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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 27, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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plus literally dialing up the rhetoric. president trump and president putin set to talk as counterpart tomorrow. but who's calling who? keir simmons in new york, kristen welker at the white house. big meeting today, big phone call tomorrow but it's the meeting that's not happening that's grabbing all the headlines, right? >> that's right. that meeting that was supposed to happen with the president of mexico which was cancelled yesterday after president trump insisted that mexico was going to pay for the wall, the president of mexico said not going to pay for the wall. that is something we have heard him say over and over again. then we learned he cancelled the meeting. president trump tried to cast it as a mutual decision. bottom line, this is a rift in a relation with one of the united states' closest allies, its third largest trading partner. what happens next? the administration floating the idea of a possible 20% tax on imports from mexico and, hallie,
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as you've been reporting and i've been roarieporting, that c ultimately drive up prices here in the u.s. president trump tweeted "mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough, must change now." how is this going to impact the relationship going forward on critical issues, everything from trade to national security and expect those two topics to be on the agenda when president trump meets with the british prime minister theresa may. can you see the honor guard lining up behind me, hallie. you mentioned those phone calls over the weekend, as you were reporting, he's going to speak to russia's president vladimir putin, as well as the leaders of france and germany. national security, trade and the economy all on tap on those calls. >> kristen welker getting ready
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for a very busy day. keir simmons is in new york. theresa may has to thread this very delicate needle. >> that's right. in her speech she was able to send a signal to president trump that, if you like, she's on his side, that britain and america see things at the same way and at the same time send a number of messages that will have been picked up and have been picked up back in the u.k. about things like nato, about russia, about iran, about a whole range issues and primarily saying to president trump, america still needs to lead in the world. so that balance she still needs to strike as she prepares to meet with the president at 1:00 eastern today. she still needs to be able to somehow build trust with him while at the same time be her
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own person. oh, to be a fly on the wall. if people haven't seen her before yesterday, a school mistress type. she's a serious person. >> why? >> she got a number of standing ovations but the first laugh didn't happen until about 30 minutes into that speech. so that's the kind of person she is. how will that gel with president trump? you know what she said to british journalists on the flight over here? opposites attract. >> i was going to ask you about the idea of president trump who is on twitter, theresa may don't even hav a twitter account. will opposites attract in this instance politically? >> we don't know. she does have an official twitter account. if you take a look at it, all that is on there, posted on there are clips from her
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speeches and official announcements. it's such a contrast. who knows. when you think about the reagan-thatcher relationship, in some ways reagan was the warm, kind of easy going -- thatcher was the star owner's daughter, she famously had the handbag, she was famously tough and together that seemed to gel. it's so crucial with international relations. but in a sense, though, hallie, we're talking there about the way things have been and president trump as so far seems to change so much. and that's what's so difficult for world leaders is figuring out how things will work in the future. and the real danger for the british and the real danger for any world leader who chooses to take the road which the british prime minister has is to stay as the british always has really close to washington.
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the danger is that president trump starts to do things that britain really doesn't agree with and how does she respond to that? fundamentally she knows that if she has washington on side, it really strengthens her negotiations with the european union, but it's full of risks. >> keir, i think you should hop on a train and get down to washington because there's a lot of anticipation for that meeting. thank you very much, keir simmons at 30 rock. >> and reaction from another key al ally, mexico. press secretary sean spicer first said there would be a 20% attack on imports. two hours later backing off after some backlash saying that's just one of many options. president trump not backing off his promise that mexico will, in fact, pay for the wall. >> i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the
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government of mexico. >> we're working on a tax reform bill that will reduce our trade deficit, increase american exports and will generate revenue from mexico that will pay for the wall if we decide to go that route. >> reminder, mexico says it is not going to pay for that wall mariana atencio is joining us this morning. you've been talking to folks there in the capital. what are they saying? >> reporter: i've spoken to business leaders who tell me in board rooms across this nation, they are waiting to see what president trump will do. mexicans are angry, appalled at president trump's dismissive tone toward a nation they say
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has contributed so much to the u.s. economy. i'm here with senator armando rios. senator, what will be discussed in this meeting given president trump's executive actions on immigration and the wall? >> well, we need to hear the minister of economy and the minister of foreign relations. we just went there to the united states last tuesday. we need to hear their report and we need to take some actions for knowing which are the next steps too take regarding security, regarding trade. we need to have a common position with the senate, off course with president pena anyw nieto. >> what kind of actions are
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being evaluatevaluated? >> my position is we should stop negotiating with the united states regarding security issues, regarding anti-terrorism that we've been working to the for the last years and that now it has no sense to keep on collaborating with an unfriendly government, specifically in the drug enforcement area. of course we need to take a look at what we need to change because we are spending so much money with some kind of relationship that doesn't seem to be in the benefit for us anymore. >> and what about trade, senator? what concrete actions would you consider taking? >> we need to change our patterns of consumption. we've been buying a lot of corns for the states of the corn beds, specifically iowa, some of those. we need to start thinking if he wants to tax our goods that are sold there in the united states,
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we need to change. probably we can change -- we can buy the corn now to brazil or to argentina and stop buying it. it's a retaliation regarding what he's saying. >> thank you so much, senator. i don't want to keep you from the meeting with president pena. you heard it, possible concrete actions regarding the war on drugs and consumer products, as you heard. >> rachel, we were watching that interview together and you were sort of nodding and said at one point, that's exactly the issue. walk me through what you heard and what stood out to you. >> i any whthink what we heard there is rising tension with mexico and we can expect representatives in that government are going to feel the need to retaliate, that whether
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or not concrete actions are taken, we know that rhetoric coming from president trump is having some very tangible effects within mexico. so whether we talking about a trade war, whether we're talking about decreased cooperation at the border, we're talking about problems hitting american consumers, we're talking about problems with combatting the drug trade at the border. this is a partner for the united states. mexico has served as a collaborator and a partner for the last two decades. let's not forget that that want always true. >> put this into context for me here. i spoke with alfonso aguilar. he said, listen, this lack of a meeting with pena nieto is not a long-term problem, a 20% tax would be. is this a bump in the road or are we going to be talking about this two years ago from a turning point?
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>> i don't think that one meeting is a problem. i think over a year of aggressive rhetoric towards mexico is what we can point to as the problem. i think we can say that year of very aggressive rhetoric. every country has the right to defend itself. the united states has the right to secure its borders as it sees fi this rhetoric around we have to build this wall, making this very aggressive and confrontational, i think that's what we'll see as the turning point is the way this is addressed. >> so if the wall discussion was happening but with a different tone from pluresident trump, do you see that as problematic? >> i think if president trump was saying i think it's important to find a way to increase borders and find a way to work more closely with our partners in the region to combat drug trade, i think that would be a legitimate discussion. >> how real is the idea this
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lift could embolden the liberal wing of mexican politics and put someone into power who is more anti-u.s.? >> i think we're already seeing massive support for the leading candidate of the opposition, who really advocates for separating from the united states. i absolutely think this could have a very heavy influence, if not jest the wall but specifically the larger relationship. i think you're seeing a sentiment among mexicans if the u.s. doesn't play with us, we don't want to play with them. >> but how do they play if they're literally not speaking to each other? >> part what was so insulting about trump's exetive orders was he signed them the day the foreign minister was in the united states talking to his government. to say they're not talking is not true.
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>> the foreign minister was on his way to meet with the president there and drove right past and kept on going. >> this is a country we share 2,000 miles of borders with, over the last 250-some years, w created a relationship with. i think we shouldn't have such short-term memories and we should be worried when we see someone not walking in the door to have that conversation see that has illustrative. >> much more coming up on president trump's tense relationships with mexico. after the break, we're joined by juan vargas. or fill a big order
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. >> the president of the great nation of the most powerful nation in the world, please grow up, be or try to be a real president. >> that's former mexican president vicente fox on "morning joe." he has never been shy about his feelings. let's bring in the congressman from california. you have a seen eke punique per. he says not only will mexico not pay for the ball but the relationship with our neighbor
7:18 am
is at the lowest point in decades. >> interestingly i was an observer when he got elected. he broke the old pri monopoly in politics. it is time for donald trump to grow up. we have a great relationship along the border with mexico. with one of the things i was thinking about is a lot of the deaths happened on the mexican side. we have a great relationship with law enforcement with mexico, locally, at the state and at the federal level. we work with mexico quite closely to make sure that a lot of the problems they have with the narco traffickers. >> are you working closely or do you plan to work closely with the trump administration? are you having conversations?
7:19 am
where do you see an opportunity to work with republicans on this? it's clear the president is not going to simply change his mind like that? >> it's true. we have to try to work together. independe i'm a democrat and i'm very progressive, however, we didn't win. he won. unfortunately he's a bit of a caricature president. he doesn't seem to be a real president at the moment but there's a lot of serious people around him and we're trying to work together and we have to work together. we have a long border here. i represent the entire california/mexico border. we have lots of positive things going on. the things happening here along the border have been very good for both sides. we want to make sure that continues. we can't when you get all this heavy, awful rhetoric that is affecting our relation sishipre. i'm going to work with the administration as well as i can. i'm on the national prayer
7:20 am
breakfast on thursday and i'll see him then. >> what do you plan to say to him when you see them then? >> chill out! read the bible a little bit. chill out. he's there for a religious person. look at matthew 25. when i was a stranger, you welcomed me. that's what jesus says. why don't you pay attention a little more to the bible. i think it will make things better for everybody. >> he's been probably hearing that message a little bit as he's been promising this border wall for 18 months, i think. if he moves forward of building this wall, what are your options? >> we already have the fence. in some areas, we have three walls. so they've already built these. i kind of laugh when people talk about this. they put these things in saying this was going to stop
7:21 am
immigration. it didn't. people got bigger ladders, they tunnelled underneath. unless he wants to put up a fourth fence, a fourth wall somewhere, we already have it. if you start at the ocean, literally 150 yards into the ocean, they have all these gigantic pillars and the three border mountai border fences go to the mountains and they you can't build anything. the first one didn't work, the second one didn't work, the third one didn't work and i assume the fourth one's not going to work either. >> democratic congressman want vargas of california, we're going to get you on our schedule after that meeting with president trump. >> right now tens of thousands of people are expected t gather not far from where i'm sitting right now near the washington monument for the annual march for life. history being made with vice
7:22 am
president pence addressing the crowd. you're looking at live pictures before the rally begins. we'll head there live after the break. i am totally blind.
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let's take a look at the morning headlines we are watching this hour. soviet president mikhail gorbachev, writing it "it all looks as if america is preparing for war." and nikki haley makes her first remarks at the u.n. headquarters as president trump gets ready for executive orders.
7:26 am
the wife of saeed maruk. she faces 20 years behind bars. today we will see more involvement in the anti-abortion rally with the attendance of vice president mike pence. >> this is historic today, mike pence, the first sitting vice president who ever come and speak live to this group. a lot of excitement and optimism in this crowd. for the past eight years there's been a feeling that there wouldn't be able to advance their agenda much under the obama administration. now they say this is a whole
7:27 am
different ball game. so a very optimist being crowic. i want to talk to women who drove out here from ohio. this is the first time you've been to the march? >> it is the first time i've been here. i felt like i was drawn here and i was supposed to be here for a reason. i believe this is the reason. >> and what's your feeling under this new administration? are you feeling more optimistic? we've heard that from a lot of people. >> i am feeling more optimistic. i feel like tha the pro-life movement, the agenda, is going to be more heard from. >> okay. >> and what do you hope to get out of today? what's the message you'd like to tell the rest of america? >> well, i think the reason i'm here is because i honestly believe president trump has brought god back into washington, d.c. and back into the white house and i am just thrilled to be here. >> and what are you hoping to hear from the vice president
7:28 am
today when he speaks? >> well, i'm excited to hear what he has to say. i think it's going to be encouraging and uplifting. it's a new day in our country. >> that's what we're hearing from a lot of people in the crowd, this sense of optimism moving forward. >> nbc's kristen dahlgren live for us on the mall. thank you. president trump plans to speak with russian president vladimir putin on the weekend about what the white house is saying about the russian sanctions on the other side of the break. if you have medicare
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tomorrow for the first time as president, donald trump will speak on the phone with russian president vladimir putin. he's also talking with representatives from germany and france. hans, what might be talked about on this call with putin tomorrow? a lot of eyes on this one because of the relationship that
7:32 am
donald trump had toward putin in the campaign. >> a lot of eyeballs. i don't know if there's going to be any ears listening in. i doubt they're going to tap their own phone calls but maybe. stranger things have happen. a hint from kellyanne conway. she made it very clear that lifting sanctions on russia would be an option. have a listen. >> all of that is under consideration and certainly in addition to improving relations with different leaders around the globe. if vladimir putin wants to have a conversation about how to defeat radical islamism, we're listening. >> two years ago it was then president barack obama who initially had to drag angela merkel along on sanctions with russia because there's so many
7:33 am
economic ties between germany and russia. one other quick note on this meeting here, mattis will be meeting in the tank with the joint chiefs and president trump. they had dinner a couple of nights ago, all they white house about a two-hour meeting to discuss a range of issues. so we'll see whether or not there are actually any tasking orders or presidential directives to the present gone saying come up with some new plans to accelerate the plan. >> and mattis has been sworn in. he got his hair cut at the pentagon. the price is $12. you go in, you ask for a hair cut and they have one question,
7:34 am
civilian or military? i'll get back to you on whether he asked for a civilian or military. >> hans, i don't know what we would do without you. thank you, pal. ambassador, hair cuts aside, i want to get your reaction on what we just heard from kellyanne conway. she said the lifting of sanctions on russia is under consideration. overall reaction to that, perhaps unsurprising maybe? >> this administration likes to lay out a lot of different options and create leverage for possible concessions. isis remains the priority for president trump and lifting financial sanctions is the priority for mr. putin. you can expect some kind of a combination there. this is the first call they'll have had and i think there will be pleasantries and introductory
7:35 am
discussions as well. >> with president putin, my advice is to engage. there is nothing inevitable between conflict between the conflict with the west. butgage with russia from a position of strength. >> engage but beware. how does donald trump actually do that and will he do that? will that message from theresa may get through when the president has talked repeatedly about wanting a better and stronger relationship with vladimir putin? >> we've also heard president trump talking about rebuilding our nuclear arsenal or updating it, talked about military investment. i think he's going to have a two-track strategy to project m america's defense and military capabilities will be robust but we need an ally in the fight against isis and radical islamic extremism. the challenge is going to be what happens in europe with
7:36 am
nato. will there continue to be this tit for tat in overflights and reckless actions by mr. putin on the frontier of europe? >> in this phone call nato might come up. is there a way that donald trump could step in it with vladimir putin? >> england and theresa may are no fans of mr. putin. so inevitably i think there are a lot mine fields but i don't think they're going to take place in this phone call. this is going to be an opening gamut. i think that everybody's going to be reading between the lines but this is really going to be about just resetting, a poor choice of words, that's the clinton policy. but reestablishing a rapport with the russian leadership and of course it's going to be fraught with all kind of
7:37 am
complications. >> ambassador stewart holliday. appreciate you being here. president trump talking about waterboarding, talking about how he believes it is actually an effective interrogation methods and experts in the field agree. is he right? plus other recent comments when we come back. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on
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7:41 am
is he right? >> when you look at the idea of torture being effect iveffectivo you the experts say ? >> you look at james mattis who says i never found it effective. and those are the voices from donald trump's own team and donald trump said those voices with matter to him but then you end up going to what obama administration say, director leon panetta saying about water boarding and he ended u
7:42 am
admitting that waterboarding was part of how they ended up getting to bin laden. so it was used. you still have so many people on donald trump's team who says it's illegal but possible. >> here in philadelphia the murder rate has been steady, just terribly increasing. >> so, mark, is the president right sp. >> hallie, you look at the numbers. in 1990, there were 500 murders, in 1916, 277. in donald trump's defense, the numbers have gone up very slightly in the past couple of years, but in the totality, philadelphia the crime is much lower than it was a decade or two decades ago. >> we know the president loves to talk about polls. that's been pretty consistent
7:43 am
from the beginning. he's been talking about some that he says americans loved his inaugural speech. he's actually not wrong, right? >> you look at a gallop poll who said it was excellent or good. in today's environment, 53% sounds good. let's look at the comparison of other presidents and their inaugural addresses. in his second address it was 65% said it was good, his first speech was 81%, president bush's 62%. >> everything is relative. up next we're talking about the potential political fallout on a tax from mexican imports. what's the blowback going to be if americans start feeling the effects of that tax in their wallets? just like the people
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>> mexico's not paying for the wall. you are paying for the wall. t taxpayers in the united states are paying for the wall. >> previous mexican president vicente fox warning it is all of us that will end up paying for the wall. joining me to discuss all it have and more, political strategist chris wilson and iesha moody mills. the irony of putting a tariff on mexican goods is to the extent
7:48 am
it raises prices on consumers goods, consumers in the u.s. will be paying for the wall, not mexicans. is this a huge risk of blowback? >> it has the potential to start a trade war. one of two things happens if a tariff is placed on a product. that cost will be passed on to a consumer. lindsey graham talked about that in the higher tariff on tequila, which he said made him very sad. >> he said mucho said. >> he did. it would not be max exico payin for the wall. americans would. i don't know if vicente fox kicking at the ant hill helps or not. the question is how does it get paid for.
7:49 am
the jury is still out on it. hopefully there will be more negotiation that goes into it. >> aisha, do you see a way that mexico could pay for it or will there be a backlash if prices of avocados and what not go up? >> no. and i think part of the problem is he's gone through trying to drive forward these executive orders and try and do the things he say he was going to do on the campaign. nothing in this plan is well thought out, the financing is not well thought out. i think he'll find out he can't just bully his way through. americans going to realize he sold us a bill of goods and we're not willing to pay for his bill of good and we're certainly not willing to pay for his call.
7:50 am
>> we know that president trump is headed to the pentagon today -- the pentagon is making it very clear that general mattis opposes torture. donald trump is going to be speaking with not just russia but also germany, france tomorrow. how do you see his stance on torture playing out? it's already created some problems politically for british prime minister theresa may back across the pond. aisha, i'll start with you and chris, i want your take, too. >> trump has not consulted with any experts on any of these issues he's talking about. in this case we're talking about torture. he has literally running off of his gut and trying to convince us that this is the right pathway. but i think what we're going to continue to see is other leaders, members of congress, are stopping had and saying, wait a minute, we can't do that. even some of his senior advisers are saying to him that's actually against the law and that's wrong. the thing we should be talking
7:51 am
about is how do d we end up in a situation that the president doesn't think we should be seeking counsel of his peers and advisers and other experts? >> the president has said he'll listen to the voices in his cabinet, people like mattis and mike pompeo, who have expressed real concern about torture. do you buy that? >> i don't think we should jump to conclusions about whether he's consulted or not. we have no idea who he's talking to. i think he did make se promises or charges on the campaign trail about what's he's going to do regarding torture. when you look at it, he has the same position as leon panetta. and that really does lead to a conclusion from donald trump as a candidate. this could be if you use waterboarding, it talks you to bin laden. you've got to listen to the john
7:52 am
mccains of the world. it's really difficult to arrive at a conclusion that torture is okay. having said that, i am confident that donald trump has surrounded himself with a group of advisers, you are mentioned mattis that, will point him in the right direction. >> i hope you're right. the campaign rhetoric is not the same thing as being able to govern. >> it's not but i don't think i'm one of the few here either. >> sanctions, if he does lift sanctions against moscow put in place during the obama administration, what message does that sent? >> i think it's a good thing to improve relations with country like russia. having said that, russia has shown nothing but hostility toward us. that's why the obama administration put the sanctions in place. until we see that that hostility
7:53 am
and those attitudes towards a dismissal of our security and process and our system of government is alleviated it, would be a mistake to unilaterally withdraw the sanctions. >> last word to you. >> i completely agree. until he gives us some room on syria and negotiating on ukraine, i don't think we need to drop any sanctions. >> i agree. >> thank you both for joining news a rare moment of agreement on our political panel at the end. i appreciate it. a live look at the national mall a week after tens of thousands of people came for president trump's inauguration, thousands of people are here for the march for life. we'll have much more. we'll right back. be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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7:57 am
to put into context something that we've been talking about quite a bit, not just today but over the last 24 hours, the potential of this 20% tax on mexican imports. how is it really going to affect you, your money, what happens to you when you go to the grocery store, when you go to walmart, target or wherever. i want to bring in my colleague, stephanie ruhle, for more on all of this. what does this mean for my mom or dad sitting at home outside philadelphia? >> or us. if you think about it, we would incur this cost. those donald trump signature suits made in mexico, when macy's cost them they cost $300, with this 20%, macy's would have to eat it or you or me, if you wanted to buy your dad that suit, it would cost an extra $60. but made in america is not a new idea, not a new concept. if you look at the way people spend money today, nobody pays retail. everybody wants a discount. the rise of is
7:58 am
because people want to pay the lowest amount of money and get the greatest amount of goods. to see macy's would eat the cost, macy's just closed 100 stores. margins have shrunk, companies aren't willing to pay. i know america first is a great sound bite but people don't want to spend. it's not mexico who would incur the cost, it would be the united states. >> and we saw a walk back, a little bit of whiplash from the team saying this was just a buffet of option, this was not the final plan. >> that's sort of what's extraordinary here, maybe it's a shot across the bow but it leaves so many of us wondering how trade works, it isn't simply a back tax, a tariff. even if mexico were to be hit. it's about wages. labor would move to nicaragua,
7:59 am
move to cuba, it could move to haiti. even if you said we're going to hurt mexican companies, we don't just import, we export to mexico. they're a trading partner. they're our third biggest trading partner in the world. the question so many people are asking, does donald trump understand the trickle-down effects? this isn't like a casino owner walking away from a deal. a 20% tax, it could be your avocados, your ford fusion, your bananas. are people willing to spend more? they're definitely not. if mexico gets hit with it, its factories could move to another country. >> virginia senator and former vice presidential nominee tim kaine is sitting down with chuck
8:00 am
todd on "meet the press." thanks for joining us on this hour of msnbc live. tgif, gang. what a week. i'm tossing you to my colleague tamron hall. >> thank you, hallie. political standoff as mexico's president is holding firm on not visiting the white house and not pang for a border wall. ho far is trump willing to go? and is a possible 20% tax on mexican imports more harmful to u.s. taxpayers than mexico? and in the next hour, president trump is hosting another foreign leader, britain's conservative prime minister theresa may. it will be his first meeting with a head of state since his swearing in. we'll have a preview of their face to face in the oval office an


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