership style at exxon finding his personal relationships were key. we'll turn to business in major changes ahead for yahoo! once the verizon deal takes place. nancy hungerford is joining us live from london. marissa meyer is stepping down and the company is getting a new name. and yahoo! of the old will be a thing of the past. >> well, that's right. and the new name altaba we have learned will take place as soon as the core business is sold off to verizon. and remember, this is planned for a near $5 billion deal. verizon is still looking at some of the recent data breaches that hit yahoo! before finally completing that deal. but once it goes through, yahoo!'s ceo marissa meyer will be stepping down from the board along with five other directors. and again, we need that deal to go through before the changes take place because altaba is
2:39 am
essentially an investmt holding company that will look after the company's key stakes in both alibaba and yahoo! japan. well, now speaking of a alibaba, president-elect trump has met with jack ma to discuss creating 1 million jobs in the united states over the next five years or so. and speaking to the reporters after that meeting, jack ma said the deals will be targeted to small businesses, largely in america's midwest. they want the small businesses to be able to sell products on the alibaba platform to include everything from agricultural goods to perhaps garments and even wine. also of note, after that meeting jack ma discussed u.s./china relations and gave his opinion that the relations should improve. guys, back to you for now. >> nancy hungerford live from london. thank you. here's another story making news in the financial papers, the makers of the drug prevagen
2:40 am
say it can boost your memory. they say consumers are being deceived. kristen dahlgren has more. >> your brain is an amazing thing. >> reporter: you've probably seen the ads. >> the break through in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. >> reporter: claims the ingredient originally found in jellyfish and marketed as an over-the-counter supplement prevagen can improve your memory in 90 days. but now the attorney general is charging the makers of prevagen with false and unsubstantiated claims. the complaint alleges prevagen manufacture quincy bioscience failed to show that prevagen works better than a placebo on cognitive function. in a strongly worded response,
2:41 am
quincy says, we vehemently disagree. there's a large body of evidence that prevagen improves memory. there's no reason for a short-staffed and lame-duck ftc to rush this complaint through. prevagen costs $68 a bottle at amazon, cv s and walgreens. tonight it is still being sold while a judge will decide if the thousands who brought prevagen hoping to get their memory back should get their money back instead. >> our thanks to kristen dahlgren for that report. still ahead, mike pence left washington four years ago as a congressman but returns today as vice president-elect. 'll have his latest news for you. plus, unfinished business, the election may be over, but one top congressman is still pursuing hillary clinton over her e-mails. we're back in just a moment.
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house spokesperson has confirmed that president barack obama and president trump have been talking regularly on the telephone. we are the only show that has gotten ahold of the audio from these conversations. here's the latest batch. >> hello? >> hey, barack, it's me. >> i told you to never call here again. >> yeah, i don't listen to stuff like that. listen, did you see my tweet about maiferyl streep? >> yes, it was ridiculous. she's a beloved actress and incredible actress. >> she's no tara reid. and mike pence is departing
2:46 am
indiana to begin service as the vice president. they thanked the u.s. air force for the great flight. and congressman jason chaffetz says finishing the investigation is one of the top priorities of his committee. it was, quote, one of the largest breaches in security in the history of the state department. it cannot and should not be repeated ever again. there are still open questions that we need to finish up so they won't happen again. the chairman also blames the state department for dragging out the process saying the agency has been, quote, terribly slow and inefficient in turning over the documents. let's go from there to weather. we have meteorologist bill karins here with all the latest. >> have you seen the pictures from colorado springs yesterday? the winds were about 80 to 100
2:47 am
miles per hour. there are many pictures where the trees couldn't sustain themselves and eventually did tumble over. thankfully, this fell in the direction away from the house and away from all the cars. but they broke their record for the strongest wind gusts ever recorded in colorado springs yesterday. this is all associated with a huge western storm that is coming through. we're also monitoring the river levels, a lot of rivers are in flood stage as one of the worst ones, the truckee river going through reno. it did crest, but we expect more heavy rain. we'll see if we'll go back up in the days ahead. so storm three of our series of three storms, this is about as much rain and snow in ten day that is california will ever see. as far as the snow goes, we'll get 3 to 5 feet at the highest elevations. that's ridiculous. here's the snowfall map for you, snow levels are pretty high, but 5 to 7 feet on the crest, manmouth to tahoe, it's a great place to see amazing weather. rainfall amounts today, another 3 to 5.
2:48 am
we also have winter weather we're dealing with through the great lakes. wasn'ter weather advisories from waterloo to milwaukee, detroit, columbus. now we're watching snow from pittsburgh through areas of new york state and pennsylvania. so be careful out there. it's only a little coating of snow, but enough to cause slick conditions that give you problems on the roads. so here's the radar, we see the bright white there, that's a snow squall that went through the pittsburgh area. it's not supposed to make it that much further into pennsylvania. it's supposed to fall apart as the day goes on, but we'll track that. also freezing rain and drizzle back behind it in areas south of cleveland. all the areas from detroit northward, mostly all snow for you. detroit, 3 inches. green bay could be one of the higher totals. the backside remains cold enough for all snow. green bay could see 9 inches of snow. it could be an early dismissal for kids in green bay. that's all the bad news. now for the good news, a big warm up is occurring in the middle of the country. we are going to be about 30 degrees above average in a few spots today if not 30, maybe
2:49 am
close to 15. dallas up to 76. we'll be as warm as 46 in indianapolis. 61 in atlanta. the south will feel like the south again. cleveland, new york city, near 50 degrees. that will melt the snow and ice fromoday and from what we saw in the weekend. and we're turning a corner. and louis, there is no signs of any big cold outbreaks or snowstorms anywhere pretty much east of the mississippi any time in the next two weeks. >> i'll take the 50s in new york for now, but i'm jealous, i want the powder out west. i'm getting on a flight after this show. >> the video is pretty epic if you go to any of those sites, yeah. check out this view from the viewpoint of our neighbors. this is a picture of earth orbiting mars with the moon hanging in the background. some 238,000 miles away, this is unbelievable. take a look at that reddish spot in the middle of the earth.
2:50 am
it's actual australia. many the bright white on the left, that's antarctica. this was taken while researchers were calibrating the camera. >> i could look at that all day. that is incredible. >> it doesn't look real. >> that's a camera orbiting mars. that's pretty cool. still to come, another skirmish at sea with iran. we'll talk with nbc news's tehran bureau chief as conflicts continue and the nation buries a beloved leader. back after this. per roll
2:51 am
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welcome back. the pentagon has confirmed that the iranian naval ships fired on a u.s. warship on friday. they were moving at a high-rate of speed with their weapons men and came witn 900 yards of the u.s. ship transiting two other u.s. naval vessels. >> we'll bring in the tehran bureau chief ali arouzi. what can you tell us about this as well as the israeli chief being laid to rest? >> reporter: well, good morning. several communication efforts were made between the vessels, but the u.s. warship had to fire on the iranian ships twice.
2:54 am
now, on the campaign trail, president-elect trump said that any iranian vessel harassing the u.s. navy ships will be shot out of the water. it's worth mentioning that these incidents ebb and flow depending on the political climate with america. there has been a dramatic increase in these incidents during the nuclear negotiations, but they picked up since trump won the elections. and to switch gears to the funeral of rafsanjani, tens of thousands of israelis are beating their chests and filling the streets in tehran for the funeral of the former president. state tv showed the sea of mourners gathering around tehran university where top officials have held his funeral. it's the most significant death in iran since the founder of the revolution die in 1989. and iran's supreme leader helped hold prayers around rafsanjani's coffin and other dignitaries and
2:55 am
said their final good-byes. both moderates and hard-liners attended the funeral in a show of unity. but the former president was ban ed as a big reformest to show there are a lot of divisions in iran. we'll see how they get through this very important death. >> we'll do that with your help. ali arouzi, thank you very much. when we come back, we'll look at the stories for the day ahead. my advice for looking younger, longer? get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals®
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well, yesterday, i was driving with my daughter, jean, she's 2 1/2 years old, and there's a billboard with jimmy fallon. and my daughter says, who is that? i look around and say, that's jimmy fallon. and she looks at it and says, he's kind of like dada. movie stars always know what to wear, but tv stars, especially the young tv stars, sometimes they don't know how it's supposed to go. >> who are you wearing? >> tom ford. >> gucci. >> who are you wearing, sweetheart?
2:59 am
>> i don't know. i got this from a tux rental place. >> that's the best. >> that is legit. i don't know. what am i, 12? that was jimmy kimmel having a little fun from the golden globe ceremonies. closing arguments will begin many the sentencing face of dylann roof's trial. the prosecution rested yesterday following testimony from family and friends of those killed in the charleston, south carolina, church. roof faces life in prison without parole or the death penalty. meanwhile, the confirmation hearing for senator jeff sessions will happen today. he's expected to win confirmation from the republican-controlled senate. and president obama will deliver his farewell address in chicago with at least 13,000 people expected to attend. aides say the president will look at the accomplishments of the last eight years as well as
3:00 am
the fights that remain ahead. that's certainly something to watch. we'll have it on msnbc. that does it for us this tuesday morning. i'm alex witt touchdown! >> one final piece of business. hugo just boots it along the ground. they fall on it. clemson tigers, new kings of college football. >> it's indescribable. i mean, you can't make it up, man. only god can do this, take a god like me, go to alabama, win a national championship. come to clemson and win a national championship against the best team in the country up until the last second of this game and see


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