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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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travel ban still northwest this hour. the white house fighting back. after the white house imposes new sanctions. plus fresh concerns about the president's relationship with russia. >> putin is a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. got a lot of killers. what, you think our country is so innocent? >> of course, along with you, we're counting down the kickoff, live in houston for super bowl li. we'll talk with fans in boston and atlanta and hear what to expect from lady gaga's halftime
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show and more. let's start this hour for you with this. the clock is ticking on the future of president trump's immigration ban. both sides have until tomorrow to submit their case. then a panel of judges will decide what happens next. meantime, visa holders from those seven previously banned countries are arriving on u.s. soil. the white house gearing up for a fight on that. >> american people are welcoming the decisiveness that president trump has put on this issue, putting the safety and security of american people above the niceties of communicating with people in washington or in some cases around the world. >> political reporter gabriel debenedetti joins us now. still in the last hour president trump coming out with tweets. he does not like this ruling that has effectively reversed his executive order.
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>> that's exactly right. he's starting to lash out a bit at the judge himself and the justices involved with this case. a lot of people are saying this is sort of an unprecedented attack on the judicial system from the executive branch, from the white house itself. democrats and republicans alike, are starting to become a bit uncomfortable with this. what we're seeing, the top line here, is that the white house is promising to fight back. they're basically saying this fight is not over. our plan, the executive order will stand. and this is realistically going to be a fight that's going to happen for at least the next few weeks if not months. lots of people are thinking we'll see this in the supreme court. >> two tweets in the last 30 minutes or so, gabe. he starts to push forward this pr offensive, if you will. it's not going to work, though. this is a different branch of the government. >> well, that's right. he does not have control over this judge. what he is doing and risking -- bringing a lot of public sentiment against this judge,
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this individual, you know, obviously not elected, as he was. this is not something that we see coming from the white house almost ever. obviously it's something he has pushed. this is a republican judge that he more or less is attacking here, someone who has confirmed almost unanimously, back when he was up in front of the senate. this is something we don't see a lot. it's the white house basically turning the ire on the judicial branch. as you say, these are separate branches of the government. he can't push the judge. >> a lot in front of him right now especially with the supreme court nominee. that's at stake. these schematics may -- vice president pence, you saw in that interview, he is still defending president trump. at what point, though, will republicans not be able to do that with regard to this very issue? >> i think what you're seeing is a lot of them being very careful around this issue. none of them are outright reb e rebuking president trump. it's still very early in the administration. a lot of them are trying to
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figure out what their relationship with the white house and the broader relationship between capitol hill and the white house will look like. you brought up a very interesting point. there is going to be a fight over the supreme court very soon because, of course, the president has nominated someone to become a justice. neil gorsuch. democrats, who nominated their own potential justice just a few months ago have been more or less fighting over whether to even consider this nominee. now, this new -- what some of them are calling an attack on the judicial branch are making some of them consider entely whether they should even consider voting on neil gorsuch to be a supreme court justice. an immense clash on capitol hill that will bring in republicans and democrats alike. >> maybe reflecting going short not going long, based on what you bring up there. gabe debenedetti, thanks, gabe.
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>> thank you. it's nice to be at a gathering of people that is in support of the president. >> everything that he has done over the past ten days is amazing. and we're very excited about every single executive order. >> we're trying to fight the system. we're trying to fight the owe pregnancy that's been put upon us by the democrat party. >> that may hearten that which is happening outside in other places, like this. yesterday, in front of downtown's stonewall in, as they were coming out in front of the monument to protest the president's cabinet selections and his moves so far. morgan ratford is in new york for us. morgan? >> reporter: richard, we're standing outside trump tower. a group of pro-trump supporters are standing outside to show their support for the president and his policies since they've taken office. i want to show you this interesting face-off.
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look on this soois siide, anti- protesters saying trump is a fascist. donald trump release your taxes, part of an ongoing protest we've seen pop up over the weekend. people who say they do not support the president's policies chief among them the travel ban. on the other side, you can see people are chanting things like "we love trump," making sure their support is also heard. >> morgan, thank you so much for that report. as we're watching morgan is showing us, there are rallies across the country and coast to coast, protests to oppose the president's executive orders and policies. protesters gathering for another protest leading into the super bowl. on saturday, hundreds attending a march downtown to the heart of the festivitfestivities. and in virginia, welcoming signs, attorneys and families
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eager to reunite with their loved ones. waiting for international travelers after, in this situation, federal appeals court upheld a temporary stop to the president's travel ban. to hong kong earlier today, protesters marched to the consulate general. just some of the spots we've been seeing over the weekend. folks taking to the pavement, if you will, with their feet. president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates for refusing to enact the travel ban. attorneys general in 16 states, at least, are challenging the executive order. one of them, hawaii attorney general doug chen, who joins us right now. mr. attorney general, you filed that lawsuit on friday. it's just about two days old right now. how is it different from the other suits, lawsuits that have come out?
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we have the one in washington, the one in massachusetts, which have been reported on quite heavily. >> we filed this lawsuit because hawaii is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the nation. there really is no majority in races here. and so one of the concerns that comes up is any time you have an order that comes from the federal government that attacks people's national origin or their religion, that's going to be a red flag here in the state. and so we do believe that we have some unique interests. and that's why we filed this lawsuit. >> you have a hearing on wednesday. you're hoping for a temporary restraining order, very similar to what happened in seattle. do you think it's going to happen? >> well, we're looking very closely at what's happening in the washington state lawsuit. because it's in the same ninth circuit as we are. and so we're trying to look at our options. the number one priority is that
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this unconstitutional, unlawful order be struck down. that's the first priority. the second priority is making sure that hawaii's interests are protected. >> the leader of the united states has come out against the judge in seattle as you now look to the judge in hawaii and hope to get a restraining order. do you think trmp's reactions so far to what happens happened in washington state, the so-called judge he alluded to, also calling the judgment ridiculous, do you think that will affect the outcome of the proceedings for you? >> this is probably one of the big tensions that will be happening now and for the next four years. you're going to see this clash going on. and i think when you have orders like these, it's really important that we, states, if our interests are impacted, we have to not stay silent about
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something like that, that we get ourselves involved and speak up. hawaii is one of the -- it's unique because it's an island state. one of our biggest concerns is that there is no way to essentially travel anywhere or even travel from island to island without going through tsa and coming into contact with a federal official. and that's got the folks here who come from the banned countries as well as people from a muslim religion, they're concerned about that. it impacts us in that way. >> i was speaking to mara healy earlier. she has undertaken four actions in the first two weeks of this 45th president. do you see yourself doing the very same thing at the same rate? >> you know, i actually was thinking about how we're going to be able to handle all the different executive orders that have come out in the last two weeks. this one particularly hit home for hawaii. and because it affects people's national ogin and affects
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people at their type of religion, we're concerned. and that's why we wanted to get involved in this one. in some ways we need to pick our battles and choose wisely. >> have you changed our staffing? the schedules because you expect to be doing more? >> you know, i think that's something that every state is looking at. i've been in conversations with general healy, as well as the other state ags. one of the things that we're realizing is that with all these executive orders coming down, not only do we need to talk to each other -- >> you need two more people, three more people? how many more people are you thinking here, mr. attorney general? >> i think we might need a good team in order to address the different federal orders coming down, at the pace that they're happening. it's shocking. and it's something that we need to continue to respond to and not just let go. >> how are you coordinating with the other attorneys general? how closely, how often are you speaking to the other 16 at least? >> right.
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i think we're talking a couple of times a week. and, really, as every day goes on, there's definitely just a lot of conversations and discussions happening. even with the ninth circuit appeal that's going on with washington state. they've set a tight briefing schedule. with that, we all need to be able to step up and make sure our interests are protected. >> if you ever wanted to annotate that for me and send it over, i'm fine with that. >> i can do something like that. >> i know it's a very early morning for you. thank you. appreciate it in honolulu for us. >> thank you. iran carries out more missile tests after the white house slapped new sanctions on the country. what it means for the united states allies in the middle east. plus why the trump white house is following obama's policy on israeli settlements. ♪
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i think what this administration is doing, which i agree with, is saying we have a new administration and we're going to hold you, iran, to account. this last administration did not do that. this new administration needs to do that. i think that's what you're getting here. >> house speaker paul ryan throwing his support behind the white house when it comes to iran. new u.s. sanctions were announced after iran launched a ballistic missile test that the u.s. said defied a u.n. security council ban. getting tough with iran, though, could be welcomed news for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is due to visit the white house february 15th. questions about new israeli settlements could be the priority in that conversation and meeting. white house in a recent statement said, quote, while we don't believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new
1:17 pm
settlements or the sxhangs of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal. let's bring in jim walsh, research associate with m.i.t.'s security studies program. good to see you again here. >> good to see you. >> react to that statement coming from the white house right now. where does it put the situation with the united states stance on settlements? >> well, i think what you had was -- and i can only speculate here. i'm not a mind reader. can't tell what's in netanyahu's head. but right after the president was elected, the israeli government moved quite aggressively to both consolidate and move to expand settlements. i think they saw it as an opportunity to do something that mr. trump would support them regardless and, in any case, would be in the middle of a transition and not really focusing on it. there had to be some people in the administration who looked up and said my god, this is happening -- they're making a land grab here. maybe we better tone it down or it could cause problems for us
1:18 pm
later on. mr. trump has made isis his top priority. he has to be able to work with arab partners and they're certainly going to be critical of these israeli moves. >> jared kushner perhaps in this meeting. one would assume he would be in this meeting along with president trump. how key is this meeting with benjamin netanyahu? how much will it formulate, if you will, this apex as we look forward the next four years? >> personalities do matter. we saw that under the obama strays. netanyahu and mr. obama did not get along well for obvious reasons. it's about policy and national interest. there will be a strong relationship between the two but there's always been arguments, american presidents have always had arguments with israel, including republican presidents, going back to george herbert walker bush and george w. bush in particular over settlements. they may be best buddies but
1:19 pm
policy is policy. >> part of the best buddies policy, if you will, or objective, jim, might be what we've seen recently. what has happened, increased sanctions or the efforts thereof against iran, right? that just happening. is that part of the prelude to the meeting february 15th, sort of goodwill as they make that meeting? benjamin netanyahu has been critical of the deal that was made between president obama and iran. >> yeah. richard, i think this is much more in reaction to the recent missile test than it is sort of trying to make better relations with iran. netanyahu, who obviously has previously tried to kill the agreement. early noises out of the administration suggest they'll focus on enforcing it rather than scrapping it. that makes good sense. if we're the ones that tear it up, we're the ones that get the blame. if we tear it up, iran will be free to having unconstrained
1:20 pm
nuclear programming. cooler heads have prevailed here and the focus, at least initially, will be on keeping the agreement but pickupishing iran for other actions that the administration disagrees with. >> one thing you're watching if you're concerned about the relationship between iran and the united states? >> one, this policy won't stop iran's missile program. you look around the region and see all these other countries with ballistic missiles and your country has been attacked. saddam hussein launched ballistic missiles at iranian cities. sanctions aren't going to change that. fundamental defense equation here. whether this sort of goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. in particular my concern is not the impact on the missile program. because it ain't going to have any but on domestic politics. the rhetoric, silly, c condescending rhetoric.
1:21 pm
it weakens rohani, part of the centrist pragmatic group. each side can egg the other on. inciting hard liners in the otr country. >> john walsh from m.i.t., thank you. >> thank you. lots of you probably have your clocks set here, less than two hours, super bowl li. the fans, protests and political controversy around the new england patriots. boost
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right now. tough assignment, my friend. what does a win here mooin mean for these pats fans that you're seeing there? >> kickoff is about two hours away. there's a sense with this being the first super bowl since deflate gate it's a chance for the patriots to vindicate themselves. this is janice and john. they live near foxborough and came into boston today. what do you think about tonight's game? are you pumped? >> we are so excited. so proud of the patriots, proud to be from new england. proud to be going for our fifth super bowl championship and we're going to bring it. >> do you think deflate gate is hanging like a cloud over this team and over this super bowl? >> we're bigger than that. it's goodell's worst nightmare. he never expected this when he handed out that four-game suspension and end up in the super bowl. we just can't wait for him to have to hand tom that trophy on the stage. we can't wait. >> that would be quite a
1:26 pm
photo-op. you agree, you don't think deflate gate -- >> completely agree. we welcome to the nonsense about deflate gate and cannot wait to win. >> reporter: they told me earlier the fact that they're at the super bowl so quickly after deflate gate means it is a nonissue. you think it's all behind you? you're moving forward? >> all behind us. bye-bye. >> reporter: guess we'll find out in two hours. >> and her glass is empty. i don't know if she knows that. she has to fill it up. she has stuff to do there. >> reporter: he's a little concerned that your glass is empty. we'll get another round. nbc has your next round. the atlanta falcons are gearing up for the game after quarterback matt ryan was named mvp. stakes are height for the falcons whose last appearance at the super bowl was in 1999 against the denver broncos.
1:27 pm
nbc's sarah dallof is in atlanta. i cannot imagine the excitement in that town. i lived there a bunch of years and having this opportunity, wow! >> reporter: exactly, richard. this is a huge deal. falcons fans we are talking to all agreed on one thing. this year is their year. you mentioned you lived here a couple of years. you know that atlanta is a bit of an underdog. they've never won a super bowl. in fact, when you look at all the city's professional teams only one has ever brought home a championship, the braves, and that was just one time. this year, the falcons are considered to have one of the best offenses in the league and fans are feeling confident. >> this is huge for our family, our city. >> any predictions for the score? >> 35-28, falcons. >> i think you've seen that already this year with the chicago cubs, cleveland cavaliers, a lot of cities that
1:28 pm
haven't won in a long time. atlanta could keep that trend going. >> excitement of the super bowl, atlanta's mayor signing an order, allowing bars to stay open until 2:30 monday morning. usually they close at midnight. so people will have an extra 2 1/2 hours to either celebrate or drink away their sorrows. we'll be optimistic, richard and say they will be celebrating. back to you. >> fingers crossed for those atlantans down there. a couple of extra hours, better than nothing at all. sarah dallof, thank you very much. >> next two weeks of the trump administration, travel ban, supreme court nominee and democratic strategy for elections in 2018 will all be tackled with our politics panel. the future of business in new york state is already in motion. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations.
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welcome back. the white house says it's ready
1:32 pm
for a long fight over the immigration ban. the administration is hoping the court hearing tomorrow will put his executive order back on the books. joining me now, katherine ward, editor in chief of reason magazine and political reporter gabe debenedetti of politico. two tweets from president trump in response to what is, at this moment, a reversal that still stands of his executive order. all counting -- i was just looking through his twitter feed -- could be about a dozen tweets that have come out in response. really many of them aimed at the judge in seattle and then using very strong language. i'll read this one. i've instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult. again, aiming his criticism of the courts there in washington state. what do you make of what he's saying that he has instructed
1:33 pm
here homeland security? it's tough to tell. >> right. trump is obviously doing sort of some preemptive blame placing on the judge and future judges as well. when there is a terrorist attack for it not to be seen as your fault. it doesn't make a lot of sense to me at all if your goal is to actually increase security which suggests you might want to work with these judges. >> going farther down on the twitter feed if you will here, basil, he has used the words and we talked about it throughout the weekend. "so-called." on the decree itself, ridiculous, words we're not used to hearing from the white house going toward another branch of the government. we're talking, of course, about the judge in washington state. is he hurting himself here?
1:34 pm
>> you know what? i think he is. donald trump, we've seen the last two, three weeks and we'll see it in four years, will test the limits of his presidential power. that's pretty scary. when you look at the system of government we have, and i'm teaching my students about the federalist papers, these checks and balances. that's why it will become so very important. >> good example for your student. >> absolutely. >> right. but i would say that when he spends all his time delegitimizing these federal judges that can throw our system into chaos. he didn't like it when -- he delegitimized president obama and his presidency and he is doing it again, to embolden himself and the issues he cares about but i think it works to completely undermine our system of government. >> gabe, the protests that we've
1:35 pm
seen, we saw some down there outside the super bowl that our correspondent has been telling us about, is this getting under his skin now? is president trump learning to deal with the hyper criticism he will see for the next four years? >> it's remains to be seen if it's getting under his skin but he is lashing out. more approximate responses to the decisions we've seen from these judges. let's not forget it's something that then candidate trump did in indiana, saying he couldn't fairly rule on a case because of his mexican heritage. clearly, president trump is aware of the protests going on around the country. what we've not seen him do is directly address them, directly try to address the protesters. in some ways he is simply saying let's focus on the issue here, try to keep america safe. if it's not safe then it's this
1:36 pm
judge's fault. don't worry about t protesters over there. katherine, monday we expect to see some legal decisions. by some watchers it will not go president trump's way. should he put that on the shelf or continue to move forward in his efforts? >> one thing we're looking at now is a point where the uncertainty and the kind of political risk that he is introducing into the system are so high that the political payoff may start to not look worth it. when you have a situation where lawyers are advising people jump on a plane right now and get back into the united states, because we literally have no idea what's going to happen on mond monday, it's not just individuals that are suffering but the airlines, employers, the dhs itself. i imagine those institutions pushing back on trump in a way that he might be responsive to.
1:37 pm
>> what we're seeing in terms of response is folks hitting the streets. and some have said basil it will help to congeal the left but it may help to congeal the right. we were seeing pro trump supporters in new york city. >> i have no doubt that the people who support donald trump are strong supporters of his and no matter what they see from the left they'll be solidly behind him. the protests that you are seeing are really galvanizing people both on the left and on the right. i think you're startin it see it impact members of the house and senate. you're starting to see them, little by little, try to push donald trump back by the time you see we're going to pay for this, the federal government is pay for that. mitch mcconnell saying the government will not pay for his
1:38 pm
voter fraud investigation, whatever that mait may be. but certainly elected members of congress. and i think this little threat of street level bureaucracy. governors, mayors, attorneys general of different states also helping to push this battle forward. >> where the action is really happening right now. gabe, let's build on what basil was saying there, mitch mcconnell saying legislation on this immigration ban not needed. are we seeing a little bit more light between mitch mcconnell and lead republicans and president trump? >> yeah. i think what we're clearly seeing is people like mitch mcconnell, leaders on capitol hill trying to determine what their relationship will look like moving forward. and what we saw from mcconnell is you have your priorities, we have our priorities. let's try not to mix these too much. let's not forget that donald trump does not, on a lot of these issues, necessarily represent the priorities of
1:39 pm
mainstream republicans. >> the affordable care act. what a lot of them don't care to see is a long, protracted fight on issues like this travel ban. clearly, president trump wants to have this fight and wants to rile up his base. folks on capitol hill are saying your base is not necessarily our base. we need to be able to move this forward. >> all three of us will be watching when speaker ryan comes out with a tax plan. then we'll see how much light there is between capitol hill and the white house. thank you all three. basil smilko, katherine, and dave debenedetti, go watch the game now. >> thank you. the world on edge, even america's closest allies are worried from australia to great britain. what we are hearing overseas. and look ahead to next hour, stephanie gosk takes over,
1:40 pm
speaking with the lu on their strategy. and new political ads defending betsy devos as she inches closer to a potential confirmation.
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so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. just don't worry about it. they're tough. we have to be tough. it's time we're going to be a little tough, folks. we're taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtually. it's not going to happen any more. it's not gths happen anymore. >> president trump claims reports of a heated conversation with the australian prime minister, that they were false. but days into his presidency, he alienated the president of mexico and before he angered china, suggesting that the one china policy was negotiable. bans from several muslim majority nations have inspired protests around the world. his affinity for russian
1:44 pm
vladimir putin and that many nations are taking advantage of the united states has european countries on edge. will trmp's foreign policy mean a new world order? joining us now to discuss this is karen donfried, also now currently president of the fund. do you worry about those tough phone calls? >> so, it is extremely untraditional for a u.s. president to engage for the first time since joining the white house team, have these phone calls where rather than treating those allies with respect, he is proud of the tough tone that he's taking. so our allies are wondering if the u.s. wants to overturn the past 70 years of warm relations
1:45 pm
with our allies since the end of world war ii. >> want to bring the idea of nato and germany, as that very important country in the eu and talking about also the relationship with the uk. we have a new election in france that is kicking off there. are we seeing a realignment? you at the german marshall fund focus on this crossatlantic relationship that has been so important for so many decades. >> we see that our allies want to build a constructive relationship with president trump. we saw the british prime minister teresa may come and have an official meeting in the white house a week ago friday. since that visit, which i think she felt went relatively well. since she's gone back home over 1.5 million brits have signed a petition saying they don't want to see president trump make a state visit to the uk. chancellor merkel of germany has sought to build a strong
1:46 pm
relationship with the new president, sending her new foreign minister here this week, the first foreign minister to meet with newly installed secretary of state tillerson. she wants to build that relationship. a new survey in germany this past week where in november, 59% of germans said the u.s. was a trustworthy ally. and today that is down to 22%. >> 22. >> stunning 37 percentage-point drop in how germans view the u.s. so, you see, all these leaders trying to manage the relationship and their domestic publics. >> stunning statistic there, karen. and it's trending down. in davos, the issue of leadership, economic leadership, the topic wasn't necessarily all the united states. in fact, xi jinping from china, when he spoke there, that was all the talk. when we look at future economic leadership, is the united states starting to fall back a little
1:47 pm
here from the europeans' eyes? >> one of the big trans-atlantic projects had been a trans-atlantic trade and partnership, free trade agreement. and there is suspicion that president trump will back away from that in a way that he will not pursue trans-atlantic partnership. so it will be interesting to see with whom, if not the united states, they want to conclude those agreements. >> karen donfried, we could talk all day. so many topics with regard to international relations. especially trans-atlantic relations, something you know so well. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks, richard. among the 10 million expected to turn on the tv and watch the super bowl one of those, president trump. he spent a lot of time creating and watching television. there isn't much that he misses.
1:48 pm
savannah sellers is her on that very topic. what did you find out? >> as you mentioned we do know that president trump consumes on comments on quite a bit of media. the topic actually even came up just this week at the national prayer breakfast when trump suggested we, quote, pray for arnold and those ratings, referring to the tv ratings of the apprentice. >> i just retweeted the best tweet i mean, wow, what a great, smart tweet. >> "saturday night live" has millions of viewers each week. one of its recent keys to success? alec baldwin's donald trump. one of its reliable viewers? donald trump himself. moments after this sketch, trump tweeted about it, calling the shoet, quote, unwatchable and totally biased. we know a lot about trump's media consumption. >> i really see a lot of great -- you know, when you watch your show and all the other shows -- >> how he rapidly reacts on
1:49 pm
twitter. just last week, he quoted about the quote, carnage in chicago, seemingly random but was after a fox news report on violence in the city, likely inspiring the tweet. and it appears evening news and snl aren't all he tunes in to. >> he loves to not only watch the morning shows live, he will dvr them so he can see the tops of more than one show. >> a month after the election, trump tweeted his response to a segment on ""morning joe"" saying bill clinton called him, not the other way around. >> journalists should know that the president of the united states is not only watching but he's going to respond in real time. >> trump has been known to follow and comment on the media's portrayal of him since well before his campaign for the white house. now thquestions, can a habit like this continue while holding the highest office? >> i can't imagine a president of the united states being able to watch ""morning joe"" and "fox & friends" and "60 minutes"
1:50 pm
and "meet the press" and also do the job of the presidency. >> recent presidents have chosen to stay away from coverage of their administration. >> you look at george w. bush or barack obama or even back to richard nixon, these presidents said i can't really make a decision well if i'm involved in the hourly coverage. >> reporter: for now, the president might be watching, twitter handle at the ready. unless the duties office keep him too busy to watch tv. meantime while he is watching tv, it appears that ad rates are actually increasing. politico reported yesterday that prices for issue advocacy spots have gone way up during shows he typically watches in an effort to actually influence the president and his advisers. richard? >> msnbc's savannah sellers, thank you so much for that report. >> thank you. super bowl li, live outside the stadium in houston with both die-hard fans and protesters alike. the halftime show. will lady gaga get political?
1:51 pm
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the match-up between the two teams are not only things, leaving millions of viewers on the edge of their seats. we've got politics, shoulderering its way into the mix. leaving a question, including what's in store for this year's halftime show with lady gaga. nbc's jacob rascon is in houston, following all that for us. hey, jacob. >> hey, richard. in fact, on the lady gaga front, it turns out she can keep a secret pretty well. a lot of rumors about what may happen during that half time show. her friend and crooner, tony bennett will show up, for example, rumors she'll repel from the roof and all sorts of stuff.
1:55 pm
maybe 400 people initially. that's dwindled down to 400 people. they're chanting, marching and have stopped now actually out in front of where people and fans are walking by on their way to the game. david, if you don't mind, tell me why for you it was important to be here today. >> i believe today is our patriot duty to be here, to speak for the people that are not able to speak for themselves. >> and you're referring to refugees. i know this because i see your sign, texans welcome refugees. >> all affected by the ban and we want to make sure that they understand that houston is a welcoming city and it's our patriotic duty to speak up on their behalf. >> what do you hope that chanting and marching accomplishes? >> we want to make sure that those people that really don't have the opportunity to be here, i'm very privileged and understand many people are not able to come out today or they may not be able to represent themselves so i truly hope and pray that we'll be able to
1:56 pm
represent them here and speak for them and to make sure that our voices are heard, their voices are heard, that changes are taking place within the -- that justice is truly served today. >> we will walk through a little bit so you can get a taste of what it's like in there. mostly an anti-tmp feeling. a lot of the chants, lot of the talk is about that. a lot of it having to do with refugees as well. richard, back to you. >> jacob, thank you for that report. houston having a very, very large immigrant population as well as a very large refugee population. interesting to take the pulse there in houston, texas. that does it for us this hour. stick around. stephanie gosk picks up our coverage next. ight because the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i had to start hiding the bag because he would try to put his face in it all day. yeah you love it, don't you? you love it so much! i feel like when he eats beneful, he kinda turns into a puppy again. it's protein. it's vegetables. it's grains.
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afoot and lit-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. hello, everyone. i'm stephanie gosk, live at msnbc headquarters in new york. happy super bowl sunday. the trump immigration ban is
2:00 pm
still blocked this hour. appeals court denies a trump administration bid to get the ban reinstated. we'll look ahead to the appeals process and a possible supreme court hearing. i'll speak frto an attorney fro the aclu. both sides are on the offensive as trump's education pick moves closer to a vote. live in houston outside the stadium. update on the halftime show, protests and ramped up security. but first this hour, president trump speaking in his first presuper bowl interview. the president commenting on the rollout of his highly controversial executive order on immigration and current relations with iran. >> it's another big week for the trump administration. judge gorsuch that rollout went very smoothly, i think. >> yes, it did. >> the


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