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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 11, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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his office tells us they are looking for larger venues. but if you're going to keep an eye on people pressuring their members of congress this weekend, watch those darrell issa town halls. they should be hot. is that the right word? that does it for us. we will see you monday. msnbc live is next. good morning. i'm dara brown in new york. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east and 4:00 a.m. out west. here's what is happening. new word from president trump pushing the gop plan to overturn boc obamacare as the vice president hits the road to sell the plan. but on capitol hill, there is a deep guidivide. we'll brill yng you the latest. and rex tillerson poised to take a critical trip in the coming trip to asia, but why he's been so reluctant to face press questions including those from andrea mitchell, whisked away after trying to get some answers. we'll examine the strategy behind that and what is next. plus the day's other big
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news, a march snowstorm already hitting parts of the country, but the worst is yet to come. details in a live report. we begin with the latest white house push for the republican health care plan. in a couple hours mike pence will travel to kentucky, home to republican senator rand paul, one of the most vocal opponents of the health care measure. here is president trump in this morning's weekly address. >> through seven long years of botched rollouts, soaring costs, canceled plans, and bureaucratic mandates, americans have called out for relief. and relief is what we are determined to give them. the law is collapsing around us. and if we do not act to save americans from this wreckage, it will take our health care system all the way down with it. if we do nothing, millions more innocent americans will be hurt and badly hurt.
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that's why we must repeal and replace obamacare. >> fallout this morning over the justice department's sudden firing of the 46 remaining u.s. attorneys hired by previous strooi strooiks administrations. it happened yesterday afternoon. a source tells nbc that one of the u.s. attorneys initially found out he was losing his job through media reports. meanwhile, one of the president's key supporters in congress is taking his wiretapping claims a step further. here's what republican congressman steve king told my colleagues yesterday. >> what we do suspect strongly is that general flynn was wiretapped. we believe that president trump was wiretapped in his conversation with the president of mexico. wiretapped again in his conversation with the prime minister of australia. and we have fairly definitive stories about the nifisa warran
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being requested. so seems to be factual. >> neither the president nor the white house have provided proof of wiretapping. here is peter al lerexander on and the new mike flynn controversy. >> reporter: nearly a full week after his can about ploes sif being explosive accusation, president trump still ignoring cae calls provide proof. house intelligence committee asking the department justice and fbi if they have any evidence to back up the president's claim. >> we're going to put to rest this bogus claim from the president that he was illegally wiretapped by his predecessor. >> reporter: it comes as the entire senate intelligence committee has been granted access to the most sensitive materials from the investigation into russian interference in the election. an unprecedented move. the white house is also in damage control trying to explain why former national security adviser michael flynn was attending secret intelligence brifings with then candidate
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trump while he was being paid as a foreign agent. lobbying to benefit the turkish government. federal records obtained show flynn received more than a half million dollars for three month of work that ended the day after the election. but he failed to register as a foreign agent as required by law until a few days ago. the white house defended its vetting. >> look, i think we trust people to fill out the appropriate forms that they need to. and in this case -- the president acted accordingly and you made the right call. >> reporter: flynn was fired last morngts not for failing to fire the proper paperwork, but for misleading the vice president about his contacts can the russian ambassador. >> makes you wonder if there has been an adequate background check that has been done and how thorough it might have been. i do think that is something that we should take a look at. >> that was pete earth alex r a. joining me peter have a rezer r
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jane timm. jane, on this michael flynn controversy, it is clear whether the president nuf flu of flynn' work and if he didn't, why didn't he? >> flynn's team told the white houseof flynn's work and if he didn't, why didn't he? >> flynn's team told the white house transition team that he may need to register as a foreign agent. and that call does not raise alarms and that is a big question as to why it did not raise alarms when you have a president trump advocating for foreign agents in any kind of government or former government agents, he put a ban to having any foreign government agents lobby on of behalf foreign governments. but here he has a guy who is helping create his foreign policy while fwoworking for a foreign government. it goes against all of the promises that donald trump to america. >> hopefully we'll have answers soon on that. ken, kevin, there are also questions
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regarding the gop health care bill and saying that the house bill will not pass the senate. here's what senator tom cotton said. >> senator mcconnell and every other senator is well aware of where i stand and frankly where many republican senators stand who are troubled by the break neck pace at which the house is operating and the fact that this bill as written simply would not pass the senate because it would not reduce prices for insurance and make care affordable and personalized. >> so let's talk about this because some say even if the bill is passed by the house, it's dead on arrival in the senate. is that what you see happening? >> i spoke with senator rand paul who said just that, that this bill was dead on arrival should it make to the senate. vice president mike pence will be in kentucky later today. senator paul's home state as well as mitch mcconnell's. he will try to meet with business leaders to tout this health care bill. but look, we have a way for the congressional budget office to score this thing.
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they don't know when this budget office score will come back and this is where it gets interesting. if the budget office, the nonpartisan budget office comes back and says this bill will cost money, then the republicans house speaker paul ryan, president trump, they can't avoid the if i wouldly buster in the senate and that's where senator mike lee, senator rand paul, senator ted cruz, that's where their opposition really matters. sources i speak with inside the administration, they tell me that they are negotiating with republicans, that they're in bridge builder mode, they are in negotiation mode. they want to wait and see exactly what will happen. but either way, this has been a rocky rollout, but they have to win it over. mike pence doing all he can do in kentucky today. >> and it seems there are different sticking points for different republicans. what are the main issues? >> med cared icaremedicare, how cost, how this is not necessarily a full repeal. republicans that i speak with, the conservative groups like
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americans for prosperity led by of course tim phillips, they say republicans have campaigned for years on repealing all parts of obamacare. but you take a step back, there are parts of obamacare that are popular. heading into 2018. whether pre-existing conditions or young people being able to stay on the plan until they're 26, these are parts that are popular and when you head into 2018 midterms, some republicans up for re-election don't necessarily want to campaign against it. not to mention people could lose their health insurance. >> and jane, mike pence is heading to kentucky today to make a pitch there for the gop repeal/replace plan. here is rand paul from this week. >> republicans are in agreement on repeal, but we're not in agreement on replacement. we're widely apart on replacement. jim jordan and i introduced a clean repeal and let's vote on replacement same day, but
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separate separately. >> even if republicans all agree on repeal, can they ever agree on how to replace obamacare? >> as president trump said a week ago, this is a very complicated issue. i don't think that is news to most of us though president trump did act like it was something unusual. it is no surprise that they are all on board with repeal, but when you replace it, you take on all of its problems. so any health care bill bakes in some of the problems with the health care system into that bill and then that blame goes on to the party and i think republicans are very shy of that and republicans know if they do something and they lose a lot of health care, 15 million people could lose health care under this new bill. that is some of the estimates we've seen out there. that is 15 million people going to their town halls in 2018 pushing against it. and president trump as a candidate was very clear in his many views on health care, that he will get people covered. it willab be better. and that is a really high bar right now. and do it so quickly and to have
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so many people in your own party fighting over this, i'm not sure this is going to make it through. >> it might be a hard sell. kevin, also in the report house and senate intelligence committee members are getting unprecedented information on russia and its connections to the 2016 campaign. so when will the public get these answers? >> the committee will hold a hearing on this within the next two weeks. and all of the top u.s. intelligence officials are going to be testifying at that hearing. and i think that will be a key moment for when congress is able to finally get to ask some questions. there is no question though that this has become increasingly bipartisan concern, whether it's house oversight committee jason chaffetz asking questions or senator lindsey graham and senator john be mccain. either way the administration needs to put it behind them. there are still questions that continue to come up, but they are pushing back hard on their assertions that there was some meddling on behalf of the obama
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administration. they haven't provided proof, but these allegations are continuing and if you look at polling, both allegations seem to resonate. >> and they expect the claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower to be debunked. what do you think is expected at that hearing? >> i'd say in the last seven days when trump was tweeting it during this show, we haven't seen any proof. and the people on these committees say they haven't seen any proof. so i think you will have a committee hearing that says, well, we don't have anything on this issue. so until we see some proof, i think it's going to be a bit of a headline of a nothing burger. >> a nothing burger. jane timm, kevin cirilli, thank you so much. happening now, millions across the u.s. experiencing weather whiplash as temperatures swing from record highs to winter storms overnight. joining me now, bonnie
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schneider. good morning. what is in store for this weekend? it. >> arctic air is back. snow and possibly major snow on tuesday. right now though it feels like 5 in cleveland and it feels like 8 in new york. so we have some really cold air in place. that means temperatures will stay in the 20s and 30s, not just today, but also for sunday. in chicago, we'll be feeling a windchill of negative 5. there is snow in the forecast in the south. so in the mountains of the western piedmont, north carolina, also in south carolina light snow expected, but still anytime it snows there, big news. heavier snow through areas in the central and northern plains. that is through sunday where we could see 4 inches, maybe even 8 plus in some areas. and start of the week, likely to see a major storm emerge. low pressure from the west as well as developing off the coast will likingly bring heavy snow starting early tuesday, rain in the carolinas and delmarva. how much snow and exactly where
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the low will track is still yet to be determined. but most of the computer models are pointing toward a significant and substantial system developing on tuesday. so by the afternoon as the low intensify, we'll see very intense winds and likely heavy snow across some of the major cities in the northeast and maybe enmid-atlantic. so we're looking for heavy amounts on the i-95 corridor, even a foot of snow is possible. so this is something to watch if you're traveling for the first part of the week. likely to impact airports and certainly for those that are driving. and of course we have daylight savings time which is on sunday. kind of a cue that we're getting into the spring season march 20th. but as we get close to that date, we're looking at the potential for a major snowstorm. >> bonnie, thank you so much on. forced out. what was behind the trump administration's sudden move to force out the remaining obama u.s. attorneys? and how does this move stack up to former presidents?
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we as republicans have been waiting seven years to do this. the time is here. the time is now. this is the moment. and this is the closest this will ever happen. now is our chance and our opportunity do it. >> that is speaker paul ryan promising thursday that after more than #60 failed vote, hous republicans will finally repeal and replace president obama's signature legislation, the affordable care act. let's bring in kelly o'donnell. what is the white house's role in all of this? >> reporter: the white house is deeply invested in how this all rolls out for a repeal and replace. the president campaigned on it, so did republican there is congress. so part of what we will begin seeing is the white house engaging publicly, going on the road trying to make their own sales pitch. that begins today with vice
4:18 am
president mike pence heading to kentucky where he will meet with business leaders. and at the same time, this comes as the white house is getting some perhaps unexpected good news. the president trump is flexing his board room skills to pitch an obamacare overhaul. >> we're working together, we super v. some great results. >> reporter: hampered by resistance from some conservatives, vice president pence has been making his own rounds. >> move beyond the failed policies. >> reporter: to different groups to push the republican's health insurance plan. >> we will have an orderly transition to a better health care system. >> reporter: from health care to jobs, remember this campaign bravado? >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god on ever created about that remember that. >> reporter: back then, he discredited government job figures.
4:19 am
>> don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5% unemployment. >> reporter: but suddenly friday, those same labor department statistics had newfound credibility when president trump's first month in office showed a drop in unemployment. press secretary sean spicer reveled in the contradiction. >> yeah, i talked to the president prior to this and he said to quote him very clearly, they may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now. >> reporter: so that is a different way for the white house to handle one of those instances where it appears the president has flip-flopped or contradicted himself. in this case, there is a white house conversion that now that the numbers belong to them, they are happy to see an improvement in the jobs piktctures. and presidents often take credit or the blame when numbers go up or down even though the economy has many more factors. and there are some supporters of president obama who say the boost we saw in the jobs numbers
4:20 am
really had to do with the independent of his administration more than anything specifically president trump has done. >> kelly o'donnell, great to see you. thanks so much. well, what to make of the relationship between the press and the trump administration after an nbc reporter is stopped from asking secretary of state rex tillerson any questions. could this be the new norm?
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welcome back. i'm dara brown in new york. here's what we're monitoring. happening now in germany, a shopping center remains closed because police received credible information about an imminent attack. hundreds of officers are searching the area. and million dollars i don't knows across the u.s. are bundling up after temperatures swing from record highs to
4:27 am
arctic cold in a matter of hours. areas of temperatures below average range from montana all the way to the atlantic. and in just a few hours, vice president mike pence expected to speak in louisville, kentucky. he will be there drumming up support for president trump's plans to repeal and replace obama's health care law. one of the day's other big headlines, the trump administration taking abrupt action fry to force out 46 remaining u.s. attorneys who had not already resigned. joining me now, pete williams. pete, what happened? >> well, these are the top federal prosecutors. u.s. attorneys are all political appointees. nearly all put there by president obama, so it was clear that most would be moving on. in fact half of them already have. but now the rest have abruptly been told to clear out. 93 in all because some states have more than one. on friday, attorney general jeff sessions notified the remaining 46 that they should immediately submit letters of resignation. it happened so quickly that many of them first learned of it when
4:28 am
they received calls from reporters. in a brief statement the justice department said it was done as was the case in prior transitions. the staimt said career prosecutors will carry on the work of the u.s. attorney's offices until new u.s. attorneys can be nominated and confirmed by the senate. among those asked to step down was preet bharara, the u.s. attorney in manhattan, who led a major crackdown on financial fraud. he met with donald trump in late november and said that he had been asked to stay on and agreed to do so. but now a white house official tells us that the white house administration intends to accept his letter of resignation. and sean hannity urged the president to get rid of all holdover political appointees and some justice officials say they think the firings were a response to that. the obama and george w.
4:29 am
administrations replaced u.s. attorneys gradually, but in 1993, january net reno demanded resignations of all in the liniy days of the clinton administration. so it has happened before. >> and how much of this could disrupt justice department activity? >> well, this allege happens wh always happens when there is a change of administration so they expect that had this would happen. it's the abruptness of it that some are saying ishad this woul happen. it's the abruptness of it that some are saying is a bit disruptive, but i can't imagine that it will derail any cases. >> was did a surprise that the justice department didn't do this any earlier? if. >> no. in fact the u.s. attorneys had been told by the justice department to stay organization on not to leave when the inauguration took place, to hang in about there. the assumption on was that they would be replaced gradually.
4:30 am
>> and this is abrupt and it's quite a surprise with 46 being replaced. how long can we expect to take to actually replenish this workforce? >> well, it always takes a while. in fact sometimes it takes up to the first year to get every single is one of the 93 u.s. attorneys and there are 93 in the 50 states because some u.s. attorneys have more than one -- some states have more than one u.s. attorney. they're divided up into different districts. so the president has to nominate a political appointee and then they have to be confirmed by the senate. so it will take several months. >> pete williams, great to have you. always appreciate your insight. now to an important first for secretary of state rex tillerson. he's travel to go japan, south korea and china next week as tensions over north korea continue to escalate. but in a major departure from precedent, the press core not invited along for the trip. sean spicer said yesterday in his briefing the press are still
4:31 am
welcome to cover the trip by traveling commercially, but a reporter pointed out that it would take a major toll on the coverage. joining me now, steve clemmons, washington editor-at-large for the atlantic national journal. steve, what is the immediate impact of this? >> the immediate impact is that we won't be able to see wl wl rex tillerson really matters in trump's foreign policy or not. i've traveled with the vice president to prices like china, south korea and japan are a bit different, but it'salists to ge in and part of it is that you go partnership of sorts with the state department to make sure that our press pool is there to provide transparency and accountability and also cover what our secretary of state is doing because the chinese press, south korean press and january with sneeze pre japanese press are all there. so this is really an enormous slapary japanese press are all there. so this is really an enormous slap at american media and does
4:32 am
a disservice to american citizens. >> by having tillerson make this trip to asia, doesn't that automatically mean he matters? if. >> not necessarily. look, i think rex tillerson is a capable personf. >> not necessarily. look, i think rex tillerson is a capable person. >> not necessarily. look, i think rex tillerson is a capable person >> not necessarily. look, i think rex tillerson is a capable person who ran one of the largest koorcorporations. but it's not clear what kind of relationship does he have with the president, can he speak for the president of the united states, is he one of those few people who can can go out in the world and do that. is he someone who has a plan and vision in skuculpting the natiol security. and so right now he looks like an ornament, not someone who is part of the trump machinery. james mattis does and there are certain other people close to the president. but tillerson needs to sell himself and he's just done himself an incredible self inflicted disservice because we're not going to be able to
4:33 am
tell that story as easily as we might if he did in fact matter. >> sean spicer said this was strictly a financial decision. does that add up to you? >> absolutely not. when you travel with the secretary of state, when usual of o you're off with them, those costs are reversed back to the government. so media pace their way to gol you're off with them, those costs are reversed back to the government. so media pace their way to go with the secretary. i've talked to previous colleagues of secretary tillerson and it's clear that thus far he does not know how he feels about the media and coverage. he's had one of the slowest rommoroll jouts of any secretary of state and he's ambivalent at this point about media. but i have to tell you while we're out there trying to cover cutting edge and consequential news that matter, at some point his handlers will say to msnbc, to the new york time, we'd really like to show you what a good job our secretary is doing and it will be those times that
4:34 am
the media ought not to go. >> andrea mitchell was covering one of tillerson's photo-opes when this scene unfolded. watch this. >> mr. secretary, china has said there will be consequences for the deployment of anti-missile defenses in south korea. >> thank you. >> can you respond? >> thank you. >> you can assure us that russia -- >> let's go. >> we haven't had anytime in here. >> is this an omen of what is ahead for the relationship between the breast and tpress a department? >> pulling an andrea mitchell will become a new catch phrase because when they have photo-opes aphoto-o photo-opes, there have norms that have been established. i was have vice president biden who was meeting the turkish prime minister once and i made such a callout of a question. i didn't get escorted out like andrea, but the turkish were very, very harsh and difficult
4:35 am
at that moment. that is -- items our job 's our media to prose such questiose s. the fact that they east courted her out i think was a mistake. and i think you're now going to see other media stand up and begin doing exactly what andrea mitchell did because we're not hearing from the secretary tillerson, we're not getting responses from him. so he's going to have a hard time with how he's managed the media, his interactions, but they're not going away. and we'll find an opportunity to continue to try and ask him the questions the american public really needs to on hear responses to. >> steve, all of this follows reports of downsizing within the state department's administration. rachel maddow summed it up best. take a look. >> right after secretary tillerson was sworn? four top diplomats were told their service was not longer
4:36 am
needed, follow by more senior staff layoffs. and so fash the people being let go are not being replaced. tillerson positihimself still h deputy. latest plan from the administration call for a 37% cut to the agency's budget. 37%. and so far there has been no sign of any public push back against that from the secretary of state. >> what are the potential ramifications of having our dlo diplomatic arm operating like this? >> you're seeing in real time the diminution of the state department. the secretary of state and secretary of treasury have always -- now the secretary of defense as well two or three of the most important positions in the u.s. government. there was no pushback when the budget came out with the 37% slashing cut in what the trump administration was proposaling. and i remember seeing rex tillerson at a party after the alfalfa club dinner here in washington, he was three days away from confirmation. and already before he had been
4:37 am
confirmed, mike flynn and others had essentially engaged in a coup against the entire second and third tiers of the state department. and asked people to resign en masse. and this was something where now rex tillerson who was not yet confirmed was walking into a state department with none of the career people, none of the people that had been in place to help guide him and advise him. and right now i really feel sorry for him in a way because he doesn't have the muscle within his own department at that senior level to help him shape and prepare his own message, who he is, what he's trying to achieve. and so they're trying to -- but if rex tillerson had known they were going to do this, i wonder if he would have sold all those options in exxonmobil to take this job. >> interesting thought. always great to have you. well, health care battle, what is behind the rush to get it passed. plus why a former presidential candidate is asking his party to reach across the aisle. and in our next hour, two
4:38 am
doctors weigh in on the new bill and tell us whether there are any parts that could work for average americans. >> i have to tell you, items 's unbelievably complex subject. nobody knew health care could be so complicated. we've done well in life, with help from our advisor, we made it through many market swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back...
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with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. we're being told we must rush to pass this legislation. >> we need to show down and get it right. like mom used to say, you rush and you make mistakes. >> democrats are going to continue in their head long rush to pass a government takeover of health care. >> where i stand and frankly where many republican senators stand who are troubled by the break neck pace. >> we should have had more time. >> i guess history has a funny way of repeating steflitself. >> the difference between 2009 and 2017 is the republican house pushes its new health care bill. it would eliminate current
4:42 am
subsidies and replace them with a fixed refundable tax credit. big changes would also come to medicaid. potentially 15 million people would lose coverage under it. >> the congressional budget office is an organization that does their dog gonest to get numbers right but they have been woefully underperforming when it comes to evaluating health systems. and that is not because they're bad folks, it's because it's challenging stuff. >> the congressional budget office's official judgment is expected to be released monday. joining me now, joe watkins, rick tyler, and careen shampere. thank you all for being here. so joe, let's start with you. house vote is expected in two week. what is behind the need for speed here? even some republicans can't explain this rush. >> i don't think that speed
4:43 am
is -- obviously it gives an early win to the trump administration if they can get it passed. but you have to consider what we're doing here. and i think republicans if they're smart don't want to run the risk of making the same mistake democrats made before which is having a bill that doesn't have broad bipartisan support. if you work across the aisle with democrats, you can find a way to fix things that may not be currently working such as with medicare with expansion pi which 30 states benefit from. you can't have a bill that phases it out and doesn't have some kind of a reasonable replacement for it, some kind of alternative that works. you can't leave out poor people, working poor people and drug addicted people and people who are mentally ill. you have to make sure they're covered, too. you can't say we've cut costs but -- and these people are left out but we're okay because working class people who had
4:44 am
high premiums are now taken care of and businesses who were overly regulated don't have to worry because there is less regulation in this bill. you have to talk to people on both sides of the aisle and i think john kasich has it right that you have to work with democrats to have a bill that works for everybody. >> paul ryan was speaking on a radio show justifying this. take a listen. >> i do agree that this is momentum killing if we don't do this and get rid of the trillion dollar tax increases in obamacare, that just puts it further out of our reach. so a lot rides on this, not to mention just the schedule. we love kneel gogorsuch, we nee him in there. a lot rides on this. >> rick, do you think he's right? >> yeah, the momentum killing absolutely right. but they have a fundamental communications problem when it's a strunkctural problem and they are trying to pass it off as a
4:45 am
repeal and replace bill, but it is anything but. the reason they can't repeal it is because they won't have enough democrat votes in the senate because they would need 60 votes. democrats passed aca, affordable care act, with with reconciliation. now, parts of it can be undone with reconciliation. that's what they're doing. but they cannot have an outright repeal. they should just say so. instead they're trying to pass it off as if it's repeal. but if about there is no repeal, and there isn't, then there is no replace. and what we end up with is just a mar girn alley better aca or obamacare. >> and we have two democrats now commenting on this. what about this lack of cross i'll caisle consolidation? because the democrats say they have nothing do with this, although republicans are now starting to sound like the democrats because there are certain things that need to be fixed. so what kind ever effeof effect having? >> i do want to address for a
4:46 am
second back in 2009, it took a year for aca to get passed. president obama spent nine months reaching out to republicans and they didn't want anything do with trying to fix health care. it was publicly debated as we saw the summer of 2009 and it took a year. now what republicans are ftryin to do, trying to do it in four week. they dintroduced the man marcpld they want to vote april 7. on its face, we see a bill that will cost more and cover lerest. so democrats what they need to do is fight this tooth and nail and make sure that republicans do not take arm health care from tens of millions of people. >> joe, you already mentioned -- >> we don't know what it will cost or what it will replace. >> we don't because that is exactly right, because the
4:47 am
shocking -- >> how do you say cost more and cover less? wait until you see the score. >> watch dogs have said that close to maybe 15 million people could be kicked off. and shockingly the republicans are putting this forward without getting -- >> but that is disingenuous, too. i'm not defending the bill -- >> let me finish my point. they didn't get animalysis from the congressional budget office. they did not get one, so you're rirkts we don't know how much on it will cover, how much it will cost, but there has been some predictions which should be concerning. >> everybody -- look, everybody will get kicked off of obamacare because it won't sxikt in texis same form so you won't have the gold, silver, bronze. look, i lost my health care coverage with obamacare but i got a different coverage. now, are you counting the people who on went out and bought more insurance or are you just saying everybody will lose coverage? >> but here is the thing. donald trump promised that everyone was going to be
4:48 am
covered. that he wasn't going to get rid of head kad, rid of head care. by 2020, this bill gets rid of the medicaid expansion which means millions will get kicked off and it puts the onus on governors. you have 15 republican governors that are going to have to deal with this which is why the biggest problem that republicans have are their own members, the governors and their own members in the party who are balking at this. > >> joe you mentioned ohio governor john kasich has an op-ed in which he calls for p t shfor if we are to establish a lasting and successful replacement of obamacare, republicans should reach across the aisle for help and democrats should accepts offer. cutting democrats out of the process will only make the results less effective. joe, are any republicans
4:49 am
listening to this advice? >> i don't know on. but he's right. he's item sleuabsolutely right. we have to stop the bickering and finger pointing saying we win and you lose, we're against you guys because you're democrats or we're against you because you're republicans. got to work together. we have to make sure that 15 million people don't end up getting left out especially poor people, working poor people, and drug addicted people, people who are mentally ill. we have to make sure they're covered. and the only way that happens is if democrats and republicans are talking to each other. >> do you think democrats degree obamacare need repair and if that is the case, should they come up with their own resolutions and fights the republicans with better ideas. >> i think they should fight tooth and nail to make sure tens of millions do not get kicked off of their health care. but look, i think even hillary
4:50 am
clinton, president obama said it, that there are some fixes that need to happen in obamacare. but the last seven years when democrats had tried to work with republican, ghothey got -- why we are here today. >> rick, do you think that president trump can actually pull both sides together and maybe lead a negotiation on this? >> it doesn't seem likely. look, he's got a problem with hi own republicans. in the senate, you have people like susan collins of maine who are very concerned as joe was talking about, about the medicare expansion. in the house, you have the freedom caucus, which understands that this is not a repeal and not replace. remember, the republicans passed a repeal bill and put it on barack obama's desk. their base doesn't understand why they wouldn't put the same front of donald trump because he would sign it. we can all understand the reasons why, because if we don't get a replacement, then the health care insurance will collapse, but it didn't -- it looks hypocritical to most
4:51 am
voters. >> hold on. after the break, we may be closer to learning whether russia colluded with the trump camp in the 2016 election. es. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise
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the johns report out for the first full month of the trump administration was stronger with the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.7%. joe watkins, rick tyler and careen john pierre. can president trump take credit for this? >> the job growth number is good for workers and our country so i'm happy that they are where they are. but donald trump three months ago was saying the numbers were fake, a scam. so when they were not working for him he didn't believe it. now that they are, he does believe it. look, this is what we're seeing now, a continuation of what obama -- president obama did starting since he took office in 2009. and i hope it sustains and stays. we'll see in the next six
4:55 am
months. i think that will be the real test for donald trump. to see where we are with the job growth numbers. >> rick and joe, the entire senate intelligence committee has been granted access to the most sensitive materials from the investigation into russian interference in this election. this is an unprecedented move. what's closer to the truth, the trump campaign was wiretapped by the obama administration or that the russians interfered with the election? joe, you first. >> i think everybody wants to know what the truth is. the more -- the less transparent that people in the administration are about what they knew and when they knew it and with whom they spoke, the more the drum beat will continue to find out exactly what happened. i don't have confidence -- i don't believe that the obama administration -- well, i have yet to see the evidence that the obama administration wiretapped president trump, so that's something we'll wait to see, if there's truth to that or evidence that proves -- goes in that direction.
4:56 am
but it will continue until folks come clean. >> rick, what's your opinion? which is closer to the truth? >> well, there's no chance that barack obama wiretapped trump tower. i think that's been pretty well established. if the president had evident on that, he should have offered it up instead of tweeting it out. did the trump campaign collude with the russians? there's no evidence of that either. but, you know, that remains to be seen. we'll see how it evolves. what trump did is guarantee people will look at it closer by the reckless tweet he sent out claiming obama committed a felony. >> we'll see on march 20th at that intel hearing. joe, rick, karine, thanks for being with us. i'm dara broup. thanks for watching. thomas roberts is up next with congresswoman debbie dingle of michigan. ul. what shall we call you?
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hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts in new york. 8:00 a.m. in the east, 5:00 a.m. out west. day 51 of the trump administration. new word from president trump this morning on efforts to overturn obama krar, this as he tries to bridge that divide between republicans on capitol hill. so will his own party defy the charge to repeal and replace the affordable care act? meanwhile, the russia connection in the 2016 election. a hearing is set that could reveal whether there was collusion between that country and the trump campaign. this as a leading republican says there's reason to believe president trump was wiretapped even though no proof has been shown yet. >> we believe that president trump was wire trapped in his conversation -- excuse me, wiretapped in his conversation with the president of mexico, wiretapped again in his conversation with the prime minister of australia. >> a big allegation there. interview interrupted. haveou


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