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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  March 15, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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today it's really hard to do that. today, someone said, ah, well economy's good, feds raising rates. i feel good about the stock market. i'm investing. and that's why we've got a market that's high per. >> and there's the closing bell. thanks so much. appreciate it as always. that wraps up a news-packed hour for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon, 3:00 eastern. noon pacific. you can always find me on all those other places. snapchat, twitter, instagram, twitter. steve kornacki is up next. >> thanks for that. it is a very busy afternoon. i'm steve kornacki live here in new york. day 55 of the first 100 days. topping our agenda, he is back on the trail. >> the era of economic surrender for the united states is over, it's over. >> how forcefully is the president behind that obama
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carrey placement plan that is in danger ithe house? we've got new iormaon on that ahead this hour. also on our agenda, the wiretap investigation. >> the people we've talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> a top democrat and top republican both saying there is no evidence to support trump's claim he was wiretapped by the obama administration. but, will the fbi director address this issue in public? and rounding out our agenda, trump's department of justice charges russia. >> the defendants include two officers of the russian federal security service and intelligence and law enforcement agency of the russian federation. >> the first ever criminal cyber charges against russian government officials. this, the result of a breach at yahoo, the details of that still ahead. much more as well.
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jam-packed hour here. we start it with our top story. donald trump stumping for his job's agenda in michigan this afternoon. he touted american made cars. he announced that jobs will remain in the u.s. he said that, and he promoted a major announcement that's on the docket for next week. here's what the president had to say. >> i'm going to fight for michigan workers. i'm going to fight to keep the automobile production in the united states of america. not outside, in the united states. >> just today, breaking news, general motors announced adding and keeping 900 jobs right here in michiga and that's just the binning. >> very important. everybody saying what is it? let's keep them. lerts keep them guessing back
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there. >> not mentioned by the president, something he is expected to talk about at his next event. that's going to be tonight in tennessee. the issue, health care. and on health care, there are ominous signs for that republican replacement plan currently making it's way through congress. a vote is expected in the house next week. republican party leaders say, they are going to pass it without the support of any democrats, but now, more republicans are speaking out against it. some conservatives call it obamacare-lite. they stay doesn't go nearly far enough. some moderates say it goes too far and it cuts too much. and now, some pro-trump voices all but pleading with the president to just walk away from it. christopher rudy from news max, he is a friend of the president calling the plan the work of establishment republicans and urging trump no break with them.
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>> reporter: you mentioned the pushback. it's because of the reason that the democrats are against it when you look at the groups that'll be hurt most by it. you look at some of the working poor. you look at some older americans. it's why aarp has come out against it. these are some of the groups that are going to be very much hurt by it. and they believe, some of these conservatives, that by aligning himself with paul ryan, he is actually putting his presidency in jeopardy. if he loses this, goes down with the ship essentially, and many believe it's sinking fast, then he really jeopardizes his ability to get other agenda items through. his budget is going to be coming out. part of that, for example, will be the wall. so many, many things that are on their list of why they wanted donald trump to be president. they believe could hang in the balance. so he's going to be going to nashville. kind of make sense. it's in the southeast, sort of the center of health care there. but, it's interesting when you
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look at how untraditional this white house is, there are some traditional things about it. darren morris, head of his tennessee campaign where he won huge is now heading up, he's the campaign manager for republican who is running for governor. he's the one reports are that pushed the president to come there. it is also an area where he has pretty conservative members of congress in that area. so that's another reason he will go there. what will he say? what indications will we get? he also gave an interview to a fox news today. that's going to run later tonight. we know he's talked about some of the other hot issues. but how much will he say about health care? and will he get pushed on some of the concerns by conservatives. so the questions you raise, the key questions, and i think we're going to get some real indications within the next several hours about where he stands on this. and of course, as always, steve, one thing is the speech. and when we talk to folks at the white house, it sounds pretty
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straightforward. his support for this health care plan, but he also is somebody who can also go off topic. so watch for that tonight. >> all right. yes, always a wild card there, chris jansing at the white house. thanks for that. meanwhile one of the leaders of a group of conservative holdouts in the house when it comes to this republican health care plan, meeting with vice president mike pence today. walking away suggesting he and his colleagues may be close to getting on board. take a listen. >> i'm as hopeful as i've been in the entire process. the vice president came out today and said i want to let you know that house conservatives, you guys in the rsc republican study committee, your concerns have been heard. i believe the rs drrks in general is very close to signing off. >> that said, if this bill gets through the house, it would then move to the senate. that is where senator ted cruz says it would be dead on arrival. >> the house bill would not pass the senate. but i believe we could fix it. i think the white house is
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playing an active part in negotiating improvements to the house bill. and that is positive and beneficial. >> all right. joining us now, susan page, usa today washington bureau chief. syndicated radio host, bill press and msnbc political analyst rick tyler, former ted cruz campaign spokesman. thanks to all of you for joining us. susan, let me start with you. i've been as fascinated i think as anyone with some of these conflicting signals we've been seeing from republicans. i noted chris rudy, newsmax, he is a friend of the president' i've seen other conservative media figures who haveeen close to trump. there seems to be almt a coordinated message here of, this bill is a dud, blame paul ryan, walk away. could you see a scenario where the president does that? >> i think it's hard for a president who campaigned, across the country saying he was going to repeal and replace obamacare with something beautiful that would take care of everyone to walk away from this. i think it would be a huge political defeat. and i don't think they're
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necessarily at defeat yet. this reminds me as the debate over obamacare on the democratic side. democrats had a majority, they knew they were going to have to pass it without a single republican vote. and they pushed through a plan that a lot of democrats are unhappy about for one reason or another because the alternative of not acting was so much worse. i think that's the argument we're going to hear republicans make as this moved forward. i mean, maybe they'll get one that squeaksly the house and has to be adjusted in a big way to get through the senate. walking away from this, that would be a big political risk for president trump. >> let me play lindsey graham republican senator. he was on "morning joe" this morning and advocated that approach as well. take a listen to what graham had to say. >> here's what i would tell the president, if you can't get a better deal, and if you can't protect that 62-year-old worker in greenville for having dramatic premium increases because democrats won't with you, and you can't get the republican party on board, stop, take a timeout, let it collapse.
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then turn to the democrats and say, this was the system. you created, it has collapsed, now help me replace it. >> rick tyler, i'm trying to figure out where there could be consensus on the republican side on this. you've got graham there saying this needs to be altered. you have cruz saying it needs to be altered to have any chance in the senate. you have basically hard liners in the house that are saying this isn't conservative enough. and you've got republicans in the senate like graham who says, this leaves too many people exposed. how can you square that circle? >> i don't think you can. i mean, this thing is a dud. i don't know anybody who's out there advocating it publicly other than the leadership. and, look, i'm -- look, i'm for free market health care. we did have an argument about that another time. politically, this thing is -- i'd love to be in that meeting where what vice president promised the freedom caucus, i don't know what he could have promised them. tom cotton is right, even if you pass the bill and you're going to have to make adjustments in the senate which is going to make the bill less free market,
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not more free market. more money and not less and ultimately provide fewer choices, not greater. it's just going to be worse off. but tom cotton is right. in order to really change the bill, that's part two and part three that paul ryan keeps talking about. you will need 60 votes. i don't see that the democrats who are going to take this as a political victory lap are going to in any way help the republicans get those two and three steps done. >> bill press, the headlines the last few days have not been encouraging with that cbo congressional budget office report. certainly there's just all that dissension on the republican side. with that in mind, the poll caught my eye this morning, the politico morning consult poll that compared the approval rating for obamacare, for the affordable care act with that republican plan. the american health care act they're calling it. and you see there's actually a plurality there, 46-35 saying right now they approve the republican plan, obamacare as it's been for years, basically split down the middle. there's lots of polling data out there. there are individual components that don't poll well, but i do
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wonder, look, we're coming off an election where we didn't necessarily know how much support there was out there for trump. is this one of the issues where maybe we risk misreading public opinion again? >> i would hasten to say that that poll is absolutely meaningless. seriously. do you think any americans any americans know what's in the gop health care plan? you know, there's a phrase in the military called fool bar of. steve, i'll let you translate it, i think that's the case for this health care plan. as rick points out, nobody -- we're just talking about the republicans now. nobody likes it except paul ryan and tom price. and you know, here's what i would say back to my good friend, susan. i think it's awfully hard too for president trump to really embrace is plan that does just the opposite.
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lower prices, better plans, and not touching medicaid. the gop plan does the exact opposite of that. i actually think the white house is looking for an exit strategy for donald trump. >> susan, it is interesting, i mention these sort of -- i don't know thousand describe them, pro-trump voices in conservative media. their objection is basically a version of what bill just said pa that gnat campaign, donald trump offered this different vision of conservatism, sort of a pro-safety net conservatism. it's how he won potentially pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, states that normally vote for democrats. how did it come to this that he would campaign on that and then sign off on the paul ryan plan? >> well because paul ryan has a different constituency than donald trump. paul ryan has traditional, kind of old style conservative republicans who want a smaller government and as you say, donald trump appeared -- appealed to the populist group. not necessarily even republicans who would be the ones most hurt by this republican plan, but if you want to see political chaos, watch republicans hold the house
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and the senate and the white house and not be able to deliver on a promise they've been making for seven years. i mean, maybe they're looking for an exit ramp for president trump, but this is going -- if that's what happens, this comes at enormous political costs and it makes it much harder for republicans to get the next thing on their agenda done to get a big tax bill done. if they can't do this, what can they do? >> we should mention too, right now as we have this segment, ted cruz is speaking at a rally. i don't know if we have video of it. there it is. that is a rally taking place in washington right now. a repeal obamacare rally. obviously this has been a rallying cry on the right since the enactment of the affordable care act, repeal and replace it. replace it with what? that is the debate obviously playing out right now. rick tyler, the paul ryan/donald trump relationship. obviously during the campaign, that was to put it mildly, a difficult relationship. a nonexistent relationship by the end of it, now they've sort of become partners on this.
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do you see some friction forming there over this? >> well, potentially. because, you know, look, one of the things about politics is you have a resip ri call respect. donald trump can go to congress and individual member and say i really need you on this vote. and the member will remember, that's right, he was in my district. he's ban republican all my life.
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>> breitbart are the people who released the paul ryan audiotape yesterday. i repeat my message. i think there's a little attempt here to create a wedge between donald trump and paul ryan. as an exit ramp. >> yes, breitbart, the site that had been run by steve bannon who was the top advisor and all sorts of theories about what might be going on there. susan page, bill press, rick tyler, thanks for joining pus. . quick break here, still ahead, just in the last few minutes, senator lindsey graham holding a hearing, examining what he says is tools used by russia to undermine democracies. >> the bottom line is a lot of
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americans were wondering what's going on here. >> meanwhile, fbi director james comey is on capitol hill today. he is facing questions about russia and the president's wiretapping claim. are we getting closer to any answers from the fbi? we'll talk to a member of the house intelligence committee next. plus perhaps no one has the president's ear more than the man we just mentioned. steve bannon. who used to run breitbart, now a top white house advisor, he remains a mist troy many people around the country. i'm going to talk to a reporter who just profiled him and shed new light on the origins of his views. that's next. knowing where you stand has never been easier.
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for months, theory and specklation have swirled in washington and in the media involving trump and russia, meddling, collusion, all sorts of claims, suspicions, accusations swirling around. what we don't yet know for sure is if the fbi is investigating any of this. now, some members of congress are saying that they want to launch their own investigations and they need to know what, if anything, is already the subject of a criminal investigation. >> if there is no criminal investigation of the trump campaign, i think the country needs to know that. i think congress needs to know that. then we'd retool and see what we would do in light of that statement. >> retool, how, senator?
1:22 pm
how would you -- what questions would be different for you after that? >> i don't know. i'd have to sit down with our investigators and see does that change things. i think -- wouldn't you like to know if there's a criminal investigation of the trump campaign? >> i'd like to know. >> to his credit, the president of the united states would like to know. >> lindsey graham and sheldon whitehouse telling fbi director james comey two weeks ago that he has until today to tell him what, if anything, the fbi is investigating when it comes to trump and russia. now so far, according to graham's most recent comments this afternoon, there is still no word from comey. our own kasie hunt is on capitol hill, kasie, it seems clear, senators here on both sides of the aisle are getting impatient with james comey. he's there on capitol hill. this is not a public meeting, but still, is there an expectation that at least the senators by the end of today will have clarity on this? >> reporter: he is back, steve. i feel like i've spent quite a few days the last week or two
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chasing james comey through the hallways. and with chuck grassley. he is the chairman of the judiciary committee, and will be increasingly frustrated tha coe m had not responded to his requests to meet with him to the point that he threatened to hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination. so that happened yesterday. that threat went out. and here comey is meeting with grassley and feinstein in response. now, this, of course, around this issue that you highlighted when you were talking about senator graham who had said, look, we need to know this information before i proceed with my investigation. i need you to tell me, is there or isn't there criminal investigation at all? and also do you have any evidence that trump tower was ever wiretapped? now lindsey graham had said, they hadn't heard anything back from comey on this front. we'll see if something comes out of this meeting. although i will say, comey has been extraordinarily tight lipped about all of this and typically the senators we have tried to talk to coming out of these meetings don't have very much to say. but this, of course, is the judiciary committee, it's a
1:24 pm
separate situation from what's going on in the senate and house intelligence committees. we've heard a little bit more about those investigations today, we know that the house is going to have it's first public hearing on monday, next monday, coe smi expected to appear there. we know the senate likely to have one a week or so after that. a public hearing as well. so, again, this is kind of a drip, drip, drip of information, but at this point, senators frustrated. they feel like they're learning things about this investigation in the newspaper and not from comey himself. steve. >> all right. kasie hunt there on capitol hill. on the comey watch. thanks for that. as she was just reporting, james comey is set to make public comments on monday. he will be before the house intelligence committee. he'll certainly be facing questions there about trump's allegations that he was illegally wiretapped by president obama. now republican devin nunes chairs that committee. he believed determining will mean deciding whether trump should be taken at his word when
1:25 pm
he communicates on twitter. >> i think the challenge here, is that, you know, president obama wouldn't physically go over and wiretap trump tower. so now you have to decide, as i mentioned to you last week, are you going to take the tweets literally and if you are, then clearly the president was wrong. but, if you're not going to take the tweets literally and if there's a concern that the president has about other people, other surveillance activities, looking at him or his associates. either appropriately or inappropriately, we want to find that out. i think it's all in the interpretation of what you believe. >> all right. jim hooims is a democratic congressman from connecticut. a member of the house intelligence committee. he joins now. thanks for taking a few minutes. so you are expecting to hear from james comey in a public session on monday, what is it you are hoping to hear from him? >> well, obviously we're all hoping that we'll get some real
1:26 pm
clarity on exactly what is going on here. is there anything at all to the president's claims about trump tower? there's a couple of paths here. and all of them by the way are a little complicated for director comey. he could say there's absolutely nothing there, which is a pretty uncomfortable place to put yourself. if you're the fbi director. visa see the president or there's the possibility that of course, there is something there. and it's not a presidential wiretap because presidential wiretaps don't exist, but it's not impossible, and i don't have any particular information, but it's not impossible that there was some form of surveillance, of course that surveillance would have been allowed by a federal judge giving an order to do so. and, hopefully, that on the 20th in the open hearing, director comey will resolve this once and for all. >> this accusation is two weeks old now.
1:27 pm
>> to have any information on any warrant applications related to wiretaps of trump, the trump campaign or trump tower. it seems that would be a fairly straightforward piece of information to produce that could answer that question one way or the other. we're still sitting here. what do you think the hold-up is? >> well part of the hold-up is that james comey's in a terrible position, right, again, i think he's got two choices. he can go in front of the committee on monday and say the president completely made that up and, you know, remember the president can fire james comey. i think it would be a catastrophic move if he did it, but the president can fire james comey. and given the unpredictability of this president, who knows. so if james comey tells us there's absolutely nothing there. the president made that up, that's a pretty tough moment for james comey. of course the other route is which i just talked about, which is there is something there. now james comey has to be very careful about saying, yes, there was a warrant to allow for this kind of surveillance, and of course the follow-up question is, you know, who approved that warrant? what federal judge and base on
1:28 pm
the what probable cause? and here, apart from the fact that that conversation is very difficult because fisa warrants and everything that flow from them are classified, now you get into the question of probable cause. why was that warrant for whatever it was awarded and what does that mean? if they were in fact monitoring somebody or someone at trump tower, why? and what is that probable cause? >> if he comes there on monday and he doesn't answer this question to your satisfaction, to your colleague's satisfaction, what would happen then? >> well, you know, hopefully he's got an alternative other than coming before us and saying i can't talk about it. because if he does that and you've heard senator graham and senator mccain, you've heard devin nunes and adam over t course of the last week or . e next word you would hear is subpoena. dhaz director comey with all do respect, you made a decision to talk about an ongoing investigation prior to the last election because you felt it was in the national interest to do so. well, the entire country now is sort of sitting on a razor's
1:29 pm
edge wondering about the questions that were raised by the president's tweet. if there was ever a moment for president's tweet. if national interest has ever been used to talk about an ongoing investigation this would be it. if he is not willing to do it willingly. the next thing is how to compel him to tell us who he knows. >> thank you for the time. >> thank you. >> all of those suspicions and theories out there, all those critics of trump on this issue of trump and russia. we should note the trump justice department announced charges against russian spies accused of hacking yahoo in one of the largest known data breaches in the world. we have more on the suspects and motive, next. when growth presen? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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it's time for a check of the
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headlines at the half hour. president trump telling auto workers that he plans to review federal fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks and the u.s. will make more new cars and trucks every year. republican and democratic leaders in the house intelligence committee say they have seen no evidence supporting president trump's claim that the obama administration wiretapped trump tower during last year's campaign and they are waiting for the justice department to provide evidence that might back up that claim. and federal judges in hawaii, maryland and washington state are holding hearings at lawsuits aimed at blocking the revised temporary travel ban that affects people from six predominantly muslim countries
1:34 pm
set to be in force tomorrow. david k. johnston telling our rachel rachel maddow last night. making it more expensive to borrow money. this is the second rate hike in the last three months the central bank intends to raise rates at least two more times this year. and more americans are defaulting on student loans. student loan defaults jumping nearly 17% last year according to a review of government data by the consumer federation of america and the justice department announcing that four people have been indicted in connection with a massive data breach at yahoo. this intrusion affected at least
1:35 pm
half a billion yahoo user accounts. one of the suspects now in custody in canada. pete williams joins us now. what is the latest we know about this? >> one person arrested in canada and the other three in russian. what the justice department department officials say is that two officials of the fsb, the successor to the kgb who work in a unit responsible for investigating cybercrimes were directing this attack, hiring two hackers to do the dirty work for them. they say the russians were out for intelligence, not the money that the hackers wanted the money and one justice department official says today that the russians were particularly interested in spying on specific yahoo users. >> the defendants targeted yahoo accounts of russian and u.s. government officials including cybersecurity diplomatic and
1:36 pm
military person knelnel. and employees of financial services and other commercial entities. >> the prosecutor said today that the hackers were able to exploit the material that they stole from yahoo and use it to launch other cyberfraud schemes and that they were also paid for the russians. the question here is will the u.s. undertake actions to retaliate? the u.s. officials said those discussions are underway, steve. >> pete williams in washington, thank you for that. returning to a top story this morning. the president is on route to tennessee for a campaign style rally at an auditorium in nashville where the president is expected to make his case for the republican health care replacement plan. this has all sorts of questions
1:37 pm
swirl about that bill the state and condition of that bill in congress right now, can it pass or might it go down. jacob rascon is there tonight. trump will be talking about the health care plan although there is suspense about what his message will be. >> reporter: i know. and that's what all the people who are lined up say. you talk to ten people and they have ten responses about what they hope is in a new health care bill and what they want to happen to the affordable care act. others say no, you have to cover people but fix the health care a little bit. everybody has a different answer but everybody wants to hear directly from donald trump. they just closed the street down. you see some security there. all the trucks they lined up. he is expected to land in 15 minutes. this line goes on and on and on for blocks and blocks and blocks. you have thousands of people in
1:38 pm
line. i think the stadium itself holds 8,000 people or so. if we can we will talk to one of the people in line. this is john. what is your opinion on this new replacement plan we've heard so far? >> we've heard a lot from paul ryan and the group. but what i'm here today for is to hear it from donald trump. you don't know what you can believe from the internet or news, when you hear from someone's mouth that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: trump says i'm here to speak to the people that's why you're here? >> that's right. to hear straight from the man. >> reporter: what do you hope is in the final product? are you one of those who says we have to repeal obamacare, let the free market have it? >> i think we ought to repeal it. i think the free market giving people options across state license, doing things allowing people to be competitive for price. premiums in insurance has been crazy. in order to be competitive we
1:39 pm
need to open it up. >> reporter: thank you for your time. i would just maybe one headline i would add to this is just nobody that we talked to is happy with the police replacement plan as far as they understand it now. they hope there is more to it and president trump will say so. steve? >> a lot of eyes on that rally in nashville tonight. meanwhile, just moments ago on fox, president trump sitting down for an interview clarifying his accusations that president obama illegally wiretapped trump tower during the campaign. this is what he had to say. take a listen. >> the wiretap covers a lot of things i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> again we are just getting that video a few seconds ago. the president pre-taping an interview with tucker carlson of the fox news channel.
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it's this idea that what's being set up now is a system where there is certain races that are going to be presumptively in a second class environment and there will be a superior race that is running everything. and so i think that's the concern. >> well that is quite a charge there. that is the attorney general of hawaii, doug chin, one of the attorneys general who is filing suit against president trump in that revised temporary travel ban that is set to take effect.
1:44 pm
and that is the kind of racial rhetoric we have been hearing more and more. a lot of racial issues have come to the center stage in american politics. we have heard charged rhetoric from both sides. it takes us to the most important number of the day today which is 42 as in 42% of all americans in a gallup poll say they worry a great deal about race relations in this country. this is significant because this is a big jump from a couple years ago. this is something that gallup has been polling year to year now. typically the number is in the teens or low 20s. in the last few years it has jumped up, 42%. there is a new high. you see nearly 60% of democrats say they worry a great deal about race and has many of republicans but overall that nuer is a big jump. also this is a bigger trend when it comes to the importance
1:45 pm
people place on race as an issue in american life or politics. gallup has been asking this one since the 40s. what is the most important problem in the country. this is the number who said race. this is the '50s and '60s and the civil rights revolution and civil rights act of 1964. half the country said it was the top issue and it died off for a while. there was a spike in the mid 1990s. this was the o.j. simpson verdict. but look the last couple years it is spiking again. the number of people who say that race is the most important subject, the most important problem in the country. obviously we've had a lot of attention paid to police shooting. there have been a lot of issues involving race at the center of the national political debate. a major spike here. the role of race, the issue of race in politics is becoming
1:46 pm
more and more prominent in this era, 42 the most important number of the day. quick break here. he is one of the people closest to the president, his chief strategist, a man we rarely hear from in public, steve bannon. in the west wing his voice is definitely heard. a new profile sheds light on his economic nationalist views where they come from. it has something to do with 2008, the reporter who wrote that piece joins me coming up next. what's going on here? you know how ge technology allows us to fix problems before they... they slow production, yeah. well, no more catchy business acronyms. wait, we don't need to smooch? i'm sure we can smooch a solution! we just need to "hover" over the candice, problem until... just let it go... hey, sorry i'm late for team building. smoooooooch! that felt right. what's wrong with you!? he's so trusting...
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some breaking news to tell you about in washington just moments ago, dianne feinstein and chuck grassley, they both emerged from their meeting with james comey the fbi director. they spoke to the press briefly. here's what they had to say. >> go afternoon. >> where do you want us? well i'll make a very brief statement on behalf of the chairman on myself. the chairman and i had written a letter ask for a briefing on certain topics which i'm not going to be into. and because of the strength of the chairman's and tough language, we were able to have a briefing. this briefing was all on sensitive matters. and highly classified. and it's really not anything
1:55 pm
that we can answer any questions about. >> did mr. comey confirm that there's an investigation ongoing into russian -- >> i'm not going to answer any questions on it. i don't want to be rude to you, nor does the chairman. you have been standing here a long time. i know how i would feel, my feet would hurt. i'm sorry but it's the way life is here. >> were you satisfied with the answers you got from the director regardless of whether you can talk about the topics? >> can you clarify your comments about that comey -- >> i'm really sorry about this. we have no choice. >> if you want to ask me -- >> as ion dyidianne feinstein ak grassley emerging. they want answers from comey about whether the fbi is investigating the trump campaign, ties to or collusion
1:56 pm
with the russians during the campaign. whether there is information about wiretaps, president trump's accusation that the obama administration had wiretapped him and wiretapped trump tower during the campaign, dianne feinstein saying nothing other than it was sensitive information they received and highly classified. wouldn't say anything else about the state of the investigations or whether there are investigations at all. we will keep an eye on that story. meanwhile here is white house chief strategist steve bannon at the political action conference in maryland. take a listen. >> if you look at the lines of work. i break them out into three verdict couples, the first is national security and sovereignty the department defense and homeland security. and the second is economic nationalist that is steve mnuchin at treasury, lighthouser at trade.
1:57 pm
these that are reconstructing trade arrangements around the world. the third broadly is deconstruction of the administrative state. >> that was a rare public appearance for steve bannon. he is known the have the president's ear. in a "wall street journal" profile his anti globalist economic views were shaped by the financial ordeal following the crash and rescession of 200. and we look closer at the philosophy that has the president's ear. thanks for joining us, you point to the crash in 2008 an important moment in the country's history but a foundational moment in the political and economic philosophy of steve bannon. >> this is what steve himself points to when you try to peel back the layers a little bit about where he came from and where these viewpoints came from, you know, we see -- what
1:58 pm
we know about bannon is he has been in so many careers. he was in the navy. he was a harvard business school, goldman sachs. he ran bio sphere 2 for a while and produced movies and obviously breitbart. i was trying understand who he was and where the viewpoints came from. and what he points to is his father who despite the sort of chaos and drama of steve's own life his father worked 50 years at the same company at at&t with a high school education. his grandfher worked for 48 years at t same company. so it knd of had this mythology, at&t did. his father put his savings in the company stock when options were made available to employees and he put those away for his kids future and the stocks took
1:59 pm
a hit in the 2008 crash and leads us to trump today. >> economic nationalism is the term he uses but his critics say white nationalism. is there a racial component to it? >> he denies any racial motivation here at all. you know, he is obviously referred to as breitbart as a platform for the alt-right which does have some racial aspects to it. but you know, what he -- talking to his father and his friends, that's something that they also want to push back on, quickly. i was sort of less interested in that aspect of it but they continually turned the conversation of my interviews back to i wanted to point out, listen, we were irish catholic in a southern baptist town. that made us minorities. we went to one of the few integrated schools in town. our neighborhood is working
2:00 pm
class, butts up to black neighborhoods in richmond. they pushed back on that pretty hard. >> michael bender an interesting profile. that is going to do it for this hour here in new york. "mtp daily" starts right now. it's wednesday, the president is back on the campaign trail. tonight, health care revival. can president trump breathe life back into his crumbling health care plan and does he want no? we're all the to asa hutchinson of arkansas who says his state cannot survive on the plan as it stands today. >> it's not a bad beginning process but terrible ending process. plus no evidence. >> i don't think there was a tap of trump tower. >> as the bell is committee throws water on the wiretapping claims we talk to the breitbart


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