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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 19, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the country. we are going state to state getting the pulse of the people just one day before donald trump's inauguration. we start -- we start with the trump team's two hearings. and the unofficial first white house news conference for the incoming press secretary as well. would i've got kelly o'donnell and casey hunt covering the confirmation hearings for secretary of treasury and energy. halle jackson stuck around for us. she is covering the trump team. first a taste from inside the rooms of all three big events today starting with the most tense, that confirmation hearing fortressry second, steven mnuchin. >> since i was first nominated to serve as treasury secretary, i have been maligned as taking advantage i've hardship in order to earn a buck. nothing could be further than the truth. >> under mr. mnuchin, one west churned out foreclosures like
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chinese factories turned out trump suits. >> senator widen, i've got a valium pill here that you might want to take before the second rounds. >> if you look at the questions that are being asked in these confirmation hearings it's not about substance. it's not about policy. it's not about the issues in front of that department. it's about partisans, hacks -- i mean partisan attacks and ethical questions. >> my past statements, made over five years ago about abolishing the department of energy do not reflect by current thinking. in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy i regret hrecommending its elimination. >> that the president might move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. >> right. >> can you confirm that he decided to do it? >> what i can tell you is stayed tuned. there will be a further
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announcement on that. >> stay tuned. nbc's casey hunt inside the capitol hearing covering the hearings for steven mnuchin. casey, democrats really went after him today amount of lot of focus on taxes. a lot of focus on the cayman islands and a great deal of time spent on his tenure at one west bank. critic called it a foreclosure mill. what was his day like? >> hey craig, well you played that tense part of that back and forth that kind of underscores how tense the reasonable was and how angry some of these republicans and democrats are over mnuchin. he is possibly one of the most controversial of the trump nominees. and there's a pretty long list of them. but the focus really on his record, as you mentioned, one best financial. we've talked a lot of people today who say they were foreclosed on inappropriately. we talked to people who have reverse mortgages who say that his company tried to remove them
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from their homes. but then we're also learning today about his role in this group that was offshore in the cayman islands. this is something that according to a democrat memo from the committee came to light as the questionnaire that he had to fill out for this nomination hearing was processed. and that he had to amend it to include this. now he explained a little bit more about it under questioning from senator debby stab now. take a listen to a lib of that exchange. >> i did not use a cayman island entity in any way to avoid taxes for myself. i paid u.s. taxes on all that income. okay? so there was no benefit to me from the cayman entity. as i said, the cayman entity was set up to accommodate non-profit and pension funds that want to invest through offshore in a certain number of off shore. >> so you helped others avoid paying their taxes. >> again i'm not going to make a comment -- again, they didn't
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avoid. they followed the law. >> so that's how he explained himself. i spoke to senator chaired brown of ohio who said he has concerns about mnuchin's nomination and he said he doesn't buy that explanation because a lot of non-profits don't pay taxes in the u.s. already so what would they need an offshore account for. >> casey thank you. that hearing ongoing. i want to kaulg call your attention to trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. we are keeping a close eye, there is a chance albeit a small chance that the president-elect may stop there and may speak. no sign of him inside that luncheon. by the way, again, president-elect donald trump expected to be inside that room as well as some opponent here in the near future. a luncheon with lawmakers. so keeping our eye on both of those. also keeping our eye on the other big hearing of the day. kelly o'donnell covering this
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one. former texas governor. texas's's longest serving governor. rick perry, 15 years as texas govern. two time presidential candidate aswell. now the would be energy secretary. kelly o, a lot of folks talking about what appears to be quite the change of heart from rick perry's famous oops moment when he said he wanted to eliminate the very department he now hopes to run. what's going on. >> reporter: inauguration day is important in rick perry's life because he game governor of texas when george w. bush ascended to the president. it is a fitting time for him to be here. you are right, the oops moment that echos back from a moment he was a candidate is something he did address saying it was wrong for him to say the department of energy should be abolished as part of the primary season debate when he said three departments should be abolished. said he learned more, been
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briefed on the breathe of what the department of energy is responsible for, the department of energy and the electric grid and securing that grid. in addition thing much more familiar to perry, the oil and gas economies that are a big part of the economy in texas. there was a bit of the falling on the sword saying he was wrong about that. also sensitive to umts democrats concerns he acknowledges climb change is a real thing and there is a human component to it. now part of this is you have, unlike some of the nominees, rick perry does bring all that elective office experience. he brings a sooner ease being in the limelight. these hearings can be very contentious but occasion ally there can be a little humor. he was a contestant on the "dancing with the stars." we have a senator in the united states who appeared on "saturday night live" a moment like that just sort of came together. you know that nominees meet with senators in advance of their hearings, personal meetings in
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their offices. this is a moment that will be remembered beyond today between secretary designate rig perry and senator al franken of minnesota. >> governor, thank you so much for coming into my office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you were as much fun on that die yas as you were on your couch. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> may i rephrase that, sir? >> please. please please. oh, my lord. oh, my lord. well, i think we found our "saturday night live" sound byte. [ laughter ] >> all right. you know what, let's listen in. donald trump presidential ballroom at his hotel he in washington, d.c.
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melania speaking: [ applause ] >> i guess she want to sit with you, phil. [ laughter ] >> anyway, i want to thank you all. honey, sit right here. phil. right. she believes in -- we don't. that's great. so i want to thank everybody. we've had such great, great support in this room. and we have -- i think mitch is here. whereas mitch mcconnell? there he is. -- ambassador reed johnson. st. james, congratulations to you. congratulations. [ applause ]
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>> john cornan is here. senator. where is john? thank you, john. john -- for years. always raising money. john, i'm asking for a lot. i didn't even know hi right? but once a year i would get a card and i would say oh, no it's john carter. and i'd walk out. hi -- okay, john how much is it? could you go 250. i said i don't even know you. for years i didn't know him. then when i ran into -- but these are -- you know that's the way politics is. but he is good to me now and he is a great guy. and i hope we are going to have a fantastic relationship. and i appreciate it john. thanks for being here. corey? where's corey. corey's hear. i saw you on television yesterday. very representative.
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thank you corey. and kevin mccarthy. whereas kevin? there's my kevin. kevin would call me in the heat of battle, right, kevin, and i would be fighting with paul. i don't know if paul is here. he is not writing legislation because he has so much legislation to write. he never had it so good. and he is actually got somebody that's going to sign it. [ applause ] starting to really really love paul. we are doing very -- i just want to let the world know we are going very well together. we agreed -- one thing he called me up, do me a favor. maybe -- and this was like two days ago. he said, let's not joke about the taxes publicly because we want to do this -- we want to work on health care. it's very complicated stuff. i said i know that, but the problem is i gave an interview five or six days before to the
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"wall street journal." i said absolutely i think you are right i am not going to talk the about taxes. and the following morning -- this was an evening call. this following morning, it came out, trump on taxes, i said, paul, believe it or not that interview was five days ago. paul ryan is doing a great job. and kevin is in the heat of the battle. i appreciate it. thank you kevin. steve. hi, steve. all my friends. patrick mchenry. what a name. where's patrick? i see somebody in the audience, too, by the way, who has become pretty famous lately. the legendary jeff sessions. [ applause ] and mrs. sessions. so is it easier than you
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thought, jeff? [ laughter ] he said what the hell did i do this for, right? they love you. you have done so well. so amazingly well. and you know, we're so tough on jeff at the beginning. and then all of a sudden they said, man, this guy's smart. i know how smart he is. he is a great guy. he will be one of the outstanding stars of this country. and he is legit all the way. so jeff, thank you. [ applause ] anyway. so many others, cathy mcmorris rogers. where's cathy? she's around her someplace. hi cathy. so we also have -- steve mnuchin is right now getting guild. he's getting grilled. he's doing a good job. you know this, right, he is out there doing what you were doing four days ago. but he is doing a fantastic job. and i will say, all of our votes
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for cabinets members -- i think nikki is here someplace, nikki haley -- [ applause ] wh i think we're going to do a lot of great things knick '. thank you for going through this. you did a fantastic job. thank you. tom price. they were so nice to tom, right? where's tom? this guy has become a star. where is tom? man, were they nice to you. it is a lovely group of people, tom. they wanted to end his career so fast. and then they found out, man, he's smart. we have a lot of smart people. i tell you what. one thing we've learned we have my far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled.
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betsy devos. where is betsy? she was -- did did terrific. very easy subject. it's called education. very, very easy, right. we have a little different take on it, right, betsy? little take. it's called we want our children educated. that's our take. and we're getting it. so we're number one in the world to -- per pupil, and number one in the world and we're ranked number 18 in the world. in some charts we are much worse than that. i saw one the other day where we're 28th. -- >> okay. there you have it. that was the presidential ballroom. the president-elect there thanking supporters. we should let you know that we stopped taking the speech there because our cameras were asked to leave the room.
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but again this is the scene outside that ballroom. you heard donald trump there thanking a number of his cabinet -- would-be cabinet members. jeff sessions, tom price nikki haley clearly in the room. our newly named white house correspondent halle jackson stuck arnold. she's with me here. anything stand out to you from that little back and forth. >> it is a lunchon. this is donald trump extending the olive branch to republican lawmakers. you heard him say he wants to have a good relationship with them. he expects to have that good relationship. he gave shout outs to tom price, nikki haley, jeff sessions, other people in the room. he talked briefly about the contentious hearing going on with steve mnuchin, a sign that he is in touch with what is happening day to day and what's being conferred by the news media. i was watching to see what his mood is.
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i had a conversation with any carr. he said there is excitement, but also corey lewandowski one of the president-elect's former advisors who is still in contact with him said the president-elect seems humble. he was joking, he seemed fairly comfortable. he was obviously in a room full of friends, that helped. and at his own property. not a foreign territory. but he was cracking kbroeks and keeping it light. which i thought was interesting. >> we saw the vice president-elect and incoming press secretary this morning. this was the first back and forth between reporters and shawn spicer. >> colleagues were in the room since i was managing from theet is. i think it was his first on camera briefing as you mentioned. it was -- just to give background to folks who may not know. there is a call that happened during this transition with shawn spicer. it was like the call except on camera. the same thing you heard him answer some questions from
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reporters. there were a few contentious moments. that's not unusual. i think you see that even about the current administration. i think the headlines were spicer dismissing whether there is any need for fence mending between the president-elect and intelligence muunkmoo. and what the first things on the agenda will be. shawn spicer didn't get specific but he talked about immigration. guidance that on monday we might see guidance on tpp, relating to isis, and relating to health care as well. >> chris jansing also i'm told joining us now on the join. chris, where are you? what do you have? >> i have no idea where i am. i'm in traffic. this is the new reality of something that everybody who lived in washington -- i had to get used to it when i moved here becomes accustomed to which is that motorcades are the bane of
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the busy person's existence. and you have been showing pictures of various places that the president-elect has been going to and the roads that are shut down. but what you also see and what i always find charming as somebody who has lived in washington is the people who will stop and take pictures of the motorcade. they are always ever hopeful that somehow the president of the united states or in this case the president-elect might roll down the window, wave, cause angs for the secret smplt i've never been around to see that happen, but they are excited whenever they see these kinds of traffic jams because it means that they are in proximity to what all of these hundreds of thousands of people have come here for. and that is hoping, many of them, to catch a glim of the president-elect of the united states, to be part of the moment. and to go back to, you know, all these different states, to their families. you could probably hear the horns blaring. i want to say to people, sorry,
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it's not going anywhere. who want to be able to go back and tell these stories, frank lesion that they happened to be in such and such a place and the motorcade went by and inside one of those limousines, one of those cars was the president-elect of the united states. and that is part of life in washington, frankly, every single day almost. even when it's not the president. there are lots of people who get motorcades in washington. but particularly this week. you saw the excitement in the faces of people. that's where i am. i am in the middle of the other side of the excitement, which is i'm surrounded by people who clearly from the sound of their horns are trying to get somewhere and are realizing that the new reality here is that at least for the next couple of days this is going to be a constant state of being, craig. >> during this conversation we are seeing a number of folks already lining this route. and i lived here for a number of years, as did you. you are absolutely right. it is not a day in washington,
10:20 am
d.c. unless there is a motorcade that interrupts your commute. chris jansing doing what so many do here in dc, sitting in traffic, waiting for a light to change. we'll come back to you in just a bit, chris. thank you so much. meanwhile, minority outreach after pitching himself to african-american voters as the what do you have to lose candidate, has the president-elect alienated minorities before he has even taken office? some black voters in opinions opinions, pennsylvania will share their thoughts as criticism grows over a lack of diversity in the trump white house. we'll have that right after this.
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ron mott is at grandma bee's diner in the hill district of pittsburgh. he has been talking to members of the african-american community there. what have you found? have you found any enthusiasm for this incoming administration? >> reporter: no, not a lot of enthusiasm at this great diner in this middle of this neighborhood. it's like a cultural center in here. it's obviously a diner. i with have to tell you how good this food smells. it has a barbehop culture and feel in here. we have been talking about politics and sports. they have been giving me a hard time about the steelers beating the chiefs over the weekends. this is walt. we have been talking about donald trump and whether he is going to get support here in pittsburgh for nis new administration. waltd is not necessarily sold. how come? >> well, i just believe that he is a child. the whole time i've been watching on tv, you say one thing about him, he has to say something back.
10:25 am
and this is guy that's going to lead our country? that's not good. >> are you willing to give him a chance, though? >> oh, yeah. well, i want to know your plan, which he has none. i haven't heard no plan to say what you are going do with obamacare or anything else. he's just reacting. he's a very emotional guy, and that's who's leading our country? we are exposed to be content with that? no. >> he says he can help rebuild you are ban america. >> what's your plan? i heard no plan. you are saying different things. it's all talk. i heard no -- martin luther king said, a man that has no plan, he plans to fail. i heard no plan. so you tell me, what's his plan any heard none. >> and that's kind of, craig, the general atmosphere at least here at grandma bee's. donald trump has a lot of work to do in the black community. they invited him here to
10:26 am
pittsburgh to see if he wants to meet face to face with people here, show them his plan how he's going to help rebuild america, the inner cities that he talked about during the campaign. he got one out of 12 black votes in this election. he probably doesn't have that much support in this community, though. >> ron mott thank you, sir, enjoy your lunch. ashley bell is a member of the trump transition team. he joins me now in dc. let's talk where big walt just left off there. the plan to rebuild inner cities, urban areas in this country. you are on the inside, what is the plan? >> i can tell you pennsylvania was a special state. we're glad it went for donald trump. we did well in pennsylvania. it was such a small margin of victory you would hard pressed to think that the black vote that did come out for donald trump could have been the difference in pennsylvania going in our direction. the campaign is over but the campaign was always about what's next? people aren't satisfied where they are. any urban area in this country
10:27 am
will tell you the schools aren't as good as they need to be, streets aren't as safe as they need to be, jobs aren't where we want them. that's where we are focusing, $1 trillion for tiner cities, reinvesting in the schools for their success. >> there is a plan? >> absolutely. >> the president-elect has a plan? >> absolutely. >> i want to go back to something else that waltd said there because this is something this a number of folks have said since the election. he has spent a fair amount of time over the past week engaging in this back and forth with john lewis, an undeniable civil rights icon, meryl streep, the intelligence agencies. he spent his new year's eve as his tweet directed new year's eve was to the losers of the election. tomorrow at noon is there going to be a switch that's flipped? are we going to stop seeing small donald trump? >> i disagree. i don't think it's small anything. it is the campaign and a presidency that's going to be
10:28 am
about big ideas and have conversations with everyone. >> you would agree ashley that some of the back and forth since he was elected has been small, hasn't been presidential. >> i think you are missing the point in this regard. last week as part of the transition team i was at florida a & m, historically black colleges in florida orlando law school. african-americans have done a great job making progress getting at seat in this administration. they don't want to leave. they don't have to. we can stay at the table of course fight for our issues and this administration is willing to work with them 100% to do that. i think you saw that hope in andy young's conversations, with martin luther king iii saying this is a team when we can reason together work together. everything can be accomplished if we want to work together. if we don't then it's our fault that we don't take advantage of this opportunity. >> for a lot of black voters this is the piece of sound they will remember for a long time from the campaign. this was president-elect donald
10:29 am
trump just a few months ago. this was his attempt to appeal to black voters. i'll play it for your viewers and listeners. >> what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. why the hell do you have to lose? >> so he has met with martin luther king iii. met with steve harvey. met with jim brown. have any of those folks changed that clearly misguided perception of bla communities? >> when that statement was made we are at 0%. we ended with 13% of african-american male vote and a higher percentage than romney. there is a conversation going on in this country. donald trump is able to start the conversation. >> if that's where he is starting the conversation from we have got a real problem because you and i both know that the black communities that he
10:30 am
described there that's not a accurate dee picks of black america. >> absolutely, there are more things in the black community going on than are going wrong. we are going focus on what's going right but we are not going to ignore what's going wrong. the leaders like martin luther king iii are saying let's reason and figure out what the solutions are. people who are saying i don't want to work with these people, i don't want to have anything to do with them those are the people giving up the progress that obama talked about, civil rights leaders talked about. you cannot give up your seat at the table anded thisation stra is willing to let you stay in your seat at the table. this administration is willing to do that. >> we appreciate you coming on. we should note many years ago you were a democrat. >> absolutely and i was brought to the light my brother and now i'm on the right side. >> ashley, good luck tony as well, sir. let's get back to the
10:31 am
confirmation hearing fortressry secretary steven mnuchin facing one of the hardest lines of questioning of all the nominees. this has to do with his time running one best bank. critics have been calling it a foreclosure mill. listen to this exchange with ohio democrat senator cher odd brown. >> one west foreclosed on # 0,000 families nationwide and denied 3/4 of mortgage modification applications? >> i am not aware of that i know they have objected did -- >> well, they did. >> well if you know they did, then why are you asking? >> i want to hear it from you. is that true that one west regulators, the occ said you had deficient mortgage practices, foreclosed on borrowers without prour procedure and 23 who were current on their mortgages. >> we followed the same procedure. >> yes or no, did the occ say that?
10:32 am
>> that the fdic followed. we adopted the fdic features. >> i'm surprised mr. mnuchin you don't know these things because you have been rather defensive, for good reason about what happened at one west. >> for our viewers at home i want to let you know the right side of the screen is live look outside trump hotel here in washington, d.c. the elect inside at a lujon. the luncheon was open to the press early on. now closed to the press. but inside that room, a number of his other cabinet pick as well. tom price, nikki haley, a number of the other picks. but we're keeping a very close eye on trump hotel here in washington, d.c. alley i remember vividly sir you covering the financial crisis closely in 2008. >> yeah. >> he has spent the better part of the modern, mnuchin has, saying bankers like himself were doing their very best to keep
10:33 am
people in their homes, what say you to that? >> i must have missed that in the 20 hours a day i was working during financial crisis. the fact it's not deliberate. it's not that the banks went out of their way the foreclose on people. but they didn't see the wave of foreclosures coming. they didn't staff up well enough. what a lot of individuals who were being foreclosed upon had to go through is they couldn't even get a real person to negotiate with to say give you three months, let me work out something with you. and mnuchin sounds sympathetic talking about how he and witness west and.ymack bank big players in the foreclosure game in nevada and southern california were working hard to keep people in their hoemgs. it is a remarkable rewriting of history that is going on in that senate chamber aided by republican senators who are making it seem like what happened then was okay. and this is just a guy who very legally made money off of the kind of thing that has set so many americans back, innocent americans who didn't cause the financial crisis.
10:34 am
otherwise he is doing okay in the hearing. it wasn't otherwise contentious. he is answering questions about the economy effectively but where he is getting stumped is on the fact that he chose to buy a bank that was in trouble at the height of the financial crisis, a bank that subsequently foreclosed on thousands and thousands of people. and i don't know what it's going to do for the democrats to keep making the points, but they continue to try to make the point that he is one of those guy who is made money off of the misfortune of so many americans. >> and not just a little money. >> a lot -- >> we are talking about -- >> at one point they were grilling him about his financials. he is a very rich guy. on one particular form he didn't disclose $100 million worth of real estate. he did disclose it somewhere else. it sunds like a technical error. that's the scope of things we are talking about. i generally think when i talk to you you don't forget to mention $100 million of real estate that you own. but when you are that rich it's like lint in your pocket, i
10:35 am
suppose. >> alley is watching this hearing with us. we are going to keep a close eye on steven mnuchin there, as you can see, bottom right of your screen still taking questions. rick perry, the nominee for energy department secretary. that hearing is on lunch right now. in november of 2011 per ree had an oops moment about the department, said he wanted to abolish, including the energy department, which he couldn't remember. take a look. >> the third agency of government i would do with, the education, the -- commerce, and let's see -- i can't, the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> few hours ago rick perry said he regretted that. that brings us to today's microsoft pulse question, should
10:36 am
rick perry run the federal agency he once pledged to apolish when he was running for president? that's the question. let us know what you think. it's we will check the results later in the broadcast. also border concerns. goddy schwartz is on the u.s.-mexican border as migrants rush to come into america before the president-elect takes office. >> we just saw them put a raft in the water. they know we're here. they spotted us. but it look like they are still going to come to shore. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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on the eve of president-elect donald trump taking office tomorrow, large numbers of migrants appear to be rushing to the texas/mexico border trying to cross over into
10:40 am
this country. nbc's goddy schwartz has been traff traveling along the border. he joins me now from the mexico side of the border. a few days ago you were on our side of the border. what are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: that's right right now we are on the mexico side of the border. in fact this is the river that separates us. this is the bridge that connects us. this is also the bridge where the united states send deportees over back to mexico. in fact around this area you can see there is stuff that's littered. this is from homeland security. this is what they give deportees to put their belongings in and then they discard this when they come back into mexico. this area is not an area where a lot of people cross because it's well for the fight. there is border patrolhat does routine patrols along this stretch. ere is also a fence. down the road about 30 it's
10:41 am
considerably more unprotected. down there yesterday we were with border patrol hiding in some you are abouts. they showed us a place where rafts come over and they land and people get off of those rafts a lots of people from central america. women and children particularly. and then they try to come into the united states. and border patrol is right there to intercept them. those people telling us that they are fleeing violence from central america. they also tell us that there is a lot of talk about trump on their way to the united states. immigrants fear trump. here's what some of them had to say. take a listen. she says that they didn't want to come. she says that the violence has forced them to come and she had to choice. so she brought her son. [ speaking spanish ]
10:42 am
>> she says that she's trying to escape the violence because she doesn't want her son to become part of vie lens, recruited by the gangs. [ spanish [. >> reporter: many of those families paid thousands of dollars to be smuggled over by people working for the cartels. one woman we spoke to was actually a police officer in el salvador. she says she was being threatened by the gangs there and here son was in a home when those gangs came by and shot up the home. for her it was a matter of life and death to come to the united states. take listen. [ loss of audio ] >> reporter: out sounds like we are having technical difficulties there. but she basically told us she didn't care who the president was she was going to bring her
10:43 am
son to the united states and try the give him a better life and obviously keep him away from those dangers. here in this area we talked to one man who said he was deported recently from pennsylvania. he told us he believe his neighbors had called i.c.e. to deport him. he says that may have been because of trump. he thinks law enforcement and people have been emboldened by trump. he is already making a difference before he takes office. back to you. >> goddy schwartz for us along the bar der, on the mexico side of the border. goddy, thank you for that. thousands -- thousands of americans, tens of thousands, preparing for this new administration with protests. jacob wrasse cone is on the way to where i am here in the nation's capitol. he is with one family coming to d.c. for a big march this weekend. what do you have, sir? >> reporter: they are coming from colorado, a 1600-mile drive. we're about halfway there. this is the ruiz family, and
10:44 am
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all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. in just one day after donald trump's inauguration, thousands, tens of thousands of women are expected to turn out for a protest march along the national mall here behind me. participants from coming from all over this country. organizers say the goal of the march is to promote women's equality and defend other minority groups as well. jacob wrasse cone riding along with a colorado mother and their daughters. they are driving to d.c. from denver for this march on saturday. the shot we were showing you was the vehicle behind this car that you are in jacob. first of all, how long of a
10:48 am
drive are we talking about here? >> we are talking about a 24-hour drive about 1600 miles, and we're about halfway there. and we're here with shon contract, see anna, lie la and melissa. and possibly a couple hundred thousand people could end up showing up, including celebrities. but we are talking about her a family of -- shon contract has a couple of jobs. they are missing tool school there in the back. i want to talk to them about why they felt it was so important to do that. shon contract? >> i felt it important to go and bring my daughters to stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of women and men that are all saying that human rights are very important and that we are watching this administration to make sure that they are protecting all human rights. in the back, what does this have to do with donald trump? >> well, we think it's important to show that even though we didn't have a say in the election and not old enough to vote we have opinions and want to make sure that our rights are
10:49 am
uphollywood held. >> it's not entirely about trump but it habs to be on the day after the inauguration because we want to show just because we have a sexist man in office doesn't mean we are not going to continue to fight for rights and continue moving forward as women. >> the march will be groovy. >> says the seventh grader. the 2,000 or so people from colorado signed up to go to this march from that area. many more are going anyway even though they haven't signed up. tough to tell exactly how many will show up. but the bottom line for this family and others is that they hope to make a statement. they want to be seen doing this, coming together, showing that they are there, that they are watching. that's what they hope the accomplish. >> to be clear for our viewers and listeners, this is not a gimmick. jab ok wrasse cone has been in that car since they left denver. they are in troy illinois right now literally driving across the country. have you offered the drive at all? have you offered to help out or
10:50 am
are you just being a moocher. >> you know what, we have -- i'll somehow you -- i don't know if you can see there. this is cary moots, photographer. there is another shot there. he is with us in another car. i mostly am in the other car so that they don't have to cramp in the back. and i have not offered to drive their car but i've driven our car. >> so, you're a moocer pretty much, is what you're saying. jacob, be safe, my friend. big thanks to that family. safe travels to all of you. east wing intrigue. ivanka trump denying reports that she will be acting as first lady for her father's administration instead of first daughter, but how involved will melania trump be as she stays behind in new york to raise their son? a look at the unique tuion shaping up in the white house. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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10:54 am
tomorrow night president-elect donald trump and his wife, melania, are expected to attend three official inaugural balls. msnbc's chris jansing has broken through the gridlock here in washington, d.c. joining us live from the national building museum with an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of this thing. chris, where are you? what's going to happen there tomorrow night? >> reporter: no one else has seen this. i'm in the national museum building. this is one. magnificent structures. around me, for all this grandeur, a little chaos, as they always have in these closing minutes, trying to get ready for the big ball. 3,500 people coming here. this is the armed services ball. so, it's going to be military. something a little different this year, for the first time they're asking first responders to come, so that will include police, emts, firefighters. most from this area. the stage is set, pretty much. you see the big seal for the
10:55 am
president of the united states. below it the podium, where then president donald j. trump will make remarks. he'll make remarks at all three and then somewhere in this area will be the first dance. that's really famous, right, the dance? and all the sound equipment is set up because the band is ready to play. couldn't seem to get any information, exactly, on what band is going to play. there will be tables set up over here for those who are lucky enough. i'm guessing that these large golden urns may hold champagne or two, flowers, i don't know pp one minute ago there was the seal of the president of the united states here. i was hoping to see where they were going to put it, but now it's gone. in any case, this is a break in tradition. there's usually about ten balls. there were 14, i think, for one of the inaugurations of bill clinton. always has been a very big deal. as you mentione onlyhree this year. it's because, they say, they want this to be smaller.
10:56 am
they want to show that this is just of the people. it's not all about the pomp and circumstance and the usual washington way of doing things. and also, the president is going to be able to get to all three of them, as well we expect the vice president as well. one of the key things that's going to be going on at all of these balls is just going to be the party, right? so, you have the stage here, but all of this will be cleared out, there will be place for people to meet and mingle. same set of tables on the other side. finishing touches being put on as one staffer told me for the inaugural committee, what's sleep? they may not sleep between now and tomorrow night, but they say they'll be ready. craig? >> chris jansing with an exclusive look not far from here, the national building museum, one of three balls tomorrow. chris, thank you. the president-elect's daughter, ivanka trump, shooting
10:57 am
down speculation today that she will be filling in as a surrogate first lady. >> what's your reaction when you hear people say, she's going to be the -- essentially, the real first lady? does it offend you? >> well, i think it's an inappropriate observation. there's one first lady, and she'll do remarkable things. >> so, what can we expect from first lady melania trump? again, she and the president-elect landing here in washington roughly two hours ago on air force to. carl anthony, author, historian, board member with the national first ladies' library. based on what we know, heretofor about melania trump, what can we expect from her in terms of her first lady duties? >> well, good question because in truth, we don't know a lot about her. she is still a bit of a mystery in terms of her personal taste other than her having said in
10:58 am
the campaign n one of her speeches, that she would take on the issue of cyber bullying. you know, when we talk about first lady, i think people have a misunderstanding. they i think of it as simply what we see in public. that's really just, you know, the iceberg of the -- above the water. below the surface probably there's six or seven different kinds of roels, differeles, dif components to that role. one of the most important is the personal influence on the president. that's something, of course, everyone's always interested in and speculates on, even more than the clothes and the entertaining is the power that they have. and it's also, of course, the most difficult thing to determine. but she has said that she tells him her opinion. she did say last year during the primaries that she spoke to him when she didn't like him twittering too much.
10:59 am
so, we're getting just the barest ideas of what she would be like as first lady. >> quickly, as an historian, what are you most looking forward to tomorrow at this inauguration? >> well, it will be interesting to see if any of these new customs, which we -- what's so wonderful about our culture, the american culture is, things happen and then they become part of the tradition. lady bird johnson was the first to hold a bible. suddenly that's a tradition. chelsea clinton, the first to come up to the podium during the swearing-in, now that's a tradition. >> carl, thank you so much for your time, sir. wish we had more of it. we'll be talking to you a fair amount coming up. that's going to do it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'll see you tomorrow from washington, d.c. meanwhile, katy tur picking things up. good to see you. >> always great to see you in person, especially here on a lovely day in washington. >> the rain stopped. >> it's nice. thank you for sticking around
11:00 am
with me this hour. we're live in the nation's capital where the stage is set and where the next first family arrived at high noon, marking 24 hours until trump takes the reins. the president-elect was at his new d.c. hotel, and spoke briefly, thanking everyone for their support. a number of key roles remain unfilled. from the executive action he promised on the trail to the nuclear football that will soon trail him, mounting questions about this administration's readiness to lead. also concerns the incoming white house press secretary tried to calm this morning in his first face-to-face with the press. >> there is an attack or some kind of weather incident that occurs where each of our departments have to be called into action to support the american people, we're ready to go. make no mistake, we're ready to go on day one. another piece of this puzzle, the cabinet, none


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