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Trump Administration
  For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  March 1, 2017 3:02pm-3:14pm PST

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vice president mike pence joining me, the vice president of the united states. vice president mike pence. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> i interviewed you so many times i called you congressman, governor, now mr. vice president. >> very humbling. >> or can't hold a job, right? just teasing. justtizi tieasing. how is the job? >> greatest privilege of my life to be the vice president for the 45th president of the united states. i think people saw last night at the podium the president that i work with every day. he's someone i like to say with broad shoulders, a big heart, and a vision for the country that the reaction that we're hearing all over the united states today is an affirmation of the kind of leadership that i know he's going to continue to bring for this country. >> he had a broad agenda last night. >> he did. >> he talked about a lot of things and the thing that occurred to me is everything he talked about costs money. costs lots of money.
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and you've got, you know, so you got to get it. where are you going to get this money? >> well, we actually produced this week the outlines of the budget that the president will submit a little bit later this month and he's obviously placed a premium on rebuilding the military. look, because of -- >> $54 billion, extra, right? >> it's $54 billion, may be a defense supplemental before that so it may actually be more than that. if the congress will approve it, it will be the largest single-year increase in defense spending since the reagan administration, but look, greta, we need it. the truth is that our servicemen and women routinely inform us as leaders on capitol hill know about the shortages, about the lack of new equipment, about the lack of resupply. we have to make that investment in the military. now, the president's outline actually has budget cuts that would offset those. we'll begin that process of going forward, but -- >> so -- >> -- putting the security of the american people will be the top priority. >> so something is going to get
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hurt, the epa is going to lose some money. if you do budget cuts, every place look for a dollar for the military, you got to grab a dollar from something else. >> well, that's the goal is just like every family in america, you want to square your -- you want to square your books. you want to make sure that the income meets the outgo. and that the president does not want a budget that will add to the deficit and that outline achieves that goal. but remember, the other centerpiece of the president's agenda is all about growth. from the first day of this administration, we've been rolling back regulations that have been killing jobs in this country and the president last night called on the congress to pass the kind of tax reform for individuals and businesses that will unleash the full potential of the american economy. i mean, the way we meet the needs of this government, the way we actually tackle the issue of national debt, is to get this economy growing again. at 3% or more. the president's plan can do that. >> all right. how are you going to get the
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money? i keep going back to this money thing. being president, governing is a tough thing, the more money, the easier it is. we don't have a lot of money. we have a huge debt. you got the freedom caucus among the house republicans and they ran for -- they ran for their office saying they weren't going to get any bigger debt. well, if we're going to borrow money, all of a sudden they got a bigger debt, they got a bigger problem back home and will be mad at you. >> you know, when i was in the hou house of representatives i was one of those conservatives and still am. so is the president. this is a president who's built a great business career. he knows how american free enterprise will thrive. that's why top priority, repeal and replace obamacare with -- we do away with the mandates and taxes but we replace it with the kind of reforms that make sure no one is left behind in medicaid. we take care of pre-existing conditions but also harness the power of the private marketplace allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. that with regulatory reform with an infrastructure bill the
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president's committed to using public and private dollars and with tax relief, we really believe is going to do as president john f. kennedy said, will cause all ships to rise, that rising tide, that growing economy. that's how we'll meet the needs of our government and that's how we'll ultimately -- we'll ultimately restore fiscal sanity to washington, d.c. >> i don't want to be the naysayer, but you talk about the infrastructure bill back in 2009, the president obama, then-president obama stimulus bill had a huge component, was in infrastructure and a lot of republicans voted against it, so how do you convince them now, those who are still here, now it's a good idea? it wasn't a good idea when they voted against it but now it's a good idea because their guy's in the white house. >> well, it's a great point but i would correct you respectfully. i mean, if that stimulus bill in early '09 had been mostly infrastructure, i bet it would have gotten a lot of bipartisan support. you saw bipartisan support last night when the president talked
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about our plan to invest a trillion dollars in rebuilding roads and bridges and infrastructure in this country. that stimulus bill was just a small part of that. what the president wants do is work with republicans and democrats and really meet the needs of restoring the information of this kun fromcou. roads mean jobs. not just road jobs. have the right infrastructure that creates an environment for investment that will put american people back to work. >> obama compare which obamacare, repeal and replace aspect of it. >> right. >> american people i think, as i can be so bhoeold, don't want t prices to go up anymore. >> right. >> they want pre-existing conditions to be covered they'd like expanded care if possible. how do you fix that? sounds more like from what i hear the conversations on capitol hill, isn't really repeal and replace, it's sort of like fix obamacare. are we fixing it or mean repe repealed and replaced with something brand new? >> we're going to repeal it and replace it with the kind of
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reforms that will lower the cost of health insurance without g w growing the size of government. i will tell you, it's not that americans want their health insurance to go up anymore, as the president said last night, in some states around the country, you've seen health insurance premiums go up 100%. >> that's arizona. >> the american people want to see the cost of health insurance go down, and that can work if we unleash the power of the marketplace. take care of people with pre-existing conditions. the president made it clear he wants congress to do that. make sure states have the resources and flexibility to manage medicaid in a way that leaves no one behind among our most vulnerable citizens. but with regard to that replacement, what we want to do is create that national marketplace. the american people know that they ought to be able to buy health insurance the same way you buy life insurance and the way you buy car insurance. it's across state lines. a broad range of choices. instead of having government approved, government mandated health insurance, that only results in higher costs and less coverage. >> so we can afford -- we can
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afford the new program that you're proposing, not going to push us farther in debt? >> i believe that we can. and our entire administration working with secretary price at hhs, we had a good meeting today with the leadership of the house and the senate. and i think you're going to see literally in the coming days a very brisk pace on capitol hill to keep our word to the american people and come out at the end with a better system, a better program, that will give americans more choices and ultimately from our medicaid program on up through the whole population, give people a chance for better health care coverage and better health. >> explain to me why you were in the house in one of your other lives, why can't they be working on all these things at once? why can't the committees be working on obamacare, the committees be working on infrastructure, committees working on tax reform? i mean, all of them. instead we have to wait and it's drip, drip, drip. >> well, to a large ex-dent, th they are. preliminary work is being done on various committees on broad range of the president's
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priorities but actually the resolution that will repeal obamacare is a budget resolution, has to be passed before another budget resolution can be passed this spring. we'll do repeal and replace first, then the president wants us to move on a broad range of issues related to ending illegal immigration, rebuilding the military, infrastructure and then this spring use the second budget bill, which has to wait until after the first one, to pass the kind of tax relief that will really unleash the energy of the american economy. >> all right. let me reach beyond our borders to a terrible topic, chemical weapons. we have the situation with the half-brother of kim jong-un being murdered with a chemical weapon about two weeks ago. and we've got the situation where the resolution in the u.n. where it was going to increase sanctions against syria for use of chemical weapons on at least three occasions against its citizens was vetoed by russia and china.
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chemical weapons. we don't -- there's not been much discussion, i take it that the pentagon is all over this, but what are we going to do about north korea? i mean, we're focused on the nuclear weapons but now we see evidence of this. >> i think the president's made it clear that the issue of north korea already garnered a cig kamt amount of attention by our administration. i know while prime minister abe was visiting the united states, north korea actually fired a missile in the direction of japan. it fell in the ocean about 200 miles short, but the provocations by and what we assume is the murderous act most recent of kim jong-un against his half-brother using chemical agents, vx agents, i think should be deeply troubling and the american people should know that our administration is in the process of talking to our allies in the region and discussing ways that we can -- that we can deal with the rising
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threat of north korea. >> i don't pretend to know the solution, but it seems like every administration has tried something. we've tried talking to them. we've tried sanctions. we've tried six-party talks. and what's happened is that every time you pick up the newspaper, they're moving further and further ahead. they've had another test on a nuclear weapon last september, i think it was their fifth successful one. they've got the missile launch that you just spoke on. you know, i'm not suggesting we invade them, not suggesting anything. are there any new ideas? because this is -- the signs are bad. they're not moving in a direction in a good direction, they are creeping in a very bad direction. >> well, and the world community and community in the region, and the united states, are committed to a nuclear-free korean peninsula. and part of what you're going to see the president do is continue to engage china, continue to engage russia, japan, other allies in the region. of course, south korea. to bring pressure to bear to achieve that objective of a
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nonnuclear korean peninsula. >> one last question. islam -- is radical islamic terrorism a term you would use? i know that the president used it last night, but we're hearing that our new national security adviser recommends that we not use it. >> we all fully support the naming of our -- of what it is that we face on t. on the campaign trail, president trump was the first in the famous speech in ohio to name radical islamic terrorism and said we need to bring the broadest range of resources to bear, not just military, but also on the internet, also with our allies, also reaching out to moderate voices in the islamic world to join us to eradicate radic radical islamic terrorism from the world. at this very moment, our administration, leadership at the department of defense, are developing plans to begin that process by focusing on hunting
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down an destroy isis at its source, and the recent operation in yemen was a highly successful operation against al qaeda and we'll continue. we'll continue those efforts and with renewed energy to defeat those who would project force against our people, threaten the people of the united states or our u our alleys. >> so many topics. it's a complicated job you have. >> it is. it's a priveg