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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  March 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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daily" and if it is sunday, catch "meet the press" on local nbc station. for the record with greta starts right now. he is an agent for foreign power and trump named him head of national security adviser. lieutenant general michael flynn was lobbying while advising candidate trump. record shows flynn was paid more than one-half until to represent turkish interests. some members may have known about his foreign government rk. white house secretary saying this today. >> in this case, he
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retroactively filed the forms he was supposed to do. we did the right thing then and we expect every employee to follow the law. >> nbc chris jansing is at the white house. >> here we have a situation in which the white house find itself in control. nbc confirming by getting federal paper work that general flynn was made more than $500,000. today sean spicer said the president did not know anything about that. he also said at the time, flynn was a private citizen. look at the time line. he had given a speech at the rnc. three weeks later he signs this
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contract. he is required bylaw to sign up, something he didn't do. take a look at exchange. >> look, i think we trust people to fill out the appropriate forms they need to. and the president acted accordingly. >> he may have been taking -- >> this is like saying, can you tell me, that the executives have gone through every single person's background. we trust poeople to fim oull ou forms. >> republicans are raising questions about that in the vetting process. steve king says makesyou wonder in an adequate background hack down. this getting healthcare through
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congress. one more things. it's not just the transition team, we have seen the reports they knew, there were reports in the media questioning whether or not his lobbying conflicted with him being in top secret grieves. fl in addition to that we said -- does this raise ethical questions. there's a lot of questions being asked tonight. >> chris, do you get a sense they understand the seriousness of this. here is guy representing a foreign government, turkey. meanwhile they think it's enough to say go sign in and fill out the papers.
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-- getting paid a fortune and he is intelligence gribriefing wit candidate trump. they don't see anything wrong. >> didn't it set off alarm bells. did it raise a regular flag. why wasn't the president made aware. none of that cracked the press secretary. he was saying he is private citizen. mike pence was asked about it, he said this is first he's heard about it. by the way, i should say, we did try, nbc news did try to reach flynn but have been unsuccessful. facing questions about
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wiretapping claim. >> we'll going -- we're going to get to work. >> no response from the president. >> you think it's incumbent to come out straight as he is pushing the justice at the present time to come out and do so. >> gosh, i'm trying to theoretically do i think the director of the fbi who knows for a fact that something is mythology and set the record straight, yes, he should say
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that publicly. >> there's a letter to the fbi and justice department asking what department of documents would exists. they want a response by march 13. -- making second trip in cia headquarters reviewing materials. with me congressman democratic. just a follow up. sean spicer said it was legal what general flynn was doing in the campaign, getting money as a foreign representative for turkey. where is the judgment. why is the line for judgment? >> i think the judgment is poor. it's consistent with the statements he made about muslim. someone who should have a world
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view, he seems to enjoy dividing people by religion. >> he gave a fire speech. two weeks later he gets hired to represent turkey as foreign age. the judgment to tell him, go file your papers. >> i think it's unacceptable. i think you have an administration that has focused on hillary clinton and tried to frame her to be this unethical person. but the unethical questions are growing around donald trump and his cronies. >> there's a letter that has gone from the doj you want information. what are you looking for? >> we clearly want to see the actors who were involved in the administration who around trump's campaign, paul manafort
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and others who had contact with the russian government. were they trying to do pay for pay, were they promised anything, what kind of promises were made, what kind of wheeling and dealing were offered during the exchange. >> nobody ever get answers. you never get answers. will get answers by 30th. >> -- do you expect to get one by march 13th on this. >> y. >> then what do you do? >> we have bipartisan committees in congress, next to armed services, i think i think it's clear that this hearing on the 20th will allow us to unearth
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certain truths from those intelligence heads who served under president obama for us to see the growing influence of russia and her tactics to get a foothold in other nations and had they used the tactics to influence our elected officials. >> do you expect your hearing on the 20th to be out in the public? the american people are going to be suspicious if you don't put it out in public. >> i'm hoping there would be series of hearings this year and next year that will be pronounce and and give the american people comfort they deserve.
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>> unless it's out in the open for the people to say for themselves. >> the american people are smart enough to understand there's information that keeps everyone safe that we cannot release to the public. >> congressman, nice to see you. >> the man in the hot seat is fbi comey. it was not long ago it was all smile when he met with president trump at the white house. >> he has become more famous than me. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> there are reports director comey wants the justice department to shoot down the wiretapping claims. today the top democrats said that could change. >> march 20th, the hearing,
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comey will be prepared to talk about the issue. >> he will be prepared for the questions i don't see any reason he can't answer. >> with me former assistant. i put myself in director comey's shoes. there's no way he can win on this. if he wants to speak out, it compromises the investigation. if he doesn't, everyone thinks he is hiding something. >> we have a divided nation. secondly, trust and confidence in this institution is over our shoulder is among the lowsest in congress. last summer it was 9% in the poll i read.
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the phrase he uses is sound bites he utters are used to shape direction, to shape the understanding in a way that's is politicalized. >> i heard, i heard the worst things by republicans said about director comey. >> i think that's a reflection of politics in america that if comey is independent. if he is not saying something that supports a republican or democratic or liberal view, he is a devil incarnate. that's a reflection that he is doing his job well. that he is independent and the organization is independent. that's is truly a manifestation of how well he is forming. >> should he make a statement
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about what is known or what is happened or didn't happen about surveillance? >> part of the problem is if it's an ongoing investigation, something could change next week. that changes what he says tomorrow. he has to be narrow in that you don't want to tell a foreign -- give it a rest. let this man do the investigation. we'll see if it was fair or not. there was so many shots fired at him. everyone has an agenda. >> we saw last week, he came out
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and said this was a fort coming and ben fish -- >> nice to see you. what's going on state department. we are learning he plans to leave the reporters behind. what's with that. who is cia leaker. is there a russia connection. glenn greenwald join us live. tonight we look back on the history made and we look forward on what you can expect. we'll have presidential historian. >> a new chapter of american greatness and now beginning. a new national pride is sweeping across our nation.
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advers secretary of state rex tillerson had face time with his boss today. there's lots of talk whether rex tillerson is out of the loop tonight. he did not know a foreign diplomat was in the town. >> i think that the foreign minister of mexico was in town meeting with, according to the mexica, kune macmaster. is there no meet him. >> i was unaware he was -- foreign minister was in town. i'm not sure i cannot speak to whether there's going to be any meetings at the state department at any level.
3:19 pm
>> the spokesperson didn't know. he spoken to tillerson over the phone. it's been tough for the state department. andrea was escorted out . >> can you respond to the threats from china. >> thank you. let's go. >> mr. minister, are you sure the trump administration will be strong against vladimir putin? >> can you assure us that russia not be able to move further in ukraine? >> thank you. >> we have not had time in here. >> moments ago rex tillerson refused to answer questions. shouted out by our producer at state department. >> are there plans u.s. oil
3:20 pm
investment in iraq. did you talk about u.s. invement? >> now we find out secretary tillerson plans to leave u.s. media behind. several major news organizations writing a letter protesting this decision. he is author of red line. nice to see you pj. >> hello, greta. >> first of all, let's talk about -- south korea and china. thought on this? >> you have been on the trips as a journalists as well. there's a value for the journalist to understand what
3:21 pm
they are doing around the world. >> a couple of things, we pay first class for the plane tickets. we pay for the plane as taxpayer. the american people and we ought to know what's going on. >> the secretary has been muted in his first 50 days on the job. i understand there's a learning process. he has an impressive international resume but he never been secretary of state. i think if he is trying lower hi pofile internationally, i thinhe going to find that's not the job description of the secretary of state. as ceo of exlon mobile he is --
3:22 pm
>> not visiting the state department with the coup terrify parts, when mexico being vital, that suggests to me something is awry. >> the degree into which trump is going to invest into diplomacy. that's going to speak volumes. >> 30%. >> there's going to be more support in the congress for that budget than perhaps there is in the white house. i would not say that secretary rex tillerson is out of the loop. remember trump and mexican
3:23 pm
president, when you're talking about things like renegotiating nafta or how a wall is going to be built and who is going to pay for it, the answer is -- >> what do you think achieved -- >> groing attention with north korea. since the missiles were fired in japan's direction. he needs to push china to do more. the president is right about that, that china can do more. but chinese are frustrated that kim jong-un is not listening to they. obviously, in south korea that's political turmoil. in china, the silence or in
3:24 pm
muting the secretary of the state leaving china to talk about the future path is. >> the media should be there. >> the secretary of state needs focal about that relationship. i'll talk to general greenwald. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card.
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don't believe those phony nuers. the number is probably 28 or 29 as high as 35. >> 5% figure is one of the biggest hoaxes. >> that was then. today the president certainly is singing a different tune. here is what white house sean spicer said about that. >> i talked to the president prior to this, he said to quote
3:28 pm
him clearly. they may have been phony in the past but it's real now. >> the february jos report showing 235,000 jobs added. this stock market breaking records since president trump was elected. >> donald trump is going to claim credit for the jobs number today. i find that to be humorous. >> with me, ben, first to you. to paraphrase it would be nice if people didn't want to take credit for things and enjoy the fact we have 235,000 job this month. who should get credit? >> it's fair to say any occu
3:29 pm
occupiant better or worse -- to a degree trump is able to take credit. this is a continuation that began under obama. the numbers are the same of 2015 and 2016. is there trump bump influence in here? may be at the margin, a little b bit. this is really the reflection of the same job growth we have seen in the last eight year. so i think the weather more than i thank donald trump. >> how can we get up to 300,000. >> that's going to be heavy list because the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates. i very much agree with ben in terms of where this isme coming from. this is long going trend that
3:30 pm
donald trump has nothing to do with. i'm not sure he going to be able to do it by the way. >> after he gave -- >> i think the market is leaning over the skis a little far. in the job market, we're in -- 7% consumption in the econy s that's going to make the economy grow. >> what is -- is there anything on the horizon that may suggest he can get it up more? >> there's a bunch on the horizon. some of it has to do with plans for tax cut. if they are able to move on path healthcare, the plan that
3:31 pm
slashes taxes on corporations, do a giant infrastructure package, that would leads to faster growth and cause companies to hire more. the controversial piece of that is on trade. the idea that this would spur domestic manufacture. the problem is do we get into trade war with mexican or china. i'm not sure. >> i think the thing that unrealistic is what ben said, that they will get growth rate from 2% to 3%. it's not going to happen. the stuff been was talking about can add a little sugar high but
3:32 pm
not a lasting change. >> what about the people who don't have jobs, who don't have skills. those are the people who need to lift up and happy and inspire. >> it's an important point that gets lost, 80% of the benefits go to the top wealthest 10%. >> middle and lower people are catching a little bit of a buzz, if you look at the wage gauge at the top or the wealth gains from the market, that's where the growth has gone. >> why not everybody wins in term of inequality. pit the wealthy against the -- >> i totally agree with you. you will not get with you if you
3:33 pm
boost the tax cuts of those at the top. get rid of programs that help people with the middle. >> there's a lot of manufacturing job available. there's more opening but we don't have the skills to fill them. >> we should be working on that. >> he should be talk about vo-tech. >> with that i have to go. let's get people skilled to fill the job. >> -- >> thank you. what is first 50 days in office. i'll talk to president historian. eo game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪
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♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you let's turn to healthcare. this ming monday, we expect to get cbo score. meanwhile, the white house seems to be trying to work the represents. >> the cbo was way off the last time. if you're looking for accuracy, you're looking in the wrong place. >> they have been underperforming. >> the fate of obamacare is make everybody buy our health insurance, young and healthy
3:38 pm
people go into market and pay for the older and sicker people. >> what mandate does he take issue with. >> what about men having to purchase prenatal care. >> i'm back with burn stien and, where should we look to get an idea of what this means? >> first of all, cbo is not way off. it's going to be an important score because it's going to certainly show that under the republican's healthcare plan, there will be significantly reduced coverage. 15 million people will lose coverage. paul ryan is wrong about this. >> is it true, i can't imagine, maybe 25-year-old are more
3:39 pm
responsible than i was, i cannot imagine if i'm feeling healthy and i think i can buy the mandate or pay the penalty, why should i pay for older people who have sick. is mandate a eat funder? >> yes, that'she whole idea of insurance with car insurance, with people who don't have accidents are subsidizing people who do. so it would seem to be more inclined to be a debt spiral than what we have now. it would be a penalty if you think you will never die and go without, you'll pay 30% premium, you'll pay to the insurance company not the federal government. the score is going to be 600 billion or moreover ten years. because you're cutting taxes on
3:40 pm
rich people. >> i heard that premium went up over 100%. 30% in a number of states. do you think they are jump something and something should be done? >> the average was 25%. >> which is a lot. >> a ton. two years before that it was 7%, and 2%. flob nobody is talking about that. >> insurers in the individual market have to -- cbo tells us that the premiums payments are where they thought they were. they are not negative scorekeepers that the republicans can -- >> thank you both. president trump has been in office 50 days, what happens in the next 50. i'll talk to michael beschloss next. for lower back pain sufferers,
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today marks 50 days since trump walls sworn in. in 50 days he signed 16 executive orders. we have comed through the sound bites and tweets of the past 50 days. we're going to take you world wind trip of the last 50 days. >> from this day forward, america first. >> this is the biggest inaugural protest in history. >> this largest ever to witness inauguration. period. >> sean spicer gave alternative facts. >> president false claims that
3:45 pm
millions cast fraudulent votes. >> which begin border wall. >> the president and myself have agreed to cancel meeting. >> keep terrorists out of the united states. >> protests throughout the country at airports this as president trump executive order bans refugees from muslim countries. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. >> i noticed that fake tears i'm going to ask who was acting coach. >> gorsuchominated to the supreme court. >> president trump is set to address national prayer breakfast. >> i want to pray for arnold if we can. >> imposing new sanctions on iran. >> the opinions of the judge is
3:46 pm
red ridiculous and would be returned. >> we need strong programs so people that love us are allowed in. >> somehow down getting underway of executive order. >> president trump lashed out on twitter at for nordstrom for dropping his daughter's brand. >> we'll see you in court twice. >> breaking news about michael flynn and contacts with russia. >> breaking news overnight, north korea firing ballistic missile into sea. >> trump turntable into open air situation room. >> if what lead the president to ask for general flynn's
3:47 pm
resignation. >> let is a wonderful man treated unfairly by the media. the news is fake because s much of the news is fake. >> this is by america and hire america. you look at what happens happening last night in sweden. there was no attack in sweden. h.r. mcmasters as -- >> anything you want to think about is terrible. >> town hall meetings across the country. >> i want you to know that we are fighting the fake news. it's fake. >> washington would not work without leaks. >> whether anyone on the campaign have contact with russian officials will not go
3:48 pm
away. >> thank you. a new chapter of american greatness is now beginning. a new national pride is sweeping across the nation. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> sessions spoke twice with russian ambassador during the campaign. >> recusal is an admission that something was wrong. >> i have seen no evidence of the allegation we have seen in the media. >> i have no insight into who he is referring to. >> republicans leaders release long awaited bill to replace obamacare. >> i'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives. >> bill facing strong opposition from republicans and democrats.
3:49 pm
>> president trump in ongoing debate over claim he was wiretapped. >> the economy doing better of the trump presidency. >> michael beschloss and alan -- what we know about president and first 50 days in office. what has he done well in first 50 days? >> he has done well. that 50 days that we seen, it seemed like 500 days. so much happened. is this someone who expand his base beyond those who voted or what he do what he said he would do during the campaign. the president has little interest in bringing in the
3:50 pm
people who did not vote forehim. >> let he is doing what he said would do. >> we honor people who during the campaign make promises and miracle and miracles they try to fulfill them and he deserves creditor that. >> what has he done right during the first 50 days? >> donald trump is donald trump. he is the person we met on the campaign trail over his decades in new york. jim and i did the known knowns about trump today and axis a.m. and we said one of the first thing about him is he is not going to change. he is who you think he is. do you want it know somebody not going to change, a 70-year-old
3:51 pm
billionaire with his name on building that just became president. >> you have to sort through the tweets. besides all of that. what has been moved or not moved forward, the do we should be focusing on? >> that's right. day 12, we can leave out other 49 days, the naming of judge gorsuch will last. we'll see in the next 50 days how michael will judge the 100 days will there be points on the board. can he pass something, something that's going to last. so far we have is a booming stock market. he has uncouraged businesses to think about american jobs.
3:52 pm
making announcements, sometimes faux announcements but ceos are thinking about jobs in america. >> michael, everyone who sits down here before the segment starts, i have never seen anything like this. he certainly is a different president. is there any president that similar in terms of grabbing everyone's attention. >> in terms of what we have seen i i have been trying to think of parallel and they don't exist very much. one thing, he has been shrewd about getting what he wants from everyone fast. lby was elected with over welling majority with congress, i have six months because after
3:53 pm
six months i'll be asking members of congress to make sacrifes to ail nat their voters. >> i'm curious, do the first 100 days for tell what the days will be like? >> it gives you a sense of how -- >> this president has made promises in the first year tax reform -- >> that's going to be -- >> healthcare, they are working on it now. the wall is going to get started. i wouldn't be surprise if he does tax reform this year. the president said something different. >> if he does a couple of those
3:54 pm
things and the economy is good, the rest will burn away and he will be a success with just enough to keep him in office. >> we'll see if that's true or not. >> how is he doing on capitol hill. >> so far, he is asking for big things. hard to see if he going to get that. >> so far he is good cop but willing to play bad cop. coming up two more reasons why i think you should love the pretties. i'll show you next. escape from. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something
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i have something to say for the record. i love the brits. there's british comedy. how can you not love faulty towers. as we close the week, the brits fun with unfortunate skype on bbc world news. >> what wior the wider region. shifting sands in the -- in the
3:59 pm
north will change? >> pardon me. my apologies. sorry. north korea -- south korea's. >> come on, that could happen to any of us. my dogs bark when i do radioshows. he was supposed to give the queen but the toddler had other plans. the queen eventually got her flowers and and smiled through
4:00 pm
it. go to facebook -- like my facebook page. you want to be first to win the trivia contest. you may be the winner. "hardball" starts right now. trumped up. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. for six days president trump let there that president obama wiretapped him. that includes any evidence from the fbi. after going up to capitol hill, the director has no evidence that what trump said is true. today the presidentresed to answer questions abouthat


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