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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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go to my facebook page, tell me what you think about this, . see you tomorrow night "hardball" with chris smath throughs starts right now. >> unhealthy news, let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in walk. 20 more million americans to be without health care. well, that's news enough to divide any political party. it's calling prominent republicans to slow down on the push and repeal of obamacare. there the a reaction from speaker paul ryan and his allies. >> if you reads this entire report. i'm pretty encouraged about it. it actually exceeded my
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expectations. it's compared to the status quo is far better. i'm excited about this analysis, they overestimate the uninsured number, like they over estimated who would be insured by obama care. i do you believe if we try to force somebody to buy what they don't want to buy, they won't buy it. >> i am encouraged, one it lowers premiums, the biggest concern,econdly it ler the deficit. when you look at the small business confidence just boomg, that's because it takes away more than $800 billion of tax burden on them. >> as they say, denial is not just a river in egypt. anyway, while ryan and mccarthy said they were encouraged. the reaction by the white house is to dismiss the report altogether. >> what the report looked at was only one-third of our plan, that's why you can't look at this in isolation. >> i want to say good morning from washington, whereas you can see, according to congressional budget office, it's sunny and
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75. >> ha, ha, ha. >> the congressional budget office, we know and we talked about this for weeks before the report came out, just doesn't do a very good job at counting coverage under proposed insurance plans. >> while speaker ryan seems to be all in favor of the health care bill, can the same be said for president trump, or are things okay between these two? between trump and the speaker? anyway, there might be trouble in paradise, don't you think? throw into this a brand-new piece of agitation by brit bart news, a prominent allie of the administration, yesterday the website published audio back criticizing then candidate trump, ryan's words have been reported before, but this is the first time we are hearing the actual audio. as you recall, this was in the middle of that ""access hollywood"" mess, here's what speaker ryan said to fellow republicans about mr. donald trump. >> there are basically two things that i want to make really clear. i am not going to defend donald
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trump, not now, not in the future. look, you guys know i have real concerns with our nominee. this is going to be a a tush leapt month? many of you on this call are facing tough re-elections, some of are you not. but with respect to donald trump, i would encourage you to do what you think is best and do what you feel you need to do. >> so what's the timingof that tape recording going to do to the situation today? u.s. congressman tim ryan democrat out of ohio. michael steele and political analyst susan page is washington bureau chief for "usa today." michael, as a former republican chair, it seems to me this is the kind of tape you don't want to see, because what it shows for all times is you were willing to throw this guy from the train onto the road bed, because you are saying when things look rough for trump after that thing that went on between him and billy bush on that bus, he was willing to dump him and go on and try to hold the house and serve together with hillary clinton.
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that was his battle plan, work with hillary, get rid of trump? >> yeah, i think that's one of the reasons breitbart surrunticiously dropped that out on the conversation about health care as a reminder to the trump team and in particular donald trump, that be careful as you go into this process, if it gets too squirrely, you may not be able to rely on the speaker. i don't think there is truth to that. i think these gentlemen, the president and the speak rer joined at the hip on this, they can try to deny it's ryancare or trumpcare, it's trump-ryan-care, they will have to take it to the american people and make the case t. second point, chris, i find it amazingly crazy, that folks are running around trashing the cbo. i don't know what the [ bleep ] you have a cbo for if you don't believe anything they tell you. whether it's democrats or republicans. so congress needs to get its act together with respect to the independent body and recognize that it only puts out what you
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put in. it only scores what you are given and if you give it bad information, it's going to give you a bad score. so the reality for both the white house and the house right now,particularince that's where the battle is, is that they're going to have to physical out how they korea it this narrative and stick with it together to convince the american people that what they're about to do to health care is in their best interest. >> let me go to congressman ryan, you are the democrat in this argument. i have to ask you, sir, about this weird acquisition where you have a republican president, a republican speaker of the house, supposedly both the same health care reform. there's my skepticism. i don't think the republican party is happy to push a social welfare program. it was your party that supported and created social security. your party created medicare. your party created medicaid, your party created obamacare. republicans nempted to do things for old age people ever. they don't have their heart in it. they believe in the market. they don't believe in social
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welfare. do you think they really want a bill that's called trumpcare or paul ryan care or anything like it? do they want it? >> no, they were happy when it was plain repeal. then when they realized trump was out making promises about covering everybody, they would lose the revenue for any replacement plan for a direct repeople and they have to go back and raise their own revenue that was already in the plan for obamacare, that's within they really got stuck. because now they got their arms wrapped around something that they don't even really want. and now they put forward a plan that really exacerbates the problems we have in the country. i mean, 75% of our health care costs are chronic diseases, chris, that could be prevented. and because people don't have preventtive care, because they don't have a family care physician, because they don't have screening, we end up paying almost 2.5 times what other
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health care systems pay in developing countries. >> that they're taking the system that was getting better and they're making it worse and at the end of the day, they're going to live with the decisions that they're making and i think they're going to get really hurt politically by this. >> you think people should be required to have health care? they have to have some kind of insurance policy? have you to have insurance on your car? you have tore insurance? opts countries do it. they sha irthe risk of everybody getting sick. everybody's got to be in, you think that's a food system, everybody in? >> i believe you do. or you get free ryder's or people that will eventually get sick and go to the emergency room and cost everybody even more money than they would cost if we were able to give them preventative care, a treatment, a $20 prescription. look, paul ryan said, this is something that people don't want to purchase. look,io exhibit to purchase health care. you don't want to purchase health care. i don't want to purchase car insurance either or insurance for my home. these are the toughest checks we have to write, but you write them because you live in a
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civilized country where you know at some point your going to get from a car accident. you're going to get sick. so in that context, how do we best make the argument to make the system run i efficiently? >> and my question is a guy that rides his motorcycle. i used to, i didn't like helmets either, at some point, you have to say to yourself, if i wipe out here, i'm on the highway somewhere pleading to death, who is going to come and take care of me? who is going to put me back in the hospital, give me my operation to save my life, tuck me in, take care of me for a couple weeks. or don't i want anybody to do that? of course, i want somebody to do that. of course i do. somebody has to get paid. ianway, donald trump has had a variety of positions when it comes to health care policy. let's watch him in action here. >> you are saying obamacare -- >> is got to go. >> it's got to go. >> repeal and replace with something terrific. >> and the terrific is? >> the trick will be plans done by private companies. everybody's got to be covered. i am goi to take care of everybody, i don't care if it costs me votes or not.
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everybody will be taken care of much better than now. >> i have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. i say to the republican, if you want to do politically something good, don't do anything, sit back for a period of two years because '17 is going to be a disaster. let it be a disaster. because we can blame that on the demes that are in our room. but that's not the fair thing to do for the people. it's not the fair thing. >> you know, i think he's bobbing for apples right now, susan, i don't think he has any idea what he's getting. does he want a bill, does he not want a bill? does he want to get a trophy, he willing not getting anything after getting elected with a promise to repeal and replace. i don't know what he seems to want. listening to that, he doesn't know. >> yeah, everybody except him knew health care was going to be really complicated. now republican versus this unpap advertising choice that i cannot repeal the affordable care ajt,
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which they have been promising for seven years and by the next mid-terms, 14 million more americans will be uninsured. the brunt of that will be borne by people who tended to vote for donald trump. older americans of modest incomes. one of the most interesting number itself in that cbo report was a 64-year-old who makes $26,500 a year so modest incomes, older americans, would end up paying 60% of his or her incomes in health insurance premiums under the republican health care plan. >> that is not a good position for a party going in, hoping to certainly hold the majoritys they have now in the house and the senate. >> congressman, it seems to me the cbo can always be pounded around. if you don't like the rsults, you say you don't like the rules, what did it mean you we heard 24 million more people without coverage after we get this new republican plan in effect? >> well, i think of the million people in ohio who aren't going to have coverage.
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the ohio hospital association said it would lead to 25% of hospital closures and just to par ley on to that point that was just made, donald trump won the county north of youngstown, trum bum county, he won 51%. it's the first time it went republican since then 84. we had 12 overdoses in one day about two days ago. a lot of those people who would need that addiction and treatment and recovery coverage that was in the medicaid program will no longer have access to that. the millions of people suffer frng this heroin epidemic in counties like trumbull, so trump won men by 9%. he bonn white men by 20% and white men without a college education degree by 48%. and these are the very people that are going to get absolutely hammered by this, so he was in ohio, chris, i paid very close attention. you and i talked about this, what he was saying, what he was doing. he was making promises to these
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people that he is now going back on big time or bigly or whatever he wants to say it, but these are real people. these are moms and dads, kids who can't get care, preventtive care. look, this is a complex issue. we all know that. but this is about getting health care to everybody. you know what, you may have health care. but your kid is going to go to a school and sit next to kids who now won't have health care. when you go to the grocery store, you grab that grocery cart, you push it around, you may have health care, but there will be a lot of people who didn't. it's about taking care of everybody in this country, wooer the wealthiest country on god's green earth, we should be able to do this, we should be able to make this happen and we can if we sit down and try to fix and tweet the problems that were in it. instead of kick people off and make up stories and make fun of the numbers and act like these aren't real human beings here that we are dealing with. >> you sound like a democrat. you are laughing, michael,
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what's your party stand for on health care? i have never been able to physical it out? are you for coverage for everybody, laissez-faire the old market system? >> kwloe have a problem with a market-based system. i think we continue to have the wrong conversation. we don't have a health care crisis in this country. can you get access to health care. >> you have access to bmw. you can access anything, what does access mean? >> well, chris, if you need to see a doctor, can you go to the doctor. the question is, can you have the insurance that is required or if you can afford it. that's a different conversation than having access to health care. i think when you start this -- let me finish the point, you need to drill down on what the problem is. the problem wasn't 300 million americans with no insurance. the problem was 30 million americans with no insurance. half of whom could move into the medicaid system and they did. that's what the whole medicare extension, medicaid extension was ability. so let's deal with the insurance problem that we have and what
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paul ryan and republicans have been trying tof the conversation around is how do we cre outthe marketplace so we can making a stes to insurance affordable and available to every citizen, so that they can then participate more fully in the health care market? >> congressman, your thoughts. >> well, if you can't afford it, you don't have access to it. that's the truth. >> you go to the hospital. are you grand jury to get treated t. question is how do you pay for it at some point? you will get treated. no one will turn you around if you go to a doctor. >> you will get treated for pneumonia when you could have got a $20 prescription a week before you go to school or work and gets another ten people sick. that's insanity. so if -- >> that's an insurance problem. that's a preventative insurance problem. >> that is not an act says health care congressman and you know it. >> let me ask you, michael, my friend. >> preventative care, michael. >> let me ask a question --
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>> if you ned to. >> other countries have ha requirement that you have to have insurance like you have to have a car insurance. >> right. >> a lot of young people in their 20s are healthy. most times nothing will happen to them. we get older, we get sicker. it's a fact. it's not a bet, it's not a bad one. you want them to get away with not having health insurance because their young and restless and confident. if those people don't p health insurance, where is the health risk shar >> didn't we just do that? wasn't that what obamacare was all about? what happened to all the young people that were going to join up because of obecame care. >> two things happened, they put no real requirement that you sign up, nobody got forced to do it. >> it was a mandate, what are you talking about? >> what do you pay $20 bucks few don't do it? there was no real mandate. >> there were high risk penalties. >> check around. check around. >> they didn't care. they didn't care to be pen
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annualized them. because they didn't want the insurance. >> right. okay. number fworks they didn't require to do it. number two, everybody leaned bang and said if are you in your 20s, your parents' policy will cover you. that's good, everybody likes that, it means young people are not going to get insurance, in fairness, last thought, politically, trump and ryan, are they on the same page on this thing or not? on health care? this is the beicgy of the year. >> they're not on the same page. speaker ryan has a different agenda and different promises than donald trump has. you know what, this legislation will have a very hard -- i'm here in birmingham, alabama, solid republican from alabama, somebody ryan has been -- kind of ryan is relying on, he said today this legislation is in serious trouble. >> that is a real warning sign for speaker ryan and passage of this ledges it's legislation. >> by the i what, that tape won't help, it shows ryan throw this guy from the train when he had his chance. >> that will never be forgotten.
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i know the politics. thank you for joining us. coming up, will the truth catch up to president trump's inner circle the truth, his cronies have mastered the art of spin. for trump it's loyal to him that matters above all else, as long as you wbl something out that sounds politically loyal, it doesn't matter if you don't think anything, have you noticed? america is humiliating with talk of meddling in the 2016 election, john mccain says there are many more shoes to drop on what he calls this cent centipede of a story. be i the way, monday, that i have the hearings on what the russians did. with bit bart out for paul ryan the hardball roundtable is here to talk about trump's many media defenders and how the "national enqueer ir"has become a propaganda arm of donald trump. finally, let me finish with trump watch this tuesday night. this is "hardball" with chris
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u.s. congressman of texas is under for for telling a vote tore shut up. ask when a constituent asks him about the violence against women act. >> given your voting record, opposing legislation protecting women from violence, will you make a commitment to us today, make a promise, that you will reach out to congress woman jackie spear and work with her as to see this bill successfully through congress. [ applause ] zblmpbls . >> >> i will comment on a number of things here. top first bill, that's a true statement. and i think that's an issue.
4:20 pm
>> no. >> boo. >> , it's violence against women. that's a national issue. >> that is an issue that impacts everyone, everywhere, not only in this country but everywhere. >> civil rights. >> it's the face of texas. you represent texas first. >> you better shut up. >> what is this? you don't tell anybody to shut up. this is -- you work for us! >> we'll be right back after thi
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this. you know whether trump tower was wiretapped? >> what i can say is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately. there was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, through their certainly thugh their television sets any number of different ways a microwaves that turn into camera, et cetera. so we know that that is just a
4:23 pm
fact of modern day life. >> sure. >> alternative facts. welcome back to "hardball" that was senior council kelly anne conway spinning a question that her boss was wire tlapd by president obama. trump's invisible communicators conway and sean spicer spring of loyalty rather than meaning a. new profile in the "atlantic" asks, will the truth catch up with the spin artists? writer writes, when conway's critics pile on, she just keeps spinning. she's fixed out that she doesn't node to win the argument, she has to counternarratives so those who don't want to look past the facade of trump's village don't have to. steven bannon says she can stand in the breach and take incoming all day long. that's something you can't coach.
4:24 pm
a political writer for the "new york times" and msnbc contributor. both of you have written interesting article, i want to speak to molly for flackery. i watched her, i watched sean, some of the people haven't been in these jobs, i i don't use lie, spin is hide walk around it. flip-flop it in another direction, on occasion i think spicer has said things that aren't true in the interest of his client. like the size of the crowd on inaugural day. >> i think sean and kellyanne have different skillsets when it comes to communicating. certainly -- >> or not communicating. >> or not communicating. but what i think kellyanne is doing and what i describe as her methods in mynew profile is this creation of all turn 95 tartive. right. so you saw what she was doing in that microwave clip that has now come in for so much mockery, she was taking a factual question
4:25 pm
about what actually happened at trump tower and pivoting to tap into people's paranoia about under surveillance, changing the subject, turning it to creating this story line that people want to believe if they want to believe in trump. giving them an excuse to continue to believe that. >> it fascinates the mind on some of the magnetic force, like in this way, your toaster is going to turn you in, right, some of your appliances at home could be listening to you, oefr, let me think about that for a minute, i forgot whether trump was wire tapped or not. nick, your piece in the "time's" says one thing is loyalty not experience. you write every president sweeps into office with a cotterie of friend, do you arrive with none more colorful that mr. trump. his advisers have a long friendship with mr. trump and his family, former "apprentice"
4:26 pm
amoros manigault is an assistant. zplmplts ivanka trump, her friend reed cordish is the top technology adviser and andrew guiliani, son of rudy guiliani is in the public liason office. right. so it's people, it's the old line in chicago, don't send me someone nobody sent. these guys were all sent by their relatives orb. >> that's right. look. trump came into ofce whout political experience before his campaign was an ensurgency, it was not the establishment or the policy ranks of the party. so he grabbed people he knew and trusted, they worked with him or were friends of the family. these are talented people in a lot of cases. but their experience is real estate law and branding. not so much of peace in the
4:27 pm
middle east which is green blat's job. >> isn't it a danger, you name somebody a fire chief and they can't hand him. isn't it low in the pecking order, there is no risk of cronyism? what's amoroso going to do wrong in her job, what, the mail doesn't go out that night? i don't know what these jobs are. >> well, it's important to be able to engage with the public and outside groups and interest groups. so part of that is if andrew guiliani is going to be a mid-level guy, not a big deal. i do think mark 14 matt, right, a smart guy, a good lawyer. his portfolio includes cuba relations, peace in israeli on the west bank. trade agreements. it's a huge portfolio for anybody. >> that's a dangerous one. thank you so much. we can have you back 100 times, thank you for coming. up next the house intelligence committee is holding hearings this monday. it's starting on russia's role in the 2016 election.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> here's what's happening, a winter storm continues to hammer the northeast with sleet and snow, win gusts reached 70 miles per hour. parts of the region saw two feet of snow. nearly 50,000 customers from virginia to maine have been left without power. back to "hardball." >> well, the house intelligence committee investigating russia's
4:32 pm
involvement with the 2016 election is set to hold its first public hearing next monday. this weekend, vladimir putin's spman saidmeca is humiliing itself with talk about russia interference, here's howdy my try pefkoff when the trump campaign collaborated with the kremlin. >> the answer is very simple. no and the fact that russia is being demonized in that sense comes very strange to us. we sincerely cannot understand why american peel and american politicians started, well, started the process of self humiliation. you are self humiliating yourself saying that a country request intervene in your election process. we never have, we do not have and we will not have any intention to interfere in someone's the mostic affairs, especially in america's domestic affairs. >> i believe every word that man
4:33 pm
says, anyware the conclusionles of the united states intelligence community last january said otherwise, quote, president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the election the russian government determined a preference for trump. 17 agency, senator john mccain predicts there is more to come on the trump-russia relationship. >> there is a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with issue and vladimir putin that requires further scrutiny and so far i don't think the marine people have gotten all the answers. in fact, i think there is a lot more shoes to drop from this cent centipede. >> one of the witnesses asked to testify on monday, fbi director comey, former acting attorney general sally yates who notified the administration in january the now former national security adviser michael flynn could be compromised by russia. i am joined by the ambassador to russia michael mcfall.
4:34 pm
one, why were the russians put out that joker we saw there and put out the word they had nothing to do with, which we know they did, which was influencing our elections last 84. >> oh, chris, that's his job. i know him very well, mr. peskoff. i telt with him in moscow. he is the guy that said we didn't go into crimea. he is the guy that said we had nothing to do with the separatistings in eastern ukraine. you said it rightly at the beginning of your show. we have 17 intelligence agencies that think otherwise that say otherwise that have everyday otherwise, what i would like to know is more of that everyday to be out in the public not just behind, you know, secret, classified intelligence. i think it's crystal clear that they did intervene in our elections. >> do you think hearings will prove that? well, i'm more skeptical of the ability of congress to hold coherent hearings, do you think they could properly get the word out that you want out there of what actually happened? >> well, i'm worried too
4:35 pm
because, one, it's a partisan situation when it's in the congress. two, it's the intelligence committee. so they'll go into a classified setting. there will be certain things they hear that the rest of us don't hear. that's why i think we will only know the full truth if we have a bipartisan independent commission like we had after september 11th. this is not september 11th, but we were violated. our sovereignty was attacked. we need to know the facts about what happened. >> i think so, too. anywaifr, putp spokesmen said -- owe putin spokesmen said the people connected with hillary clinton's company as well. let's watch here. >> if you look at some people connected with the -- with hillary clinton, during her campaign y would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. but there were no meetings about election, electoral process. there are lots of specialists
4:36 pm
people working in think tanks advising hillary or advising people working for hillary. so if you look at it with intention to demonize russia, you would probably see that, yes, he was trying to interfere in hillary's activities, but it will be nonsense, because this is not true. >> anyway, a former clinton campaign spokesman later told fox news, it's not true, which is why they're using the word probably, is there a russian word for probably, mr. ambassador, kidding? >> not in the united states. >> they clearly want to do there. >> yeah. >> let me go back to this. dunk we will hear from man a for the, paul man manafort, with session, they had dealings with russia to the ambassador kisslyingkiss
4:37 pm
kiss leiac. . . kislyak. >> i hope we do. i hope they testify under oath about the context they had, remember, there was that "new york times" article a few weeks ano that said, campaign officials that worked for trump or represented trump met in europe with intelligence officers from the russian government. now we don't know who those people where. maybe they didn't know they were intelligence officers. i think that's fair. let's get the truth. let's get them to testify on the record of who they talked to and what they talked about. >> white house secretary sean spicer says the president is confident there is everyday to support his unsubstantiated charge that former president obama had him, donald trump, wiretapped. >> how confident is president trumped a any evidence that will rise to support his claim? >> i think he's extremely confident. i think there are significant reporting about under surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election. i'll leave it to them to issue the report.
4:38 pm
but i think he feels very confident that we'll ultimately come of this, it will vind icat him. >> i don't know about this british report, somebody said if obama wanted to find out on the phone or whatever means of communication, he would have the british intelligence do it for him. i mean, this is pure utter nonsense, it looks to me like another red herring to try to confuse everybody about what we know as you point out, we know the russians did to get trump elected. he doesn't want us to know it, obviously. they don't want us to know it. >> i agree, i agree, it's complete nonsense, let's be clear, they have changed their story substantially from tra tweet. he didn't say there was an investigation in that tweet. he said the president of the united states, practice you can obama, ordered his phones to be tapped. and then he through in that he's a bad and evil guy or acan't remember. >> sick guy. >> sick. so that is a huge allegation
4:39 pm
and, obviously, they've retreated from that. and the president would not know if there was an fbi investigation of these other people. we have laws to separate that. and by the way, if there were investigations of these other people, that's a already have serious story as well. >> well, it's great to have you on, former ambassador michael mcfall. up next, breitbart's hit job today against paul ryan is the latest example of the trump white house using friends in the media to do its bidding. that's ahead, you are watching "hardball." .
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>> just recently trump claimed that president obama founded isis and he has repeat thad over and over again. his latest paranoid fever dream is about my health.
4:43 pm
and all i can say is, donald, dream on. but, my friend, this is what happens when you treat the national enquirer like gospel. >> well, she had good material. anyware, welcome back to requested hartball" that was hillary clinton mocking president trump and the national enquirer, they made no secret with their lover affair with certain media outlet, friends with benefits, you can call them, they often provide cover and talking points, it's owned by a long time trump booster david pecker said i have known donald trump for years i am proud to call him friends. i support his candidacy for president. last week sending unnamed sources, trump smashing address to congress, they're the great reviewers, breitbart news which has a close relationship also with the president because of steve bannon is a staple of trump's media diet. they're the ones that release
4:44 pm
thad audio of paul ryan today where he got throwing trump from the bus or the train, today's trump self proclaimed morning show "fox and friends "and tanked other journalistic principles. >> well, a little bias on full display, newspapers now cashing in on tee shirts splashed with anti-president trump rhetoric. the washington post offering this shirt which says, democracy dies in darkness. the l.a. times selling sirts that say journalism matters and the chicago feature speaking truth to powerson's 1847 t-shirts being sold for and $20 bucks. >> i fail to see or hear the partisanship in the defenses of the first amendment. for more on our roundtable, harold fineman for the huffington post, international reporter for the "new york times" also msnbc contributor. we have to go to new york, right
4:45 pm
to you, the "national enquirer" the not where i get my news, i remember a picture of jkie nnedy for a high school ay, st it over to make him look old, jackie kennedy the alive in poland. they're not in politic, go ahead. >> the fact that you say this is a relationship with a friend with benefits, for some reason obviously donald trump thinks the people reading these stories and the people that buy these stories will help him politically, whether or not they can actually say they helped him become president is up in the air t. fact that they are trafficking in his i guess stories is a polite way to put i. it tells you this relationship is beneficial. he can say something and the "national enquirer" puts it on the front page. >> he doesn't have a whole lot of friends in the media, the republican convention used to have martha ray, wilt chamberlain, they didn't have a long list-of-celebrities working for them. >> you can argue which came first in terms of the antipathy
4:46 pm
of the president and the press. leaving that aside, the reason is, among other things, i think number one is that donald trump and people around him have questioned the very idea of what journalism is about. which is about facts. and if you assume that all facts are changeable, that they're malleable, that you can't rely on them, that undercuts what we do for a living. and what journalism is supposed to be about. if this country, if the founders based this country on an enlightened argument, which they did, you need facts in order to make the argument. if the trump people are going to say, there are alternative facts, that's a meaningless word, phrase, either there are facts or there are not facts. >> i keep saying that. >> they don't accept that. because they don't accept it, whatever antipathy is amplify by
4:47 pm
the fact they don't accept the premise of rationality behind what we do. >> i agree, market, suppose they went on "fox and friends." i have nothing against those people, they're colleagues, suppose trump went on wednesday and said happy thursday morning what would they say? oh, happy thursday morning? >> it's a great thursday, isn't it? weather is fine. >> is there a limit to how much you can deny objective reality? i think there might be, because kellyanne would say, you know, swens a very interesting di, and there is a lot to say for wednesday, or for thursday, but this isn't thursday. >> and fox would say, it's almost thank god it's friday day. they'd play right along all the way through. but everyone in, on that side of the aisle now -- >> is that a side of the aisle? is this republicans that said the "national enquirer" is their side of the aisle or breitbart, maybe. >> i think they're more, they call breitbart the white house
4:48 pm
pravida. they are saying trumps that the reality. if he says he has the largest crowd, spicer says, yes,s, no one questions. you don't hear that many people on the hill coming right out and questioning trump's version of reality. >> he says he likes the new york post, too. >> i think that's problemmatic. the "national enquirer" has been around in supermarket aisles for years and decades, i think this idea of whether or not we can trust what the oval office is saying, whether or not sean spicer, kellyanne conway will say tough or put things like i like they're committed by undocumented immigrants, if they will clang the idea that you could become alternative facts, because there are people in this country that absolutely believe everything that fox news tells them, that absolutely believes everything that donald trump -- and that's where you get alternative facts. >> those facts ends up if breitbart and "the national enquirer" they get out that way,
4:49 pm
so they become the universal thinking of a certain segment of everybody that checks out in a safeway. >> it's trump, more people not covered by trumpcare if you will, he has crowds, number of people that voted illegally, there is a number, he will come up with an extraordinarily dishonest number. >> i seen he sexed it up. they attacked the ceo last week. it's not like the numbers came out, we don't like these numbers, they were delegitimizing the experts for a long time. >> sean spicer saided a yesterday's briefing took shots at the ceo. >> we have a system of two ecosystems of beliefs and facts, one of them is the one that we think should be incontrovertible because facts are facts. but they're saying if you just spent all your time with breitbart, page 6 of the new york post, the national enquirer and so forth, you are going to
4:50 pm
get a version of reality that would be comfortable to you as a trump supporter because that's where the real story is. >> take your reality. roundtable is sticking with us, up next they will tell me something avoiding turbulence in the sky. personalizing treatments with dna. which crops to grow, tax prep to help keep payments low. you can find me on an oil rig, i answer questions small and big. hello, my name is watson.
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4:52 pm
afghanistan. additionally, officials say that in some cases there will be a greater tolerance for civilian casualties. the obama administration's ruled barred drone strikes outside a war zone unless there was a near certainly no civilian would be harmed. we'll be right back. it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here.
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4:55 pm
>> shovels. >> in addition to the millions of people that might be uninsured if this republican plan goes through, there's going to -- by the end of the week we'll be talking about the budget cutting out all sorts of block grantsalki about this idea of how people payor health care, how people pay for rental assistance, there will probably be a lot of cuts to social safety nets by the end of the week. >> thank you very much. when we return, let me finish trump watch. he won't like tonight, either. you're watching it, "hardball." . every tv doctor knows that when preparing for surgery, use an over pronounced washing technique for dramatic effect.
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trump watch, tuesday march 14, 2017. the marriage of donald trump to the republican party was not made in heaven nor has it reached there. watch the president and the speaker and you can see there's trouble in paradise. it's a basic case of incompatibility, you know, the stuff of divorce court. ryan, whatever else you think of him, is a committed conservative. he wants smaller government, he wants people to be as free as possible from government. trump wants what will get him through the next election or if that's asking too much whatever will get him through the night. ryan wants a health care system that ends obamacare, doesn't reek of socialism and keeps his house majority. trump wants to avoid direct personal responsibility for governing. that includes whatever health care program exists after this year. he doesn't want to be the one blamed when people feel they've been stiffed by their insurance. so we have speaker ryan who has plans for more limited government and trump who has unlimited hopes to be the center of everything. we have the speaker of the house intent on bringing the republican party into national
5:00 pm
prominence, making it the country's dominant political movement, trump wants to be the bull in the china shop. no wonder we're hearing all that noise when the door closes. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> this is the american health care act, the president is proud of it. >> a republican revolt grows. >> why house members would want to vote for this bill and pay the political price for voting for this bill -- >> with millions estimated to lose coverage under trumpcare. >> it exceeded my expectations. >> tonight, breitbart goes to war with paul ryan and trump voters are caught in the middle. >> how many people in the room are either on medicaid or someone they know or love is on medicaid. raise your hand? >> someone we know or love, absolutely. >> senator elizabeth warren joins me for an exclusive interview. >> trumpcare is one more way to help the rich and powerful and kick dirt in the face of


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