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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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president trump and that wiretapping claim he's still standing by despite no evidence provide and he even made a joke about it with visiting chancellor angela merkel yesterday. she didn't seem to appreciate the humor in it. more alarm over last week's white house intruder and a huge unanswered question. how could he have roamed the grounds for than 16 minutes before he was arrested? and this morning, renewed outeye over the president's proposed budget cuts including meals on wheels. what can rho outraged democrats do about it? new today, secretary of state rex tillerson is in china on an important mission, meeting with china's top diplomats to discuss the escalating threat posed by north korea and the path forward. janice is in beijing for us. good evening to you, janice. secretary tilleon spoke earlier this morning. what did he say? >> reporter: the visit was expected to be ugh. it's cordial but got a bit chillier with that tweet that
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arrived overnight from president trump where he said north korea is behaving very badly, it's been playing the united states for years. china has done little to help. the secretary of state was asked about this after his meetings and he simply ignored the question. he reiterated his position that years of sanctions have failed to rein in north korea. here's what he said. >> i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. and we've committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. >> reporter: china's position is that it's doing all it can. it joined u.n. sanctions against north korea and it also recently banned coal imports, which are a huge source of revenue for the regime. their view is that anything
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drastic would cause chaos at china's borders and could potentially lead to war in the region. so china continues to push diplomacy. but just yesterday, secretary of state tillerson said -- gave the strongest indication that the u.s. may consider a preemptive strike against north korea. the other issue that's a sticking point, the u.s. missile defense system that's being deployed in south korea and possibly expanded to japan. china is strongly opposed to this. they see it as the creation of a regional security alliance that's aligned against china. so this is a major point between the u.s. and china. and at a time when kim jong-un is threatening to test a missile capable of reaching the united states and concern over another nuclear test. crucial issues being confronted. mr. tillerson will meet tomorrow with china's president xi jinping, who is expected to meet with president trump as early as next month. >> we know the chinese position in terms of what they don't want america to do, particularly with
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the missile defense systems in south korea. have the chinese articulated how they want to get north korea to abandon their missile program that is surely a threat to them as much as it is to the u.s.? >> reporter: well, they do see it as a threat. they've always they say pushed towards denuclearization on the peninsula. china has already issued a proposal where it's one for one, the north koreans will stop their missile and nuclear testing whereas the united states will halt its military exercises that are currently under way with south korea. the u.s. has already rejected that deal. there's been no response from pyongyang. what seems to be the feel noug is that this situation is at a very dangerous crossroads. there seem to be few options left on the table that haven't been tried before. so it's unclear exactly what the next steps could be. >> and you had rex tillerson as you mentioned, say 25 years of diplomacy have failed to curb
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north korea's nuclear program. janice, great to have you with us. day 58 of the trump administration, president trump is spending another working weekend in fl and touting the latest job numbers in his weekly address. >> we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting american businesses and american jobs. the first two job reports of my administration show that we've already added nearly half a million new jobs. the days of economic surrender for the united states are over. >> now, back at the white house, the administration is dealing with the fallout over a number of issues including the revised travel ban. the justice department fili a notice of appeal to challenge a maryland judge's decision blocking president trump's revised travel ban. if the white house continues to sell the health care bill, house republicans plan to vote on the measure thursday, which also happens to be the seventh anniversary of the signing of
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the affordable care act. let's go to west palm beach, florida, where kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president. good to have you with us. what's on the president's agenda today? >> reporter: good morning. both the president and vice president are spending the day in florida. mike pence is headed to jacksonville. he'll be talking with business leaders there and working on selling the health care overhaul. the president is spending the day at his mar-a-lago club home, and he comes here after he used an international press conference to stick with his accusations of surveillance by the obama administration. those were made on twitter a couple of weeks ago as you know. and a german reporter asked if the president ever regrets any of those tweets. he said very seldom. air force one back at palm beach airport. the fifth weekend spent here since president trump took office. joined by first lady melania, her parents, and darbarron trum
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who turns 11 monday. a brief escape from a cold washington where icy body language was evident friday as the president met with german chancellor angela merkel. >> handshake, mr. president? >> reporter: tension continued at a joint press conference where merkel delivered a subtle dig. >> translator: in the period leading up to this visit, i've always said it's much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another. >> reporter: questioned by german reporters about the president's wiretapping allegations, his disputed claim that barack obama had surveillance on trump tower and that british intelligence helped. mr. trump deflected and blamed a media sour. >> that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. and so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. okay? >> reporter: fox news that distanced itself. >> fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the now president of the united states was surveilled at any time in
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any way. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer offering no apology telling reporters, i don't think we we re grett anything. president trump dredged up some awkward diplomatic history that the obama administration had listened in on merkel's phone calls. the president tried humor. >> at least we have something in common, perhaps. >> reporter: from foreign to domestic double takes, with the gop health care bill in trouble, the president met with house republicans and claimed the obamacare repeal is on track. >> we have a lot of yes's coming in. it's all coming together. >> reporter: turning to the president's personal security, in this brooklyn neighborhood, a secret service agent's encrypted laptop, which included trump tower floor plans, was stolen from a parked car, and at the white house, law enforcement now says last week's fence jumping
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intruder spent nearly 20 minutes roaming the grounds before secret service responded. >> the length of time that this intruder was able to be on the white house, hiding behind a pillar and actually even going up to the door, that scares me. >> reporter: and there's an update from the department of justice. they have now fulfilled a request om congress, the intelligence, and judiciary committees to provide some more behind-the-scenes information that will help with the congressional investigations into the president's claims about being wiretapped. that's now been done, but government sources say at least the initial look at that information suggests that there's nothing to back up the president's claims. ayman? >> joining me now, a congressional reporter for "usa today" and a white house columnist for "the hill." great to have you both with us. we want to start with that wiretap story. again, on the world stage yesterday, you heard the president clinging to his claim that the campaign was once again spied on by his predecessor. do you get a sense that president trump actually wants
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to put this to rest? because it seems from his comments and the spokesperson's comments he's still adding fuel to the fire by not acknowledging what everyone has said is not true. >> i don't think president trump wants to put this to rest. he came out with this claim and wants to make it true. this is typical trump to back um the proof but he doesn't want to be wrong. i think he'll keep bringing it up. it's a story he feels is true and he wants people to know about it. that of course goes against what we're hearing from republican leaders in congress like on the senate intelligence committee. >> you covered the hill. when you talk to your sources, democrats and republicans, and we've heard from some of them publicly, but even behind the scenes, what do they tell you, what are you hearing about how much they want to put this to rest? do you believe there's a "there" there that president trump continues to make these comments on? >> well, democrats do not want to put it to rest because there's no proof, so they want
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to talk about it as much as they can, of course. republicans would really like this to go away. it's really harold to defend something that there has not been evidence about, especially republicans who are on these committees investigating russia because they're being asked about it constantly. and so i think that, you know, there's frustration that it keeps getting brought up, something like the comments yesterday by president trump, you know, he did not need to bring those up. he didn't need to -- so i think that republicans are frustrated that this keeps being talked about. they'd like it to sort of go away, similar to how trump's claims that 3 million people voted illegally, you know, they just -- they don't want to have to talk about it because they don't have evidence right now. >> we always talk about it in terms of what politicians think about it. you recently wrote a piece in terms of how his hardcore supporters, trump's, how do they feel about this? does this shake their backing at all of their support for president trump? >> you know, i think in terms of the people who actually voted
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for him and who put him in office, it's quite difficult to ake their confence because there is a tendency to believe his allegation that negative news stems from media bias against him. but one of the interesting things about this controversy and this picks up on what eliza was saying, is that even republicans in congress who are considered trump allies, someone like devin nunes, for example, have been pretty clear that there is no evidence to support these allegations. and that is potentially a political problem for the president. >> let me ask you, this has become an international incident, not just an accusation leveled against his predecessor, president obama. he's drawn in the british intelligence service. he's made a reference to an awkward moment in german/u.s. relations yesterday standing next to the german chancellor. he's created more of an international incident than i think most people would have
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wanted, no? >> i think that's right and particularly notable that the allegations pertaining to britain sparked a pretty furious ponce from london. his allegation was basically that a british intelligence service, gchq, had helped president obama spy on him. they rarely make public comments. it did so in this instance to call that nonsense. that's just one emblematic part of how this has really roiled the international waters. >> i wonder if the british prime minier is regretting that state invitation she sent earlier. let me ask you about the budget cuts, particularly the office of budget and management director mulvaney who defended cuts to programs like meals on wheels, nih research into alzheimer's and what have you. now you have republicans splitting with the president. take a listen. >> my mother-in-law prior to her passing on, she had meals on wheels at her apartment five days a week. it's not seven days a week, but
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they bring that extra meal for on the weekends, and it was her way also to know she was safe. she lived alone. this is the president's budget. i'm not sure where the details came from, but i can pretty sure assure america the congressional budget -- and when we get into appropriations, meals on wheels is a wonderful program. it is one i would never vote to cut even one dollar. >> good to hear. >> keep in mind, that is one of the earliest if not the earliest republican congressmen to come out and support donald trump. do you expect other republicans to come out against this? what are the implications when you hear longtime supporters of the president, you know, cutting out categorically and saying this is pad? >> the president's budget is not what ends up being pass sod while everyone is carbon monoxide of freaking out about this budget, it's just a blueprint. congre has to pass the budget. but republicans have their different things ty think are
5:15 am
important. we saw senator marco rubio is really not okay with the cuts to the state department. republican governors have programs they like and they're coming out about that. that doesn't look good for the president who obviously needs a united party behind him, but, again, this is not the actual bum et that's going through, so we can expect to see a pretty different budget making its way through congress. >> one of the points director mulvaney made consistently was they don't want to keep spending federal money on programs that don't deliver on their promises. they're kind of touting this budget as a populist budget for the average american. you heard him say we don't think a single mother should be paying for xyz programs. is there a point to that from an objective perspective that a lot of federal government programs are completely wasted? >> no one i think would deny that there is a certain amount of waste in federal programs as there is in the way economics
5:16 am
work in life generally. the problem here, though, is that there seems to be a search for empirical evidence, for example, if children fete meals in school, to they perform better. well, common sense would tell you the hungry child does not learn as well as one that is well nourished. i'm not sure what the empirical evidence is that they have to look for to prove that that is the case. it seems a self-evident truth to most people. and i think that can be -- can translate into a political problem if they're maintaining that kind of rather quasiscientific argument. >> great to have both of you with us. unfortunately we're out of time. didn't get a chance to discuss health care. hopefully next time. not going awy anytime soon. >> no. thank you. we have breaking news from france. the orly airport in paris remains evacuated after police shot and killed a man who tried to grab a soldier's weapon. keir simmons joins .
5:17 am
what happened? is this situation under control? are we clear from any potential threats? >> reporter: we are clear from a potential threat, ayman, because it looks as if according to french judicial sources speaking to nbc news, that the same man is suspected in two incidents, one where a police officer north of paris was shot and injured and the one in orly airport just outside paris. you can see live pictures right now and you can see from those that the airport is still evacuated. there the man grabbed a gun from a female soldier and then he was subsequently shot and killed. so it does appear that the threat has gone if you like. the question now, what was the motivation for this incident. in the past hour, the french interior ministry are saying that terror has a motive is a possibility. other reports saying this man was 39 and that he was known to police on a watch list but
5:18 am
perhaps on a criminal watch list if you like, on a watch list known for burglary and other such crimes. so the question is what motivated him, what inspired him, why did he do this, and those are the kind of issues that investigators will be trying to figure out in the days and weeks ahead. >> keir simmons live in paris for us with that update. we'll be following that story throughout the day. north korea is a country on a mission to build nuclear missiles. will the new tough talk by the u.s. convince kim jong-un to change course? a member of the house foreign affairs committee joins us next. get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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i think we share a common
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view that tensions on the peninsula are high right now and things have reached a dangerous level and we'll do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. >> that was secretary of state rex tillerson in beijing today on the threat north korea poses. the visit with his chinese counterpart is ahead of his meeting with chinese president xi jinping tomorrow. joining me now is congressman gregory meeks, democrat from new york and a member of the foreign affairs committee. congressman, great to have you with us. you heard rex tillerson indicating that this week thest was about to embark on a different approach, didn't really articulate what that was, putting the military option on the table, something that was kind of always known to be there but really articulating it this time. is it time to try something new with north korea? is this the right approach to increase the rhetoric as well, since the -- >> i think that this is still just as important as it's always been for us to make sure that we're working very closely with our allies, whether it's japan, whether it's south korea, and china who also have a huge
5:23 am
interest in what north korea does, because the threat that north korea poses is not just to the united states. it's particular to those in the region. so we still have to work with them and make sure -- i mean, it just seems to me that the secretary of state has an uphill swim while he's visiting china. the president of the united states is tweeting something negative about china, causing him to not be able to even answer the question. so i think that yes, you know, under any president, all options have been on the table, but we're working collectively and cooperatively with our allies in the region. >> let me play devil's advocate and ask you as a very experienced member of congress who's been on the foreign affairs committee for some years, to put on your diplomacy hat for a second. you've had president obama. he engaged china. he had very little relations with asian countries. still was not able to get north korea to deter its nuclear
5:24 am
program. george bush had north korea in the axis of evil and still north korea expanded its program, continued missile launch. neither one of those approaches seems to be working. what is it that the u.s. can do to stop this nuclear program? >> i think that what you saw under president obama, there was a separation. he refused to go back to the six, seven party talks that took place at one time until there is an absolute agreement by north korea to have open and clear inspections in a similar way that we did with iran. and i think that is the way that we need to move forward. and that way, if, in fact, you have to do something differently, it won't be the united states by itself. it still will be with our allies in that region and working and moving together. i think cyber security and cyber warfare is also something that the obama administration started moving towards to trying to make sure we deter any nuclear
5:25 am
weapons being successful launches. and then you still- you're stern and tell them, you let north korea know that all options are on the table. >>let's switch gears and talk about another international incident. didn't start out as an international inconsistent but it's become one, this claim by president trump that president obama wiretapped or had trump tower under surveillance. in particular, the justice department having handed over documents to house tell committee on wiretapping allegations, members of congress saying they haven't seen any evidence whatsoever to back up that claim, even using the word surveillance, which is what the president widened it out to be. is there any sense that this issue will be resolved anytime soon? do you think the democrats want it resolved? >> yes, i think any american wants it resolved because the president is losing credibility with reference to his word. and that then hurts us with whether it's the united kingdom or others. we've got a president that is out-and-out and i'm going to call it what it is, lying, and
5:26 am
then won't go back and say i apologize. he's lied on the former president of the united states, he's lied on his people as the british or uk helping in spying, and that then goes to the very credibility of the man. and so when you have to deal with intelligence information and the allies then can't trust the word of the president of the united states, that causes every american to have a problem. >> why is he holding onto it? yesterday you heard him again, conference with the german chancellor. still holding onto it, citing a fox news report, but not letting go of this claim. >> i wish i could say it surprises me, but here is a man that has lied throughout. remember, he lied and said he saw 2,000 to 3,000 muslims cheering when the 9/11 went down.
5:27 am
that was a lie. he lied about barack obama saying he was not born in the united states. he held onto that and never apologized. that was a lie. we have another scenario. he is who he is and i think it is about time that we realize this is who he has been his entire life. and people are waiting for him to mature in office, become president. obviously -- >> not going to happen. >> not going to happen. republicans think they have the votes to get health care passed. do you think they will? >> if they do get it passed, the issue is what happens in the senate. i want my republican colleague s to be on record. that they will support a bill, which will help the rich, basically, with the tax cuts that are included in this bill and put 24 million americans back off of health care. >> congressman, always great to have you with us. saturday mornings. special time slot. we always have it reserved for you. >> thank you. >> you're an early riser?
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when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise welcome back. i'm ayman mohyeldin at msnbc world headquarters in new york. breaking news from paris. the orly airport remains evacuated at this hour after police shot and killed a man who took a soldier's weapon and ran to a shop inside the airport. the suspect did not open fire before he was shot. poce are investigating it as an attempted terror attack. rex tillerson is meeting with diplomats in china. they held a prechs a short time ago. north korea's nuclear program likely to be on the hot topic list of sh shoes to discuss especially since tillerson recently suggested preemptive
5:32 am
military action against pyongyang might be an option for the u.s. for the past couple of weeks, msnbc has been on the road across several states asking trump supporters in rural areas about the new health care plan and there's an overwhelming demand for one thing. nbc's von hilliard has more on that. great to have you with us. tell us what that is and the overall reaction over the health care replacement plan from ordinary folks that you're talking to. >> reporter: good morning. we've been from mississippi, texas, oklahoma, back to louisiana, particularly going to a lot of the rural community where is if you think about it, these are trump country. a lot of these places went 80/20 trump/clinton. one thing we find, there's stale demand for greater health care coverage. yes, they say we want obamacare repealed. they say we pay higher premiums, increased deductibles and we're required to buy insurance or pay
5:33 am
a fine. you have to remember what the health care situation is in a lot of these places, go to a place like this town, the chosest hospital is 45 minutes away. sayer, oklahoma, about two hours west of oklahoma city, i was there last week, there is one dock nor the town, an 87-year-old man, dr. winter. he does his best. this is a place of 4,400 people. their hospital closed a year ago. they have to go 30 mutes to the next closest hospital. a lot of placesay we don't have the ability to go to a cardiologist, dermatologist, why should we be up fronting the cost of health care in the first place? this is what a lot of people have said. this is from a woman who runs a gas station in pearlington. >> i don't think we need a replacement plan unless they're going to put it where everybody can go to the doctor and have free health care and they can get seen without having to pay $500, $600, just to see a doctor. if i was to go to an urgent care, i have to pay $192 just to be seen.
5:34 am
that's just walking in the door. that's not counting any medication i'd need. >> we work hard for our money and we should be able to get the health care we need. >> reporter: again, these are trump voters and a lot of them are longtime republican conservative voters. i'll remind you, we heard much on the campaign trail. donald trump was the one even just five days before inauguration said he believed quote there should be insurance for everybody. a lot of these people said we've put in our time, we work hard, a lot of these people don't qualify for medicaid because they make just enough money to not qualify, and they say we feel like it's our right to have universal health care coverage, much of what we heard bernie sanders and donald trump say on the road. this thursday when the house plans to vote on the health care replacement bill, it will look nothing like that,ayman. >> vaughn, my only advice is to have comfortable shoes, pack light, spending a lot of time on
5:35 am
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the president met friday with german chancellor angela merkel and cracked a joke about his most recent controversial claim. take a listen. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess, you know, by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's bring in joel benenson, former senior adviser to hillary clinton's campaign, msnbc alys and former florida congressman david jolly. great to have both of you with us. how do you react to that on the world stage, president trump cracking that joke about one of his most controversial comments? >> i think there are moments
5:39 am
like that that make people pause. it certainly makes me pause and wonder whether he understands what the job of president of the united states is about. he's a leader of the free world. you've managed -- and that comment continues to extend an insult to our allies. he insulted britain. he refused to back down on it. then he tries to make a joke standing next to, you know, the leader of germany for the past 20 years. and clearly she was taken aback by it. this is a delicate job. this is not a job for bluster. you tear president of the united states. you have to act like a leader. when you keep doing things like that with our ally, i think they have no confidence, it undermines confidence in the person who should be the leader of the free world, which is the president of the united states. >> david, your quick reaction to that before i ask you about something else. go ahead. >> sure. the look on merkel's face was similar to netanyahu when trump was staying there and said well, maybe one state, maybe two
5:40 am
states, whatever the parties are for. the issue of credibility, the wiretap joke, the missed joke, it's a credibility issue for the president on the world stage like it is in the united states. you can't continue to lie about crowd size, electoral college, wiretapping and expect the world to believe you. i'm a republican. i don't believe the president of the united states. and i don't say that to set off a tweet storm. it's just the reality. >> to that point, you're not the only republican to say that. you had the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, a member of the trump transition team, he's come out and said categorically there is no evidence that trump tower was wiretapped. the senate statement that came out even used the word surveillance, which is kind of like the statement that the white house is not trying to say the word they meant by the word wiretap. why do you think they kp pushing this? does the president believe's still some "there" there? >> no. he just can't give up on it. that exchange in his press conference when he said he had
5:41 am
the largest electoral college win in 30 or 40 years, called on it, tried to back off, called on it again, tried to back often this is a credibility issue. how does the president now credibly sell health care reform to the american people, possibly the largest policy debate in the last decade and you have a president of the united states you can't believe? he can make promises about universal coverage, cheap, et cetera, but who's going to believe snim. >> the budget cuts are triggering outcries, particularry those to the corporation for public broadcasting and the national endowment for the art, nih. here's how budget director nick mulvaney explained that one. >> when you start looking at the places that will reduce spend, one of the questions we asked was can we really continue to ask a coal miner in west virginia or a single mom in detroit to pay for these programs? the answer was no. we could ask them to pay for the fence, and we will, but we can't ask them to continue to pay for the corporation for public broadcasting. >> do you think he has a point there? >> you know, 95 million
5:42 am
americans a month watch public broadcasting in this country. whether nick mulvaney pays any attention to it, i don't know, but clearly for him to make those statements without knowing that. 200 million people. parents who have their kids watching "sesame street" where kids learn language and to speak. these are not casual cavalier programs. these aree good quality programming with people can get real news, real intelligent discussion. we need more of that in america. that's why you have people, senators, republicans like susan collins, lisa murkowski from alaska taking exception to mulvaney's attack on the national endowment for the arts and humanities. these things help define us as a country. >> probably to that effect, when you think about a single mother probably may not have cable or expansive cable package, may rely on that a little more than the rest of us. "the new york times" is reporting that a split between the president and the party over
5:43 am
health care, particularly on the issue of the rollout. to that point, some within the white house are actually telling president trump to start distancing himself from speaker ryan. david, is it bad for the administration that there's this pressure to distance themselves from this health care bill if it can't pass its first piece of legislation? >> sure. look, the rollout has been a disaster, and thursday's vote is interesting. we've seen this before. i don't believe they have 216 votes right now. full curtain back between the freedom caucus, tuesday group, which one is going to be satisfied here. i've joked if you're an orthopedic surgeon in d.c. this is going to be a good week for you. there will be a lot of broken arms and broken legs on the noor of the house thursday. but watch to see if there is a ryan mcconnell summit, some type of agreement that gives house members assurance the senate will actually move forward with what the house passes. that might get them to 216 or it might allow paul ryan to save
5:44 am
face and postpone the vote for a week. i don't think they have the votes right now. look, medicare prescription, they kept the vote open for two or three hours. i've been on the floor during budget votes. they kp it open to try to twist as many arms as they can and put the spotlight on you to sure they get there. i think it's the wrong tactic. this was not a mandate election, it was a change election. they need to be careful with their message. they've got the wrong product right now to put on the floor thursday. >> the rollout being messy, is that an opportunity for democrats going forward in 2018? >> well, i think we're a long way from figuring out what the dynamics will be in 2018. i think what it does, though, is it reinforces an image of kind of chaos and confusion. you've also had governors speaking out against the health care provisions. rick snyder calling what they're doing to med cade and joined by three other republican governors saying it will be dramatic and traumatic, that people will lose
5:45 am
coverage. these are conservative governors from nevada, ohio, michigan, arkansas, taking a stand. they'll be talking with their legislators. you go back to passing obamacare, no easy thing in 2009, that vote happened in 2010. this is one of the most complex issues we have from a policy perspective. to think you can jam something through, it's why a fox news poll this week showed only about 37% of americans support the republican plan. congressman jolly probably knows better tha i, you'll have a lot of republican congressmen very jittery about this vote if approval for this is only at 34%. >> joel, hillary clinton saying she's coming out of the woods pap lot of people are speculating what that means. does that mean she'll be more vocal and lend her voice to some of she'si issues and taking
5:46 am
place? maybe a run for new york city the coming years? >> i haven't heard her talk at all about run for mayor. she may be thinking about it. coming out of the woods just means she's taken a rest. these campaigns are grueling. they're two years long. but she'll still probably the most recognized woman in the world, has a lot to say about issues around human rights, children's rights, things in our health care and budget that could affect the well-being of children. she may speak out on those issues and i think people would still listen to what she has to say because she's got a long record of caring about the well-being of folks when it comes to issues like health care and children and women around the world. >> joel benenson and representative david jolly, great to have you with us this morning. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. >> the so-called architect of obamacare is speaking out and
5:47 am
says the republicans are working on a health care scam. we'll talk to him about that in our next hour. still ahead this hour, the legal fight over the president's revised travel ban. why the courts don't like it any more than the last one. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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check this out. this is a new billboard, and it went up yesterday afternoon in downtown phoenix. you can imagine that it is drawing a lot of attention. the artist depicting a stern-faced president trump between two mushroom clouds flanked by dollar signs resembling swastikas. >> something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship. i just hope that everyone involved in helping bring this message out is safe and that we all, you know, get through this unharmed. >> you can imagine there's definitely been some backlash
5:51 am
against it. the artist says that she's received death threats after her first billboard 13 years ago against the bush administration. the president vows to fight for his travel ban all the way to the supreme court. what are the chances he would succeed in doing that? that's ahead. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs) that was my movantik moment. my doctor told me that movantik is specifically designed for oic and can help you go more often.
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welcome back, everyone. new today the justice department filing a notice of appeal last night against a maryland court's decision to halt the travel ban, setting the stage for an imminent legal battle. now, the maryland court's decision is one of two rulings against the travel ban that the trump administration plans to fight going forward, the other coming from the district court in hawaii. joining me now is the deputy director for the aclu's national immigrants rights project. lee, great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> pleasure to have you with us this morning. i know you've been very busy the last couple hours. you've been working with the aclu to try to challenge the president's travel ban on a few different levels. i'm curious to get your thoughts in terms of what is the argument
5:55 am
to be made here, now that the white house says that they have watered down the first one. they went back, they studied it, took in the court's advice and put in something that's new even though it's the same in spirit. you're not buying that. why not? >> we're not. let me start with one thing i hope people are not missing. we are pleased that the government has retreated so much, so we count that as a viofctory how many people now have been exempted from the second revised order. so that's a huge victory unto itself. as to the revised order, we still believe it discriminates on the basis of religion. we don't believe that discriminatory purpose has evaporated just because they have tweaked the language. and both courts now that have looked at it have said, look, we're not fooled. this is still religious discrimination. and overwhelmingly the courts that have looked at the president's statements have said we can take that into account and we find that it discriminates on the basis of religion. >> in the previous case, in the first travel ban, there wasn't a
5:56 am
lot of public comments that were drawn upon. it was actually the executive order itself that was heavily cited. but now it seems in the hawaii decision there is a lot of reference to comments made by newt gingrich, by stephen miller, by president trump on the campaign trail. even the other day at a public gathering. can all of those statements be used in the court's decision going forward? >> we think they can, and under a established supreme court precedent it says, look, don't blind yourself to context. it's very easy for the government to say here's something neutral, but it's clear from everything they have done outside the order that their intent is to discriminate on the basis of religion. so the supreme court has said that in a variety of contexts over and over. i think that's what the district courts in hawaii and maryland have said. lo, thiss established law that we can look outside the order. when we look outside the order, no reasonable person can conclude that this is anything but a muslim ban. >> when you look at it from the perspective of the
5:57 am
administration, they're saying this is not a muslim ban. you've got dozens of other muslim countries that are not band as a result of this executive order. >> right. >> what is your charge to that claim that these are six countries, to say the least, unstable in some cases completely imploded governments, no central governments, no effective passport control, so it's a security measure and it's not a religious ban when you have dozens of other countries not affected. >> i think there's two important points that you just raised there. the first is, is it discriminatory if it only discriminates against a portion of muslim countries. and i think the law has been clear and i think common sense is clear that just because you're not discriminating against every muslim or every black person or every jewish person, it doesn't mean it's not discriminatory. the second point is on national security, it's not just us saying that this is not necessary to protect our national security, we had a brief filed by high-level national security people from both democratic and republican administrations saying this travel ban will actually make us less safe, not more safe, and
5:58 am
the leaked document from the department of homeland security, the current department of homeland security also says the travel ban is not the way to protect our national security. i think that's what the courts have looked at, both the discriminatory intent and the fact that the administration's own people are saying this is not the way to go about it. >> i've heard that this is not a n on all muslims but certainly a ban of only muslims is one way that it has been described. lee, great to have you with us. i know we didn't get into the legal challenges but great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. the architect of obamacare is highly suspicious of any republican health care plan. he'll join me and explain why he feels that way in just a few moments. stay with us. ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪
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